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  1. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    "I will be returning to the Keep. In truth I'm not supposed to stray from Lord Theo's side, as his appointed and contracted mage, but this is special, since he too agreed for me to go and make these introductions. We want you to succeed, because it helps us too. I know this is not your world, but it is imprtant to us that everything you said you're here to do is accomplished." She looked to Vesper. "I would need time to actually see him, and to activate some somewhat larger spells than I can here. Still, it could be as you say, or perhaps there was some reason you were chosen, and Your guardian is related to that." Back at the keep, Daizo was abit impressed by how quickly Tori took off, but quickly follwed after her. He was abile to catch up to her, and kept apace. The ramparts were thick able to easily have 4 men stand shoulder to shoulder, and he smiled . The Keep had never been taken, and he'd led the defense himself a number of times. The new Duke was younger than him, but since the Old Duke thought so highly, Daizo had sworn to support him, and his strange allies. "Is this part of your daily routine?"
  2. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    Siliuca watched the memories, the visions replay, and she frowned. "That..is not fair." She looked almost like she wanted to hug Vesper, but held off. "But if you only just got these powers, it doesn't make alot of sense. Allow me to think on it abit longer, maybe I can help you unravel it and get a true explanation." "To answer regarding Izona, Let me just say that she's eccentric, and not human. Nor is she an Elf. She calls herself a Seraphim, and as far as I know, she is the only one of her kind. She never really told me more than that. What I can tell you is that she is a Master of Magic, knowing nearly every School of Magic there is. She's sometimes odd, but even trivial information she doesn't know can excite her, if she can think of a use for it. The more you offer her, the more willing she is to teach, but be careful she can sense the amount of information she doesn't know within any tome, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of most things." "I warn you because she is quite powerful and while she honors all contracts to the letter, asking something elseof her at a later date may end up costing more than you can pay, So it's always good to hold abit back. She's a good friend to have, but she has her quirks."
  3. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    For Tori, there was a large open area within the Keep, clearly it was a training area for the Knights of the Keep. Abit of asking around of various ervants uncovered that the town the Castle was within was also a bustling community, as it was a trade hub. There was much to explore, of she was so inclined. The last person she asked happened to be an Knight who wasn't on duty. His name was Daizo Hadsa, he was the leader of an independent Squad of Ducal Knights. "So, you're looking for somewhere to exercise in peace, is that it? Why not take a jog of the Ramparts? If you don't mind my company at least, I can go with you and those on duty won't give you any trouble." In the Carriage, Siluca smiled. "oh, forgive my misunderstanding then, Vesper. If you'd be willing to share it with me, then yes I'd be happy to see what you're shown. Maybe I can help you uncover the hidden details within the visions you're shown." Siluca considered Yuuki's answer. "I guess you did, well I am glad you're going to be able to help us out here.
  4. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    Siluca shook her head "No, I don't think you need to manifest him fully here. That would probably spook the horses, and the driver, so let's not, but I would like to see your Guardian later. My friend, her name i Izona, she'll definitely want to meet him." She looked over to Yuuki. "I can, yes. I have several affinities, and one lets me pierce illusion and reveal the truth of things. It is useful for spotting infiltrators and see what others try to hide." "So you wanted to be a hero as a child? I always knew I'd be a Mage, my Father was the Imperial Mage to the Empire's Royal family so I was always groomed to be one."
  5. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    With that Siluca led them to the carriage, but not before smiling at Tori. "Those pastries are a huge hit here. Ryan shared the recipe the first morning with one of the chefs, and they've been so heavily requested there was thought of charging for them simply due to the demand. Of course Ryan had Theo nix that idea, saying he didn't share it with them to make money. He just wanted something familiar." After that she left Tori to her own devices, and set out with Vesper and Yuuki. While in the Carriage, Siluca smiled. "So you have a guardian spirit, Vesper?" It was the first time someone had detected Therion directly, without actually seeing him. "How did you come by him, If I might ask? It's something that's not unheard of here, but yours seems to be far more interested in your wellbeing than most. Here they're mostly patrons we draw power from, Seldom do they manifest like yours." She turned her gaze, giving a moment for Vesper to collect her thoughts to answer her, as she asked something of Yuuki. "I was also curious about your abilities. Earth and Nature magic might be a good fit, having watched you, but that wasn't magic you used. Some sort of other Mystic Art? And you can transform your physical form. Is there any associated benefit with it?"
