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  1. Lookin' good. Rick, I believe is the last PC. I hope people found the thoughts and the suggestions I had useful. I'm not all knowing, but I do it this way to remain proficient in the system and if I'm wrong it allows people to correct me so I can see where I may be misinterpreting something. That said, you guys are all set, I'll work on the rest from my end so you guys have a game world to be a part of.
  2. Solid stats. A few things didn't make sense, but I'll get to those in a moment since they are tied to your power set. For Immunity 10, I think you meant 'Life Support', if not you need to specify what his 10 points worth of immunities are. Okay here is where things got wonky for me in terms of reading the background compared to the stats: His mom is a speedster, his dad is a paragon. His super speed is 60mph, but his flying speed is 1,000mph. Looks like Dad was the speedster from the way you statted it. What 'Weapon' is he using? I think you mean 'Damage'. So he stops flying or running and suddenly his Paragon Strength kicks in and he gain's +4 and the ability to lift 400 tons... but his Stamina is always at Paragon levels. Why can he regulate his stamina but not his strength, aside from the easiest answer of it being nice to have a consistent level of protection no matter what power set he's using. Why not just write it as: Flight 9 (1,000mph) -Super Speed (Running)[Wall Crawling 2, Water Walking 1, limited to while moving] 15 (64,000mph) It's safe to assume that if he's running, he's not flying and if he's flying he's not running. It also now allows him to actually have gained something from his mom's side of the family. Saves you a few points too. Also, if you want him to move slower, you can still invest the points for 64,000mph and simply start him slow and say he's gradually getting faster as he learns. Since the power is already paid for you don't have to worry about boosting his speed at times for RP purposes or spend a Hero Point to flub the story. If your running at 1,000mph and want him to run at 4,000mph for a few rounds you can. As the game progresses, he gets faster, and you don't even have to pay for it. Win/Win Skills look good. I was curious why his Fighting was 5 and his Close Combat skill was only 3 but I suppose if your mother has trained you in the martial arts your whole life it stops being a skill and becomes natural talent. Advantages look good. I'm not quite sure why he has and eidetic memory, but they're your power points.
  3. Okay, cool. No problem with that, but make sure her morph has the Illusion descriptor on it. Unless she is actually changing her shape (flesh and bone changing it's form) then illusion fits, even if the illusion is manifesting hard light to assist with the disguise. Hard light is kind of a cool idea too, since her disguise could be 'shattered'. Just an idea. Have you read the Light Power Profile booklet? It describes exactly how to create minor illusions (even a flashlight effect) using nothing more than Features. You can make an illusion of any small object with a light effect with nothing more than 2PP. Look in both the Illusion Power Book and the Light Power Book, they have great ideas on how to overcome this, probably at less cost to the character. One of the main reasons for my asking, and I'm totally okay with a simple Hoodoo effect from time to time, is that I had one of the baddies already lined up who manipulated darkness. Since the baddie was done before you had the idea for a light manipulator, I didn't want the baddies ability to weave darkness get in the way of your characters power. As it stands I think it's an awesome dichotomy, and if you're okay with the Hoodoo, I am too.
  4. Good selection, especially for a blind girl with a head on her shoulders. I liked this, it was a good read. Everything is 'just right'. Nothing too high and insane, I like seeing that. The character has room to grow. A little light on the Advantages. You know I have to ask... what makes her so Attractive? It's already implied that she's hot, after all she's a super hero, what sets her apart? Okay, help me out with this one, what does her morphing have to do with telekinesis or light powers? Is the morph supposed to have something to do with wrapping herself in illusion that makes it look like other females at roughly same size? Otherwise, I see no reason why she would have some off the wall shape shifting power. I kinda see what you're doing here, but help explain it to me. Does it flash really brightly? Because as written, all of her Illusions will be very, very, bright. At the same time the lit area is blasted by a flash attack that blinds everyone in the burst... meaning they can't see the vision dependent illusion you just created... am I missing the point? It's a dynamic effect, all those effects have to go off at once, you can't pick and choose or not use one or another, they all have to activate. This confused me... she's blind... but she can see... but her eyes are useless... but she can see... why wouldn't her powers work? Aside from Nullify, there's no real way to cancel out her powers and seriously, how many people are strolling around with 'Nullify' locked and loaded. It's not really a complication if she doesn't have to worry about it. Even Daredevil can be thrown off by sensory overload, and a street thug can accidentally blind him with a dropped lead pipe. Sure ol' Daredevil is gonna still kick his ass, but it's still a complication. Perhaps there is some reason her powers or senses (or both) might not function? Like absolute darkness (where there is no ambient light to manipulate).
