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  1. Sebastian took three steps forward before grabbing a large cement planter, complete with tree in it, with one hand. He spun once, then twice, the planter in tow, and with a mighty yell heaved it upward at Fear-Master. The blinding white light from the laser had pulled his attention away and as he took an assessment of how he was still alive, the cement planter spiraled toward him, tree and all. He raised his arms up out of reflex just as the cement planter slammed into him. Dirt and tree and cement shards showered over everything in a violent explosion that did little to, if anything, to harm Fear-Master. It wasn't until he gleefully lowered his arms, reveling in his new found power did he realize that the planter was just a distraction. As the dirt cleared from his vision an angry, fist-kocked-back Sebastian was soaring towards him and he was completely caught off guard. His fist slammed into Fear-Maker's face and those able to see it shuddered at the impact because they knew that hurt. Or did it? Whatever strange power surrounded Fear-Maker it shrugged off Sebastian's might like he was a toddler tossing Jell-O from a spoon. His friends sorely hoped he wasn't pulling punches (which he was prone to do out of his fear of hurting someone accidentally). Unable to fly, he gripped Fear-Master and kicked off of him into a nearby wall. He slammed against it in a crouched position and gripped it tightly, hi fingers digging into the stone and steel in preparation for another leap, except... there may not be another leap... Rick noticed that Sebastian had entered the Fear Zone...
  2. Sure, he was backwoods country but if there was one thing people in a small town knew how to do, it was party. No stranger to having a good time, Sebastian paraded Curtis through the party screaming 'Grundy party!' and while Curtis thought it would be something that would make others laugh at him, they all cheered them both on as if they were both in on Halloween fun. They cheered them on, shouted and generally the whole thing played like were partying in a frat house than Tatiana's mansion. Curtis was surprised by how many compliments he got on his costume, despite how many people he had to correct on the fact that Mr. Rodgers was at no point in time ever covered in blood from head to toe after he defeated Chuck Norris. That was simply internet rumors, completely unconfirmed. "How do you do it?" Curtis asked as the two were getting themselves drinks at a large spread set out by caterers themed from various classic horror movies. "You don't know any of these people, but you walk through like you're best friends with them all. Why?" "Why not?" Sebastian said, smiling and nodding to a pretty young lady walking past them, at least he hoped it was a lady. Halloween could get a guy into trouble. "I mean, think about it, Curt they're just people. They put their pants on one leg at a time like everybody else. Sure, not all of them'ere gonna take a shine to me, but that's not my fault. It's theirs. I get it, you got that super brain and you're all super smart... it's hard to relate to people. Luckily, you got me. Last thing I gotta worry about is intelligence, so stick around and I'll help ya mingle and have a good time." Slowly Curtis's head tilted up and to the side to look at Sebastian who was gazing over the food, practically salivating. The guy never stopped eating. "Do you hear yourself sometimes?" The big lummox was mildly amusing sometimes. "Well, well, well..." cooed a voice from opposite Sebastian, the kid was big enough to be a wall, it seemed, then Curtis saw who said it. Summer Astovik, who was currently dressed as Anna from Frozen and her sister Autumn, was dressed as Elsa, which seemed rather appropriate. Their costumes were a bit more 'adult' than Disney might have gone with, the dressees were shorter, they exposed more chest, and Curtis didn't remember either of the sisters in the movie wearing heels like they were. If Disney ever opened a nightclub for all the teens they turned into 'troubled', Curtis was pretty sure that was the outfits he would see. "Don't you look delicious." She shot a disapproving look to Curtis and offered him the hello he was going to get from her. "Nerd." "Mmm," Sebastian stood straight, his hands filled with hors d'oeuvres. "They are. Try that one." He pointed to a cheese, cracker... thingie. Autumn offered up a disapproving glare at Sebastian, positively disgusted by the fact that he was talking, or at least attempting to, with something in his mouth. "Curtis." She nodded to him as Sebastian smiled and finished eating, offering her a wave of wiggled fingers. "Idiot." "I didn't mean the food, Sebastian." Summer's look was almost predatory. She still hadn't caught on that Sebastian was a simply guy and Big City straight forwardness just didn't seem to get through his impervious head. Sebastian nodded. "Oh, I know what you meant, darlin'. But when you called my friends here a nerd, I kinda lost interest in the rest of the conversation. I just don't understand you California people. All this money and glamour and you don't seem to get that it doesn't matter how pretty you are on the out side when you're all as ugly on the inside as the swamp I resurrected in. It's kinda sad..." Elsa-Autumn raised an eyebrow in stark disbelief at the utter crap she was just exposed to. Was she just lectured by a guy who tended horses for a living that were smarter than him? Her cold blue eyes glared at Curtis. "Is he always this..." Silently Curtis nodded in that universal 'yep pretty much' kinda way. "Naive? Yeah. Yeah... he uhh... well, everyone has their hobbies, I suppose." "Now hold on a minute," Sebastian started to talk but Anna-Summer's eyes darted to her sister, then Curtis, then her sister. "Dance with me!" She gripped Sebastian's thick arm, gaining his attention. "Look, we're not nice, I get it. Horrible, terrible people, yadda, yadda... but how much evil can I do if you're dancing with me? Hmm? Humor me? Just one... or five... or ten..." Her smile was as enticing as her puppy dog eyes and like her own father a million times over... Sebastian fell for them. "Oh, fine. C'mon," he offered his arm and she hooked hers in his and off they went. So much for his wingman.