  6. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    The Old Duke smiled, "I'd like that." The festivities carried on well into the night, and while Ryan took up a post as Theo's bodyguard, much to the annoyance of the Ducal guard, He quickly showed his own skill in a series of matches the next couple of days, enough that the resistance to his posting, as Theo's Champion dissipated. None could match his skill with a blade. It was the third day after Theo's ascension, and Siluca finally came to the Trio of Otherworldly women on one of the balconies of the Keep, overlooking the lands to the East. "I've made contact with my friend, and she's agreed to meet with you. It's several hour's ride from here, but I've arranged a carriage, if you want to come with me, we can go see her. I will be accompanying you today, as Ryan's staying with Lord Theo. He asked me to give you this." She produced a cellphone, and handed it to Yuuki. It wasn't one like the ones they had from the GameMaster, "He says it's got alot of books and trivia on it, it might be handy." She looked to them, and smiled. "Unless any of you don't wish to come along."
  7. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    Ryan, who had come over by them from his position closer to Theo nodded. "It does seem so, That said, we're not bound by this world's rules. There's a better than even chance that if you learn the magic, then you'll still be capable of using it when we leave. I can still use some of the Sword and Martial Arts I learned in Azoth, so That's all i've got to go on." The Former Duke seemed quite intrigued. "Other worlds, are you each from a different one?" He smiled at Yuuki, "To answer you, It's the first time that it is recorded that Chaos was sealed, but no one is truly sure regarding Antiquity here on this world, there is evidence of a massive cataclysm, actually several, which destroyed any historical records from before the Sealing."
  8. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    "They're divided, but they are bound by contract to serve the various lords. I imagine they'll have more to say should anyone actually get close to pulling it off, but thus far, No one is that close. The Ruling Families of the Empire and Kingdom have the best chance at it. Understand there were over a thousand Lines before, now there's just over a hundred. Most of the remainder were subjugated by those two Lines and their allies."
  9. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    The old Duke smiled. "There is no place for me, save the small home I prepared for this day. I won't be alive much longer, according to my doctors, so it is fortuitous that I could do this now, while I still had the strength to make it stick." He turned to Vesper. "I know you didn't mean to offend, you simply know nothing of our customs. I will explain. The Crests are part of Seal against the forces of Chaos, and Chaos itself. In this world the malevolence of the world , all the darkness, and the monsters spawned from it are a part of the Entity Chaos. Roughly five hundred years ago, Great Magic was used to create a Seal for this Chaos, The Grand Crest. With Chaos sealed, Magic itself was lost to the world, and the powers of the crest were wall.Soon though, the people felt this was too much power to rest with a single individual, and the Grand Crest was broken, breaking the seal, and slowly magic along with chaos seeped back into the world. The crest was broken again and again, smaller and smaller parts, as various people laid claim to its powers, until we arrive at to day. With nearly a hundred different Lords and their crest lines, They have gathered into grand nations, seeking to conquer the others, and gain their crests. Some precious few are not part of any Line, and are Natural crests, Like Theo's. This means he is not bound to the will of anyone. It is also something that may yet allow him to master all the crest Lines, and bring them together to restore the Grand Crest, and Seal Chaos once again."
  10. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    Once everyone had gone inside, the door was closed. The food was good, and the wine flowed freely. Ryan ate, but drank only water, as his eyes and senses were all geared towards his surroundings, looking for anything amiss. There was nothing strange, just alot of lesser nobles who were enjoying themselves. After a couple hours, the old Duke tapped on his glass, letting out a crystal clear chiming, which brought all conversation to a close. Ryan was right there with Siluca and Theo. With all attention on the Duke, Ryan was the only one watching everything else, aside from the other Players. "My friends, my subjects, I am old. Tonight I announce my successor. Many of you will not understand, but I make this choice to repay a very old debt, and I assure each of you, that I make it in my sound mind. I name Theo Cornaro as my successor, and hereby relinquish my crest to him. We are bound by blood, his Mother was my youngest sister, born in my father's old age. Though young, he has gathered strong allies to him, and his cause and manner are just. I ask you to serve him as you have served me." He motioned for Theo to come forward, and he did. "Duke..Uncle.." "No, you are worthy Theo. I promised I would help you, to both your mother and your father. This is the fulfillment of that." He grasped Theo's hand, and their crests shone brightly for all to see. "I relinquish my crest to the new Duke." Theo's crest absorbed the Duke's crest, becoming even larger, and more intricate. The Duke moved aside, "Now take your seat and proclaim the start of your reign." Theo nodded once, and Stood before the high backed chair of the duke. "I am Duke Theo Cornaro, and I claim this dukedom. All who reside are subject to my rule. I will offer one week's grace, to any who feel they cannot serve, and so must leave the duchy, provided no one resorts to violence." It was enough to quell the rising murmur from the crowd. Some would certainly leave, but the mere fact he was allowing them to go peaceably made some hesitate. Few Lords offered such generosity. "Those who remain, I expect your pledge of Loyalty, and that you do your utmost to make the land prosperous for all who dwell here." It was a fair expectation, and was noted as such. The festivities resumed, abit more subdued now, and Ryan took his place near Theo, now acting as a sort of bodyguard, as Siluca stood beside him, her position as contracted mage obvious to all. The old Duke moved through the crowd, a nod a grin, a kind word. he made his way to the three female Players and smiled. "Well now, what are your thoughts on all of that, strangers from another world?"
