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  1. Evana

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    "Cruiser!?" Evana now noticed the larger blip on their tactical display. She'd minimized it to harry the fighters. "Oh, balls." Her finger hit the engineering button on the holodisplay. "Echo, my darling, um, I'm pretty sure my bullshit will spread only so far, so I'm afraid I must ask: what are we still doooiiing heeereee?!" The last part was sung in a worried, why aren't you making miracles happen, tone. "Case you haven't noticed, sweetie, they have a cruiser," she smirked. "Can we please show them what an overly energetic, mildly imbalanced, technophile android can do? I don't think I have more distractions in me, short of flashing them."
  2. Evana

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    Helm Phase Captain's Action: Taunt Skill Result: Intimidate - Roll (1d20)+18: 17,+18 Total: 35 Fluff: Evie's Captain's Chair spun about as those on the bridge were avidly tending to their duties, and immediate survival. She still hadn't gotten a shower and was still in her outfit she'd worn for the set... needless to say, she was still not happy. She peered at the holoscreens floating all around her, detailing their pursuers. "Oh, I've bloody well had enough of this. Opening the comms." She pressed a few buttons on the arm of her chair. "Vessels that are in pursuit, you know damn well who this is. Let's cut to the facts, shall we? Your boss made a bad move: he annoyed us. He sent his goons after us and look where they are: dead, with their face in the lap of some well hung devil by now. At the moment, ladies and gentlemen, we're currently annoyed. We were enjoying some drinks, winding down, enjoying an evening. Then you pricks came along and buggered it all up for us." Her face blipped up within each of the cock pits of the pursuing craft. Her eyes were narrowed in an expression of pure malice despite the calm and simple manner with which her sensual lips explained the situation. "We're past games. We're done screwing around. There will be no quarter if you press on. You've seen what we do at annoyed, piss us off and see what we're capable of." Their screens went blank as the beauty blinked out. She killed the comms. "Just like we practiced, people." Her eyes darted about the screens trying to take it all in. "Sunshine, get us out of here. Gorunta, obliterate every son of a bitch that tries to scratch our paint, no warning shots, no disabling. Obliterate. Please piss us off you bastards. I fucking need this right now." She leaned back in her chair, crossing her right leg over her left knee. With the threat of imminent death looming over them, Evanna always knew just how to handle it: with absolute, self-centered nonchalance. "So, drinks are a bust, do you guys wanna, maybe do a movie night or something? After I shower, of course. Gods am I feeling icky... I think it's Sunshine's pick."
  3. "You know?" Evana fumed. "At this point, I'm ready to just rob everyone. To the Hells with it." The ice haired devotee of chaos threw hands out wide shrugging to all sides. Her start of a rant was broken by Sunshine cutting in and stealing her thunder with a declaration of fighters on their tail. "Oh, balls. Alright people, you know what to do!" She began racing for the bridge. "Clevus, stay here and don't touch anything!"
  4. Weaponless for the battle, having still been in her attire for her set, Evie took cover, but prepared to wade into the melee if need be. It'd been awhile since she had a good bar brawl... then up came Gorunta with... a sword. Okay, fair enough, the enemies were shooting at them. It sort of tosses bar fight out the window at that point. "Oh, hohoho," She laughed an irritated laugh. "Clevus, love..." she dashed with everyone, keeping step as best she could. "You have so much to explain..." "He's right," Evie said. Not liking the situation, but not really in a place to argue at the moment. "Sunshine, get her ready. Jexa, Jordayn, get her ready for flight. Echo, Gorunta, we'll cover the escape. Clevus..." she glared at him. "Get your ass on the ship, we need to have a talk and I need you alive for it. Afterwards... is still on the table." "Evana, I..." he tried to explain. "Go." She pointed to the ship. "Gorunta, side arm." The large vesk tossed his side arm towards her and she pressed against the wall, weapon at the ready in case any were giving chase. "Echo, get your friend out here for cover fire, Gorunta, we'll draw fire and you give them that good ol' Vesk 'how do you do'." "Think they'll follow?" Echo asked. "It's possible, but we need time to get the Solania ready to go. If they do, we'll hold them here. Jexa should have the on board weapons ready in a few, once that happens, they might just leave on their own accord... given how barmy we are, they know we'll use them." Leaning against the wall, she had Gorunta's pistol in one hand and she was undoing the intricate buckled straps on her heels with her other. She fumed. "Ugh, why is it every time I'm in no position to run, we have to run? And why did I think 'oh I'm doing a set... I won't need my weapons...', I swear, we can't go one week without pissing off someone." Gorunta smiled, glaring at the p-way like a lone soldier waiting for his day to become perfect. "I know. Isn't it great?" "Just one of our many, many talents," Echo slid the breech closed on her pistol, it hummed to life as arc energy powered it up.
  5. "Oh, good argument," Evana said, excitedly. Her chin rested on her closed fist which in turn was resting on the table. With narrow eyes she looked to Echo. "Counter argument? This is getting good."