  3. "Woo," Sebastian clicked his tongue. "Connie, darlin', you look great. Awesome choice. Curtis! You made it!" He nodded his head. "Grundy approve." "And, Co-co, you look as dark and purdy as a moonless Montana evenin'," He shot her a complimentary wink and a smile before leaning in to her shoulder where he whispered. "But that boy and his acting brothers ain't no different than you and your rich sisters and those Kardashian girls. So, instead of talking down to the boy, why doncha try being a little kinder, hmm? Don't be one of those kinda rich girls. We already gotta deal with Astoviks scurrying about." He kissed her gently on the cheek, disguising his down-home-country-scolding on manners as nothing more that a whisper in the ear and pulled back with a big smile. "Save Grundy dance." He winked again at her, showwing he was neither angry nor offended, and raised his hands high. "GRUNDY PARTY!" Curtis shook his head and raised his hands in protest in a vain attempt to keep the super zombie away from him. With a quick lift Curtis was on Sebastian's shoulder like a sack of feed. "Grundy take neighbor for awkward lady chatter. Find Grundy dance partner, get no dates on Swamp Book. Grundy sad!" With laughs and applause at the antics, Grundy-'Bastian carried off Curtis to gods-only-knew-where among the party goers.
  4. Sebastian soared over the city, hitting a rooftop before launching himself off towards another one. He was in a shredded black suit, heavily stained with mud and driven over several times for that authentic 'buried in a swamp look'. His hair was bleached as white as his skin and combed in such a way that his head looked flat. He had to hand it to Cosima, she sure could do any sort of hairstyle, even to the point of making someone's head look like it was flat. Sebastian wasn't really much of a comic book nerd and being raised in middle-of-nowhere Montana meant that he really wasn't up to speed on the pop culture of superheroism either. He knew the Freedom League, who didn't, but aside from that he had to do a lot of googling in his room to figure out what a 'Solomon Grundy' even was. A zombie guy buried in a swamp, was about as far as he got when he decided it was perfect for Tats party. 'Bastian, being himself, never realized that Tatiana's was pretty much all set with food, beverages and everything else one would need for a get-together, but his mom had taught him when he was a young(er) man that you never showed up to a gathering without bringing something. So here he was, leaping across town with a duffel slung over his shoulder filled with what every good Montanan knew was proper for a Halloween party: apple cider and donuts. The only real tricky part was leaping about the suburbs of Emerald City dressed like an invulnerable zombie and not getting the National Guard called on him. Luckily, it turn out to be an issue. Tatiana noticed her classmate soar over the gate in a (very) low arc, avoiding casual detection by nosy neighbors. It wasn't hard for her to hear Sebastian hit the ground, not only was the kid a mountain of muscle, but he was rarely, if ever, graceful. He approached her slowly, walking with a sway in his arms like he was angry and ready to throw down. He held his arms out wide giving her a view of his costume. "Grundy party." "Nice," she nodded her approval. "Thank, ya," he smiled with that bit of Montana drawl in his voice he could never quite hide. "An yer looking as lovely as any fictitious sociopath could." Sebastian's Montana charm and perpetual politeness was enough to make anyone's sweet tooth ache, even Tatiana, who wasn't much for sweet talk and platitudes, had learned to take it in stride. After all, one thing was certain about Sebastian: his kindness and compliments were genuine, the damn kid couldn't help but be anything but country mannered. "It vill take more that country charm to vin dance with me," she mused. "Vhat's in the bag?" "Oh! Yeah," he swung it about and hoisted it off his shoulder. "I brought cider and donuts. Had to go to the donut shop and get them fresh baked. Can't have a Halloween party without cider donuts. Back home, we'd all be sittin' in the barn sippin' cider, waiting on the haunted hay ride wagon to swing around. We'd swap ghost stories, talk about class, bob for apples... y'know, party stuff. Man, we had ourselves a heck of a time!" "Sounds like a riot," she said, deadpan. "Give to the kitchen staff, they will put it our for everyone." He looked up at the mansion that was Tatiana's home. "Whew, you got a kitchen staff? I'll be. Should be enough for everyone, I bought for about fifty people or so. Figured that was over doing so people could have seconds if they liked. Heck, we usually ended up with thirty or so and so much left over food." "Fifty people was... a lot?" Tatiana smirked evilly. "That's so adorable."
