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  1. The office space was dark and quiet with but a single desk lamp to keep her eyes from straining from the monitors. She had three on her desk, the left one displays a nearly endless stream of updating emails, the right one displayed a 'Secret' logo on the desktop wallpaper where she performed her duties as the 'Alien Ambassador', sending emails and compiling briefs and documentation for those who made a lot more than her but did half as much work. To say that there were many who didn't appreciate her and the work she did was an understatement, she wasn't even a legal adult but was forced to be read into some of the nation's secrets simply because the aliens refused to work worth anyone but her. Politics was a brutal environment and Laurie Cassidy was surrounded on all sides by an innumerable amount of high society, next generation ivy league graduates that wanted nothing more than to take her place and prove that a fifteen year old girl had no place in a government office. They didn't know Laurie very well. The harder they pushed her, the harder the fiery little redhead pushed back. Her sister and her best friends were the very first keys and they'd saved the world, no, the universe, twice. She didn't know what mediocrity looked like and she'd be damned if she'd let anyone in the Capitol tell her she was just some stupid country girl. So, for weeks, long after the rest of the office had gone home she'd pour over documents, gather intel and work on compiling the future proposals for human and alien kind. That's where her middle monitor came in. Currently she was on page eleven of what seemed like an unending proposal that she needed to present to the NSA in two weeks. She read over the last paragraph she typed up, nibbling on the end of her pen as the words reflected in the lenses of her glasses. Softly she read a few of the phrases aloud, trying to make sure they made as much sense aloud as they did in her head. “Hey, Red,” came a soft, familiar voice from behind her. Her pen hit the desk with a rattle as the shock of hearing that voice along with the small fact that someone had sneaked up on her while she was working all hit her at once. She stood and turned to face her guest. Just as she thought she wasn't just hearing things out of fatigue and weariness. Devin stood there looking nervous and just touch shy for the right words. She crossed her arms and scowled at him. “Look, I know I'm probably the last guy you wanna see, but-” he staggered back several steps holding his face after her fist caught him mid-sentence. He sucked his teeth as he spun about, trying to shake off the pain of what was one hell of a left hook. She winced and shook her hand, as hitting any Key was tantamount to hitting a wall. “Ow! What the shit, Laurie.” I-,” Devin pinched his nose tilted his head back, looking at her at an awkward angle, his voice was nasally. “I think you broke my nose.” “Yeah? Well,” she pushed him even further away, causing him to stagger and almost loose footing. “You broke my heart, so fuck you Jauntsen. What was your plan? Say some more mean things to me and leave me hanging? Hmm? Maybe pop in here, say a few smooth words, make me giggle like a school girl and we'd be back to being “it's romantically complicated”? Maybe we'd make out a couple of times and be remain as vaguely noncommittal as possible so that way when the opportunity comes along you can, oh, I don't know... sleep with one of my other friends again?” He pinched his nose while trying not to give away darting eyes that noted he was already searching for an escape route in the off chance ginger rage went critical. “Okay, first of all, we weren't exclusive!” Like that excuse ever worked. Her glare could have melted a hole through him like laser beams. “If I wasn't wearing a skirt right now, I swear to god I would kick you in the junk. Who the hell do you think you are, Devin? You tell me off, in front of everyone no less, sleep with one of best friends, and then pop in like you wanna get a slice of pizza and I'm supposed to be what? Thrilled to see you? Spin about and leap into your arms in slow motion like one of your anime girls and we live happily ever after? I don't care how many times you save the world Devin and I don't care how many apologies you vomit in my direction. I loved you. I fell so hard for you and you tore my heart out. There's nothing you can say, Devin. Nothing. Don't you get it? There are no witty quips or one liners or immature jokes that are going to fix what you did to me. So please, just go. I don't want to see you.” The key lowered his head and inhaled deeply. It was never easy, no matter who you were, to hear people spout the unfiltered truth loudly into your ear holes and Jaunt, wittiest of keys, Captain One-Liner, was no exception to the rule. He pinched his nose a few times, he could boast that it would heal in a few minutes, but the simple truth was that the pain was real and it was happening now, on both a physical and emotional level and it was very real. Jaunt's immaturity was nearly as legendary as his feats, so dealing with the fall out of his own actions was certainly not easy for him. “You're right,” he said. “Laurie, I didn't come here to ask forgiveness. Those things I said, what I did, I own them and they hurt you. I needed people to believe I went rogue and I was so wrapped up in being some undercover super hero I didn't think about who might hurt getting there.” “And Lily?” She asked sternly. Devin chuckled. “I'm not apologizing for that. Look, I'm sorry that you were hurt as a result of mine and hers actions, but Laurie, we we not together. I was asking you, and asking you over and over if we were a thing. Over and over you played it off coyly and never gave me a straight a answer. What happened between Lily and I was not something we planned, it just happened and hate me of you want, but I don't regret it. My biggest problem in that whole mess was that I fell in love with both of you. I wanted my cake and wanted to eat it too, and that makes me a colossal douche'.” He took a step forward unafraid of a fist that might find it's way to his face. Laurie took a step back as she started to cry. She tried to cover her face but that never worked, instead she just let the tears flow while she covered her mouth to partially conceal her crying face. “I came to tell you that I am sorry for all the hurt I caused you and that frankly you deserve better,” he paused and sighed with self-realization. “You both do, and I hope you find someone who treats you with the kindness and respect that I didn't. That's alI came to say, but... should you need me, Red, I'll always be-” “Just, go, Devin.” She pointed to the door. “Go.” He took a step back from her and she could feel and see the spatial distortion forming around him in preparation for one of his famous teleportations. “It's Jaunt,” was all he offered as a farewell before disappearing in a purplish 'bamf' of quantum energy.
