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  1. I am working on some real life projects and issues for the time being. I am distracted from the site and cant seem to put the 'gaming' hat on right now. Standby for replies from me on the Chapters and more future updates.
  2. Joe determines the body died of dehydration/starvation.
  3. Originally Posted By: Dr. ChronosJoe says back, "Sure, I'm Joe. We're inside Nomikos' Library (Joe gives the current date). I'm pretty sure there's a temporal inversion going on. What year and location are you from?" (Joe waits for the answer) A short length of silence passes before the wizened man replies; "I am not familiar with that calendar date but were from Dusmin. Its a port town on the isle of Furmony. Scholars call our world Min but thats debatable. Our calendar tells us were in the 310th year, season of Winsebb. I think that's all moot though." Originally Posted By: Dr. Chronos "Well, you should know there's someone here who matches that description, but he's been dead for a while here. That might not mean anything though. He might make it back to you before dying here. Can I do anything for you or him? What was his name?" The woman breaks up into near hysterics. The wizened man tries to calm her a few moments until it sounds as if she is running away in the distance. "That is what I had feared. The gate on this side is said to be one way and we warned Newton." Another short pause. "Well thank you Joe. You should know that it is said you cannot exit from there the same way you entered without ending up as Newton. PLease be wary. Good luck and good by."
  4. "Oh no, he's not in there I just know it. If only I would ha..." "Shhh.. dont fret about it. The nature of these things is very fickle Marna. Let me take over here." The voices of a worried women and a wizened older man debate a moment then the man replies again, in a louder voice. "He is dressed in some dark brown leather breeches and a red linen shirt. He ought to be rather noticeable as he is a rather tall man, standing over 18 hands. I am afraid though that were not asking the right people, can I ask you when and where you are from?" The man he describes is one of the bodies seen earlier, dead for over 4 years. One of you would recall it. Chronos is not certain but might note that he is sensing a ripple in the time continuum as if the voices are from history. The exact amount of years is unknown. Throwing a piece of rubbish makes it fade away into the mists in the distance but the sound of its impact is lost. (note that this is happening just before Chronos tries to 'disturb' the Library and gain Nomikos' attention.)
  5. From outside the sounds of the calling stop. Mega perception would allow the sound of astonished gasps of unbelief. The sounds of calling are coming from within the fog to one side of the library. As one ventures down a certain row, Smite has measured out about 250 yards to the end, the fog seems to dissolve the rows of books. The Library seems to be in the middle of a cloud that even mega perception cannot peer through, with its rows of books running outwards like the spokes on a wheel until they dissolve into the mists. "No, We are outside, in the fields near the town of Dusmin. IS Newton with you or do you know of him?" The voice returns this time certainly a female. Concern for a loved one is written on her tone.
  6. OK...we need to implement the way out of the Library. Any follow up on the voices you all heard on my last post? Chronos has certainly found a way to gather attention and 'eventually' get Nomikos to get here. Getting him to let you out might not go as you planned however but it will be interesting.
  7. Originally Posted By: Dr. Chronos Joe checks up on Alison and the others to see if everyone is done and ready to move on. (OOC: Find Weakness Roll on Disrupting the Library's operation. The plan he's considering is just running around halting time for important chunks of things.) It will be a matter of time, frankly, until Joe and Allison are able to descramble a way out. I wanted to make sure all were set and ready and had looked at what they wanted to before we moved on.
  8. There are some books obviously missing, once Joe reveals the pattern in which the library is set up. The books mentioned in Brocs history, the ones on TrueNames, are no longer present. Their not in the right spot anyhow and their not revealing themselves at this time. What is foind on the orbs is quite a bit of detail not nothing really new compaed to what Joe knows. The only thing of note is a unsupported rumor that the Incarnates, once seperated from their blades, are said to imbbue their wielders with a sum of powers of quite a few Iruar. Antlio theorizes that one Incarnate is a peer in power to Ba'laan but using them in concert could lead to new masters of this reality. Joe is deep in thought absorbing the books, as is Allison at the time that the breeze picks up and some new voices can be heard. Off in the distance comes the sounds of over a dozen voices calling for a Newton. "Newton. Newton! Can you hear us? Are you allright?" Comes a voice from afar. Then a lower voice; "He cannot possibly be alive anymore Rina, its been nearly 11 years for us." The conversation continues and the various muttering and speech becomes undiscernable. Smite however is able to find what might be determined as an 'end' to the Library. The mists similar to the edges of the World Serpent Inn is thich here and the voices seem to come from beyond the mists. In that same area, through the mists, can be barely seen the dark outline of the stonehenge-like crop of rocks that surrounded the Library.
  9. Joe finds the same lack of information on the "Iruar Lords" and "Ba'alt." It is as if Antlio deliberately left this information out. The information simply states that Ba'alt is where all life and all existences formed and it is run by 'uncaring' and unconcerned entities. The information on the Ban agrees with the theory that it is now integrated into the very fabric of space/time and is considered a law akin to gravity. Lack of information on how to access the gate is probably frustrating and might make it easier to disrupt some things.
