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  1. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Boost Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 2 Dice Pool: Quantum + Boost Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Personal (see extras) Target: You (see extras) Duration: Maintenance Power Points: 2 Multiple Actions: No* Description: You can infuse your body with quantum energy to increase an attribute temporarily. Effect: You may temporarily increase an Attribute. Roll Quantum + Boost. Each success adds one dot to the Attribute. Once you reach your Baseline Attribute limit (usually 5) additional successes roll over to a Mega-Attribute gain, up to your maximum Mega-Attribute limit (usually 5). The added dots fade at the rate of one per (Quantum + Boost) turns, and the power may only be used once per scene. You must define which ability gains the benefit of this power when you select boost; it cannot be changed thereafter. Extras: Extended Effect: The duration of Boost lasts for an entire scene. Cost: 2 Extra Attribute: You may select an additional Attribute and both are affected simultaneously when you activate Boost. Cost: 2 Affect Others: You can touch another person and Boost their attribute instead of your own. This does count as your one use of the power for the scene. Baseline's affected by this power may gain Mega-Attributes for the powers' duration. Cost: 1 * Changed the Multiple Actions tag from 'Yes' to 'No'. The power can only be used once per scene, so trying it again after a failure (or garner a better success) or splitting your dice pools is rather moot.
  2. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Bodymorph Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 3 Dice Pool: Stamina + Bodymorph Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Maintenance Power Points: 2 Multiple Actions: Yes Description: You transform into a specific type of matter or energy — rock, fire, wind, computer chips and circuitry, etc. Effect: Bodymorph is a powerful ability possessed by only a few novas. It allows you to transform your body into a specific type of matter or energy. Choose the form of matter or energy when you first take the power. A form grants certain special “form benefits” and “form specific” Level 1 and Level 2 quantum powers that are active with bodymorph. When you transform, all Bodymorph powers activate simultaneously when you pay the quantum cost. You may transform yourself automatically. However, your dots in this power define how effective the change is. It is up to you to define where your dots are allocated, subject to ST approval, but once they are defined, they can not be changed. If you wish to use Bodymorph as a defense against an incoming attack (for example, turning to flame to avoid eing damaged by a flame blast), you may do so. You do not need to have an action available, but it's easier if you do. If you do not have a delayed available the you must spend a point of Willpower as well. Roll your Stamina + Bodymorph. Even a single success allows you to assume your alternate form in time to absorb some of the force of the attack, and each success on the roll reduces the damage the attack inflicts by one health level. The list below offers some standard form options; you may invent your own or suggest alternate benefits with the ST’s approval. All bodymorph powers activate simultaneously when you pay the power points to transform. • Air/Gas: Form Benefits: You move through air at your normal running speed (you move vertically at half this rate); gain +1 soak against physical damage, the benefits of the Flexibility enhancement and gain the use of the Asphyxiation combat maneuver. Form-Specific Powers: Density Control (Decrease), Poison, Flight or the Storm technique (you become a whirling tornado in your immediate vicinity). At least one Bodymorph dot must be assigned to Density Control (Decrease). • Energy: Form Benefits: You inflict lethal damage with unarmed attacks and attacks directed at at you incur a +1 difficulty penalty to strike her; absolute invulnerability to the energy form you morph into. Form-Specific Powers: Density Control (Decrease), Force Field, Immolate, or Magnetic Mastery (EMP). These are guidelines only; many of the techniques listed under Elemental Anima are suitable for Bodymorph powers. However, all Bodymorph powers are available only when you are transformed. • Hard Solid (metal, stone, etc.): Form Benefits: You inflict lethal damage with unarmed attacks, and all attacks directed at you are at +1 difficulty; if you do not already possess it, you gain all the benefits of the Durability enhancement as well. Form-Specific Powers: Armor, Claws or Density Control (Increase). • Liquid/Amorphous: Form Benefits: You can breathe without penalty in water and can move through water at twice your running speed; gains the benefits of the Flexibility enhancement and may use the Asphyxiation combat maneuver. Form-Specific Power: Density Control (Decrease), Poison, Immolate (if you turn into acid, for example). At least one dot of Bodymorph dot must be assigned to Density Control (Decrease). Extras Link: You can purchase a power or enhancement that functions only when this power is active, much like a form specific power. You can buy an enhancement even if you don’t qualify for it's purchase (like becoming air/wind and using thunderclap even though you don't possess Mega-Strength). When purchased this way, your dots in Bodymorph substitute your dots in the appropriate Mega-Attribute (for resolution of Thunderclap, for example). You have no access to any linked powers or enhancements if Bodymorph is not active. Cost: A power or enhancement purchased as a Bodymorph link costs one power point less than normal to use (minimum of one point).