  5. Kitsune kicked it into overdrive, pushing with all her worth to get under Tatiana and with one great burst of force she leapt up and caught her. They both tumbled to the ground spared the worst of cuts and bruises thanks to Kitsune's subtle control of her movement. Tats was dazed, and Kitsune was on one knee, tending to her friend. The shadow loomed over their head and that's when Kitsune saw the giant yellow hand slamming down atop them in an attempt to squash them like bugs. With no real way to escape, Kitsune reflexively covered herself and tossed herself over Tatiana, waiting for the worse. There was a thunderous boom, and she heard the pavement rumble, crumble, and break, but nothing fell upon them. [Interpose] She looked up to see Sebastian standing in front of them, his arms up holding the hand between its middle and ring fingers. He grunted and strained under the weight of the power the ring was pushing with, but he refused to let it come anywhere near his friends. His feet were two small craters, his muscles flexed and threatened to burst from his t-shirt, but the young teen refused to give an inch. Down moved the hand and with a grunt and a push it moved back again. Sebastian gritted his teeth and cried out like he was in an impromptu episode of Dragon Ball Z. The louder his voice got the stronger he seemed, and Keiko saw as the hand began to tear between the fingers. Light separated and in an instant exploded into yellow motes of glowing yellow dust. "You're late," Tatiana said, getting up. He smirked at her, the two sharing a moment of sarcasm. "You're welcome." "Woo, sure glad to see you, big guy." Kitsune stood up. "Anytime, Kit." He smiled, looking around but not actually looking at her. "What exactly is going on here? I was at Big Kahuna Burger and Dale called me all whacked out of his mind... then there were explosions... people fighting..." "See that big yellow guy?" Tats said, shaking off the pummeling from the swatter. "Yep." Sebastian nodded. "You should hit him, a lot," she cracked her neck from side to side. "We explain later." His fist slammed into his palm and he grinned. "Can do."
  6. "Wha-" Sebastian blushed a bit. "Dude, no. No way, man. It's me... Sebastian. Been hanging out all day, bruh." "Since when does Sebastian say 'bruh'?" Richard asked. Curtis's fingers slid swiftly across the display of his phone, texting a question the same he asked it. "What's the average life expectancy of domestic horse, Sebastian?" "Huh?" 'Sebastian' looked perplexed. "I dunno, like... don't they do dog years or something? Ten or so years, I guess. Why you wanna get Autumn a pony or something?" Curtis's phone beeped a few moments later. --[On average? 25 years. Oldest living horse was 'Old Billie', people say he lived to almost 62 years old. Oldest we had on the ranch was 32. She was beauty, sad to see her go. Now, don't go thinking horse trivia is gonna forgive you, I'm still mad!]--
  7. Sebastian set his phone in his pocket. "Uber is ten away. According to Cosima's FaceSpace her and the girls are 'clubbing'. Which I think is totally unfair... we'd have to wait in line for hours and all they gotta do is show some skin and get in right away. It's just so hard being a guy in Current Year, bro. We barely get any perks for being objectified..." "Speaking of skin, did you flash Keiko last week?" Rick asked. "Dude, no! That's been totally blown out of proportion," he raised his hands to fend off any accusations and set the record straight. "I just got out of the shower, she was knocking on my door, and I answered. I had a towel on, I swear. She squeaked, snapped a quick pic and ran off, disappearing down the hallway. Literally." "You should have known better, 'Bastian," Rick shook his head. "She's already notorious for pranks." "S'okay, I got her back. I straightened every single one of her paper clips. And I mean straight. Super strength is awesome. "You super villain, you..." Curtis said while shaking his head.
  8. "Yeah... my mom was not pleased to hear about that, I've never been in trouble at school before. She thought all you guys might be a bad influence on me." Sebastian scratched the back of his head. "They sorta left out the part where we fended off a kidnapping. Bet Larrup and the others didn't get read the riot act..."
  9. Sebastian looked to the passing twins, then to Rick, then back to the twins. "Wow. I really don't like those two." He clapped his hands. "So, Big Belly Burger? Big Kahuna Burger? Any other place with 'Big' in the name? The night is ours, guys. No way can we let the ladies have more fun than us, we'll never hear the end of it." Apparently eating was the most fun the country boy from Montana could muster up in a city as large as Emerald City.
