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  1. Deadlands: The Flood

    Hadi's too tired. He just had a battle, plus he put a weeks worth of work into a couple of hours.
  2. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "Oh, yeah... I can tell..." Hadi muttered loud enough for her to hear, but he didn't really yell over the gun fire. "The hell are these things..." As he spoke another one skittered swiftly through from the wreckage and was upon him before he knew it. "Christ on a..." He fired off a shot as it slithered and the bullet sparked off the stone floor. It was upon him before he knew it but he fired a second round from Jezebel, and as the creature opened it's mandibles to tear away at his ankle the back of it's head splattered it's contents like buckshot. "That...," he wiped some of the sweat from his lips of onto his wrist, which was equally sweaty, trying to hide his disgust for these abominations. "That's just not right..."
  3. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "Yer a little overdressed to worried about what my mouth can do," Hadi hollered back. "This now, that later. If you're alive." With practiced precision Jezebel and Scarlet rose to face their hellish targets ready to flirt and talk dirty. If there was one thing his hunnies could do it was be naughty and talk filthy. A round cleared each of the chambers and bit deep into the carapace of each of the... whatever the hell they were. They screeched and collapsed to the ground as Hadi spun his guns with a smirk. "Waitin' on you darlin'."
  4. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Hadicall had been mining for the days entirety and was sore. He enjoyed it though, felt good to do some actual work again instead of riding that damned horse he loved to hate. "Woah, woah, slow down... Where is the Doc?" All hell was breaking loose but Hadicall didn't seem to take much notice. At times it seemed he was unnervingly calm when things were going to pot. Hell, it was happening, what good was loosing his mind gonna do? Unlike this guy. "In the machine! Trapped!" He waggled his finger in the direction Hadicall needed to go. He scooped up his guns. He was filthy and still sweating because there was attractive women around and he needed to be adored as much as they needed to adore him, that was just fact. "Ms. Towne, Ms. Whitman, get your guns if you'd be so kind. Duty calls. Irish, Preacher Lady, China Lady, make sure everyone here is safe, and then meet up with us. We came here together, were leaving together." Shirtless and throwing his gun belt on around him, he ran off in the direction of the 'machine' and the 'monsters'.
  5. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Hadicall excused himself to find the foreman and tossed in his hat with the workers. If there was some money to be made along they way he figured h may as well go for it. He didn't have much to say to anyone else, they were strangers and it was unlikely he'd see any of them working along side him. Ms. Towne may had been an exception as she didn't seem afraid of hard work, then again she gunned down unarmed men so she wasn't really a staple for allowing him to set the bar of which of these new people he'd met were actually as decent as he'd said.
  6. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "Well, because if they didn't it would smash into the wall, darlin'," Hadi said, removing his hat as he entered the car. "Hadicall Cerauno. Pleasure to meet everyone, and it's like they say, we were on the wrong side o' proper luck is all. Not all that luck bad as one can see, but we're now a little bit of everybody from everywhere. Strangers trying to bicker and complain our through to the next stop. So, if it's hospitality you're offering, it's mighty appreciated." He thumbed to Charlie. "Charlie there don't never shut up, but aside from that, we're decent folk. Rough around edges, but decent." He was dusty and was loathe to sit on anything, considering a cushion in the car was probably worth more than he'd seen in his life time.
  7. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Hadicall was with the rest of the group, eyeing the workers cautiously. He honestly wondered if the Sister could go three words without mentioning the Lord, let alone give some consideration to the thought that perhaps not everyone thought as highly of him as she did. As he past bay Fang he tapped her on the shoulder and leaned in as he past her. "Darlin', try and keep outta sight. China folk raise more questions than answers in these parts, for now keep to the shadows until we get through all this nonsense. Hǎi nà bǎi chuān." He said it softly, in Chinese that was far from perfect, had they not been in the darkness of caverns and surrounded by dangers, she may have laughed at his terrible pronunciation. He stepped forward, only three or so paces in front of the horses, but blocking the view of the two standing behind him (Sam and Fang). He didn't want to be part of whatever Claire and Becca were doing, too many cooks and all that, but did want to be at the ready in case they needed back up. Since Sam had already taken a fancy to the chinadoll, he figured they'd make a cute pair for keeping an eye on each other. Hand at the ready, he waited to see how all this would play out.
  8. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Hadicall couldn't care less what was down here. About the only thing that might have turned his cheeks was the Gates of Hell and even then, that'd just mean he died before his damn horse. The fact people were don't here, being ignorant people and doin' the things ignorant people did, like make a profit by digging a hole, could hardly make is top three list of strange things that had happened to him... today. One more hurdle on the track of getting the hell outta here. On the positive side, they'd have supplies for either barter or taking... if things didn't go according to plan... or went exactly like they planned. His morality compass was a bit on the bent side today. "Well, less we plan on going back, ain't no sense in frettin' over what they're doing here, only how we plan we on gettin' through." Hadicall kept his voice low. However, I suggest we send in the preacher lady to gauge how friendly they are. She's got God on her side, ain't no one can harm her no way. If it all goes south, we'll be here to shoot n' scoot so no harm comes to her."