  11. Dan Hawkins will likely be my PC for this. Born and raised Swamper, though I may look at having him work for the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
  12. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    The minister was somewhat taken aback, They didn't honestly see it as pipeweed, since there was no pipe, thinking it was something else. The Duke sighed. "I see your companions are quite different, Theo, It's fine, this time. " Theo bowed, and even Ryan was glaring at Vesper. They were going to need to have a serious talk. Ryan's glare disappeared, and he bowed slightly, "My name is Ryan Church, these are my friends, Tori Canon, Yuuki Ryougi, and Vesper. We were sent from another world to help this one, and keep Chaos from being unleashed in full." There were several gasps from the audience, and the Duke stroked his beard. "I see. And you chose to ally yourself with young Theo?" "Yes, sir, we did. We have it on good authority that he will be a Key factor in saving the world, We have an oracle of sorts, and Lord Theo will be instrumental in stopping Chaos." "Very well, I will accept that, You all are of course my guests. Now, with that formality handled, I invite you all to the dining hall. I'd wanted a grand feast, but with so many, I thought perhaps a buffet best, so that you can serve yourselves and eat what you wish. Magic has been cast to assure that everything is safe, so have no fears of that." The Duke Rose from his Throne, and lead the procession of everyone to the Dining hall. Ryan stopped the other players, waiting for the others to leave. Once they were out of earshot, he turned to Vesper, snatched the cig so fast she couldn't see and put it out in his hand without batting an eye. "What the hell is with you? You just jeopardized the whole thing, for a goddamn smoke. back home you can be all the Bitch you want to be, but here in a Level, you can't. If the duke had made an issue of that we literally had nothing to offer to offset it. It could have damaged Theo's reputation, having such uncouth companions, before we even really get started. Think before you do something like that Vesper. I know it's other worlds, strange customs, but You ALWAYS ask before lighting up inside someone's home, that's true even on Earth. Hell that was even true in Azoth, the first level I was in. If you need it that bad, then excuse yourself and go outside." His inital rage vented, his eyes still had a hard edge, and he took a breath. "Now, let's try to go in there and not screw up anything. Whatever the Duke's going to announce, it definitely pertains to Theo, so let's not make him look bad. Be polite, be courteous, and We can keep going. Just everyone, be on guard. We've got to protect Theo now, and his reputation. We're accepted as his companions." He waited to see if anyone had anything further to add, otherwise he'd lead on into the dining hall.
  13. Justin OOC

    Level 2: Might and Magic

    Luckily The tutor I know lives within Duke Antero's domain, so we're headed to the right place. Once we arrive I will send her a message and arrange a meeting then." Siluca smiled. Theo spoke after that. "I look forward to our Training, Ryan." Ryan nodded. "It won't be anything like what you may have had, it won't be neat and clean Theo. I am going to teach you how to win, not some formal fighting style." With it settled, they continued the journey to Duke Antero's castle,which was large and a veritable fortress. The men at the gate lowered the drawbridge to allow them inside, and indeed the town that surrounded his castle was bustling. a great wall surrounded it, manned by soldiers. They were shown to a set of rooms for their quarters by the Duke's Minister, and allowed time to change and clean up should they wish. Siluca sent her message, and after an hour or so, they were called to come to the Dining Hall. The Duke was an older man, his beard and hair both long and Grey. "I see Young Theo has met some unusual companions. Still I welcome you to my lands, and keep. He will need you to see his goal through to the end. I am Duke Leon Antero, and tonight I will make good on a promise I made eighteen years ago, One which will finally allow me to rest, but first, I'd hear your tale, new friends."