  2. The doctor walked into the hospital room as Devin pulled shirt down over perfectly sculpted shoulders. He was facing the window, looking down on the courtyard below where patients sat in their wheelchairs or walked about with their family members. “Mr. Jauntsen,” the doctor started. “Jaunt.” Devin corrected him. He'd adopted a manner where only 'friends' could call him Devin, and Mr. was a bit too formal for him so the rest of the world who didn't know him, would call him Jaunt, his key moniker. “Yes, uh, Jaunt,” he cleared his throat and continued on. “Your nurse tells me that you plan on checking out. I'm afraid I have to disagree with your decision. You suffered a great deal of trauma and, well, your gamma and beta waves are highly irregular. Frankly, there's no medical reason for it.” “I'm a key, doc.” He rolled his shoulders and picked his trademark purple leather duster up from the bed. As always it was a horrendous choice in fashion, but it certainly made a statement. “My waves don't regulate because my perceptions and sensory faculties never shut off. I see when I'm asleep, I hear with my nose and I can taste with my finger tips. I'd explain it all to you, but there's no real point. Trust me, I'm fine. While I slept I traveled to Rome, Beijing, Niue. It's pretty this time of year.” His doctor sighed. “That doesn't address your trauma. Swelling, contusions in and around your brain. Whatever happened to you may have left permanent damage.” “There's only one expert in key physiology, Jaunt, and no one knows where she is these days.” “I do.” The teen said softly. His perceptions were so honed that even he was in a coma his consciousness continued to wander and roam the world. Passing through wall, through the Earth, no one could hide from him and no barrier could keep him out. On the other side of that coin, no one could see him or interact with him, like a ghost trapped between worlds and of there was some power or ability that could detect his presence, it had yet to be discovered. “I was unconscious when I got here, or I'd never have trusted a human to treat me. I have a facility in mind that can do far more for me than you can. While I appreciate the help, let's face it,” he faced the doctor and the jovial smart alec known the world over for his good cheer and jokes had not a single smirk or smile to offer. “You have limits.”
  3. Sean's Garage, Shelly Montana... Five appeared in a plume of quantum vapor. "No go," he said immediately, not even breaking stride from his jaunt. "Savant stood in my way. She manipulated me." "Made you follow orders?" Ronin asked with a smirk. "No worries, I'll update you visor with the B.E.E.R. enhancements and the H.U.H. implant is ready for your helmet. Her words and charms won't work a second time. So, how did the suit hold up?" "Better than anticipated, although I didn't test against her laser sword." He spun his own blade around and slid it back into its sheath flawlessly. "Should have taken the hit. The unobtainium I made the MA.R.Y. S.U.I.T. from would have diffused the blade." "If this thing is so great, why don't you wear it?" Five asked. "Can't," was all he replied with. "The bear sample is largely unnecessary. Just as predicted they heard everything we said, and no doubt they think we're out doing something nefarious at this very moment, when in reality we're just chilling in the 'The Barn', drinking all of Sean's energy drinks and eating all his hot pockets. Considered even raiding Laurie's panty drawer... but I think she took all the good ones with her to D.C." "Classy," Lodestone said with a smirk. Her P.A.M. suit was woven into pant/shirt combo of black pleather and a knit top that fell off her shoulders showing off some skin. "So, what's the next move?" Ronin smiled and tipped back a Red Bull. "We keep 'em guessing. The infighting is our best weapon. We exploit it, divide them, and destroy them. If they will not come to me to learn, I will go to them and teach."
