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  1. Penda saw Isstia cut the assassin's head off, turned pale, then threw up behind a counter. "Ugh. Ugh. Hang on, just... ugh." Once Penda had composed herself, she helped herself into the harness. "Just climb for now. Then once you crest past the next set of walkways, hop onto 'em and you'll be on the set of streets that leads to the closest Jorasco."
  2. That's a success; the assassin is intimidated. "I - I - we were hired through a third party! The instructions were left for us by a contact in Platinum Heights, there's a restaurant, the Grey Dragon, we were contacted there!" "Isstia, he's badly wounded," interjected Penda. "We gotta get him to House Jorasco or he's gonna die. Closest one's a level up. ... can you climb?"
  3. The silver bands almost formed around one of the telekinetic spheres, but it was too agile, and slipped past. The Eagle Claws sighted him, and high-powered military-grade crossbow bolters poked their barrels out past the telekinetic spheres. Tobias dodged one, but the other struck true. Down in the bar, the Terror Claws mobilized as one against the shapeshifter in their midst, and Faz found himself under assault from multiple blades - but only three were able to get in close enough to have a chance of succeeding, and none of those were able to get past Faz's melee skills. The leader of the cell struck at Steel Falcon, his arm reconfiguring into a giant maul, that struck her square in the breastplate.
  4. The assassin was yanked off their feet, pulled away from the bleeding shifter. They turned to Isstia, in surprise. "... a drow? Here? They'll let in anyone, wont't they..." The shadows cleared slightly and Isstia could see that it was a man, with one of those dragonmarks she'd heard around, some kind of magical shadow literally seeping out of the exposed portion.
  5. "I'll find you," said Ebeneezer, moved from his ennui by the stir of action. He dissolved into mist and wisked away, before the eagle claws could crest the top of the building.
  6. A reminder to Steel Falcon and to Tobias that I need your initiatives, please.
  7. Penda let herself be pushed - and didn't have much choice, given how strong Isstia was - and followed the drow's lead. She saw that inside the tavern, a shifter had been stabbed twice by someone wreathed in shadows, shadows too thick for even her vision to see through, but she could tell that it was another elf - like her. Beside her, Penda gasped. "Isstia! The shifter the assassin's stabbin', that's the contact! That's the dealer we need to talk to!"
  8. Someone a while back once commented that the Order of the Emerald Claw were lightweights, the Eberron equivalent of COBRA from G.I. Joe. I said, "that is the opposite of a problem. That is a solution."
  9. Tobias pried open the lockbox to find a map of the city with a specific location circled, as well as a collection of notes. That's as far as he got before things got interesting. "The one that made a mistake here, is you." With that, the leader pulled off his helmet. He was half-man, half product of artifice, with steel and copper and gold replacing part of his skull, his shoulders and his arm, and that's just what Lysa could see. The crossbow wasn't something he was holding, it was part of his arm. It reconfigured into a sword, which he pointed at Lysa. "Terror Claws! Kill the shapeshifter." He pointed directly at Faz. "Use codewords to differentiate yourselves." Barricade then shouted at the self-propelled cart out front. "Eagle Claws! Take to the air! Secure the perimeter!" The tarp on the cart was drawn back, and two soldiers emerged, sitting in what looked liked rickety contraptions that were missing something to pilot - until some kind of spherical translucent telekinetic force fields sprang into being around each one. They levitated, and Tobias knew that if they got high enough to see onto the roof they would spot him and Ebeneezer in a second. Barricade advanced on Lysa. "I'm Barricade. This is the Order of the Emerald Claw. And we are the future. We're leaving here with the lockbox and there's nothing you can do to stop us!"
  10. The leader turned around. So did the other six that were with him. In one arm was a dangerous looking crossbow that looked enchanted. He drew back his hood with his free hand, and that's when everyone could see the helmet: the claw encircling one eye, that belong to the Emerald Claw. Stuck in the wall was the bolt from the crossbow. Also stuck in the wall, their arm pinned by the impact of the bolt, was the warforged bouncer. "Finally, the rustbucket we're looking for. Where is the box?"
  11. "Well, I can turn into mist, so if one of you weighs about as much as a fine sneeze, I can - " There was shouting from the bar below, and Lysa could make out a variety of anti-warforged slurs being shouted. Then there was a sound like a crossbow being fired, except the report sounded different, with a deep thrummm behind it. "... I can contact dispatch. That doesn't sound like a normal fight."
