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  1. I'm Back As Well

    Hello again all. Aplologies for my lateness returning, but an inconsiderate *#$^#%^ called Hurricane Harvey made a mess of my home region this past year. I was very lucky - didn't lose anything or get flooded - but I've been extremely busy w/ RL circumstances in the meantime. Will attempt to resume work on the project after Xmas day, if the interest still hasn't died out yet.
  2. Do They?

    I voted "yes", but it's qualified in my case. Gaming based on RL (or near-RL) premises simply don't work for me AFA the escapism I need to keep me interested. Quality roleplaying is still highly desirable in my POV, but replicating the sort of thing one can plausibly imagine happening in RL - even the classified/covert portions of it - sucks the enjoyment right out of the experience. <shrugs> That's my 2 cents, anyways.
  3. On The Doyen

    Eh. That's an OK idea for an individual chronicles, but the canon just doesn't support it. You're on your own if you want to develop it. The canon Aeon Continuum had direct quantum manipulation as being rare in the extreme among sapient species. A Quantum-using Precursor xenospecies would be best placed in a galaxy other than our own Milky Way. If the Doyen had known about Quantum-users prior to the Late Aberrant/Early Noetic Age, human novas/aberrants wouldn't've been such a huge surprise to them.
  4. I'm Back As Well

    Glad to be back!
  5. I'm Back As Well

    Yeah, they're taken care of.
  6. I'm Back As Well

    More or less, things are better now. Makes me glad to have been able to be a virtual hermit, or it would've been unbearable. Thanks.
  7. I'm Back As Well

    Re: My unexpected hiatus- To everyone who was working on my latest Aberrant fanbook project, my most humble apologies. RL circumstances (laptop dying on me, medical issues, social issues too numerous to mention here & house reorganization) had quadruple-slammed my allotment of spare time into oblivion until now. I'm still alive & I've got a new laptop, so hopefully that project can be restarted if anyone's still interested in it.
  8. So, Marvel's Doctor Strange...

    I can third that opinion. When I went to see it, there were a few folks who had indulged in the audience. No freakouts from bad trips thankfully, but you could tell how trippy they were getting.
  9. So, Marvel's Doctor Strange...

    As requested... Marvel Studios has done a bang-up job once again. The effects were excellent, the characters exciting and they did away with the unfortunate cliches that the comic was burdened with when it began in the late 1960s (IIRC). Making Wong into a Drill Seargeant Nasty was an especially wonderful revision. The humor was snarky and sharp, like a really good espresso shot. Will certainly be buying the blu-ray once it comes out.
  10. So, Marvel's Doctor Strange...

    RE: Feedback- Right, will be seeing this ASAP. Thanks for the reviews!
  11. What's the general opinion on this film around here so far? Haven't seen it yet, but it appears to be doing pretty well at the box office.
  12. New Aberrant fanbook project?

    OK. The other projects are open to anyone wishing to tackle them. AFA the ZIP, it's not for open distribution. It was only intended for the writers to gain an idea of what the book could cover in terms of new enhancements, bodymods, aberrations etc. Sorry about that.
  13. Aberrant: Nexus Discussion

    Apologies for the late reply, I've been busy w/ the new project & RL. That said, my time's been limited of late, treat this reply a a one-shot. Re: Shielded Reality- If your game is being played at the level of power where your scenario is feasible, it's best to take hints from the cosmic-scale events put out by Marvel & DC. Uses of level 6 powers (other than Planck Scaling) should generate tidal waves of precognitive warnings well ahead of time. That would give plenty of time for a defense to be raised. You're correct about Locus, BTW. Re: Mass-minds- The most obvious way to enter the Omniverse is through an "unlinked" crosstime interface. Natural ones are as described on p. 40. The Portal technique of the Crosstime Interface power can be used to do this, though at double the quantum point cost and +2 difficulties. Survival in the Omniverse requires Adaptability (if going solo) or use of the Unreality Zone quantum power (to protect those lacking true nova Adaptability - gadgets will not do). Re: Crosstime Retrieval- AFA summoning people, you will have to know just who you're attempting to summon - that's one reason for the Crosstime Awareness power. You can't summon some arbitrary target. AFA a planet destroying bomb, that would require 7 successes IIRC. Your ST may also see fit to slap on a hefty difficulty penalty - the tech equivalent of Quantum Inferno should be rare in the extreme. Re: Power loss- I'd have to leave that for the ST to decide. My personal inclination is that nova powers would function in most realities that have recognizable physical laws similar to our own, and that would include most magical universes. Only those realities with truly alien physical laws should require the Unreality Zone power. Re: Unreality Zone 5 & 7 success results- No, they're fine as is. The 5 & 7 success results differ in their effect on non-eximorphic Inspired beings. Not all of a nova's traveling companions will or should be novas, y'know. Re: Limbo- Yes it was. That said Omniversal hazards can & will release said prisoners at the ST's pleasure. Re: Pocket Reality- Quote "a small group of people", unquote. That could be the PC's group, his/her family, etc. 10 with 1 success, 20 with 2 and 30 with 3. Re: Starflight- In this case, yes! Remember the Death Stars from Star Wars? They were the inspiration for Quantum Inferno. They were also inefficient wastes of resources from a rational POV - Palpatine wanted them for sheer intimidation value than anything else. Ruining and/or destroying a planet only requires an old ship with a working FTL drive to impact a planet at superluminal speeds. Doing in a planet always requires a willingness to commit suicide w/ no chance of survival w/out having Immortality at a medium or higher power rating. Re: Tau Discharge- In this case, it wasn't intended. I suggest deleting that bit about cumulative damage. The "multiple missiles" bit was intended for scattershot attacks vs. space stations & spacecraft in addition to planetary targets. Re: deflector shield- The damage *is* suffered by the nova as well.
  14. New Aberrant fanbook project?

    Which one are you referring to again? I've already got a crew for the "Sex" book. Have you ever done any fanbooks before? I'm not trying to discourage you, I just want to avoid giving away material prematurely to unfamiliar folks.
  15. New Aberrant fanbook project?

    Looks like you've got the start of a bare-bones outline to work with. IIRC, Enkidu was modeled as a Stalwart to reflect both his sapience and his natural gorilla capabilities. Hope that tidbit helps! Now all you need are some other Adventure! fans to help you write the material. AFAICT, what you're planning is way too big to tackle as a solo job. Best of luck to you!