  5. Attributes are a little light. I know making a teleporter is expensive, but she's gonna have a hard time of things. Attractive 2, Benefit (Wealth) 2 Solid skill choice, considering her background. Teleport is a bitch. An expensive bitch, but which one is the master power in this array? I calculated a total of 63PP to move her around the world in a single jump. As a PL8 character though, does she really need to? I know taking a plane sucks, but at the moment she might not have the points to pull off everything you want her to do. Give her some room to grow. The rest of her powers are solid save that she has absolutely no offensive power at all, not even the ability to defend herself in hand to hand combat. This left me with a simple question: What use is she to the team? What niche does she fill? This isn't Aberrant where all one needs to do is make a super hot character and then just chill at the school and start drama all day. At some point will need to make a solid contribution to a super team, what is that contribution? How does she compliment the other members of that team? A solid list of complications, but keep in mind that you need to maintain a secret identity, remember in the write up I stated that no one knows the school caters to kids with super powers. You can pick what identity is famous, but people can't know she possesses super powers. Aside from that, she's a solid build. Shaving her down a few points and setting her up with a few telekinetic abilities might help balance her out. Teleport is a pain in the ass, speaking from experience, so I understand that making a balanced teleporter do all the things you'd like it to do is very expensive.
  6. Solid Attributes. Skill Totals are PLx2. At PL8 his skill totals are capped at 16. His Technology and Science scores are +18. Solid advantage choice, given his background. Here's where it all got a little wonky for me. The background tells of an amazingly talented boy who had a flair for science and technology. His IQ is on par Daedalus and his skills and advantaged are centered around his amazing aptitude for technology and invention... ...so... ...where is it? Where is the gadgetry? Where is the technology that this guy is so good with? Why generate an electromagnetic field when you can build one? The Shane Electrobelt Mk. IV (buckle available in silver or burnished bronze, please specify when ordering), the Shane Tech Nut-Stomper 5000s (for hard core chess players only). For all his smarts he's just another mutant kid with electrical powers. Solid power set, decent array that overs the gamut of various electrical powers (yay Power Proifile books!). His background mentions that he went through extensive testing to come to the conclusion that he was super... how does he maintain his secret identity if here is a medical record of him out there that specifically states 'this dude, can do this'. Just something to consider, I noticed it during the read and was wondering if it may have been an oversight or that's actually how you wanted to play it. Again, I'm getting some seriously solid submissions and there are all great reads.
  7. Try to keep in mind that the Atlanteans of 12,000 years ago aren't the same Atlanteans of today. No doubt there a few real bastards among the lot but for the most part Atlantis is a sovereign nation like any other and probably won't risk tarnishing it's reputation for the sake of one survivor of Mu. Sure, there may be a few, but they won't speak for all of Atlantis. As the good guy, your character will have a very difficult moral battle ahead of her. Solid, I like the layout. Good skill set, simple, practical and focusing on her shtick. Good selection. Using advantages to fluff up her lower Attributes is a good call, cheaper on points too. What's her imporvised tools? Is that her way of doing Rituals without the need for a bunch of components and a room filled with drawings and whatnot? Solid offensive set, I didn't see any issues except that Snare needs to be defined by what three Afflictions those who fail the save are affected by. We can help you set those up. Also, I'm assuming all your offensive spells carry the "Magic" descriptor, such as: Arcane Blast (Magic). The remainder of her spells are pretty solid, nothing jumped out at me as needing to be tweaked, so overall, she's pretty kick ass with lots of advancement potential. Her background was an excellent read as well, nice work. Having an 'in' with Emerald City's Sentinel's certainly won't hurt the team either with Dragoneye being a sort of mentor for her.
