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  1. "Ah!" Professor Keating looked in Tats direction as she entered the theater. "One more welcome soul into my parlor of Cherise whimsy!" There seemed no bringing this man down from hi high on life. "Please, please, enter and be welcome!" He addressed Rick and Connie, clapping his hands together with a 'pop' as air escaped between them. "No need to look online students that are still strangers to me, if, and I do mean IF you decide to do The Princess Bride as your work of stagecraft, then we will watch it and study it together. The Blu-Ray has all kinda of amazing behind the scenes stuff, it's fantastic!" He spun about on his heels facing Curtis, he turned and smiled to Riley. "Curtis! Riley! Splendid to meet the both of you! The ability to follow basic and simple instruction... it's the building block of the performing arts. However, before you get your creative juices in a tizzy, we'll all go over options. We've until Christmas, but I admire your gusto."
  2. "I am Headmaster Steele," He said grimly. "Allow me to illuminate you to the precarious situation you now find yourself in. Late, first day. Dress Code violations, first day. Attitude, first day. You're already on a list that I assure you you want to be off of as soon as possible. However, you have found me a rather good mood today," He adjusted his tie around the mighty oak he called a 'neck'. "So I'm going to 'strongly encourage' you to consider some changes to your wardrobe and meet up with your class as soon as possible." He looked at his phone, possibly checking the time, then back at Tat. "I believe they are heading to the theater department." --==*==-- They walked as they talked. Teres pointed out class rooms and offered small history lessons here and there, but for the most part the entire as dreadfully dull. It was fairly obvious that not even Teres was all that interested in doing it. She didn't mind doing it for Headmaster Drumm, he was pretty cool, but this new guy? Yeah, no... there seemed to many processes and paperwork involved in just showing people around. Why did he need assessments and why did this whole thing need to be scripted and on a schedule... ugh... "And here we are," the cocoa skinned beauty pushed open the large double doors and the entirety of the theater opened up to them. Rows and rows of seats all upholstered in red velvet as a massive freshly waxed stage sat at the front of the large room. More red velvet in the form of curtains were pulled to the let and right by golden ropes. A city scene was erected in the back of the stage, a left over from a previous production no doubt. This place was certainly no Carnagie Hall, but it was the closest some were ever going to get to it. "Ah!" A voice rose up from seemingly nowhere, like a ghost haunting the theater, a very cheerful ghost. "Miss DeClouet! You have more aspiring thespians for me, have you?" An aging man rounded the span between the curtains of the stage and stage left. He seemed in his fifties or sixties with greying hair and mirthful smile. His sweater vest was right out of the eighties, but somehow he rocked it. "I have," Teres smiled brightly. She seemed very fond of the man. "This is the new class, I thought you might..." "I most certainly would," He approached them and gave entire crowd a once over. "I love it. Love them. Yes! Ugh, this semester is going to be so lit, you guys have no idea. I can see it now..." He held up his hands like a screen, he glared into them like he was seeing what was to be... "Cats?" Teres asked. A wry grin forming on her lips. "Rent? Le' Miserables?" He gave her a glare that whispered 'hush your mouth girlfriend'. "Very funny. No! I'm thinking..." He glared at Connie, appraising her, then to Rick and finally Sebastian. "The Princess Bride..." He then noticed that all his prospective female leads were Asian. "With noodles. And machine guns." He swept low into a bow and extended his hand. "Hello to all of you! I am Professor Keating. Come now don't be shy, I must know all of you..." Without a doubt this guy was either the craziest, or coolest dude they'd ever met...
