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  1. Shadows Rising

    Fair enough. In fact, I'm glad you brought up the Hippocratic Oath because I see it a lot for the players of doctors and what not. The Hippocratic Oath extends to Doctor/Patient... it is essentially the Doctor swearing an oath to do all he or she can to care for and heal their patients or those who are sick and in turn do nothing that would bring them harm through inaction or negligence. So, there is no 'interpretation' or 'room to sidestep'. That's pretty much it, cut and dry. That's not to say a Doctor can't be a pacifist, but trust me, I know a few and they all agree that when it comes to survival instinct vs. Hippocratic Oath... survival wins out every time. If they are not your patients or already injured and in need of your care then you will do what you can to help them. It doesn't extend to frothing extra-dimensional aliens, demons, rapists trying to corn-hole you with a lawn dart, or evil villains smashing your face in with a brick. Any Doctor faced with life or death, or me or you circumstances of survival is not bound by the Hippocratic Oath to let themselves get jacked up for the sake of dying 'true to their word', that's just ignorance. Now, that's not to say they'll go all ham and kill everyone and then go administer some flu shots, no. In the case of another person trying to hurt them it would be totally logical to kick that person's ass up one side and down the other and once they are thoroughly defeated that bad person may wake up in the hospital finding it's the man or woman who kicked their ass treating their injuries. Compassionate Badassery, is the term I like to use. I fact those are the sorts of characters who are, despite being bad asses, tend to take the evil people and try to show them a better way through their compassion and understanding... make an enemy your ally, sorta folks. Kay, my rant is done. And remember... the Bible is very specific about 'thou shalt not kill' but it is a little fuzzy on the subject of knee caps.
  2. Shadows Rising

    I hope this won't be one of those games where we have pacifists and 'do no harm' types. If we're gonna save the world or do battle... I swear I'm not gonna get stuck carrying another character's weight. If you're leaning towards that concept, as a player, I'm letting you know that you are on your own. We don't get extra benefits or rewards for protecting you or saving your hide, and you put extra work on us. I'm just speaking for me, though. Some players love doing everything for the softies.
  3. Shadows Rising

    Deacon is a 19 year old genius who is beginning his internship as a forensic pathologist. He possesses two degrees, a Masters in Physics and a Doctorates in Forensic Medicine. Perhaps it's drive or ambition, or perhaps it's his personal sense to prove himself to everyone that he doesn't need his family's to make his mark in the world but Deacon has chosen a life to serve the public. He's gonna probably power up into a speedster, since I've never actually played one before.
  4. Shadows Rising

    Mercy Jones... so what's it gonna be, bitchy comment or sullen silence? (Pay up)
  5. Shadows Rising

    I'm still trying to decide on a concept. Cop, thug, military, smart ass... all power houses or paragon specs... I've done it all. I want something fresh, new, something I haven't done in awhile. I need some help coming up with something.
  6. Deadlands: The Flood

    Why does Hadi have one on him? He killed both of his...
  7. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Attention please, attention please," A familiar voice came over the school's public address system. It was one of the women in the admin department who always did the school's announcements. "At this time we need all students to report to their respective dorms, I repeat, all students need to report to their respective dorms. Off-campus students are also required to report to a dormitory at this time, Resident Assistants will assist you with anything you need. Emerald City is currently in a state of emergency, and I repeat, I need all students to report to their respective dorms and report to their R.A.s for attendance and roll call. Speedsters and teleporters using their abilities to leave campus at this time will be harshly punished. This is not a joke, people. All faculty are requested in the admin lounge. Once again, all faculty are required to meet in the admin lounge." Students halted in their tracks and listened, looking to one another for some sort of clarity. As one could expect with teenagers, there was a lot of stopping and talking about the announcement, not a lot of forward movement to the dorms. Faculty quickly began breaking up the groups and ushering them off and out of the building, telling them they needed to go to the dorms. As they walked, phones came out of pockets, tuning into EC news. Cosima's Facepace, Instablam, and Twaddle accounts all started blowing up with 'Be safe!', 'We love you, be strong!', and everyone's personal favorite 'Thoughts and prayers your way in this difficult time!'. "Dude, I've no idea," One teen said to another, walking past the group. "I heard the Sentinels are laying the smack on some powered dudes in the streets... mom didn't say much else." "Yeah...," replied his friend. "My mom said they're moving everyone to the storm shelters and what not in a ten block radius in case... you know..." "Our dad is a senator," shouted Summer Astovik, as she was being asked to move along with the rest of the students. "You can not keep us here! I'm not going anywhere with these... people. They are no where near in our social strata, I'm not about to share a lodgings with them for ten minutes, let alone all day!" Her identical twin, Autumn, gripped her arm to pull her away from the faculty member she was currently in the face of. "I'm afraid we are, Summer," Autumn's tone was cold and monotone. "Father says we are to remain here until he can arrange for a chopper to get us, if one is necessary. So, yes, we are stuck with... them." She motioned to the rest of those present, it was obvious she was as thrilled as her sister. "Astoviks!" Director Steele shouted down the hall, stopping the proceedings in it's tracks. "Complain less, move faster. Let's go people! Get moving! To the dorms!" And like wrangled sheep every student suddenly found their motivation and made for the doors and the dorms as swiftly as they could...
  8. Shadows Rising

