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  1. Dave ST

    Exalted: TMA OOC

    Yes, the posted creation supersedes the books. Sidereals don't have access to the Yu-Shan or the spirits in the Modern Age and no one has seen a Celestial Incarnae for over 1,000 years. Don't worry about the calculations, I'll help you figure them. Remember, Sidereals are 'Celestial Exalts' not Dragon-Blooded.
  2. Dave ST

    Exalted: TMA OOC

    She's not the original... she's just a tribute.
  3. Dave ST

    Exalted: TMA OOC

    Please tell me that's her Abyssal title... 'Death Metal Messiah of the Yawning Void'... tribute.
  4. Dave ST

    Exalted: TMA OOC

    Nothing like running onto your dead sister/cousin/lover in the subway right before she explodes into shadow and darkness and starts sucking everyone's blood. "She's a real peach once you get to know her..."
  5. Dave ST

    Exalted: TMA OOC

    You're Exalted for about 6 months or so. Who were you before that? Remember you had a life before all this madness. Your profession probably relates to your Caste. Dawn are military, law enforcement, etc... Ties are left to you, some of you may have know each other previously, in fact one of you may have known the Abyssal before she died... even if she no longer cares to know you. Remember, there is more to Exalted than beating things up. I have no issues with how you make your characters, but want to hear no complaints when your one-trick pony gets owned by something you couldn't just sword/slash/kill your way through. To you guys it may be a 'game' but I play them very seriously. When characters do stupid shit there can be serious backlash. Especially when you're taking on the evil world (literally) and they control the media, the police, the military. If you think you can just punch through all that and win the game, go for it, I'll go get my dice.
  6. Dave ST

