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  1. No! I'm immune to layz0rz! You're cheating. I'm telling Nina. NIIIIIIIIIINNNAAAAAA!
  2. Cool. I'm Quantum 11 with all stats and powers at 11. This hike power came at the expense of having to steal it from everyone else so everyone who in not Jaunt was reduced to Quantum 4 in the process. Since he is, in effect, God, no one can regain any of their lost power without his okay first. Happy posting! No take backs, I called it first! Shoulda said something before I did. You snooze you loose!
  3. "Yeah," Jaunt replied to Lilly, since Sage was essentially ignoring him. "And for the record, sweetness," they both disappeared in wispy haze of purple distortions that always followed one Jaunt's jaunts. They were standing on an observation deck, the one the others knew was Jaunt's 'favorite'. The view was spectacular and looked down upon a blue and white marble of wonderment and infinite possibilities. From they stood, they were, for all their power and might, tiny little things part of a grander, larger scheme. "I can always tell which of you is the Prime, hun. I just like letting you keep your mystery." Lilly remained unfaltered by change in scenery. She knew Jaunt well enough to know that when around him for any length of time that a jaunt or two was almost expected. The only thing that set this time apart from others, was he didn't touch or attune her... he simply willed her to join him, and she did. "Is that so?" She folded her arms in a friendly challenge of his claim. "It is," Jaunt looked out the large window and allowed himself to be swept up in the maelstrom of emotions that came with such amazing view. "See, Lils, quantum flows in everything, like the Force, it's a part of us, all of us. I can see it in ways others can't, like a thread or lattice of all energy, matter, thoughts, love, hate, you name it. It all has a color, a pattern, a reason. You? The lattice wraps and twists around around your heart, vibrant and full of love and life. Your clones? They are everything you are, but they don't have that lattice around the heart, babe." He turned and faced her, leaning against the massive glass wall, folding his arms. "I should have guessed that if any of us would share our heart with the world, it'd be you. You're the best of all of us." "You really see that? Seriously?" Her eyes narrowed in wait if one of Devin's sarcastic punchlines. "I do," he vanished from the glass and appeared just inches from her. With a closeness only two lovers could have been familiar with he gently traced his thumb down her soft cheek. "And thank you. For always keeping faith in me, despite my best efforts to push you and everyone else away." Just like in Australia, he had that look in his eyes, that soft, seductive measure to his voice and a closeness that told her he was gonna go for it all over again, like nothing ever happened and everything between them was going to be okay.
  4. "Something wrong with my portal?" Devin said to Jeane as he stepped through the purple vortex and looked about the Watchtower. He didn't much care for Jeane, she was just one more kidnap victim notched on Abel's belt of sociopathic felonies and Sean had her suckling hard on the teat of the Irregular's jacked up agenda of get rich, rape the minds of the people and usurp the world's free will. He cast an odd look at the guy and his sister, offering them an eyeroll. "I'm not an attraction at Disney Land, Cade. Oooh, it's made by an actual Irregular, wow. Grow the hell up." He spun about arms out wide and looked about. "Jesus, when did you guys turn this place into a tourist attraction? Still looks the same too. I'd have thrown a coat paint here and there, but hey, I'm more of a purple guy myself. Don't judge." "So, let's hurry up and get a babysitter for Cade and the girl whose name sounds like I'm hawking up a loogie, and let's get some work done," he clapped his hands together loudly. "Sage, big guy, what did you get from the dude, because I know you, you can't help but be all up in everyone else's business. Talk to me, let's get to brass tacking. Where we going, whose face we wrecking?"
