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  1. Devin Jauntsen Local Rich Kid and Bully Devin, and his sister Marissa are twins who were born in Malibu, California. About three years ago, when the two were thirteen, they moved from the fast paced, cultured, high cost of living lifestyle of Malibu to the quiet, rural, nothing to ever do paced slow lifestyle of Shelly, Montana. Although no one in Shelly is quite sure how, the Jauntsen's are loaded. Some say it was from rich relatives and inheritances, others believe that Mr. Jauntsen is an investment genius (he does have a Masters degree Investment Management). Since their arrival three years ago the Jauntsen twins took the town of Shelly by storm when it came to taking over the popular crowd and wooing the small town kids with their Malibu wizardry. Now, at sixteen years old, the two juniors at the local High School have evolved into two of the worst individuals Shelly could ever ask for. With the high standards for scholastic achievement at the Jauntsen household and the expectation of top tier colleges, Devin has turned to being something of a bully to the less popular kids in the school as a way of dealing with his lack of control of his life at home. Despite being a wealthy, annoying, and utter douche, Devin is not without his talents and accomplishments. Devin is an accomplished gymnast and although no one really knows it, he's one hell of an artist, capable of sketching and drawing incredibly well.
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    ...you guys are lame. And Sean's a ho.
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    Is Monster really performance enhancing though?
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    So, basically... Bannon - Inbred Hick Loser Lona - Lame Max - Lame Nerd Hess - Geek Loser Charlie - Drama Nerd Lilly - Roid Rager If I forgot anyone, assume you suck and are prolly lame. Ugh, this tooowwwn suuuuuuucks!
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    After the Psions are chosen, the chaff should be Talents. We're not gonna be able to compare the differences in everything unless people use them. And I won't lie, I'm not sharing teleportation. It's bad enough we have character creep in Aberrant... let's keep this as unique as possible.
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    Teleportation! DJ Jazzy Jaunt in da hizzle fo' shizzle! Now go be nerds somewhere else. Your broken home, low income, meth mouth sob story is stinking up the place.
  7. He let her have it. The fit, the tantrum, the pounding on his chest. What was he going to say, to do? She was right after all, everything he did was hurful in someway to the Irregulars and he kept it all a secret because he knew that if they knew the truth, they'd not act in a manner according to their true character. He needed them to hurt, to be angry, to be distrustful and paranoid that the big bad Jaunt monster could teleport in anywhere, ruin their lives, and there was nothing they could do to stop him. They needed to believe so their reactions and actions would be real. "I know, Lils," he said quietly. There was nothin in his voice but caring and genuine remorse. His voice almost didn't sound like his own, she'd never heard him so honest. "I know it hurt, and I'm sorry. I had to though, I needed you guys to believe it. Had I told you the plan, you guys wouldn't have acted natural, I needed your reactions genuine if I was going to lure out Pandora and her cronies." "You're dad? That wasn't my idea, hon. That was his," he admitted, taking a step closer to her wrapping his arms around her as the emotions in her refused to relent. "He volunteered to help me, he trusted me Lilly, and can't joke when I say I was shocked. He thought it was a sound plan, so we faked his death, he donned the suit I designed and became Agent Twelve. Neither of us wanted to hurt you Lilly, but your dad, he's married to military. He would do anything to make sure you and the people of Earth were kept safe, even it meant having to break your heart, of only for a little while." It was no secret the animosity General Pryor held for Jaunt and in turn Jaunt held for, well, anyone in a position of authority, but now, in this moment, she could almost hear what was admiration in his tone. Devin finally 'got it', he understood why the General was the way he was and why did the things he did. He did them because they needed to be done. It wasn't self-righteous posturing or a need to wave his authority around. He had a daughter, and super powers or not he'd face down titans, fly into the son or even rewrite the cosmos if that's what it took to keep his little girl safe. He never thought he'd be able to work with the guy, given the way the vocally and open seemed to hate each other, but the conversations they had, the things he'd talk to Devin about... he never knew the old man was so... cool. "S'okay, Lills," he held her close, his voice low. "S'okay. I know, and I'm sorry." He tightened his grip, holding closer and with more care. "All I can say is 'I'm sorry'. Take all the time you need, I got you. It's just us."
  8. No! I'm immune to layz0rz! You're cheating. I'm telling Nina. NIIIIIIIIIINNNAAAAAA!
  9. Cool. I'm Quantum 11 with all stats and powers at 11. This hike power came at the expense of having to steal it from everyone else so everyone who in not Jaunt was reduced to Quantum 4 in the process. Since he is, in effect, God, no one can regain any of their lost power without his okay first. Happy posting! No take backs, I called it first! Shoulda said something before I did. You snooze you loose!