    Exalted: TMA OOC

    Something to keep in mind guys, I know it's great to be Exalted and have all those bad ass artifacts... but keep in mind you can't go walking the streets in golden armor with twelve foot swords on your back (well, you can, shouldn't is the right word). You may want to consider some regular weapons and possibly even martial arts (you don't need martial arts charms to be a martial artist). I will not be reminding people 'don't take that in there'. If you insist on walking the streets in all your golden glory, hey, I'm cool with it (ballsy, and I applaud you for it) but it's not the best of ideas. Same applies to 'Obvious' charms.
  7. THE BIG PICTURE Creation has entered the digital age. The world’s great powers - Meruvia, the Union of Eastern States (UES), An-Teng, and other developed nations - are largely republican and capitalist. Their information-driven, automation-heavy economies churn out industrial goods and mass media which flow out through trade networks across the world. Even their numerous poor enjoy a higher standard of living than their counterparts in economically undeveloped states beyond the Threshold. There, citizens face corrupt or failed governments, vigilantism, famine, plague and war. It’s a sign of progress that most wars are between mortal forces. Supernatural beings from the Elemental Poles and the Wyld have preyed on humanity for thousands of years. Only in the past millennium - with the appearance of the Lunar Exalted, the development of firearms, aircraft, rockets and other sophisticated armaments, and the advent of the Dragon Blooded - has humanity driven these spirits from Creation’s civilized center to the world’s edge. This is a war that most in the developed world never see, though those interested in current events follow it through blogs, radio programs and articles buried at the back of the newspaper. The Threshold’s relative peace is purchased with constant diplomacy and incalculable risk. The effects of nuclear war between the three great powers are too terrible to contemplate. To diffuse the prospects of a direct clash, the powers restrain their struggle to political maneuvers: economic warfare, espionage, and proxy wars between client states out beyond the Threshold. Historically, Calin, Cherak and Fellara controlled mighty colonial empires. Then capitalist Meruvia and the totalitarian Guild Coalition - precursor to the modern UES - divided the world between their spheres of influence, conducting proxy wars in the Threshold to postpone a world-shattering conflict. Power continues to move south; the Tengese juggernaut has advanced into the digital age, while populous southern states such as Delzahn, Varangia and Nyunda expand and modernize with surprising haste. The International League claims most nations as members and coordinates military actions against spirit-led forces. Other intergovernmental organizations and alliances include the League of Many Rivers, the Linowan Union and the Western Trade Alliance. Some facilitate collective defense; others support economic and social progress, provide humanitarian aid or offer forums for political and legal negotiation. The more economically and militarily powerful members of such unions dominate their lesser partners. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Modern scientific principles largely hold true in Creation, except when overridden by the supernatural. This permits manufacturing infrastructure for familiar modern goods. Homes and businesses in developed societies have running water, central heating, cable TV, and electricity all on grids generated by essence reactors. Most 'batteries' contain a single mote or more of essence that powers a device until it needs to be recharged. Vehicles don't run on fossil fuels, they run off of essence and 'refilling the tank' is nothing more than sliding out the empty essence core and inserting a fresh one, at any recharging station. Airplanes, railroads and automobiles facilitate long-distance travel, while well-heeled travelers carry cellular phones, digital cameras and tablet computers. Weaponry ranges from firearms to long-range ballistic missiles. The cutting edge of Creation’s technology hovers just a bit beyond our own. The most elite military forces have limited access to railguns, autonomous weapons systems, powered armor, adaptive camouflage and directed-energy weapons. Multinational conglomerates and research institutes struggle toward affordable implementations of human cloning, genetic engineering, bionic implants, wireless power, nanomachines, artificial intelligence and more. MAGIC Simple thaumaturgies—feng shui, homeopathy, Reiki, ouija boards, astrology, palmistry, Tarot cards, the I Ching, etc.—are common. While genuinely effective when practiced by a skilled thaumaturge, most in developed nations regard these techniques with disdain. Many ostensible practitioners are charlatans, and modern science yields more accessible and consistent results. Why consult a weather-witch about tomorrow’s forecast when you can watch a meteorologist’s report on television? A handful of philosophic societies practice more sophisticated thaumaturgical procedures—alchemy, enchantment, the summoning of demons—but prospective students are hard put to distinguish genuine societies from fraudulent organizations or cults. A few reputable universities offer thaumaturgy programs, but many procedures are illegal or highly regulated, and the field as a whole is less profitable than, say, accounting or engineering. Where occult practices leave off, science and technology take up the slack. The newly-established field of motics—the study of Essence, a force more primal than gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces—has potentially vast applications. Reactors tapping Creation’s dragon lines provide power to several developed nations, while infusing elemental Essence into human tissue underlies the treatments empowering the Dragon-Blooded. PLACES OF POWER The intersections of Essence flows—known for weird dreams, poltergeist activity and the like—serve as sites for Essence reactors. Psychic effluent from these reactors occasionally leaks into the Essence flows. This taint accumulates at other intersections, producing weirder and more dangerous phenomena: glowing trees, oily waters, hypnotic lights, singing winds, ectoplasmic monsters, nightmares and psychosis. At the Poles themselves, powerful elemental Essence wreaks havoc with technology. Combustion flares uncontrollably near the Pole of Fire but fails outright as one approaches the Pole of Water. Electrical devices go haywire near the Pole of Air; vegetation attacks mechanisms at the Pole of Wood. And in proximity to the Pole of Earth, all overt energies—electricity, combustion, even nuclear reactions—are damped down. The Wyld writhes endlessly beyond the Elemental Poles. Its extent is unmapped and unknowable, as technology functions erratically even in the Bordermarches. Governments restrict travel here because of raksha, Wyld mutants and the like. Strike forces from developed nations respond to major incursions but cannot meaningfully secure a border tens of thousands of miles long. Lastly, shadowlands are the return of an old phenomenon not seen in Creation for centuries. They’re most prevalent in the Northeast, a region wracked by bloody wars and murderous ethnic cleansing, but they crop up elsewhere as well—on battlegrounds, in hospitals and slums, on the sites of mass murders and in lethal injection chambers. SPIRITS Historians and theologians say the world was once rife with spirits. Guardian angels watched over cities and peoples; thunderbirds ruled the skies while dragons guarded the oceanic deepths. But most of these entities turned against humanity. Aided by the Exalted, Creation’s armed forces drove these malicious beings to the edges of the world. Some spirits linger. The least of them—guardian angels of ordinary things, from cars and phones to raindrops and grains of sand—exist everywhere. But like subatomic particles, these invisible, immanent entities never manifest to mortal eyes, being perceptible only through sophisticated Essence-perceiving instruments. A few greater powers also remain: angels of cities and corporations, divine mandarins of ideas and principles, elemental overseers of groves and ore veins. These too are rarely seen, for they find it salubrious to keep their heads down in public. Spirits are assumed hostile unless proven otherwise, so even those maintaining a place in society prefer to avoid notice lest they meet with violence. Spirits in the developed world must register with national governments. This requires patronage. Some attach themselves to religious institutions, driving up attendance with appearances as angels in Immaculate churches or as possessors in Guivré ceremonies. Others affiliate themselves with corporations, using magic to benefit the business. A few assume government roles, where they find themselves hunting down their unregistered peers.
  8. I will use this thread to discuss a lot of the world of Creation for the Modern Age of Exalted. CTRL+F is recommended if there is something specific you're looking for.
  9. Dave ST