  5. "It wouldn't surprise me," he said to Sean. His voice was low and nothing like his usual boisterous and jovial tone. He didn't want be overheard. "Keys aren't angels, but there are less than a thousand of us, so finding the perpetrator/s shouldn't be too difficult. If you need me for this, I'm willing to help bring them in, my senses might speed things up. I will remind you, all of you, that you were just formally shot down by the Japanese when asking to assist them." "Let me clue you in on what that means: one, you were never asked to intervene which means technically you, with the exception of Lilly, are all here illegally. I'm everywhere illegally, all the time, so personally, I don't care. Two, I know you well enough to know that one of you has already taken a sample of someone or something by now. Congrats, that's not only removing evidence from a crime scene it is also tampering with an official investigation. Third, I'm guessing Sage has already probed someone's mind to get some morsel or snippet of intel." He raised his hands. "I'm not judging, in fact, I approve, but telepathic evidence is inadmissible because no one can be forced to incriminate themselves or others." "Basically, Savant, you have no case. All of your findings are illegally obtained and you have no legal claim to bring in any suspects you find," He smiled. "You willing to commit numerous felonies and violate more international protocols than you have already? Cuz, I'm down if you're down. I'm not human, so human don't laws don't apply to me, but I know how you guys get when someone tries to accuse you of not being as altruistic as you believe yourselves to be." "And, yeah, we'll talk later," he added as he heard Jeane and Cade go back and forth about rides. "Jesus Christ, people." He extended his hand towards them and a swirling iris of purple opened to reveal a portal that led to the Watchtower not far from where they stood. He called it into being faster than any portal network system could ever have calculated. "Go, guys, just go."
  6. Jaunt sighed, he knew he and Lilly would never agree on the humanity portion of the argument on Keys, but in the end neither was wrong, but neither was really right either. It was hard to argue about something that didn't really have, or need an answer. It was what it was. "Eww, 'the talk'... yeah. Well, at least you want to talk to me, Red wants my testicles on a tennis bracelet." He knew it couldn't be avoided. He had a lot to answer for and already in he last twenty minutes he'd managed to pop in, hit on his old one night stand, punch Abel in the face, accuse the Irregulars of being villains and wink and Vanguard's breasts... okay, it wasn't really a new record for him, but he was definitely not batting a thousand at the moment. "Yeah, prolly not a bad idea though, I guess I can only avoid you nerds for so long. Caveat," he pointed at her. "I can't tell all of you apart, and I know you say you're all the same... but c'mon, do me the favor of the original, hon. I'm old fashioned like that, what I have to say is meant for you. You, you." "Since Japan has been bombed, yet again, why don't you text me when you have everything straightened out here." He waved a finger about all of the damage and anarchy. "I'm not really ready to be dashing into the hero market saving the lives of a species that can't think of anything better to do with its time except blow itself up, you're right, I can't sit by and let them die, but I'm not gonna hang out and rebuild their cities for them. They have people who actually get paid for that sort of stuff. I'm gonna head to someplace a little more scenic, I'll bring you to me."
  7. "I have a great idea... why don't you let the Japanese handle Japanese problems?" Jaunt did his name sake, jaunting about instead of actually taking steps. He appeared next to Lilly, who was still by Cade. He was leaning against her like she was a pillar and her immovable strength denied him any give no matter what angle he leaned at. "Why are you guys always in everyone's business, Vanny Pants?" Jaunt narrowed his eyes at Cade. "Dude's heart rate is all fluttering, micro expressions are are all over the place..." Jaunt chuckled and rested his head on Lilly's shoulder. "Aww, Vans, I think he's got a crush on you." He pushed off from Vanguard, who moved as much a tree might have, and expressed his thoughts. "Guys, these people attacked Japan, and that sucks, but humans need to handle human problems. Key's are already literally doing everything for humanity and humanity is doing all of nothing for itself. At what point are you guys going to stop letting them take advantage of us and our abilities? Let them handle this, it's what they have their own experts for." With a sudden pause in his thought, Jaunt looked about. "Hey, Van, where's Kia'thulu?"
