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  1. With everyone finally gathered, they noticed a change before the introductions could proceed. In sync with that the large screen on the building across from Alphatech came to life and the broadcast started up again. "Ahh I see all our brave heroes have assembled. Very well. Now that the cast is assembled, I shall draw up the curtain and let the show begin." With that a section of the Light went out, revealing a door that rose up like a garage door. It looked more like an armored shutter. Inside they couldn't see much from the outside but it didn't look like any office reception area. The clock was ticking now as he'd stated the door would only be open so long. With the details Starsign and Hex had been able to glean, it was clear that this was anything but normal, and that the Arclight was a real threat, at least to Humanity. Their only hope was to walk inside, and Dance to their malefactor's tune.
  2. Like I said I'm leaving that up to each of you. the only thing you can be assured of is that if you've been a hero more than a month, AEGIS has a file on you.
  3. how well known each of the PCs are in public or private persona's is something I've largely left up to each of you. If you've done alot in the public eye then expect to be well known. Otherwise probably not so well known. I'd expect that since your character is a nobel winner, he's well known at least in medical circles, in his normal identity. The Astovik twins are likely well known as well. i won't insist on such, but that's just my take.
  4. Dr. Derek LeSayge had received his letter abit later in the day than the others, but the gist was the same. Come to New York in three days, or the city would die. Near the bottom of the letter was the Crest of his Alma Mater, Princeton, as well as something that shook even his mind abit more, a tiny picture of the necklace he'd given Justine. It couldn't be coincidence. He had his own choice to make. For all the heroes, the three days went by quickly. There were no major occurrences that rocked the city, everything was completely calm, in as much as it was normally. Naturally AEGIS had teams in place, and they were well ready for anything that might happen, or at least that was what they'd thought. With the Blue light indestinguishable at first, being so faint, it wasn't discovered until the city had been blanketed with it, and so the clock began to tick. At precisely Noon on the third day, All the airwaves in New York, radio, television, everything, were hijacked, and after a brief moment of silence, a Sinister voice rang out. "Citizens of New York City, You have been judged to be without any value to the world at large. You live comfortably because of Metahuman protection, and you have done nothing to deserve it. You contribute nothing, and because of that, you must be purged from this world. By now, The entire city has been blanketed with a creation of mine, the Arclight. This creation is harmless to Metahumans, but to humans, It is quite fatal. In the next twelve hours you will all perish." Though the figure on the various screens was masked with a black and red helmet that revealed no features, they could all sense him smiling. "That said, I've arranged for abit of a show for you all, a small parting gift. I've brought some heroes from out of town to the city all for your entertainment, and possibly your salvation. You see, Alphatech Tower is home to many wonders, and one of them just so happens to be a cure for the Arclight. Now, don't think you can just storm the tower with your human bodies. If I see one agent, or human near the tower, then I will simply abort the final show, and you can all spend 12 hours knowing you'll die. Also I'd think quite hard about simply destroying the tower, as that will destroy your salvation as well. " "Now, for the show. It is said one must climb mountains to attain power, to attain real knowledge. The inside of Alphatech Headquarters has been converted into a Tower dungeon I've named Babel. When the heroes have all gathered at the door, I will open it, briefly, to allow them to enter. If any try to simply fly to the top outside, I will bring the tower down, and ensure the cure is destroyed. Only my chosen heroes will be allowed inside, if any other attempt to enter, the building will self-destruct. Inside expect to find traps, enemies, and if you make it to the top salvation for the city of New York, also lots and lots of cameras. i did promise a show, so once you assemble your trek up the tower will be televised, Live. Realistically, you need two hours to spread the cure over the city, so it's safe to say you've abit less than 10 hours to navigate my dungeon and save the city. Those of you who got the letter, well now you know why. Put on a good show, and good luck brave heroes, you're going to need it. " With that the screens and broadcasts all cleared and then returned to the variety that was most common. To say the citizenry was panicked was an understatement. the police were getting calls of rioting, looting, and mayhem within minutes, and the local heroes were on full alert, and quickly took to the streets to quell the panic. Attempts were made to contact the local office of AEGIS, but there was no answer, which had never happened before. More than anything, it continued to send an All clear signal, which was most certainly not the case.
  5. horizon had to withdraw, so he won't be joining us. a Scientist is welcome as the team really doesn't have one anymore.
  6. Well given that we only just got started I'm inclined to say yes, we've still got room. What would you be interested in playing? Also, if you'd like, several players, and myself are in chat, so we can help with character creation.
