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  1. I think creative tactic situations (can't just go guns-out or throw a Q-Imprint baddie in there that can return any attack thrown at them back at maximum power) are a good option for this, as is moving off-planet into "galatic scale" conflicts where your novas are facing off against other rediculously powered beings or things like battle cruisers and whatnot. In my experience, exploiting any social/mental weakness in a character that takes away player agency tends to lead to bad feelings and the dissolution of the game as players hate when another PC or GM dictates their character's actions. Also, Aberrant has shit for social/mental combat rules, or defenses.
  2. Cheshire is in a simple t-shirt and relaxed-fit jeans outfit. Casual but of good quality.
  3. Sorry! It's been a pretty shit couple of weeks for me. ☹️ I will try to post soon, but I'm out of town so computer access is minimal.
  4. Cheshire will be sticking with the girls. I will try to post tonight.
  5. If you read the post above, it explains the skill chart. Also, yes, all manuevers are included when a power is bought. The control mechanism for them is the difficulty to pull a specific maneuver off.
  6. Notes for the second draft: On the skill lists and powers lists, the Primary Attribute is both the Attribute that the skill or power uses to determine the number of dice to roll as well as a prereq for Mastery. The Primary attribute must be at at least a Chameleon (Mega) rating of 1 before Mastery can be purchased; as well, the secondary attribute must be at least a 4 and the synergy skill must be at at least a d10. I do need to add in the Backlash Aberrations (if anyone has a better term than aberrations, please speak up). Add in the Advantage equivalents for the Enhancements in Forceful Personalities, The New Flesh, and Brainwaves.
  7. Okay, here's the first draft! It's not a complete book right now because I know the audience knows Aberrant enough not to need everything spelled out. I will be working on making it a stand-alone guide, but I wanted to get people's opinions and to ensure those that have been interested that the project is moving forward. Also, a lot of the numbers (especially how much damage attack powers do) have just been spitballed or given the same number just to put something down. If you have better ideas, please let me know. Abbyhack.pdf
  8. I am still working on this! At the moment, we've seemed to have settled on the virus/mitochondria idea, with the mutation allowing supers to process chameleon dark energy (it's a real thing!) and basically access dark matter/energy to do their physics-defying stuff. Also, at this point, it's not the aberrant system. It's somewhat inspired by it, but it's wandered far enough off to warrant the separation. I'm a little stuck on the last two power sets, so I'm going to work on some other system pieces for a bit, then come back to them to wrap up what's needed for a basic launch of the game. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to get through a bunch of that.
  9. Actually, I think I'm just gonna try out not having a power pool. I'd rather go less complicated than more.
  10. Noir - That's actually a really good point. Hrm. Maybe just go back to a "power pool" that is separate from health/combat stuff, then put back in a mechanic of "dying for power" where you can convert Health points to Energy points (like a 1 for 3) but take Backlash for it. I guess the other option is to take out energy management all together and just let people use their powers. The TN to activate powers becomes the control method, and I'll have to redo some "passive" powers.
  11. Some Enhancements have become powers or power maneuvers. Enhancements (and I think you're right, we should drop the Abby nomenclature so there aren't weird associations and expectations) now don't add to die rolls or do as much mechanically. Some of them grant access to specific power maneuvers without having to purchase the full power, others give access to types of actions you can't do otherwise, and others manipulate mechanics of powers (like Abby Extras). I've got the list done and I'll post it up when I finish the powers list as well, as it will make more sense when looked at side by side. "Passive" powers now require an investment of Energy points, meaning points that are unavailable so long as the passive power is being used. So, to use Armor, you have to invest 5 pts. If your Energy pool was originally 35, it now functions as if it were 30. You can "power down" the Armor to get your pool to go back to 35, but the actual Energy has to have time to regenerate, so you won't have access to those five points after powering down your Armor until the next scene. I like the idea of "Power with a Price" and want to keep that. Backlash is a good way of showing that. Also, I do plan to introduce alternatives to aberrations (ala Chrysalis and Qu Meng in Aberrant), so I want to keep that part of the system/setting. The idea here is that a nova's body can handle a certain amount of strain (ie Energy points), but once it passing a certain point (you start spending Health points), it then begins to twist and damage the nova's base pattern. Eventually that leads to aberrations.
