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  1. Abel didn't waste any time, recognizing some things, he quickly head for a terminal, and began going through the archives. It was over twenty years of digitized dreaming, and the more he read the deeper his scowl became. Still, before that, the digitized dreaming, the final entry was there dated for 1973. Even as he went along something didn't match up to him. If there was twenty years of data, what happened to the rest? Sure that was alot of data, but hadn't they been down for longer than that? "Hey Sean, come look at this, I've found some of the data, but there's two decade's worth. I think we're gonna need to work together here to get through it all."
  2. Abel nodded. "Yeah, I saw this movie once, we'll take the stairs, though if it's got the number of sublevels I planned, we may regret it by the end." He was ready to proceed. There were many scenarios running through his head, where the elevator might be the right call, but his instincts told him it was a bad idea. "I think we should just got down together, much as we've been tackling everything else. Lilly, do you mind bringing up the rear on this? Jeane will go first, then Me, Kia, and Sean. Brains and Brawn at both ends, to deal with whatever may happen." He smiled at Kia. "You'll be in the middle so you can support whichever of us needs it." It was also an even division of their weaponry too, allowing them to reply to any threat.
  3. Abel's eyes narrowed, and he frowned. "This was the school I wanted to make for Keys, This is the final design." At least outwardly. "A place of learning, bettering oneself, and yes, training to become Heroes, like we are." Of course he had gone Full Nerd with his design, with underground training areas, advanced robotics, a hangar for a VTOL aircraft he'd been tinkering with with vehicles as well. It was a goal of his, and here it was, in ruins, at least as it looked to him now. He'd been proud that he'd be able to make it. "There were no defense towers in my version though. If they followed the floor plan that I'd laid out, then I think I know where we should head to get to the reactor. Keep in mind I don't know what changes may have been made." Seeing this filled Abel with more emotion than any save Kia could remember seeing in a long time. He began by stalking off towards the main building. "We have 2 sets of possible stairs, and 2 elevators down to where I'd have put the power supply for this Facility, which wasn't a nuclear reactor, but something that was needed to power the tech I planned to have available here." They could hear the anger and sadness in his voice, and it was easy to see him looking around. With them having put up the towers, he wasn't taking chances of other defenses being there, and if the reactor was still online, they certainly could be too.
  4. "My vote is that we keep going. If there is something or someone watching us, so be it. Stay on guard. We're armed and there's damn little else we can do but continue on." Abel was in no mood to stop, he wanted to get answers, because the future depended on them. Still he made a quick check of the revolver he carried. "They're pretty good if they're able to keep horses down, and quiet like this though." He frowned as he looked around. Before there'd been damn little that could hide from him, or Sean, and yet that was then and this was now. Going forward was the only real option he saw, because it might help him deal with all the memories, and the voices in his head.
  5. Abel frowned. "Chicago. only DC was a greater hive of scum and Villainy, or perhaps Detroit." he sighed softly. He waled out and looked at the lake, "That makes this Lake Michigan, So that means where we were is under the lake, going from how we got here. Good way to make the compound more secure at any rate." He looked to the others and he smiled. "We need to head to the university. That's where the Fermi Reactor is, and if anything could still be powering the facility we just came out of it's that, and likely they've got a computer command and control system for the project there." The way the world looked reminded him somewhat of the Underverse Jeane had discovered. "What the hell did they do to cause this in only a hundred and fifty years?" he asked softly.
  6. Abel heard what Lilly said. "Well that's good to know, there's obviously some sort of network it's connected to, though it could just be an internal line. if someone answers, that would really be something." Looking to Kia he nodded. "I agree. I'd hope we're somewhere temperate, and not at one extreme or another, and not the depths of winter." Sean's comment about where they could be made him chuckle. "As good a guess as any, either of those, until we get outside. Now to answer the other question, I remember alot of things, in addition to my life as a Key and everything I knew and did there. Just at a glance, because I Really don't want to go to far into it, I recall being a Media mogul, I lead a hostile takeover of MGM and ran it the next forty years. I recall us working together to invent the first home computers, I remember being James Bond after Sean Connery. I remember being in charge of an asylum in Missouri, and a patient in another. Several instances where I was a criminal who was never caught. I recall being the First Man on the Moon, and so much more.." He trailed off, as his eyes seemed to glaze over, then he quite literally slapped himself. "Enough of that." He sighed. "As you can tell, I think we all lived so many iterations, altering the histories we know, and for me at least the further I delve, the harder it is to come back, and that makes me very uncomfortable, as i find more and more that counters other things I know. I want answers, but i know the truth is that they'll likely lead to even more questions."