  4. Ronin pressed a finger to his ear. Okay, a part of him missed telepathic guild chat. "It's biology and it's size are it's greatest weakness, it'll be slow and lumbering. It's sight is average to a humans, as well as its hearing, but its sense of smell is insane, better than a dogs. It will smell the Irregulars and their nodes up to twenty miles away, and that was before it was enhanced and it can smell even through three feet of a solid surface, again, before enhancement. By the looks of it, it used to be a kermode, a very rare species of black bear that are bleached white. They were revered and respected by Native Americans as spirit bears, that would explain that awesome coat." "Yeah, none of that is helping." Five replied calmly. "Get inside it through the ear canal, jack up it's balance. Bears are a lot like humans, they see in color. Which means powerful, dazzling lights will distract or even blind it, crackling spear girl and Charles of the Touchy-Feelie Clan, are practically waving entree's for it with those big, bright displays of power. If it will fool the human eyes, it will fool a bear's eyes. If you're feeling ballsy, get eaten, he's softer on the inside. I designed your P.A.M. suit to be indestructible." Ronin replied. "Is it?" "Well, I tested it's durability in the Sun's core... it better be. Best place in the universe to make new alloys. However, your average bear has a bite pressure of around 8,000,000 pascals, which is enough to crush a bowling ball... at that size, I recommend not pushing your luck." Ronin chuckled. "Five, trust me, you'll be fine. The Irregulars will be too busy tripping over their own feet to stop you." "This thing was in the Sun's core?" Five asked, a bit impressed. "Neat." "No body says 'neat' anymore, Five. Go be a bad ass." Lodestone added over the comm. "We'll meet you back at base." "You can do this Five," Ronin calmly into his ear piece. "Welcome to the wonderful world of weird. You have the tools. You have the talent. Because seriously... if I have to shout 'Now, run Barry, run!' you're not gonna get the reference, so just get me the damn sample, and enjoy being indestructible." Lodestone snickered beside him.
  5. Miles away he stood looking down on the massive creature. The Irregulars would have their work cut out for them this time. The cold Canadian air bit deeply into skin as his purple duster waved violently in the wind. Slowly a lovely young, blonde woman, floating it seemed, levitated down beside him, never touching the ground. To his opposite side, a tall, rugged man sheathed head to toe in a P.A.M. suit approached him to look over the cliff face. His face was covered by a thick Ops mask his suit had women for him, with matching goggles, like a modern day Snake-Eyes from the G.I. Joe comics. "I need a sample," Ronin said calmly. "I trust you can get me one, Five?" "Consider it done," the man's voice was modulated. "And if they get in my way?" "Get in theirs." Ronin replied colder than the Canadian air. The pretty blonde folded her arms. "I wanna go," she stated. "What good is having these powers if I can't waste something with them? Why does Five get to go?" "Because, Lodestone, you and I have something to take care of," Ronin floated up into the sky himself. "Five, if you get into trouble, use your T.R.A.N.S.I.T. device. Just the sample, the Irregulars are not our target today." "Understood." Five replied. "And us?" Lodestone asked curious. Ronin smiled and extended his hand to her, lifting her up to him as they both floated up higher. "I'll show ya when he get there. The best part is, with them all here... there won't be anyone to put up a fight. They make it so easy."
  6. Abel, Jeane and Charlie stood outside the drain pipe that led to Kyle's lair, consolidating their plan mentally and purplish flicker caught their attention. It swirled and spun and then suddenly expanded into a three meter glowing gate of pure quantum energy. Through it stepped Ronin, carrying the glass contained over his shoulder like some kinda action hero. They hadn't seen Ronin in months. He'd let his hair grow out and worn it down in a sort of emover now. From his combat boots, black cargo pants, and t-shirt that read 'Millions of my potential children died on your Honor Student's face last night' his IDGAF non-conformist streak seemed well deserved. The purple leather duster had to go, but it matched the portal nicely, so he may have been going with a theme there. On his back was a sword, a katana, just like those Samurai would carry, or Ronins. It thrummed with power, and Abel instantly knew Ronin had retrofitted some sort of quantum engine and installed it into the handle of the sword, pulsing energy up the length of the blade. The tank hit the sand with a thud. He wasn't being careful. A few hard drives dropped onto the glass, sliding off its convex surface onto the sand as well. "That should help, it's all I could get. Sage's brain freeze let me see the room like I'd lived there my whole life, thanks for that," he pointed to the tank. "Still think these people are worth saving? Brain in a jar, or one of you instead, they don't care. You're nothing but a science project to them. They're beyond redemption." "Look, you guys don't have much time, and the government is already looking for me. I'll take the heat for this, get the hell out of here and I'll distract them. Better I take the fall than all of you." He stepped away, tensing like he was about to teleport away. "Why?" Charlies asked, suddenly. "Why help us? We're not on the same side anymore. We're obligated to bring you in." "Kidnapping," Ronin paused and smirked. "Not to mention the miriad of other things you guys are currently guilty of today... please. We're in this together, guys. Ride or die. We may not see eye to eye, but we always got each others back. S'way things are, 'Chuck'. Now TK this shit out of here. Fly. Fly to space if you have to, I can only do so much to stall em. Go!"