  12. "Aright, follow me. Hopefully we'll get somewhere." Penda walked, and Isstia followed from shadows and rooftops, switching between roof level and street level as suited her fancy. It took them about half an hour, during which the sights, sounds, and especially smells, of the city of Sharn filled her senses. Penda seemed apprehensive, but not especially so - more like the kind of person who got apprehensive when walking around at night. Finally, they arrived at the bar. Penda hung back a little, letting Isstia join her in a nearby alleyway. "Okay, that's the bar. I'm going to head in and try to be - " There was a shout, then a scream, then people started fleeing the bar. "... discreet..."
  13. Pathfinderq1, we're now at three and a half weeks since you posted last. If I don't hear from you by the end of the week, I'll assume you're no longer interested. Please get in touch. KahlessNestor, we're coming up on two and a half for you as well.
  14. Tobias succeeded, isolating the spark of divinity from the Blood of Vol. It spoke of self-reliance, of not depending on anything outside of oneself for divine guidance and power, but there was a selfishness behind that individualism that left a metallic taste in his mouth. Not evil so much as the absence of a belief in the greater good; the Silver Flame within him flared at its presence. That was all the time that Faz needed to pop the lock open. As they carefully inspected the box to make sure it wasn't about to explode, Ebeneezer gave a curious grunt at Faz. "Now, I have seen a lot of changelings do a lot of amazing things, but I've never seen one do that. Curious." Meanwhile, Lysa - on lookout - was the one to spot a large, expensive-looking, self-driven cart, stop in front of the bar, and a group of men and women emerge wearing cloaks and robes that obscured their features. But everything about the way they moved - the hand signals the leader gave, the way the all but prowled towards the bar - said military. Or ex-military...
  15. (Assuming the others are amicable...) The three of you, plus Ebeneezer, wind up on the roof, the slight winter's chill turning into rather more than that, as you sit around the box.
  16. Pathfinderq1, it's been two weeks since I posted in your thread and I haven't heard from you. Everything okay? If you have a problem, I'm prepared to listen.
  17. "Tomorrow, then. May your dreams be well." Of course, the kalashtar either didn't know, or had forgotten, that Adaa didn't sleep, much less dream. So while they slipped off into blank torpor, she found herself sleepless, and lost in thought. She thought about Venn, unsure of whatever he was, and whether his final words were reassurance or menace. She thought about the monster they'd fought, and the ground that had been seeded for it to feed on, and how, even at night, you could see the scars of war among the populace outside her window. And she thought of home, and her family, and how she had been prepared as a vessel for that thing to climb inside and drive around, and wondered, not for the first time: could it happen here? She wondered how you beat back a foe like that, and she thought about the kalashtar below, praying along the Path of Light to turn the wheel of the age. That was one way. Out there lay souls who were wounded and vulnerable, who needed a healer and who needed protection. It was another. It wasn't her homeland's way and it wasn't the kalashtar's way - but maybe it could be hers. TO BE CONTINUED... ... IN JUSTICE LEAGUE OF EBERRON #1!
  18. "Hmmmm. There's always the rooftop, I find. Not a lot of snoops up there. Bit cold this time of day, though. Or a park a few blocks from here. Or, I suppose, we could rent a room at the hotel. You're the ones who'll be breaking into the thing, so I leave it up to you. I'd rather not use my abode, if that's fine with you all; I have... issues... with inviting guests."
  19. "For veterans, the Aundair Ministry of Veteran Affairs has several chapters here in Fairhaven." Carn looked a little distant. "Just... be warned. They aren't for the faint of heart. I also know the Sovereign Host and, of late, the Silver Flame are keen on charitable drives towards those who lost much in the war. If you seek structures that will point you towards those most in need, those would be where I would start."
  20. "Divine. Hmmm. That would explain why my teeth itch, just touching it." Ebeneezer slid it over to Tobias. "What do you reckon then, preacher?" Tobias touched the box, and frowned in concentration.
  21. "Shifters are also known as weretouched. Bit of lycanthrope in their bloodlines from hundreds of years back. Look like a mashup between beasts and people. They're all right. Their art and artifacts tend to be pretty light, since they tend to pack pretty light. C'mon, I'll take you to the Shifty Whistle..." She paused. "Ah, unless you wanna do this your way. I'm guessin' you maybe wanna be sneaky about this? There's a pretty good chance they'll bolt straight off if they see a drow lady comin'."
  22. "The war broke many, Adaa." Carn frowned, lost in thought. "It traumatized its veterans; it traumatized those left orphaned and widowed. Khorvaire science of the mind is very primitive compared to ours, and such fields are fertile grounds for things like the il-mnemos to hunt. And even our abilities pale next to yours. You could be of great help to them."
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