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  1. Preston, I did not threaten anyone.I said that the wrath of god thing is bad, and told people that some things are best left alone.
  2. Quote:Originally posted by Lemmy Chillmeister: Quote:Originally posted by Sandy Davis: Now, my trial is less than 8 hours from now, my witnesses are taken care of. Oh shit, now I know you're a fucking liar. Honey, I got busted for scalping tickets, scalping and it took longer than this for me to get a court date, let alone a fucking trial. You are so full of b.s. you got flowers growing out of your ears. Murder trial in what, a week or two? Shit. I'm calling shenanigans here people. I have these things called lawyers who made sure my case was put high up on the list, or else they would have used the time waiting as reason for a miss trail. The jury was made last week,the prosecutor has had over 2 years to prepare this case.My lawyers have had about the same time. This case has been a long time in waiting.So, fuck off you piss ant.
  3. Endeavor, you see what you want to see.Trust me, I am not throwing around wrath, as it would lead to things that not many want to see.Or would you like to the north east of America turned to ash? And if Jorden wants to try to find my toy, he can.He wants a challenge, go for it, but just remember.Once you cross that their is no turning back, and you may not come back.
  4. Well, mean what you say, and say what you mean.Because whe you say something like that I could take it in many ways.You may have noticed that you are small fish in a rather large pond.So be careful of those who you do not know, and those who call friends.In the end, the friends and loved ones are those that can hurt you the most.
  5. Not all off them, dear Jorden.Not even you can reach my dearest toy.If you find it, you will find one most fanatic defender you have ever seen.And you shall not pass this one. Endeavor, as much as others?I do not kill as much as others, and some people think I am blood thisty. Becuase you do not make as much black tech as others, do you think others should treat you well?
  6. Both you little boys play nice! I don't want to have to get mad, and give you two spankings. Now, my tail is less than 8 hours from now, my witnesses are taken care of. Now,on to other things. Walker, I have something for you.It is in the place you meet me last.You will know what I am talking about when you see it.It is rather large.
  7. McCloud, just as long as you understand most of the toys I use aren't in places you can touch, we will be fine.
  8. I wouldn't worry about going there either.I already know where I am going, a nice little island the french used to use and now is used to house nova with "problems".Well, that is if I am found guilty. I figured out Cody.Oh, I just find him funny now. Oh, no I will not be going away for a long time.I have somethings those criminals in action really want.And also, I know people, who for the right price would free the US from Utopia, or put it into it's poket.I can just hear the pride again, I seem to recall a line from a punk song "I don't need to be a gobel citizen, as I am blessed by nationality". American Jesus--Bad Religion
  9. You see half the truth.The Signals are comming from obrit,I am in a secured area, lawfully.But you see what you want. A good saying I go by.You will never see the world for what it is , but rather what you are. You assume that I lack the resourses to maintain a vested intrest in the world around me wile in a jail.You assumed that I do not know many tricks. I told you that I owned more than one copy of my ghost,and that I seee radio waves.It publicly known that I control lights.
  10. Sandy Davis


    MAGE was the first game I played.
  11. Here is the little trick, see where my signals are coming from? Yes, that's right just above the ozone! I saw the novas use active mind controlling powers. They were not just charming. They rewrote the juries mind.This not a mater of being charming, but rather tampering with juries. Doc, I can call up, the 10 witnesses that saw the "crime". I let them off the first time to spare them the stress. Oh one is a nova, should he dorm down on the witness stand as well? So, wile I would like you at the trail,it would only be as friendly face.
  12. Quote:Originally posted by Preston: Sandy can and is being charged with Violation of the civil rights of the six dead novas. That is a federal charge, thus no double jeapordy. Though she beat the state murder charges by blatant jury tampering. I believe the California State Attorney General's office will be looking into the case of jury tampering by Ms. Davis and that they are going to try to bring in Ms. Mallory of San Diego for assistance. If Ms. Davis is found to have willingly tampered with the jury, the verdict is null and void. Now, for more perinent information, Ms. Davis. Quote:Cody, you do know that if I am found guilty I would have very little reason not to kill those I find displeasing.I am not saying that I will do such, but hey..Why not?Sorry, Ms. Davis, but you really should have had your team of lawyers look over that little statement before you uttered it. That is a threat. You are in federal detainee. The Supreme Court, in supporting a joint FBI/Utopian action, upheld the right of federal authorities to "suppress wholy, or in part, any ability, skill, or manifestation that is deemed dangerous to the society at large." If you have the habit of biting your jailers, you may be masked. If you have a habit of incinerating or beating to death others, no matter what the reason, you can be moxed. Had you just kept your mouth shut ... Now, they get to sedate you and mox your ass. Cody, the Fed have gotten them a hot-shot legal counsel, one Dr. Sinclair. Under her guidance, you, among others, have been subpoenaed to testify to the character of Ms. Davis. So, Ms. Davis has threatened the life of a prosecution witness. Quote:Now, again I am going to to do this peacefully, but I am just stating that it is not wise to threaten those with first strike capabilities.That rubs both ways, Ms. Davis. Threaten anyone?No, I stated a fact, as given the right to me by the law. I stated that if x would hapen, I would have little legal reason to not do y. And Miss Mallory has a cunflict ofintrests here, so I would recamend not to think of using her.I mean I would love a get out of jail card free, but I think you shouldn't waste her time. And as for threaten any lives, no more than CBN, Filbirg, or many other books you can legally buy and sell over the state.Seeing as Cody was not in the same, state, or related to any victims, of the cult or of this "crime"and he has no relations to me, I fail to see what evidence he could offer.As last time I checked he was a lamen, so anything he could say would fall under the hear say rule. Jury, tempering. That is a good one, as at the time of the trail, the laws of jury tampering didn't cover being charming. Do you mask the lovely, mute the sweet talkers?Maybe take away the away the right to be charismatic on stand.Maybe take away the right to be human on trial. That right there is a breaking civil rights.You can't force someone to be less than oneself. If people want to believe then, let it be so, that is the greatest weakness of a jury after all.They are just people.And nothing more or less.
  13. James do you think, I care about legal president? I don't. I care about the legal recourse of seizing, and freezing assets that keep food on the table of those that need it. And I think medical records hold more sway than words said on opnet forum. Also note, that I could call up the court records of my past statements, in this case. And cody "Leave out the bullshit and politics".I had a trail, one that I went. I was peaceful, I acted within my legal rights. I was found not guilty.If the courts did this kind of "bullshit and politics" for every crime they could do it for then, the court rooms would be fill with around 40% more cases. As it is the crout system is bogged down. So, I did something and did what they asked of me. Now, again I am going to to do this peacefully, but I am just stating that it is not wise to threaten those with first strike capabilities.
  14. Cody, you do know that if I am found guilty I would have very little reason not to kill those I find displeasing.I am not saying that I will do such, but hey..Why not? When the last time I was on Mox, I remember not really being able to use my powers, but when it started to stop working I went blank, and I do not recall anything for the next five hours. Alex, you work off the idea that I hate Utopia, or that I do not hate others enough to give Utopia a means to deal with them. Lastly, if this case was soully my problem, I would ignore it and treat the US as a nice place to stop for lunch.The thing is this case will change the world of more than just me.
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