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  1. Dan could see the old man, or at least the ghost of one, and he moved to Karen. "is that him?" he pointed there was nothing to do now with the dead witches. He had proof of what they were doing should the regent ask for it later, as any who'd do this manner of thing were definitely breaking the peace. He frowned, "We're on a clock here Karen, we need his help, and to find the bones, then we've got to leave."
  2. He'd been hit hard before, but nothing like that. As his bones knit back together and his organs regenerated, Dan pulled himself from the broken concrete and Masonry, annoyed, and ready to throat whoever was responsible. "i'm gonna shove my fist so deep inside you, it's gonna make her jealous..." he growled out, It was then that he noticed someone had already beaten him to the punch. Karen's bloody claws, her whole hand as it were, extended from the back of the center of the Witch's torso. "Well I guess there's no need for that then." The WItch was decidedly dead, and he looked to the four he'd taken down. "We need one of them alive, and the bones, and then we need to leave, quickly and quietly."
  3. Seeing her move into action made him swear. "Merde" even as he exploded into action driving his own fists into one of the witches, "I don't care what you're doing, but you're doing it to one of mine, and That will Always incur a penalty." it was far more than he usually spoke when he engaged, but it was a brutal hit nonetheless. He followed it up with even more brutal attacks hearing bones break, and quickly moved on to the next witch and the next. In short order all of them lay broken, bleeding, and unconscious on the ground, with nary a scratch on the Bayou Pack Alpha. Quickly he pulled out his phone to snap a picture of whatever the hell they'd been doing, so at least there was some evidence backing up his reasoning for this savage attack. "Goddamn Witches." He looked over to Karen, "Are you alright?"
  4. "We cannot do this Karen, not now." He whispered as they were hiding. "If they go for the bones, then we'll intervene, not before." She could hear the authority of an Alpha in his voice, and his hand moved atop hers on the ground where they waited. He was hoping to calm her, to stop her from starting a goddamn war he'd worked most of the day to avoid already. "We have our own troubles."
  5. Dan scowled at the smell and Karen's reaction "put those away." he hissed, "it's still daylight." he followed after her, still in his human form, mindful of the smell, and trying to locate the source. He was trying to keep his wits, one of them had to, and this was not the time to go off half-cocked. He knew it wasn't the smell of a vampire, for which he was thankful, but this wasn't normal, even for a new orleans graveyard. He moved abit faster, as he tried to catch up to Karen, not wanting her to face whatever this was alone.
  6. Dan nodded. "No, no need for rent, not for Pack." those words addressed nearly everything she'd said. Having crescent blood, a place to stay and whether she could or not, or if he was okay with it. He followed her directions and sighed, having decided to say abit more. "I won't say I understand it all, or that I've been where you are, neither of those would be really that true. I get you're having alot thrown at you at once. In my eyes, you're Pack, and I don't desert my packmates. Whatever weirdness keeps happening, and through the blood and violence I know is coming, I'll be there, with you. You won't be facing it alone." truth was he was having so much added to his plate now being Alpha, and now all of this with Karen, well if they survived this, it was going to be something that would definitely end up coming to light. He offered her a smile. "You have a little girl to get back to, and I aim to make sure that happens." He knew her being Crescent blooded would complicate some things, and that he definitely wanted to know more about her now.
  7. Dan put the bones into the bag and cinched it tight, tying it again so it wouldn't come open, then head out to the truck with the bones in his pocket. He took the box too, as it would be a good decoy now, and they made for his truck. Once inside, he got directions from Karen, and drove off, happy that he'd not gotten a ticket, and a little surprised. "So Karen, how was your day, aside the outright insanity we're currently involved with?" He asked almost nonchalantly, he'd not really had time to catch up with her yet, or hear about how the appartment hunt had gone. "Any promising hits?" He knew she probably felt awkward, staying in his place, It was probably very different than what a city girl like her was used to, though unlike Emily, he did have power, and other modern amenities. He didn't need them so much, but it did make things more comfortable, especially in the summer months. "I did talk to Cabe, things should be good for tonight, so we do have some time." The gathering wouldn't be as big, with everyone who wasn't already Changed staying home tonight. If the interloper from the previous night showed, they'd all be happier knowing their families were home and not out in the marsh.
  8. Dan nodded, and looked to Dominique. "If it isn't too much trouble, I'll need something to carry them in safely. We will try to return here with them, before we have to go, but this is more in case we can't make it back in time." he frowned. This was not going to be this easy. He'd cooperated more with Vampires and witches in the last two days than his entire life, and he was quite uncomfortable with it. This had been an insane time, and what was crazy, so few would ever know the whole truth of things.
  9. Dan nodded, and turned his gaze to Dominique. "if you'd be so kind, I would appreciate such protections." He looked to Colby. "They've already caused trouble, I'd rather that ended. The Packs have enough to deal with as it is." His eyes narrowed, and his he seemed to relax if only slightly. "Still, this is a problem we're all going to be facing. You all know the treaty, how the Packs are forbidden from being in the city after nightfall. This Erica threatens everything, so if we can help protect the city we will, but we will not be the ones to break the treaty." He left off how technically the crescents already had, but since they were manipulated into it by Erica's Witches, and then the Vampires showed up, it was a total clusterfuck, and despite the outburst between the queen and Marko, the peace had held, if only barely. "What I can do before nightfall, I'll do, but anything more will have to wait until tomorrow." There was something about all this though, that made him wonder if any of them would actually see tomorrow.