  9. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "I'll take the rear, I know what's behind us. Rather one of you fall before me, after all, I know me. You five? Not so much." Hadi said with a smirk. "Dunno why you wanna explore it anyway, but I'd rather I have five chances of surviving being in the middle of nowhere 'stead o'one. May as well put preacher girl back ere' with me too. Like I said, we know what's behind us, it'll be easier to keep her safe considering she don't seem to have any meritable skills aside from letting everyone do everything for her."
  10. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "And you thought I loved the sound of my voice?" Hadicall asked Becca jokingly, who he was riding along side of. He spoke up so everyone could hear him. "Darlin' I hate to interrupt the Tabitha Show, you got goin' on, but if you wanna ride your horse into a pitch black cave be my guest." He dismounted and gave his steed a few pats on the cheek. Despite how he talked, he seemed to care for the beast. "I recommend we lead em', lest you want to tumble when they do, but, it's your show. See, horses don't see like we do, directly in front of them, their vision is rather poor, especially in the dark. In a cave, directly in front of them is their only option. Not to mention leading the horse will prolly save it's life, considering the footing you might find underground. Ride if you like, I'll walk and meet up with you later. I ain't one to tell people their business." "Well, what say y'folks? We going underground? It's a sound plan, prolly more comfortable underground than up here." His vision panned around as he talked, keeping his eyes on the horizon for possible ambushes. "But let's not take too long deciding..."
  11. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "Well, ma'am, I appreciate what yer' trying to do, I do, but this ain't fear. Since y'don't know me an all I'll say this once, and as polite as I can... you're welcome in my company. God ain't." At the offer of a cigarillo Hadicall sighed with relief. "Oh, woman, you are an angel. Much obliged." He quickly lit it up and got to work saddling his horse which was a dark brown mustang that seemed to have as much attitude as he previously claimed. "How it you lived through that?" His horse neighed something sarcastic, possibly vulgar. "Yeah, yeah, keep it up and I'll shoot you myself." It neighed and whinnied in something that sounded like a laugh.
  12. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "Well, y'don't say?" Hadicall said with obvious sarcasm in his tone. Becca was still gathering the saddle and tack while he'd already begun leading the horses to where Becca was waiting. "You being the third person to say that, and with her getting saddles ready and what with me collecting the horses up... my, it's a good thing you came along when you did, or I doubt the poor blonde and I coulda put two and two together. Much obliged. By all means don't stop on my account, shower me with more of your wisdom! Perhaps once we saddle the horses... you reckon we should ride them?" This was the problem with strangers, they all wanted to lead and not listen. Hadi hated strangers, from his experience strangers meant that none of them could be trusted and before one of, or all of them knew it, they were gonna be back stabbed and left for dead in the dust. His money was on Becca, she'd already had a scary kinda bloodlust in her eyes, the kind that made Scarlet all kinds of tingly. Oh well, nothing left to do but get to the nearest civilized land and be rid of them... or what was left of them.
  13. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "Well, shit," Hadi said, looking towards the mail car and beyond where the horses would be. Chances are she was going to shoot him and dump the body, so he remained on alert. "For the record, this woman is obviously crazy, so if I don't come back chances are she's raped and murdered me. Please to it that this woman is properly hanged for my murder. I'm willing to the let the rape thing go on account that she is a mite easy on the eyes... and probably needs it more than I do..." He set about his task though, counting out the survivors and getting them their horses. The horses seemed to have fared better than the passengers, after all the Indians had use for horses, white people... eh, not so much. Those horses that didn't belong to them, he set free. Giving them a slap and sending them on their way so they could take their owners souls to the after life. Sure it was superstitious and a bit hokey, but the dead were rising from the grave, Hell's minions were all about the train was powered by infernal rocks. He may as well hope that something in this world was still sacred.
  14. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "Because I'm sure a woman who just killed a man with her bare hands needs a lecture on when to sob. She's alive and one hell of a fighter, so I'd say she's got strong and survivor down pretty well. So, if you'r edone serenading the lady with today's lesson in how to be redundant... get'cher gear, and hers, and get ready to move out." Hadicall walked among the survivors and didn't appear to impressed. This many gunslingers among the train, and only the gunslingers made it. Judging from the behavior he'd seen so far he was pretty sure a few of them had killed the people on the train for a chance at their goods. As it stood he was of the mind that he'd just killed one group of savages and been let with another. "Name's Hadicall Cerauno," he said loud enough for everyone to hear. "When the cuss'in starts, as it inevitably will, I think y'all should know who exactly your cuss'in at. Now... someone please tell me my horse ain't dead. Dark brown, attitude, can't miss it..."