  7. Abel had simply gone along in line. he knew he wasn't going to be able to carry much, physical strength had always been a weakness of his. Still he took what he could, and suffered through the acrid smoke and odor from the torches in silence, until they came to the door. "You know If We end up being at that secondary base we set up after Devin's attack, We are gonna be way under dressed on the surface." His voice actually contained a hint of levity, as he studied the door, and wondered how they'd get it open if someone else didn't answer. They had some tools, but this didn't look like a door they could pry open with what they had on hand. One more time he lamented what he no longer had, as the door would have been nothing before his telekinetic might.
  8. Abel had recognized that as well, the ordering was right. "Could very well be that. As for what, and who we are, well I'll say this. I am me, same goes for each of you. I'm not going to think any differently until it can be proven one way or another. " He moved to take her other hand in his, looking down with a tenderness to the much shorter young woman. "I feel the same about you now as I have since seemingly forever. That's real, to me, no matter what." He looked over to Sean. "Same goes for Sean and Sarah. We need to find this other terminal, the Master computer for this installation, and hopefully it will give us the answers we're seeking. So let's get our stock of supplies together and set out to do some exploring. Just think of it as one of Sean's old-style dungeon crawls. though hopefully not with the deathtraps and monsters."
  9. Abel chuckled softly "and here I thought the mental snapshot tech was bad..." he still wante to know exactly how they ended up in the pods, and why they had no powers. He looked to Kia and nodded. "Just off the top of my head, they were trying to compute infinite possibilities, or something similar." he looked at Jeane when she had her breakdown, and sighed. he'd gotten a set of socks and boots already, and had been wondering how to generate a spark to light the torches up until Sean's revelation. "Still Sean, that begs the question of why if they went through the trouble of building this, of putting us into it, Did they really put us? Are we copies? I mean the memories are there, but with no powers, and all the incongruencies, how many lifetimes did we live out through the pods, and for what reason? What were they hoping we'd accomplish, living multiple lives?" He thought. "Through it all, we were together though, so that's something to it. Could it have been cell based, Each team set a task, then taken offline as they succeeded or failed? We need to know more of course."
  10. Once he'd done what he could Abel decided to just let Sean handle things with the decryption, and delving into the computer files. As it was he would have to stand over her shoulder to even read it, and he knew how she hated that. He sort of overheard the conversation of the others, and nodded. "We should go. "Kia, why don't we go together, that way if we do find something, at least there's two of us there?" He looked to Jeane and Lily. "Once we get the torches made of course." Just sitting there wasn't going to do anything for them, it was best to let Sean work, while they worked in teams towards both exploring their surroundings, and securing essentials.
  11. Abel took one of Jeane's improvised clubs, Even as he set out towards one of the computers, looking for any signs that any of it was still working, and could possibly give them more information. He had to clear away layers of grime, all of which lead him to believe that this place was ancient, and had obviously been up and running for some time. "I got to comfortable,and now I'm paying for it." he muttered to himself. Certainly he was less than he was before now, but he'd spent a not insignificant amount of time learning as much as he could. Even with that, he couldn't fathom what had actually happened. As he let himself think about what had been memories began to assault him, bringing new questions and no new answers. He drew upon the deep well of his self control, quieting the storm of memories. "Focus dammit." It was something the others had never really seen him do, speaking to himself, though certainly it had happened, back when he was able to essentially perform self analysis, and correct the errors in his thought. Centered again, Abel set about finding a working computer terminal, a starting point for them to learn about this new world they'd awoken to. Quickly he came to realize there was nothing more to learn here, and moved to the other door, putting his effort into it, he managed to open it as well, with more help from Kia. The next room was different, for one it was in much worse shape there was even streams of water running down some of the walls to drain away under the floor through grates use to cover electrical conduits also there were no pods here, but there were lots of computer stacks, desks with Terminals, and a large data reader, and racks of data spools. "God it's all so retro, like the stuff they always show in old movies about NASA control.." He moved into the room, "Hey, come see, I think we might find something in here." he called to the others, even as he head for the spools, looking to see how they were labeled, for some clue to their content.
