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  1. They'd won, Undeniably, Utterly. The Titans were gone, Leaving the Irregulars victorious, though Devin would likely never recover from what Pandora had done to him. He had no way to fully assess the damage immediately, but with a little time, he could at least keep him alive, and work to help him come back to them. He moved to Kia's side, and casually slipped an arm around the petite shapeshifter, a smile on his face. He'd had a thousand different sappy romantic comments to make, but in an instant, Jeane snapped him from the reverie. "That sort of thing is really best done at home Jeane, just in case there's some sort of backlash. We should all get some rest, and then if any of you want me to do as you just asked, I will." He didn't care that he was admitting he could actually do something like that, They were his friends, and if anyone should know what he could potentially do, it should be them, as they'd have to stop him if he ever went too far. He planned to keep his own memories, now that he could process, sort, and store them all without going insane. There was a danger, but getting to experience so much, so many lifetimes, was something it would take him some time to ever duplicate. He looked to each of the other Irregulars, and smiled. Quietly, he opened his senses to the world, testing everything he knew about the real world against where he found himself, using every means and metasense at his disposal, reaching out and touching minds he knew well.
  2. Abel once again danced into close range with Pandora, energy sword ready to deflect anything that came his way, already planning to accelerate the weapon Jeane left for him previously, hoping a second round would have better effect. Still if it didn't he had another trick. With one blade he defended himself, the other he shifted out of material phase, and shoved his shield wrapped fist within pandora, and then released the lit energy sword, causing it to re-enter reality lit and within her body, even as he dashed back out from close range, knowing the shockwave from his TK railgun should be damn impressive. it was a brutal attack and impossibly fatal to pretty much anything else. While he didn't expect it to kill her, he did expect this attack to not be so painless as before. Even as he cleared the way, along with Jeane, The streak of light that was the telekineticlly accellerated energy spear left a burning crimson streak seared into the image of the quantum realm as the projectile continued to accellerate towards the trapped titan.
  3. Abel's mind was focused on the task at hand, even as he took in the reality of Pandora. All the designs he'd made and refined to near perfection the quantum overflowing from his fingertips as he brought forth the Dimensional lock from his own mind. There'd be no escape for her, and finally, they could end this so they could prepare for the other Titans, if they were even real. Motes of quantum became light, as the lock took shape in his hands, and then light became hard matter, all the components coming into being just as his mind willed it. The quantum dimensional matrix at the center radiated blue light, It was more intricate than the others he'd made, for it was meant to contain something more. This lock was targeted just for Pandora, to force all of her into one plane, to make her mortal, and give them a chance. As he felt the cool metal grips in his hands, he pushed them closed together, activating the device, and Doing all he could do to seal the Evil titan with them.
  4. Abel moved within her range and set about his own task. He'd have to be ready the instant they appeared in the quantum realm, Simply because Pandora would be at her strongest there, and if he couldn't cut her off from everywhere else it would be for nothing. using his tk to grab Devin to bring him along, he prepared to defend them both, hunkered behind his shield, as his own eyes blazed with blue light, as he began preparations to create dimensional locks powerful enough to isolate a God, and bring her down to their level. For that he also took from Kia, seeing the actual quantum signature of their foe in a way that made sense, So he could attune the locks to only effect her.
  5. Abel discarded his initial railgun idea, she'd never let him get that much setup time, and there was going to be far too much going on. Sean The teleportation abilities hurt her because it cut her off from the other dimensions.. Do you think if we used a boosted dimensional lock we could cut her off from them, or force all of her here, and take her down that way? he sent via guildchat In the meantime, he dove in slashing at one of the arms that met him, but the move was a feint, as his real attack had been to grab the spear Jeane had left and then accelerate it at Pandora with all his telekinetic might. He was already moving away dancing back from her at inhuman speed, mindful of the effects of his followup. The accelerated spear was a veritable streak of light as the air ionized behind it and there was a great crack of thunder as it shattered the sound barrier.