  7. <Kidnapping young girls from school? Destruction of military property, breaking and entering, man, you guys are just spiraling down hill these days,> came a voice familiar to the Irregulars but unknown to Jeane. <First, kid, don't let yourself get caught up in the fault game. None of this is anyone's fault, trust me, I see time streams and this all happening exactly as it should be. The path you're on is the path you are intended to be on.> <Second, somehow, this gang of rag-tag of bleeding hearts and bumbling idealists have saved the world, twice. When they're not tripping over themselves or too emotionally involved in their own agenda, they can actually get shit done... so listen to them. Each has already signed up to sacrifice their life for the greater good, you don't quite understand what that means, yet. You're on the adrenaline high of this situation. You're pulled into a world you didn't think existed until a few moments ago.> His voice over Guild Chat was calm, determined. They were used to Devin being bubbly, chipper, sarcastic and whimsical to a fault with a bag of quips and one liners (that they never thought they'd miss), but Ronin's tone carried none of those things. It was the voice of a man who'd resigned himself to an uncaring, unfeeling world and the job he had to do to fix it all. <Your thoughts and actions are running on impulse, not logic. Allow them to separate you, give them the opportunity to talk to you, train you, and teach you about all you don't understand, away from the boring research and leg work. You're jumping into this without fully grasping what you're getting into, and Jeane... that's just stupid, we both know that. You don't make a jump, skirt a wall, run a maneuver without fully understanding what we're doing, the danger involved, or how to prevent or treat the injury that could result, should we mess it up, as one parkour junkie to another.> <Be smart, calm down, let them get you up to speed. Then you can play in all the reindeer games, little Rudolph,> There was a silent pause. <Thanks for the brain freeze, been real, and... for what it's worth... I'm sorry.>
  8. Jaunt/Ronin's Season 2 Theme - Pray For Me Others- Metallica - I Disappear (before they sucked) Ice Cube - This Right Here
  9. On the islands... Their time in the island paradise was, to say the least, poetic. Sun and sand twenty four seven, warmth, fresh air, it was like nowhere on Earth. Pandora and Apollo had taken decent care of the three Keys, Charlies, Marissa, and Ronin, while they had been training. They wanted for nothing, from rooms to room service. When not training Charlie had pretty much been left to his own devices. Marissa still refused to speak to him and Ronin, well, Ronin was a bit of a jerk and never really had more than two words to say to him. He treated the newly awakened Key like he was below him. So, when he saw Ronin approaching him while he enjoyed a good book in a beach chair overlooking the crystal blue water, he wondered if perhaps the 'superior' Key had lost his sister and thought maybe Charlie could help locate her. He wasn't thrilled about talking with Ronin, and certainly not up for helping him find his sister, so with a shrug he went back to his book with the hopes that he's teleport away... far away... maybe into space... deep space. "Hey," Ronin said in it's greeting form. He wasn't for long speeches lately, unless he was screaming at Apollo in one death match or another. Charlie offered him up a nod as a returned greeting, attempting to finish his paragraph before he committed to a conversation with an arrogant Key with who had little to offer stimulating conversation unless it was about innuendo or porn. "So, look, I'm gonna be heading out of here soon, Chuck." Charles closed his book. Ronin sat down in the sand in his black pants and a shirt really wasn't a part of his wardrobe lately. "Been asking Apollo about you, he says you've got a lot of potential. Point being, when I leave here I have a job to do. I'm not going to be the most well liked, at first, but this world is due for a change and I'm gonna bring it to them. By hook or by crook, I guess you could say. I need people, people with potential, like you. I'm offering you an in, Chuck. It'll sure beat going back to some mundane life of serving your human military or corporate masters." "That's nice." Charlie reopened his book, as if he wasn't really paying attention to Ronin. Not true, but a part of him was definitely trying to pay back the other teen's supercilious behavior. Ronin paused. Whatever response, be it agreement or foolish denial, he wasn't expecting (faux) obliviousness. "Pay attention, Chuck." "Oh, I am." Charlie told him without even looking up. "I'm all ears. Please, tell me all about your" he placed a pinky to his lips Dr. Evil style "plan for world domination." Ronin stood up now, glowering fiercely. "I suggest you take this seriously Chuck." "I would say the same to you." Charlie snapped the book shut with a thud. "Devin, Jaunt, Ronin, whatever you call yourself, you have treated me like shit the entire time here, then making an offer when I now might be of use to you. If you're going to get people, you're going to have to do better than that." Ronin laughed, dryly. "I've not treated you like shit, Charlie, I've treated you like a guy who is a stranger to me. I don't know you, frankly I've not taken the time to simply because I've got my own shit going on." "Now, if you want me to get some baby powder to spackle your bruised hiney, you're barking up the wrong tree. I get it, you have powers, you did some training, now, you think you're some kind of a bad ass. You're not Chuck," Ronin looked out over the clear blue ocean. "You're just a guy with powers. Save the world twice, then chest up to me like you're somebody, kay? There is a threat coming, a war you and I can't even begin to imagine. I plan on preparing for it and I plan on keeping those who get in my way, out of the fight. The Irregulars are blind. They're all about the attention and the money and... frankly they're idiots." He turned to face