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  1. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey was dreading the discussion in the office. She felt like she was in trouble back in high school or something, and this was her office! Speaking of high school, she wondered how her cousin was doing. Gods only knew what kind of trouble she was getting into down in the Salem public school system. She stepped into the office and paused, completely at a loss for words. When she had left just a moment ago she had left behind a room filled with the very essence of chaos. Papers were strewn all over, bills were haphazardly set about all over, payroll was scattered in between loose notes and reminders on Post-Its. It was a shambles. Not any more. The desk was bare of any mess. It was a simple metal affair, old (probably as old as the shop) stained and chipped in a few places, yet now here it was... the surface cleaned and polished, all the typical assortments of items (pencils, pens, name plate, calendar) all perfectly placed and in their proper holders or placements. Files were all sorted and closed tightly within the few filing cabinets they had, bills were organized and sorted by date and the pay roll book, which was out on the desk (she'd been arguing with them to get a computer for the longest time, but they wouldn't budge) open and balanced showing they had forty three dollars and seventy one cents more than they thought they did! And... was that Lycol and air freshener she smelled? "Wow," Mr. Mourne snapped her from her confusion. "Impressive. You should see my office, it's a mess. I've things everywhere, some days I can barely keep up." He entered and didn't seem to notice that Casey looked like she had just walked into a waking dream. He took a seat and crossed his legs, setting his briefcase on his knee to balance. Apparently he felt like he'd need it here very soon. "So, brass tacks of it Miss Mason, as Ive said, I'm with the MMA, and I've come on behalf of them to field you an offer. In a few weeks I've a large exhibit that were hosting. Forty one of New York's finest and most talented undiscovered artists, the catch is I'll have seventy one of the cities richest and most affluent citizens there as well, and I'd like to make an impression. We're expecting a turn out of about three hundred people. I figured since I was headlining New York artists, why not headline New York businesses as well. Have the catering done by local businesses, like yours." He reached into his briefcase and after a few moments produced an outline of what he was proposing. "That's the written meat and potatoes of it, it is a paying gig and since we're funded by the city and donations, it's usually a pretty above average rate," he smirked a bit devilishly. "I think it would be an amazing way for your shop to and business to get out there to more people, and with it being a news worthy event, some great publicity for the coffee shop business. I am on a bit of a time table, since all of this just got thrown on my desk about a day ago, so I do apologize if things are short notice. I've had a ton of rejections this morning, so I understand if it'll prove difficult to arrange something in less than a week and coordinate with the MMA in only a couple more after that, but I do hope you'll give it some consideration. Now, have you any questions for me?"
  2. What you think about these game

    I keep hearing the 'too many rules' thing for Pathfinder and I've yet to use all these rules people keep complaining about. Then again Paizo does try to cover bases when it comes to their products, because the problem isn't the rules, it's the players. When Starfinder was released the biggest discussion wasn't about mechanics it was about the mating and breeding habits of the various alien species and everyone was mad that Paizo didn't put out more pages in their already massive Core Rule book detailing those specific things. Personally I prefer Pathfinder. The product and the company is pretty customer-centric and you can actually talk with their devs and when questions and concerns arise Paizo actually helps it's customers. Wizards is, and always has been in it for the money. That's why they market D&D5e with the various NPCs from the various worlds. That's why they held onto the rights to Star Wars for as long as they could without making more products for it, so no one else could profit from it, especially the gamers who wanted a new Star Wars RPG, ore revised rules that weren't trash like Wizards had already released. I understand how business works, that doesn't mean I have to like it. How a company does business reflects greatly on what sort of company they are. Paizo has entire books released with shout outs to fans and players. Player made content, contributions, high-fives and thank yous for constant support and looking out for them as a company. I've been playing D&D for a long time, my first set was the 1981 Basic Set 2nd Edition. Granted it stayed in my closet until I was about 10, but I've been rolling dice for a minute. I've been dealing with Wizards of the Coast for 17 years, and every product they release strips from me more and confidence for the future of D&D. I'm not impressed with 5e. It seems like 'D&D for Dummies'. They give the players the most basic system with the most basic rules because people are too lazy put in any effort anymore and they designed a system for purely out of simplicity. There are so many things not covered in the books that players flood forums looking for answers, the hobby shop where I GM, I'm always having to answer questions on to handle X or what do when Y happens. It's RPG easy mode, but most players are in an easy mode far beyond 'easy'. If I had children, and all those children had Downs Syndrome, then D&D 5e would be the Special Olypmics RPG I'd let them play. Pathfinder has it's faults, but people tend to forget that you are under no obligation to use any of the rules that people seem to think bogs down the system. So, I prefer Pathfinder.
