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  1. Inside the Bar, Dan finished his drink, and set the money for it on the bar for Darrik, even though he knew they'd be back in momentarily. He'd always paid his debts, and wasn't going to take anything for granted now. He moved to head outside after Karen, only for her to open the door and let the two missing girls in. Mellody and Meave smiled at Dan but he was watching as the vampire named Trini stopped just inside the door and held out her, "You got the phone?" dane shook his head, "No the Regent has it." "What!?!" "The Regent, your boss had me give it to her. The Regent asked Darrik to make sure everything's fine, then she left that was about twenty minutes ago, so why don't you all come inside for a moment." He noted the look on Melody's face, and just smiled. "This won't take too long, then we can get you home where you belong, Melody." "Fuck!" Trini glared around the run "Fuck!" then spun and stalked passed Karen out onto the sidewalk and away from the bar.
  2. Dan shook his head. "It went better than it could have. We still have a Truce, and none of us are permanently injured from it." He answered her, then nodded as she made arrangements with Darrik. "Thank you." He was being so polite it almost hurt. As her attention shifted to Karen he was intrigued and thought back to what Karen had asked. There could be several "him" off the top of his head, and he doubted that Colby could hide his presence in so small a place. That left her Father at the top of the list, probably the only one who could cause her mask to break so much, but he was dead... Then again, this was New Orleans, and the Dead were long rumored for not staying that way. Dan moved back over to Karen, smiling. "Karen, are you alright?"
  3. Dan shook his head slightly "I don't see anyone aside those who are here." he answered softly. He showed her to a seat, and smiled, asking simply for water for the two of them, unless Karen wanted something stronger. He made his way by the Regent, and asked politely. "Do you mind giving Melody a once over once she arrives? He does have a point, and I'd like to make sure there's nothing actually wrong with her before bringing her back home." He had ways of doing it himself, but all the same having a master do it was much more reassuring. Beyond that, her certifying the young woman was clean as it were would ease the minds of the Pack, which would help alleviate some of the concerns and tension.
  4. Dan shook his head. "With respect" which probably would have gotten a snigger or two were it not for the company in the room, "I really don't think that's going to work. While the young woman has not had her first change, She is as you say a member of a werewolf family. Her family wants her back. She should go back to them. That would absolve anyone of responsibility for her, save her kin, and hopefully let us avoid another incident like what happened. She'll be watched over from now on, until we're all sure there's no lingering effects." He hoped to remove her from the board as hostage or bargaining chip, so that with any luck she could go back to her normal life. Barring that, he knew the Crescents would want her watched, and due to his involvement, it could be done as a joint demi pack of members from both packs. "If nobody knows what's going on, then let her return home. It becomes a bigger issue the longer we hold her."
  5. Dan looked over to Karen with a "thanks you made this even more awkward glare" and then turned to Marko. "It is as has been said, A young woman from a local family was abducted by a witch, slain by her kinsman who was a werewolf, and the Vampires arrived on the Scene. With some intervention, no further blood has been shed, and the young woman is currently residing under Lilith's watch. Now, one of my Packmates is there as well, Keeping everyone honest so to say, while the young woman is safe and sound. We agreed to come here with Lilith to get to the bottom of this situation and resolve it to everyone's satisfaction. To my knowledge she needs no help, and is only there until we're certain there will be no aftereffects of whatever was done, or nearly done to her." He looked back to the Regent, and nodded. "That's where we are, i believe the ball's in your court, Ma'am."
  6. "Holy hell, I thought we were easy to provoke." He looked at Lilith with disappointment. He could already see how that was about to go. She asked for their help and protection, and damn near got herself killed before anyone else could do anything. He produced the cellphone in question, and brought up the pictures, moving swiftly and silently to show the Regent, at least until he stood before her. "These were taken when she was found, and yes a werewolf, her bloodkinsman, did slay the witch in question. That said, The packs, both of them, are quite concerned about what these markings mean, and the young woman's abduction." He kept his tone even and fairly respectful. While he did have some clout within the packs, at least two gathered here lead their supernatural communities, and others definitely weren't unused to wielding varied forms of power. He'd come with Lilith, and while she did have a dagger at his side, so to speak, he still knew her actions were not well-looked upon.