  10. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR After the story, and because his other choice was to just leave and face the white wolf alone, he sighed. "If you'll all excuse me, I'll be right back, I think I've got something relevant to this after all." Leaving the lounge and with a clear path outside thanks to the goon squad hitting the bar, Dan head out to his truck, retrieving the box, which was still sealed, and brought it back in with him. He reentered the Lounge and set the box on the table. "Something tells me, these are more of those bones. I was entrusted with these by the Crescents, After I went to broker an alliance between the packs to keep us safe with Erica on the loose." His voice was quiet, to keep his words from spreading beyond the room, and he looked to the others. "So where do we go from here?" It was clear he wasn't really willing to surrender the case, or the responsibility, but hearing the story, he'd not be surprised by them being some of the bones. Finding out for sure was a step in the right direction.
  11. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "What bones?" He got that feeling it could be related to what was in his Truck, because it was all just too much to be a coincidence. "i'd appreciate being brought up to speed on everything."
  12. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dan's eyes narrowed at Dominique's words, as he felt their full impact. Colby wasn't a wolf, and yet he'd completely fooled even his nose, passing himself as one the entire time. He felt foolish, and the frown on his face became a more severe scowl. He hadn't spoken at the toast though he did raise a glass. He wasn't planning on having more he couldn't afford to lose the tight grip he had on his mind, especially now. He'd been abit mad at Karen for her outburst, but now he was in a similar mood. "We're wound up with good reason. Now, i'm not getting up to leave, because I want to know the truth about what's going on, I'm tired of being in the dark about things." He didn't give a rat's ass about the vampires, or the witches honestly, but he didn't want it said the Werewolves were the ones who were changing the status quo. He looked at Colby, and sighed, even as he put a reassuring hand on Karen's shoulder, keeping her in her seat. "I'd say it's unbelievable, but clearly this is what's happening. So if she's cut you out of things, why exactly are you here, talking to us, Colby? Why the hell did she make her appearance, and then tear up Latouille's like she did?"
  13. While Dan was abit irked by Colby barely paying him any attention, the new Alpha shunt it aside. Right now he didn't want to cause a scene. Something told him things were off, but there were alot of patrons still here, far too many for this to devolve into violence, but it certainly seemed that it was going to. Dan frowned, shook his head nothing good was going to come from them staying here, and besides he had his own issues to deal with. "We'll be leaving then." Certain inevitabilities have to be faced, and he moved to let Karen exit before him. Whatever this was, he wasn't looking to get stuck here before moonrise, that would cause its own host of issues. Finally Colby turned to look at Dan, the younger werewolf scowling, and obviously on guard. "I wasn't asking you to stay." The fact that Colby knew why Dan was keen to leave made that comment even more sinister in Dan's mind, and had him reach out placing a hand on Karen's shoulder, halting her exit. "Then let's be about whatever this is then." Clearly he only wanted to be there as long as was necessary, and both younger werewolves were decidedly on edge now. A small part of him didn't like obeying Colby out of principle, but he found himself staying, concerned with what he might do while he was gone, and what that might cost the Packs of the area in the long-run. Goddammit, this old fart's been nothing but a headache since he showed up.
  14. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR He hadn't been planning to get out of the truck. hence him actually pulling into the no parking zone. Still seeing Colby go inside flanked by 4 toughs, he couldn't imagine he something good planned. Something told him that bringing the box inside was a bad idea, far worse than leaving it in his vehicle. So he quickly reached behind the seat prying open the velcro pouch and sliding the cigar box sized container into it, ignorant of the full importance of the contents. There was even a part of him that thought about simply leaving, but if Colby tore up the neutral zone bar, it would reflect badly on all Werewolves in the area. "Goddammit old man, just what the hell kind of game are you playing." He muttered to no one in particular. He rolled up the windows and took his keys, expecting to have to pay whatever ticket he was probably gonna get, even as he opened the door to his truck, stepping out into the street, closing the door, and making a quick check that it was locked before heading inside. As he opened the door and entered, he cast a glance at the toughs, trying to get a sense of just what he was up against. He was unaccustomed to having to look up at anyone, but he would here, but he wasn't planning on backing down. It was something to think about later... He was Alpha of a pack now, he would need to think about what implications his actions would have, but at that moment, he remembered their first meeting with Colby, and knew it wasn't a good idea to leave Karen in there with him, let alone when he was flanked by a quartet of goons.
  15. Dan of course answered when Karen called, given that she'd had her own errands she was on. Her words didn't fill him with hope, but he had his own all new concerns now. "Bad news first, always. It makes the Good news better. I'll be there soon enough, and we can swap news on the way out." He'd hung up and wished silently Emily had a phone. hell even if he had to pay for it, he was gonna get her something, just so they could contact her more easily from now on. Still he made his way to the Bar, he fought to keep his attention on the road, driving carefully, mindful of the package he'd been given. He knew so little about it, only that he'd been entrusted with it by the Crescents, and he didn't want to betray that trust. He and Karen would pay a visit to Emily, and another quick call to Maeve confirmed that they'd meet at the normal place before heading to the gathering tonight. She was a good young woman he thought, but honestly abit too young for him. His thoughts turned back to the bones, he hadn't decided what he would do with them, since he really didn't have anywhere safe to leave them, and taking them into the marsh just struck him as a terrible idea. He continued to think on that, without much luck, all the way to the bar, stopping outside, and waiting for Karen to come out. They still had places to go before tonight.
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