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  1. Yay! Well done! Thanks!
  2. "You literally just said 'whatever it...' ugh, nevermind. Code and cargo would be fine. Thank you."
  3. "I'm not exactly wild about the cargo being referred to as 'whatever it is,'" Arcata said dryly. "Such is life on the frontier though, I suppose. Beyond that, snooping around is something of a specialty of mine. I'll do what I can."
  4. How many hounds and where are they?
  5. Initiative! Init: 1D10+7 = [2]+7 = 9 Kia shapeshifts: Shapeshift 1st 5 are mega: 15D10 = [3, 2, 1, 8, 10, 1, 2, 8, 2, 1, 3, 6, 3, 6, 7] = 63 I believe that's 7 successes; 2 for the mega-8, 3 for the mega-10, one for the 8 and one for the last 7. A liiiiiittle disappointing, but not terrible. 2 successes into Sizemorph: Grow, giving Kia Str 5/5 and Stamina 8/5 and making her 20' tall. 5 more successes into Armor, giving her 27 bashing, 21 lethal soak, plus whatever her PAM offers. This costs 3pool. Then Quantum Imprint to nab Clone: Quantum Imprint, 1st 5 mega: 13D10 = [5, 4, 6, 2, 2, 10, 1, 8, 9, 4, 7, 2, 9] = 69 5 successes; more than enough. 3 more pool gone. This will happen next turn, because Clone has to be the only action taken on its turn. Clone will take 4 quantum pool cuz it's copied. Total quantum spent: 3+3+4 = 10
  6. Could you perhaps reprint the character generation rules in here? I was planning to submit a character for this, but got sidetracked and now I remember nothing. Better idea. Just...pretend I didn't say anything. I found the recruiting thread.
  7. You deserved it though. #blamethevictim
  8. To be fair, NONE of these ideas are unique or original. Robotech isn't the first or only fictional setting to use that sort of gadget for crossing vast distances of space.
  9. I chose Mixed, cuz I like settings with different spacefaring civilizations having followed different paths to solve the FTL problem. Beyond that, I think storytelling options are richer with drives that have some subjective 'lag time' between points, like hyperspace or Traveller style jump drives that aren't instantaneous. Gives players some downtime if they want to RP or do things that require game time.
  10. "Understood, Captain," Arcata replied with a nod. "I have thrown in my lot with this crew, and I will offer no less than my best, whatever the circumstances."
  11. "I agree with what the captain was saying," Arcata says mildly, refusing to let Brant provoke her. "The rebellion is funded by wealthy senators and several multiplanetary corporations. We are not. Good morals will not pay docking fees, or repair the damages we incur taking dangerous missions." "We are not members of your rebellion, Brant. We are not ideologues to be swayed by inspiring speeches or attempts to shame us into submission. We are mercenaries you are hiring. Mercenaries friendly to your cause, but mercenaries all the same."
  12. "Mmm, not quite," said Arcata. "I'm hearing so far quite a bit of information about risks and expectations, and very little about reward. Thus far we've been offered appreciation, and while I'm sure any other fringe benefits Brant may be offering you personally are compelling, the rest of us could use some incentive, I expect."
  13. Arcata shrugged Brant's protestations off. "Just making sure it was clear what the stakes are," she said. "Do you happen to know what the transport you stole the code from was carrying? The more we know about what the Empire expects from it and its crew, the better the odds we'll be able to stay long enough to get useful intel."
  14. Arcata pursed her lips thoughtfully. There was a significant chance the rebels were clutching at straws. Special Projects conducted hundreds, if not thousands, of operations around the galaxy at any given moment. Digging on the Rim was a bit odd, but perhaps not as odd as Brant might think. Their approach to the situation was slipshod, in her opinion. Forcing the Empire to rely on hired vessels might have created this opening, but it also alerted the Empire to the Rebel's interest. They'd be likely to have fortified the garrison at the dig site in response, in addition to changing their shipping protocol. "What's the Imperial presence at the mining site?" she asked. "Orbital and, if you have the information, on the ground."
  15. Kia will go with Chimera.