  10. Sebastion put his hands together like he was crushing something. "Takes both heat and preassure to make diamonds. I'm strong, but not that strong. I tried ot once when the ranch was behind on a few payments... black coal dust everywhere." He spread his hands in a wide arc. "Good times." "And I'm not interested in any of them, either, Curtis. We're just bros, trash talking over some hoops... it wouldn't kill you to be a little nicer, dude, c'mon. We don't go around insulting you when you're not around. Cosima has a lot of nice things to say about you, go easy, yeah?" Thier game had officially desolved, Rick the winner this round. He leapt up and took another shot, the angle was terrible and it hit the rim, bouncing off to the side. Rick scooped up the rebound and did a few tricks with his footwork. "I'm hungry, let's get burgers." Sebastian added. Rick stopped dribbling and tossed him the ball. "Do you ever stop eating?" He smiled and took a shot... and missed again. "Don't fat shame me, Rick. I'm emotionally vulnerable right now... I'll have to tell Summer Astovik you've been writing love songs about her." "But I haven't." Rick shrugged like 'what would tha accomplish'? "She doesn't know that." Sebastion took another shot and missed. We smiled wickedly. "You're playing with fire, Montana..." Rick laughed. "So? Burgers?"
  11. "Wow, is he always like that?" Sebastian thumbed towards The Rook who was now looking over 'his city' from the massive floor to ceiling windows. "You have no idea," Vortex smirked. "How you holdin' up big guy? You looked like you took a nasty hit back there. Or several." "I'm fine," the teenage tank replied. "Feels like I just ran a million mile marathon is all, and my head is aching a bit. I think I over did it, is all. Thanks though."
  12. Sebastian stirred as Princess moved him. His eyes slowly opened and he groaned in pain. It was obvious he was going to feel a lot of the bruises that were starting to from in the morning. Which was saying something considering the kid was nearly indestructible. Curtis noted that apparently the only strong enough to hurt Sebastian, was Sebastian... or something that hit like Sebastian. "...and here I thought the whole angels in heaven thing was a fairy tale," he said with a grin when he focused on Princess. He winced and gripped his side as a painful reminder of where he was and what was going on slowly returned to his clouded mind. "Flatterer." She smiled at him, thankful that he was okay. "'Bastian, you have to stop pulling your punches. That guy could have killed you. You okay? Can you stand?" "Yeah," he grimaced and groaned and he slowly stood. "Yeah, I think so. You guys got him though right? Worked him over for me?" Once on his feet he looked around assessing the battlefield. "Ugh, don't tell me they got away... darn it."
  13. "Ohyeah! Let'sdoit!" Larrup shouted. And she was off like a shot. "Woo!" "I am Sumnyr. The fast one is Larrup, that's Anodyne, and you're friend has been introduce to The Revenant. It's a pleasure to meet you, but now you must be dealt with. You will find my sorcery is without equal!" Sumnyr's body exploded into a sickly green nimbus and he took flight above the arena, his hands aglow with balefire. Anodyne plucked a simple foot long metal rod from a sheath on her thigh. With a snap of her wrist it extended into a long metal bo staff. She spun it about like an artist on one of those martial arts flicks, and they had to admit were she not an enemy, it would have been pretty to cool to watch. The staff halted and she held it behind her as she bowed. "It will be an honor to once again battle worthy warriors this evening."
  14. Bastion slammed down onto the building after leaping from one nearly a quarter mile away. Gravel was thrown about and the roof sounded like it creaked a bit, like it wanted to give in after his landing. He didn't say anything, he just stood up straight and crossed his arms over his chest. The Revenant smirked and walked behind his companions in an attempt to line himself up with Sebastian. He cracked his knuckles and twisted his neck from side to side making his vertebrae pop. He pointed at Sebastian. "You aren't big enough." Sebastian trashed talked with a grin. "Sit back down little man." The Revenant was suddenly covered in a deathly aura of black and purple. His form twisted and contorted until he appeared as Sebastian, except he looked like a zombified version. His skin was withered and eyes jaundiced. The hair was oily and falling off in small patches all across his scalp. He slammed his fist into his hand. "You have nothing I can not possess!" "Really? Who are you taking to homecoming?" Sebastian smirked. The undead Sebastian lunged forward and living Sebastian answered the call. They slammed into each other in a series of violent blows that threatened to collapse the rooftop, but it held well enough. They punched each other with the force of hurricanes, reinforcing the notion to those present (hero and villain alike) that despite all their protections, none of them ever wanted to be on the wrong side of an angry Powerhouse.
  15. Sebastian hefted her up and she sat easily on his forearm, leaning her elbow on his shoulder. "You know most girls just come with baggage, Kei, but you... you are the baggage." Keiko turned her nose up to that, shaking her head. "Hmm, yeah... needs work." "Eh, they can't all be gold." He shrugged. "We'll get going once everyone is done changing. Anyone know who that guy down there is? The due with the bolts?"
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