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  1. SalmonMax

    Exalted 2E

    Sounds cool to me! Though it also sounds like a lot more work for the GM, so I'm good either way.
  2. SalmonMax

    Exalted 2E

    I've always enjoyed Exalted...for 'bonkers' gameplay I actually prefer it to Aberrant. As for the type of game, I could go either way but 'modern' is a thing I haven't seen done before with the system, so I'm naturally curious about what you have in mind.
  3. SalmonMax

    The Shadows OOC

    The guy just straight up ogling Cara's chest is making me lol....
  4. SalmonMax

    The Shadows OOC

    *eyeroll* Pfft...so lame. ... ...second.
  5. I'd go for witch first, but I'd be totally on board with a vampire too.
  6. SalmonMax

    Star Trek

    Thinking chief security at this point, but I'm still flexible.
  7. SalmonMax

    Star Trek

    as far as timeframe goes, much of the DS9 series coincided with TNG. I think for the game purpose, 'DS9' era refers to the period late in the series when it extended past the end of TNG, into the Voyager series and so on. The 'late game' Star Trek occupied by the new cast Star Trek movies and so on. Which is all good by me.
  8. SalmonMax

    Star Trek

    I voted for DS9, but TNG would be fine too.
  9. Tis a long hiatus, but if you still want to move ahead with it when you're back, I'll more than likely be happy to. And if not, no hard feelings. By then you may have even more ideas. Good luck with your studies!
  10. Verily, the gods went forth into the world, bringing food, prosperity, and wifi passwords for all!
  11. I think in this case folks might have been waiting to see what the Coalition was gonna do...dunno! As for continuing, I'd love to...but if you're not sure if you'll have time/energy, then no hard feelings if you focus on real-life concerns! Congrats on going back to school by the way. Best of luck to you!
  12. How we doin' on this? Charlotte, everything ok?
  13. SalmonMax

    OOC: Discussion Thread

    I ken do that. I'll try to remember.
  14. SalmonMax

    Upcoming Abscence

    Have a good trip, Nina...and feel free to actually take the time off posting if it'll help. Burnout sucks; been there. Take care of yourself.