  3. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Body Modification Level: N/A Dice Pool: N/A Manifestation Time: N/A (see text) Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Permanent Power Points: 1 or 0 (see text) Multiple Actions: N/A Description: Your body is changed in some permanent fashion — anything from color-changing skin to an extra limb to a series of dorsal spikes. Effect: The modification chosen is permanent and costs no power points to maintain or use, unless noted otherwise. Some body modifications have a limit to the number of times they may be purchased, that number is given in the explanation of the modification. Some common modifications are listed below along with their nova point or experience point cost to acquire them; new options are subject to GM approval. • Adhesive Grip: (2 nova points/4 experience points) You bond with surfaces through some physical or ionic means; this allows you to travel on vertical surfaces or even ceilings as well as a spider does. You may move across those at your normal walking speed, but you cannot use your run speed while climbing. You cling to surfaces at your normal Might rating. You retain your normal defenses while climbing or adhering. You must have your hands free and uncovered to climb in this manner (or have glove made from eufiber). • Chromatophores: (1 nova point/3 experience points) You can change the color of your skin, much like a chameleon or a squid can. You gain three bonus dice on stealth skill rolls to hide as long as you are almost naked or wearing attuned eufiber when this power is active. It costs 1 power point to activate chromatophores for (Quantum) turns; you may change colors and basic patterns at will during this time. • Extra Limbs: (1 nova point/3 experience points) You have an additional limb — an arm, tail or tentacle, most commonly — that sprouts from a location of your choice. This limb has the same reach, degree of deftness and muscle power as your non-dominant hand. • Extra Health Levels: (1 nova point/3 experience points) You have more health levels, perhaps because of redundant organs or just being hardier than others. Each purchase of this modification grants you either one extra 'Bruised' health level or two extra 'Maimed' health levels. You may purchase each option a number of times equal to your stamina score. • Gills: (1 novapoint/3 experience points) You can breathe underwater freely. • Spines: (2 nova points/6 experience points) Your body has spikes or even natural sharp edges (for instance, if you’re made of living crystal). The spines change your clinches, holds and tackles to lethal damage and inflict an amount of lethal damage equal to the attacker's damage dice pool (maximum of 10 dice) on anyone contacting the nova with a Brawl or Martial Arts attack. This damage is slashing or piercing, depending on the type of spines. • Tendril: (1 nova point/3 experience points) You can extrude a physical or energy manifestation in the shape of a tentacle, whip, flagellum or other similar “limb.” The tendril extends up to (Quantum x3 feet) and inflicts Strength +4B damage (or Strength +2L; players choice). If the tendril is made of energy or some other unusual substance, it's damage is Quantum +4B or Quantum +2L. Like all energy-based attacks, you must specify what sort of energy the tendril is made from. • Webbed Extremities: (1 nova points/3 experience points) Your hands and/or feet are webbed, allowing you to swim at double your running speed. • Wings/Patagia: (3 nova points/6 experience points) You grow a pair of leathery bat wings or feathered bird wings (alternately, you grow a flap of skin that stretches between your side and your arms). You can glide in a controlled fall at up to your normal running pace. You can fly only if you actually possess wings, but not nearly as fast as with the Flight power; your flight speed is equal to your running speed. *Placed a limit on the number of time 'Extra Health Levels' could be purchased. Gave 'Wings' a flight ability, but much slower than the flight power.
  4. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Bioluminescence Level: 1 Quantum Minimum: 1 Dice Pool: Stamina + Bioluminescence Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Varies Target: You Area: Spherical emanation (Quantum x 10-ft. radius) Duration: 10 min. per success Power Points: 1 Description: You can emit visible light; it’s insufficient to blind someone, but it’s perfect for illuminating dark places. Effect: The light you radiate is in the visible spectrum and is the equivalent of a clear day in intensity. The method in which bioluminescence manifests depends on your powers — anything from an eerie eldritch flame to an angelic glow to a ball of fire. For one additional power point, you can project a beam of light like a flashlight with a range of (15 feet per success). Extras Increased Spectrum: You extend the illumination range into the infrared and ultraviolet. Cost: 1 pp So, here's a fun use for a grossly under rated power... using the ultraviolet light spectrum makes invisible objects appear... sorta. They cast shadows thanks to the UV spectrum. Using the IR spectrum allows you to pin point targets with heat emissions... also like invisible novas.
