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  1. Warren


    Hey guys. How've you all been?
  2. Yeah, sorry. I've been keeping up but haven't been able to post. I'll make one ASAP, prolly in a few hours.
  3. I got run out of town. I will be able to catch up on Saturday or Sunday. Sorry.
  4. I am very, very excited for it. But then again, I love the old series.
  5. Read this. It's spectacular and extreme. http://gizmodo.com/5114204/rebel-shark-t...fast-dies-young
  6. Furthermore, I got this from the Marvel website. Quote:NEW SCHOOL: MISS AMERICA With the spunk and pep to match her incredible power, the new Miss America represents the irrepressible spirit of American youth. "She's 100% Grade-A U.S.A.," boasts Slott. "Her superpower is all-out American awesomeness!"
  7. Yes, this game is no longer active. Further more, the guy you sent the character sheet wasn't actually running the game when it ended. I'm not even sure the last time I've seen him on the forums. Regardless, your interest is amusing, so thank you. But this game has been over for well over a year.
  8. Wait, SL, we knew this. I mean, for fucks sake, he wrote the intro to the D&D 20th anniversary book. Though it may not have been the into, but I know he did write something for it. And that was like, what? 5 years ago? More?
  9. He looked square at her, pondering his options. If what she said was true, than he'd have to commit illegal acts for a group of people who may or may not just be fucking with him. If he goes with her.. He attempted to look at the scene near the alligator pit, but there were too many people. Did she kill him? He thought if his options for less than a second total. "Fine." He said, and gave her back the pack. "Too backpacks is suspicious." He said, smiling. Besides, the mobsters might have thought he killed their man.
  10. He stopped when he heard the scream, wondering what it could possibly be. Then he put two and two together. He chased after Hunter once more. "Barbara!" He yelled after her, calling attention to himself and the woman. "Barbara Morse-Barton." He said while catching up to her. "That bag has information about the death of my father. You can hand it over, or I can call more attention to us." As he said that, he moved in front of her and turned around, looking at her straight in the face with a smile while slowing his pace. Surely when he started bumping people, they would notice.
  11. Warren stared at the girl for a good ten to twenty seconds before reacting. Something was up and he didn't think it was part of the plan. She knew who he was and what he was going here, but it wasn't her that he was supposed to meet. But she had the red bag. He stood and bolted after the girl, dodging in and out of the crowds. "Who are you?" He muttered out quickly as he reached her. "Where is the guy and whats in the bag?"
  12. Warren took a seat on the ground. If the game had actually changed, he could do absolutely nothing. He was a player in some persons grand scene in which Warren had absolutely no control. He sighed and opened the backpack once more. Perhaps there was just something he missed in the clues. He figured he'd wait around until two and see what happened.
  13. Warren slammed the locker in aggravation. Sure, he had nothing better to do today than to follow these clues which will lead to further clues, but it was low on his list of priorities. He could be sleeping, eating, trying to pick up chicks at the park. Really, anything was better than this. The slammed locker got some attention from those around him, who then immediately dismissed Warrens act. He mutually ignored theirs and absent-mindedly waited at the bus station. The entire time he was thinking about all the clues so far. Were they directions, or foreshadowing to future events. "An experiment to further knowledge.. " He spoke out loud, but no one seemed to pay him mind. He stepped on the bus and headed towards the station, in which he switches to one with the destination of the Bronx Zoo.
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