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  1. Low music pipped in through cheap speakers all around the filthy, run down bar. Bright beams of sunlight shown through cracks and spaces in old boards across the windows or though heavy cloth draped over the panes like curtains. Every person drinking looked like they hadn't washed or shaved in the better part of a week, including the ladies, and while the servers weren't much to look at, it sure beat getting up to get it yourself. The place stank of sweat and stale beer. ,, "I remember it like it was yesterday. The Battle of Fort Constance. During the war, I was scared shitless, but it was me or him. He ran over the sand bags, bayonet at the ready... and I let loose. He got me too." The gruff man lifted his shirt exposing his side where a nasty knife scar never quite healed right. "I keep his dog tags on me to this day, Benny Riley. After him it was all cake walk from there. What about you Bishop?" ,, Bishop looked at the other two men, hi eyes in though for a moment. "Well, nothing exciting as a war story. Punk kid on a Border System space station cornered me in an alleyway, wanted all I had. He was slow though and I taught him the last lesson he ever learned. Kid's name was Shawn. Yer up Hadi, what was your first?" ,, Hadicall looked at his drinking buddies, Bishop and Hicks, and sipped his drink slowly. He thought long and hard about it as he set his mug to the table. "Hadi?" Hicks asked after several moments of Hadicall's silence. ,, "Hadi!" Bishop shouted at him as Hadicall stared off into space, realizing he was unable to answer the question. ,, "Daddy!" ,, Hadicall's feet slipped from the console and it lurched him forward, snapping back into consciousness. He sniffed loudly and wiped his hand down his face to clear the sleep from his expression. It didn't help. "Uh, yeah?" He asked then realized it was the inner ship communicator. He pressed the button on the console. "Y-yeah?" ,, "Lunch is ready." Sable happily informed him. "Were you asleep?" ,, "Uh, no." He lied, sitting up straight and now mildly embarrassed that she caught him without even being present. "I uh, was, uh... taking a leak." He squinted at his choice of excuses, then shrugged and went with it. ,, A few minutes later he stepped into the mess where everyone was gathered already. As the pilot he was usually the last one summoned to these soirees anyway, having to make sure the ship could fly itself while everyone had a pow-wow. He was in a tank top that showed off his chiseled everything and a pair of dog tags jingled on his neck, noting him as a veteran of the war. Hell, if the man would've shaved and took some pride in his appearance he might have been very attractive, but as it was Hadicall was, and remained, just the pilot. "Oh, yummy. Captain manages t'git us some real food and Deez gets vent crap all over it... goody." ,, "Daddy, it's not big deal... I've remade the salads, sans vent crap." She beamed him a smile and pecked him on the cheek. "I'll get the food, you guys just make cozy n'I'll be right be right back. Sam, wher'd you place the lunch tray?" ,, "Second cooler, middle shelf." Sam replied casually, as he went to get himself a glass of water. ,, "Woah, woah, woah... you and Sam were in here?" Hadi flung an acusing finger in the direction of Sam, then Sable, then Sam again. "Alone?" ,, "Yeah, so?" Sable asked, her back to everyone as her voice echoed from inside the second cooler where she was bent over collecting the meal. ,, "So, maybe I recall tellin' you that I don't want the pair o'ya alone together. He's on notice, dang it!" ,, "S'wrong daddy? Hate to hear that we were alone? In the kitchen? Well it's true, we were, an I'm not ashamed to admit it." She was singing it practically like a love struck girl recanting her tale of first, true love and romance. "There we was, Daddy with stars in our eyes and Sam took me by the hand and right there on the kitchen counter we made beautiful, passionate..." A tray it the table with a loud clang. She tossed it down with the glare of a full grown woman with hate in her eyes and anger in her tone. All the sarcasm left her voice. "Sandwiches. Christ's sake pa, it ain't like this liner allows for much privacy. Everyone's doing their part, quit being so dang gum paranoid." ,, "Yeah, well, I'm just trying to keep your parts off the doin' list." Hadi was already grabbing for sandwiches, as if food was cleaning the slate and washing away his ire for Sable breaking his one, incredibly stupid and ignorant rule. ,, Sable rolled her eyes and huffed. She spun about so fast her ponytail whipped around to the opposite shoulder. "Uggggh! You're impossible. That was so not right!" She stopped back into the kitchen to collect the rest of the meal ,, The table glared at Hadicall as he stuffed sandwich halves in his mouth. No could doubt that Hadi was an awesome father to Sable, but sometimes he was just an overprotective ass. "Wuh?" He looked at them after several moments, his mouth full of food. "Thee mad or sumtin'?"