  7. Dan nodded once. "I am a member of the Bayou Pack, as you say. We are here with you, and provided your word is good, and you have Our Backs Lilith, then I will guard yours here." He knew of this place, it was supposed to be neutral territory, Switzerland if you would, for the whole city, and was pretty much the only such place he'd never heard of having an incident to violate that. Still agreeing to have her back wasn't something he'd ever thought he'd do, but if there was some sort of pissing contest with witches and she lost and was taken down, it would mean another round of turmoil for the City and everyone who lived near and within it. He didn't like Vampires or Witches, like nearly all his kind, but at least for right now, he'd side with her. On a Lighter side, he'd have quite a story to tell, when this was all said and done, provided he lived through it all.
  8. Dan shook his head. "No, this is Lilith. We're going to be accompanying her to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is going on. Maeve and Melody are safe, We'll come back once Things have been settled." There was and edge to his voice, and he hoped Karen would remember the name from the talk with Emily and not give any further information. "This is Karen, she'll be joining us." He wasn't willing to cut her out of this, though he wasn't too happy about bringing her to the lion's den, but Colby left them all little choice but to go along. He'd have words with the elder wolf another time about all of this, even if it wasn't politic.
  9. Dan nodded. "Thanks. Did he give any instructions on where to bring her once we've got her, or anything else?" The Man shook his head, and then walked back to the SUV, got in and left. Dan rolled his window back up and sighed. "Alright, we'll play it there way for now. Karen, I'm going to ask you to stay in the truck at the wheel. We may need to get out of Dodge fast, so I'm gonna trust you with that. You heard what he said, and you weren't exactly invited to go inside with us. I'm just gonna ask for your patience as we clear this mess up." He looked over to the younger werewolf. "Maeve, you're responsible for following me in, and if need be escaping with Melody should things go south. Once we confirm it's her, we'll leave, letting the Crescents settle up later assuming that's what's going on. We'll bring her home if possible and if not, well, we'll just play that by ear." He looked at the two fellow werewolves. "Any issues, or suggested changes speak up now."
  10. Dan scowled, and for anyone who saw it, it was a terrifying look. It wasn't the best of secrets, what he could do, but it was true, nobody else could shift without the moon. Well almost nobody. Colby's words heavily implied it was something the much older Wolf could do, too. "I see. How exactly do you think I'm going to get the girl out without causing a shadow War? You might be on reasonable terms with the vampires, but I generally am not. It's mostly live and let live, provided they steer clear of me and mine. I don't expect them to just turn her over, Especially to a Third party, they don't get any advantage out of that." He sighed. "Cade said you wanted to meet. Is that still what you'd like to do, maybe talk abit more about all this face to face?" he looked to his two companions, and nodded. "I have some company with me, A younger member of the pack and the woman you met with me at Emily's. Will them coming along be alright, or should I come alone?"
  11. He'd been about to say "Worse than that? How?" Then Cabe kept on. He brought up Colby Walker, and Dan scowled "Aww Hell." He looked at his cousin, the Alpha of the Bayou Pack, the group that was comprised of those who didn't follow Colby so long ago. "This is gonna get damn political, ain't it Cuz?" He took the piece of paper, and put it into his pocket. "Unless you got an issue with it as Alpha, I'll call him. It can't hurt to see what he wants, or who." He sighed. "So Gaspard's out, I bet that boy's in for some serious hell from his pack for that stunt. But the Vampires kept Melody. What that tells me is that Colby Walker's definitely still got som real pull with at least the current queen. Is there anything you'd like me to say to him, or just plan to keep this a purely personal call?" The Crescents were their own pack, but they were all of the Blood, and a screw up like this could well affect them all. He had a feeling Colby'd ask for Karren to come along, and he still had matters to attend in the city, so if this ended up being a trip into town, then so be it.
