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  1. Casey, if you're running a comprehensive search for info on Mourne I'll set you up this one as a freebie since most of the investigative work can and would probably be done in a few days. I'll also assume she calls in a few favors from contacts, but being a freebie, those favors won't be held against you later. Mostly because everything she get's back on Mourne is legit. The guy is exactly what he says he is, complete with office and pretty Admin Assistant. Thus far his alaby is tight... being the World of Darkness... maybe a little too tight. He's clean. However, what sort of GM would I be if I left it at that? So, another freebie, if you want to investigate him, you certainly can. The problem at the moment is that you're looking in the wrong places and you may have to fracture a law here or there to get the info you want (whether you do it yourself or hire a guy, is on you). Investigate his home. Investigate his office. Following him. Are all great ways to get that ball rolling and if you want to pursue that, we can (probably in a different thread). While we're on the topic of the law... Remember this is the World of Darkness. Everything is a bit bleaker and there's more crime and more problems and more of everything negative. Which means, sometimes you guys are going to want to do something that isn't quite 'good'. Put the good and evil baby to bed, rip that band aid off, you'll thank me later. As PCs you are going to have to do some things that are not quite nice or frankly just plain wrong in the grand scheme of your personal moral code. I get it. The game has a theme and that theme is dark heroism, which means that as long as you guys are not running around murdering and and devouring the flesh of babies... I'll be okay with most of the minor bad things you wanna try and get away with, especially if it's in line with getting the plot resolved. In fact, you will probably have to do a few questionable things from time to time. Examples: Starting a fire to evacuate a building for a distraction. (Cool) Setting people on fire to cause a distraction. (Not cool, bro) Breaking and entering to gather intel on someone or something. (Cool) Breaking into some dudes house to murder him because he cut you off in traffic. (Not cool, bro) Hitting museum security with a baton to knock them out. (Cool) Tossing museum security from the second floor and impaling them on the Japanese samurai spear exhibit because you saw in a movie once. (So not cool, bro) Basically, use discretion. It's a forgone conclusion that eventually you guys are all going to kill someone or something, it happens. Aside from that, I don't care wasted or stoned your characters get or big of an asshole they become, as long as they aren't doing things to end up on the FBI's most wanted list, have fun with it and be reasonable.
  2. The bitter chill of the New York streets at night greeted Horatio as kindly as it did all others. He pulled his collar up and walked off down the street. He was not but fifty yards when his smartphone dialed a number and he pressed it to his ear. The call connected, but no one said a word of greeting. "I've found one," he said. "The dreams, the visions, it's all starting. It's loose. The time has come." He looked back down the street at the coffee shop and sighed softly. His expression marking that he didn't envy the rather normal Miss Mason and what was in store ahead of her. He pressed the thumb sized red button on his screen. "Weaver have mercy on us all." Quietly he walked off into the night.
  3. Brent laughed. "Yeah, honestly, I wish, sometimes. These things are dreadfully boring, but they pay a lot. We won't be packing. Tasers and batons only, and so far the most we've had to deal with was a disgruntled ex we had to carry out after she took an exacto to an exhibit one evening. She was off her nut, drunk and probably on something too. They can get interesting, but ninety percent of the time, they're dull and as much fun as standing watch on Christmas." "Here," he handed Mel a business card. "Call me in the next few days, I'll have Suzanne, my PA, get you measured for a suit. On me, I still owe you for spotting that fake Rolex in Taiwan, you saved me a bundle." "You know everything in Taiwan is fake, right?" Mel shot him a look from a raised brow. "Well, I do now." He laughed. "Get in touch and uh, get your hand looked at man, You're uh, bleeding a little bit there. You're supposed to wear gloves when you hit the bag, old man!" Brent laughed again and let himself out. Mel could hear him already on his phone setting up some other deal before he even hit the staircase.
