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  1. If, per the premise of the original post, I'm a telepath with those powers and my goal is to become incredibly wealthy, I'd start with gambling. Specifically, increasingly high-stakes poker. It would be easy to move up quickly when I could not only know exactly what cards my opponents were holding and what their strategy is, but influence that strategy. I'd use the money I made there at art and estate auctions, building a collection of legitimate assets and holdings by manipulating the auction house staff, agents, and bidders to my advantage, then re-selling them at inflated prices via suggestion and memory alteration. I'd work patiently, slowly, and methodically, over several years. Would it bother me, to use people for my own financial gain? Initially, yes, but we've already established that we're willing to accept a certain amount of self-justification and moral "flexibility" in order to achieve the stated goal.
  2. I've been looking at Merits and Flaws today, I'll find something that will work. I hadn't really intended on using them, since I couldn't think of any that I really liked for the character, but I can make it happen. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Name: Maya Flynn Nature: Explorer Demeanor: Sage Concept: Frustrated Underachiever Age: 25 Physical: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●● Social: Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●● Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●●, Wits ●●● Talents: Alertness ●●, Athletics ●●, Awareness ●●, Brawl ●, Carousing ●, Empathy ●●, Expression ●●, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise ●, Subterfuge ● Skills: Animal Ken ●●, Crafts, Drive ●, Etiquette ●●, Firearms, Game-Playing ●, Larceny, Melee, Performance ●●, Stealth ●, Storytelling ●, Survival Knowledges: Academics ●●●, Computer ●●, Culture ●, Finance, Investigation ●, Law, Medicine, Occult ●, Politics ●, Science, Technology Backgrounds: Allies ●, Contacts ●●, Influence, Resources ●● Virtues: Conscience ●●●, Self-Control ●●●●, Courage ●●● Humanity: ●●●●● ●● Willpower: ●●●●● ● Background: Works at Yorkville Public Library, lives in a small furnished studio apartment on E 79th St., Upper East Side. Can drive a car (and has a license), but who drives in NYC? Smart people ride bikes. Studied Anthropology, had difficulty finding work after college and took temporary employment with the Yorkville branch of the NYPL at the request of a family friend. She’s still there, beginning to despair of ever accomplishing anything meaningful with her life. Saving up to travel overseas- she has a list of “must-see” places gleaned from magazines and friends who’ve actually gone. Had an opportunity to study abroad for a summer in college, but a family health scare caused her to miss out. Owns precisely one cat. Just one. She blames him for a lack of dating prospects. He doesn’t seem to care. Her social life is largely limited to reading aloud for the children during story hour on the second floor of the library, and helping her friend Mason create a weekly podcast about a lonely, fictional town in upstate NY. Has one sister, Leticia, 2 years younger, married to a financial analyst. Is occasionally called upon to babysit her niece and nephew on “date night” because, honestly, what else does she have to do? Sometimes screens her mother’s calls, despite concerns over her health, because she is tired of being compared to her more successful sibling. Lists her ethnicity as “colonial.” (Her family is of Irish, English, Kashmiri, and Maori ancestry. It’s complicated.) When in the neighborhood, stops by The Full Pot for an afternoon pick-me-up Bonus Point Costs Attributes: 5 per dot Abilities: 2 per dot (x6) Ability Specialties: 1 per dot (max of 3 per ability) Backgrounds: 1 per dot Virtues: 2 per dot Humanity: 1 per dot Willpower: 1 per dot (x3) 3
  4. Well, it was six years ago. Pretty sure he has the actual word doc if you want it, not sure what those other ones are about.
  5. Sorry, Hyo, Dave's computer is down, and we haven't had time to work out whether it's the PSU or the HDD yet. Neither of us have really been able to focus on games and fun-time in the last week or so.
  6. Thank you! That gives loads more insight into your reasons and perspective. I'm just very keen on seeing more forward progress for this, to get things moving on the forums a bit more and to get more people actively involved.
  7. I'm a bit frustrated with this at the moment, so if that comes across in my post, I apologize in advance! The only thing you've addressed from the above quote, Hyo, was that you don't want the Empress coming back- which ignores the rest of what I asked/posted. We've also already talked about what Exalts can/should be played, and you gave the same input on that in previous posts in the thread; your only other comment on the issue of timelines (and, peripherally, whether or not major canon events such as the Empress's disappearance/reappearance could be affected by PCs as I described) was to support Dave's suggestion of the starting date. If you've lost interest, or if you're too busy to really respond to people's requests for input from the group, or if you don't have anything new to add, that's fine, but please do let us know!