  8. Devin held Lilly tight and far longer than a simple bond of friendship would hint. Each of the Irregulars specialized in something, Abel was smart, Sean was pretty, Lilly strong... for Devin, his perceptive abilities were unmatched. Through smoke and dust and debris he could still smell Lilly's shampoo and the hint of every product every woman used to make herself smell as pretty as she looked. He could hear her heart, the way it slowed and calmed as she held him. The difference in her breathing and slight whimper in her throat as the joy washed over her at the sight of her 'friend'. Scientifically, it was exactly what love smelled, looked, and sounded like. "Lilly," he held her tight. He inhaled and fought back a rush of his own emotions rising to the surface. "Oh, god... I missed you, girl," he smiled at her, using a finger to brush a few hairs from her eyes. "That Emperor... oh... well, Abel can apologize for misleading me later... I accept PayPal." Abel's glare offered a thousand insults telepathy could never have conveyed properly. When Sean approached they loosened their hold on each other and listened. "Cognizance," he corrected. "C'mon big brain, if I gotta make you write it on the wet board a thousand times, I will." He took a few steps away from Lilly, though it was obvious he didn't want to. "Well, you guys have work to do, get to it," he sighed and offered his hand to Abel. "Sorry I hit, bro. Sincerely, I'm sorry. I'm on edge, I over reacted and frankly you and Sean scare the shit out of me sometimes. Still, it doesn't excuse my hitting you." Abel waited for it. "Won't lie, it did feel pretty good." Jaunt added with a laugh. "Almost arousing... but that coulda been Lilly's new padding in front," he clicked his tongue and winked at her chest. "Didn't think we'd notice, but we did. Hello, ladies." "There it is..." Abel knew Jaunt couldn't offer a serious apology, whether he meant it or not. "What? C'mon, I'm serious. I am sorry." He offered his hand again.
  9. "Emperor? What the hell is Emperor?" Jaunt asked, suddenly fearful that Abel and Sean had created a machine capable of reaching the minds of people on a global scale. He couldn't imagine the Irregulars with something powerful like Cerebro. They were immature, foolish and always prone to taking the easy way out. Not to mention the fact that the geniuses decided to call it 'Emperor'... because that sounded all kinds of trustworthy in the hands of the world's most powerful mentalist. He gritted his teeth, still fuming with mistrust. "Fine," he hissed. "We'll settle this later."
  10. Jaunt was furious and his glare was so sharp that Vanguard feared it may be powerful enough to pierce even her invulnerable hide. He had no quips, no witty repartee to offer. In a plume of distorted quantum vapors Jaunt was gone from Vangard's side only to appear directly in front of Abel, his expression still displaying his anger. He punched Abel in the jaw. "That's how you guys handle things?" He stood over Abel, who was knocked back and leaning against a car. The punch was a surprise, and there were none faster than Jaunt when it came to landing blows. Abel could feel a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. "You just subjugate entire cities into feeling whatever you want them to?! Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with you," he looked around to all the irregulars he could see. "How long Abel, huh? How long before all of this just to boring for you and Sean and you just say 'to hell with it' and just take the shortcut to peace by keeping everyone docile, hmm?" He leaned in, challenging a conflict with the mentalist. "You're no worse than villains yourselves."
  11. Unlike Jeane, Jaunt's teleportation wasn't flashy lightning and crackles of energy. He warped space and simple bend the fabric of the space he was in to the space he decided to relocate to, usually in a fancy 'bamf' sound as air and vacuum met as the breach of the fissure. It was an effect all of the Irregulars knew well, like a fingerprint. When Lilly saw the air warp and distort in a vaguely purplish hue and Devin appear from it's center, a part of her hoped against hope this wasn't his doing. He approached the growing Vangaurd, casual as could be, like he'd never left. Like he didn't sleep with her, fail to mention he was kinda dating someone else, oh and then become a global terrorist. "Ladies," he nodded. "Vanguard, I need you to get in touch with the Watch Tower. We need eyes in the sky to see how far this goes so we can contain it. Tell Sean to shut down the portal network. Abel's forcefields will be needed to contain these blasts and reduce casualties, get him here." Classic Devin. He always showed up with a plan and never hesitate to execute it, especially when people's lives were at stake. If they were going to have words, now wasn't the time. He then pointed at some random Japanese teenager still trying to figure out what was going on. "And somebody get the man a shield!" The man just pointed to himself, even more confused. "I'm just kidding, man. Seriosly, I've just been wanting to say that since Infinity War hit theaters, bro." He shot a wink at the Vanguard. "And this." He crossed his arms over his chest. "Wakanda forever!" Like a purple streak he was down in the fray without another word. A man brought a collapsible baton down in a heavy arc towards people who were trying to get away from the madness. His wrist felt the iron grip of Jaunt as he caught the man in mid swing. "Bro, not cool." With a quick punch the gut, the attacker fell over, holding his gut. Jaunt looked to the people. "Go. Go! I don't speak Japanese... so please understand me..." As they fled he smiled. "Woo! I am a freaking hero! Go, me. Go, me. Get busy... it's my birfday..." He danced a few awkward steps and sped on... All about the place there were purple blurs and 'bamfs' as Jaunt tried to handle what he could. He was quick, sure, but he couldn't be everywhere at once. For now, he did what he could to keep it contained until others could arrive.