  4. "And, dreams are places, kid. Our doors are locked, as are yours. You don't think of it that way because your human mind is all garbled up with the banal things like logic and reasoning... like trying to guess where you've seen us from instead of simply accepting that we are, what we are." The rabbit-man approached her, now that she seemed to be calming considerably. He motioned for her to walk with him. He took a few steps and when she followed (still completely weirded out) he continued. "We're not figments, or your minds way of putting masks on a finer point it'd like you to remember. Frankly, we don't have time to get into Pookas and Trolls right now, that's later." "Lady, you seem like a sweet kid," his tone was something of pure fatherly empathy. In just those few words she felt like she could have trusted him implicitly with anything... except he still looked like a rabbit. "And I really hate having to dump this on you, and trust me, you sure as hell ain't gonna believe a word of it if pookas and trolls are too much for your mind, but here goes..." Seth chimed up before the rabbit had a chance to continue. "World's dying. Not just ours, but yours. People don't dream anymore. People don't believe in magic, so magic dies. People don't believe in dreams, so dreams die. Dark world, no joy. No love. No laughter or kindness." "W-what he's trying to say, kid... is, uh... there's something out there, something mean and dark, and ugly. It'd slowly, one smartphone and one corporate cubical at a time, killing all the love and laughter in the world," the pooka sorrowfully hopped up on a chair, then a table and was finally eye level with the young librarian. "Crime, school shootings, Trump, police brutality, rioting, Justin Beiber fans... the world hasn't gone mad, kid. It's infected. Infected by an entity that causes and spreads absolute chaos until all that's left is a downward spiral into Oblivion. We need you to find a way to stop it, or it will lead to war and anarchy, and there will be nothing left, eventually. As far as I know the prophesy said find the Mason and the Souless One, which I'm guessing is a last name and Souless One could only mean a Ginger, right? Ghosts can't be Chosen, as far as I know. Find the others, and we'll talk again, I swear it." "Time." Seth said softly, reminding the pooka. "Right, well, good luck lady, have fun, don't die oh and uh... that old heffer sometimes steals money from your wallet when you fall asleep in here at night reading. See? Knowing dream people has advantages." He smiled (could rabbits smile?) and raised his hand, snapping the 'fingers' on his paw. "You can wake up now." Maya lurched up from her nap, like she'd awoken form a fall right before she'd struck the ground... or someone else struck the ground... someone fell out a window, but it wasn't a window... it was... a dream? Like all dreams the memory of it swiftly because to fade. Enough of it remained to make her believe that something wasn't not okay with either her life, or her coffee... because she saw the entity that tore an unknown man in half and consumed in the folds of it's darkness... she saw a woman fall to her death. Where did she know her from?
  5. "That's our call, Casey," Mr. Mourne said, sympathetically. He sipped his coffee and pursed his lips to savor the taste. Say you wanted about the place, they sure knew how to make great coffee here. He sighed and looked her in the eyes. "I understand you're having a really weird night, I get that. I've had a few my self in my day. Telling me what you told me took some courage, I gotta give you that, so I'm going to be honest in return." He took another swallow of his java and set the cup down, spinning it with his finger tips, like nervous people often did. "Miss Mason, Casey, I didn't select this place at random. This is one of the last locally owned businesses we have here in Manhattan. It has great people, great atmosphere, and it's something that stands for neighborhood pride with a ton of history in these four walls. What's more, is that it's dying, Casey. We both know that. This place is one, maybe two missed bill payments from becoming broken and limp in the jaws of another Starbucks." "My dad and I came in here all the time when I was a boy, never was much of a coffee drinker, but man, did I love the smell," He smiled and chuckled, perhaps lingering a memory. "Places like this have... an amazing amount of value. To the people, to the city. They start to have a life of their own after awhile, like Ol' Joe's Barber Shop a few blocks away. There's a certain magic to them, where boys like me learned so much sitting in that chair, or sitting here with dad while he drank his coffee and I nursed a chocolate milk." "People tell me you've done great things here, so far," he smiled at her, and there was certainly a sense of compassion behind it, like a silent 'thank you' for deeds he had no idea she'd even done. "But we both know its not enough. I can't force you to cater, but from one not-quite stranger to another: don't let a strange dream, a rough night, and an awkward moment between strangers snuff out a dream that's decades old. This place doesn't mean a whole lot to a ton of people, but it means everything to just enough people that it's worth saving. Just my two cents. Why not get a decent night's rest, and give me a call tomorrow sometime. If you feel the same way then, I understand, but for now, don't let the oddity of the dream or the stress influence your decision. Okay?"