  3. "Ouch, girl... damn." Dan smiled and gave her another once over. "You got some fire in you girl, I like it. But, y'know..." Dan's form shifted and wavered as skin moved about and his clothing changed color and interlaced with itself into a new cut and design. In a matter of moments of Dan was an attractive female but not much different than how he looked a moment ago, basically just a female version of his male appearance. "I could totally go both ways for ya." "Dan," Tere now stepped in, her expression was serious like a scolding matriarch. "That's enough." Before Dan could defend himself Sebastian stepped forward. "I think you owe the lady an apology," he stood close to FemDan. "Where I'm from we don't talk to a lady like that." Again Dan's image shifted and in a moment there were two Sebastian's chest to chest, right down to the same outfit. Glaring at one another like they were gonna throw down like a common street brawl. There tension was thick and Sebastian didn't seem a great diplomat... "You get the whole package with that trick, or just the good looks" he asked, popping each of his knuckles as he made fists at his side. "Because if it's the second answer, I guarantee you Dan, you don't want these hands." There was an awkward moment. Teres' eyes lost their color, turning a solid white as she prepared to handle the situation if things turned violent. Dan/Sebastian suddenly smiled brightly and raised his hands in surrender. "Hey... hey, come on now. It's all good. Seriosuly, I'm just playing... I'm kidding. "I'm sorry Asian girl... I'm just teasing... you give as good as you get, I like it..." He became Dan again in a few ripples of shifting flesh and clothing. "I'mna... just go. Nice meeting you all, later Teres!" He swiftly stumbled down the hall in a rush to get away from the entire scene, suddenly moving like he was a victim through that entire exchange. The color returned to Teres' eyes, and she sighed, waving for everyone to 'bring it in'. "It's not my place to contribute to d'rumor mill, or to share Dan's personal business... but Connie, I believe you do deserve some broader explanation. Damn's father would beat him with a switch in order to 'purge d'devil'," she used air quotes as she addressed the group. "Out of him once his powers manifested. I'm not sure, but I believe he was only six or seven at d'time. To deal with the pain he developed multiple personalities. Ms. Gomez, the counselor here has been working with him for years, since Claremont West opened actually. He's finally discovered d'real Dan... but has an incredibly hard time relating to others on a social level, but he's working on it. That is what I mean by 'sick'. Keiko is not sick, she is blind." "Now, Sebastian," Teres crossed he arms. "Will I need to ask you to leave the group as well? We do not incite brawls in the hallway." "Apologies ma'am, won't happen again," He was scratching his head like an ogre being scolded. "Hmm," With a raised brow she looked him over. "We'll see. Come, let me show you d'theater department... since you will all be required to put on a play for your first semester. Don't worry, it can't be any worse than when my brother went up there, ugh, he was terrible. He gets stage fright something awful."
  4. "Certainly," Teres offered. "The first key difference is that I asked Keiko to stop, but instead she chose to continue. It was not so much her humor that earned her a removal from this tour, but her lack consideration for others. Dan, as I was telling Cosima, has... issues. This school is helping with those issues, and has come a long way from what I understand. If Autumn is truly offended by his behavior then I will report him to the Miss Childs... again. I tolerate it because I know Dan and I know a bit of why he is the way he is. For those who are sick, certain concessions are granted."
  5. Teres looked to Cosima, catching some of her mumbling while Autumn was left to fend for herself against Dan. "Dan, is... well, Dan. He's intolerable, but he's been through a lot in his life. Social graces are not his strongest talent. He's harmless, though, if you can overlook what spews from his lips. That's about as charming as he gets, however."
  6. "What you may see as minor, we do not. It is as simple as that. If you do not like being called out in front of others then do not do d'same with your 'jokes'. I've tried polite, now I will not be so polite. They are new, we are not. My sister and I have a job to do and you are ridiculing others with your judgmental humor. If no one minded then why am I here with you? Apparently we minded, or have you not been paying any attention? Enough so that my sister did not want you continuing your brand of humor around her while she was trying to do her job. You would poke a lion with a stick, and then blame the lion when it retaliates. This tells me all I need to know about you." "There are no threats. I am no bully trying to squeeze you for your milk money. My sister informed you that your behavior was not appreciated and you continued, going so far as to use our mother to insult us. It shows that you have no respect for me or her." He leaned in and gently said, "I do not care for you Keiko. I do not see us getting along. If you wish, go see Miss Childs and I'm sure she will see to arranging you a tour if you are interested in one. Have a good day." Tomas turned around and began walking away. Still he did not seem angered, in fact his walk was casual as he pulled his smartphone from his pocket and began texting someone, his sister most likely.