  5. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Armor Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 1 Manifestation Time: One Movement Dice Pool: N/A Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Maintenance (Quantum + Armor/turns)* Power Points: 2 Multiple Actions: No Description: You have some form of natural physical defense. This typically relates to your powers in some way — a chitinous dermal layer if you have insect-like powers, interlocking metal plates if you control metal, or even a sheet of “living ice” if you manipulate cold. However, special effects are not required; it's possible for you to simply be more durable than normal and still look the same as always. Effect: For each dot of Armor, you may add +3 to both your Bashing and Lethal soak totals. You may vary the ratio of the protection your armor provides, assigning more to bashing and less to lethal or vice versa, but the power must be turned off for an entire turn and reactivated for the allocation to take place. Extras Super-Heavy Armor: You may fortify your armor for a scene, becoming nigh-impenetrable. While so fortified your armor grants +4 extra soak against bashing and lethal attacks (instead of +3, not in addition to), and the difficulty to hit you is increases by one per dot you possess in the Armor power. However, you lose three points from your initiative (minimum of 1), two from your walking speed and five from your running/sprinting speed. You also lose one from all dexterity based die pools. Cost: 2 pp. Permanent: The power’s effect cannot be turned off. Because it cannot be turned off, the protection it provides is fixed and cannot be adjusted. It costs no power points to maintain and taking this Extra does not increase the power's level by one. Cost: 0 pp. *Made Armor a maintenance power by default and Permanent an Extra. The Permanent extra in this case does not increase the power's level by one because the character in trading off versatility for constant defense. The trade offs cancel each other out, making this one of the few exceptions to the +1 power level rule.
  6. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Animal/Plant Mastery Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 1 Dice Pool: Manipulation + Animal/Plant Mastery* Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: 1 mile per dot in Animal/Plant Mastery Area: Varies, usually (Quantum x 30 foot-radius) Effect: One or more creatures or plants in range; see text Duration: Quantum + Animal/Plant Mastery/Turns Power Points: 2 Multiple Actions: No Description: You can communicate with animals or plants, and can even direct them to action. Effect: Choose between animal mastery and plant mastery when you select the power. The GM may assign specific personalities to creatures and plants based upon their natures — lions and tigers might seem regal; poison ivy may act sarcastic and snide; antelopes may seem nervous and edgy; rats excitable and shifty; a cactus might be laconic and unflappable; and so on. Animal Mastery: You understand the intent of any mundane noises that animals and vermin make (though you may not be able to respond in kind). In addition, you can influence a number of creatures up to (Quantm + Animal/Plant Mastery )x2. If there are more potential targets than you can affect, you choose them one at a time. Larger or predatory animals (rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers) are usually considered two (or more) creatures. Each target is subject to the following: • You can engage in telepathic dialogue with each target as long as it is in line of sight. • Each target regards you as a trusted friend and ally. You can emit a telepathic call to summon a particular animal or vermin up to a total number equal to your (Quantum + Animal/Plant Mastery) score. If the animal or type of animal is within the power’s range, it rushes to you at its best speed (providing it's able). You cannot control the target as if it were an automaton, but it perceives your wishes in the most favorable way. An affected creature never obeys suicidal or obviously harmful orders, but it might be convinced that something very dangerous is worth doing. Any act by you or your apparent allies that threatens the target breaks the power's effect. Plant Mastery: You can understand and communicate with plants in the same manner as described for animals under animal mastery, Rather than calling plants, you can imbue targeted flora with mobility and a semblance of life. Each animated plant may then attack whomever or whatever you designate initially as though it were an actual creature. You may animate a number of plants equal to your (Quantum + Animal/Plant Mastery) x2. Like animals, larger plants may considered more 'slots' for how many you can control. For example a character may be able to control dozens of tulips or daisies, but animating a massive redwood tree might be considered five or more single plants. You can change the designated target or targets in place of your movement for a turn, as if directing an active power. When a plant is no longer under your control it immediately takes whatever position it was in before the power was used on it (trees return upright, flowers perk up towards the sun, etc.) Alternatively, you may call upon plants in a (Quantum x 30 foot radius) spread to entwine around creatures in the area. Each creature can break free and move half its normal speed by beating you in a (Manipulation + Plant Mastery) against the target's (Strength + Might). Your Mega-Manipulation dots cancel out Mega-Strength dots on a one for one basis (dots used to cancel out other dots may not be used as part of the initial roll), allowing the most powerful Plant Controllers to hold even the strongest novas in place. An opponent that succeeds on a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll, using the same rules above, is not entangled but can still move at only half speed through the area and it makes hyper or enhanced movement impossible. Each round on your turn, the plants once again attempt to entangle all creatures that have avoided or escaped entanglement previously, this effect is automatic and does not count as an action your turn. Plant mastery cannot affect nonliving vegetable material. Extras Nature Mastery: You possess both animal and plant mastery, and can direct both fauna and flora at the same time. Cost: 2 pp. *Changed the core attribute from Perception to Manipulation.