  8. Solid attributes. I see this a lot. Everybody loves 'Attractive'. By the very nature of being a Superhero you're already attractive.You have the rockin' bod, the washboard abs, that tight little booty and square jaw. But, what makes you more than that? Are you some sort of fae? Example, Wonder Woman has Attractive 1 because she is an Amazon, by her very nature she part of an immortal sisterhood of drop dead gorgeous women. Her beauty is granted by the gods. So, what qualifies a sound based super heroine for Attractive 2? So far nothing in the write up justifies that level of attractiveness. This seems excessive, I mean, I'm not saying you can't have it, but really, 4 of the 5 skills and no one's even seen what makes her so cool yet. Also since she deals with people under 20 almost 90% of the time, while mixed with Attractive, she gets a base +10 on all her social rolls. That's a bit powergamey. Now, I'm not saying you have to, but I'd recommend picking one of the Cool advantages, and building your characters social life from there. Solid skill set, low level in several things and higher more 'professional' levels in the things that fit the character background write up and shtick. Singing should come easy to someone who can manipulate sound. This made me confused until I read her write up, but even afterwards it doesn't really seem to 'fit'. Her constantly healing doesn't really fit the shtick of a sound powered mutant. However, as a recommendation, by making her power activated instead of always on (that would make the duration sustained instead permanent) her power would simulate Whole Body Vibration Therapy (which is actually thing, I didn't know until I looked it up) that would accelerate her healing. It would require some effort on her part to allow her body to relax and regenerate, but it's more in line with her power set than simply 'my dad was Wolverine, so I heal too... even though I use sound...'. I know where you were coming from, having inherited it from her family, but her powers awakened, there's no guarantee she would get the same power that functioned the same exact way. It would also free up 2 power points and get you an extra rank. Vibration Therapy (Regeneration 6 (Sustained)) 3 points Is this an Array? It was indented in like it was. If that's the case only one of these power can be activated at a time, so while she's using Sonic Flight she can't use her Sonic Blast or while she making use of her White Noise power, she can't have her Sonic Shield active. I was going to question this, but I decided 'meh' she knows Karate plus, comic books. Extrapolate on these if you don't mind. It helps flesh out her personality for the other players and readers. How does she set out getting her recognition? What extremes will she go to get it? Who does she want to be recognized by, or is it a secret? Dun, dun, dun... So, in closing, I love the character, especially the write up. I know everyone hasn't seen the write up, but I have... and it's awesome!
  9. I'm going to begin reviewing characters that are completed. I'll be doing it here in this thread so everyone can see what exactly I'm looking for when I comb them over. I may even find a way to shave a few points off for ya and we'll tackle redundancies.
  10. I was asked if characters can be sons or daughters of existing canon heroes (or villains). The answer is yes. You can be the next Raven, Bowman or Johnny Rocket. If you're having trouble coming up with something, just remember that originality is dead, steal from your favorite comic books. To give you a few examples, Warren 'Revenant' Verona was mash between Rogue and Gambit. He stole people's powers and charged objects making them explode. The undeath thing was just a shtick to make him more 'mine'. Fianna (or Artemis) for those that remember her was a cross between Sabertooth and Poison Ivy. A woman who had all the feral qualities of an animal but control of nature. Mash it up. Have some fun, and remember: you don't have to buy all your powers at once, that's what advancement is for.