    Exalted 2E

    Archery and Firearms are different skills, as such they have separate charm trees. Don't 'replace' Archery, as your character may still purchase it in lew of using guns (or if guns or ammo aren't around). Same with Drive. It's a whole different skill and the Charm tree is separate. Neither skill replaces any existing skill.
  10. You are permitted to create the following Exalted: Solars, Abyssals, Lunars, Sidereals, Dragon Blooded. You may not create Infernals, god/ghost/demon blooded, half-case or anything other than what's listed above. Wait, I can play an Abyssal? You can. Deathlords don't exist in the Modern Age so all Abyssals are considered rogue. There are separate rules for them, and it's not a picnic, but you are permitted to play them. • STEP ONE: CHARACTER CONCEPT Choose concept, aspect/caste and Motivation. Note the caste’s anima power. • STEP TWO: SELECT ATTRIBUTES Note that all Attributes start with one dot before you add any. Prioritize the Physical, Mental and Social Attribute categories as primary, secondary or tertiary*. Distribute eight dots among the primary category of Attributes, six dots among the secondary Attributes and four dots among the tertiary Attributes. (8/6/4) *Dragon-Blooded start with (7/6/4) You may raise your Attributes to 5 at this point without spending Bonus Points. • STEP THREE: SELECT ABILITIES Note Aspect/Caste Abilities based on your Exalt type. Select Favored Abilities based on your Exalt type. Choose Abilities based on your Exalt type, follow directions just as printed in their respective books. Dragon-Blood characters are considered 'Dynast' characters, do not use the Lookshy creation rules. You get four free specialty dots to spend among your abilities. • STEP FOUR: SELECT ADVANTAGES Choose Backgrounds (7 -none may exceed 3 without spending bonus points), Charms (Celestial Exalts get 15. Dragon-Blood get 12. You may purchase any charms you like, as long as you qualify for them), Sorcery (Your character may begin with sorcery), Virtues (5; none may be higher than 4 without spending bonus points and all begin with one dot before spending points). Combos - You may begin play with two learned combos free of charge. • STEP FIVE: FINISHING TOUCHES Record Essence (2), Willpower (5), Personal Essence pool (Based on Exalt Type), Peripheral Essence pool (Based on Exalt Type) and health levels (7, plus any gained from Charms). • BONUS POINTS Bonus points (18) may be spent at any time during character creation. • MERITS & FLAWS You may purchase Merits & Flaws but you may not use your bonus points to do so. Merits & Flaws are on a balance system, if you take a 3pt Merit, you must have 3pts worth of Flaws to balance it out. You may purchase Legendary Attribute may only be purchased one. Buying Flaws without Merits does not grant you additional Bonus Points. Bonus Points Trait Cost Attribute 4 Ability 2 (1 if Favored or Caste) Background 1 (2 if the Background is being raised above 3) Specialty 1 (2 per 1 if in a Favored or Caste Ability) Virtue 3 Willpower 1 Intimacies 3 to increase starting Intimacies to (Willpower + Compassion) Essence 7 Charms 4 (3 if in a Favored or Caste Ability)
  11. Dave ST