Charles. "I'm gonna need players, I'm gonna need Keys who can stand up and fight what's coming. I'll need people with me who share a vision of a better world, free of all the corruption, greed and politicking. I'm offering you an opportunity to help me prepare this world for something better after we save it." There were far more cordial ways of treating a stranger, Charlie felt, but he left it be. "Okay, the idea itself sounds like something I could get behind. But as they say, the devil's in the details. Just how far are you planning on going, exactly?" Ronin laughed mockingly. "Are you serious, right now? Christ, dude how far do you think the world is willing to go? Hmm? The military, the corporate moguls, the celebrities, all those people out there with money and power? They'll go as far as they have to to keep the two things most important to them: their money and their power." "Greed, corruption, breaking the law... people do it everyday and they do it because they have the power and the money to make it legal for them. That's the world you live in, Chuck. That's the world you're in right now while your asking me a question that allows you to gauge my moral compass so you can decide whether or not you can live with yourself once we're all done." He smirked. "Wow, I thought you had some balls." He knelt down, balancing on the front of his bare feet. He looked at Charles as he laced his hands together and rested them on his lap. "Yesterday, in Alabama, two Keys, children younger than you and I, were lynched. Lynched, dude. Collected up, abused and hung from a tree until dead... all because one could make fire with her hands and another could move objects with his mind. They posted the shit on social media, bro. Dozens of people... cheering, spectating, yelling... doing nothing to help those children. There have been two arrests, and no investigation. You want to know how far I'm gonna go? I'm gonna pay a visit to that town, I'm going to level it. Send a clear message to these stupid, barbaric humans: you do 'X', 'Y' will happen to you." "So, I'll only ask you this once: Chuck, I'm going to change this world with some very harsh lessons. Mankind needs to understand that it's reached the limit of acceptable cruelty and corruption. I'm going out there and I'm going to bully the bullies. Right wrongs. Fix the world one broken CEO at a time. In the immortal words of the wise and powerful Sam Jackson: we're gonna save the world, get the girls, and we're gonna fly as fuck doing it. You in?" Charlie's face was screwed up in thought. This was far more difficult now than it had seemed at first. On the one hand, his moral sense was screaming at him to shove Ronin off the moment 'level the town.' He who fights monsters should take care not to become one. On the other hand, he was pretty sure Ronin wasn't making this up and it was frankly grotesque. He who permits evil, commands it to be done. So righting these wrongs... that was probably how it all started. Justifying extreme actions in the name of righteousness before it slipped into self-certainty. And thus Pandora's siblings were born. "I'll admit I don't know you, but it's shocking. There was a leader then, when we first met. I wasn't in the mood to appreciate it then, but you were making the calls and moving your group forward. And I have no idea what happened in a very short time to turn that guy into someone demanding power and thinking of mass murder as a just punishment. But becoming a bigger barbarian isn't going to fix anything. But if that's the sort of thing you're envisioning - I think Apollo didn't beat enough sense into your head." Charlie had his opinion, and Ronin accepted it with a simple shrug. "Did you know barbarian was mostly coined by the Romans? It was ascribed to people who were commonly seen wearing pants. Seriously." "Anyway, I'm not about to tangle in some great moral debate with you. I'll accept that as a 'no'. What I will say, Charlie is that you are a good guy, a strong hearted man. You've an iron clad moral compass, and I can respect that. To that token I will say that you've gained your sense of right and wrong, good and evil, from a civilization of people who constantly continue to contradict the precepts of their own morality." He rolled his fingers around each other, symbolizing a never ending wheel, or series of events. "They say it's wrong to kill, but they do. They say it's wrong to lie, cheat, and steal... but they do. They say what is right is right and wrong, and you blindly accept their consensus of morality as your own because it's what you've been conditioned to do. Thieves, bigots, rapists, molesters, all walking free because they know how to play the system. You're a product of their beliefs, not your own." He extended a hand to Charles. Not really sure what was going on, Charles accepted and Devin shook his hand in a stong, tight grip. "Well, I tried. You seem like a good guy, Chuck, hope I don't have to kill you. Keep an eye on my sister, okay? She's a pain in the ass, I know, but once you get to know her, she's amazing. Tell all the Irregulars I said 'hi', hope I don't I have to kill them either, cuz a decent gaming group is hard to find. Take some time and think for yourself, man. No joke, I'm being straight up with you right now. Ask yourself each and every day: If the whole world believes you're evil, are you?" He walked off down the beach, may twenty or so steps and stopped. A moment later he turned and addressed Charlie again. "Oh! Hey, look, do me another favor. If you see Laurie, Sean's sister, red head, really hot, fantastic ass, trust me, you can't miss that booty," he took a deep breath and curbed the antics for a moment. He seemed serious. "Tell her I'm sorry. For everything I've done. I can't ask for her forgiveness, but I hope that she finds some of the happiness I stole from her and uses it to connect with someone who treats her way better than I did. She's amazing and deserves more than..." Somberly he motioned to himself. "This." He spun about and raised his hand up in the air. "Later, Chuck! G'luck in yer struggles!"
