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  1. Okay, so we're not making 'Hercules' or 'Perseus.' We're making Greek heroic characters in the same vein as them. I ken work with that. Hm...Mythos is a Savage Worlds setting, eh? I'll see if I can locate that.
  2. This sounds really interesting! Are we using 'real' mythological figures as heroic alternate identities, or making up new ones? Is the Greek mythos the only one we're free to draw from/create for?
  3. When you can reduce difficulty, it's probably a better idea. Reducing difficulty is a static bonus...a benefit that doesn't require a random roll on a dice to have a concrete impact. More dice mean more potential for success, but it could still come up less than 7 and net you no benefit. The exception, of course, is if the difficulty is already zero, in which case pile on extra dice. It's also worth considering that mega-dice often count as two successes per success (or 3 on a 10), so that can shift the debate a bit. It's still a 40% chance of getting a success at all per die, which isn't great odds, but since the benefits of getting a success are larger, one can argue that it's better to just roll as many as you can and let them stack. To take that into account, I'd say if you're rolling a larger pool of mega-dice, that makes the odds of those extra successes stacking higher than canceled difficulty more. So if you have a lot of dice, and the difficulty is low...roll the dice. If you don't have a lot of dice, and the difficulty is higher, cancel them. Or if you just feel lucky...roll away.
  4. Yeah. Licensed only applies to goods purchased with Reputation. Goods bought with Assets are, by definition, illegal in Coalition space to begin with. So if you're Apostate, all you can do is buy black market goods (or whatever your Fake CID allows). Welcome to freedom, chummer. Ack! Nina is a ninja!
  5. Iiiiiiiiiiin Not before Noir, but before everwun else. Woot!
  6. SalmonMax

    I'm Back, Sorta

    It's all good, man. Thanks for the heads-up.
  7. SalmonMax

    OOC: Starfinder Discussion

    Well, we can dynamically assign people as needed. Turn 1 we have Evanna give orders as Captain, Sunshine do some manuevers, and Echo focus shields while Jexa operates the turret, for example. Turn 2, Sunshine keeps evading, Echo locks down some damage we took while Jexa does a sensor lock and Evanna takes the shot. And so on. Good point on Jordayn, he's the logical choice for medic. The crew positions listed there would be sort of the 'default' choices at any encounter's beginning. Our official crew roles don't define the only actions we can take.
  8. SalmonMax

    OOC: Starfinder Discussion

    Captain would be Evanna, I think. Co-pilot could be anyone who has Pilot skill. Tactical also uses Pilot. Science Officer uses Computer, so I think Jexa could do that? Medic is just something I threw on because it's something the ship has space for, but it's not something we necessarily have to have an official one of on the crew.
  9. Ah, thanks for this. Helps tremendously, even with the books.
  10. Nina has a point about Starfinder. Really, any of those options could work for me, but it'd be cool to have a game that's science fiction as opposed to science fantasy. You can put me down for 2 as well.
  11. Seems like a cool starting point for a setting. Do you envision this as a wargame, with the PCs as soldiers against the AI? Or is the war the backdrop against which the game's events take place, while the PCs ply other trades? It reminds me a little of Eclipse Phase (full disclosure, most sci fi settings involving space and rogue AIs remind me of Eclipse Phase), albeit with a very different set of circumstances surrounding the 'Fall.' That said, it does beg questions of locality. Is humanity ensconced in strongholds throughout the solar system, while the AIs crouch protectively over the burned-out husk of the Earth? Are there AIs that sided with humanity at first? Perhaps to be betrayed and destroyed by them later, or to change sides? Or perhaps they remain, operating in secret to protect themselves from the anti-AI sentiment prevalent among humankind, trying to give their organic progenitors a fighting chance? Sorry, I guess I have more questions at this point than input, but I feel like that just indicates my interest in the subject.
  12. SalmonMax

    OOC: Starfinder Discussion

    621 total, for what it's worth.
  13. I'm happy with Keiko's build. I'm spending exp, but not changing anything previously existing on her. And once the site lets me edit her sheet, I can even show the expenditures...