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  1. THE MARSH DAWN Dan was looking for Cabe, but more than likely he left in the middle of the night. The old Alpha didn't stick around once a new Alpha had Risen. Still, he was family, blood even, and Dan hadn't wanted him to leave. Hell, he hadn't wanted to challenge him but it was the only way. With only Emily, Karen, and Maeve near enough to hear, he answered the older woman. Normally those who weren't Changed, didn't ask much of the affairs of those who were, but he wasn't going to snub one of his only sources for more information. "I don't know where Cabe is, more than likely he left some time after we came back here. I know he made it, but I didn't mind what he did after that. I probably should have." Dan answered her. "What that was last night, was another wolf, one like Colby, only female, with what looked like a blue flame marking on her side. She came to the killing field, And goaded Cabe into nearly making a horrible decision. Emily she was huge, easily bigger than Cabe and I combined, and then some, and there was this sort of primal fear. Only Maeve, Cabe, Karen, and I even stood when she came near. She never paid Cabe any mind, but focused on me. I took the only action I could to stop it, and when Cabe snapped at me, I struck back, challenging and defeating him." He held Emily's gaze, and sighed. "After that, I had Karen offer her some of the Kill, which she did accept, before loosing that Primal Howl and vanishing." His voice which was already low enough so that only those right there could hear, dropped lower. "She smelled of human blood when she showed up. Considering we were on a whole herd of freshly killed deer, It's telling that I could tell that too." He looked at her. "Do you know of another Elder, a female one?"
  2. Dan didn't let the fear show, but he knew if she'd wanted to, they'd have all been dead. Had he let Cabe attack her, the pack would have joined in, and they'd all be dead. What's more, just from holding her gaze, she knew it too. He turned back to Karen and Maeve, nuzzling both of them once, more to calm them than any more romantic affection. It was something of a surprise, but both responded and calmed down. Dan growled out loudly, snapping the rest of the pack from cowering on the ground, focusing their attention on him. He walked past the remains of the deer, no one was in an eating mood, besides the scavengers would see nothing went to waste. With Karen and Maeve in tow, he began to lead the pack back to the clearing they'd all begun the night in. After they all got moving he sent Karen and Maeve to lead the way, the younger wolf whining to stay with him, and he growled low, the equivalent of a hard glare, and she submit and turned to go with Karen. At the tail end of the pack was Cabe, the former Alpha. The two females he'd spent time with were there, in front of him, and Dan's gaze was still firm. He was the new Alpha, and in this case it was his job to ensure that everyone made it home. He brought up the rear, the last one, and the pack was silent as they returned. Gradually the individual members began to calm down, and some of the younger members finally began to play once again. Of course, the other kind of play was going on too, perhaps even more than before. A brush with such a primal terror seemed to give the pack a need to reaffirm they'd lived to themselves, and each other. For his part, Dan made the rounds, offering as it were the chance to challenge him, but none would. He was Alpha now, no one of the Bayou Pack would contest this. He'd saved them, and several of the older wolves recognized this. Once he was done checking on everyone, and calming those who needed it, the black wolf made his way to a clear spot, and laid down on his stomach. He was still watching everyone, still far more alert than the others, but he didn't move when Maeve came and laid against him, placing her muzzle under his neck. Her desire was evident, heightened by the fear and the danger still, but wisely she knew Dan just was NOT in the mood for that. She submit to her alpha, and at least in this he accepted her, not chasing her away. His gaze turned to Karen, the only other wolf there who'd withstood the primal assault of the white wolf's bellowing howl. Like it or not, that had earned her some credit, and certainly his interest, as the white wolf had shown great interest in Karen herself.