  12. Devin was lost. His eyes glazed over as his thoughts moved to elsewhere beyond the temporal bubble that Hooli was holding him hostage in. He waggled a finger lazily at Hooli as his thoughts became ideas and those idea became words. "No, Hootie, your right." Hooli rolled his eyes as Devin once again butchered his name. "When I got into gymnastics and later free running I was good at it, I had a natural talent for it. I was fit and flexible. Then when we moved my dream of the Olympics was over but I still practiced everyday. These powers are no different. I may have had a natural talent for awesomeness, because, well, look at me..." Hooli rolled his eyes and folded his harms. "Oh, here we go..." "But we gained a ton of power very rapidly. We evolved faster than our human genes could endure out necessity for a threat we had to be ready to face. Just like gymnastics, even after I mastered the moves, I had to keep at them, to master them more until everything was nothing more than muscle memory and reflex. That gain of power blinded me, Loogie, I've forgotten that there are no shortcuts. Mastery of my power is no different than the hard work and effort I put into myself before these gifts to compete in the Olympics." "It's gonna hurt, Devin," Hooti said. "These powers aren't like training for the Olympics." "There is not greater pain than the remaking of ones self, for we are both the marble and the sculptor." He booped Hooli on the nose with a smirk. "Thanks for the pep talk Yoo-Hoo. It all kinda makes sense now. I've trying to hard at trying to hard. "So, I've been dying to know something." "What's that?" The little fuzz ball looked up at him, arms still crossed. "What's it like in Lilly's underwear drawer?" Devin asked with a devilish smirk on his lips. Hooli chuckled and waved him closer. "You really want to know?" Devin nodded. "Well, first off it's..." Trinidad came to life around him and all the people began going on about their day as if nothing had happened because for them, nothing had happened. Time moved forward in it's ever flowing state and Devin pursed his lips as he bit his lower one in frustration over being swindled... by a teddy bear. Jaunt chuckled. "Sly little bastard. Well played, sir. Well played."
  13. Jaw slightly agape Devin focused his power. His node swelled and pulsed and charged with very might that made him akin to gods... Nothing. "Ugh!" He broke off his gaze before his head hurt too much or he ruptured a vessel. "Damnit Creepy Bear, how do you do that?!" He fumed. Jaunt, the unparalleled master (his words) of co-locative subjective temporal phenomena (Master of Time of Space) had thought there was nothing he didn't know about manipulating the time stream... but this damn bear... no matter how hard Devin tried he could not breech the temporal null-zone (stopped time) the bear created when he appeared. Frankly, it was unfair. So, Posh Bear with his Brit-Flair Stare just smirked as Devin kept trying. Finally he conceded. "Okay, fine, yes... Trinidad is beautiful. What do you want?" He grumbled angrily. He got up and walked away a few steps. Wait for it. Posh Bear thought... "And I'm not running." There it is. "I'm searching," Jaunt tapped his chest. "I couldn't protect the world, Lil' Dude. All these brains, all this power... and she... she wrecked like me, man." "I'm not like the others. Content to be normal when normal people don't do what we do. Normal people are what have been messing this planet up for thousands of years and Sean wants to give them better tech to do it with. I need more power. Somewhere there has to be a way to train, to learn, to become more..." "More than?" Asked his stuffed companion. "This. This weak thing that got dropped by a Titan like I was..." he paused, his fists clenched as he searched for the words. "Normal." He looked at the bear and sighed. "Don't give me that look, I'm not crazy, I'm guilt stricken. I failed. I failed myself, I failed the world... I failed them. All in different ways... but still, I failed. I just don't want this weakness anymore, y'know?"