  10. Chronos; you have anything for the story topic? If not, I will move on..
  11. Allison wanders the books, feelign around here and there. Occasionally she needs to step over a corpse or a pack from someone left times past. She is searching for a needle in 12 haystacks but in about 30 minutes she stops almsot with a gasp in front of a shelf of books. Most in this area are covered with a small layer of dust, the book she looks at however looks as if it ws just placed on the shelf. No layer of aging dust is on it and it even cracks when opened betraying the virgin spine. Meanwhile, a light breeze has turned up. Very Light. But enough to turn pages if left unbound and the smell of wet earth and grass among the aroma of fresh rain wafts in. The breeze seems to be coming from the 'right' side of the Library but investigation in that direction leads only to rows and rows of books. The endless rows grow on forever and seem to go on without limit if one follows a path of shelves. Only occasionally is there cut in the path leading to the row right adjacent. Following this path into the light breeze, also leads to another pair of lost stragglers. Long dead, their clothing is disintegrating. One of the corpses however still graps a thin tome in his lap. The books title is undiscernable and the scribbliing inside is alien. It looks like more of a log or diary than an actual book.
  12. ,,Originally Posted By: AllisonHmmThings seem to be slowing down more than usual. Is it just from the new board transition, or is more going on? Partially the board I think, Partially a loss of interest. I have been swamped with work the last few weeks and frankly have been mentally taxed. Will get a move on shortly but I typically wait for at least 2 replies to a new narrative posting of mine before I move on. I know there have been 2 replies on the recent one, but as mentioned, I am drained mentally. I will have something soon and my work should be slowing down a bit. The beginning of the year is always a mess up until about March.
  13. Library of Nomikos Chronos, Rama, Whisper?, Allison, Smite, Rama After notifying Allison of the update, she informs the team that she is only a few minutes away. After she arrives, and Fier and Teresa depart, the route to the Library is taken. The row of hanging lights is followed for about 10 minutes of walking time until a pair of doors is finally seen down the path in the huge ‘warehouse.’ Looking back, it appears that the lights have split into 3 paths and those paths split a few times each; the rooms seems filled now with paths of light branching here and there. None of the return paths can be determined so only the path forward through the doors seems feasible. {One with mega perception of 2+ could see the proper path and navigate back to the exit). The wooden door has as simple latch that lifts up, which Smite opens and enters first. The rest of the team follow closely behind. At first, the room on the other side looks like nothing more than that. Another room. Chronos pulls the door shut behind the team and the white glare of reflected light fills the teams vision. The room fills with a fog and the walls fade away. Then the fog lightens allowing visibility of over 50 feet and a path can be seen flowing to the right and to the left. Following Teresas advice, the team turns to the right to begin the walk toward the Library of Nomokos. This time, the walk seems to be more than 30 minutes until grass can be see growing on the ground in sparse patches. It gets more and more dense until the grass on the sides of the rocky path seems to try to obscure the route. A rocky set of stairs down is the finality of the path. The stairs are placed in the side of a slope as if on a step hill and the bottom cannot be seen. Following the only route, the team finds their selves at the bottom of the stairs in a ring of stone boulders. Their arrangement is akin to Stonehenge but the 4 ton boulders are knocked over off their bases. Grass and vines are everywhere and the path ends here. After a short discussion, its decided their must be a trigger of some sort to the rest of the path and the boulders must be restacked, which can be done in short order by Smite or another Mega-strong member. Once the last boulder is properly positioned atop its base a breeze kicks up and the smell of ancient parchments and wood overwhelms the teams senses. The light dims and the temperature drops drastically until it hovers around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The light fades to near darkness and a ceiling materializes in the shadows above the team. Shelves and rows of shelves begins forming out of the darkness and the grass and vines fall back. The circle of rocks fades away and the shelves, now full of books and scrolls, are surrounding the team as far as they can see. The team is now standing in what might be the center of a vast dimly-lit library of ancient times. Walls cannot be seen in either direction, much like the World Serpent Inn. The breeze settles and the parchments settle leaving the team in a musty, near freezing room. There is not a sound in either direction. Once one of the team moves out of the center, the light of the Library increases slightly and down various rows can be seen remnants of dead ones. Skeletons, decayed clothing and packs, even the bones of what must have been a horse are seen. In one of the skeleton gatherings, they are piled up around a fire. They seem to have gathered themselves in a larger hall at the end of a row of books and used books and scrolls to burn for warmth. This row seems to be spaced from all the rest and there is over 20 feet from the next rows where all other rows are spaced at about 8 feet apart. There are over a dozen dead ones, all well over 100 years old by Chronos’ affirmation. All seem to have been trapped here. Further looking around reveals scrape marks on the ground where other seem to have moved the shelves around. Moving some things around near the center of the room also reveals a 2 meter diameter circle of very small and intricate runes carved into a circle of 5 circles within circles that all slide and line up with clicks. The runes are oddly in some ancient language of earth, maybe Egyptian hieroglyphics than Rama or one of the mega intelligent members can read. There is a symbol for a number of subjects followed by more subject and adjectives and it appears that the series of interlocking circles is in fact the Library directory. Once a series of clicks are done and the center of the circle stood in, an ephemeral sphere of light appears and begins moving to a particular book or scroll. The first book is on gardening and how to grow a certain hybrid rose, which Allison might have an interest in but offers nothing of real value for the teams search. {{It will take about an hour for Rama or Chronos to ‘decode’ the interlocking Librarian. After that it will take awhile to fine tune the circles to a topic your looking for. It was originally discussed that you would look for the entrance into Ba’alt so you could go tell Ba’laans people what he’s doing. It’s theorized that his people would not agree 100% with what he’s been doing and act. There are however a numerous amount of other things you might decide to look into. You have all been away from Starhaven now for over 2 hours.}}
  14. Shall I assume the meetings and discussions are over and Allison is fetched to rejoin the team to exit StarHaven? She might be of some use in the Library.