  2. Character Sheet: Birth Name: Hadicall Cerauno Profession/Career: Combat Spec/Mercenary Pilot Legal Status: On unfriendly terms with the law. Marital Status: Divorced Known Relatives: Daughter (Sable Cerauno) Concept: Tryin’ to make a livin’. Attributes (Motivation/Morality/Traits): Staying Alive / Honorable / Calm & Confident ,, Level: 1 STR 12 (+1) DEX 11 (+1) CON 12 INT 9 (+0) WIL 9 (+0) PER 8 Durability: 13/13/6/6 Move: sprint 22, run 14, walk 4, swim 4, easy swim 2 Action Check: 14/13/6/3 # Actions: 2 Last Resorts: 0 SKILLS: -STR- Armor Operation [12/6/3] Combat Armor 1 [13/6/3] Athletics [12/6/3] Melee Weapons [12/6/3] Blade 1 [13/6/3] Unarmed Attack [13/6/3] Brawl 1 [13/6/3] -DEX- Ranged Weapons [11/5/2] (Combat Spec -1 Step Bonus) Pistol 1 [12/6/3] Rifle 3 [14/7/3] SMG 1 [12/6/3] Vehicle Operations [11/5/2] Space 3 [14/7/3] -CON- Stamina [12/6/6] -INT- Knowledge [9/4/2] Technical Science [9/4/2] Repair 1 [10/5/2] -WIL- Awareness [9/4/2] -PER- Interaction [8/4/2] PERKS/FLAWS: Perks: Heightened Ability (10): +1 Constitution. Vigor (2/4): +1 Stun, +1 Wound Flaws: Code of Honor (-3): Out in the Black all man has is his dignity. The things he does that day are the things he’ll have to sleep with that night. Divided Loyalty (-4): Hadicall has a job to do, but he also has a little girl to raise. Sometimes, those two don’t mesh to well. Powerful Enemy (-2): He’s pissed in a few bowls of Cheerios in his day. This represents those who might still bear a grudge against him. CYBERWARE: ARMOR: Worn Battle Jacket: AP +1 (0*); Type O; d6-1/d4+1/d4-1; Hide +1; Mass 8 *Hadical’s Armor Operation Skill negates the Action Step and Dexterity penalty. WEAPONS: Unarmed (Brawl): Acc (+0); LI/O; d4+1s/d4+2s/d4+3s; Actions (4) Combat Knife: Acc (+0); LI/O; d4+2w/d4+3w/d4+4w; Actions (4); Hide (+3); Mass (1) 454 Casull Revolver: Acc (-1); Mode (F); Range [8/14/70]; HI/O; d6w/d6+1w/d6m; Actions (2); Clip (6); Hide (+1); Mass (2) -Few people in the Verge want to be on the wrong end of “Cassy”. Usually, just her pointed at someone is enough to end a fight before it starts. 416 Assault Rifle: Acc (0); Md (F/B/A); LI/O; d6+1w/2d4+1w/d4+1m; Actions (3); Hide (-); Mass (5) GEAR: Belt (w/Hidden knife sheath) Wallet Worn Clothes Lighter Flashlight (Mass 0.1) Backpack (Mass 1) Survival Gear (Mass 3) Rations (Mass 2) Duct Tape Holster (for Cassy) ,, Background: Hadicall doesn’t talk much about his past. People know he’s in his mid thirties, been married up until a few years ago and he has a daughter, Sable Cerauno, who is with him on the Esperanza. He fought in the war some years back, but doesn’t talk about it much. It’s obvious though that it made him tough as nails. ,, Despite his use to the captain as a military trained war veteran, Hadicall doesn’t take up arms for Captain Chase, in fact, he doesn’t’ take up arms at all. He’s the ship’s pilot and he prefers to stay with her than be out there shooting and getting shot at all the time. Everyone with two cells in their brainpan to rub together knows that there’s more to the story than that. Maybe it’s his daughter that keeps him from fighting, or maybe there’s something deeper there. Either way, he doesn’t bring it up. That’s notto say he’s a total pacifist, he’ll still knock someone on their ass in a bar brawl (ask the Captain about Hengsha Station some time…), he just doesn’t seem to take a liking to perforating people anymore. This seems mighty strange to the crew, since he carries the largest handgun any of them have ever seen. ,, Not a smart man, Hadicall was raised in the Frontier and possesses a Fronteir education, which is to say, not much. He calls the Amarillo System home but hasn’t been back to his home planet, Laredo, since before he joined the war. He’s a decent guy, honest and forthright in all his words and thoughts. If he has