  12. Enhancements are bought separately and will not require Megas as a universal rule. I'm still working on the powers list. Once I finish the first draft, I'll post it up here. That's my current project. Forcefield is a maneuver under Armor that soaks energy damage. In this, you're having to manage your Energy pool for both use of powers and to avoid Health damage (which takes much longer to heal). Also, using Health to activate powers allows someone to survive a nasty fight, but is now how Backlash is accrued as you are ripping energy out of your body's natural pattern to get off another power. The inspiration for this system came from the Star Wars d20 game I've been playing for a while that has Vitality and Wounds. The system works very smoothly in play, and the Jedi use Vitality to power their Force Effects. The effects are powerful, but the Jedi has to temper how often they use them since it makes it easier to get them into Wounds in combat. The penalties for a permanent aberration will generally be social penalties, while the penalty for Backlash lowers the nova's effectiveness at being a nova. Backlash does lead to aberrations, but I wanted to give the players some control over the aberrations that they manifest and give them a reason to cash in their Backlash. I suppose it could be done that once you reach a certain amount of backlash you have to take an aberration, but that didn't sit will with me as it also makes scaling the aberrations difficult. How would you determine, other than by random chance, what level of aberration someone receives when they reach their Backlash cap?
  13. That's fine by me. Aberrant was the starting point, but the theme I wanted to hold through was the "normal people becoming supers".
  14. My intention was that "Monsters" are anything that is so destructive it has to be hunted down and killed. I do also have a new ruleset to go with this (abby-inspired) so things will look a bit different. Lemme throw out the basics here and let people discuss: No Quantum stat and no Taint stat. Don't worry, I'll come back to these things. Instead of successes, you now have Target Numbers to reach with the die roll. Attributes tell you how many dice, skills/powers tell you what type of dice. Mega Attributes give you an adittional d20 per point to the roll, but (barring the use of a few specific powers) you must max out your base Attribute before you can purchase mega attributes. Skills and powers can both be "mastered"; this makes the die type a d20 for all dice in the roll (not just applicable megas). Some powers have other effects from mastering as well. All skills and powers list their pre-reqs for mastery. All the old Extras and Mastery buffs are now Enhancements that can be purchased for each power. Mastery Enhancements can only be purchased for powers that have already been mastered. Almost all powers are what Aberrant would call "suite" powers. Once a power is purchased, all maneuvers under it are available at their listed cost. The control on this is the Energy (read: quantum point) cost and the TN for successfully pulling the manuever off. There are fewer individual powers to choose from (relatively speaking), but individual powers pack more punch. Health is now a point system instead of a "level" system. You have two stats: Energy and Health. Energy powers your abilities and also counts as "near misses" (damage goes here first). Health is your actual health/physical integrity. Once you're out of Energy, you can power abilities with Health, but you take Backlash. Also, once you dip into Health you take negatives on rolls because you're actually injured. Backlash (read: Taint) now accrues by points. As you go up in Backlash you accrue negatives to your use of anything enhanced (powers, Enhancements, Megas). There are three ways to deal with Backlash. You can "sink" Backlash points into Aberrations (essentially you purchase them with the Backlash points). The Backlash goes away and your character gains an aberration that has its own permanent mechanics. That is "instinctual" way that everyone can do. Chrysalis and Qu Meng will also be able to be developed and I'm working on mechanics for them. There is no "and now your character is an NPC" stat in this game because that's stupid. Appearance is no longer a stat, it has been replaced with Willpower as an Attribute. There is no seperate Willpower stat now. Skills have been redistributed (and Enhancements will be as well), and a couple of skills have been dropped or added. The playbook will have the new skill list. Specialties in a skill allow the dice to pop.
  15. Okay, so this has sparked an idea from me: A new virus pops up that effects only mitochondria; this means that it will effect any organism with eukaryiotic cells. Infection can be asymptomatic, leaving the carrier completely unaffected. Those that do show symptoms generally respond with a mono condition for a few weeks (mosly feel overwhelmingly tired), then get better. In a small percentage, however, the virus mutates the mitochondria and grants the ability to create and interact with a new form of energy. If the person or creature handles the changes well, they become 'supers'; if the change causes too much Backlash in their system, they become Monsters (whether human or not). This model leads to some interesting differences from Aberrant: No node, though it can still be used mechanically to represent the efficiency of the mitochondrial mutation. There is no headache or aberration for high MM, though. There are no 'latents' or to be more precise, everyone is 'latent'. The exact combination of specific strain of the virus and the interaction with the mitochondria of an individual means that someone could be exposed over and over again to different variations of the virus and never 'pop', while another person experiences only one exposure and comes out a powerhouse. Animals, anything with eukaryiotic cells, can be affected. The emergence of novas (or whatever we call them) occurs over a period of weeks initially, instead of from one action. Thoughts?