  10. Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie / Killing ourselves a kiss at a time / Devils dance while angels smile / Drunk on shadows and lost in life... softly Pandora kept faithfully spitting out tracks as Lilly slept and Devin stared at he ceiling, lost in the maze of his own thoughts. Lilly lay next to Devin, draped over him as close as she could get. Neither of them slept much, but after what they just did, a little sleep was welcome. Naked in the dim light of the sun rising and peeking over the horizon, he'd completely lost track of time. They'd made love for hours, every time they'd finished, they just started over again. Neither were particularly experienced in love or sex, but neither would argue that after tonight, they'd certainly gotten a good head start on what came later. She was asleep, out cold in fact. Her head rested quietly on his chest and his arm was under her, playing with her hair as she ventured through wherever her dreams had taken her. He could hear her heart, it had slowed to the speed of REM sleep, but she'd still occasionally smile and lovingly kiss his chest. She was so loving and compassionate. Lilly had a way with people that just kept them... glued together when they felt like falling apart. She moved, trying to get closer to him, but she couldn't possibly have done so. She relaxed, smiled and gently stroked her thumb across his chest. He kissed her gently on the forehead.In his mind tumbled many things. Maybe it was the post sex euphoria, but he felt something. Something he didn't feel when he was with Laurie. Yet, he couldn't stop thinking about her. She consumed his every thought, and a part of him couldn't help but scream at him that at her side is where he belonged. His phone beeped softly, as if on cue. Tenderly Devin rubbed Lilly's back with the tips of his fingers. He'd spent all night with her, had his hands and lips on every inch of her body and still every soft, sensual inch of her made him hungry for more. She was his new drug, his new addiction. Whomever Lilly Pryor was last night, he needed more of her. His phone beeped softly again. "Ah, fuck," he said in a whisper with a heavy sigh. Those three little words changed everything...
  11. Postez mes minions, postez! J'attends des centaines de messages à mon retour! ... ... FRENCH POAST!
  12. Lilly felt the railing disappear. They fell backward and instinctively she tensed up, bracing for a fall... onto a soft mattress. They were in a dimly lit room swimming in a sea of pillows and an overly fluffed comforter. The dim lights offered just enough light for them to barely see one another. She'd heard that Devin had crashed in a few empty houses all over the globe. Celebrities or wealthy people who maintained several homes all over the world and certainly couldn't be at all of them at once, so when they weren't there, he would crash. Ninety-three percent of people didn't security cam the bedroom, and at the moment the two of them were comfortable with those odds. Not that either were in any state of mind to consider math... She could hear the ocean, the roar of waves crashing against a shoreline. There was a warm breeze billowing gently through the air and the whole room smelled of fresh, salty sea air. She took a deep breath as Devin's hand slid down her side as his hips pushed into her pressing into her with a sensation that brought her attention back to her lover and not where they'd landed. He was atop her, his movements never faltering as he continued his lavish attention to her body. Brazenly he slid his hand down her chest at the line where her top met her skin. At the curve of her breast he slid the top away exposing her soft, delicate skin. His thumb gently traced over her nipple, quickly followed by lips that seemed dedicated to keeping her mind in an erotic haze. His tongue gently flicked and he backed away with a slight breeze from his lips that chilled the dampness of his tender kiss. He was hesitant in his flirtations, kissing and touching her all over, exploring her body like a young man who was experiencing a woman for the first time should. He didn't want any of this to end, sure he'd watched enough porn on the internet (his collection was neigh legendary back home), and Lilly was certainly thankful he had. He had no fear of exploring her curves, kissing every inch of her skin and pinching and squeezing everything she didn't have nailed down. Thanks to the internet, despite them both being virgins, Devin seemed like he'd done this hundreds of times before, despite simply mimicking what he'd seen on screen for years. Like all teens, neither wanted to make the ultimate move, despite he dry humping beginning to chafe. He slid to the slide, laying next to her, his lips pressed firmly on her, as their tongues gently danced and tease one another. Thankful she wasn't the sort that thought tongue kissing meant choking her partner to death with it. He figured it was an all or nothing game at this point, and it was either going to happen or it wasn't. He squeezed her firm backside one last time (for luck) and traced his hand around her hips and up her lean, toned abs with his finger tips, arousing a shivering response that he answered with a deeper, more passionate kiss. She whimpered and softly moaned, keeping amazed that woman that could crush coal into diamonds could be this passionate, serene and gentle. His hand slid downward, passing under the waistline of her tight clubbing pants and Lilly suddenly realized that she had a very important decision to make...
