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  1. Minerva E1: P-Days

    [Patrick] Aside from poor lighting and the constant flickering ballasts above him, the hallway was quite bare and quiet. There were several more doors open along the hallway, all to clean rooms that were empty. He arrived at the door at the end of the hallway, the only noticeable exit. The holo ribbon alerted him that this door, to, was locked, but this time, thankfully, he had tools to assist him in bypassing the security. He considered reaching out his senses, but frames didn't show up to on lifesense. Nope, there was only one real thing to do and that was move forward. The security wasn't difficult, once the panel was removed he sequenced the security code and within a few moments the ribbon turned green and the door unlocked. Partick disabled the automatic function the door and manually slid it open a few inches. Beyond were labs, by the looks of it. The lighting was poor, if not worse than the hallway he was in now. There were holgraphic displays providing minimal light and a few three dimensional holograms spiraling images of scientific things that really didn't mean much to him. From where he knelt, the coast seemed clear.
  2. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Mr. Mourne was a wreck. He was sweating, his once tightly bound hair was now in a ragged pony tail with rogue hairs falling in sweaty strands. His breathing was ragged he looked like he'd run a marathon in a two thousand dollar suit. "Casey," he breathed heavily. "Oh, thank God. W-we need to go, now. I don't have time to explain... please, you have to trust me." He reached in suddenly and grabbed her writs, attempting to pull her from the apartment. [Alertness] - The hallway seems... darker than usual. Like all the lights have been dimmed.
  3. Mel - 'Deb By Dawn'

    "Woah!" Came the sudden shout from next door, so loud that Mel almost thought someone was in his own apartment. "Dude, that was killer! Follow up with a spell, while we have it's central eye on us! We so got this!" It was the guys who lived next door. They were a band of room mates who wasted their time on fantasy games, loud music, video games and a slew of other mind numbing activities that didn't involve healthy living. Not that Mel was judging them, to each their own, but they had a tendency to get way to loud, way to often. Like 3am often. With a sigh and a grumble he went next door to ask them to quiet down. After a few raps at the door he heard one of them approaching. "Pizza bros! We're gonna ghost this beholder bitch while munching on New York's finest slices of pi-," the door swung open and Deacon stood there looking stupid with a twenty in his hand. He was bike courier, not a bad kid, just had a smart ass streak a mile long. "Pie?" He composed himself in the stern glare of Mel's expression, running his hand through his hair to pull back his dark hair from face. It quickly just fell back to where it was. "Yo' uh, Mr. G," he said loudly. Mel could hear the scared whispers behind Deek. The 'oh shits' and 'it's the guy next door' and the 'I hear he eats babies'. "Wow... we uh, didn't know you where home. Thought maybe you were out stealing Christmas or something...," Mel could hear the snickers and laughs behind the door. Before Mel could begin his tirade Deacon held up a hand. "Mr. G, Mr. G... I'm just kidding dude, geez. Look I'm sorry about the noise, we didn't know you were on the prem, for reals. We'll keep it down, just let us finish up, bruh, kay? We're battling the beholder and shit's getting real because some rando orcs just entered the fray and our spell caster in the best position to blast it's ass with a...," Mel just looked at him. "Aaaand I see you have zero chill and no fucks to give. We'll try to keep it down, dude, kay?" It was good enough for him and Mel just went back to his apartment. It was the first time he'd dealt with Deacon and not had to say a word, those 15,000 other times he'd gone over there to complain must have been finally sinking in. Still, everything about that boy made him want to throttle him. With a sigh to collect his calm he twisted the knob and walked back into his apartment. What he saw paralyzed him with confusion. Beyond the threshold was not his apartment at all... it was his living room from where he'd lived with his wife, Cecilia. When she poked her head around the corner that led to the kitchen he felt a sensation of relief mingled with disbelief. "Hey," she said with a smile. "I was so busy at work today, I just picked up Chinese, hope that's okay..."
  4. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    She almost dropped her phone as the thunder of someone pounding on it startled her back into the 'now'. The fist banging on her door didn't let up, "Casey! Casey! Open the door!" It was Horatio, she recognized his voice. He sounded scared, panicked even. "Casey! Please, God be in there... Casey answer the door, please!"
  5. Maya - 'Literal Issues'