  3. THE MARSH UNDER THE FULL MOON Dan's growl wasn't aggressive, more frustrated. He went silent as he walked up beside Cabe, who was already showing every sign of making a terrible decision. Then he did. Cabe snapped at Dan, a command of both dominance and for the younger male to back down. The entire time, the White wolf didn't break eye contact with Dan, even as Cabe grew more agitated. He was demanding the attention of both of them, ready to attack either if they didn't yield. What happened next was something that some would say had been a long time coming, or on the flip side, the biggest surprise ever. Any who'd seen them knew Dan was a superior werewolf to his cousin, and what's more Cabe probably knew it too. Yet until now, Dan had always been the obediant enforcer, a loyal subleader of the pack, but no more. Cabe had surrendered to the Beast, and was going to get them all killed, Dan acted to stop that with blindingly quick decisive action. There was no indication that the black wolf was going to strike, but he did, ducking under Cabe's snarling jaw, his own pearly white teeth gleaming in the moonlight, as his mouth closed around the other wolf's neck. using Momentum, he shook his cousin mightily, throwing him bodily to the ground, with a thud everyone heard. Still holding Cabe by the throat, he put a paw to his side, letting him feel the claws there to go with the fangs holding his throat, and he growled at him an unmistakable message. "Yield." Shocked from his rage by the impact, and the fact his cousin had him pinned by the throat, knowing a twitch would kill him messily, Cabe's eyes flashed a myriad of emotion. Surprise, a tinge of betrayal, and most important, Acceptance. He'd always known Dan was a stronger wolf, that he'd make a good Alpha, and yet his younger cousin had always deferred. This time, he didn't, and he wouldn't deny a mix of relief, and pride, that Dan had finally stepped up to his potential. The older wolf whined his capitulation, and Dan withdrew his jaws from his neck, and motioned with his head for him to rejoin the pack. He looked back to the blue-eyed white wolf, she was the biggest he'd ever seen, dwarfing any of them, and smelling of human blood. At least the blood didn't smell like anyone he knew. He growled, but not at the white wolf, this was for Karen, summoning her forward. He hoped she'd guess his intent, and bring up some of the deer she and Maeve brought down, a peace offering to this new wolf, now that the immediate threat of violence had passed. Standing there, unchallenged by any other member of the pack, the new Alpha waited for the interloper to state her intent, ready to buy them what time he could if that's what it came to. His Stance was one that spoke of concern for his pack, not himself. There was no overt dominance play, just the same resolute steadfastness that Dan had become known for.
  4. The Pack was all, even when it was a pack of three. Though Karen had never really run with Dan and Maeve, not like this, she moved instinctively, following the lead of the veteran wolf. They came upon a large hog, and yet, he passed it by. It was a large boar, and wasn't likely to run rather than fight. While they could have brought it down, it was far from enough for the pack. No, Dan wanted four or five of them, or a herd of deer. The cool night wind brought him the scent he was looking for soon enough. Moving slowly to keep them upwind, he stalked forward, having to temper the beast's desire to strike several times, even for the other two with him, snapping his fangs in front of them. As they neared a small creek, they came upon the source of that savory aroma. It was a small herd of white-tail deer, A single adult buck, half a dozen adult females and a quartet of yearlings. This would feed the pack. His body language was clear, they'd course the herd towards the main Pack, Maeve would take the middle, to keep them moving and Karen anchoring them, keeping them from moving back south or towards the river. Dan would take the northern edge, to put his scent there, and because he was fast enough to get there to keep them from escaping. The hardest part was actually Not catching them, as he could easily catch any of them. Once the trio were in position, Dan let out a long howl which immediately alerted the Deer to their presence. Maeve and Karen jumped out, and the deer bolted. Dan's howl coming from the northwest, they sought to head northeast, but his smell was already being carried to them from that direction and so they head due east, moving as a herd to lessen the chances of any particular deer being picked off. Dan's howl served another purpose though. It alert Cabe and the rest of the pack that Dan had found worthy prey, and would be bringing them to them. As they coursed the herd, Dan continued to howl, giving directions and trusting his cousin to set the ambush. It wasn't long before the deer entered into a large clearing, actually a hunter's rice plot in the season, and that was when it happened. from the east and South the pack erupted, slaughtering the deer. Not to be outdone, Maeve and Karen joined up to bring down one of the larger doe. The big buck was out to save himself, cutting due north, trying to escape the killing field, A grey and black wolf along with two others in pursuit. There was a slight gust of wind, and then a black mass hit the buck from the north side of the field, brilliant white fangs flashing before they sunk into the neck of the buck, Dan's yellow eyes gleaming in the moonlight. The black wolf shook his head and continued to squeeze, tearing the buck's throat out in a spray of of hot blood, dropping it to the ground dead, in a single flawless attack. The two female wolves with Cabe actually demurred and backed off, clearly intimidated by the show of predatory perfection, and then, in what surprised many, Dan backed away from the buck, and lowered his head, though his ears were still up. It was a surrendering of the first to feed to the pack's Alpha, even though it was his Kill. To that end, no one had actually begun to eat, and the entire herd had been brought down. Cabe nodded once, and then lifted his head back to howl, in which the entire pack joined, before he tore a chunk from the deer and ate it, nodding to Dan, who came up, tearing the whole right hind leg away, and leave Cabe and his she-wolves to the rest. He made his way to where Karen and Maeve had brought down the doe, and were sharing with two of the younger females. Even as they moved to make room for him, he took several bites of the leg he'd brought, and then offered it to the others. The buck was the leader, and they'd at least earned a piece of it too in his mind. Maeve, having hunt with him before, understood and took a portion, leaving the rest for Karen and Dan, before going back to the doe. Karen took the meaning and ate, and Dan himself devoured the rest. The two younger females, and younger was relative, they were not quite so young as Maeve, but they'd been a wolf for less time, so were less accustomed to this, seemed to not understand, but wisely made no issue of this seeming favoritism. They had heard stories about the Alpha's Shadow, and knew that they owed such an easy feast to his expertise and efforts. On nights where they'd not relied on him, the hunt could last far longer, and usually consisted of many smaller hunts.