    Exalted 2E

    I don't recall seeing their version of Peony Blossom, but it's still fan made material. The Errata clears up Essence Gathering and explains Overdrives.
  12. Dave ST

    Exalted 2E

    It does, yes. Now, in both materials there are a few Charms that are balanced enough for actual use. In the past I've used these charms as rewards, meaning you can't purchase them, but they can still be given to you later by the ST as rewards for quest lines, searches for long lost knowledge, etc. As they are though, I prefer not to use them. A lot of them tend to award characters with Essence 5 and 6+ levels of power in the Essence 4 and 5 range (like providing a character with unlimited counterattacks in their turn and the ability to parry unblockable attacks for 5m). Which, I get it, to a point, but having used them in all their glory several times, they can make a game into a real shit show pretty quick.
  13. Dave ST

    Exalted 2E

    No. The Dawn Solution was a fan made book, we will not be using any fan made material. I've seen the stuff people publish... it's horrendous. Fan made stuff is completely outlandish and broke AF. I'm not a fan of Solars punching people into orbit. Sure, it sounds funny and sorta cool... but why? Why would you ever need to? Because if you can do it, there's an Abyssal or Infernal who can do it too... and it's all fun and games until it happens to the players. Keep it simple. Keep it to the official published material.
  14. Dave ST

    Exalted 2E

    When this was done at the table, it was a lot of 'making it up as we go'. In fact, everyone was simply contributing ideas as we moved along. Creation is still the same, for the most part, it just has a lot larger cities but people tend to forget how big Creation really is. The Earth has a population of approximately seven and a half billion people and a surface area of about 197 million square miles—of which only about 30 percent of the surface is land. Creation has a population of just over 10 billion mortals, plus a substantial population of intelligent supernatural creatures (especially spirits, which number in the billions easily, though spirits with human-level intelligence number “only” in the hundreds of millions). While its surface area is a mere 160 million miles or so, only about a fifth of that is water, leaving about 128 million square miles of land. Additionally, Yu-Shan (the size of the Blessed Isle), Malfeas (incalculably large) and the Underworld (as large as Creation) add to those numbers. The Wyld is potentially infinite. Major cities still exist, and people rarely venture outside of them, why would you when you have everything you need in the safety of the walls you live behind. The Guild still moves product all over Creation, using the same roads built in the First Age, but have long since fallen into a non-enchanted state without the Solars there to renew them. All kinds of monsters, baddies, pirates, undead, and Raksha dwell beyond the walls of most metropolis's but the Average Joe never sees any of that. Exalts aren't average. Beyond those walls are also answers. Ancient ruins, lost crypts, decimated cities now forgotten in piles of ash and forsaken memories. Think of Creation as our world today. Ang-Teng has a very China/India feel to it. Nexus is about as America as you can get. Further north is areas akin to Germany, Russia, etc, while south is akin to the Middle East, Africa, Egypt... Shards of the Exalted Dream gave us very little to work with, like 13 pages (to explain 40 splat books), so a lot of it is interactive story-telling to make the game what we want it to be. Jeremy - Yes, 2.5, the Errata was useful for clarifying a lot. Keep the questions coming. I have a lot in my head and sometimes I forget to touch base on things... questions help me remember.