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  1. Name- Daniel Alphonse Hawkins Age- 30 Height- 6'2 Weight- 190lbs Eyes- Grey Hair- Brown/Black Dan is a born and raised local. A swamper by trade, though abit more modern than most, if only because it helps him move his wares. A skilled hunter and trapper, He makes a living of the abundant marshlands of Southern Louisiana. He's known for being very direct, and yet, for having hidden depths. He cleans up well enough, and is a steadfast and loyal friend and ally to those who can call him such. Something of a storyteller and amateur historian, he takes it upon himself to preserve the culture of stories of both Cajun heritage as well as Wewolf Lore, and will recite them from memory at gatherings by request. He comes from a known bloodline of werewolves, yet he's one of only two with the Awakened genes left in his generation. Dan is a hard man most of the time, made so by his life in the swamp and actions taken with his Pack. The status quo is important to him, he still has some family he wants to keep safe, so he generally tries to avoid stirring trouble. That said, once he's called upon, he's quick to answer with everything he's got.
  2. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Light in the Darkness

    "So we trust this rogue deathknight, We allow her onto as you've already stated, the most advanced and powerful ship in the Marshal fleet, She guides us to the target, and lets us Sanction him hard, and to top it off, all of this really starts to sound like an audition, or recruitment effort of this Deathknight." In his heart he could almost feel the answer, he just knew there was another reason they'd chosen his ship to do this, beyond Artaith's feelings, and the knowledge that he would do as ordered. "She's the equivalent of a Twilight Caste, isn't she?" There was a sensation of dread for the answer. She looked to be a warrior, but looks were so often deceiving, especially among the Exalted. He knew of many who wielded impressive Magical power and were peerless warriors to match.
  3. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Light in the Darkness

    Nova knew this woman in the past, but for once he couldn't fathom why he couldn't recall her perfectly. Still she had read him perfectly and he knew he wanted her with him for this journey. Beyond her valueable skills, he did feel it too, a "rightness" of her presence there. "Well said, and once again barely between breaths it would seem, I welcome you to my crew and Ship, Artaith, I look forward to working alongside you towards our mutual goals. You speak truly of at least myself, I will go, not for ordersm but for my own satisfaction." He looked at the others. "I admit some hesitancy, in that I wish for more information, but the level of resources put to this task, and in truth, the very personages that have come to deliver it to us lend weight to the need for this to be done. I would ask you all come with us who will go. We have faced trials together, and certainly more are to come, and I would have no others standing at my sides to face this trial, or any other."
  4. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Light in the Darkness

    The voice, the way she carried herself, Nova caught himself. Another link to the past, in the flesh. "I would be honored to take you on as Navigator, Artaith, welcome to the crew of Dawn's Wrath." he extended his hand to her in a guesture of kinship, the first age handshake something few still did, but seemed perfectly natural here. Once he released her he looked to those who would be his superiors. "This Mirror can do that for all of us at once or are multiples required? Will it function on those not Solar, camoflaging the essence of the Lunars, Dragonblooded, Sidreal, and Vara who I know will be coming along on this mission?" The part about the Deathknight and allied Ghosts surprised him. "So we are to meet witha Deathknight, who will guide us to the targets' stronghold. We're to trust this Deathknight enough for this, and I can only assume, to allow such an entity aboard my ship. Is that the sort of committment she needs, met, or is it something else that's more "She'll tell you when you arrive?" "I realize that I ask many questions, but if I am to form some sort of plan to get us all in and out of Terminus and accomplish this task, I will need every scrap of intel we have, and hearing your own plan in its entirety for how you wish us to do this. I think only then will those we need with us on this task, yet cannot truly compel to join, do so of their own free will. I am asking for the honesty and trust you have shown us in coming to us with this, and more, so that we have everyone aboard, and willing to do what must be done." "Perhaps it may be best to start with Why exactly these two fallen gods merit this level of sanction."
  5. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Light in the Darkness