  12. Abel emerged and shakily kept to his feet. A quick check revealed he had no powers, None of them did. Sean was Female, and Abel stood stock still for a moment, noting the incongruity with the memories he recalled best. "Alright, so we have no powers, and our enhanced base abilities are all gone too, and we're all bald, and Sean, you're Female." That much he knew wasn't right. Before they'd gotten their powers, he grew up with Sean, they were both young boys together, That much he knew. But he also had fleeting memories of growing up with Sean, who was a petite nerdy girl he knew, which was even more off. He quietly reached to feel the back of his head and neck, to check something. Finding nothing, he smiled. "That would have been too much of a cliche." Looking around in the dim light, he missed having the Intellect and processing power he normally did, in addition to the plethora of sensory abilities he'd grown accustomed to. "So dimly lit room with more coffins, a calendar from '73, and tech that looks ancient. Goddamn I hope we didn't actually lose." He looked around, trying to organize his thoughts, which had gone from a neatly well organized and encyclopedic high tech library to a musty old fashioned one in whatever had happened. He scowled, fruitlessly chasing the phantom glimpses of other memories that he didn't recognize as what he'd considered normal until now, and let out a long sigh. "Goddammit. I have my memories, and everyone else's, and now another me's memories. This is going to be truly insane." He was holding his mind together through sheer will, and focusing mostly on those around him, using shared memories with them to anchor himself. Fuck this was hard without powers. It was something he had always feared, everything he knew up for grabs, and yet, there was a part of him that was already questioning the validity of any of it. What had really happened to them, and how would they proceed from here? "I don't know Kia, I'm in the dark, literally and figuratively, as much as everyone else. We need more information, one way or another." Abel moved over to Kia, knowing this was difficult, knowing what he did about her own abilities. "I doubt it, Kia. This place is old. Probably a forgotten facility by now." He placed a reassuring hand to her shoulder, giving her a light squeeze, before moving to the wall and looking and feeling around for anything that felt like some sort of terminal, or even a light switch. His touch light, but still somewhat awkward thanks to the effects of just waking up. "If we can't find a light switch at the very least, we're gonna have to open the door to get some light."
  13. Charlie nodded once. "I'll talk to him." It was clear he didn't exactly relish the idea, but there was a point. With everyone settling on what they'd do in the immediate future, Abel nodded once. "Alright then, I think we should stop here, and once we actually have a grasp of things we can revisit this. I just wanted everyone to hear about this, as it came up during something that initially wasn't going to include everyone." He looked to James and Mariah, who'd been mostly quiet, and they both nodded. "I still believe what I told you, and I will do all I can to bring about what I promised." They both took one of his hands and didn't speak. He knew what they felt, and nodded as they left for the night. They'd stay, but this was harder on them than others. Once they were gone, Abel let out another sigh. "Dammit." He felt like a failure, because he hadn't really been able to reassure them, that he felt he'd not worked hard enough to find a answer, good or bad.
  14. Abel scowled. "Goddammit." He was annoyed now, not just with Jeane's departure, but with himself too. He should have known this was likely to happen, hell he'd expected Jeane and Sara to come to blows at some point. Still the flash of irritation passed quickly, and his face returned to a neutral mask, the same a few could recognize when he throttled his emotions back to minute levels. "Are we really ready to do this, to ensure that there are no further Keys that unlock? How far are each of you ready to go? Are we sure that this is the path we need to be walking?" His voice lacked any emotion, any hint of the persuasiveness he could back it with, if anything he wanted to hear what his friends really thought, and how far they felt they could go.
  15. Abel had listened intently as the Irregulars spoke, and looked to Charlie once he'd finished. "We will never know, now. The government has locked her away behind an impressive amount of shielding. I can of course get through it, but I'd need to be close by, and you can bet they are watching for just that. So that's gonna be a no-go for now, I'm not ready to go against the government proper." He looked to Sean, "Do you remember when Devin unlocked, how Hooli reacted to it when he found out? He was utterly surprised, and straight said this wasn't supposed to happen. More than that, has he actually appeared to anyone recently?" He looked to Lilly, mostly because the bear was technically hers. "He had alot to say early on but nothing now." He looked at the others gathered there. "Keys are not bad, and I don't feel that any Keys who unlock are a mistake. We do need to understand what makes people unlock as Keys, whatever else we decide. We don't have Rashoud, so we're going to have to handle all of this ourselves. I don't really know that the government is going to keep cooperating either if we're being totally honest. If they can make their own keys, they will, especially so long as they feel they can fully control them." He looked at Jeane, "And that, Forcing keys to unlock to be used as tools, is the sort of thing that worries me more. That is the Unlocking we need to look at stopping most."