  13. ST #1. Instill as much chaos and disorder within human society as possible. ST #2. Establish a base of power. LT #1. Discover and train as many new Keys as possible and use them to topple human governments.
  14. "God damn, girl," Devin shot Tawni a once over. "What happened to you girl? You got all... hot. Where's the braces? The dirty blonde hair? The training bra? Damn." Tawni gave him a wry grin and a middle finger. She was in pink shorts, knee pads and a tight girls tee. She had a few scrapes here and there and there was some dirt smeared on her face. She took off her helmet and her long pig tails were allowed to fall over her shoulders in an unkempt mess. "Braces were off, like, two years ago. I learned to dye properly, and these," she pointed to her very perky breasts. "Were my sweet sixteen present." "And we haven't minded one bit," Bear interjected. Tawni grinned at the lovable big guy. "Boobs for your birthday," Devin laughed. "Man I miss Cali." "So, what about you? Girlfriend, huh?" She squeezed him for the intel of what was happening in his life. He certainly wasn't the Devin that left years ago either. He was certainly more handsome and there was just something, more about him than when he left. Every micro expression she had told him he had a chance with her now. "Well, it's complicated, to be honest. Laurie has a very demanding... internship in Washington. It takes a lot of her time, and we don't see each other much. We're sorta, seeing where it goes." He shrugged. Sean knew things weren't very good between them, she was always busy and when he did have time to see her, it was only for a few moments at a time. He was taking it pretty well, for the most part. "It is what it is. Won't know til we try, right?" "Long distance relationships," Tawni sucked her teeth and gave her head a shake. "They never work out, dude. And... did she just say 'alas'?" "Yeah. She's weird, like Canadians." He nodded again, letting the comment flow smooth as truth. "Oh," Tawni nodded in complete understanding, like that explination made everything crystal clear. "Embarrassing stories?" Bear asked. He looked to Tawni and they both smirked. "Oh, man, we got tons of them. Let's see... surfing lessons... shark week... oh there was that time he asked out... uh, crap... uh-" "Candice." Devin said lazily. "Yeah! Candice! Man, she roasted you." Bear laughed at the memory. Devin nodded and gave him the finger, which seemed a common segue for them. "Laugh it up, big guy, I recall a few rejections on your side of the fence, and I remember them all..." Devin smirked. Bear pumped his hands outward, telling Devin to relax. "Okay, okay... no need to get savage, bro, damn." He looked to Sean. "Some of them have been pretty brutal. I'm not what one would call a ladies man." "Aww," Tawni frowned and grabbed the big guy and gave him a hug. Kissing him on the cheek. "Not true! I think you're great. We just have to find you a girl drunk enough to see the world the way I do." "I'll buy the booze," Bear laughed. While so close to one another Tawni and Bear and both grinned like they suddenly had an epiphany. "Spin the bottle!" They both cried in unison before nearly falling over each other in laughter. "No," there was a tone in worry in Devin's voice. "No, we agreed that never leaves the house. Fuck you both, we do not talk about spin the bottle." "Oh, god..." Bear completely ignored Devin. "Who was it? It was me, Tawns, Bry, Mari, DeeJay..." "Jasmine." Tawni reminded him. "Mari's friend who was sleeping over." "Oh! Right, yeah," Bear's smile got wide and Devin glared at him as the big took in a breath to tell the tale. "Dude, you can't keep the neurosis buried, bro. We're helping you heal. Okay, so we're all chilling in Dev's basement one night, right? Weekend sleep over, doing some XBox, some gaming, y'kow, the yuge. Mari and Jasmine come down to bother us, and end ups staying for a game of spin the bottle. So we play a few rounds and Devin's talkin' mad shit trying to impress this Jasmine girl, right?" "No," Tawni corrected. "He'd been talking mad trash for a couple weeks, Deej had a major chubby for her, and we'd sat through weeks of 'oh, if she was mine I'd be hittin' that daily'," her voice slipped into a mocking impression of Devin. "I'd haave her walkin funny for days', 'she needs to open her eyes and see the real man in front of her'.... Ugh, it was a fuckin' nightmare listening to him go on about her. This was during his anime, 'Japanese girls are teh hawtest' phase." "She was Filipino..." Devin chimed up, like that would carry any saving grace to upcoming embarrassment. "So, it ends up Deej's turn, right?" Bear and Tawni were smiling like a pair of guilty Cheshire cats. "So