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  1. I actually liked Ariel, from the old Attrition game. Even if she was a perhaps not-quite-exact fit for a classic Werewolf game, I really liked the idea of a character struggling to find bridges...to try to keep something of what she was while exploring what she could be. Sigil, in her original incarnation in the M&M supers game Lake City Universe. Something about her character just really worked for me. There was this really cool story to her, and I could really 'feel' what she wanted, each post. Was fun. Shiori, from Dragonball: Victory; the cute little shrine maiden who had a certain sinister side to her. Knowing the truth about her, I was absolutely delighted to make posts for Shiori. It was incredibly fun to play a character who was playing another character at such odds with her true self. Just a blast. Valkyrie from Shadowrun: Everybody Lies. She had a concept that was really interesting to me, and I was bummed I never had a chance to get far into it in the game. I gotta remember it next time a chance for that concept to work shows up. Kestrel, from Exalted: Heaven's Reach. Hard to explain why, she was just...a lot of fun. Something about this tricky thiefy character who nevertheless had a weirdly strong moral backbone was really interesting to me to write for. From others...I really liked Declan and Amber from Attrition too. Posting with them was just great, because they drew me in without fail. They could piss me off, and they could make me feel great, and that really kept me coming back. A lot of the characters from Mutant High were a delight, and Lake City...that Lake City game was just overall amazing. Everyone in it was super good, and interesting. It stands out bright in my otherwise spotty memory. Anyway!
  2. Similar place as Dave. I've had limited time to post lately, and I've tended to focus on the games that people are posting to...the ones that are quieter have fallen by the wayside for me, which isn't fair to them. I'll try to be better about that.
  3. I am totally on board for a reboot, for the record. The specifics of what kind of reboot, and what it means are up for discussion, but I'm super cool with the general idea.
  4. Hehe, sorry, I thought it was a rhetorical question.
  5. Kia's goals are...complex. 1) Resolve the conflict. Kia has been torn between conflicting desires. On the one hand, she wants to take advantage of her powers to explore the world in ways she otherwise couldn't...and to explore the limits of her own ability to transform and become. On the other, she's always felt an ache for the life she had to leave behind, where she was a normal person, taking simple pleasure in a life well lived with friends and family. There's no easy way to resolve this conflict...except maybe there is. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to use her abilities to create a perfectly human 'version' of herself, with perhaps somewhat edited memories, that can ''step into' her old regular life and just keep going. She'd create a specialized Q-construct, or Clone, 'caretaker' to keep an eye on her, renewing it as necessary. As for the mechanics, I was thinking perhaps it would be a 'homunculus,' in rules terms. The homunculus of a human is a tiny little critter...but Kia's true form is much larger. Perhaps a human-sized homunculus is feasible? Human Kia would probably have an officially different identity, just so she didn't get associated with the Keys though. Meanwhile, Kia herself...finally free of the forever war...would descend into the ocean, where she will be free to explore places no other person has ever seen...and free to test the limits of what shapes and powers she can encompass. From there, the potential to burrow into the crust exists...or perhaps see if she can create an extension of herself to go into space. Everything's easier from the sea regardless, since she doesn't need to be nearly as concerned about freaking everyone out. 2) Keep in touch. Kia isn't wanting to shut everyone out. She'd keep the mental link intact. I think she would ask the Irregulars to leave her 'normal' self alone as much as possible, for fear of getting her swept up in those Key-related events. If anyone wanted to visit with her, they'd be welcome to join her under the waves, or she could create a clone or something similar to meet with them on land if preferred. Kia can retain powers as long as she wishes, so she'd grab Lilly's Clone before heading down. Quite possibly a few other abilities from various Irregulars as well. Telepathy's always good for communicating with the fishies, even if they don't have much to think about. All this also means that if there's a big enough disaster or danger, she would still be 'on call' to help.
  6. It was fun while it lasted, and not your fault it didn't work out. No need for apologies. Thanks for running it!
  7. Sounds cool to me! Though it also sounds like a lot more work for the GM, so I'm good either way.
  8. I've always enjoyed Exalted...for 'bonkers' gameplay I actually prefer it to Aberrant. As for the type of game, I could go either way but 'modern' is a thing I haven't seen done before with the system, so I'm naturally curious about what you have in mind.
  9. The guy just straight up ogling Cara's chest is making me lol....
  10. Thinking chief security at this point, but I'm still flexible.
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