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  1. Blaze Heart NPC's

    NPC's will go here Evie Conroy Lester Caine
  2. I am repurposing this game zone for Blaze heart until Chosen comes back. Hopefully this works out well. It was a rare Day in the town of Magnolia, home to the guild Blaze Heart. It was peaceful, quiet, and for the most part ordinary. The wizards of the guild were mostly out on various jobs, so there was little concern of a ruckus to be caused by them. Despite the destruction the guild could cause, there was never any real talk of forcing the guild out. They were powerful and of course some feared them, but that wasn't the real reason. Blaze Heart was a very sturdy shield to the town, Monster attacks and marauding bands were things that just didn't happen in Magnolia, and if they did, the Blaze Heart wizards were the first to respond with typical decisiveness. The guild brought fame with them, even if they weren't the strongest, and the members were reliable, though like many guilds, fairly quirky. Headmaster Lester Caine sat at the bar, a sheet of paper with the Imperial header and seal atop it before him, and he read it another time. It was an Imperial command for his guild to send a team of no less than five Wizards to Mount Mistal to retrieve a relic that had been stolen from one of the Royal convoys. Two dozen dead soldiers and four dead wizards already because of whatever was stolen, and yet the King had not seen fit to bring this to the council. The job was delivered by courier, and only into his hands. He sighed. They had no information, save that one of the mages told the patrol that found the ransacked convoy That he heard the Theives say something about Mount Mistal before passing on. Master Caine would have rathered gather his S-class wizards together and send them, since this was so important, but only one was still in town. He'd have to send the others, and he would keep at least three members here in town, as insurance. He'd already had Evie use her Telepathy Magic to contact the others in town summoning them to the guild hall. He'd let them volunteer, then choose who to send from among those. Evie Conroy was the guild's hostess and bartender/chef. She was a woman with a past, and while her magic was excellent for communications, there were other aspects of it that put most mages off. Publiclly, it was called Communication Magic, as she could understand and communicate with anyone, but only the guild members knew the truth of the matter. Like many of the members of the guild, Evie was a beautiful woman, though she didn't seem too concerned with it. She was dressed simply as her tasks were mostly the maintenence of the Guild Hall. She was the friendly face, the one who was always there to listen, and one of the few who actually lived in the Guild Hall's small dormitory. Caine looked at her, and she nodded. This close it was hard for her not to read his mind, and she shared his concerns. To her, the Guild was family, her brothers and sisters, and this would be a Dangerous Job. She had fixed some tea and brought it to the master. "All we can do is wait to see who wants to do this. Knowing them, they'll all want to go, so you'll have your pick." Caine just nodded. "I know, but this is not normal. There's no information on what was stolen, just that the Mages would know when they saw it, and that this was to be done as quickly and with all secrecy possible." She tried to stifle her chuckle, but failed. "And they sent it to our Guild, Master?" "Yeah, I know, that was my reaction too when I read that the first time."
  3. AWS Character update thread