  7. AEGIS was founded in 1945 shortly after the first metahumans began to show up on the public stage. What was initially a small agency meant to monitor the activities of these people with powers soon became one of the most important, and secretive government agencies. Foreign powers knew more about NASA than they did AEGIS for the first forty years of its existence. In 1990, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, AEGIS began to quietly share information with America's Allies, In the name of stopping some of the worst villains from getting their schemes off the ground. Blessed with overarching authority, AEGIS was respected by most who knew it, and local agencies were instructed to yield all metahuman matters to the AEGIS agents onsite. This chaffed for many, but AEGIS's reach was quite long, and after several examples, wisely there were few issues. In the modern day, the World is aware of AEGIS, just not the extent of their reach, nor the scope of their operations and research. Always on the bleeding edge of technology, few entities can boast better or equal access to Metatech, as it's called. AEGIS takes regulating this type of technology very seriously, and those who intentionally violate their regulations risk their reputations and livelyhood. Based out of the Triskelion, A Massive man-made Island complex in the Potomac River (real world East Potomac Park Island) AEGIS is well positioned to react to defend the Capital from attacks, foreign and domestic. The Triskelion is only about 40 stories tall, but not even the agents who work there know how many sub-levels they have. What is known is there are hangars for jet-craft, and pens for Submarine Carriers that AEGIS uses to patrol the Atlantic. Aegis field teams always operate in groups of 6, with one leader, two support operatives, two field operatives, and one specialist tailored to the mission at hand. Team leaders are often capable of any function to a degree. Roughly one in one hundred operatives are metahuman, often seeming to be a normal person until they use their abilities.
  8. Director of AEGIS Name- Joseph Michael Falcher Age- 60 Demeanor- A tough no nonsense man. Veteran Operative of the CIA and former Special Activities Director, When the position for AEGIS Director was vacated, he was the first and most logical choice by the Sitting president, and his transition was effortless. For the last ten years, AEGIS operations have been increasingly efficient. Still choosing to operate mostly in the shadows, he runs the agency well.
  9. This is where the various NPCs will have their profiles, both for major baselines, and other potential villains, heroes and mercs you may run across.
  10. If there's something you want to know about the world, or perhaps a suggestion, post them here please. Once I've confirmed it, I can add it to the world Info thread.
  11. Here I will do my best to post world information, as I get it all transcribed over. The year is 2019, the modern day. Perhaps the largest change to the world is the presence of super powers, which are largely known to the general public. Many of those who possess superhuman abilities aren't all that much stronger than normal people, if at all. Their powers make them different, and many go through life normally, never choosing to be a villain or hero, simply living their lives in peace. There are many names for those with inhuman abilities. commonly, Metahumans is used in scientific circles, generally seen to be neutral, some use it derisively when talking about Marvels, those who seek to do good. That said, there are those who feel called to use their powers to fight crime, to right wrongs, and benefit others with their good works. They are know to the public as "Marvels" This isn't always the capes and masks of fighting against criminals with or without powers. There are many "street" level Marvels whose powers aren't big and fantastic, but let them help others in small ways that improve the quality of life for everyone. Of course their are Marvels out there who are incredibly powerful and able to make the impossible possible. Even they sometimes lend their strength to not just fighting crime, but helping with disaster relief. There are those gifted not with impressive external powers or physiques, but those who remain mostly unsung, the heroes who push forward in the sciences, seeking to undo ecological damage, to raise the general quality of life for everyone on the planet, out of desire for a better world. Indeed new advances in science have allowed Mankind to actually look at colonizing the moon, and a larger version of the International space Station is nearly finished construction. Advances in Medicine have cured many diseases, and provided more effective treatments for others. With the Help of Heroes, Humanity could headed to a new Age of Enlightenment. Having said that, There are those who are called to walk a darker path. Not all who develop superhuman attributes help others. They make the choice to actively harm others, to selfishly think only of themselves, and their goals and forcing their will upon others. The Villains of the world are many, indeed there seems to be a nigh endless stream of them, thankfully not all that many have powers that are Threats to the globe, and many, many villains have been captured and detained in special prisons meant for metahumans. Villainous Crime is its own statistic, and it is something that the governments of the world watch with keen Interest. Fighting Villainous Crime is one of the Founding reasons for AEGIS, after all, and they are exceptionally good at it. Still Even with their resources, without the work of all the heroes, the status quo of the world, one that is growing better for all inhabitants, would simply not exist. The Villains bring Despair, and the Heroes Inspire Hope. The Third group of Superhumans is more of a grey area. Not quite Villains, nor Heroes, There are those who are motivated by economics. Great Inventors who want to get rich while helping others, revolutionizing their fields, Or Metahumans with powers geared towards the battfield selling their services as one man armies, or bodyguards, They operate in gray areas. Some are quite celebrated for their accomplishments, and others, almost as villified as any Villain for the things they've done. Officially, they are not classed as villains, but should they use their abilities without the official request of a government official, they can find themselves on the wrong side of the law, and thus subject to detainment.