something to say, he says it, even if it’s not quite what others may want hear. He knows he’s a stupid man, but takes pride in the fact that he can always get smarter. ,, His daughter Sable, is the light of his life. He does everything he can to school on the ship, spending his earnings buying all sorts of educational material for her from X3Ds containing literature and math and science to just old books she can read on long trips. He does his best to teach her, assigning her homework and such but it’s getting harder since she’s already smarter than he’ll ever be. He hopes one day she’ll have a brighter future than living on a ship taking whatever scraps the Verge throws her way. Sable is fourteen and everything a southern belle should be. She’s pretty, sweet, smart, and always curious about all there is to be curious about. She’s obsessed with hearing every story about every job the Captain and the crew does, much to Hadicall’s worry, as it makes him feel she’s getting to comfortable with the dream of being adventurers in The Black. ,, The Rest of the Crew: ,, Captain Chase - He respects the Captain, she's a good woman. Honest and upfront in all her dealings and that goes a long way with him. He doesn't always agree with her and their shouting matches on the ship are near legendary. Of course, the Captain always gets her way, except in the case of Sable. When it comes to his daughter, Hadi and Captain sometimes clash on what's appropriate for her to be picking up as 'trade skills'. ,, Deezy - Deez and Hadicall have about the same tenure on the ship. Shortly after the Captain hired on Hadicall she also hired on Deezy... and they've been arguing ever since. Not that they don't get along, hell Hadi loves the lil sweetie. The problem is she's always fixing things that Hadicall feels don't need fixing. It's not uncommon to hear them going back and forth about this repair or the next then ten minutes later laughing in the galley and telling a story about this, that, or something else. ,, Samuel - Sam seems alright. Hadicall doesn't know the boy to well but never stops calling him 'kid'. What he does know is that Sam is too close in age to Sable and they're both 'gettin to that age'. As such, regardless of Sam's true intentions, as a father, Hadicall has put Sam on permanent notice... something the rest of the crew finds hilarious. ,, Cherry - There's some tension here. Hadicall doesn't get along with Cherry at all and it's no secret (Hadicall doesn't do secrets) it's because she possesses cyberware. He's of the opinion that it strips away the humanity in a person and makes them a cykotek. He respects her well enough in the Captain's halls and doesn't go out of his way to start trouble (will even work with her if ordered), but he doesn't have a whole lot of nice things to say. Put bluntly, he's afraid of her and afraid for his family for the day she looses it and kills them all... ,, Caleb - As a fellow Frontiersman, Hadicall and Caleb have a lot to talk about. Chief among them seems to be how Caleb got 'The Gay'. He doesn't find anything wrong with how a man or woman chooses to live and would never tell anyone they're wrong. It's just his simple mind don't get the 'whys' of it. Anytime it comes up in conversation it usually ends with Caleb rolling his eyes and walking away when Hadicall says 'it just doesn't make sense' for the umpteenth time. ,, Lainey - Perhaps it's the father in him, but Hadicall tends to pamper the resident psychic. It's obvious that she's in pain a lot of the time or suffers from some condition or another that he doesn't quite understand and it's on those days he asks Sable take extra care of her or does it himself. He doesn't get all that psychic jargon or how it works. Hell, he doesn't understand why she doesn't just use the nav computer like everyone else.