  5. Dan's own clothes were neatly folded, It wasn't that he and Maeve didn't feel the Beast, they both did, but unlike others, they embraced it, not treating it like and abhorrent curse. Through accepting the Beast, they gained more control. He liked to believe he had a good mastery of himself, and the Beast was a part of him, so he had Dominance over it too. He was the last of the pack to change, not because he couldn't, he could easily have been first. No, his cousin changed first, Leading the others. Dan was the last because he made sure that no one else came upon them in this time of pain and weakness. As his body Changed, he could feel his senses expand, the familiar sensation something he was quite accustomed to. It was like having his other arm untied from behind his back, he was stronger, faster, tougher, and more aware of everything, and at this point, it felt more natural to him at times than his human form, which had almost left him feeling crippled at first, after the rush of being a Wolf. His Change was nearly instant, and seemingly effortless, The pains of the first change, or even of so many after that were gone, Replaced with exhiliration of being "whole" again. Most of the pack were of mixed colors, very few were solidly one color or another, and only one member of the pack was as Black as a moonless, starless sky. That was Dan. His luxurious fur almost seemed to shimmer once or twice in the full moonlight, a trick of the light perhaps, and then he would almost disappear into the darkness. Often he was called the "Alpha's Shadow" as he and Cabe had similar builds. Neither of them were the largest wolves there, but Dan was certainly the quickest, and while Cabe led, Dan served as a sort of enforcer. Those who fought the Beast, they Talked as people. As wolves, they submit in deference to the yellow-eyed shadow that stalked the marshes. He knew the marshlands and bayous better perhaps than any member of the pack, and he never failed in leading them to prey when he was called upon to do so. Once the Howl was ended, he made his way to his most accustomed hunting mate, Maeve, and found Karen as well. He looked to the left flank of how the pack was moving after Cabe, and nodded, Then began to pad off into the marsh, knowing where Cabe was headed, He and his small part of the pack would scare up some deer most likely, or perhaps a hog or two if they were lucky, and drive them to the others. This method wasn't something normal wolves did often, but when hunting with a pack of nearly thirty, you had to adapt to satiate everyone.
  6. Dan shook his head. "No I don't take it, never have." It was clear he didn't think less than those who did. He knew several of the women did, and a couple men, but just the smell of it was enough to make him say no. He accepted the Wolf, and that was part of why he could do what he did when others couldn't. He wasn't about to start changing that now. He chuckled softly. "I can attest to the aftereffects, most of those who take it say the worst of hangovers ain't got nothin on it. Like someone took a hammer to your whole body for an eight hour shift."
  7. When Maeve made her own way into the festivities, and soon Emily was met with the welcome wagon who knew her well, that left Dan alone with Karen, and he smiled. He motioned to where they could leave the cooler, and once they had things situated, Dan made the rounds, introducing Karen to many who were there. The last one, however was his own Cousin, and current leader of the bayou pack, Cabe Lowery. "Karen, I don't reckon I introduced you formally, but this is my cousin, Cabe Lowery, the Alpha, if you will of the the pack." Sure she'd run with them, but that was purely on Dan's good word. Here and now she was getting to meet the big boss himself, and finding that at least in human form, he didn't look the part, or really all that different from anyone else that was gathered there. With a beer in one hand, and a smile on his face, she could tell he lived his life the way he wanted, and that when all was said and done, there was more to him than what he showed.
  8. Dan had spent the Afternoon making calls, getting everything ready, and ensuring that his cousin was fully informed of what they knew. He'd grown weary due to having to be around vampires and witches today, preferring his own kind, or no one at all at this point. He'd have hunt alone if forced, but that wouldn't be the case tonight. He'd gone to fetch Emily as well, per her earlier request, and she waited patiently with him, noting that he'd not foregone all the things of civilization, which was a good sign. The tell-tale signs of a gifted trapper and swamper were everywhere around his home, and reinforced the value he seemed to place on his heritage. He smiled as he saw her with a cooler of supplies. "I don't know why you're bringing that, not like we're gonna need it, where we're goin', or with what we're gonna be doin'." he said with a smile. Still he'd helped her with it anyway. something good and normal to eat after waking up with the taste of the evening's festivities wasn't a bad idea really. Miss Emily chuckled. "Not the first one to think of it." She herself had made some sandwiches for in the morning, placing them in the cooler. Maeve had shown up as well, just before they were preparing to leave. The Three older werewolves weren't left alone, and so, the quartet took the ride out further into the marsh. Without any frame of reference, Karen would probably be unable to find her way here again, and soon they came to a small gathering of boats, which were all mostly empty, many of the other members of the pack. Only Emily and Dan could likely find their way here on foot, or as he was clearly doing now, from actual memory. The Full moon was a social occasion, just not quite like it was for regular people. Dan helped them out of the boat, and tied it off to the steel tie bar the other boats had been tied to, and chuckled. Few places but the marsh would anyone just leave their boat with keys in it. Here though, everyone knew everyone, and the first one to cross any of them would feel the full fury of the Pack.