  6. "Reeaally now?" She said, completely no believing a word he was saying. "More than cheap drinks?" She mocked innocence and surprise, placing her fingers over her open mouthed expression of shock and surprise. "Why... why Clevus... I'm not sure I'm ready for that sort of commitment. I mean... what's next? All I can eat buffets, your treat? You're quite the catch..." Clevus chuckled. "Smart ass." Evana chuckled in kind and retrieved her hand from under his. "Busniess, now. Play later. Frankly, I'd love nothing more than to steal a trove of treasure out from under those snobby Abadarians." She looked to the crew. "C'mon, guys, I mean sure he tried to kill us and sell an entire planet to a mummy-lich-thing... but it's not like we're any better." "No, no... pretty sure we are." Gorunta nodded his head matter-of-factly. "Alright, barring his speckled past-" "Speckled?" Jexa asked with tone that called Evie on her B.S. before she even could begin to start stacking it. "For lack of a better term," Evana pressed on, swiftly. "We've been the good guys, and it pays next to nothing. Let's balance out our Karma, do a little dirty... get paid. All while sticking to those Abadarians."
  7. "I'm sure," Evana said dryly and with a tone of suspicion that was half way between flirtatious and dismissive. "Oh, come now, surely your not still angry about our last encounter?" His smirk shown a hint of his fangs. "No, no, honestly I'm over that. I can't speak for the rest of the table, but I can't fault you for being you. You, Clevus are dishonest, and a dishonest man we can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones we want to watch out for, because we can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly," she glared across the way at Jordayn who had followed the Executor. "…stupid.” "But, water under the bridge, as they say. You're despicable and you wear it on your sleeve like a badge of honor, I can respect that. I prefer those who can wear their faults out in the open and embrace them instead of hiding behind honeyed words. Doesn't hurt that you have designer sleeves, either." She quirked a brow upwards and tilted her head to express her point. "Says the starlet who prides herself on honeyed words," Clevus was quick to point out. "Well, obviously it doesn't apply to me. I'm the one being the judgmental tart," she pointed at herself while she sipped the drinks he ordered for them. "And don't think one drink is going to excuse the fact that you tried to kill me... I mean, us. Oh, no, you'll be buying rounds from now until the Rapture. So, toss us your pitch and if you head ends up in someone's ass we'll know Gorunta wasn't impressed." Clevus's eye's narrowed at that last part and he tilted his head quizzically. "I''m sorry, what?" "Nothing." Evana said swiftly. She spun her finger in a loop, signaling a forward motion. "C'mon, tall, dark and broad shouldered... spill."
  8. "I wouldn't call it a 'relationship'," Evie said, sobering up a bit now that the frustration of dealing with the Church as well as her bombed show was over with. Although, she was still buzzing pretty good. "He tried to kill me along with all of you... is it strange that I find that to be kind of a turn on?" "No, but it makes it obvious you have terrible taste in men." Gounta smirked. "I know, look who I travel with," she quipped back with a smirk of her own to the priest and the merc. "Ugh, give me a few minutes to compose myself and I'll go see what he wants. I'm still caked in sweat and frankly, I feel filthy," she looked around the table as everyone silently glared at her. "Oh, sock your gobs, I mean the un-fun sort of filthy."
  9. "Being a god of both law and goodness, Abadar, and by proxy his men and women of the cloth, serve as a shining example of what all of us should strive towards: spread civilization, foster free trade, make a little dosh on the side." She narrowed her eyes as she listed the three main tenants of Abadar's faith. "But to contractually bind an individual... well, not only does that sound more like what I would expect from Asmodean cultists, I would hate to think our poor Sunshine is being forced to work for AbadarCorp over and over... without a fair wage, back pay, or any obvious means of releasing herself from your employ. Keeping in mind that 'indentured servitude', contractual or otherwise, is still technically slavery and illegal." She pursed her lips, as if to imply that she doubted that Mr. Herschwin was really an Abadar employee and could possibly be a Hellknight in disguise. "I mean, with hellish practices such as those, which I'm sure you've had nothing to do with... how can we place our righteous faith and services in a company that would exploit people in such a way?" "That's my way of saying, that I'm willing to consider the job, but not signing a damn thing AbadarCorp puts in front of me. I'm not ending up bent over, cheeks spread, waiting for His Holy's golden fist like our friend over here." She gestured to Sunshine. "If I say I'll do a job, the job will get done. You'll just have to take my word for it. Considering that so far I've more credibility that you in the honesty department, it'll have to do."
  10. "It's probably best if you get on with your sales pitch, sweetie. You're currently one poncy, passive-aggressive insult away from me asking this man," she patted Gorunta on the shoulder. "To remove Yottle's smarmy head from her own ass and shove it up yours instead." She downed another shot. Normally the diplomatic core of the group, they could all tell that tonight, Evie was apparently in rare form... and already half drunk. "So, what is it you need from us? And someone please make a note that if that document is binding, then we have a prince to find and put the boots to." Her lip curled into a devious smirk as she downed another shot. "I've just the pair too." As she reached to pour herself another one, Gorunta slid the bottle away from her. "Let's hear what the man has to say. Then we can decide whose head is going where, hm?" The ice haired diva sighed, disappointed. "Fine. Mister Herschwin, how can we help you?"
  11. "Theres honestly only two things to discuss, Mr. Herschwin, one: she's ours and two: we're for hire if you need a ship and a crew." Evana's tude was cranked to eleven after doing an empty venue she was 'promised' would be packed. She downed a shot and shook it off. "So, which of those interests you?"
  12. Evana