  3. "Well, unless he's catchin' the same train as the other guy and has himself a matching incredibly large gun..." Hadicall shrugged. "I don't think tellin' the two apart'll be all that difficult."
  4. The gun spiraled about his finger several times before sliding gracefully back into it's holster. Like a bird taking to it's flight naturally, Hadicall quietly let the wind's embrace set him firmly back upon the earth near the Morgan character. His eyes regained their normal coloration, the bleached white faded like storm clouds in a heavy wind. "Yeah, sorry bout' that," he said calmly, like all this was normal for him. "Would slapped that deader about sooner if I coulda, but I had my hands full. You'll be alright though by the looks of it. Chrys here has a good question, do you remember anything that might help us find him? The sooner the better, other might be in danger."
  5. Please skip me this time around. I'm feeling a little under the weather but I don't want to hold anyone else up. Hadicall can simply assess the situation to decide where best to strike next...
  6. "You are aware that all that huffing and puffing you're doing to show off is lost on these imbeciles. They're dead, they can't understand you." The faint echo of Betty rose up over the battle. "Y'mean...?" He replied, looking for another target to waste. "Uh huh." One could almost see the sarcastic grin in her tone. "And they can't?" He asked, zeroing in on the next target of his divine retribution. "Nope." "Aw hell!" Like a raging bull he shot stormed off, hovering over the sand and dried earth of the desert. Everyone seemed to be handling theirs well enough, except this Morgan character. "That was some good stuff too! Ugh, someone's gon' get it..." Soaring through the fight he reach out and scooped up the Zombie that had just crushed Morgan, spiraling a few times he spun about like a man about to toss a discus and then finally let go. "May well be you!" He shouted as the zombie was lobbed for over eighty yards (264 feet). Yards away the zombie tore into the ground in a puff of dust, tumbling and bouncing before slamming into a giant boulder jutting from the ground, far from the combat zone. Click to reveal.. (13:06:22)(Grapple vs. DV 0)(Hadicall) rolls 4d10 and gets 7,1,1,8. (6 dice, -2 for multiple actions) 2 sux (13:06:53)(Throwing the Zombie)(Hadicall) rolls 6d10 and gets 4,9,3,1,5,3. (8 dice, +2 for Stunt bonus, -4 for multiple actions.) 13 raw damage (6 from damage + 7 from impact) (13:55:07)(Damage)(Hadicall) rolls 13d10 and gets 9,2,9,3,1,4,9,6,7,3,1,9,9. 6 sux, +2 Epic = 8 2 bashing.
  7. Question, when would be an okay time to spend XP? Obviously not in the middle of combat (without an okay), but do want us to keep it to spending between chapters, or just anytime providing we don't pull a dick move and give ourselves a knack right in the middle of a situation where it would give us the perfect advantage.
