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  1. why not? is it not up to the GM if he/she allows it? it´s still the same exp cost of 5 to buy and extra. You can buy a lot of the enhancements more then once and as such disturbing the powerbalance with other enhancements. buy resilience a couple of time and your one tough cookie. And it can be a big drawback of having reflexive regeneration becuase you loose the control, 1.it will try to regenerate you until you lost all of your quantum. 2. you can never use the dying for power option because it will only use quantum points you get to regenerate you. I would say that the disadvantages outweighs the advantages
  2. Tantalizing and interesting hints to this new flesh book? when is it supposed to be finished, or is it finished already?
  3. well, you the possiblity to buy the regeneration enhancement with reflexive extra, so even if your dead, you still got the extra 1 turn per sta/mega to regenerate the healthlevels. Depending on if you beg enough to your GM. But yes I would say that it is possible to regenerate after death.
  4. I just found this forum and boy I´m happy I found it. (The drawback with watching to many old batman reruns is that I sound like a fifties comic book character when I speak/write English) In the Aberrant Directory you refer to the book The New Flesh concerning most of the new bodymodifications, and I was wondering where I can find it?
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