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  1. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    The summoning of the Mech, drew the adult's attention, and Ryan summoned his sword again, and looked to Vesper and Yuuki. "i'll draw the adults until Tori gets going, you two knock off the hatchlings, and try to move closer to the queen." With that he leaped over the side down into the cavern, headed straight towards one of the adult warriors, his sword ringing against the armored claw, even as his feet hit the side of it too, where he jumped off, dodging the other claw's swipe and tearing a deep furrow down the creatures back. It vomited acid towards him, but it missed, etching the cavern wall, and now all three warriors turned to engage him as he landed in a crouch, rising and brandishing his sword. He'd drawn them in, and close together too. Meanwhile the queen was starting to turn to them, and the hatchlings already moving underfoot.
  2. when adding the mega att scores as dice, you roll them and any success counts as 2 successes towards the needed total. If it rolls as a 10, it is 3 successes. performing actions under stress, or under various circumstances can incur a difficulty penalty to the roll, meaning you'd need additional successes. Using mega att score dice to reduce this value works on a One for One scale. I personally have found that rolling the mega attribute die gives much better rewards, though it isn't always certain. Using them to reduce difficulty really works in games where your GM is going to apply all those difficulty modifiers, but if the GM isn't doing so, it's generally better to roll the dice.
  3. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    They went in, and with Therion's warnings, somehow they were able to avoid detection, even when creatures passed within ten meters of them. As they went deeper into the hive, they could feel it getting warmer. Another trio of the large bugs wandered by, without seeing them, and they noticed that unlike before, Ryan was sweating. When Tori went to move away from the rock wall but he shook his head. looking at the wall there was a faint glow from his hand connecting them all where they touched the wall. Finally the creatures were gone, and he withdrew his hand, and exhaled. "holy shit that takes alot of power." Ryan had been masking them, keeping them from being detected, but the effort cost him. Therion reported that below them in a cavern or crystals were the queen, and roughly five dozen eggs. There were three grown warriors there, tending the queen, as well as a dozen hatchlings. "You ladies ready for this?" Ryan whispered.
  4. i am interested as well
  5. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    "They wouldn't believe me if I told them." Ryan nodded. "Pretty much how it is in our world regarding us too. Don't worry, we'll make good use of the opening." The rest of the plan was worked out, and with a highspeed run they brought Ryoko back to her base, and left, laying low, camping as it were in the woods. it was somewhat boring, roughing it, but Ryan caught fish from a river, and with Yuuki, they found other foods in the forests. He slept outside, giving the trio of women privacy, such as it was, sleeping inside the mech's roomy cockpit. Ryan had found an oak tree and taken some acorns from it for Yuuki, along with some other seeds he found once they'd set down. Finally the time came, and three bright green flares. "There we go. they're engaging. It's time for us to head out. Vesper, I'll lead, but have your friend go out before us, Tori, you're behind Vesper. Yuuki you bring up the rear, since you're the best at protecting us." Once they were in formation, they head out. The hike wasn't hard, but it was fairly boring. Surprisingly they encountered no enemies, and soon reached the mountain, which had come to resemble a massive anthill, with many new tunnel like openings, all of them easily large enough to have Tori's mech walk through. They could hear the rumble of explosions from the other side of the mountain, the attack was progressing in earnest, and this was their best chance to get in and clear the level.
  6. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    Ryan nodded. "We'd have to approach on foot, which means a hike, and no mechs, It's doable, so I say lets give it a shot." He looked to Tori and shook his head. "We will need you inside. Since you can call your mech the way you do, it's the one mech we can get in past their defenses for sure. I'm betting the queen is large, and needs to be moved around, and so do those monsters we fought, so it might me tight quarters, but your gundam oughta fit just fine." He looked to Yuuki. "We need to get you a bag of seeds or something. I saw what you did to the tree." His gaze fell on Vesper, and he nodded. "And you're gonna be on the spot abit, As I need you, or at least your buddy, to serve as our recon and early warning." He looked at the local pilot, and nodded. "Do you think your people will go for this?" Ryoko shook her head. "Not right away, but they'd probably not believe any of this. I know the attack will happen as soon as they reqpair from the Okinawa mission." Ryan nodded. "Then we need to get you to your base so you can fill them in, we'll set up a signal, and then head out for where we'll infiltrate the base"
  7. Well said Dave. We all know there have been issues, hell we've all been part of them. We're all still here, still playing together though, and that says something too. AWS is the largest game on the site and I'd hate to see it go. I think that you've done a great job with it so far Nina, and I admit, this isn't how I'd want to see it end. That said if you truly believe you cannot continue, or just plain don't want to do so, I can respect that too. The game's been a hell of a ride, and for that much at the very least I'll say thanks.
  8. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    "Well, that's thirty percent we don't have to deal with. So we can't go in through the air, we'll just have to walk in on the ground. It's a long hike, but it beats getting shot by lasers." Ryan answered and smiled. "You guys are going to launch another assault, even though the last one failed, right?" The Captain nodded. "We will launch another attack to try to clear the bugeyes, so they don't shoot down the bomb." "Well, that sounds good, we'll attack from the other direction and penetrate the hive." "But our weapons can barely do that, and we deployed cruise missiles by the score." "I have faith we can get inside, once we're in we go to the queen and kill her, then you should have an easy time killing the rest."