    update done
  4. Stay in touch

    same for me mokole13@suddenlink.net
  5. BESM game proposal Blaze Heart

    bump for edit to original post, adding magical rules
  6. BESM3e :Blaze Heart The World of Terra is one blessed with life in many shapes and forms, some good, some evil, and some that have the power to choose. On the whole humanity falls into this last category, which leads to a sort of balance. More often than not the creatures of one side or the other wield incredible powers, for which mankind had no answer. Still they were simply bystanders in the war between good and evil, and both sides began looking to humanity to tip the balance of the Great War. To this end, Humanity was taught the mystic arts, to fundamentally control aspects of nature and reality itself, to make mankind strong enough to influence the war in a meaningful way. The Two great powers should have been able to guess what would happen next, as Humanity used their combined powers of Light and Darkness, the True Magical Arts, to combat both of the other factions. Unprepared for an attack of this nature coming from what they'd assumed to be totally loyal allies, or lackeys, The Two Ancient races of Celestials and Demons were nearly completely annihilated in the span of a century. While the destruction wasn't complete, what remained was left so exhausted that they could no longer even access the World of Terra from their own home dimensions without assistance. Now, as humanity were the undisputed masters of their world, they began to spread and colonize, developing new technology, learning new magical arts, and growing strong, while at the same time, somewhat complacent. This was the opportunity the fallen powers outside Reality had waited for. The Demons and Celestials each sent new creatures to the world, New Gods and Dark lords, having stored up power just for this purpose, and in an effort of ultimate Revenge, they gave rise to the ultimate breed of monsters, the Dragon Race. Hundreds of Dragons were sent to Terra, all mere hatchlings, with an imperative to hate and slay humans. Still it would take time for them to mature, so the Dark Lords and New Gods bided their time, Once the Dragons were mature, they were unleashed. In a single year, the world of Men was nearly destroyed by the dragons. In perhaps the strangest twist of all, it was a Dragon, a creature created to destroy humanity that gave it hope, an answer to the power of Dragons. A young girl found Great Red, the Dragon of raging flames, gravely wounded after annihilating a country. The young girl fearlessly tended the wounds of the injured dragon, and they two struck an unlikely friendship. Through her Great Red overcame his hatred of humanity, and he taught her his Magic, which was more effective against dragons. Erika Landiss became the First Dragonslayer, and alongside Great Red, fought against and either subdued or slew other dragons to defend humanity. Appealing to other Dragons, those he knew hated the imperative as much as he had come to, Great Red gathered other Dragons to him, giving rise to more Dragonslayers. Humans were quick to adapt this new magical art to slaying Gods and Demons, and soon they were fighting back against the enemies who'd nearly crushed them. Then the final act of the Great Dragon Plan came into play. Darkstar, the Dragon of the Endless Void, took on an apt young pupil named Alphonse Reinet. He quickly rose to the challenge of Void Dragonslayer magic, and mastered it. Then to the shock of everyone, he slew his master, and with this act, gained more power. he began to hunt the remaining Dragons, gaining power each time, and even other dragonslayers, to keep them from gaining power as he had. Still he had no idea about the Curse. The Celestials and Demons had learned to anticipate the unexpected and planted a seed within the very magic the dragons used. if an individual used it enough, and became powerful enough, they would become Dragons themselves, ones with even more power than the first generation. It was the curse and his drive for power that gave birth to Acnologia, the Dragon of Apocalypse. Drawn by death and power, Acnologia would hunt down nearly all the dragons remaining on Terra, killing all known dragonslayers, and then, seemingly, disappear. Centuries passed, and the great War began to fade from memory, Mankind rebuilt, wiser now, with endless potential, tempered with the knowledge that there were old enemies out there with a grudge. Still life goes on, and where there's life there is struggle, conflict, and need. it is to resolve these things that many of the Magic Guilds, various collections of wizards from many of the new and remaining ancient nations came to be. In the kingdom of Fiore, one of the largest and most progressive of the world's nations, There are nearly a hundred guilds, all of them of some name or repute, some good, and some Dark. The magic council governs the world of Magic on the mainland from Fiore's Capital, and is made up of powerful magi and even some guild leaders who are so respected they were given a seat on the council. Unfortunately, the Guild leader of Blaze Heart, based out the city of Magnolia, is not among them. Blaze Heart is known to be a guild of misfits, people who just don't fit in with other guilds. While it's not one of the old guilds, its charter only goes back a century,Blaze Heart has made a name for itself in being very effective and having a high job completion rate, along with a fairly high collateral damage rating as well. The Magi are well-meaning yet fairly rowdy, competitive, but fair, and generally good members of the community. There are many on the council and among other guilds who don't like Blaze Heart, some out of jealousy, some due to the amount of damage the wizards cause, which is always repaid by the guild. It is as members of Blaze Heart that you'll be playing, and I will update this post with more info as I crank it out. On to the crunchy bits This game will be using BESM 3e with 400 point builds. my advice is no less than 20 and no more than 40 points in skills (remember, a single rank is considered proficient and trained.) and at least half your points should be in your three primary stats. The characters should be adults, between 20 and 27 years of age. You're young, you're strong, and while all regarded as misfits, nobody really disparages the magical ability of anyone in the guild. I'm not allowing any player to use Imbue. I've seen first hand how broken it is. Dynamic powers is off the table. I realize it's probably the best way to run things like this, but it's far too easy to break a game with. Powerflux Will be allowed, at my discretion. it's base point cost per rank is being adjusted, to 10 cp per rank. The extreme versatility of the magic is very powerful. Power flux creation may create non magical standard items that are permanent, but it cannot make permanent magical items. Autofire is not allowed, nor insidious. Toughness costs 1 cp a rank, and gives 10 hp per rank Energy bonus costs 1 CP a rank, and gives 10 ep per rank. Time, Death, and Pestilence/Poison