  6. Don't let festivities stuff slow down the thread, Krul. If you want to move past all that and fast forward to the search for the Genesis Seed, I'm cool with it. Dread won't be spending much time at the Arcology anyway, he needs Dominion, which means there is conquering to be done.
  7. Yeah, I was wondering that... Sota just magically gave every psycho, mad man, ad raider tribe an instant means of organizing... Shoulda focused on the Arcology first, then moved the network outwards as we vanquished the baddies and 'civilized' the land... but oh well.
  8. Awesome! But... Why?
  9. Earth-38... There must have been a hundred people floating in the space above the massive background of the sapphire oceans and cotton swirls of Earth's clouds. Creating a blockade were several men and women of various alien species sheathed in a greenish aura in black and green outfits with a strange crest on their chest. Their opposition were numerous men and woman all of various species in similar attire, sheathed in yellow, also with a strange sigil on their chests. "You're wasting your time, Jordan! This sector will be mine! The Earth will not withstand my might!" Yelled a thin, but toned purple alien man, who didn't seem to be hindered by the vacuum of space as long as the yellow energy surrounded him. "Heard it all before Sinestro," A man, obviously this 'Jordan', Sinistro was addressing. "You practice that same speech in the mirror every morning?" "Spare me what passes for your wit, you are outmatched!" The purple man raised his hand and motioned for his troops to attack, but they were still. From behind them all a ship wavered and decloaked, it's cannons already charging up for a powerful blast aimed that a green barricade. "Quantum singularity cannons, Jordan. I didn't come to take over the Earth, I came to destroy it. I've grown so tired of our endless games..." "Form up!" Jordan screamed and the soldiers in green all huddled close, held out their hands and a ring forged from a green hued metal glowed with power and a massive shield of energy formed in front of the Earth, just large enough to stop the blasts from that ship, hopefully. "Bring down that shield!" Sinistro commanded and his yellow troops al extended their arms and blasted beams of pure yellow energy out from rings similar to the ones the green guys were wearing. The shield held, but the more power the enemy pushed with, the more strain the green shield bearers exerted to keep it up. With an explosion of the sound of the quantum singularity cannons pierced the battlescape with the shockwave that staggered everyone but those bracing for the impact. The purplish-black orbs of pure quantum energy raced towards the shield of green and slammed against it with the power of the meteor that obliterated the dinosaurs. Energy crackled and blinded everyone on all sides. The power of Will, mingled with the power of Fear combined with the energy generated by a quantum singularity created a chain reaction and an explosion that sent everyone flying in all directions... but the shield held. The Earth was safe. "It held!" shouted a massive alien, named Kilowog. "Jordan! We need to take out that ship..." Kilowog looked around. "Jordan? Hal? HAL!" There was an erie silence and calm across the battlefield... Hal Jordan and Sinistro were nowhere to be seen... Earth Prime... Hal Jordan and Sinistro appeared through the event horizon of the singularity created by the mingling of energies. Unconscious like green and yellow comets they barreled towards Earth. Their shields held as they spiraled towards the ground and caught fire in the atmosphere. Down the plummeted, faster and faster, until terminal velocity became their new cruising speed.
