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  1. Theo nodded, the only one who would be present were Ryan ad Tori. In the end, Both the Empire and Kingdom surrendered to Theo, including their crests. This would effectively make him Emperor. The corronation would take place in Fontaine, home of the Mage association and Capital of the Empire. That night, The lord of the Kingdom would propose to the Empress, which she accepted. Once theo was crowned, the Grand Crest would be formed, and Chaos stripped from the world, Theo planned to Abdicate and place the two of them as his successors. Ryan smiled at the plan, as it would neatly complete their tasks. The next day they prepared to set out, and that night saw it all nearly undone, as a Cabal of mages sought to assasinate All three main noble leaders. Ryan was on hand to stop it, but none of them were prepared for what happened at the stroke of midnight. The stars of the world began to wink out, and a crack of blood red light opened in the sky. dozens of chaosbeasts descended and wreaked havoc amidst the Grand imperial army, but were fought off.
  2. With Starsign making their battleplan, the team of heroes sprung into action, with her own attempts to grapple two of the heads of the Hydra. She had them but only just barely, the creature hissing violently. Summer and Autumn were there on the ground still, with Autumn questioning why they were so quick to jump on the attack. Elastica quickly moved to engage the Stellar Kraken, even as she transformed. The transformation made the creature blink it's massive eyes, and it lashed out with two tentacles, which moved out much faster than should have been possible, only just managing to dodge the attacks thanks to her catlike agility. Seemingly all at once the rest of the field exploded into action, as Mega Girl flew towards the minotaur with her improvised shield. The impact against its golden chest seemed to make the whole area reverberate like a gong being struck. There was abit of light damage, but if anything it only made it mad. As she bounced back from the strike the axe moved toward her, striking her full force with the flat of the axe, the power of the impact causing her pain and knocking her over a hundred yards through the air. (after toughness, Mega girl takes 3 stamina damage) Doc Psypher launched his psychic assault on the Stellar Kraken, and it blinked, and then nothing. The attack seemingly had no effect, as he felt a tough mental barrier of some sort. Hex's eldritch blast did hit the preocupied hydra, and indeed it's hide wasn't so tough as the Minotaurs, as the smoke rising from it's chest was clear indication it had been harmed, but even though Starsign was holding two of heads that left several more to lunge at Hex. They didn't connect, having misjudged the distance but where their fangs hit the ground left hissing and bubbling puddles. Their venom was highly corrossive, and would cause serious injury. Columbian not to be outdone, was quick to dash in close with his own weapons, delivering mighty blows to the left leg of the hydra, drawing forth a hissing roar from it. He'd hurt it, obviously seeking to impeded it's mobility. (we are up for Round 2)
  3. Theo was glad Yuuki had done what she did, and failed to get the princess. the efforts of the two otherworlders managed to break the back of the Imperial army. He had already said they would seek no Reparations for the battle, as they'd inflicted far more casualties than they took. He expected the Imperial Envoy to arrive soon, and It was Ryan who moved to back up Vesper. "You did what you had to do Yuuki. I know it was hard, that this was never what you expected. this is what we have to do sometimes now, and I'll be honest, Vesper's correct you killed alot of them, but you save every one of ours soldiers who is still alive." Just then the doors opened admitting another soldier. "Lord Cornaro, Another army approaches from the East. It's the Andvisian Army." Theo looked abit concerned, but motioned for the soldier to continue. "They wish to parley with You and the Empress." Siluca smiled "At last, that work you and Tori did bears fruit, Ryan." Ryan chuckled, and Tori simply remained silent. The Wyverns and dragons of the Empire were impressive, but The two Elder Black dragons that She and Ryan slew when they attacked the Kingdom and Andvise had earned them alot of good will. While the creatures were very resistant to damage, and immune to magic, Ryan's sword, Ascalon ignored their defenses. The power could be channeled through the Banshee, thanks to the copilot seat, and thus they'd slain them. Theo nodded. "Very well, Tell them we expect the Imperial envoy soon, and that once we hammer out a time to meet, we will let them know." The Kingdom's army was nearly 180 thousand, and they were fresh. Caught between the two, Theo's forces would be destroyed if they couldn't hammer out a bargain.
