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  1. Enter the Dungeon There was no answer to Summer's outburst, no change in the room, only silence, as the two Superpowered Sisters stood there. Clearly, not playing along was a choice he was prepared for. Their foe wasn't on a clock, the heroes were. While they sat, the videos of them sitting there were still being broadcast, though the view count wasn't ticking up as it had been. In fact it was actually starting to fall, as people began to see that they really were just not doing anything. Office Space Elastica managed to catch one of the Zombies, but not the others, and Columbian actually managed two with his weapons. Meanwhile Hex caught the last two with a powerful eldritch blast, removing the threats from the room, and revealing that there were two different paths from the room, that they'd missed before. Ascending Eternity Working together, the trio was prepared for the next group of four meteors that came by after another five minutes. With Starsign's shield to begin arresting the speed, Doc Psypher latched on with his Telekinesis, just as her forcefield broke. With all his might, he held back on the meteor, which was slowed enough for the Incredibly strong Mega Girl to reach out and grab the meteor and she could feel some discomfort as it hit her hand, but with their combined efforts they were able to bring one in, and the Starsign began analysis. "This Meteor is made of Roughly forty percent Iron,forty percent Nickel, and a tungsten core." It was nearly the recipe for a railgun round. They were being periodically peppered by a railgun, and it was only by luck they'd not been hit.
  2. Enter the Dungeon As the twins opened the door standing in front, they heard a faint sound and Autumn had only a moment to dodge. By some miracle, she heard the noise and moved to the side, and just as she did, four propeller-like blades shot out from the door, impaling vertically in the wall opposite to the door. Each had two arms to a side, all and they were obviously very sharp. It was a narrow miss, but even so several locks of her hair were somewhat shorter, as a bout three inches of her hair was now laying on the floor. "Clearly that was not the right door. There were however still two more to chose." Came their host's disembodied voice. He seemed quite amused despite Autumn's narrow escape. Office Space Hex's magic revealed these entities were indeed zombies, but little more beyond that. Their first inclination that things weren't quite right, was when Elastica stretched out to move the zombie aside. The move was easily accomplished, and with her strength, she actually succeeded in literally breaking the zombie in half. There was no gore however, and after a moment the upper torso and arms which were still attached, began to move towards her, even as the other zombies turned their full attention to her. Columbian moved in, and lashed out with his trademark weapons, smashing the head from the torso, which did seem to have the desired effect, ending its advance. "The old tried and true method of stopping zombies still works." Ascending Eternity With the three of them tethered to each other, they began the trek up the stairwell. Around them it seemed that the stars began to move, and the stairwell spiraled upward farther than they could see. After nearly five minutes of ascent, All three noticed something. There were several stars that were growing closer. they began to grow in size, and soon they revealed themselves as small meteors, each the size of a football, and they passed through the space between the steps, harmlessly, but the Starsign was quick to inform Jessica. "Had those struck any of you, you would have suffered significant injury." Clearly there was much more going on, and the Stairwell wasn't a haven from danger.
  3. Enter the Dungeon "I do aim to be a hospitable host, in my own way." The voice came from all around them, but served to remind them that they were on display for all to see. Then it was gone, and the set of torches nearest to them went out. Clearly this was a signal to begin moving forward from their starting location, which they took. So long as they kept moving the torches remained lit, until they passed another set, then the previous would go out. The first decision came what seemed like fifty feet in, they came to a large room, with three different paths on the far wall. Beside each of the three new paths, there was a small plaque, with a single letter. The Left was labeled "C", the middle "D" and to the right was labeled "E." They had a decision to make here. Office Space As Elastica lead the way into the cubicle maze, Hex followed and Columbian brought up the rear. What was odd is that there was an odd sort of presence all around them, Hex felt it of course, but the others felt nothing out of the ordinary. After a half dozen bends, they finally came to a larger room, in which stood a half dozen "people." At least that's what they seemed to be, but their skin was pallid, their eyes glazed, and they seemed to move aimlessly. The room looked to be a Lounge of some sort, and the moment Elastica stepped into it, they all turned towards her and the others and growled, and began to slowly amble towards them, akin to zombies. Ascending Eternity Doc Psypher's abilities revealed no active machinery Well aside the glaring example that was Mega Girl herself. Despite the truly odd circumstances they found themselves in, he could breathe, and since he'd not actually moved his feet still seemed to be on solid ground. For Starsign, the results of her own search were fruitful, as she could sense the Arclight energy all around them, forming a boundary, which was nearly a mile across, More than that, it revealed a stairwell-like path, ascending upwards from where they were, The beginning of which was about ten feet from her. To her expanded senses it shimmered a faint blue, and Mega Girl had seemingly passed through it twice, without disturbing anything. What was evident, and more alarming, the diameter of the boundary was shrinking, slowly, but enough for her senses to recognize it.
