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  1. They could, but you're not taking into consideration that other people may have known one, or any of those songs. I didn't know half the ones you linked. So I stopped reading, clicked the link, and listened to the songs... accomplishing the very thing you're saying your method prevents despite having the song title and all that. People with sound sensitivities shouldn't click on links. What results from clicking the link is their problem. No one forced them to click it. You're rolling the dice, learn coping skills. It's 2019... who doesn't know this by now? If you're in public and you click the link, again, that's your problem. You knew the risks. Accept culpability for your own actions. It's not the writer's fault PhoneGuyLOL69 decided to read posts and click links while he was in a board meeting. Listen when you get home, it's really that simple. If you can't listen when you get home, consider picking up a book on time management the next time you're out in public... clicking links. If they have to listen to it right then and right there and can not wait, they have impulse control issues way beyond what links they click.
  2. Says the player who linked 10 songs in a single post...
  3. I never heard a 'no' so I'm assuming you're okay with Steward, the Arch Demon?
  4. I'll try and get something up for the twins. I'm trying to avoid 'They walk through the door', but that's how all my posts have been turning out to be... I'll work on it.
  5. No hurry, seriously. With the training I have going on it has worked out great. You guys have been able to work out that scene with Marko elsewhere, doing other things. Don't rush the scene on my account. As much as I love being involved, I also love not slowing the pace. If you need to bring Marko back into the fold, by all means, I just don't anyone thinking I'm feeling left out, because I'm not. Keep at it guys, it's an awesome read.
  6. Holla when you need me back in this. Marko and Erica spent time together well into nightfall so when the time catches up with them, poke me.
  7. Air Force... Special Forces... LOL LOL LOL LOL... <ahem> Hehe.... <snicker> Sorry. Oh, you're serious... my bad. On a serious note, I think keeping the base is a great idea and I'm glad you did. Frankly I think it allows for a ton of stories and interactions. Like some evil General trying to hunt us like that dude always after the Hulk. The Mad Scientist who wants to cut us open to see how we do what we do. Even the opportunities for military types like Lilly's dad to be torn between orders and duty. As for Wealth, in all seriousness I wasn't sure what to put Devin's Wealth at, I picked 3 honestly for shit's and giggles so if the Scooby Gang needed anything he could reliably (and reluctantly) be the guy who hooks them up (within reason, his parents can still pull his purchasing power). In fact, one way for the people to go to Devin and get him involved would be to go to him for something that collectively the group couldn't afford on their own... at that point he'd prolly at least be around to see what the hell he bought, and what it's going to be used for. Also, be prepared to receive a lot of flack from him, he'd not help without putting up some kind of insult saturated argument.
  8. Preheat for 350. Let bake for 30 minutes, tweak as needed... Popularity (• to •••) Essentially this is Fame for characters who've yet to reach adulthood and are still traveling in rather small, but well known cultures within their own community. Your character is well known among a particular clique of people. He could be popular for his money, personal accomplishments, a stroke of blind luck, or perhaps for being the friend or lover of someone with more Popularity (often know as popularity bleed, or popular by proxy). • The character is well known within a small subculture in their neighborhood (like their school) or among select members of their home town's adult leadership (like community leaders, or faculty from their school). Whether well earned or not, the characters reputation grants them certain perks, like avoiding getting trouble or being allowed to stay later someplace after hours and 'lock up when you're done'. •• The character is either instantly recognizable to all members of his local community, like the small town quarterback who threw the winning pass last season, or the entire county in which he/she dwells. The county sheriff whose been around for years would be a prime example of two dots of county-wide popularity ••• Your character's popularity is now at a statewide level, perhaps a governor or an athlete who has brought quite a bit of accolades in the states name either recently or in the past few years. When choosing the Edge, define what your character is known for (star athlete, down home girl next door, scholastic ace, local rich guy). Each dot provides 1 Enhancement to any social actions among those who are impressed by their status. Drawback: Any attempts to find or identify your character gain 1 Enhancement per dot of the Edge. Also, he may have several 'hangers on' or be followed by people who just want to mooch of their popularity. Characters with Popularity, like the Fame Edge, cannot possess the Covert Edge or the Anonymous Enhanced Edge. Also, if you or someone else is part of 'popularity bleed' they can not possess more Popularity dots than the person who made them popular.
  9. I'm working on rewriting Fame and switching it to Popularity. The below 18, still dealing high school drama version of Fame. Essentially it will be Fame-lite and more suitable for kids in a small town and focus more on smaller influence scale. I'll submit it to you Nina when I get it done.
  10. Vivi's not playing.
  11. Should have it ready tonight, Nina. Sorry for the delay. On a side note, can the witches go 5 minutes without using magic? These and other questions... tonight, on Ask Marko.
  12. I'm working on one, but Vivi surprised me and flew to D.C. to spend my 4 day weekend seeing sights and taking in culture. So my post will prolly be delayed until tomorrow night or Monday evening.
  13. "Well, that's a shame," she replied with her expression slightly twisting into mock concern. "I'm afraid the myriad of the machinations I have planned for you and the others will require far more than two minutes." "I do hope you'll, at the very least, finish out the remainder of your services this evening. I'd hate to not see you awarded everything you were offered this evening." She reached for him and her soft yet chilled hand took his own in hers. She looked at the bandages still adorning his fingers and spoke softly. "You clawed through in an attempt to unearth your wife's ghost," she chuckled softly. "I'll admit, that's a new one." She raised her eyes to meet his and smiled warmly. "Do have a good evening, M. Grim." With the same sway she approached him with she walked away into the shadows and glamour of Manhattan's aristocracy. The 'tings' of champagne glasses and the clamor of a couple hundreds voices all trying to be heard at once as she slithered her way in back amongst them. Excitedly Brent approached his old friend with a grin on his face. "Well? What'd she say? When do you start?"
  14. Yeah, unfortunately they didn't do any, or have enough time to do any, splat books for specific cities or countries around the world. Which is a shame because it really would have been nice.
  15. Ms. D'Sombra smiled at the charming Ravi and looked to both him and Casey. "If the two of you will excuse me, I've a matter to attend to." [Mel] She moved elegantly away, her black gown wrapped around her curves like a loving shadow never wanting to loose it's hold on her. With a predatory grace and devilish intent she slithered he way to where Brent and Mel were waiting patiently. "Gentleman. Mr. Grim, I assume you've decided to accept my offer? I admit, once Brent told me your background I decided I must have you. So, when can you start?"
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