  4. The soldiers quickly retreated, and yuuki released her hold, revealing the carnage beneath. So many dead soldiers and horses. They'd be days just stripping the bodies of anything useful. It was so much to bear for the young priestess, her efforts had turned the tide of battle, and killed thousands. A small cadre of soldiers formed around her, shielding her from view of the others, and they would do so all the way to the castle, once she was ready to move. ---------------------------------------- Ryan shook his head. "I don't really know, but I don't think they'll fight it out." Izona nodded. "It will be some time before I can cast such a grand spell again. We definitely won, as to surrender, that will be decided at the negotiation table, not the battlefield. They don't have the supplies to keep fighting, and their leadership is in shambles thanks to your effort. Beaten, leaderless, and low on supplies, with shattered morale, there's no leader who'd taken an army in that state into battle." "The point was to make continuing militarily far too expensive for them to consider, and we've done that. " The trip back to the castle was made in silence where they met up with Yuuki, and were shown into Theo's audience hall. The young lord embraced each of them in turn, thanking them. "Without your support, we would never have triumphed here. Please rest tonight, you have more than earned it."
  5. Episode 63: Interview with “Marvelous” Mike Tomasek In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy interview Mike Tomasek, one of our newest writers and developers, about his RPG experiences and current projects! Dramatic introductionsFriday the 13th sound effectsWhy do they call Mike “Hollywood”?Slowed down reversed babies crying as ghost sound effectsBears are dangerous, so Spartan kick themMike’s favorite bear is not a bearDinosaurs are a myth! (some of them)How did Mike get into roleplaying?Transitioning from playing games to writing games – getting over the hump of fearMike’s improvement as a writerGood advice for new writersGeist: The Sin-Eaters is fantastic and here’s a wonderful synopsis of itYou can’t say “you can’t play”Consequences for dark actions in RPGsMike’s work on Chicago by NightThe Church of Caine / The Cainite HeresyMike’s favorite ghost dinosaurThe moon is hauntedA rapid wind-up! Links: Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition: https://geist2e.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders Mummy: The Curse: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/111598/Mummy-The-Curse V5 Chicago by Night: https://www.backerkit.com/projects/200664283/chicago-by-night-for-vampire-the-masquerade-5th-ed You can’t say “you can’t play”: https://www.amazon.co.uk/You-Cant-Say-Play/dp/0674965906 Mike’s website: https://www.mftomasek.com Friday the 13th (franchise): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(franchise) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Majora%27s_Mask
  6. I'm going to move things along for us all, as it seems some are losing interest. I do have new players waiting to join, so with that in mind, I hope you'll all understand. Enter the Dungeon The Twins, shaken by the trap, but inspired by the whispered faith of their father, strengthened their resolve and chose the door Marked C. when nothing came out and a path forward was revealed, it was Autumn that put it together. "It was a musical puzzle, based on the number of sharps in the particular musical keys. This hammered home how close they'd come the first time, as they'd chosen the worst possible door upfront. The next two hours were spent in mmore puzzle rooms, deadly fantasy traps, though The firepit did nothing to Summer, and the icy Blast trap Autumn was able to tank. Working together they overcame the dungeon's traps by relying on their bond as sisters. Finally they came to a large golden door, and together, pushed it open, the world going white. Office Space The minotaurs did nothing, surprisingly. In the end, they'd simply said goodbye politely, and moved on. After their previous agression, it was disconcerting, but revealed that behaviors that followed those which were acceptable in the modern office workplace would keep them from being attacked. It didn't solve the labyrinth for them, and that took the longest, finally finding their way to the door marked "Management" Pushing it open with all three at once, the world went white. Ascending Eternity The trek up the stairs took them through the corona of a star, to the Event Horizon of a black Hole, and through various nebulae, seeing the wonder of the cosmos, and experiencing the dangers. Working together they stayed with each other, protecting those who needed it and recording it all via Psypher's suit. Finally they reached the top of stairs, a great Golden door. Even with her Strength, Mega Girl couldn't open alone, but when all three placed a hand on it, they were able to open it with ease. The world went white. All Together Now After the brilliant flash, the heroes found them in a massive arena, the stands were empty but they heard the roar of a crowd, louder and larger than any ever before. Before them were three great creatures. One was a Golden minotaur, armed with twin axes. it stood over twenty feet tall. The Second creature was a Hydra, it's green and black scales seeming to shimmer in the light of the stars above. The final creature looked like a Squid, though not nearly as large. It's body was black, and dotted with tiny dots of luminescense, and the Starsign identified it as A Juvenile Stellar Kraken, known for powerful psionic attacks. Those who had warning or sensory powers active were warned of the incredible danger, as even as a juvenile, the ten armed Kraken was a massive threat, evidenced as it took to the sky. The Minotaur was physically powerful, and the Hydra's fangs were poisonous in the extreme. this wouldn't be an easy fight. "Well well, you all finally made it through the Tower. Congratulations are in order I suppose. Nearly two hundred million people have been watching this whole broadcast. It's been a total success thus far, but I wonder, can you all go the distance?" Their host's masked face appeared over the arena, easily twenty feet tall. "So here's your final challenge, defeat these three champions, and you will save the city, fail here, and as I promised, New York City dies." (time to roll initiative, and declare your first actions everyone)