  4. Stunts will work as written, you tell me how you're activating a quality, either to gain advantage, or generate trouble, and then roll the stunt normally in the case of a power you don't have. I will not limit its use, but I will say that For every stunt you attempt generating an advantage, the next time you attempt a stunt, it will cause trouble. this at least keeps things somewhat balanced, and no you cannot do 3 positives and then 3 negatives, you have to alternate accordingly.
  5. given that you appealed to my callsign, I see I have no choice..
  6. In the IC thread, using a spoiler box
  7. With the three teams decided, and keyed to their doors, the Doors themselves opened, admitting the teams, before closing and sealing behind them. Door #1 Enter the Dungeon (Autumn and Summer) The Astovik twins found themselves in a room utterly discordant with the modern and futuristic building they'd just stepped in from. The walls were damp and the smell was musty, like an old cave. There was only a stone wall behind them now, and Torches lined the walls going forward. They'd stepped from the modern era into a dungeon lifted straight from some nerd's fantasy, and from the depths, they could hear the skittering of some sort of creatures. The Torches weren't really bright enough to see by as in daylight, they only served to make the darkness even deeper. Door #2 Office Space (Columbian, Elastica, Hex) The door from the lobby opened into a massive that was lined with the cubicle wall material that was so common in most office buildings. After they were inside, before their eyes, the Door vanished, becoming one with the wall behind them, and the walls rose to the ceiling. The entire area was lit, but they were now at the entrance of a cubicle labyrinth, with untold horrors likely lurking within. Door #3 Ascending Eternity (Doc Psypher, Mega Girl, Starsign) The doorway did open into a massive winding stairwell, easily forty feet across, and closed behind them once they'd all entered. Almost immediately their field of vision was whited out, and when they could see once again, All they could see around them was an endless starfield, Something they couldn't identify, and seemingly endless. Even the stairwell seemed to vanish as well, leaving them seemingly adrift in an Eternity of stars.
  8. With everyone inside the lobby, the door closed behind them and they could hear the hum of the Arclight resealing the the exit. The voice spoke through the building's intercom. "Excellent, now, we're going to have a little race. I've prepared three pathways through my tower, as you can see there are three doors, each with a keypad beside it. Simply punch in your name to register yourself to the path. No more than three heroes on a given path, if you try for more, well it's the same as any other rulebreaking, the tower will self-destruct and the city will die." There were indeed three doors, one that seemed to be into a stairwell, One that lead directly out of the room, and another that you actually had to descend some steps to go to. The keypads shone with the same arclight as the outside of the building, and indeed, the soft blue tint of the lighting hinted that the arclight was indeed used in the building, just as he'd said before. This of course left the group with a choice of who to team up with, and what path they were going to choose.
  9. it's good I unhid the post the flow of events is fine. Let's continue.
  10. More soldiers died as yuuki manipulated the battlefield, either being swallowed by the ground, speared by roots, or entangled then Killed by Theo's soldiers. The imperial foot soldiers were starting to panic, and the Cavalry unit was already long gone. Archers rained down arrows, and at least a dozen cam sailing at Yuuki, only for her to be protected by a Wall of wind. Siluca was there back in in the rear ranks keeping her safe, but with the lines of battle nearing her, Yuuki was in some danger. Therion's appearance created even more chaos, though they were quick to dismiss him as illusion, especially once he vanished. Meanwhile taking a mage's robe from one of the ones she'd simply knocked out, Vesper hastily disquised herself and was able to leave the tent unmolested, simply blending into the chaos.
  11. With everyone finally gathered, they noticed a change before the introductions could proceed. In sync with that the large screen on the building across from Alphatech came to life and the broadcast started up again. "Ahh I see all our brave heroes have assembled. Very well. Now that the cast is assembled, I shall draw up the curtain and let the show begin." With that a section of the Light went out, revealing a door that rose up like a garage door. It looked more like an armored shutter. Inside they couldn't see much from the outside but it didn't look like any office reception area. The clock was ticking now as he'd stated the door would only be open so long. With the details Starsign and Hex had been able to glean, it was clear that this was anything but normal, and that the Arclight was a real threat, at least to Humanity. Their only hope was to walk inside, and Dance to their malefactor's tune.
  12. Like I said I'm leaving that up to each of you. the only thing you can be assured of is that if you've been a hero more than a month, AEGIS has a file on you.
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