  3. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Kid's got the right of it," Rocky said in response to Qi. "Villains escape all the time kid, but eventually, we get em'. At this stage we're gonna do an investigation. Learn what we can about those that jumped us, The Rook's cowl records almost every battle we're in, so we get to replay the data to learn faces, names, all that jazz. It's a process, a long one, but it's still shorter than tryin' to turn over every rock in the city looking for them." "As for the Dean and checkin' in?" They found his urban, Jersey accent so cliche'. "Not a problem, darlin'. C'mon over here, I'll get you an outside line." "They'll make a mistake," The Rook said matter-of-factly. The eyes on his cowl narrowed. They had to wonder how they did that. How did the eyes on their masks always seem to work like actual eyes?!? Super Heroes were so cool. "They always do."
  4. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "It's all very complicated," The Rook replied in a monotone. "What he means is we throw all the parties on the lower floors," Vortex offered. "This our secret lair, totally not on the blueprints." "Vortex..." The Rook glared at him. "They're kids, and it's not like half the city doesn't know we sport a secret hide out in this place. Relax, dude." Vortex walks over to one of the consoles by where Kitsune was wandering. "Here, this one here monitors all the police bands. This one tracks local traffic and weather patterns, and all of them can be transferred to holographic displays," he touched one of the screens and swiped his finger upward, off the screen. On his finger tip was a hovering holographic sphere, of all the information on the monitor, only condensed. With a whip of wrist the orb flung from the tip of his finger to just beyond the consoles and expanded in an explosion of holographic imagery, allowing them to see all the traffic information in the city on a massive ten foot by ten foot 'screen' that hovered in the air. He smiled while The Rook looked like he was goign to throttle him in frustration. "Pretty badass, amiright?"
  5. Maya - 'Literal Issues'

    Each title slid into it's spot on the shelf. Some appeared to have different titles than she remembered. Maybe she was just stressed, or didn't get a good of a look as she thought she did, they did fall quickly to the floor after all. Who knows, right? Inspecting the shelf, she paused to notice that the titles were not right. There was no reason they shouldn't have been, she'd just replaced several of the titles herself not but twenty minutes ago. The letters on the spines seemed to blur and her head felt like it was light. She lost focus for only a moment but the letters, or at least a few of them seemed to blur away while others remained solid and legible. B E H I N D Y O U were what they spelled out... she squinted, looking closer, wondering if what she was seeing was really what she was- "Miss Flynn!" She about jumped out of her shoes and garnered a few 'shhhh's' from patrons at a loud, but swiftly contained shock of fear, scream attempted to pass her lips. She spun about to see a young boy in a bright orange jacket with the hood pulled up. He held out a book at her in a green mittened hand. "Could you read to us?" She hadn't heard him approach, but that must have been because she was so engrossed in her work. Young Kenny tried to hold it up higher for her, like elevating it would make her immediately agree. "Miss Flynn? Please?"