    OOC: Starfinder Discussion

    Aside from the cash, none of what was discovered is particularly interesting to Eve. The cash, nor the XP are going to affect any of Evvie's playability, so I'll get that updated as soon as I can. That said, if you wanted to begin the next Episode, Evvie's lack of being updated won't affect anything. I'll get to the update when I'm able. Been hella busy.
  13. Evana

    OOC: Starfinder Discussion

    I've not done any updates yet, but I'll get to work and get back when it's completed. Also, Armory is out, are we permitted to to use, purchase and make items from that book?
  14. "And once again, we're shooting stuff..." she mumbled under her breath. Her all white outfit was now smeared with grease and dust. Her hair was looking a fright, and with a roll of her eyes her pistol appeared in her hand and she squeezed off a round. "...dibs on the shower if we ever get back. And someone else please take over the piloting... I don't these little field trips to be a common occurrence."
  15. "S'cusemethankyou," Evana said hastily as she weaseled way around the service bot. Her sidearm remained in her hand while she clicked on the a flashlight with her thumb and held it at eye level illuminating the darkened corridor beyond. "Oh, someone is going to pay dearly for my dry cleaning..." the icy haired diva mumbled as she built up the nerve to to follow the corridor. At this point anything was batter than... whatever those things were. With a deep breath, that was meant to bolster confidence but failed on all levels, she pressed on.