  14. The office space was dark and quiet with but a single desk lamp to keep her eyes from straining from the monitors. She had three on her desk, the left one displays a nearly endless stream of updating emails, the right one displayed a 'Secret' logo on the desktop wallpaper where she performed her duties as the 'Alien Ambassador', sending emails and compiling briefs and documentation for those who made a lot more than her but did half as much work. To say that there were many who didn't appreciate her and the work she did was an understatement, she wasn't even a legal adult but was forced to be read into some of the nation's secrets simply because the aliens refused to work worth anyone but her. Politics was a brutal environment and Laurie Cassidy was surrounded on all sides by an innumerable amount of high society, next generation ivy league graduates that wanted nothing more than to take her place and prove that a fifteen year old girl had no place in a government office. They didn't know Laurie very well. The harder they pushed her, the harder the fiery little redhead pushed back. Her sister and her best friends were the very first keys and they'd saved the world, no, the universe, twice. She didn't know what mediocrity looked like and she'd be damned if she'd let anyone in the Capitol tell her she was just some stupid country girl. So, for weeks, long after the rest of the office had gone home she'd pour over documents, gather intel and work on compiling the future proposals for human and alien kind. That's where her middle monitor came in. Currently she was on page eleven of what seemed like an unending proposal that she needed to present to the NSA in two weeks. She read over the last paragraph she typed up, nibbling on the end of her pen as the words reflected in the lenses of her glasses. Softly she read a few of the phrases aloud, trying to make sure they made as much sense aloud as they did in her head. “Hey, Red,” came a soft, familiar voice from behind her. Her pen hit the desk with a rattle as the shock of hearing that voice along with the small fact that someone had sneaked up on her while she was working all hit her at once. She stood and turned to face her guest. Just as she thought she wasn't just hearing things out of fatigue and weariness. Devin stood there looking nervous and just touch shy for the right words. She crossed her arms and scowled at him. “Look, I know I'm probably the last guy you wanna see, but-” he staggered back several steps holding his face after her fist caught him mid-sentence. He sucked his teeth as he spun about, trying to shake off the pain of what was one hell of a left hook. She winced and shook her hand, as hitting any Key was tantamount to hitting a wall. “Ow! What the shit, Laurie.” I-,” Devin pinched his nose tilted his head back, looking at her at an awkward angle, his voice was nasally. “I think you broke my nose.” “Yeah? Well,” she pushed him even further away, causing him to stagger and almost loose footing. “You broke my heart, so fuck you Jauntsen. What was your plan? Say some more mean things to me and leave me hanging? Hmm? Maybe pop in here, say a few smooth words, make me giggle like a school girl and we'd be back to being “it's romantically complicated”? Maybe we'd make out a couple of times and be remain as vaguely noncommittal as possible so that way when the opportunity comes along you can, oh, I don't know... sleep with one of my other friends again?” He pinched his nose while trying not to give away darting eyes that noted he was already searching for an escape route in the off chance ginger rage went critical. “Okay, first of all, we weren't exclusive!” Like that excuse ever worked. Her glare could have melted a hole through him like laser beams. “If I wasn't wearing a skirt right now, I swear to god I would kick you in the junk. Who the hell do you think you are, Devin? You tell me off, in front of everyone no less, sleep with one of best friends, and then pop in like you wanna get a slice of pizza and I'm supposed to be what? Thrilled to see you? Spin about and leap into your arms in slow motion like one of your anime girls and we live happily ever after? I don't care how many times you save the world Devin and I don't care how many apologies you vomit in my direction. I loved you. I fell so hard for you and you tore my heart out. There's nothing you can say, Devin. Nothing. Don't you get it? There are no witty quips or one liners or immature jokes that are going to fix what you did to me. So please, just go. I don't want to see you.” The key lowered his head and inhaled deeply. It was never easy, no matter who you were, to hear people spout the unfiltered