  11. Yes, it will be everyone's first year.
  12. Welcome to Hero High! A 3rd Edition Mutants and Masterminds Game The sales pitch! So, you want to play teen heroes? Great! But…why? For starters, all the adult supers are trying to tell you what to do and how to do it. They’re older than your parents, and they’re wearing tights! How gross is that? And speaking of your parents, they always ground you right before the big alien invasion. You also get blamed when your extra-dimensional pet wreaks havoc at the mall (nobody said feeding it french fries covered in nacho cheese was a bad thing—or maybe they did…you weren’t really listening at the time). Oh, and they still give you homework. Shouldn’t having powers give you a pass on certain things, like maybe high school? Yeah, you wish. Between the powers, the hormones, the homework, the rivals, and all the drama, it’s bad enough out there without throwing villains into the mix. Unless, of course, beating on the villains is your version of therapy, in which case, they’re the one thing in your life that isn’t complicated. And beating them down sure does put you in a better frame of mind.... Hero High is a Mutants and Masterminds game set in the Emerald City campaign setting at a West Coast campus of Claremont Academy or ECCA (Emerald City Claremont Academy). Emerald City's version of Claremont Academy was built to be an exact duplicate of the campus in Freedom City and was built in 2005, just four years after Duncan Summers, the original Raven, had finished remodeling the original campus in Freedom City. In the past twelve years the academy has been under the supervision of Lawrence Hunt and his hand picked faculty. Claremont Academy is a private school catering exclusively to super-powered teenagers. The general public is not aware that the Academy is for super teens only and Director Hunt spends a lot of his time refusing grants and endorsement from Emerald City's rich elite trying to buy their child's place within the halls of such an exclusive private school. So, what are the rules? Glad you asked. The rules are simple: characters are super teens from the ages of 15 to 19 and you may have any background except: Child of a God. You want to be a sorcerer? You got it. Want a battle suit? Okay. An android from an alternate Earth? Fine by me. Just keep in mind I approve what's acceptable. Your character should be PL8 and 120PP. I'm not a sticker so if you go a point or so over I'm not going to enter beast mode as long as you can justify it. Keep in mind the Claremont also offers College level classes, so older heroes are possible if you would prefer not playing someone too young. The tone of the game shouldn't change, after all, we're not trying to market a television show to Cartoon Network to appeal to a younger generation, we're playing a game. What Age are we playing in? This game will be set at the beginning of the school year, 2016 in the Modern Age. Basically the mélange of things, the Rocky Road of the eras. The age has a bit of everything, with a drive by some heroes to revisit the Silver or Golden Age ideals (but not their naivety). There’s a general distrust in authority, and many teens are not only coming into power independently, but also fighting crime on their own. Just as you might expect from modern comics, nearly every nerd and geek of Claremont are built like professional surfers, cleavage is rampant and there's never a short supply of leather, latex and spandex ready to be vacuum sealed to ones flesh while sporting heels no respectable teen should be caught dead in. Robots, guns, explosions, eye lasers, satellite space stations... it's all on the table. Modifiers and Benchmarks Abilities – There is no change to ability scores. Skills – Starting skill ranks may only as be as high as the PL. This is to reflect that as teenagers it is very unlikely that the characters will have extensive knowledge in any one field of study, especially professional fields. The exception to this rule are those characters where professional skills are part of their shtick. Budding engineers with battle suits, sorcerers with magical studies. Note that it says 'professional skills'. Amazons don't get to max out close combat simply because 'they like to fight' no more than the schools emotion manipulating hottie gets to max out persuasion because 'that's what she does'. Advantages may add to a skill totals per normal rules up to the normal rule of PL x 2. Advantages- Characters should have advantages appropriate for both their age and their shtick. Chances are you do not have Tony Stark money. Your parents might (which is how you built your battle suit), but the most they're giving you is a small trust fund or a weekly/monthly allowance to get the things you need. Powers – Powers are pretty much powers, providing they fit the shtick. As a rule of thumb, if I can not relate the powers you've created with one of the powers presented in the Power Profiles books then I'll ask you to change it. This game will be slated to start sometime by the end of the month, pending interest.