  7. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    I was asked about the Extras. The Extras function just like Extras do (read the Core Book, these Extras are in there). So if I have Absorption (Level 2 Power) and I add Extended Effect to it, it is now a Level 3 power. I do not have to make use the Extra and let the Strength dots fade at their normal rate OR I can activate the Extra when I activate the power and the Strength dots will last me one entire scene, but the activation cost increases by 2 points. Example: The Sponge is attacked by an effect that he can absorb that is 4HLs in strength. He decides to use Absorption, and has the Extended Effect extra, to negate the damage and keep the point of Strength for an entire scene. The Extra adds 2 points to the cost. He rolls and absorbs all 4HLs of damage (costing him 4 Quantum Points). In total he has spent 6 Quantum Points (or Power Points, as we called them) and has gained +2 to his Strength score for the next scene. If the Sponge wasn't concerned about the extra Strength points and just wanted to negate the damage he could have just spent the 4 Quantum Points, gained the strength, and let it fade at the normal rate. Having the Extra on the power doesn't force him to use it with every activation.
  8. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Absorption Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 1 Dice Pool: Stamina + Absorption Manifestation Time: Reflexive Range: Personal Area: N/A Target: You Duration: Quantum + Absorption/turns Power Points: 1 (see text) Multiple Actions: No Description: You can absorb damage and even convert it into Strength. This may be applied either to energy damage (e.g., fire, quantum bolt) or physical damage (e.g., force, punches, bullets); specify the type of energy when you choose the power. Effect: When you are hit with an attack of the type you can absorb, you may choose to adsorb some or all of the effect. Doing so takes no time, may be applied before or after your normal soak, and you may do it even if you've already gone for the turn; you need not declare that you will use Absorption until after an attack has hit you and done damage. Each success rolled on a Stamina + Absorption roll subtracts one heath level of damage from the attack and you must pay one quantum point per health level absorbed. Every two health levels of damage absorbed are converted into one extra dot of strength; if above ten dots in strength they become dots in Mega-Strength, up to your dots in the Absorption power. However, extra dots of strength gained from Absorption don't last forever. They fade at the rate of one point per (Quantum + Absorption) turns. At the ST's option, Absorbed dots may increase an attribute other than strength, such as stamina, dexterity, or quantum bolt. You may not absorb more power than is available. The ST will rule how much power can be drained from common objects or events. Like a house hold appliance never possess more that a single point of strength while a raging bonfire may contain two or three points. Extras Extended Effect: Dots of strength gained from Absorption last for one scene. Cost: 2 pp. Energy Magnet: You can absorb energy from a nonliving source at a range of (Quantum x 30 feet). If absorbed from a non-sentient source (such as a fire or an electrical socket), no roll is required save the one needed to determine how much power is actually absorbed. If used against a sentient source, such as another nova, you roll Manipulation + Absorption to succeed with your attempt, then roll Stamina + Absorption dice to to determine how much energy you absorb. Cost: 2 pp.