    The day droned on... books, Lorraine... Lorraine making books unpleasant. Thankfully the weirdness had passed, aside from the occasional strange song on the radio that seemed to be dedicated to exactly what was currently going on with her day. Maya went about her day, and it was long after hours by the time she was done. The library was dark, spacious, but dark. Shadows crept along the floors as in silver pools and the air was filled with shimmering motes of dust that floated lazily as Maya slid the last few books she had into place on the shelves. "Are... sure... the... one?" A low whisper rose up in a hushed echo. "Shhh... it'll hear us, you dummy!"
  6. Minerva E1: P-Days

    "Your cigarettes?!" Vasquez gave her a 'you must be joking' look. "There are Frames here that are gonna kil us, if they don't kill the hostages first, in which case we do too, and you're worried about your fuckin' smokes? I'm outta here man, these bitches are gonna get us killed, bruh. We can handle this without them." "Second time," Shaw said. "Secure that talk, Vasquez." Shaw gave the ladies an apologetic look, knowing there was only so much apologizing one could do for someone else. "Seventh Legion, twelve years. Civilian pilot and indie contractor now. Good to have you with us, Grace. Doctor, Mrs. Santos, van Saanvelt. Vasquez isn't a bad guy, he's just... under a lot of pressure. He never did handle it well. He's a cop, one of the best, working out of L.A., I've flown for his precinct several times, we've had a few beers... he's always been an asshole though." He shot them a wink with a small grin as Vasquez paced around nervously, looking for some way to escape this entire situation. Suddenly Vasquez dashed over pointing to Grace. "And why the fuck does she get a rifle? Huh? Man, this is fucked," he waved his side arm about. "What the fuck are we gonna do with these, huh? Piss them off enough to kill us quick?" "Given the limited space," Grace chimed up, keeping an eye on Vasquez and the way he was waving his piece around. "I doubt they'll be using heavy frames. Armor will be light." "Servos in the joints, power core in the mid chest, memory core in the head. These are your weak spots, just like on humans, heart, head, limbs," Shaw added. The combined experience of the two military professionals was lifting the morale slightly. "But remember, unlike us, they do not feel pain, or fatigue. Conserve your energy." "You can't be serious. We're gonna be slaughtered by those things!" Vasquez added in as he wiped sweat from his brow with his sleeve. [Dr. Temnikova, Medicine] - Vasquez is showing early signs of psychosis. Possibly brought on by an abundance of fear and anxiety.
  7. Minerva E1: P-Days

    "Somewhere between 'Shut the Fuck Up', and you 'Bitches Are Way to Fucking Loud'." Came a sarcastic (loud) whisper belonging to a Latino man in a get up very similar to their own. He only had a pistol. "Secure that talk Vasquez." A second man exited through the next door. "Good to hear your voice, now shut up." "Shaw!? Dude, what. The. Fuck. Man. What is going on?!" The two men seemed to know each other, although the one named 'Shaw' seemed to have a lot more calm about him. "Couldn't say. Like the lady said, stay on task. We have a job to do, we do it. And whomever is responsible for this, we put boot to ass later." He approached the ladies. "Damon Donovan Shaw, people just call me Shaw. Biokinetic, although it's not doing me much good here, what with those resonators active. Pilot too. If it rolls, flies, or falls with style, I can pilot it. Looks like we're in for one hell of a first date." He smiled and checked his pistol. "This is bullshit, Shaw! We don't need them, they'll slow us down. Ginger here can't even stay quiet for ten fucking seconds..." Vasquez retorted. "Says the guy who isn't shutting up." Shaw said quietly. "Vasquez, chill. We're in this together, now get your shit together." [Zoe, Rapport] You can tell that Vasquez is incredibly nervous, and scared. He sweating, frantic, and his voice is reliably unsteady with every word he speaks.
  8. Minerva E1: P-Days