  12. Name- Daniel Alphonse Hawkins Age- 30 Height- 6'2 Weight- 190lbs Eyes- Grey Hair- Brown/Black Dan is a born and raised local. A swamper by trade, though abit more modern than most, if only because it helps him move his wares. A skilled hunter and trapper, He makes a living of the abundant marshlands of Southern Louisiana. He's known for being very direct, and yet, for having hidden depths. He cleans up well enough, and is a steadfast and loyal friend and ally to those who can call him such. Something of a storyteller and amateur historian, he takes it upon himself to preserve the culture of stories of both Cajun heritage as well as Wewolf Lore, and will recite them from memory at gatherings by request. He comes from a known bloodline of werewolves, yet he's one of only two with the Awakened genes left in his generation. Dan is a hard man most of the time, made so by his life in the swamp and actions taken with his Pack. The status quo is important to him, he still has some family he wants to keep safe, so he generally tries to avoid stirring trouble. That said, once he's called upon, he's quick to answer with everything he's got.
  13. "So we trust this rogue deathknight, We allow her onto as you've already stated, the most advanced and powerful ship in the Marshal fleet, She guides us to the target, and lets us Sanction him hard, and to top it off, all of this really starts to sound like an audition, or recruitment effort of this Deathknight." In his heart he could almost feel the answer, he just knew there was another reason they'd chosen his ship to do this, beyond Artaith's feelings, and the knowledge that he would do as ordered. "She's the equivalent of a Twilight Caste, isn't she?" There was a sensation of dread for the answer. She looked to be a warrior, but looks were so often deceiving, especially among the Exalted. He knew of many who wielded impressive Magical power and were peerless warriors to match.
  14. Nova knew this woman in the past, but for once he couldn't fathom why he couldn't recall her perfectly. Still she had read him perfectly and he knew he wanted her with him for this journey. Beyond her valueable skills, he did feel it too, a "rightness" of her presence there. "Well said, and once again barely between breaths it would seem, I welcome you to my crew and Ship, Artaith, I look forward to working alongside you towards our mutual goals. You speak truly of at least myself, I will go, not for ordersm but for my own satisfaction." He looked at the others. "I admit some hesitancy, in that I wish for more information, but the level of resources put to this task, and in truth, the very personages that have come to deliver it to us lend weight to the need for this to be done. I would ask you all come with us who will go. We have faced trials together, and certainly more are to come, and I would have no others standing at my sides to face this trial, or any other."
  15. The voice, the way she carried herself, Nova caught himself. Another link to the past, in the flesh. "I would be honored to take you on as Navigator, Artaith, welcome to the crew of Dawn's Wrath." he extended his hand to her in a guesture of kinship, the first age handshake something few still did, but seemed perfectly natural here. Once he released her he looked to those who would be his superiors. "This Mirror can do that for all of us at once or are multiples required? Will it function on those not Solar, camoflaging the essence of the Lunars, Dragonblooded, Sidreal, and Vara who I know will be coming along on this mission?" The part about the Deathknight and allied Ghosts surprised him. "So we are to meet witha Deathknight, who will guide us to the targets' stronghold. We're to trust this Deathknight enough for this, and I can only assume, to allow such an entity aboard my ship. Is that the sort of committment she needs, met, or is it something else that's more "She'll tell you when you arrive?" "I realize that I ask many questions, but if I am to form some sort of plan to get us all in and out of Terminus and accomplish this task, I will need every scrap of intel we have, and hearing your own plan in its entirety for how you wish us to do this. I think only then will those we need with us on this task, yet cannot truly compel to join, do so of their own free will. I am asking for the honesty and trust you have shown us in coming to us with this, and more, so that we have everyone aboard, and willing to do what must be done." "Perhaps it may be best to start with Why exactly these two fallen gods merit this level of sanction."
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