    "Actually the two we're after are Dark Gods, We defeated them on the moonbase, but none of us were able to permanently destroy them." Nova looked to Methis and nodded. "Winging it is not particularly the way I like to do things either. No plan survives contact with the enemy, but I want abit more of at least a rough outline of what we're going to do while we're there, and get out once we're done." "For the record, a Direct portal to the heart of the Celestial mountain is, I feel a strategically unsound move. Just suppose they find some way to subvert someone on the ship, they could have a portal for themselves to the Celestial Mountain, able to pour their forces in with impunity. I'd rather that such an escape device lead somewhere into normal space, near one of our defense node outposts, which would be set on alert ready to react to the emergence of a ship, with protocols in place for proper identity confirmation before our seemingly soulsteel ship would be blasted from space." "That is less pressing than the need for more information. I wish to know all the information we have on Terminus, and to hear the logical train of thought you feel justifies sending a single vessel into Terminus like this. We will be alone, unsupported, and while the ship might seem to be something that belongs there, None of us are Abyssals, and the use of our Essence, anywhere save the ship will not go unnoticed at all. Nonwithstanding the dead can tell the difference between themselves and the living..." "The honor you show us by the offer of a visit to your capital, the trust you've shown in revealing what you already have, these things show that this is of great importance, but the purpose of simply finding and sanctioning two fallen deities, and "Finding out what's going on" seems somewhat thin to justify all of it, Not to mention the resources, time, and effort that would be put into the refit, and task itself." "With respect,we've already been chasing ghosts of the past, gathering up weaponry from the First Age, fighting Abyssals, renegade dragonbloods, and the Lintha. I get the feeling there's a connection to all we've already done and been trained for and what you now ask of us, I and my colleagues would hear it now, from you, what you really want of us, Then we can decide who will accept and go, and make a plan of sorts that accounts for as much as possible from what information we have."
  6. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    The Treaty was done, and for many the Ball was over, inasmuch it had served its purpose. This would be the last dance of the evening, and among all those there, there was one person most of all Nova sought out. He found his daughter Althea surrounded as normal, conversing happily with courtiers who complimented the sublime performance she'd given, and her navigating tricky negotiations with such aplomb. He waited for a lull in the conversation and called to her. "Althea." his voice carried the cultivated tone of a ship's captain, but it wasn't barking or hard. She looked to him. "They're playing the last song, and I'd like you to dance it with me." In some circles such a thing would be scandalous, but the way he spoke, there was no lust, just the desire of a father to dance with his daughter. She nodded politely, and took the hand he'd offered. He quietly led her to the dance floor, where while perhaps not as gracefully as she, the Armor-clad Solar danced with his Sidreal daughter. He smiled at her, moving so surprisingly well. "You've done an amazing job, Aura will approve greatly, Althea. I am very proud of you." She looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you Father." There was something in his eyes for a moment, and Nova spoke softly as they danced in time to the last waltz. "Your mother loved to dance." Said as such, it was not Nova, but Dan, her real father speaking. She wisely said nothing. "That Dance you performed tonight, I know she'd have been so happy to see her love flower so fully in you, and the sheer beauty of your performance. Thank you Althea, for such a gift." The memory of it obviously touched a chord in him. He smiled as they danced, and then as it ended, he hugged her gently. "Thank you for that Althea, and for all you have done for me, as a Captain, and your Father. You make me very proud, and know that I will always love you." There was a glimmer in his eye, and then it was gone, and she could tell, Nova was back, but for the span of a dance, She had her father back. Perhaps Fate was being cruel, perhaps kind, it was for her to see as she would.
  7. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    Aside from the beauty of Althea's performance, which was breathtaking in its own regard, Nova felt no other effects from it, as she already had his complete trust, as both his only daughter and crew. Still there were many within the Audience whom were truly enraptured by it, and among them a Local Military commander who'd been identified as a potential threat for a coup de tat. Nova made his way over to him quietly and waited for Althea's performance to end. "She is a beautiful woman, of so many talents." The local, Admiral Rostoc, looked on barely registering Nova's presence. "She is, that performance was the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld." "You know she is here because your queen called for aid, something you opposed." He looked at Dan and recognition flooded his face. "You're the Captain of the ship who destroyed the Gravedigger." "I am, and the young woman there is my only daughter, and the architect of these talks." He seemed to withdraw some, and Nova pressed slightly. "Is it not better that we came? How many more lives would have been lost had we not arrived and negotiated as we did?" The old admiral looked at him. "The Imperials.." "Withdrew at my request. You saw what we did to the Abyssal forces, and those of the Yozi withdrew after seeing the power at our command as well. The Imperials wisely thought better