    Well, if I can help, I will. One thing I notice wrong with both of our PCs is that we have insanely high FGT scores. TBH we should probably have decent Close Combat(Martial Arts, Street Fighting, Boxing, etc) Skills instead, implying that our character were taught (and teach others) how to fight (FGT represents natural, not trained, talent). It was sort of a retrospect thing I noticed once I posted my draft. Food for thought.
  9. Shadows Rising

    For 90 points I used the S.W.A.T. Officer template and modified it to this: I was thinking way too small, I'll come up with something else...
  10. Shadows Rising

    It's realistic. A '5' is 'Best in a Nation'. Hell, I made a S.W.A.T. Officer at PL 7 with nothing higher than a 2 (his FGT is 6, though) in his Atts... I'm feeling completely out classed. Allison, a survival specialist and self-defense specialist, could tear through a battalion of special forces military and barely bat an eyelash. I gotta step up my game. If 'regular' people are clocking 5's, 'professional' people should be at 8's or 10's.
  11. Shadows Rising

    Wow! Allison Hart can bench 1,600 pounds before she gets her super powers! I'm... wow... I'm... just in awe... wow...
  12. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    [Rachel & Austin] Rachel called the Sheriff and hit him up with their game plan. Overall, he was rather pleased with the idea, certainly easier to deal with than Coach Fingers. Instead of a couple teens going to the home of grieving parents whose son was missing, with a wolf cub the size of a St. Bernard and asking for their missing child's personal effects... he suggested the he'd meet them a ways from the station and supply them with a baseball cap from one of the missing kids and they could use that instead. Collecting it didn't take long, it was in a sealed evidence bag, but it was unmarked with no time or date or the usual markings. "That there is from the Brantley boy, if you think that hound of yours can find him, more power to ya," He handed the bag over to Austin. "Careful with it though, he'll probably want it back. Good luck, and call me if you find anything." It wasn't long after they arrived at their crime scene. The police tape was still up, but it looked like local idiot kids had already been through here and seen what fun they could have with it. Not a total loss... Scion perception was hardly something that was easily beaten by time, weather, and incompetence. It was just as they pictured it (and had seen in the pictures). The ground and leaves were still stained, and there wasn't much left to look at. What hit them both quickly was the stench. It smelled like someone had left meat out in the noonday sun for days... but if it were decay, it would have... should have left when the body was carried off... [Both, Awareness, Success] They soon realized why it was assumed an animal attack. Across the trunks of a few of the trees three claw marks seemed to be a reoccurring theme. [Austin, only] The pattern of the claws is indicative of a bird, not any animal native to Salem Woods. The bird in this case would need to be nearly four feet tall and weight about eighty pounds... so... unless the kid was attacked by a baby ostrich... something else was responsible. [Nadya & Mercedes] There was an awkward silence in the car as the two ladies drove to the area around Salem Woods. They decided to park at the Target and walk the rest of the way. They were a bit late getting to their site, Mercedes had to go home and get her car, but she had her modestly heeled, knee high, 'legend stomping boots' in the back seat. "Here, Skank," she tossed an old pair of Chucks at Nadya. She used the capitol 's' for Nadya's proper name in her eyes. "I know you think cat-like balance is an excuse to wear insanely high stripper heels twenty four seven, but it's not perfect. It keeps us balanced, it doesn't stop us from breaking a heel and our ankle along with it... trust me. Ever tried to keep your balance on a broken ankle? You make it worse." While Nadya changed her footwear (they were actually her Chucks, back from... before) Mercedes grabbed