  13. The Notebook Friday morning, 09DEC16 The halls of Shelly High were pack from end to end, side to side with local students moving between classes, pausing to talk at their lockers or stopped to spread rumors at the drinking fountain. Laurie offered a few smiles to those who greeted her as she waded through the throngs of teenagers. She saw Marissa at her locker selecting the book and notebook she'd need for her next class and approached unnoticed considering the level of noise all around them in the hall. As a freshman this year it was juniors like Marissa that had a really made the transition to high school smooth and stress free. She gave Mari a worried look and cocked her eye brows as if to ask: “Well?” Marissa's expression gave away the news before she spoke. “Sorry, Laurie. Tyler's going with Morgan.” Laurie closed her eyes and sighed, allowing her head to collapse into the locker. “Not to twist the knife, but why'd you wait so long to ask someone, hun?” “Been busy,” she said with feigned sorrow in her voice. She bounced her head again the locker again. “I took on project after project. Helping you, Kia... I don't know, before I knew it, it was today.” “I understand, trust me,” Mari offered her a comforting half-smile. “Uh, George Welch I don't think has a date yet.” She turned her head slowly at Mari, as if her raven haired friend had just mentioned the unmentionable. “The guy with the lazy eye? Didn't he spend three days in the hospital last summer for drinking detergent while trying to bleach his teeth? No, just no, Mari. Besides, George is not a sexy name. George is like what you name your teddy bear, not the name you wanna scream out during climax.” “LAURIE!” Mari yelled louder than she intended as her cheeks flushed. Laurie, however, offered nothing but a mischievous grin. The two broke down into laughter a moment later. “Um,” Mari hesitantly added afterward. “DeeJay doesn't have a date. He hasn't been to any of the school dances in the last three years... guaranteed availability.” Maybe it was familial loyalty, but Mari always tried to help get her brother more involved with school events, hell she'd settle for anything other than spending all his time at Bunnee's working to save up money to escape Shelly. “Sorry,” Laurie said, grimacing at the thought of Devin. “I know he's your brother, but he's a world class jerk. You're awesome for thinking about him though, major sis points.” Mari sighed, smiling through pursed lips. At this point in Devin's high school career she doubted she could give him to the bullies as a punching bag. “Was worth a shot.” “DeeJay?” Laurie asked. “Yeah, Devin Jauntsen, DeeJay...” She smiled. “EmJay, Marissa Jauntsen, it's a sibling thing.” Laurie and Mari walked to class as the halls slowly cleared of loud students and bored teenagers. Aside from the typical stragglers the halls of Shelly High faded softly into silence. “I'm going to kill him.” Sean said quietly. “I've watched enough CSI, I'm pretty sure I could get away with it, besides, it's Devin... would anyone really miss him?” Abel laughed a bit as he, Sean and Sara promenaded through the school's hallway. “What was it this time? Rome? Bangladesh?” “Science,” Sean replied, massaging her temples to relieve her fury. “I said he could copy my notes for the test, and he was there, took my notes and left all night. He took practically everything worth eating and left the place an absolute mess, and I swear, if loses those notes...” “Say the word, I'll drop him,” Sara offered with a tone of excited desire that bordered on sociopathy. “His little taunts are really pissing me off, it's like he wants his jaw broke. What do you need notes for anyway?” “We have to turn in our notebooks to be graded, worth a hefty portion. This class is Dora the Explorer level in terms of teaching me anything, but a grade is a grade. I have to admit, I liked him better when he was quiet and broody,” Sean stopped at her locker and was already working the combo. Abel nodded in agreement. “And if I hear 'Like a Boss' one more time...” They all groaned in agreement. “S'up peeps!” Devin greeted them, loudly. His smartphone was at the ready, prepared to display the pictures he took with half naked woman on a beach somewhere none of them had heard of. “Man, I am tired as hell. I never thought motor boating cleavage in Kamalame Cay would be so tiring. Eh, I can sleep in science.” “Speaking of,” Sean glared at him, hardly