  9. Dan nodded, knowing they'd really just have to take his word for it, and time was limited. "Thanks Darrik. Come on Melody, we're taking you home." Without further argument, for the tone of his voice showed doing so would be unwise, the teenager followed Karen out. Maeve got in the back of Dan's truck as Karen let Melody in the cab, and Dan got in to drive them to her home, then back out to his. "This has been one hell of a day."
  10. "Absolutely not." came Dan's own response, nearly in sync with Karen's silent request for backup. He smiled as she continued, and the crestfallen Teen pouted at the two adults' reply. His look to Darrik echoed her question, and waited for him to answer. He wanted to get this handled before Dark, before far too many more questions got asked that they didn't have good answers for.
  11. Inside the Bar, Dan finished his drink, and set the money for it on the bar for Darrik, even though he knew they'd be back in momentarily. He'd always paid his debts, and wasn't going to take anything for granted now. He moved to head outside after Karen, only for her to open the door and let the two missing girls in. Mellody and Meave smiled at Dan but he was watching as the vampire named Trini stopped just inside the door and held out her, "You got the phone?" dane shook his head, "No the Regent has it." "What!?!" "The Regent, your boss had me give it to her. The Regent asked Darrik to make sure everything's fine, then she left that was about twenty minutes ago, so why don't you all come inside for a moment." He noted the look on Melody's face, and just smiled. "This won't take too long, then we can get you home where you belong, Melody." "Fuck!" Trini glared around the run "Fuck!" then spun and stalked passed Karen out onto the sidewalk and away from the bar.
  12. Dan shook his head. "It went better than it could have. We still have a Truce, and none of us are permanently injured from it." He answered her, then nodded as she made arrangements with Darrik. "Thank you." He was being so polite it almost hurt. As her attention shifted to Karen he was intrigued and thought back to what Karen had asked. There could be several "him" off the top of his head, and he doubted that Colby could hide his presence in so small a place. That left her Father at the top of the list, probably the only one who could cause her mask to break so much, but he was dead... Then again, this was New Orleans, and the Dead were long rumored for not staying that way. Dan moved back over to Karen, smiling. "Karen, are you alright?"
  13. Dan shook his head slightly "I don't see anyone aside those who are here." he answered softly. He showed her to a seat, and smiled, asking simply for water for the two of them, unless Karen wanted something stronger. He made his way by the Regent, and asked politely. "Do you mind giving Melody a once over once she arrives? He does have a point, and I'd like to make sure there's nothing actually wrong with her before bringing her back home." He had ways of doing it himself, but all the same having a master do it was much more reassuring. Beyond that, her certifying the young woman was clean as it were would ease the minds of the Pack, which would help alleviate some of the concerns and tension.
  14. Dan shook his head. "With respect" which probably would have gotten a snigger or two were it not for the company in the room, "I really don't think that's going to work. While the young woman has not had her first change, She is as you say a member of a werewolf family. Her family wants her back. She should go back to them. That would absolve anyone of responsibility for her, save her kin, and hopefully let us avoid another incident like what happened. She'll be watched over from now on, until we're all sure there's no lingering effects." He hoped to remove her from the board as hostage or bargaining chip, so that with any luck she could go back to her normal life. Barring that, he knew the Crescents would want her watched, and due to his involvement, it could be done as a joint demi pack of members from both packs. "If nobody knows what's going on, then let her return home. It becomes a bigger issue the longer we hold her."
  15. Dan looked over to Karen with a "thanks you made this even more awkward glare" and then turned to Marko. "It is as has been said, A young woman from a local family was abducted by a witch, slain by her kinsman who was a werewolf, and the Vampires arrived on the Scene. With some intervention, no further blood has been shed, and the young woman is currently residing under Lilith's watch. Now, one of my Packmates is there as well, Keeping everyone honest so to say, while the young woman is safe and sound. We agreed to come here with Lilith to get to the bottom of this situation and resolve it to everyone's satisfaction. To my knowledge she needs no help, and is only there until we're certain there will be no aftereffects of whatever was done, or nearly done to her." He looked back to the Regent, and nodded. "That's where we are, i believe the ball's in your court, Ma'am."
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