her things from the back seat that she kept in a large gym bag. The handle of her sword stuck out from it, but she didn't seem to mind. They bickered and bitched at one another, but it was nothing new along the way. No one was quite sure what had come between Nadya and Mercedes, but rumor had they used to be thick as thieves, long before their visitations. The crime scene was very similar to the one Rachel and Austin were at, and like the other, kids had already trashed it. The first thing to hit them was the stench. "Ugh, Gods...," Mercedes choked. "Smells like the last time I was in your dad's shop... what is that?" [Grace & Aaron] The children of Tezcatlipoca waded through the trees and crunched leaves beneath their feet as they made their way to the site. Aaron was surprisingly polite and gentlemanly. She and he had an interesting conversion along the way that ended with a slight chuckle from the both of them. He never mentioned his Patron, however and Grace knew she was walking along side her half-brother although he never mentioned a word. When they arrived they took a few moments to take in the scene as Grace looked at her phone, scrolling through pics in the group text. "Wow, a monster hunts children, eh?" He spoke in perfect Spanish, thankful Grace could understand him. He enjoyed his native tongue, it was unfortunate no one in his Band spoke it as well. "I looked, there's no Spanish myths that would do this. There's like a billion legends bout monsters taking kids, so... it could be anything. White folk are crazy though, eh? This could be that Snooki lady for all we know." He shot her a sarcastic smile. "I'll take a look on that side we meet in the middle, cool?" [Fisher & Beth] Fisher and Beth made it to the school library where, as they suspected, Mr. Syracuse was still there. They found a table and set up their laptops, waiting for the information to roll in. In the middle of the set up Mr. Syracuse came by and set a 24oz. Coke in front of each of them. "On me," he said with a smile. "Joining the search for the children I assume? Good, good. You're doing a fine thing, let me know if I can help at all." [Laurie & Eric] No one bothered to ask to what Laurie and Eric would be doing after Laurie assigned everyone to a group so as everyone cleared out they did too. Laurie offered a 'thumbs up' in the group text to show she was receiving messages, but aside from that she didn't really say much else. She and Eric were half way to somewhere before he finally chimed up. "So, uh... where are we going?" He asked, chugging down another Ballz. "And how'd end up with those losers anyway?"
  13. Shadows Rising

    OMG... Taylor Swift is gonna finally summon the legions of Hell... On a serious note, these are the PCs I have ready to go in a PL10 format (PL7 versions won't be hard to make): Primal Jaunt The Crimson Spider! Are there any power concepts you want off the table? Like time manipulation, teleportation, sharknado-ken, dimensional travel? Are we also talking about hellfire and brimstone powers here (fire from the fingertips, lightning from the sky, etc...) or something more personal, like Captain America super physical type changes, or both. We used Aberrant before, and anything went in that one, but I wanted to clarify before I decided on a concept. I also have a chef who is always there precisely when he needs to be there... named Justin Thyme.
  14. Shadows Rising

    I'm cool with where ever. No matter where you wanna start, my character being from somewhere else won't be an issue. I'm cool with Nevada, but there is a lot of desert out there so the population will be low or easy to elude, so when the ZA hits, there won't be as much 'random encounters' except somewhere populated, like Las Vegas, now, moving towards Cali... yeah, we'd have a lot to deal with. Somewhere like Iowa has a denser population stucture, cities are closer together so the possibility of going from place to place an running into a ton of zombies. Oh, nukes are off the table, fine, fine I get that... (grumbles to himself), but what about Sharknadoes? Can summoning a sharknado be one of our powers?