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  1. Scion: MM General Discussion

    A good read! Thanks!
  2. Scion: MM General Discussion

    Hey now, he's a rock star? I like the idea of Beth recklessly catapulting in and using the staff to try to hold her down. Sounds crazy enough to work. Oh oh, have her polejump. It can extend and shorten. She can put it end down and have it grow while she jumps to fling herself at her!
  3. OOC Combat Thread

    Init: 2d6+7 17 Attack!: 2d6+7 12 Hm, wish I'd rolled the attack first, lol...
  4. The Offical OOC Thread

    Sigs do seem a little glitchy sometimes. Thanks for the clarification, Dave!
  5. The Offical OOC Thread

    Dave, just a note about something you said to Rick in the last post about him switching 'gears.' Glancing at his sheet, it looks like he's switching effects in an array...from speed to strength, perhaps. Assuming that's the case, and I'm not misreading it, your comment that it requires an action to switch isn't reflected in the standard rules. To wit: Alternate Effects cannot be used or maintained at the same time as other Alternates in the same array; they are mutually exclusive. Switching between Alternates requires a free action and can be done once per turn. If anything disables, nullifies, or drains any power in an array, all of them are affected in the same way. Page 138 in the version of the 3rd Ed M&M book that I have, just before they talk about Dynamic Alternate Effects. Assuming I'm understanding the situation right, and there's no house rules, that is.
  6. The Offical OOC Thread

    Yep, you done good, son. You done good. I think I may have to use a Hero Point this next turn.
  7. The Offical OOC Thread

    I'm fine with you making rolls that we'd have to make no matter what. Similarly, I'm fine with you filling in NPC reactions to our actions, along with possible related die rolls. I think the potential for conflict exists if you find yourself putting words in our characters' mouths, but so far you haven't done that at all so it's been totally fine.
  8. thread test

    Doom. DOOM!
  9. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    No worries. It's been rough for you lately and we all know it. Take all the time you need. Thanks for leaving the door open for us.
  10. Do They?

    Do you HAVE to? No. However, I tend to enjoy games that involve some kind of paranormal content more than otherwise, all other factors being equal. But the 'all other factors being equal' clause can sometimes be very important. And of course, there can be paranormal content without necessarily having powers of some kind or another.
  11. I am in the process of discovering what I like. I kind of like everything, ya see, so I always try to get a feel for where I want to fit into the group. Very melee-heavy party means I can make someone who hangs back and engages from range. Powerful spells are wise. Sorceror and cleric both fit that bill. Considering ideas now.
  12. Champion dual wielding fighter, valor bard, paladin, rogue We appear to need more dakka. A bard can do buffs and healing reasonably well. Perhaps some arcane firepower is in order via sorceror. Or I could do a light cleric and do party support AND blast spells. Hmm...
  13. Interesting. Are we going to transition to the new rules or stick with the old ones?
  14. Deadlands: The Flood

    Sorry, yeah, I need to go re-read and remind myself who he is and find a good hook that Claire can take interest in. I remember you had a good description, I just lost track of it in the fracas.