  6. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    "No! No! You're not listening to me!" A gentleman customer shouted on his phone at some one, somewhere... "I told you my date of birth. It's April third, nineteen seventy one. Four, three, seven, one. Yes. No! That's not at all why I'm calling... Jesus, gimme someone who speaks English please. I don't believe for a second your name is 'Tom' with a Pakistani accent that damn thick. C'mon buddy, who are you trying to fool?" Casey couldn't help but smirk at the conversation she was over hearing outside the office. It was a brief moment of levity in the ocean of hopelessness she had in front of her when her sorrowful distracted stare was interrupted as Petra whipped around the doorway, catching and holding herself by one hand. She swayed too and from gripping the frame. "Hey, uh, Casey... there's a dude here to see you. Said he wanted to talk to the owners... but, uh, well, y'know. Looks kinda... bankerish." Great, she thought. Petra pointed him out, but it didn't seem necessary. The guy was like six-two and had shoulders like he played for the NFL. If this guy was a banker, he was the guy the bank sent to make sure you weren't late on payments. He was handsome and his long black hair was in a loose ponytail at his shoulders to keep it out of his eyes. Petra was right though, the guy looked like a business man of some sort. Casey could spot a five thousand dollar suit when she saw one. As she approached he noticed her and smiled, extending his hand. "Hello, I'm Horatio Mourne, with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You must be, Casey. Casey Mason, yes?" She raised an eyebrow. "I'd like to believe that was a lucky guess." He chuckled, letting go of her hand. "No, no. One of your customers, a grizzled guy, black coffee, he provided me with a," he paused, searching for the proper phrase as she noticed him pass a casual glance across her chest. "Rather simplified description, but spot on, nonetheless. Is there someplace we can talk?"
  7. Mel - 'Deb By Dawn'

    Mel ran to the half mile mark and could still hear the Fitness Coaches screaming 'on your six pack!'. He hit the ground and knocked out thirty push ups like they were nothing. He rolled and could hear 'two pack!' and had to bite back the urge to scream it out loud as he knocked out thirty crunches. The Army Ranger's had their individual PT times, of course, but two days each week they trained as a unit. They PTed as a unit. They succeeded or failed as a unit. Now here he was, on his own. Fifteen years in the military wasn't easy to shake loose from the mind and living a 'normal' life wasn't easy, especially without Cece around to help him adjust. He was slipping... and he knew it. He sprang up and took off. Just four and a half miles to go. His phone was on the local radio, bluetooth ear buds kept him from being worried about a cord as he ran and did his exercises. Local news, sports, sometimes some political gibber-jabber, it was all the same to him in New York: noise. A more pleasant noise than the city around him. At the moment it was news about Trump, doing something Trumpy... "...and we're back listeners, thanks once again for joining me, Deb, the only woman guaranteed to spend all her time with you and disappear by the time your wife gets home. Oh... sorry, too soon?" The sultry voice on the other side of his ear buds giggled seductively. This was a different station from the one he was listening to earlier. How could the same show be on it? "Look at him run, Manhattan. Sergeant First Class all alone in a world that doesn't make sense any more so he hides in the park, hoping everything will go away. Well, keep your head up, Soldier. There he is Manhattan, a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. An American Soldier. Taking you back to good ol' 1997. I tell ya, I loved that year, the second edition of White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming hit the shelves and it rounded out my collection of books for Saturday Night Angst in Mom's basement. It was also the same year this golden oldie hit the airwaves, enjoy. This one's for you, Ranger. Lead the way." Through his ear bud's The Offspring's 'Gone Away' began to play and the voice calling herself 'Deb' was silent.