magic are not allowed themes to begin You may play a Dragonslayer, but I will allow no more than 3, and understand Dragonslayer magic is mostly combat geared, and all united by elemental afinity. There will be some other quirks to Dragonslayers, to follow when I'm not exhausted. Any questions or comments can be sent to my Justin OOC account, or just catch me in chat. Magic In the world of Terra, magic takes many forms. The first of these is summoning magic. By finding an entity of the Celestial or Demon race's spirit key, A mage may enter a binding contract to summon the entity through a gate between realms, using their own spiritual power. The key bearer can also send the entity back at any time, or when the Entity's power is exhausted they will be transported back. No mage has shown the ability to open more than one gate at a time. There are three levels of key, which indicate the power of the entity summoned. Iron keys are lower level entities, often with quirky abilities, but little real power. Silver Keys are stronger beings, capable of fighting non magical foes with ease, and lower level mages to mid ranked mages, depending on power. The Final level has two halves, the 12 gold keys of the Celestial Zodiac, and the 7 Obsidian keys of the Demonic Urges. The entities summoned by these keys are extremely power, some ranging into S-class territory in terms of power. Some can even open their gates themselves, so great is their ability. The power of a spirit is linked to the contract they form, as well as their bond with the summoner. Ability Magic- Perhaps the most common form of magic, this is often a manifestation of the mage's heart, their very soul, and reflects an ability to manipulate, manifest, and control an aspect of nature and reality. Only through strengthening themselves can they master their ability to control and manipulate an aspect of nature. Every guild has a library which contains books on mastering various forms of ability magic, Ranging from the most basic, to secret techniques known only to masters. Ability magic tends to be somewhat more common, and share related themes, so it's fairly easy to find someone with the same type of ability magic to learn mentor a new mage. The Ancient Mages left behind grimoires which contain much of the history of Magic, but these are somewhat hard to come across, as the Magic Council seeks them out to control what could be potentially harmful power. Slayer magic- Generally thought of as the most powerful magic, Slayer Magic is the hardest to attain, as well as hardest to master, and the greatest danger of losing control. While the details of the past, of Acnologia's birth and ascension are long forgotten, what hasn't been forgotten is the power Dragon, God, and Demonslayer magi wielded. Their are far more of the latter two types of mages than the former. While there have been no signs of any dragons in the world for the last 15 years, There are at least a dozen known Dragonslayers. Slayer magic tends to have a secondary elemental alignment, but is infinitely more powerful as it resonates with Celestial, Demonic or Draconic energy. What has been discovered is that God and demonslayer magic can be learned from Grimoires, or taught, whereas there are no grimoires with Dragonslayer magic, it can only be learned with the tutelage of a dragon. Magical Ranks As with all things, the ability of a Mage and their magic is rated, just as are the job postings for the various guilds. This is to prevent lower level mages from getting too far over their heads, and generally to protect life At the lowest end, we have E ranked mages, which have singular use, quirky magic, or young mages beginning their studies. Next is D-rank, where a mage has either trained and honed their abilities, even if quirky, and made progress in their studies. C rank is where the vast majority of mages end up. They achieve a fair amount of control of their powers, or mastery of a less versatile power. B Rank sees mages with more powerful magic, moving to grow stronger and possess more control. These are often up and coming mages blessed with powerful magic, but still a ways from true mastery. A ranked mages are extremely powerful, capable of amazing feats of magic and prowess. Their magic infuses all that they do, and they face the responsibility of their power every day. Most magi aim to achieve this rank, as it accords respect as well. The Final, and Highest rank is S-rank. Some call it Strategic, some call it Saint, or Satan, what is clear however is that magi at this level of power and control are a cut above the rest. Vastly stronger than A ranked magi, a single S-class can often take on 3-5 A class magi. They possess insanely powerful magic, blessed with incredible versatility, as well as scope of power. Some abuse their power as bullies, but more often than not, the S-class magi are the peacemakers within guilds, as virtually everyone respects the power of an S class mage. Magic itself does not necessarily require an incantation, as many think. Simply using the name of a particular spell is enough to conjure the effect, but the use of an incantation serves as both an amplifier and refiner of a spell. (mechanical terms Incantations use at least one turn to cast, and offer a 25% boost in power/effect, per turn used on the incantation Only summoning magic does not have real incantations, as normally the use of it is to simply call for the name of the Entity whom you are calling through the gate, and thus cannot benefit from this. Nearly all magic requires a mage to expend magical power (hp or ep) to cast, regardless of effect. A good rule of thumb is that the bigger the effect you're breaking out the more it should cost, so i'm setting the cost at half the spell/attack's cp cost. As an example an attack spell with a rank 20 weapon and rank 2 range will cost 42 points to buy, and as such, would cost 21 points of energy to use. I will allow you to burn hp as ep, but regardless of regeneration or non magical healing, those HP will not be restored without rest. Magical technology The cornerstone of all magical tecnology is a crystalline substance known as Lacrima. little is known of how it forms, save that it is mined from vast deposits throughout the world. All magical devices are built around a lacrima core, due to lacrima's ability to store magical power. there are vehicles which can run on the spiritual power of the mage, filtered through a lacrima and tamed. nearly all homes have lacrima heaters, refrigerators, and lights. Many even have small polished Lacrima flatscreen panels that serve as televisions. One exception is magical armaments. weapons and armor can have lacrima crystals, but most do not. Generally the magic is directly imbued into the armor, or weapon, which gives them unparralleled strength. Golems do exist, but they are rather rare, those that do exist are large, and generally employed in the largest lacrima mines to carry heavy burdens.
  7. Abel is already enhanced, but so far he's the only one who is
  8. well at least Abel isn't the only one
  9. High Level Novas and How to Kill Them