  9. So, I've been playing Aberrant for... longer than I'd like to admit. Through out the years, like most people, I've adapted my own rules and systems and for the most part they've worked out for me. So, what have I done? Well I'll post a few for starters: 1. Every (Q5 or below) Aberrant has the potential for a 15 die pool (Att + M-Att + Power Rating) when it comes to power uses. I discovered this was less so for defenses. I changed the defenses so they all calculate out to the potential for a 15 die pool. (Att + M-Att + Relevant Defensive Ability). Willpower was no longer used to resist mental attacks, for example. 2. Endurance and Resistance. Completely redundant. I got rid of Endurance and replaced it with Integrity (under the Wits Attribute). Resistance is used to resist any and all physical conditions from poisons, to holding your breath, diseases, and powers that require a physical resistance check (like Disorient). Integrity is used to resist any any all mental impairments, like psychological torture, fast-talking, seduction, and any mental power assault (like Domination). Now when you are assaulted by physical or mental powers, you have the potential for a 15 die defensive pool that balances out their potential 15 die offensive pool. 3. I differentiated between Physical/Energy Soak and Mental Soak. Wits is used to calculate mental soak using the same formula as Stamina, so if you have a Wits of 5 your mental soak is 2L/5B. Mega-Wits does the same for you mental soak as Mega Stamina does, using the same table for soak listed under M-Stam. When you are attacked by a mental attack, you know exactly what your soak is and there no question what powers protect you and which ones do not. You also don't have to rely on a completely useless Willpower score to protect you from successes generated from high rated Mega-Atts. There are many more, which I'm hoping through the use of this thread you will come to like and enjoy for use in your own games. I want to make it clear though that these rules have worked for me and my group of players, but they are not in any way flawless. No one's paying me to make a perfect a system, so I didn't make one. If you read something and decide it's not right, or you don't like it... simply don't use it. Don't waste key strokes telling me 'that's not right, it doesn't work for Aberrant' when what you really mean is, it doesn't work for you in your Aberrant game. I can assure you, these rules have been used for years at our table, and they work. They work well. For us. I hope they do the same for you. Wen it came to powers I borrowed heavily from Aberrant d20. I'll wait while you all stop booing and hissing. Seriously though, hear me out. We all know that Aberrant d20 was a douche propelled shit missile straight into the heart of Aberrant. But, I don't discount anything out of hand, so I borrowed some things and cast aside others until I got something balanced that worked for the game I was trying to run. Here's a few things I stole: 1. Extras do not need to always be used when the power is activated. They instead add to the cost of activating that power. 2. I did away with the standard cost of powers. The 1QP, 2QP, 3QP scale was just lazy on the designers part and I used the method presented in d20 Aberrant, giving each power a separate cost with Level 3 powers being rather costly at times while Level 1 powers are less so. Why the different cost per power? Tell me if you've played this game: Everyone makes a character, you all sit down to play, and 20 sessions later... not a single one of you has needed to purchase a larger Quantum Pool. If not, then congrats. Unfortunately, I have been in that game. Using this method we found that some of us were okay with lower pools, while others needed to invest in a larger pool to support the added costs tacked on when we maintained powers with a lot of extras. In the end it turned out to be a great way to develop characters. I'll start with Powers, since that is usually what everyone seems to give a shit about. I'll be posting them alphabetically, and not all at once in case people want to discuss some of the changes I've made or why I've made them. Keep in mind, if you like this set up, feel free to use them. All I've done is combine formats between d10 and d20 Aberrant into a set of write ups that work for me. Also, keep in mind that there will probably be typos and the occasional contradiction. I'm not claiming these are perfect, it's from a document I made sometime back and probably just never edited a change after we ran into it in game. I'll do each power in its own post, so you can copy and paste it into your own document at home if you're so inclined.
  10. Scion: MM General Discussion

    Dane grows up to be a rock star. True story.
  11. Scion: MM General Discussion

    Don't worry to much about Dane, he's just doing a cameo. He's technically not in the battle.
  12. Scion: MM General Discussion

    Mercedes and Aaron would focus on making sure her feet can't get a solid hold on the ground. Keeping her off balance is key to keeping her on her back so the others can go for the heart. With Beth's serpents there it'll be a bit easier for them, especially since Aaron isn't one to wrestle with rock ladies. None of you can pierce her hide (your Legend scores aren't high enough) but the rules don't say you can't wrestle an invulnerable target to the ground. Laurie will pepper her with arrows at a distance because her boots, or worse, she, might get muddy if she gets to close. While the arrows can't hurt her, they do have impact and can help in keeping her off balance. I know it's hard to coordinate everyone's actions, but the key her is to not sweat it and have fun with it. There are no wrong answers. Suggestions - With the prongs of his trident Austin could pin her other hand to the ground. Between him and Nadya they should be able to hold it in place and the trident establishes leverage. Both Austin and Fisher have spears. Perfect for piercing her heart. Beth's staff is unbreakable, when placed across Spear Finger's throat (whether lying on her chest or grappled from behind), someone could hold her down, again the staff provides leverage by widening your grip. Wolf and the serpents will continue to torment her, making sure she remains off balance.