amused by his declaration of activities. “My notes?” Devin's chewing slowed as he snapped into a Slim Jim. His jaw made the lazy motion of chewing while one thinks. “What notes?” “You had better be joking.” Sean's glare could have melted the snow outside for miles around. “Devin, that's my grade. Where, are my notes?” The glare of the others were enough to freeze it all over again and then melt it a second time. “Uh. I was copying them on the beach, and this gorgeous honey starts giving me the eye, right?” Devin realized he was in a pickle, but he still tried to pierce Sean's armor of rage like he was armed with a high powered rifle and he was loading it with pure bullshit. “So she starts talking to me, right? So we start talking, right, and...” “I'm going to stop you right there.” Sean interjected, raising her perfectly manicured hand to silence him. “Please, just stop, stop talking. Let me simplify so you understand with crystal clarity where I'm coming from. If you do not have my notebook in the next hour, I will make sure this entire school will see your browsing history.” Devin swallowed hard. He wasn't ready for the world to see his browsing history. The three walked on down the hall, Sara slamming Sean's locker to symbolically remind him of how Sean could shift Devin's reputation from 'broody jerk' to 'desperate God of Porn'. “C'mon Sean... that's not cool,” He protested. “It's just a note-” “Fifty-nine minutes!” Sara shouted back, cutting him off again. Her grin was pure evil. Devin angrily bit off more of his processed meat stick and brooded in the mess he now found himself in. Then, like a bolt, he ran down the hall. When he spotted her he smiled wide and increased his speed, by the time he made it to her she was already closing her locker. “Lilly! Oh, Lilly, heeey.... how are ya. I ever tell you that you have the loveliest eyes?” She was doing a terrible job of hiding her smirk while Devin was laying it on thick. “Fifty-seven minutes.” “Damn guild chat.” Devin mumbled just loud enough for the both of them. “Cmon, Lils, help a brutha out. Sean is going to kill me!” “No, Sara is going to kill you, after Sean makes you wish you were dead.” Lilly tilted her head with a nonchalant half grin. “This is your bed, Devin, you made it,” She leaned in whispered in his ear. “Maybe you'll think about this the next time you're using your ESP to see in the women's locker room.” With that she patted his shoulder and walked past him. “G'luck!” An hour later Sean was fuming in her seat. No Devin. Mr. Klaers had already started his walk down the rows to check the student's notebooks. Sure, Sean could recite the notebook from memory, but putting all that information to a notebook in only hour... she was good, but not that good. The moment of dread ticked closer and Sean was fully prepared to wittingly charm her way out of not having her notebook when Devin suddenly burst into the class room. “He shoots... he scores!” He said in a voice that was never meant for the inside. He meandered over like a peacock showing off his feathers or a victory lap that only went as far as Sean's desk. Mr Klaers was only two desks from hers when Devin interrupted. “Woah, slow your roll, big guy. I got her notes. Right here.” He slapped the notebook down into Mr. Klaers hands. The poor book looked like Devin and a gaggle of beach bunnies had spent all night dancing on it right before they fed it to a goat. Every page was frayed or torn, the cover was barely even legible anymore, and the worst part was the sand. Sand seemed to hiding in between every page and when he tossed it down granules of it went everywhere. He was walking backwards from the room, Mr. Klaers was still silent with the insanity of the moment not fully having caught up with him yet. With a snap of his fingers he pointed to Sean. “All's well. I got you fam!” Mr. Klaers sent the book gently down on her desk. “After class, please Miss Cassidy.” Her day wasn't going the greatest, certainly better than Devin's was, okay leaps and bounds better than Devin's was but still the day was over and Laurie was wandering the halls of the school trying to see if she could pull one more name from the student roster that seemed a stable date choice. She'd crossed off all the budding sociopaths and aspiring potheads. A few of the nerds had promise but the only ones not taken were the over the edge ones who would grow up to lick the windows of their mom's basement