  6. It was like a part of him simply switched back on, his mind, his senses expanding in an instant, which seemed to stretch dozens of lifetimes. The vast library and Archive that comprised his mental image of his mind was restored to the Order it had once been. His thoughts raced beyond any mortal realms, and he smiled. He could feel his friends there, He could feel their power, and Pandora's. While she was mighty, Abel wasn't afraid. There was a dark undercurrent in his voice, even as he spoke, his personal shield flickering to life. "Oh Fuck the Hell Yes." He practically growled out, his eyes seeming to throw off an occasional arc of azure mental energy. He'd nearly broken, but he'd remained strong, with help from the others. "Let's end this evil bitch." he wore a wicked smile, clearly he saw Pandora as the architect of their ordeal, and he was out to make her pay. Twin swords of light ignited from the cylinders he pulled from the belt of his PAM suit, both a brilliant shade of blue, and He reached out preparing to catch Jeane as she asked. He could have simply moved Devin himself, but Jeane moved first, so they'd play this her way. With a nod to Sean and Sara, He'd trust in Sean to Devise a more solid battleplan, and work with jeane to run interference for now. God it felt good to be whole again. That thought raised its own questions, but he shunt them aside. This was a real fight, one absolutely had to win. Even as he took off moving towards Pandora, the barrier shield flickered into life, protecting those behind him. He was already taking stock, taking note of anything he could use to throw at Pandora, or barring that, her reactions to these opening moves, which would let him set up the dimensional railgun attack he'd devised after working with Jeane.
  7. Abel paused, and inhaled. his own senses were still great, but not the inhuman level that had made molecular sciences so easy. Still he could smell alot, but he didn't have the memories of Sarah Sean did, or that level of attachment. Abel sighed. "At this point Sean, i just don't know. We need to find the others, gather together, and compare notes. I'm not doubting you, what you smell, taste, or hear, I just know that I cannot say I sense any of it." She had quite a surprising grip on him, and he looked down. "We're still here, wherever here is, and we need to inform the others of what we learned. I'm also concerned that we just spent hours watching videos, and not only did Jeane and Kia not return, but Lilly never came out of the elevator."
  8. Abel smiled at Sean. It was the same smile she could remember across dozens of lifetimes, one that had been just for her, or him, regardless. "You're the best Sean, really." There were other things he wanted to say, things he could remember saying to her in other lifetimes, but he didn't say them now. He nodded his head once. "Yeah, they fucked up, we haven't. That's all them, but we have a chance to do better. We're still here, and If you're anything like me, You still have all the knowledge we accumulated. We can build something better. We can help the people who are left." Of course they couldn't be so open about that, but they had to move forward, one way or another." "We lived all those lives, We're still us, all of us, all those lifetimes." He gave her a grin. "So we've been down here awhile. Let's find the others, we can eat, and fill them in on what we learned, and then decide how we're going to proceed, I mean we've been watching these video logs for hours. Kinda felt like one of those gaming all-nighters except this wasn't fun, just abit horrific."
  9. The remaining members of the Brain Trust watched the video logs for hours. Everything was driven by the impetus of the Cold War. After the crash They couldn't reverse engineer anything with current technology, so the powers that be looked for beyond the box possibilities. Eventually the connection between the human brain and a computer was drawn, and a functioning prototype of a computer using human brains as cpu's was cobbled together. Both of them watched in horror as Rashoud detailed the initial subjects, unwanted infants that would have been put into various orphanages. This was enough to reverse engineer the neural interface fully, and the capsules themselves, along with salvage from several other wrecks in the fifties. The Infant CPU's weren't provided with their own identity programs, Indeed, the undeveloped brains didn't last all that long, showing signs of extreme psychosis and outright insanity, dying not too long afterwards. The Second generation were however provided detailed identity programs, and according to the logs, this was what most of the Irregulars were. A third group was added in the 60s to increase computing power, but before real benefit of this could be realized, the war broke out, and left only the few of them as survivors. It was something, seeing Rashoud grow older as the tapes went on, but Abel pushed those thoughts away, questioning how she'd inserted herself into the program, and why she'd taken the route of making herself an adversary. "Seriously, why put yourself in as an enemy?" he whispered softly. The final log entry was dated January 3, 1973, which mostly comprised of Rashoud revealing the war had now begun." When it finished, Abel sat there, stunned, and reached over, putting an arm around Sean's narrow shoulders. It was a short hug, as much for himself as to comfort his oldest friend. They'd learned they were lies, their very identities just complex programs after all. He pulled away after a moment, and dropped his arm back to the terminal. The entire ordeal gave them many answers, but it left so many new and old questions.