  8. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Force Field [Force] Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 2 Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Maintenance Power Points: 2 Description: You generate a quantum aura that protects you against harm. Effect: Force Field provides a number of temporary Health Levels equal to your [Quantum]. You then roll your Stamina + Force Field. Each success adds one more additional temporary Health Level. The temporary Health Levels are lost before your own in combat, any additional damage done to you from an attack where your Force Field collapses is applied to your personal Health Levels. So, if you took four HLs of damage from an attack but your Force Field could only absorb three more HLs before collapsing, then your Force Field would absorb three of the damage while the fourth would be applied to your own health levels. Once you lose all the Health Levels provided from Force Field, the power collapses and must be reactivated. As Health Levels are lost, whatever form your Force Field takes will begin to show signs of weakening before collapsing in an equally dramatic manner, a shell of force might begin to crack, a flaming aura might begin to fade and flicker out. It should be noted that this a Force Effect, meaning that it impedes forms of quantum movement, such as the 'phasing through' abilities provided by certain powers like Density Decrease or Elemental Chameleon. Force Field may not be 'walked through' or bypassed by any means, save brute force or going around (or under, or teleporting) them. Force Field protects against Physical and Energy attacks, it provides no defense against Mental attacks. Extras Dome: You may project a force barrier 1 inch thick and up to ten feet high and ten feet wide per dot in the Force Field power (centered on you). The dome is stationary once created, although you can take a standard action to move it with you. If it drops to 0 Health Levels, the wall is breached and collapses. Cost: 2 pp. Mega-Field: You push your force field’s strength to the utmost, gaining double your rolled successes in temporary Health Levels for as long as the power is maintained or active. This does not double your Hardened rating, only the Health Levels gained. Cost: 2 pp. Wall: You may project a force barrier 1 inch thick and up to ten feet high and ten feet wide per dot in the Force Field power. The wall is stationary once created, although you can take an action to move it with you (like a wide area shield). If it drops to 0 Health Levels, the wall is breached and collapses. Cost: 2 pp. Wait... so what soak value is used for Force Field? Yours. Whatever soak value you posses is applied to the Force Field, just like you were being attacked. It provides Health Levels... all other protection is yours. So if you have a Bashing Soak of 15B and you're hit with a 17B attack... that's 2 damage that is applied to your Force Field's health levels. Easy-peasy. With Wall and Dome, your Force Field defends as if it were you at the time you activated the power. The benefit of Dome is that several people can be protected at once, since any damage applies to the Force Field, and not those it's protecting.
  9. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Flight Quantum Minimum: 1 Level: 2 Dice Pool: Dexterity + Flight Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Maintenance Power Points: 2 Description: You can fly through the air without artificial support. Effect: You can fly at a speed of (Flight x4) x 120 feet per turn. You can ascend at half speed and descend at double speed. Using flight requires only as much concentration as walking, so you can attack or manifest powers normally. You can use flight to charge but not sprint, and you cannot carry aloft more weight than your maximum carrying capacity. Out of combat your flight speed is (Quantum + Flight) x30 miles per hour. Normally, no roll is required to use Flight. If you want to perform acrobatic stunts or fly through narrow openings at high speeds without hurting yourself, the ST may require a Dexterity + Flight roll to determine whether you succeed or not. You may also substitute Dexterity + Flight for a normal Dodge roll while you are in the air; depending on your movement, this may allow you to dodge explosions and area attacks, though particularly large-scale blasts might cost you your entire turn. Should the power’s duration expire while you are still aloft, the effect dissipates slowly. You float downward (Flight x4) x 120 feet per turn for [Quantum] turns. If you do not reach the ground in that amount of time, you fall the rest of the distance. Extras Manifestation: You have some obvious means of flying (wings, flame blasting from the soles of your feet, etc.). This requires body modification, elemental anima or some other power to act as the flight source. You cannot fly while the manifestation is negated by some reasonable method (wings bound, feet doused with water); however, your cost to use flight is reduced by –1 power point. Cost: 0 pp. Underwater: You can propel yourself underwater and through other liquids at the same rate. Cost: 1 pp.
  10. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    ESP Level: 1 Quantum Minimum: 3 Dice Pool: Perception + ESP Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: (Perception + ESP) x 60 feet Area: N/A Duration: Concentration Power Points: 2 Description: You attune to the ambient quantum flow to sense things at distances far removed from your physical location. Effect: To use ESP, you roll Perception + ESP, spend the quantum points and concentrate on a “focus point” somewhere within the power's range. You can sense from that focus point as if you were standing right there. Thus, this power is perfect for 'seeing through walls' or otherwise spying on people. Successes Clarity of Perception One Very hazy, as though sensing through fog; one sense (sight, hearing, etc.) only. Two Blurred, one sense; or very hazy, all normal senses. Three Perfect, one sense; or blurred, all normal senses; or very hazy, one superhuman or quantum sense. Four Near-perfect, all normal senses; blurred, superhuman or quantum senses. Five Perfect with normal or superhuman or quantum senses. You don’t need line of sight or line of effect, but your successes on the activation roll affects the clarity of your perception (see below). You can’t relocate your position of view once ESP is engaged, but you can rotate your perception in all directions. Senses enhanced through external means (e.g., night vision goggles) don’t work through ESP. Extras Distant Scan: Range becomes (Perception + ESP) x 600 miles. However, you may take no other actions, or even perceive your immediate surroundings, while scanning. Further, the Perception + ESP roll is at +1 difficulty per 1,200 miles. Cost: 2 pp.