and marry the cartoon character they had printed on their pillowcase. Defeated, she leaned up against the wall, and sighed. The loud echo of a of a locker being opened pulled her from her thoughts. She rounded the corner not far from where she was and there was Devin engaged in a futile war to remove his gym bag from his locker without causing everything else he had piled in there from falling out. A broken tikki torch, a pamphlet from somewhere in Korea, the ripped and poorly folded Chinese lantern, and finally a ushanka hat all rolled out from his locker as he gave his bag one final pull. “Damn it!” He shouted as he gave the locker a swift kick. She quietly approached. The confused expression mingled with amused as she began to make out all the weird things that he kept in his locker. Non of those things were something you'd find anywhere near Shelly. They must be decorations he'd brought form home or trinkets he'd ordered online she reasoned as she came to a stop and cleared her throat. He didn't seem to hear he with all the cussing and his head stuffed into his own locker in an attempt to organize his chaos. “DeeJay,” she finally said, this catching his attention. “BeeJay?” He stood up swiftly, already prepared to launch a salvo at whomever it was that called him by a nickname that only his sister used for him. He knew Mari's voice, and this person was not her. His day was going terribly and this poor soul was about to get both barrels of his frustration. “Sure, I'd love one. Here, or do you have a stall in the bathroom that's your favorite?” Laurie's jaw stiffened and her lips pursed. A part of her really hated Devin with every fiber of her being but the rest of her absolutely adored how awesome Marissa was to her and great of person she was, it hurt her to think these two were related. The rest of her, mostly the simpler parts of her mind couldn't get over good looking Devin was, if only he would just shut up, he'd be the perfect arm candy. She took a deep breath and collected her thoughts before doing the most natural thing she could think of: she slapped him. Her hand stung, he was slapping a wall, but he still felt it and a part of her felt great. “Ow!” Devin gripped his face and looked at her shocked. “What the hell ginger, chill! Fine, fine... look I don't know what you heard but that clip with the ewoks, someone sent that to me, I didn't go searching for it! I'm the victim here!” It was Laurie's turn to be shocked, mostly because she had no idea what he was talking about. “Wh-,” she had a hard time forming words after Devin's out of nowhere proclamation. “What the hell? I didn't slap you over ewoks, you ass, I slapped you because you never stop acting like a jerk! I was just looking for my cousin, but oh, no... you have to start being... ugh, I don't know, being... YOU!” “Well, you're outta luck because she's not here,” he hissed back with as much venom as he could muster but still on his guard for another right hook. “Did you check the sub levels? I think her and Franken-bitchy are starting a meth lab down there.” “You never stop do you?” She shook her head. Amazed that at this point she didn't think he realized he was doing it. “You just can't quit being obnoxious, can you? I don't know how Marissa puts up with you, she's the patience of a saint.” Devin fell against his locker and just himself slide to the floor. Emotionally he was exhausted. He never would have admitted it to Sean, but he was deeply sorry for messing up her notebook, and now he felt like she hated him. He hadn't had friends in so long, plus the power to go anywhere in the world with a thought... he was spread thin with both excitement and paranoia that it was only a matter of time before he screwed it up. Like a self fulfilling prophecy, here he was. “Look, whatever, just go away.” “You're not going to start crying are you?” She asked, a bit concerned but not really. “Because that is going to make this really weird. I have seriously no idea how to handle a dude crying in the hall so I'll probably mock concern, maybe slowly start to walk away and turn back like I really want to console you but in the end we both know I wont. Then it's the awkwardness of seeing each other in the halls everyday...” Devin started to laugh. “I'm not going to cry, I've just... I'm tired and I've gotta figure out someway to get Sean unpissed at me.” Laurie slid down the locker next to him. She pulled her red hair out of