truth loudly into your ear holes and Jaunt, wittiest of keys, Captain One-Liner, was no exception to the rule. He pinched his nose a few times, he could boast that it would heal in a few minutes, but the simple truth was that the pain was real and it was happening now, on both a physical and emotional level and it was very real. Jaunt's immaturity was nearly as legendary as his feats, so dealing with the fall out of his own actions was certainly not easy for him. “You're right,” he said. “Laurie, I didn't come here to ask forgiveness. Those things I said, what I did, I own them and they hurt you. I needed people to believe I went rogue and I was so wrapped up in being some undercover super hero I didn't think about who might hurt getting there.” “And Lily?” She asked sternly. Devin chuckled. “I'm not apologizing for that. Look, I'm sorry that you were hurt as a result of mine and hers actions, but Laurie, we we not together. I was asking you, and asking you over and over if we were a thing. Over and over you played it off coyly and never gave me a straight a answer. What happened between Lily and I was not something we planned, it just happened and hate me of you want, but I don't regret it. My biggest problem in that whole mess was that I fell in love with both of you. I wanted my cake and wanted to eat it too, and that makes me a colossal douche'.” He took a step forward unafraid of a fist that might find it's way to his face. Laurie took a step back as she started to cry. She tried to cover her face but that never worked, instead she just let the tears flow while she covered her mouth to partially conceal her crying face. “I came to tell you that I am sorry for all the hurt I caused you and that frankly you deserve better,” he paused and sighed with self-realization. “You both do, and I hope you find someone who treats you with the kindness and respect that I didn't. That's alI came to say, but... should you need me, Red, I'll always be-” “Just, go, Devin.” She pointed to the door. “Go.” He took a step back from her and she could feel and see the spatial distortion forming around him in preparation for one of his famous teleportations. “It's Jaunt,” was all he offered as a farewell before disappearing in a purplish 'bamf' of quantum energy.
  15. The doctor walked into the hospital room as Devin pulled shirt down over perfectly sculpted shoulders. He was facing the window, looking down on the courtyard below where patients sat in their wheelchairs or walked about with their family members. “Mr. Jauntsen,” the doctor started. “Jaunt.” Devin corrected him. He'd adopted a manner where only 'friends' could call him Devin, and Mr. was a bit too formal for him so the rest of the world who didn't know him, would call him Jaunt, his key moniker. “Yes, uh, Jaunt,” he cleared his throat and continued on. “Your nurse tells me that you plan on checking out. I'm afraid I have to disagree with your decision. You suffered a great deal of trauma and, well, your gamma and beta waves are highly irregular. Frankly, there's no medical reason for it.” “I'm a key, doc.” He rolled his shoulders and picked his trademark purple leather duster up from the bed. As always it was a horrendous choice in fashion, but it certainly made a statement. “My waves don't regulate because my perceptions and sensory faculties never shut off. I see when I'm asleep, I hear with my nose and I can taste with my finger tips. I'd explain it all to you, but there's no real point. Trust me, I'm fine. While I slept I traveled to Rome, Beijing, Niue. It's pretty this time of year.” His doctor sighed. “That doesn't address your trauma. Swelling, contusions in and around your brain. Whatever happened to you may have left permanent damage.” “There's only one expert in key physiology, Jaunt, and no one knows where she is these days.” “I do.” The teen said softly. His perceptions were so honed that even he was in a coma his consciousness continued to wander and roam the world. Passing through wall, through the Earth, no one could hide from him and no barrier could keep him out. On the other side of that coin, no one could see him or interact with him, like a ghost trapped between worlds and of there was some power or ability that could detect his presence, it had yet to be discovered. “I was unconscious when I got here, or I'd never have trusted a human to treat me. I have a facility in mind that can do far more for me than you can. While I appreciate the help, let's face it,” he faced the doctor and the jovial smart alec known the world over for his good cheer and jokes had not a single smirk or smile to offer. “You have limits.”
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