  7. They walked through the second floor, passing lockers and classrooms. The whole of it all seemed a bit intimidating for some, a walk in the halls for others. Sebastian seemed lost, looking at his schedule and looking at the numbers on the doors. Curtis, well, he just memorized the entire layout and the proceeded to wonder which of his new classmates would be his first experiment. Connie, despite her age, has nigh legendary focus. If she was nervous, she sure didn't show. Like a good student, she paid attention and learned. Cosima tapped away on her phone, updating her status. She was paying attention, in her own way. Rick had a pretty good grasp on things. He took in the sights and the sounds of the school, but just sorta... went with the flow. Na'Atem Simply took it all in, pondering the turn of events with the knowledge of Atlanteans being at her school. Riley... well... the poor girl was completely out of her league. This school was huge and she was thankful there were three of her... she'd need a forth to just remember all this stuff! Oposite them down the halls strolled a young man, no older than them. Teres seemed disheartened suddenly, audibly groaning. He was tall, lanky, but still built like an athlete. He wore a sleeveless Bulldogs football jersey and simple jeans. He seemed to have misplaced his belt, however as they were sagging nearly to his knees. He wore a baseball cap that was tilted sideways, the rim of the cap nearly to his ears. "Ola mi amigas," he shouted gleefully. "This is Dan Malroy," Teres introduced him. "But I should warn you..." She was suddenly cut off by Dan eyeing Na'Atem. His eyes were suddenly swollen with interest. He approached her and looked her up and down with little regard for her personal bubble. "Gawd damn, girl! Mmmm Mmm... I gotta say... I wish you was my pinky toe so I could bang you on all my furniture!" "Yeah...," Teres buried her head in her hand. "That." --==*==-- "And who are you to judge them, hm?" He asked politely. "Keiko, there are all kinds of people like that here. Let them be them, and worry about you, because this is not like d'world out there. Here you are dealing with people who survive engines falling on their chest, throw balls of fire, command d'Earth to shake... people who are capable of bad things when strangers come out from nowhere and start making fun of them. Did you consider that?" He sighed. He wasn't sure if she actually cared, but he continued on. "Do you know them? Any of those you just spoke with? Because they are strangers to me. Can you look at them and tell yourself for certain that you poking fun at them will not result in them lashing out at you, or worse, someone else gets the brunt of it on accident? Someone like my sister? Because if one of them lost it, you could have put her danger, and I do not take that lightly." "Do not tell me, 'but it didn't'. I've seen it happen, I've watched students brawl in the yard and walls get smashed, innocent lives get live hurt. You insulting strangers is exactly how situations like that get started. Your actions were reckless." Despite his words, his tone was not in any way laced with anger. He was simply telling Keiko how things were or could have gone.
  8. "Thank you Connie, I'll bear that in mind." He offered her a warm smile. "Worry not mi bèl [my pretty], she is in no trouble. We're just going to talk." Teres and the others moved away from Keiko and Tomas and continued the tour. "Come, this way. I'll show d'classrooms. If you have your schedule on you, I can point you to where you will be having class. I assure you, this place is not as hard to navigate as you might think... --==*==-- "So," Tomas smiled. She was 'blind' so he wasn't making a whole lot of gestures. "Just you and I, please walk with me. I've had this talk with students before. You will say something like 'I was just kidding' and I will say that you were the only one who found it amusing, whereupon we will be at a stalemate. So tell me, what was it you were trying to do? Because endearing yourself to my sister and I, you did not. Now, what I'm not supposed to tell you, is after all of this, we have to go talk to the Headmaster and tell him our opinion of all of you... will you be trouble, will you be a problem, will you work hard, be a bully... all opinions, but it helps him know who to look out for. I do not traffic in falsehoods or fallacies, plus we are strangers to one another, so please, help me to understand you better so that I do not go and tell the Headmaster something that is false."