we hook him and Jasmine with 5 minutes in the closet. About two minutes into it we her just scream bloody murder. We all ran and threw open the door... Deej was so nervous he puked all over her, right as she went to kiss him. It got in her mouth and everything... ugh it was so nasty and so funny all at once." "Oh, fuck. You. Both." Devin was laughing while shaking his head. "Seriously, Sean, it wasn't that bad... it was like a little bit..." Both Bear and Tawni were shaking their heads slowly while looking at Sean. Bear made a hurling gesture on Tawni while used her hands to vividly trace how much of her would have been covered. When Devin looked at them they swiftly recomposed, like they were doing nothing behind his back. e was being a good sport, considering se knew he could see them no matter where around him they stood. "Keep it up, ass hats... whatever happened to her, anyway? She refused to ever speak to me again." "She's super slutty now," Bear chimed up. "Like most likely to drop out and do porn, slutty." "No joke. We're pretty sure you scarred her for life..." Tawni smiled and put her arm around him and hugged him as apology for embarrassing him. It was a bit surprising that Devin's friends made him out to be no different than Sean when he was a guy. Devin was an awkward, nerdy guy whose friends were just as awkward and nerdy. He was bullied, had all kinds of embarrassing hang ups, and most of all, a sister that tormented him. The more of his life Sean got to know, the more he saw the similarities in them. "Cool," Devin smirked. "Got her number?"
  15. "I like her," he said honestly, trying to catch his own breath as well. Truth be told, Devin was under the impression that Lilly was about as prudish as one could get. Where she learned to kiss like she was kissing was beyond him but mentally he was giving a shout out to every CW teen drama out there for showing her the path of the Not-So-Righteous. "But she's in Washington and is either physically or emotionally unavailable. I'm trying and she's just, doing her own thing. It's infuriating, but there it is. We're nothing official, I don't think we ever could be until she breaks away from Washington. I feel like I don't exist, or that I'm just in the way when I go and see her. I dunno, to be honest, it's not something I really wanna talk about in the middle of my hands and lips being all over you..." For a typical, well adjusted human being, this would be about the the time he should have asked about Sandy and how her action would affect the two of them, but Devin's moral compass was skewed to say the least. Whatever friction was there between Lilly and Sandy, it was for Lilly and Sandy to deal with and the choices were for Lilly to come to terms with. Sure, he'd help her if he could, but his place was not to pry into her love life. Especially not while they were in the middle of making out and it was something he really wanted to get back to. He squeezed her backside and pulled her into him, kissing her again. Strong, passionate and with a hunger she wasn't accustomed to from Sandy. Plus... the dude's name was 'Sandy'. Just sayin'. Her mind told her to push him away, that maybe this wasn't the best idea, Devin wasn't a bad guy, he'd understand. It was just too intoxicating, neither of them listened to that voice of better judgement. The more the questions poured through Devin's mind, the more passionately he kissed her. He didn't want the burdens of their lives messing this up. Here they were and everything was just... perfect. Regardless of where his time with her led him, he needed her to give him that escape and he felt that maybe she needed him too. Lilly felt a shift in the air and she knew he'd moved them, and he kept moving them. Whether it was intentional or not she didn't know, but Devin randomly jaunting about the world was nothing uncommon. She wrestled with wanting to open an eye to see where he was taking them. Australia faded from view and they were in Rome in the center of the Coliseum. Rome faded the beaches of Maui claimed them. Maui faded and the chill crept over their skin as the Northern Lights cascaded their lovely light show across the sky. Then Australia faded back into view and they were right back where thy started, her close to the rail as he worshiped her. He broke the kiss, again for more air, and rested his cheek to hers, his breath hot against her ear. His lips traced down to her neck in a series of slower kisses. He was like an addict, her scent, her touch, the slight moans she made at the feeling of his touch and kiss everything about her spurned him forward to claim more of all that she was willing to give to him.
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