  11. Aberrant: Dave's Toy Box

    Entropy Control Level: 3 Quantum Minimum: 4 Dice Pool: Varies with technique Manifestation Time: 1 action Range: Variable Effect: Variable Duration: Special Power Points: Variable Description: You can tap into, summon and manipulate entropy the same way other novas play with fire or ice. Effect: With this suite of abilities you are a master of the forces of entropy that are always at work in the universe. This is a suite power, when you purchase your first dot in this power select one technique. As you gain dots in the power you may select one more technique with each dot. Bioentropy Storm Dice Pool: Dexterity + Entropy Control Range: (Quantum + Entropy Control) x 30 feet. Area: Spherical spread (Quantum + Entropy Control) x 15 feet. Duration: Instantaneous Power Points: 3 Effect: You cause a sudden tumult of entropic effects relating to organic creatures — victims age, experience spontaneous injuries and suffer other biological breakdowns. Roll Dexterity + Entropy Control in an opposed contest against the victims' Stamina + Resistance; each net success inflicts one health level of lethal damage. Victims cannot soak this damage unless they have the Hardbody Mega-Stamina enhancement. Breakdown Dice Pool: Intelligence + Entropy Control Range: (Quantum + Entropy Control) x 30 feet. Target: 1 mechanical object Duration: Instantaneous Power Points: 3 Effect: Make a check with the above dice pool in an opposed action against the devices 'Stamina', if successful, you cause the targeted machine or other inorganic device to stop functioning as some part of it breaks, wears out or loses power. The object is not destroyed, but it is nonfunctional until repaired. The ST should determine the devices Stamina ratings for these purposes. The more complex or technologically advanced a machine is, the lower it's Stamina – it's hard to use Breakdown on a simple object or one with few moving parts, but the more complicated a device becomes, the more opportunities there are for entropy to gain a foothold. Entropic Shield Dice Pool: Stamina + Entropy Control Range: Self Target: You Duration: Maintenance Power Points: 3 Effect: You surround yourself with a field of entropic energy. This field heightens the entropic reactions within any incoming attack (especially those based on physical objects, such as bullets), thus disrupting and weakening them. Each success achieved on a Stamina + Entropy Control roll grants you an extra soak against Bashing and Lethal damage. This extra soak does not apply to attacks from living matter, such as fists or animal. Probability Corruption Dice Pool: Intelligence + Entropy Control Range: (Quantum + Power Rating) x 15 feet Target: 1 target Duration: Maintenance Power Points: 3 Effect: This technique allows you to cause the forces of entropy to overwhelm a single target, making it more likely that he will fail disastrously. To use it, roll Intelligence + Entropy Control. Each success achieved results in a loss of one die (or automatic success) for all rolls made by the target. Additionally the target will botch a roll if he rolls no successes and any die come up a 1 or 2. These negative effects last as long as you pay the maintenance cost.
  12. WoD: Chosen OOC Thread

    So, I stole Deb, from the old Bloodlines game. Why? Because I loved those little skits. To be clear: Yes, she is talking you. Whenever you hear a reference to your character, only your character hears it. So Maya doesn't hear any references made by Deb to Mel, even if the two of them are in the same room listening at the same time. Maya hears what's meant for her, Mel hears what's meant for him, Casey... you guys get the idea. If you have questions, ask.
