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  1. Do They?

    I voted yes, (big surprise I know) I play games to have fun, to generally be able to do things I cannot do. That said, I could play a normal non powered person in something with advanced tech and what not, but just a modern day game, I end up getting fairly bored quickly. The times I've played in games like that, it just wasn't that fun for me. I mean Battletech has perfectly normal people in it, for the most part and super advanced tech (and not so advanced in other ways I mean lasers with only 90m range?)
  2. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Lynne looked at Deezy and her smile didn't wholly disappear, but it wasn't as big as before. "You know it's generally considered rude to do that to someone you don't know." She left without another word, and after a few minutes they could hear the faintest of sounds, evidently she had other guests now, and She was tending to them now. Their food lay before them, everything neat and with perfect presentation, it all smelled great.
  3. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    When the others finally decided to follow along, they made it to the inn to find Lynne waiting, just as the sun began to set. "Inside, quickly, The food is ready." With the last of them in, she followed, and then showed them to the room that was prepared. What they each noticed as they walked through the Inn was that two other rather large rooms were also prepared now, Though the food wasn't set out within them, the tables were. Only when they were ensconced within their own room, the door shut behind Lynne, and she smiled. "Please, refresh yourselves. I will have other guests this evening, but, simply call my name and I will come and see to your needs. I have rooms for you to stay the night, and of course if you wish, enjoy the springs while you are here. I will ask that you do not Leave the Inn again until daybreak, and warn that if you do, the consequences will be upon your own heads."
  4. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    The Sun was already starting to drop to the horizon, sunset wouldn't be too long. If they took Lynne's warning to heart, that's when she expected Iratos to return. Why she remained was still a mystery, and seemingly she had no fear of the demon at least with regards to herself. This left the group with two obvious choices, wait for the demon here, at what it was no small deductive leap to conclude was his personal spring, or return to question Lynne more about things. The choice was up to them, but they didn't have all that long to decide. At the Inn Lynne sighed. Iratos wasn't her only concern. She silently used her own magic to make the vehicle vanish. She was expecting other guests tonight as it was, and they were a rowdy sort. They'd be along any minute. "I wonder who will arrive first? Tonight will be one to remember, that's for sure."
  5. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Lynne seemed unfazed, "If you're going out, be back before sunset, that's when Iratos returns." She turned her attention to Kaori. "We saw nothing of his combat power, only his ability to trap souls, Your choices are to play games with him, with very well defined unbreakable rules, or try to fight him without knowing about him. That's all I can tell you. I can say he feels quite powerful, and I've no doubt he could have destroyed the town if he felt so inclined." At the Spring, Deezy got a solid reading for magical power, but zero signs of life. "Their lives, their souls, it's all being converted into magical power. This isn't stone, but lacrima." It was unreal, there had never been records of living souls turned into magical power, at least none that the general public had ever heard of, including most wizards. Clearly whatever they were dealing with wasn't just some run of the mill demon.
  6. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    [Kaori] "The games can be nearly anything with fair and balanced rules. Mine was a word association game. I did win, because I am old and Crafty." She smiled, but it seemed rather sad. "I was also the first to go. Perhaps he lost on purpose to build the hopes of others. No one else even came close to winning, and now, they all suffer a worse fate than death in my opinion." [at the sulfur spring] Once the others arrived, they began to explore, and made a somewhat grisly discovery. The wall of the spring that was part of the mountain was nothing but human faces, all contorted in agony, mouths agape in silent screams. There were hundreds of them, even those of children.
  7. I will likely make some sort of solder/operative. lemme get through the next 2 days at work and I can get this done
  8. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    The search outside turned up very little, which was odd in and of itself. There were no people, Lynne was seemingly alone here with them. Inside, the Hostess was happy for the help. ", Kaori, Luci, Please, go ahead there into the second door, its the storage room for the dishes and such, get out the silverware and set the table in the secondary hall in the 3rd door to the left down the hallway." As she moved to do so, Lynne surprisingly spoke even as she began preparing some food for them, answering Kaori's question. "Iratos is a demon that was summoned by the townsfolk. They were foolish and wished to have the greatest hotsprings around, So they summoned a Fire demon. He gave them the option to gain his service in granting their wish, but only if they could beat him in games. Everyone else failed." Outside is was Mutt who found it first. There was another spring, offset from the town. It didn't smell the same, as the scent of sulfur was much stronger. As Brennan neared it, he could smell it on the wind now as well.
  9. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    The banter, teasing, and conversations continued as they drove on, after another hour another wizard took their turn providing power, and so on. Eventually they arrived at Mount Mistal, and the scene was shocking. A town known mostly as tourist trap for its hotsprings, and many hotels, the streets were deserted, and many of the buildings had seen heavy damage, apparently from fire. After driving through town and seeing no one, they saw a plume of smoke from one of the Inns that was on the mountainside. Given that it was already midday, and they lacked any information, The collective decision was made to check out the inn. As they pulled up to the main gate, an Older woman, easily into her seventies, emerged from the door, and looked somewhat startled. She beckoned them to her, and spoke. "Quickly, bring that contraption into the barn, hurry before you're actually seen." With little choice, they did as she told them, and she brought them within the inn. "It doesn't seem you were followed, so that's good. Perhaps you can escape before Iratos and his flunkies come, but it's not safe to walk around in Daylight here." She seemed to remember something important, and stopped herself. "Sorry, I am Lynne Okami, owner of this Inn. You all seem to have come from somewhere a ways away, how about I fix you some dinner, and you can tell me why you've come."
  10. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Master Caine shook his head. "That hasn't been stated, so try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum. I'm sure if you go overboard, they'll simply take it out of your fee." He sighed. With little more fanfare, the group seemed to temporarily break up as everyone got what they needed and then headed to the Garage and the magical van the guild maintained. It wasn't new, but it was well kept, and far better than walking or riding on horseback. Once everyone was loaded up, They set out with Luci at the wheel. An hour later, they were well away from the city, with another two or three hours transit time. Luci looked to the other wizards, and nodded. "i'll keep driving, but someone else needs to supply the magic, or I won't be able to do too much when we get there. If we take turns, it won't be so hard on one person, So who's going next?"
  11. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Master Caine sighed. "I do know that the four wizards slain were from the royal military, not any guild. I asked repeatedly for more information, only to be told there was nothing more to tell. If it's regular marauders, any two of you should be able to handle this. but given that I was told to send all the force I could, I expect that sending more of you will only help. The other part is this. If the mission is completed per all requests, there is the matter of compensation. One Million Jewel, to each mage, or a month's access to Royal Library's vault, Which I should tell you is normally restricted to only S-class wizards."
  12. BESM Blaze Heart Chapter 1 Mistal