  7. Okay Dave, I do have more planned for the twins,and hopefully I'll set the stage better in the next one.
  8. Enter the Dungeon With them doing nothing, it was the people who began to react, and it began with a simple trickle. They could hear the people calling them cowards, two girls playing at being heroes. The token hotties that every super team seemed to have. The comments weren't flattering in the slightest. It became a torrent, an assault on their ears, there was no escape from, All the negativity, that they were failing the city, and even the other heroes who'd been called, after all their bravado. Still underneath all that invective and bile, there was one voice, a man's voice, that sounded all to familiar. "I believe in you." The voice was their father's, but it couldn't be, he didn't know about their powers. Still they could somehow both feel that it was his voice, the silent strength that had always been present for them. Office Space The choice to go left was made and the three heroes took that path, and after going a dozen feet, the path backwards was blocked. None had seen it, or felt it, but by chance Columbian turned, and saw there was no longer a path open behind them, and he mentioned it to the others. "Looks like this was the right path. One way or another, we can't go back." They continued on, alert and aware for magical traps, but there were none, until they came to another room, this one had three men, all seated at their desks, typing away, and as one, they looked up. "Can I help you?" they spoke as one, though their voices were not the same. One was deep rumbling voice, another, a dull monotone one, and the last was high pitched, sounding as if it had inhaled alot of helium. Ascending Eternity Continuing onward, The trio intercepted two more Meteors by working together, though now the last volley had been 6 of them. By chance, Mega Girl looked down and noticed there were only two steps below them now. Clearly going back wasn't meant to be an option. As they took the next step, the space around them seemed to change, as it began to grow noticeably warm. The reason made itself apparent, As they ascended the stairs, they drew closer and closer to brilliant yellow star. They didn't have any further meteor swarms to contend with, but now it seemed that their environment could indeed change.
  9. At the battlefront, the Imperial Army did something it had never done before. It broke into a disorderly retreat. Without magic, having already lost many men, and their supplies dwindling. That Final attack of Yuuki's was enough to break their morale completely. leading them into a rout. As they retreated Theo's forces made to pursue, only to be called on to return to the castle's defensive preparations. With the blowing of the horns and roar of the victory, the first battle defeat of the Empire was announced to the world, and the Soldiers looked up at Yuuki happily, as she had been instrumental in this victory. Elsewhere Ryan rose at the sound of the horn, and smiled. "They won, at least the first battle." He looked to Izona, who was spent from keeping such a massive spell going, and offered her a shoulder as he helped her up, setting out to head for the castle. He looked to Vesper and smiled "We all did our parts. Let's go see how Theo wants to play this from here on out."
  10. Enter the Dungeon There was no answer to Summer's outburst, no change in the room, only silence, as the two Superpowered Sisters stood there. Clearly, not playing along was a choice he was prepared for. Their foe wasn't on a clock, the heroes were. While they sat, the videos of them sitting there were still being broadcast, though the view count wasn't ticking up as it had been. In fact it was actually starting to fall, as people began to see that they really were just not doing anything. Office Space Elastica managed to catch one of the Zombies, but not the others, and Columbian actually managed two with his weapons. Meanwhile Hex caught the last two with a powerful eldritch blast, removing the threats from the room, and revealing that there were two different paths from the room, that they'd missed before. Ascending Eternity Working together, the trio was prepared for the next group of four meteors that came by after another five minutes. With Starsign's shield to begin arresting the speed, Doc Psypher latched on with his Telekinesis, just as her forcefield broke. With all his might, he held back on the meteor, which was slowed enough for the Incredibly strong Mega Girl to reach out and grab the meteor and she could feel some discomfort as it hit her hand, but with their combined efforts they were able to bring one in, and the Starsign began analysis. "This Meteor is made of Roughly forty percent Iron,forty percent Nickel, and a tungsten core." It was nearly the recipe for a railgun round. They were being periodically peppered by a railgun, and it was only by luck they'd not been hit.