  12. It was a day like any other. Traffic on the streets, pepole going about their lives, the world moving on without a single care. Few things could ever possibly disturb this. Atop the hundred and twenty story Alphatech Industries tower, one of those things had just come into being. A faint blue light began to suffuse into the sky, hardly discernable against the clear blue sky, soon it would cover the city, and with it, the clock began to tick on the life of every denizen of the great American Metropolis of New York City. ----------------------Three days earlier For Jessica Rhodes, the letter she held was uncommonly heavy. It read like some sort of hoax, a movie plot and a bad one. "Come to New York City, three days from now. If you don't show, the entire city WILL die." there was no signature, though it was handwritten, and then down at the bottom there was a postscript. "PS, It will only be the first, should you fail." While their was no signature, there was something unique, an Image of the Starsign, embossed upon the bottom of the page. -------------------------------------- Elsewhere, Triessa Elrich had also received a letter. The contents were identical, an no spell in her reptoire could reveal any information about the author of the note. what was even more unique was the ancient arcane Crest for her family, something only someone with lots of Arcane knowledge and power could find out. She was left with few choices. ----------------------------------- Receiving letters was not something new to the twin daughters of wealthy Senator Mortimer Astovik of California. Their father spoiled them, and they had the finest of everything money could buy growing up. As they matured, they came to want to make their own way in the world, and their father, proud as he could be, acceded to their wishes, though at times he can't help but want to give them gifts he thinks they might enjoy. These letters were unlike all the others, as they both received the same letter, the words upon it identical to the other letters beckoning them to New York City, but Autumn's was cool to the touch and smelled strongly of crisp clean waters, Summer's was impossibly warm to the touch, and smelled of a roaring bonfire. Both effects should be impossible to embody within a letter. ------------------------------------- Alison had made her way to New York City, and was one of many heroes helping people in the streets, though she was abit more skittish than others, not seeking the limelight and fame, simply to do good works, and help others. She'd managed to get a small apartment, and was living modestly. The letter was given to her by her manager, saying it had been handed to her personally, to give to her. She couldn't recall any distinguishing features of the person who did so, and shrugged. Her landlord was one of the people she'd saved. After taking the letter, she went into her apartment to read it. The letter outwardly was addressed to her, but inside, addressed her by her other name, HOKORI. It was slightly different as it made no mention of coming to the city, implying whoever the author was, knew she was already there. Near the bottom was a single character in Japanese, that of "Shen" ---------------------------------------------------- Daniel Ramirez was an Agent of AEGIS, one of the few with a public Hero Persona, the Columbian. Still, he had his own private life, while he had an office at the Triskelion on a man-made Island that served as the ground-side headquarters for AEGIS in Washington DC, He also had an apartment. Waiting for him there was a letter, much like the others. It beckoned him to New York City, stating it would die in three days. At the bottom of the letter, the crest he wore on his chest in his other persona, something that was a well guarded secret, was embossed on the paper. -------------------------------------------------------- Tika Ump was in her own apartment in New York City, which was provided by AEGIS off the books. She knew they had her under observation which was of course logical, but she was given free reign to explore her situation, and to be a hero in her own right, provided she continued doing no harm, and never mentioned AEGIS to anyone. Still she was unaccustomed to receiving mail, but had in this instance. The Letter addressed her as Elastica, telling her the same as everyone else, that in three days time, the city would be killed if she wasn't there. This seemed illogical as she was already there, but near the bottom was the Crest of AEGIS itself, but different, tinged with the same pink that matched her hair. Seven letters, Seven Heroes, and Three days before New York City was slated to die. They all had choices to make. Whether to believe an enigmatic letter sent anonymously, and head to the Big Apple as requested, or to do nothing, and let things unfold however they would.
  13. Things happened very quickly, as The soldiers backed away in fear after seeing Therion gruesomely slay the Mages, including the heads of two orders. One of them dropped to the ground without a sound, unconscious from Vesper's psychic assault. The two Infantry captains weren't so weak-willed and drew swords and attacked, though Therion let nothing through to harm his mistress. Still the two of them were armored, and both seemed to be capable combatants. Outside, there was a commotion drawn from the yells of the soldiers within, and Then Giant trees, a veritable forest sprout in the midst of the battlefield. Dozens were slain by the explosive vegetation spearing through them, or flung into the air only to land roughly. Some were spared as the trees took attacks that would have slain them, and then the bamboo field rose up, shielding Theo's soldiers, and yet they could still see the carnage of the battlefield. The soldiers cheered and redoubled their efforts, moving to take advantage of the confusion. "Forward, while they cannot form ranks, hit them with everything you have!" Soldiers charged forward and arrows were loosed again.
  14. Death reigned on the battlefield. Soldiers from both sides were struck down, though far more from the Empire fell than the new nation's forces. Above them yuuki was in the air, inspiring the troops. If Tori had been available it would have been even more crushing to the enemy, but the Banshee was heavily damaged still. Vesper was brought brought before the head Mages, and found herself there with two of the Infantry division leaders as well. "So this is the spy? why not just kill her and be done?" "She knows why your magic has failed..." "So do we, it's why we sent the Black Shadows to handle it. Soon, they'll end that troublesome witch, and her guardian, and we'll blast this nation to rubble." The two Infantry leaders looked back to Vesper. "Well, it sounds like your usefulness, and your luck have run out then." Both of them drew near to her, even as half a dozen soldiers were blocking her escape. Clearly, they weren't just planning on her death, she'd be made an example of.
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