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  1. Kaien smiled as the shield died, and in an instant he was inside,firing a blast of raw force into the engine of the ship and teleporting back outside some distance away. Click to reveal.. Blast hit automatically, Damage DC is 27 for lethal effect
  2. Click to reveal.. Init+12 (00:20:44) ChatBot: (Kaien) rolls 1d20 and gets 8. 20 Forgot will save.... (00:21:59) ChatBot: (Kaien) rolls 1d20 and gets 14. +18= 32
  3. Kaien nodded to her order, checked his charts of the ships under attack and smiled. THIS was where he did excel. In an instant he was gone, reappearing unaffraid and undettered in space. He couldn't make it inside in one go, not without leaving himself open, so he resigned himself to take down the shields. He lashed out with all the Fury of the Xydarian Exemplar, and was rewarded with the bright flicker and rapid fade of shields failing. He'd be inside in a few moments, and their engines would be destroyed.
  4. Ripped from his home, Kaien wasn't happy, but the firgid temeperatures and raging snowbeasts made him smile. It was just like the arctic pole on Xydar. He reached out gathering up a horde of snowbeasts at once, and then he dispersed them, disincorporating them molecularly. In a moment of pride he chuckled. "Too easy." Seeing another fight with a sword, his own blades of telekinetic force came into being. "Let the games begin then. Then he joined the fray upon the ground, lending his swords to the others, laughing all the while.
  5. Kaien nodded, keying in commands and activating the ship's internal and external defense systems. His monotone voice came over the speaker. "Attention all personnel, Set for Battle stations, all non-essential personnel to their assigned escape pods." It was as if he was giving the morning weather report. Done with that, he tapped in a series of commands. "In Theory Captain, I can teleport onboard the other ships and destroy their drives. This does have the potential risks of permanent discorporation, or possibly stranding wherever they emerge from hyperspace." Another series of computations. "We could ostensibly take out one ship with our own firepower as soon as they fully materialize, use our maneuvering thrusters to adjust and shoot a second within 2.28 seconds. We would be out of position however to fight the remaining 3. I can manage another, perhaps 2 in that same timeframe, Though the last ship would have our flank. We would have to weathertheir attacks before we could come to bear on them." He typed in a few more keystrokes. "Our most agressive stance would be to have me engage one ship, Lieutenant Rose seize control of the commanders aboard another, Zade hack the third, and we use the previously mentioned attack patern to disable the remaining two." "We can try talking to them, but that is an agressive formation, meant for overlapping fields of fire. I expect incoming hails to happen within the next minute if they do so, followed by the ships closing to range and opening fire."
  6. Kaien swore. He could attack now, tipping his hand, and letting them know they weren't half as hidden as they thought. He knew communicating would give him away immediately, so instead, he began the circuit back to the ship. It took about twenty minutes, but once within the ship, he called Namiah on a secure commlink. "Captain! Enemy ships are in motion, they are moving into attack and assault formations. I don't think they're going to take what we've done lying down." His voice was completely calm, despite what he saw as the urgency of the situation. "Would you meet me on the bridge, or prefer for me to come to where you are?"
  7. "First report, everything is as before, no unnatural movement, I am continuing my sweep of the system."
  8. "You want me to hold off a thousand fightercraft?" He was a little suprised. "Roger that." He continued on his patrol, knowing where they were, but doing his best to obfuscate the fact he knew.
  9. Kaien filed his current report and left word that he was going on a stellar patrol. He wasn't one to sit idle in a combat zone. He reappeared outside the ship and set off, acting as an early warning threat response.
  10. "I think Captain, that bringing them to the ship is sound, though it will increase our responsibility greatly. We have a crew more than up to the task, and if that is how the delegates feel that they would be safest, then I say we do it. We could reconfigure part of the ship I'm sure to serve as a meeting hall for the delegates present with ease." He looked to Zade. "That wouldn't be too problematic would it?" He looked to Namiah. "Securitywise, The ship is the safest thing around, given circumstances being as they are."
  11. Kaien looked to Namiah as he was leaving and had overheard. That would place responsibility for everything squarely on the League if things went bad. He nodded. He trusted his Captain's judgement, and would do his duty.
  12. Kaien nodded. "I had hoped to not be needed either." He keyed in the request to the ship, and stood with the disarmed soldiers, awaiting the teleporter to transport them topside.
  13. The Captain was one of the great diplomats within the League, and that much was made clear to everyone there. She spoke softly, and her big stick was her policy of peace itself. Kaien nodded, as close to a smile as he'd give in public. With unprecedented ease he gatherd up the weapons, and looked to Namiah. With finesse that spoke of natural talent, he picked up and righted the men he'd knocked over. He returned to Namiah's side afterwards, once things had calmed slightly waiting for Zade to reform. "That went well, remind me why you needed me Captain?"
  14. Kaien regarded the threat instantly, and vanished reappearing between them and the delegates. Sheer telekinetic force manifested and blasted one of the troopers as they finished materializing, hoping to knock them into the others. Click to reveal.. Attack roll d20+8(13:14:59) ChatBot: (Kaien) rolls 1d20 and gets 19. 27