  10. Curtis was reluctant to hang out with the two jocks, but in all honesty he hadn't anything better to do with his evening. He was compiling some code for a few projects, but with the computing power of the average Dell laptop and his rather meager budget, it would still be several hours before he could review the data. When in Rome, popped in his mind, but then again he was in Central California. They weren't the worst to hang out with, they even tolerated his rather abrasive attitude (which he was not oblivious to having). Having never had firends before, the young genius wasn't quite sure what to make of them and had resorting to simply considering their interactions as one large social experiment. They all met in front of the dorm several minutes later, Curtis didn't really need to shower and get ready, so he took some time to shoot twenty seven consecutive three pointers from various points around the court using nothing more than math and minimal arm strength. Frankly he didn't see what the big deal was. "Up to no good, we hope," they heard as they were huddled up still deciding on a place to go. The Astovik twins were approaching them with that typical, predatory glare in their eyes that announced they were looking for someone or something to crucify. Autumn seemed to be taking the lead, with her sister only a stride behind looking more irate than usual. They were impeccably dressed to the nines, like they were heading to a boardroom meeting with the Kardashians to see who could be shallow and lie about their plastic surgery with better proficiency. Summer's red leather skirt seemed like her typical cry for everyone to pay attention to her, but her sister, as always, seemed a bit more sensible in that her blue skirt was simple, stylish cotton. Summer's black hair was flowing freely past her shoulders while Autumn's was bound back tightly in a ponytail with not a single strand out of place. "I highly doubt I'm interrupting anything important," Autumn said with tones as chill as a winter wind. There was never much emotion in her voice, which made it impossible to tell if she was serious or trying at humor. "Have either of you three seen Malory, by chance? My sister and I have business with him." "Business? I'm going burn the little bastard to cinders is what I'm going to do." Summer's fists exploded into flame and the fire gently licked it's way up her fore arms. An emotional outburst for the fiery Astovik was certainly nothing new for anyone to see. Autumn raised an eyebrow at the outburst but didn't really show any other sign of caring one way or the other. "Yes, well, should you see him, tell him we're looking for him. By the way, Curtis, right? I read your assignment on nano technology, very impressive." "What about mine? What did you think of mine?" Sebastion's large frame threatened to shadow the petite governor's daughter. "'They're very small, I think.,'" she quoted directly from his assignment. "Riveting stuff." "Oh good... I've been sweating that assignment all week." He looked relieved, her monotone sarcasm never even registering. Rick, who'd been quietly observing the exchange with a smirk of amusement at Sebastian's ever present cluelessness. "We were, uh, just about to head off campus and get something to eat. If Dan knows you're looking for him, with his ability to look like anybody, chances are he's not going to make the search easy. You're welcome to join us and hang out for a bit. Perhaps let things... cool off?" The Astoviks looked at each other, then looked to the three guys then back to each other and began laughing. Summer's laugh was pure condecending evil while Autumn's was nothing more than a silent, emotionless chuckle. Summer looked at Rick and managed to stop laughing long enough to share, "Yeah, no. You three combined couldn't afford a single plate at the places we go for dinner. So cute that you offered though, you're adorable," the twins began walking off. "Later losers, enjoy our grease pit."
  11. Dave ST


    Worth the read to get an idea of what they're going for, but the draft doesn't really help with much and it literally cuts off mid sentence while explaining something in several spots. I prefer finished copies, just my 2¥.
  12. Dave ST


    Can't say I'm overly impressed with what they've done with Scion, but I am looking forward to seeing the finished Trinity and Aberrant stuff.