  10. "Yeah," Jaunt replied to Lilly, since Sage was essentially ignoring him. "And for the record, sweetness," they both disappeared in wispy haze of purple distortions that always followed one Jaunt's jaunts. They were standing on an observation deck, the one the others knew was Jaunt's 'favorite'. The view was spectacular and looked down upon a blue and white marble of wonderment and infinite possibilities. From they stood, they were, for all their power and might, tiny little things part of a grander, larger scheme. "I can always tell which of you is the Prime, hun. I just like letting you keep your mystery." Lilly remained unfaltered by change in scenery. She knew Jaunt well enough to know that when around him for any length of time that a jaunt or two was almost expected. The only thing that set this time apart from others, was he didn't touch or attune her... he simply willed her to join him, and she did. "Is that so?" She folded her arms in a friendly challenge of his claim. "It is," Jaunt looked out the large window and allowed himself to be swept up in the maelstrom of emotions that came with such amazing view. "See, Lils, quantum flows in everything, like the Force, it's a part of us, all of us. I can see it in ways others can't, like a thread or lattice of all energy, matter, thoughts, love, hate, you name it. It all has a color, a pattern, a reason. You? The lattice wraps and twists around around your heart, vibrant and full of love and life. Your clones? They are everything you are, but they don't have that lattice around the heart, babe." He turned and faced her, leaning against the massive glass wall, folding his arms. "I should have guessed that if any of us would share our heart with the world, it'd be you. You're the best of all of us." "You really see that? Seriously?" Her eyes narrowed in wait if one of Devin's sarcastic punchlines. "I do," he vanished from the glass and appeared just inches from her. With a closeness only two lovers could have been familiar with he gently traced his thumb down her soft cheek. "And thank you. For always keeping faith in me, despite my best efforts to push you and everyone else away." Just like in Australia, he had that look in his eyes, that soft, seductive measure to his voice and a closeness that told her he was gonna go for it all over again, like nothing ever happened and everything between them was going to be okay.
  11. "Something wrong with my portal?" Devin said to Jeane as he stepped through the purple vortex and looked about the Watchtower. He didn't much care for Jeane, she was just one more kidnap victim notched on Abel's belt of sociopathic felonies and Sean had her suckling hard on the teat of the Irregular's jacked up agenda of get rich, rape the minds of the people and usurp the world's free will. He cast an odd look at the guy and his sister, offering them an eyeroll. "I'm not an attraction at Disney Land, Cade. Oooh, it's made by an actual Irregular, wow. Grow the hell up." He spun about arms out wide and looked about. "Jesus, when did you guys turn this place into a tourist attraction? Still looks the same too. I'd have thrown a coat paint here and there, but hey, I'm more of a purple guy myself. Don't judge." "So, let's hurry up and get a babysitter for Cade and the girl whose name sounds like I'm hawking up a loogie, and let's get some work done," he clapped his hands together loudly. "Sage, big guy, what did you get from the dude, because I know you, you can't help but be all up in everyone else's business. Talk to me, let's get to brass tacking. Where we going, whose face we wrecking?"
  12. "It wouldn't surprise me," he said to Sean. His voice was low and nothing like his usual boisterous and jovial tone. He didn't want be overheard. "Keys aren't angels, but there are less than a thousand of us, so finding the perpetrator/s shouldn't be too difficult. If you need me for this, I'm willing to help bring them in, my senses might speed things up. I will remind you, all of you, that you were just formally shot down by the Japanese when asking to assist them." "Let me clue you in on what that means: one, you were never asked to intervene which means technically you, with the exception of Lilly, are all here illegally. I'm everywhere illegally, all the time, so personally, I don't care. Two, I know you well enough to know that one of you has already taken a sample of someone or something by now. Congrats, that's not only removing evidence from a crime scene it is also tampering with an official investigation. Third, I'm guessing Sage has already probed someone's mind to get some morsel or snippet of intel." He raised his hands. "I'm not judging, in fact, I approve, but telepathic evidence is inadmissible because no one can be forced to incriminate themselves or others." "Basically, Savant, you have no case. All of your findings are illegally obtained and you have no legal claim to bring in any suspects you find," He smiled. "You willing to commit numerous felonies and violate more international protocols than you have already? Cuz, I'm down if you're down. I'm not human, so human don't laws don't apply to me, but I know how you guys get when someone tries to accuse you of not being as altruistic as you believe yourselves to be." "And, yeah, we'll talk later," he added as he heard Jeane and Cade go back and forth about rides. "Jesus Christ, people." He extended his hand towards them and a swirling iris of purple opened to reveal a portal that led to the Watchtower not far from where they stood. He called it into being faster than any portal network system could ever have calculated. "Go, guys, just go."