  9. "Our mother is a diplomat," Teres said softly. "We, are students trying to get to know our peers, something you are working very hard at making difficult for us. Tomas, would you mind?" "Not at all." Tomas smiles softly to the group and steps away over to Keiko. "There is more to the tour, yes. But not for you. They will be going on, you and I will be staying here."
  10. The Mulan comment drew more than a chuckle or two from those gathered. It was... nice. The twins smiled, almost at the same time which was creepy and cool all at once. "Wi," Tomas said to Autumn. "Our mother is from Atlantis, we are half-bloods. Atlantean magic combined with the resilience and versatility of humans. At least, that's what papa would tell us. I would be happy to tell you about it sometime, although all we have are stories. Teres and I have never actually been there." Teres just smiled before reluctantly nodding. "Our mother doesn't visit often, but when she does, it's around the holiday break. If you'd like to meet her, I'm sure she'd be happy to talk with you at length. She's... what is d'word?" "Ambassador." Tomas helped her out. She snapped her fingers. "Ah, wi. An Ambassador. A politician working on relations between Atlantis and d'surface world."
  11. Teres narrowed her eyes and tilted her head slightly. "I can only assume that where you are form Keiko, your comments might be taken as humorous, or to some extent, witty. I assure you, they are not. Please, knock it off. While I'll not deny that sometimes d'students here may come off a little..." "Or a lot," Tomas added in swiftly and they were pretty sure he was talking about Cosmia. "...pretentious, that is no reason to be rude or insulting, and you are coming across as both." The tone she took was neither snarky or mean. She was rather blunt, but still pleasant in calling out the young Japanese girl. "For most of us, these powers are all we have in common. For others they are a great burden that they've waited years to throw off their shoulders and be among those who might understand them. So, usually humility is d'first thing out the window as discussion about powers is most commonly used as d'ice breaker to bridge d'commonality between all of us. After all, why do you think students are showing you around instead faculty? Because you'll relate to us better, we have powers like you, we are teenagers like you, we are... you." "So, talk about d'money," Tomas interjected. A carefully timed interjection that got everyone from looking at Keiko and focused on him. His smile was genuine. "Talk about d'powers. Talk about anything you like, because, no joke, you are among friends. I assure you, I was cocky and arrogant once, I could not wait to show d'world what I could do. No shame in that."
  12. Teres "Syèl" DeClouet, Aeromancer - 16 years old. Teres is very polite with people, almost too polite. She is a very direct person and speaks matter-of-factually about the things he knows and rarely, if ever, about the things she doesn't. As a result she sometimes may seem ill-mannered and brusque. She has a very difficult time opening up to people. She is very sarcastic when it comes to her brother, Tomas and will often take time to toss witty insults his way. She speaks in a very thick Creole accent. Coming from New Orleans, Teres is a devout believer in Voodoo. Although nobody but her brother knows, she studies rituals and spells in hope of possibly finding an alternative way to focus her powers...
  13. Yes, dear," Teres said softly, her accent was hypnotic and she remained so calm. Almost like weird things happened around here everyday. "You are in d'right spot. This is d'tour. Relax. I am Teres, and this is my brother, Tomas. We are showing everyone around." Tomas extended his hand and motioned to each of the other students. "This is Richard, Connie, Cosima, Sebastian, Autumn, Curtis and Keiko. It's nice to meet you...," he offered his hand, waiting for an introduction.
  14. Tomas "Loam" DeClouet , Geomancer - male, 16 years old. As a half-Atlantean, Tomas has a deep sense of honor, and an even deeper sense of heritage and family pride. He is secretly delighted to be in California attending school. He is fascinated by wild animals. He hopes to study veterinary medicine and plans to do research on developing methods to preserve endangered species. His powers are granted by Atlantean Sorcery, giving him the ability to call upon earth and stone to obey his commands. He and his twin sister, Teres, are fond of cooking traditional Creole and Cajun meals for other students, when the faculty restaurant allows them access.
  15. The Heroes of Emerald City (Disclaimer: The artwork presented here is not mine, if you know the artists, please tell them thanks. They did a great job.)