  9. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    "I'm aware of that aspect of the plan, they want to detonate a neutron bomb and destroy all the life that's there. So far, that's been the only way to take out a hive. We've got only a few days until they drop it, whether we succeed or not." Ryan looked at her. "These Anvaari, they're highly adaptive, well with the metals in the mountain, when you drop the bomb this time they mutate again, and will become beyond any ability to deal with. So how about we go in and deal with the queen ourselves?" "The Hive is protected by hundreds of Anvaari like the ones you slew, as well as the little bugeyes. They look like a pair of eyes with a short body, and legs, but they shoot hyperaccurate lasers up to two miles away. its why any attack by air is doomed to fail. We came here with three hunded Amor Gears, the mech I was piloting, and we lost half of them taking out probably thirty percent of the Hive's defenses."
  10. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    Ryoko's eyes narrowed, and she looked at Yuuki pointedly. "The Oceanic Alliance Is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It's at their behest that We launched a fleet operation to take down the Hive in Japan. Why do they matter, aside that?" There was definitely bad blood there, and her whole demeanor had changed. "As for Adai, he's the Captain of First Squadron, which is Fighting over on Okinawa at the old United States Base. Supposedly there's expirimental tech there that we need to crack open the Hive's outer shell."
  11. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    Once they were all inside the somewhat cramped cockpit of the Gundam, Tori took off, and a minute later set down in a clearing Well away from the city. The Pilot cracked the seal on her helmet, revealing Dark brown eyes and asian features. She removed her helmet and looked at the four strangers. "Who the hell you, and how can you fight the Anvaari without a mecha? Speaking of Mecha, I've never seen one so sleek as this, and with such amazing response time..." Ryan held up a hand, to forestall the rush of questions. "We can answer all that, but you're gonna have to answer some questions for us too." The pilot looked at him and nodded. "Alright, I guess I should at least introduce myself to the people who saved me. I am Ryoko Akisa, Captain of the UFE's 13th Squadron, and the last survivor." Ryan nodded. "Pleasure to meet you Ryoko, glad we could help you out of a tight spot. My name's Ryan Church, I'll let my comrades introduce themselves, and answer your other questions."
  12. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    With Yuuki swinging to safety carrying the pilot that left the others to deal with the final creature. Tori's stunning entrance and martial arts move immobilized the creature stunning it, and giving Ryan All the opportunity he needed, his sword flashing quickly twice in succession, cleaving through the head and neck of the stunned monster before landing only a few feet from Vesper with a smile, his weapon vanishing and a look of relief on his face. "Alright, that's done. I'm gonna need a minute or two and then we can keep going. That said, I recommend that Tori picks us up and we ride with her, all together somewhere abit safer, where we can see them coming. A city's okay to fight in, but there's next to no warning if more of these things head towards us." He was speaking into his phone, so all three of the other players could hear, though Vesper could easily as she was right there. He looked to Vesper and smiled. "You okay?"
  13. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    It was an impressive show and Even Ryan paused, as he readied himself for another leaping strike to finish off the last of the three creatures that had gone after Tori. He didn't need to it turned out, as Tori had the situation in hand knocking the creature from its feet with a Savage kick that they all heard bones breaking from, as bits of teeth showered the battlefield. With her Combat Knife she ended it, as she split the beast's heart, bisecting it completely. When she withdrew the blade blood gushed out. Down the first street they'd emerged on, Therion heed his mistress commands, Slicing through the remaining arm and then the creature's head even as its mind broke under the mental assault from Vesper. That left only one of the creatures still on the field, and it unleashed the attack that they'd first seen one use, a Torrent of green flames from the mouth, Bathing the defensive barrier errected by Yuuki with hellish green light. Nothing got through the shield, but Yuuki could feel the shield's effectiveness drop. (will be effectively 9 ranks vs next attack) The creature seemed to not regard the loss of all its comrades, it was fixed on killing those before it. The pilot only nodded, It was a woman, She could now see, and took the offered hand, Even as the creature raged before them.
  14. Justin OOC

    Avengers: Infinity War

    I'm going to talk about it, now that I've seen it, my spoiler box WILL contain spoilers for the movie. This is your warning, continue reading at your discretion
  15. Justin OOC

    Level 1: Mecha and Monsters

    The creatures engulfed by Tori's attacks both let out loud anguished screams as their flesh melted under the hellish fire of the buster canons' attacks. As She caught them both, Ryan launched himself back through the air, this time making two attacks on the trailing creature, felling it for good as he sliced the head clean away after Tori's attacks. The creature heading at Vesper Reared up raising one of the hammer like claws to flatten her, even as her psychic assault battered it's miniscule mind, and there was the sound of the air being sliced, and then the raised claw fell back onto the broken pavement, severed from the arm, and jetting blood. The creature screamed and brought around the other claw, which swiped a foot over her head barely missing decapitating the young psychic. The Final one was undetterred as the nearly dead tree seemingly burst into a vibrant and massive oak, it's thick branches now obscuring its path, and holding up the disabled mech on its right side. On the back of the mech, she could see a seam open, as two hands appeared out of the widening hatch, it seemed the pilot was alright after all.