  13. Jaunt sighed, he knew he and Lilly would never agree on the humanity portion of the argument on Keys, but in the end neither was wrong, but neither was really right either. It was hard to argue about something that didn't really have, or need an answer. It was what it was. "Eww, 'the talk'... yeah. Well, at least you want to talk to me, Red wants my testicles on a tennis bracelet." He knew it couldn't be avoided. He had a lot to answer for and already in he last twenty minutes he'd managed to pop in, hit on his old one night stand, punch Abel in the face, accuse the Irregulars of being villains and wink and Vanguard's breasts... okay, it wasn't really a new record for him, but he was definitely not batting a thousand at the moment. "Yeah, prolly not a bad idea though, I guess I can only avoid you nerds for so long. Caveat," he pointed at her. "I can't tell all of you apart, and I know you say you're all the same... but c'mon, do me the favor of the original, hon. I'm old fashioned like that, what I have to say is meant for you. You, you." "Since Japan has been bombed, yet again, why don't you text me when you have everything straightened out here." He waved a finger about all of the damage and anarchy. "I'm not really ready to be dashing into the hero market saving the lives of a species that can't think of anything better to do with its time except blow itself up, you're right, I can't sit by and let them die, but I'm not gonna hang out and rebuild their cities for them. They have people who actually get paid for that sort of stuff. I'm gonna head to someplace a little more scenic, I'll bring you to me."
  14. "I have a great idea... why don't you let the Japanese handle Japanese problems?" Jaunt did his name sake, jaunting about instead of actually taking steps. He appeared next to Lilly, who was still by Cade. He was leaning against her like she was a pillar and her immovable strength denied him any give no matter what angle he leaned at. "Why are you guys always in everyone's business, Vanny Pants?" Jaunt narrowed his eyes at Cade. "Dude's heart rate is all fluttering, micro expressions are are all over the place..." Jaunt chuckled and rested his head on Lilly's shoulder. "Aww, Vans, I think he's got a crush on you." He pushed off from Vanguard, who moved as much a tree might have, and expressed his thoughts. "Guys, these people attacked Japan, and that sucks, but humans need to handle human problems. Key's are already literally doing everything for humanity and humanity is doing all of nothing for itself. At what point are you guys going to stop letting them take advantage of us and our abilities? Let them handle this, it's what they have their own experts for." With a sudden pause in his thought, Jaunt looked about. "Hey, Van, where's Kia'thulu?"
  15. Devin held Lilly tight and far longer than a simple bond of friendship would hint. Each of the Irregulars specialized in something, Abel was smart, Sean was pretty, Lilly strong... for Devin, his perceptive abilities were unmatched. Through smoke and dust and debris he could still smell Lilly's shampoo and the hint of every product every woman used to make herself smell as pretty as she looked. He could hear her heart, the way it slowed and calmed as she held him. The difference in her breathing and slight whimper in her throat as the joy washed over her at the sight of her 'friend'. Scientifically, it was exactly what love smelled, looked, and sounded like. "Lilly," he held her tight. He inhaled and fought back a rush of his own emotions rising to the surface. "Oh, god... I missed you, girl," he smiled at her, using a finger to brush a few hairs from her eyes. "That Emperor... oh... well, Abel can apologize for misleading me later... I accept PayPal." Abel's glare offered a thousand insults telepathy could never have conveyed properly. When Sean approached they loosened their hold on each other and listened. "Cognizance," he corrected. "C'mon big brain, if I gotta make you write it on the wet board a thousand times, I will." He took a few steps away from Lilly, though it was obvious he didn't want to. "Well, you guys have work to do, get to it," he sighed and offered his hand to Abel. "Sorry I hit, bro. Sincerely, I'm sorry. I'm on edge, I over reacted and frankly you and Sean scare the shit out of me sometimes. Still, it doesn't excuse my hitting you." Abel waited for it. "Won't lie, it did feel pretty good." Jaunt added with a laugh. "Almost arousing... but that coulda been Lilly's new padding in front," he clicked his tongue and winked at her chest. "Didn't think we'd notice, but we did. Hello, ladies." "There it is..." Abel knew Jaunt couldn't offer a serious apology, whether he meant it or not. "What? C'mon, I'm serious. I am sorry." He offered his hand again.
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