  13. Maya - 'Literal Issues'

    Coffee in hand she was on her way. The drizzle of rain didn't get her too wet, but by the time she arrived at work her clothes were dry (thanks to her coat) but her hair was an absolute mess. She could have worn a hair wrap, but her sister borrowed it the last time she dropped of the kids. Scarf? Couldn't find it. Hat? Also AWOL, and she was pretty sure her cat was conspiring against her. Her morning was absolute crap and didn't seem like it was getting any batter. At least her chai tea latte was perfect, just the right amount of honey. As she collected her thoughts, but before she even had the opportunity to set down her coat, Lorraine, the surliest, meanest, and most clueless old hag on the planet, slammed down a stack of books. They toppled over, slamming their heavy spines down upon Maya's shins as they toppled to the floor. “Get these sorted and put away.” she wheezed, walking away without another word. The books were strewn all at her feet. The titles read: A Degree in Anthropology: How's That Working Out For You?, Life Sucks: How Everything is Your Fault!, How to Not Accomplish Your Goals in Three Easy Steps! Surely... someone was messing was with her. The radio the librarians kept on the desk played softly behind her as she winced through pursed lips and rubbed her shins. "Hey folks. Deb here, and you're listening to Dawn of the Deb, the only radio show that's got your back, all day, every day. Looks like Maya is having a rough one out there this morning. This one's for you sweetie. Life and How to Live It, by one of my favs, R.E.M.. Chin up, honey."
  14. Mel - 'Deb By Dawn'

    He'd stretched his legs. Sure, he didn't have much to do today but he made it a point to head to the little coffee shop down the block and get him something to take the edge off the day. Besides, the 34DD the cute little barista had certainly encouraged him to keep coming back. With the loss of his wife and being AdSepped from the military his life had taken a harsh downward spiral. Suicide, drinking, drugs... he'd thought of it all. Anything had to be better than the life he was living now. There was no color. Sounds had become noise. Scents had grown rank and everything he saw reminded him of all he'd fought for, almost died for, and then lost. The world had cast him aside and he no longer had a use for it. He'd traded the nicer apartment he and his wife had lived in for several years for a more affordable, run down apartment that looked like it should have been condemned years ago. It was home though, for whatever that was worth. The radio was the only thing he ever listened to these days. He kept it turned on almost everyday, soaking up the news, sports, current events. He plopped down on the his coach, an old thing held together with duct tape and some unknown force. It should had fallen apart years ago. "Hey folks. Deb here, and you're listening to Dawn of the Deb, the only radio show that's got your back, all day, every day. Looks like you're brooding again, Mel. Sleepingon the couch and drinking coffee, huh? Tell y'what, this one's for you sweetie. How Did You Love, by Shinedown. Get out more sweetie..."
  15. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    The shop had been open for only an hour or so and Casey had been up to her eyeballs in customers. The line was practically out into the street, which sucked because it was cold and wet outside. A few she recognized. The cute intern picking up the order for the morning at the law firm she used to work at (every morning that kinda stung a bit), the librarian girl who came through every morning like clockwork, and the grizzled, brooding guy who came in and got his black, every morning. He was always a charmer. “$43.71,” Casey asked the intern. She was blonde and perky. Stacked in all the right places and it was pretty obvious why she was hired. After small talk, it was even more obvious why she was getting the coffee and not studying law. She paid and took her couple of coffee totes with her and headed out. No sooner did the cute blonde sway her way to the door a cup slammed on onto the counter. “How hard is it to make a chai tea latte?” This bitch again. Every damn day... every damn day. Casey was as nice as a person could be, but if there was on evil thought she entertained it was this woman... this fucking woman right here. Mrs. Guthrie. The surliest, meanest, and most clueless old hag on the planet. She was pretty sure the woman drank the brew to make herself feel better for the twenty thousand Twinkies she was going to shovel into her poorly glossed grinder she a mouth, later. “I asked for honey. Honey. You know what honey is? It's the golden little liquid behind you dear, that says HONEY! I'm not paying for this.” The radio played softly behind her as she chewed back a witty retort. "Hey folks. Deb here, and you're listening to Dawn of the Deb, the only radio show that's got your back, all day, every day. Looks like Casey is having a rough one out there this morning. This one's for you sweetie. Coffee Time, by Natalie Cole. Chin up, honey." Her day was just starting... and it looked like it was going to be a long one.