  8. The lurching dead staggered forward and lashed out a fist carried on the weight of necromantic strength. There was a sudden loud thump as the slow moving (yet surprisingly swift) undead fist found purchase on Hadicall's barrel chest, but the Scion of the Lord of Olympus was moving far faster, was far stronger, and, like the zombie, welcomed a blow for the opportunity to close the gap between them. He was something unto a blur. With the power of thunder and wind at his beck and call he consumed both the zombie and its pathetic attack with the force of a hurricane! He swept past the other combatants and it was almost comical the way the zombie was there one moment, and simply just gone the next. "I am Cerauno!" He cried out, his voice like a roaring storm. The winds swirled as he carried the beast up above the battle field, gripping its neck as it clawed and raked in a rabid frenzy. "I am Thunder! I am Wind! I am the law of the Gods made flesh!" Like a falling star the winds spiraled around him and his victim coalescing around him and into the hand where he held the zombie aloft effortlessly. His fist seemed surrounded by a violent storm of clouds as thunder echoed and crashed within the palms of each of his hands. He reared his arm back and for the briefest moment in time some would have mistaken him for his father when he was younger, arm arched back read to toss down wrath from his mighty Master Bolt. Today however, the thunder answered to his son and the winds bowed to his bloodline as Cerauno lurched back and hurled the undead corpse to the earth below. The desert sands gave way and the vile creature hit with terminal velocity, impacting with a crater in the soft sand that was only slightly visible. Bones were smashed and dessicated organs ruptured as they fell prey to the Scion's wrath. A split second later Cerauno himself joined the zombie, hitting the ground with a thunderclap as he and the undead began brawling each other with an almost feral abandon. Punching, clawing, snarling, rolling about in the sand and slamming its head into lose rocks... nothing seemed out of bounds for the Scion of the Skies. The laws of the Gods were broken, and the verdict was in and Cerauno would make sure the sentencing was carried out. Click to reveal.. Channeling: Vengeance (he represents the wrath of the gods for violating their laws, Retribution in this case) Hurl To The Horizon (17:04:07)(Hadicall) rolls 11d10 and gets 8,9,7,10,9,2,7,4,2,10,5. 9 Sux. Raw Damage: 16L (17:25:10)(Hadicall) rolls 16d10 and gets 3,6,5,10,10,6,10,6,5,6,3,8,6,9,6​,2. 8 Sux +2 Auto for Epic Strength. 10L - 6L = 4L ST OOC: +2 die stunt bonus on next action
  9. I dunno... these don't seem all that easy to scratch with our dice pools (or maybe just mine, heh). But I don't have enough coupons and math to back up that claim.
  10. Awesome. Thanks for the bonus Oro. Not to be nit picky, but Zombies usually have a Legend of 1 so they don't count 10's as two successes. Only reason I'm mentioning it is because I usually forget that myself and have often given everyone from Gang Bangers to Zombies double successes on a 10.
  11. Another crackle of lightning tore through the night and bore into the body of the zombie again. Again and again the thunderous boom of Poena rattled the heavens and shook the pillars that held it aloft. "Damn these buggers are tough!" He complained as every shot scorched and marred and tore into the walking dead but didn't seem to slow it down at all. At the very least h was making the area wreak of scorched dead flesh. The wind picked up and swirled about him like moaning ghost. His feet left the ground and he floated in place. His eyes bleached white and his hair whipped about him in a wild dance of fury. Poena found herself back in her holster as the Scion of the Lord of Olympus clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes in focused ire. Like a shot he was off, skimming the ground as he soared off towards one of the zombies. Trapped in mid sprint it seemed, with one leg stretched behind him, skimming the surface of the desert sand while his other was bent at the knee. "By the decree of Zeus: no soul may leave the Underworld with his, nor Lord Hades permission! You stand in defiance of that law. Prepare to be judged!" The desert dust kicked a cloud-like wake behind him and he cocked back his fist preparation to slam it into the skull of whatever was unfortunate enough to get in his way. Click to reveal.. Turning up the 'cheese' to 11.-2 penalty. Performing an attack action while making a diceless action (activating a boon). (17:54:32)(Hadicall) rolls 7d10 2,4,3,9,5,2,1. 1 sux. Raw Damage: 6L (18:00:28)(Hadicall) rolls 6d10 9,2,1,6,5,5. 1 sux. No Damage. Activation of a Boon - Wind's Freedom (1 Legend + ! Willpower) OOC: Awarding +2 bonus dice on your next roll for this post
  12. An FYI, had you inserted a post in the OOC that stated you needed more time, I would have waited. Same goes for anyone. I don't mind waiting on people who need an extra day (or even two) providing people speak up and communicate that to others. If no one communicates, I just press on like normal.