  13. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Things were not going well fro his team. Shade looked around and saw Larrup fall, Sumnyr fall, and now it was looking like a witch hunt on Anodyne. He knew when he was in over head. "Anodyne, no might be a good time to cut our losses..." He slapped Larrup a few times in her cheek and she snapped awake. "Boottotheface!" She flailed about and was back on her feet. Shade didn't have the heart to point out that she did, in fact, have a boot print across the whole front of her face. "Shade?" "We are leaving. Lest you want more time in juvenile detention?" He inquired. "Yeahno," Larrup began to vibrate at super-high speed and was already on her way out. "Annie,it'sbeenfun! Textmesometime,we'lhangout!" She was gone in a flash. "Well, played," He bowed to the Heroes. "Guess we'll pick this up another time." He fell backwards and into his own shadow like it was water and was gone.
  14. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Spear Finger staggered several steps as the boulder slammed into her. It shattered on her invincible hide but did nothing to soften the impact. She tumbled about in an attempt to regain her footing as Fisher moved in for the kill and she shattered his neck. Serpents coiled around her ankles and in most venues those participating would have stopped to ponder where giant, power serpents came from, bu for the Scion's of Salem it was just another flavor of weird they would try on later. The serpents were just the thing they needed to keep her from gaining her footing again just as Nadya slammed into her back feet first. Regret immediately set in as Nadya realized she'd just dropped kicked a brick wall at fifty miles per hour. Her body stayed in one piece, but like Fisher, her everything was hurting. Gracelessly she fell down into the mud and in heat of the moment desperately tried to get back to her feet as well. Her labor bore fruit, however. The boulder, the serpents, and now a desperate kick to her back sent Spear Finger sloshing down into the mud and water like a three ton brick. She screamed in rage as she flailed about in the muck and mire, spraying everyone in a tsunami of mud. She howled and the deafening roar of thunder exploded into the clearing. A blast of lightning crackled into the side of her face, chipping away stone. Eric and Laurie entered the clearing, Donner's gun, Giantbane, was smoldering as the scent of ozone filled the air. Laurie side stepped, wrapping one foot carefully behind the other as she stepped lightly in the soft grass (as far away from the mud and dirt as she could, you have no idea how expensive her boots were), she held an arrow of light knocked on beautiful golden bow. When Spear Finger turned her head with an angry snap to glare at Donner she was awarded with an arrow spun from the light of the sun that dug deep into her shoulder. Then a second and a third. The arrows and the lightning didn't seem to do anymore than the rest of the attacks, but Spear Finger was visibly nervous, she didn't expect ten Scions facing off against her, she was sorely outnumbered. The sound of a flute rose up over the cacophony of battle. It was a little slice of weird that did make everyone momentarily look around in order to find it's source. Grace smiled wide and muttered "Yesss!" under her breath. From behind a tree out stepped Dane Summers, stoner, goofball... musician. Spear Finger howled in pain as the calming notes pierced her ears. She finally opened her hand! In agony she opened her hands and attempted to cover her ears and then they saw it, there it was, her heart! It was a beautiful jagged ruby the size of a real human's heart embedded in the palm of her hand that pulsed and thumped from within with a dull reddish-black light. "I totally did that," Beth protested. "And who's he anyway?" "An actual musician," Grace smirked. "Who can actually carry a tune. I called him earlier, you had the right idea, I thought he could help you out... but he's late... as usual." From nothingness, Grace's Jaguar Warrior appeared in wisps of blood scented smoke. She looked to her companion. "Let's finish this." Her Warrior nodded and dashed off into the fray. Beth made an ugly face in rebuttal. As she howled the Scion's composed themselves. They stood tall and resolute as they closed in on their quarry. Tonight, the dreaded Spear Finger would fall. Eric held Giantbane aloft and screamed to the heavens, "For Asgard!" Mercedes, Nadya, Eric, Laurie, Fisher, Rachel, Austin, Beth, Aaron, and Grace... all prepared to en this conflict now. Their world slowed to an Avengers moment as they all leapt into the fray...