    someone with mastery on disrupt works pretty well. I have alot of experience killing high power novas. If you've got Q-8 quantum authority and supremacy are options too As to explain why nobody's heard of them, you've got a Q8 nova with time travel pulling in other novas to fight them from other timelines, or just use crosstime travel with exotic worlds and extra targets, and you can bring in whatever you want. You cannot beat aberrants defensive powers with its offensive powers. It's annoying as shite. Quantum leech and Quantum vampire are also highly effective, though you want to make sure it can be done at range.. Don't try to beat his strength, but attack where he cannot defend. Another option is to make him fight himself straight up...See how he wins.. if he can.
  10. OOC Thread

    I am placing this game on hiatus for now. things have come up in my life that are going to take up my time. we'll resume when I get it all sorted out if the interest to do so is still there.
  11. Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

    Ryusei called back "Keep working at what's going on, keep me in the loop if you find anything out. I'm going to run a circuit of the various points." With that he was gone, once outside he called hokuto and took flight for Clara's position. Curtis was able to see Clara there, and rewinding the footage showed Sia there before, then she was enveloped in a strange mist, and vanished. it was at that moment that one of the searches he'd keyed in on a wild hunch came back, regarding the symbol they did know the meaning of. What it came up with was the Atlantis Resort and spa in the Bahamas webpage, where the same symbol served as the company Logo. Elsewhere, Kaori had arrived at the cemetery, and unlike the other sites, there were signs of life, the buzzing of insects, the wind moved, coming gently from the southeast, but something was definitely off. several areas of the cemetery were flooded, and it was from within the flooded area that she felt some sort of pull, tugging at the ichor in her veins.
  12. Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

    Ryusei had been sitting there listening as they discussed their findings. Coffee wasn't his thing, he preferred tea. Still it would be bad form to not drink it. Just before he was about to open it to drink his phone rang and he answered the call and listened momentarily tuning out what his braintrust was discussing to listen to the field report. "Guys, we've got another point that's gone active, more mist, and Sia's missing now. Curtis, get the camera feed on the area, I want to know what happened. I'm going to head there and block the hole like last time, it seemed to slow it down. Send out a warning to Kaori too." With that he headed for the door, ready to call Hokuto to fly him there, still he turned his head holding up the coffee where Mia could see it. "Good thinking."
  13. Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

    Both animals began to growl as they looked within the place, not wanting to go any further within. There was the sound of shoes on stone, and Without warning the Police Detective sprang into action, dashing into the home, leaving the two of them outside. Sia looked to Clara. 'I'll keep an eye out here, in case they get past you."
  14. Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

    They left there, as it seemed that the leak was contained for now. three hours later they were set up in one of three briefing rooms within the Police Precinct for Ward 3. Ryusei thanked the Captain in Charge for the use of the room, several computers, and looked to Curtis once it was closed. He tapped out a message on his ipad, and it came up for Curtis. "Secure the room, make it a loop of us doing seemingly random things, and be ready to not include me as I won't be staying. I expect some sort of video and mics in here, so plan accordingly. I like them, i trust them, but what gets discussed might alarm normal people." He smiled, and looked at Mei Ying and Mia, "Well, let's get unpacked."