her eyes and let it cascade down her right shoulder so I didn't block her view of him. “Okay, I know I'm going to regret this, but... how pissed is she? Scale of one to ten.” “About a fifteen.” She whistled and then groaned, coming up with an idea. “It's probably best I don't know what you did, but let me just softball a few ideas to you here, swing when you're confident. Have you tried just being honest with her? Did you even attempt to apologize?” Devin quirked an eyebrow at her, honestly perplexed. “Why would I do that?” “And you wonder why people wanna hit you.” “Eat me.” He grumbled, letting his head fall hard against his locker. Laurie sat quiet for many moments and didn't seem to her that Devin had much else to offer to the conversation. In silence they sat, not quite sure what else to say to one another until the worst thought sprang to life in Laurie's mind. She pondered it for a few minutes, not wanting to disturb Devin in whatever passed for passive thought for him. Finally she built up the confidence to speak her mind. “Okay, what I'm about to say goes against all my better judgment, but here goes. I will help you get right with Sean if you do something for me. Deal?” The enhanced teen glared at the lovely redhead incredulously for a moment. “Depends,” he started, wanting to hear what he'd be in for. “What's the favor?” “The Winter Formal.” She took a deep breath, not believing what she was going to ask of him. At this point bleaching her teeth with George was starting to look like a great idea. “You go with me to the Winter Formal. No jokes, no games, and you, at the very least, pretend like you're having a good time. In short, you have to act like a person, not the troll you are now.” He looked at her and she at him. Their eyes met and locked for several moments, each weighing the others expression like two gamblers waiting to call a bluff. He took a deep breath and extended his hand, smiling soflty as he did, sealing the truce. “Fuck it.” She smiled and shook his hand. “Fuck it.” Sean pushed her perfect frame away from her desk, setting her headset to the side. She'd ran out of gaming fuel and that just wouldn't do. She swayed her way through the barn, stopping at the fridge to get another one to knock back. She closed the door, stopping to answer a few texts when she noticed, sitting on the table, was a notebook tied shut with a ribbon on it the same color as her eyes. Tucked in the ribbon was a tri-folded letter with 'Sean' neatly written on it. She unfolded it and began reading: Sean, First, let me start by saying that I screwed up and I'm sorry. I knew how important those notes were for you grade and I was both irresponsible and selfish with them. Truth is, I did intend to work on my notes, got distracted and left them behind because I was almost late for school. Luckily they were in the sand where I left them. I'm not really good at this whole 'friend' thing and when I finally get a few they turn out to be super friends. Even without your powers you guys/gals are all amazing in your own way, even Sara (I will deny ever saying that!). I've spent so many years being pissed at my family and this town that I'm not quite sure how be a good friend. I'm rusty, I know that, which is why I'm writing this because I can't say this to in person. I hope you understand and know how how sorry I am that I screwed up your grade. It was never my intention to screw up so completely, but I did, and I own that. I'm sorry. Sincerely, Devin P.S. - If Laurie mentions anything about ewoks, just ignore it. The cold weather's been giving her hella sniffles and head congestion, it's been making her say weird things. With a slight smile she set the letter on the table and reached down gently opening the new notebook. “He's still a jerk.” She said softly.
  14. It states in the rules that the two stack with the other.
  15. In my games, when a Doyen died, it petrified into a solid white substance comprised mostly of glucose. They were ground up into a powder and then processed into delicious sticks that children would dip into various flavored packets of powder. We then visited the moral implications of society's actions and whether or not those actions were justified based on facts like: if they didn't want to be eaten then why did the space gods make them delicious. We came to the conclusion that Earth wasn't to blame, it was indeed the Doyen's fault for being yummy. Y'know, just a thought.