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  1. I really like Live Like Giants, and Legends is a close second. I could live with Glory too though.
  2. Thanks for this. I'll PM you a post. It won't be one that interacts with others like I'd hoped...entirely my own fault on that, but I can't fix it now. Apologies.
  3. Awareness raising article in the school paper about the fundraisers, perhaps?
  4. The public will decide! And possibly scientists. Or faculty. Regardless, the TRUTH WILL OUT.
  5. Cassandra isn't much for athletics, though she takes a martial arts class because she's plucky. But she could have done a rip-roaring expose on the school athletics program and its culture of clandestine performance enhancing drug use! They totally look the other way when athletes use chemical stimulants in soft drinks! It's RAMPANT.
  6. VELCOME! Gadgets are cool. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  7. Fair enough. And my first submission was arguably guilty of that, so I can't be too defensive.
  8. Yeah, in my pitch I estimated that Cass and her folks moved here around 10 years ago, so she'd have been quite young. 6 or 7 (leaning towards 6). And I admit, this hasn't been written out yet, so I'm not mad you didn't remember it. That's on me as much as anyone. Just wanted to...reassure you, I guess?...that the situation might not be as bad as you think.
  9. I mean, there's no reason Cassandra can't be from Shelly, really. And even if she wasn't originally, she'd have been here since she was a kid. I feel like that oughtta count.
  10. Cassandra Allen, snooping ace reporter...for the school newspaper. But she's still a young woman! She has PROSPECTS! She is, perhaps unsurprisingly, good at snooping, and asking hard-hitting questions and being plucky.
  11. I sent you a new sheet. Going to add in the backstory and all, but there's a name and all that.
  12. I posted last in the office scene, y'ain't waiting on me.
  13. Yeah, but Cara did toss that out in a very sort of informal, nonchalant sort of way. Not impossible she could have been saying it ironically...like it 'felt' like 500 years. That said, how Darrik and Dom want to take her statement is entirely up to them, of course. It'll be interesting either way.
  14. Hahaha, good point! Didn't really think about that, but it was a slip. Ah well. Fun can come from unintended sources.
  15. You're a hero, Nina. The game was huge fun while it lasted, and I know there'll be bigger and better coming up next. Thanks very much for all you do.
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