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  1. Characters I enjoy

    Long is the character I've written the most with, and played the longest, in one incarnation or another. He really hasn't changed at his core much over the decade and a half + since I made his first incarnation... Dan Hawkins is my go-to for a military game, I've had fun writing with him for years, and Krul's exalted game where I played him remains my favorite exalted game to date. Maia is definitely my favorite female character I've created, and the reboots of her were even more fun for me. and Dave, yeah Kaori's always fun, was better in the first version of Shadows, if only because it was more fun to see her interact with everyone thinking about all the characters, it does hammer home how many games have finished here, since 2004. 2.
  2. The Chat Thread

    discord's fine, i use it for MWO often
  3. The Chat Thread

    it happens sadly and this is why facebook is nice, though I too am on steam...
  4. The Chat Thread

    i'll be more interested after another year when aberrant shows
  5. The Chat Thread

    You two cannot be that young.....
  6. The Chat Thread

    36/YES/Down South
  7. Worldwide Phase I

    i didn't find any pdf's but i know there are copies for around 20 USD on Amazon
  8. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    assuming they LET Sage go, he'd go.
  9. I admit I'll end up backing it because God knows we're gonna run an Aberrant game here when it comes out. Hell I might even do it. Just hope it won't be a long wait for that book.
  10. OOC Combat Thread

    Guys I'm putting this game on hiatus for now, my motivation for it is simply not there right now. It may come back at a later date.
  11. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    The hounds weren't dead, but Embrant's attacks had injured them, and the spirit was immune to their own flame attacks. For Kaori however, the young woman was catatonic, and almost hysterical now. "He has it, he has it, he has it." it was all she was saying, over and over. (Deezy and Luci are up.)
  12. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    The two hounds hit by darrik's magic went down instantly, unable to withstand the barrage of hits (One straight botched), thinning out the pack even further. This wouldn't take long but it was obvious that their foe was buying time for something. Kaori/Embrant is up.
  13. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    forgot that edited.
  14. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Two of the hounds were hit by mutt's aura, harming them and getting howls from them even as she tore into one with her blazing fist. Her keen senses could tell Iratos seemed to be heading to the spring, and away from the Inn.
  15. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Iratos was hit by the attacks, and Even though Brennan could feel each hit, the defenses the demon boasted were rather impressive. "Wind Dragon magic is it? Interesting. You Dragonslayers are a rare breed these days. You'd make a nice addition to my collection when this is over." Still brimming with confidence, Iratos held up his fist, and smiled to Brennan. "I think I'd like to see more of your powers, Perhaps some playmates for you and your friends are in order. " Holding up his hand, a mote of fire burst into being from each fingertip, only to fall to the earth, and the ground began to shake. From the ground 10 creatures, lesser hellhounds sprung forth. "Get them." With that the summoned beasts charged at the Wizards, and Iratos moved further back, moving away from the Inn.