  15. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    The laser blast slammed into Anodyne's back and she staggered forward several steps, wincing in pain. Through gritting teeth she propped herself up with her staff and stood tall. Her costume was marred where the beam had struck, and her burns were already knitting and fading away. It appeared to do nothing for her pain however. Her super healing seemed to force her to feel every bit of the injury both while was inflicted and as it healed. Wincing she walked backwards towards Sumnyr, hoping to put her back against the roof access to deal with the Fox Spirit's games. "Coward," she said flatly with no hint of malice in her voice. "We could have battled with honor, but it is obvious you are beyond these concepts, Spirit. Very well, you have made your choice." Revenant and Bastion were wrecking the roof. Between the ground stomps, digging in their feet to brace themselves and the body slams to the gravel, it wasn't going to be long before some part of the rooftop caved in. Despite wearing Sebastian's form, he had one advantage over him: Revenant was dead, he didn't feel muscle fatigue, he didn't grow tired, and he never required rest. Sebastian on the other hand was starting to show signs of weariness and shortness of breath. "That all you got, kid?" The Revenant asked, arms out wide as 'Bastian slumped over attempting to rest. "You're holding back, I'm hitting you with everything and you'e love tapping me? It's insulting! Fight me!" "I-," he collapsed to one knee. "I, don't want to hurt you... c'mon man... just give up or walk away... my body or not, I don't wanna hurt you." "I'm already dead, what're you gonna do to me?" The Revenant took three swift steps and cold cocked Sebastian so hard he arced backwards and slammed into the rooftop, sliding in the gravel for several feet and slowing down only when the burm of gravel was high enough that it braced him. With a single leap The Revenant was on him and with his zombie-like features Sebastian stared into his own rotting eyes. The glow was hellish and for a moment the icy grip of fear twisted it's way into Sebastian's heart. "All this power at your command and you squander it on what!?" His fist slammed into Sebastian's face, his head hit the gravel spraying it everywhere. "This world, these people!" He delivered a left, then a right. Sebastian's head jerked from side to side. "They care nothing for you! They are a virus, they will consume and destroy until there is nothing left and in the end you will be here... Hero of a dead world!" A hammer blow slammed down onto Sebastian's nose, the force of the impact sprayed more gravel all over the place. "You're nothing but a pussy, kid. Weak and worthless." He gripped the young hero by his collar and lifted him to meet his gaze. "This world is dead. It will be mine, one day." He heard the words and something in his mind switched on. The world could not belong to The Revenant one day because the world was to Sebastian's. He was the the ruler of Earth... Earth was his... The Revenant had no place in his kingdom. Within him he felt a slight change and everything faded away. The Revenant brought his fist down for one final blow to finish his battle with Sebastian and it connected... with Sebastian's palm. He'd caught the punch in mid swing, with his eyes closed, and he squeezed. Bones cracked and tendons snapped and all the while The Revenant howled out in pain. It was an otherworldly shriek that threatened to make the ears bleed. "I gave you a chance." He opened his eyes. They were no longer an innocent shade of country boy brown. They were more like a shimmering amber, like someone had flipped a light switch behind his eyes lighting up the brown and making it brighter. "Just remember that." He got to his feet, still gripping the undead man's hand. Whatever power Sebastian had called on, The Revenant didn't have the strength to break his grip. "People like you think you have all the answers..." He pulled Revenant towards him and punched downwards, the dead man collapsed into a heap on the floor. "So here's a question..." He was on The Revenant now, and began pummeling him at a velocity that Rick's super fast eyes had trouble keeping up with. "What's worse than death?" The Reveant was done and couldn't answer, he'd been defeated at the first hit to the ground, but Sebastian didn't quit, he pummeled and pummeled until he finally stood up over his victim (it was the only fitting word at this point). With one final blow and a shout of rage, Sebastian slammed his fist into The Revenant's chest and he went through the floor. Windows shattered from force of the blow as The Revenant's body hit every floor all the way to the first in an explosion of debris and shattered glass. "The answer, Dead Man, is me." "Pussy." He spat into the hole in the roof. With a twisted smirk on his face, Sebastian turned his attention to Shade. He took only a few steps before his eyes rolled back in his head, he fainted and he fell to the gravel. In the back of his mind as everything faded to black he heard the Revenant's words echoing in his mind... 'All this power at your command and you squander in on what? This world? These people?'