  11. Enter the Dungeon As the twins opened the door standing in front, they heard a faint sound and Autumn had only a moment to dodge. By some miracle, she heard the noise and moved to the side, and just as she did, four propeller-like blades shot out from the door, impaling vertically in the wall opposite to the door. Each had two arms to a side, all and they were obviously very sharp. It was a narrow miss, but even so several locks of her hair were somewhat shorter, as a bout three inches of her hair was now laying on the floor. "Clearly that was not the right door. There were however still two more to chose." Came their host's disembodied voice. He seemed quite amused despite Autumn's narrow escape. Office Space Hex's magic revealed these entities were indeed zombies, but little more beyond that. Their first inclination that things weren't quite right, was when Elastica stretched out to move the zombie aside. The move was easily accomplished, and with her strength, she actually succeeded in literally breaking the zombie in half. There was no gore however, and after a moment the upper torso and arms which were still attached, began to move towards her, even as the other zombies turned their full attention to her. Columbian moved in, and lashed out with his trademark weapons, smashing the head from the torso, which did seem to have the desired effect, ending its advance. "The old tried and true method of stopping zombies still works." Ascending Eternity With the three of them tethered to each other, they began the trek up the stairwell. Around them it seemed that the stars began to move, and the stairwell spiraled upward farther than they could see. After nearly five minutes of ascent, All three noticed something. There were several stars that were growing closer. they began to grow in size, and soon they revealed themselves as small meteors, each the size of a football, and they passed through the space between the steps, harmlessly, but the Starsign was quick to inform Jessica. "Had those struck any of you, you would have suffered significant injury." Clearly there was much more going on, and the Stairwell wasn't a haven from danger.
  12. Enter the Dungeon "I do aim to be a hospitable host, in my own way." The voice came from all around them, but served to remind them that they were on display for all to see. Then it was gone, and the set of torches nearest to them went out. Clearly this was a signal to begin moving forward from their starting location, which they took. So long as they kept moving the torches remained lit, until they passed another set, then the previous would go out. The first decision came what seemed like fifty feet in, they came to a large room, with three different paths on the far wall. Beside each of the three new paths, there was a small plaque, with a single letter. The Left was labeled "C", the middle "D" and to the right was labeled "E." They had a decision to make here. Office Space As Elastica lead the way into the cubicle maze, Hex followed and Columbian brought up the rear. What was odd is that there was an odd sort of presence all around them, Hex felt it of course, but the others felt nothing out of the ordinary. After a half dozen bends, they finally came to a larger room, in which stood a half dozen "people." At least that's what they seemed to be, but their skin was pallid, their eyes glazed, and they seemed to move aimlessly. The room looked to be a Lounge of some sort, and the moment Elastica stepped into it, they all turned towards her and the others and growled, and began to slowly amble towards them, akin to zombies. Ascending Eternity Doc Psypher's abilities revealed no active machinery Well aside the glaring example that was Mega Girl herself. Despite the truly odd circumstances they found themselves in, he could breathe, and since he'd not actually moved his feet still seemed to be on solid ground. For Starsign, the results of her own search were fruitful, as she could sense the Arclight energy all around them, forming a boundary, which was nearly a mile across, More than that, it revealed a stairwell-like path, ascending upwards from where they were, The beginning of which was about ten feet from her. To her expanded senses it shimmered a faint blue, and Mega Girl had seemingly passed through it twice, without disturbing anything. What was evident, and more alarming, the diameter of the boundary was shrinking, slowly, but enough for her senses to recognize it.
  13. Stunts will work as written, you tell me how you're activating a quality, either to gain advantage, or generate trouble, and then roll the stunt normally in the case of a power you don't have. I will not limit its use, but I will say that For every stunt you attempt generating an advantage, the next time you attempt a stunt, it will cause trouble. this at least keeps things somewhat balanced, and no you cannot do 3 positives and then 3 negatives, you have to alternate accordingly.
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