    You hear nothing. You see nothing. Your senses reel from the constant scent of the sterile environment. There is no movement beyond the mirror that you can see, in fact, you can't see anything beyond mirror aside from your own reflection looking back at you. It's quiet, dangerously so. The creeping sensation of being a prisoner quickly begins to take control as you ponder what is going on and how you might free yourself from this place. [Dr. Temnikova] There is no reply. Gestures, words and witty insults garner the doctor nothing but more silence. [Zoe] You relax and let your body and mind relax so that you might attune yourself with with a natural flow of psi energies... then the noise hit. A high pitched, loud screaming tone that was akin to nails on a chalkboard that never quit. It was like a sucker punch to the brain. She knew that feeling... Zoe knew what Quantum Resonance was... it was part of the technology developed by the AI's long ago to disrupt Psions and their powers. One Quantum Resonator, a device about the size of a small generator, could 'Taint' an entire area, making Psi incredibly difficult (and painful) to use... Seconds... Minutes? It's hard for you to tell but it doesn't take long to resort to pacing, assessing, planning and anything else to keep your minds active... "Six hours ago," a voice booms over a hidden intercom into all of your rooms. It's almost too loud, given the silence until now and the acoustics. "Each of you were brought here for routine medical examinations. Two hours ago, this facility came under assault by A.I. frames. Your clean rooms were left untouched, leaving you the only chance this facility has for survival. There are eleven hostages, and an unknown number of frames securing the site. Each of these eleven hostages are experts in their field and possess a cranial implant that includes a deadman's trigger. Those triggers are linked to nanite swarms that were injected into your bloodstream just minutes before you awoke. If one of those hostages dies, the nanites will consume your heart in a manner of seconds. I've left which if you it will be up to chance. I don't know who you are, and I don't care. Rescue my scientists." Near the door (pick one) the white wall slides up and what's beyond slides outward like a locker. Within it are blackened, carbon fiber plates for the arms, legs, feet and chest and a helmet. Armor. Next to it is a pistol, nothing fancy, but it's better than swinging your cod around. As well as a few other trinkets. Each your doors unlock with a click as the holo ribbon fades away after flickering green for a moment.
  9. Avengers: Infinity War

    Not so much the hype train as I am to just see it. The Marvel movies have been fantastic, so I'm eager to see how they'll close out this phase and what they'll be doing next.
  10. Minerva E1: P-Days

    Trinity: The Minerva Protocol Episode 1: P-Days 2 years ago... You awaken. You are alone. The white burns your eyes as your senses once again try to reboot to the world you left behind an unknown number of hours ago. Your eyes strain under the white of the room your in. It's about 30' by 40'. You're in skin tight, carbon weave medical onesie as you scan your surroundings. There are two doors, one to you left, one to your right the white bed you woke up on is in the middle of the room as far along the wall as it can be, a simple medical model that will retract into the wall when not in use. Directly across from your bed, 40 feet away from you is a massive mirror, black and glossy and it reflects back on you and nothing beyond it... you know it must be a 2-way of some kind. There is nothing in this room besides you, and the bed. Each of you has some recollection of what you were doing before you woke up. You don't remember falling unconscious, and certainly do not remember how long you've been out. Bot the doors have a holo-ribbon scrolling across its surface, 'Locked L4 Clearance Required' it reads.
  11. This thread will address rules clarifications, house rules and general 'making shit up' for situations where rules aren't very clear. Please follow the process below: 1. Do not post in this thread. 2. If you have a rules request that requires clarification, please ask/discuss in the OOC thread. 3. Include a general idea of the rule, and where it's located and in what book it's located in. Example: "In Trinity Core, page 100, it says XXX but it doesn't go into detail. How are we handling XXX?" 4. I will review it (and discuss) and post it here so we all know what method using in case the situation arises again. Again, please don't post in here, I want to keep it clean so we can easily locate information without cycling through 500 discussion posts.
  12. This thread will contain the various technology you come across during the game. When applicable I will try to post the costs, and do not be surprised if a lot of it you can't afford with 5 simple dots of resources. Some things cost a ton of money to purchase, others are relatively simple. Also, keep in mind, that you don't walk into the local Wal-Mart and purchase missiles and tactical nukes... just because it's here doesn't mean you can just throw in your shopping cart. As secret agents, you have the clout to make a few requests here and there, providing you can state the need for said item. Most things though, since you are independent agents, a lot of what you use (beyond the initial equipping) comes out of your own pocket since Minerva exercises plausible deniability and keeps no paper trails that would lead back to you. You will get technological toys from time to time, and you can also, loot new toys from the baddies... providing you can get it to work.
  13. This thread will be the relevant dice rolls, combat stuffs, and assorted table top game chatter so we don't congest the OOC with that stuff.
  14. Trinity: Minerva OOC

    This is the OOC thread. Duh.
  15. Dramatis Personae

    Here will be various people, contacts, followers, and cast members you meet throughout your adventures. Do not post in this thread, send the information to me via PM and I will post it. If you have a pic, share it. If not, I will select one if I can locate one appropriate for the NPC.