    Master Caine shook his head and sighed. "Honestly, even with the safety glass, must you use the skylight? Why not simply use the door, like a normal wizard.?" He looked at the assembled wizards, and looked to Evie. "Seiya says he's not coming. He figures if he stay in town, then you can send everyone." Caine looked abit aggravated, but nodded. "He does have a point, though it's unlike him to take on that sort of responsibility. Very Well, it's not like we could really force him." He looked to the other Wizards there, and didn't smile. "Well, as you all know We have a job that requires considerable power to take care of. This is a secret request, directly from the King himself. An item of great importance was stolen from a royal convoy, resulting in the deaths of a fair number of soldiers and four wizards. Our Guild has been asked to retrieve it, quietly, and intact. We are to wipe out whoever we find in possession of the item. I had planned to send four or five of you and Seiya, but since he's elected to remain behind, I will go ahead and send all of you on this mission. Understand, you have to maintain secrecy, and that we have little information beyond the possible home of the Raiders at Mount Mistal. You can take the Guild Magic Van since there's alot of you going, but do try to ensure you bring in back intact. Now are there any questions?"
  13. Blaze Heart NPC's

    NPC's will go here Evie Conroy Lester Caine
  14. I am repurposing this game zone for Blaze heart until Chosen comes back. Hopefully this works out well. It was a rare Day in the town of Magnolia, home to the guild Blaze Heart. It was peaceful, quiet, and for the most part ordinary. The wizards of the guild were mostly out on various jobs, so there was little concern of a ruckus to be caused by them. Despite the destruction the guild could cause, there was never any real talk of forcing the guild out. They were powerful and of course some feared them, but that wasn't the real reason. Blaze Heart was a very sturdy shield to the town, Monster attacks and marauding bands were things that just didn't happen in Magnolia, and if they did, the Blaze Heart wizards were the first to respond with typical decisiveness. The guild brought fame with them, even if they weren't the strongest, and the members were reliable, though like many guilds, fairly quirky. Headmaster Lester Caine sat at the bar, a sheet of paper with the Imperial header and seal atop it before him, and he read it another time. It was an Imperial command for his guild to send a team of no less than five Wizards to Mount Mistal to retrieve a relic that had been stolen from one of the Royal convoys. Two dozen dead soldiers and four dead wizards already because of whatever was stolen, and yet the King had not seen fit to bring this to the council. The job was delivered by courier, and only into his hands. He sighed. They had no information, save that one of the mages told the patrol that found the ransacked convoy That he heard the Theives say something about Mount Mistal before passing on. Master Caine would have rathered gather his S-class wizards together and send them, since this was so important, but only one was still in town. He'd have to send the others, and he would keep at least three members here in town, as insurance. He'd already had Evie use her Telepathy Magic to contact the others in town summoning them to the guild hall. He'd let them volunteer, then choose who to send from among those. Evie Conroy was the guild's hostess and bartender/chef. She was a woman with a past, and while her magic was excellent for communications, there were other aspects of it that put most mages off. Publiclly, it was called Communication Magic, as she could understand and communicate with anyone, but only the guild members knew the truth of the matter. Like many of the members of the guild, Evie was a beautiful woman, though she didn't seem too concerned with it. She was dressed simply as her tasks were mostly the maintenence of the Guild Hall. She was the friendly face, the one who was always there to listen, and one of the few who actually lived in the Guild Hall's small dormitory. Caine looked at her, and she nodded. This close it was hard for her not to read his mind, and she shared his concerns. To her, the Guild was family, her brothers and sisters, and this would be a Dangerous Job. She had fixed some tea and brought it to the master. "All we can do is wait to see who wants to do this. Knowing them, they'll all want to go, so you'll have your pick." Caine just nodded. "I know, but this is not normal. There's no information on what was stolen, just that the Mages would know when they saw it, and that this was to be done as quickly and with all secrecy possible." She tried to stifle her chuckle, but failed. "And they sent it to our Guild, Master?" "Yeah, I know, that was my reaction too when I read that the first time."
  15. AWS Character update thread

    update done