  13. Tick 3. ((Skipping Chrys, she had till 7:00pm tonight & missed the train.)) Slowly Hadicall walked down into the battlefield. Gun at the ready as he grinned delightfully while the first bolt tore into the zombie. His finger squeezed once more and the charge summoned forth from his arm to his gun. The bolt ripped once more through the night air leaving a acrid taste of ozone in everyone's mouths but it collided with his target again and coursed violent electricity through it body, searing flesh and causing long dead tissue to combust. Click to reveal.. Movement: slowly closing the distance, walking and firing all tough guy like... Gun Attack:(22:57:10)(Hadicall) rolls 9d10 and gets 2,1,7,8,8,4,6,8,3. 4 Sux. 9L Raw Damage Pool. Damage: (23:01:41)(Hadicall) rolls 9d10 and gets 7,10,5,3,6,5,4,1,9. 4 sux. 4 - 6 = 0. No damage. Next Tick is 5.
  14. "Bout damn time!" Hadicall said excitedly. He grinned with delight and kicked off from his mound above everything and started running down into the field below, arm out and "Betty" cocked. The blueish white glow around him sparked up into an electrical current that danced across his arm and down into his hand. The runes across Betty's surface flares up and then exploded with energy as the muzzle flash lit up the night with a powerful clap of thunder! From the barrel and toward one of he undead came a horizontal bolt of pure lightning! Ripped from the heavens itself the force of nature bore into the chest of the walking dead, filling the air with the stench of scorched flesh. Click to reveal.. Surprise Round Atttack (16:56:34)(Hadicall) rolls 9d10 and gets 9,9,3,9,3,4,3,8,10. 6 Sux. Raw Damage Pool: 11L Join Battle: (16:59:54)(Hadicall) rolls 5d10 and gets 10,9,1,1,1. 3 Sux. Hope I didn't just screw something up, but if the PCs have the surprise then he'd take one out. Since it's a surprise round, wouldn't our join battle apply after the surprise round? If not, just slap me an tell me to be silent...
  15. Quietly Hadicall looked down on his 'colleagues' while they approached the firelight. Although it was too far for him to hear all of the conversation a few echoes crept up over the hills, carried on the night wind. "Huh." He snorted. "The old 'I'm trapped here defense'. Dunno why we're wasting our time Betty, the laws are simple, only Zeus or Hades have say over which souls are permitted to leave the Underworld and I doubt they've got proper clearance. We need to be down there doing my daddy's work an' blowin' holes in those lumps of flesh." Poena groaned audibly, the measure of irritation in her tone was obvious. She was only at this idiot's side at the command of his father, Zeus. Like all Olympian creatures and spirits as the King of the Gods she had to obey his commands. His rule was absolute. Needless to say she didn't have to enjoy it. "I hope you die as soon as possible." The spirit gun complained, wanting to back at her home upon Olympus enjoying her eternity without babysitting the mewling offspring of the Gods. Once Hadicall was dead she was freed from her service to Zeus, until the next time he called upon her. "Huh?" Hadicall asked, paying more attention to the scene below than his sidearm. "Uh, I uhhh... was just saying," She hadn't realized she'd said that out loud. "You can fly. As soon as possible, if this gets ugly, take to the skies. You have the advantage of high ground." The bronzed Goliath nodded in approval of her strategy. "Yeah, good thinkin'. I fergot that." "Just trying to help..."