  8. What's the timeline? Are we playing with the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress being a Thing? If so, has it happened yet? (Or has she already returned?) I ask mostly because, in the massive Aberrant "game" we had going, major canon events could be affected by PC actions; one of the hottest topics, for example, was the possibility that the Night of Long Knives might never happen.
  9. It seems this has fallen off the radar. Are people still interested?
  10. Dangit, ninja'd by Max while pecking out a reply! Nina, yes, you made sense. I think, though, that some clarification might be in order so we're all on the same page. Using the collaborative system we've been describing, the two play-writers in your example would be writing the same story instead of writing two separate, complete stories and looking at them afterward. If Bob and Herb (thanks, Max!) both had an interest in writing together, or both replied in the plot idea thread that they wanted to get involved with the village, they would start a new thread for the tale and start posting. It's more interactive than reactive. I'm at work on my phone, but I'll check in during the evening when I can, in case I misunderstood or you have questions. Also, I, uh, kind of made a Chosen of Endings, just in case.
  11. Some (and likely most, honestly) of my most cherished memories of this site are from the time when exactly this sort of thing was the norm. Please consider me tentatively interested; I'm always a bit wary of attempts, however well-intentioned, to recapture something of those days. Still, I do love Exalted in all its flawed, fractured glory, and there's something oddly appropriate about discussing a truly Open World version of a game that, in many ways, is reminiscent of the similarly fragmented and potentially world-breaking Aberrant. The first three items on my menu, culled from my experiences with NPrime, are thus: Character Creation Rules, Restrictions, and Conflict Resolution. When I joined the forums, Aberrant was the only game in town, and char-gen was, largely, a laissez-faire process: you just made the character you wanted. Most of the time, that meant, "Make a character that can keep up with the super-powered Joneses." My first PC on the site was created, I admit, mostly to see how many points I could spend without making something completely alien and inhuman; no one so much as batted an eyelash because other characters were potent enough to sneeze her out of existence. The big rule was that you weren't allowed Q6, or any powers and so forth that required it. Sometimes conflicts were scripted, and sometimes dice were rolled- really, it all just depended on the writers, how much they trusted each other, and how communicative they were. You couldn't kill or render another PC effectively "dead" (e.g. permanent coma, catatonia, eternal magical slumber, trapped forever in the Phantom Zone, etc.) without permission, but nearly anything else was fair game, as long as it kept the narrative interesting. I remember hours upon hours of discussions about the possible ramifications of various story arcs, potential complications, and negotiations between play-writers. (I may have just made that word up, but since I like it, I'm going to keep using it.) What's that got to do with this Exalted proposal in the here-and-now? Simply put, for this to work, terms need to be set. Should we take a cue from this idea's NPrime roots, and create whatever character we please, or stay within certain (potentially arbitrary) statistical guidelines? Should we attempt to balance the different types of Exalted so that one isn't overwhelmingly more powerful than another? Should we limit the initial number of characters? Should we (at least initially) deny Essence 6+ and all associated effects, Charms, etc.? Should we relinquish some control of our characters and allow the decisions other play-writers make (barring god-modding) to affect them, potentially in negative ways, if it means we can think of amusing ways to obtain vengeance? (My responses, in order: Some sort of math needs to be involved to define our starting point, at least in terms of statistics. The basic character creation rules suit me just fine, honestly, and it shouldn't be difficult to gauge whether someone's character is progressing at a rate wildly inconsistent with both the quantity and quality of their writing. At home, with Dave, I enjoy breaking the rule set and tinkering with balance issues between Exalted types because it's usually limited to our solo sessions and we tend to change things on the fly, anyway. Here, I would probably recommend leaving the relative strength levels of the various Exalted as-is. Ideally, we'll be more focused on the awesome things our characters are doing than on how many dice they get to roll, and I have a certain fondness for underdogs. One character, to start. There's no point diluting things right out of the gate. We can consider opening that up again in six months or so, if this gets going. Essence 6+ should be completely off the table for at least a year, real-time, and I'm leaning towards framing that as a year of play- no bringing in a brand-spanking new character at that level on the 1-year anniversary of (insert forum name here), "just because." I'd also suggest that Essence 6, and any increase beyond that, require approval. I'm willing to let Bad Things happen to my character, provided the perpetrator can maintain an open dialogue about the direction of the story and possible consequences/retaliation. Fair's fair, after all, and if it makes for good story, it's worth it. I'm all about the communication, though, so absent that, it's a no-go. This is meant to be collaborative, after all- not competitive.)
  12. I admit, "Rakata" was not the first thing I thought of when I read this. It reads like a Lovecraft/Star Wars crossover proposal.
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