  10. Abel didn't waste any time, recognizing some things, he quickly head for a terminal, and began going through the archives. It was over twenty years of digitized dreaming, and the more he read the deeper his scowl became. Still, before that, the digitized dreaming, the final entry was there dated for 1973. Even as he went along something didn't match up to him. If there was twenty years of data, what happened to the rest? Sure that was alot of data, but hadn't they been down for longer than that? "Hey Sean, come look at this, I've found some of the data, but there's two decade's worth. I think we're gonna need to work together here to get through it all."
  11. Abel nodded. "Yeah, I saw this movie once, we'll take the stairs, though if it's got the number of sublevels I planned, we may regret it by the end." He was ready to proceed. There were many scenarios running through his head, where the elevator might be the right call, but his instincts told him it was a bad idea. "I think we should just got down together, much as we've been tackling everything else. Lilly, do you mind bringing up the rear on this? Jeane will go first, then Me, Kia, and Sean. Brains and Brawn at both ends, to deal with whatever may happen." He smiled at Kia. "You'll be in the middle so you can support whichever of us needs it." It was also an even division of their weaponry too, allowing them to reply to any threat.
  12. Abel's eyes narrowed, and he frowned. "This was the school I wanted to make for Keys, This is the final design." At least outwardly. "A place of learning, bettering oneself, and yes, training to become Heroes, like we are." Of course he had gone Full Nerd with his design, with underground training areas, advanced robotics, a hangar for a VTOL aircraft he'd been tinkering with with vehicles as well. It was a goal of his, and here it was, in ruins, at least as it looked to him now. He'd been proud that he'd be able to make it. "There were no defense towers in my version though. If they followed the floor plan that I'd laid out, then I think I know where we should head to get to the reactor. Keep in mind I don't know what changes may have been made." Seeing this filled Abel with more emotion than any save Kia could remember seeing in a long time. He began by stalking off towards the main building. "We have 2 sets of possible stairs, and 2 elevators down to where I'd have put the power supply for this Facility, which wasn't a nuclear reactor, but something that was needed to power the tech I planned to have available here." They could hear the anger and sadness in his voice, and it was easy to see him looking around. With them having put up the towers, he wasn't taking chances of other defenses being there, and if the reactor was still online, they certainly could be too.
  13. "My vote is that we keep going. If there is something or someone watching us, so be it. Stay on guard. We're armed and there's damn little else we can do but continue on." Abel was in no mood to stop, he wanted to get answers, because the future depended on them. Still he made a quick check of the revolver he carried. "They're pretty good if they're able to keep horses down, and quiet like this though." He frowned as he looked around. Before there'd been damn little that could hide from him, or Sean, and yet that was then and this was now. Going forward was the only real option he saw, because it might help him deal with all the memories, and the voices in his head.
  14. Abel frowned. "Chicago. only DC was a greater hive of scum and Villainy, or perhaps Detroit." he sighed softly. He waled out and looked at the lake, "That makes this Lake Michigan, So that means where we were is under the lake, going from how we got here. Good way to make the compound more secure at any rate." He looked to the others and he smiled. "We need to head to the university. That's where the Fermi Reactor is, and if anything could still be powering the facility we just came out of it's that, and likely they've got a computer command and control system for the project there." The way the world looked reminded him somewhat of the Underverse Jeane had discovered. "What the hell did they do to cause this in only a hundred and fifty years?" he asked softly.
  15. Abel heard what Lilly said. "Well that's good to know, there's obviously some sort of network it's connected to, though it could just be an internal line. if someone answers, that would really be something." Looking to Kia he nodded. "I agree. I'd hope we're somewhere temperate, and not at one extreme or another, and not the depths of winter." Sean's comment about where they could be made him chuckle. "As good a guess as any, either of those, until we get outside. Now to answer the other question, I remember alot of things, in addition to my life as a Key and everything I knew and did there. Just at a glance, because I Really don't want to go to far into it, I recall being a Media mogul, I lead a hostile takeover of MGM and ran it the next forty years. I recall us working together to invent the first home computers, I remember being James Bond after Sean Connery. I remember being in charge of an asylum in Missouri, and a patient in another. Several instances where I was a criminal who was never caught. I recall being the First Man on the Moon, and so much more.." He trailed off, as his eyes seemed to glaze over, then he quite literally slapped himself. "Enough of that." He sighed. "As you can tell, I think we all lived so many iterations, altering the histories we know, and for me at least the further I delve, the harder it is to come back, and that makes me very uncomfortable, as i find more and more that counters other things I know. I want answers, but i know the truth is that they'll likely lead to even more questions."
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