than to engage, and as you've seen, have stayed true to their word, coming only when invited, and helping defend the system even as we purified and restored the lunar factory." "We could have done it alone..." his conviction didn't seem to be there as it had been.. "Oh I know your people possess sufficient spirit to fight and defend what is theirs, but after such war as you fought, with the problems you faced, there was no crime in asking for aid from those who are there to render it." Dan looked at him. "It is is wasteful, criminal even, to do otherwise and let your own people suffer, when the aid of others might preserve them." "You are right, Marshal." He considered the implications of all Dan had said, and it rolled over him. "The Queen was right to call upon the Marshals." "Yes, She was. Because she called for aid, the war has ended, your people are safe, you can start to rebuild, in peace." Rostoc looked at him and bowed his head. "You have given me much to consider, Marshal Hawkins." "I only wish to my duty, my job, Admiral. To bring Order, Justice, and Peace to all Creation. How much better is it when words and faith can purchase those as opposed to the blood of one's people?" To that the old Admiral could only nod. Sensing his work done in this instance, Nova moved on, looking for more from the list of those who might only need the words of a fellow Commander to bring them to the fold, not backed by the power of charms.
  8. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    Nova took in everything with the practiced air of attention, "A Sailing trip sounds relaxing. If your mother doesn't have one still one can be acquired easily enough I imagine." He looked at her. "Dan will do for this, Vera. I may be here as Captain Hawkins, but you are here in your capacity as nobility, whether you like it as such or not. Don't strain yourself trying to adhere completely to some preconceived protocols that don't really apply to the situation." He nodded over towards the Queen. "I think enough time has passed that we can rejoin the conversation circle we left, let's make our way there, and give them all something to really wonder about."
  9. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    nova lead her back inside making introductions where he could, and in some cases allowing the new marshal to make them, as she knew the local dignitaries far better than he did.
  10. sounds like this would have been amazing.
  11. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    "it can be an intimidating thing to face, A young solar, gifted with real power. Now is exactly the time they should be nurturing you, helping you become who you truly aspire to be, are meant to be. Still they fight and bicker, squabbling like children." "What comes next is you and I return inside, and slowly make our rounds and eventually we rejoin the queen and our previous conversation. I expect you to find a proper way to privately apologize to Methis, but know if you cannot be sincere, he will know. Beyond that be yourself, and don't get drawn into politics." he shrugged,"You can always remain with me if you like, but I'd prefer it not seem like I hauled you out here to dress you down and now you're a little whipped dog at my heel." his tone told her he didn't see it that way at all,but it was plain to see that this would be what the more uncharitable would think within.
  12. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    "Very few remember the moments before they passed from the world. Fewer still remember their first incarnations. As to why you can remember, it is so we do not make the same mistakes again." At her last comment and question he laughed, he couldn't help himself at it. "Oh no, no, no. This, this is tame compared to what we Marshals normally contend with. and as Solar Exalted, you can bet that this, this is only the tip of the iceberg of adventure and strangeness that you have seen." He offered her a smile. "Luckily, you will not see and face it alone, you will be among friends."
  13. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    "I do indeed, and even if I didn't, room would be made, for one of such pedigree." he smiled at her. "The chosen of the sun are meant to work together, and having you work alongside me sounds like it will be beneficial to both of us, as well as my ship and crew." "They are home and family to me, in time, perhaps, they will be as such to you." he knew it would likely not, but still he would do what he could to make her at home on the ship. She had obviously not felt the connection they did indeed have, but it was due to inexperience. All things would come in their proper time. "Are you willing to set aside your current home and people, and take up a greater cause? Bringing law to the entirety of the cosmos, working in grey areas when others cannot, dispensing justice and judgement as needed, and rendering aid to all who walk in the Light?"
  14. Dan Hawkins

    [Exalted] Diplomatic Agendas

    He watched as she had her own epiphany, something he was somewhat surprised to see come so fast, but then She had been chosen, and indeed she was more powerful than she should be for so young an exalt. As she looked up to him, asking for his help he nodded, and gently placed his hands on her shoulders. "Of course i will help you, it is what circlemates do, my old friend." "It is not our place to guess the reasons of our patrons, but to accomplish what they set before us, and to enhance life for as many as we can, to plumb the depths of mystery, and show the wisdom to know when enough is enough." "Methis and Althea will be out diplomats, Sophia will keep us connected, You, Karen, and I are warriors, Zed and Kestrel can get places the rest of us cannot. Dyna will keep us and our artifacts functioning,, and Noble Endeavor serves as my Second in Command. We all have roles to play, and we may be called upon to act beyond them. I trust most all to be capable in this, by virture of being Exalted."