  13. Saw this and Qi was the first thing that popped into my mind, thought I'd share it.
  14. "Yesterday, Legs. Tonight? Corps." Ahh, Emerald City. Jewel of the West Coast. A place where peace and prosperity are allowed to reign for only a 30% protection fee from your business's overall gross. This evening we find the ladies of Claremont Academy sans their usual male counterparts. A girl's night out one could call it... after they've all made the mistake of agreeing to work out with the young martial artist, Qi. A decision they are all swiftly coming to regret... Qi stood in the traditional 'air chair' position. A broom handle lay across her lap horizontally while a second lay across her arms lay another broom handle, and upon this one were two silver, unmarked paint cans, filled with water. She showed only a moderate sign of fatigue... after seven minutes. Her breathing was simple and controlled, her eyes open and gazing off into the opposite side of the room as if she saw something there that no one else did. The other ladies were trying the same thing (minus the paint cans) with various levels of success... "Okay," Keiko said calmly, lifting up slightly and the handle rolled off her lap. "I see why you would do this, but seriously... why would you do this? It's torture heaped upon misery with a slice of torment on the side." "Maybe if you quit complaining long enough..." Tatyana replied to her Asian 'friend' in her typical dry, attitude laced voice. It wasn't her sort of workout, she was more the heat up the punching bag kind of girl, but the monk had some really hurtful training techniques... and if it hurt, it must work, right? Keiko offered her a stuck out tongue as she blindly searched for her fallen broom handle. Spellstone levitated the broom handle up into Keiko's hands. While she was certainly not going for a full seven minutes, she was familiar with the exercise, as her people, some 12,000 years ago to teach the strength and discipline necessary to focus sorcery. She moved past Tatyana and Keiko and reached for her water bottle as she dabbed away some of the sweat on her forehead with the towel around her neck. "Are yu not going to participate?" She asked Cosima, who was dressed for a work out but had yet to actually do anything except take a bunch of selfies of herself in her workout outfit. "Probably not," she was half paying attention to herself and half to addressing Spellstone as she clicked off another selfie. "With the guys gone, we should totally do something other than work out all night... and we all know if we don't act soon, getting Qi out of the gym will require not only your magic, but Bastion's strength. I hate to say it, but I think she's an addict, maybe we should have an intervention... with... maybe... chicken alfredo and a scary movie or two? Oh, the mall! We should totally mall. After I shower, of course, I'm all sticky and gross." Her friends all rolled their eyes, even Qi managed a small break in her meditations to smirk at the corner of her mouth.
  15. "Late Night Shivers" Three men. Three heroes. Free of their studies and currently without their female companions we discover the males of Claremont left to their own devices. Free of the shackles of math and history we find our young heroes delving deep into teenage vision quests of self discovery and their never ending search for their identity. Free to be the died in the wool, diamond in the rough, hardcore mature intellectuals they are... free to be... men. Sebastian dribbled from the left, then to the right, dipping the basket between his legs as he faked out Richard and spun around him, leaping for a jump shot. The ball bounced off the rim where Richard got the rebound and dipped into the basket for an easy two points. "Nice," he breathlessly said offering him five as Richard walked to carry the ball out. "So, my money is on, like, Tibetan or something." "No... I'd say Japanese." Richard dribbled past, faking out his opponent in a few strides before leaping for a lay up, that was denied by Sebastian's large hand. "See, I considered that, but she doesn't look Japanese." The massive teen gripped the ball in both his hands. Richard tried to slap the ball out of his hands but it didn't move at all, a prisoner of Sebastian's super powerful grip. "Really, dude?" Richard just smiled and shrugged, on the off chance that one day that might work. "Have either of you two considered Malaysian?" Curtis asked. Sebastian took a shot and missed again, the ball bounced off court where Curtis scooped it up. "Hotasian, maybe." Sebastian quipped. "C'mon, Curt, toss it in. We are engaged in a battle of finesse here..." "He doesn't know where Malaysia is." Offered Richard, half laughing as he thumbed towards his larger friend. "Of that," Curtis looked to the basket and tossed the ball. Without any resistance the ball dropped through the hoop, nothing but net. "I've certainly no doubt. And it's a game of math, Sebastian. Finesse only gets you so far, as your zero to twelve game will attest." "Basket ball's not my sport, okay?" He defended himself. "And I happen to know where a ton of malls in Asia are. Japan is like, filled with em. So, BOOM." "It's amazing how much of a walking stereotype you are," Curtis offered to the large super teen. "How did I end up agreeing to this?" "C'mon, Curtis, you can't barricade yourself in your room all the time." Richard walked over to him, picking up his Powerade and throwing one to Sebastian. "We figured, since the ladies were doing their thing, we'd, y'know, do ours. Hang out, shoot some hoops-" "...guess where Spellstone is from, Cosima's bra size, and whether or not Tatyana wears underwear..." Curtis interjected. Richard and Sebastian just paused and looked to each other and shrugged. "Well, yeah." "Such stimulating banter, allow me to go back to my room so that I might find a container for my joy..." "Dude," Sebastian mantled Curtis with a bicep as large as Curtis's head. "We go to school with some of the hottest ladies on the planet... you mean to tell me you haven't noticed a single one of them?"