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  1. Arafel Richards Description/Background Arafel has a hard time fitting in, most places. Everything always seems a little off to her, in a way she's never been able to explain or properly understand. Why don't books talk? Why don't doors open all different ways, not just swing by one side? Why do roads always lead to the same places, over and over? For all the efforts of teachers and her adoptive parents to keep her focused and use that energy in constructive ways, Arafel just couldn't be contained that way. What was worse was that she was contagious. Other kids in her class tended to get swept up along with the sheer joy and enthusiasm of her, and days of instruction could be lost trying to keep things together. A solution was needed. The solution came after some therapy sessions, when a psychiatrist diagnosed her as ADHD and prescribed a mild drug regimen to help her focus. And as it had with so many others, this worked. The manic edge and frantic colors and inane questions died down, and she was able to do well and not be distracted and be...normal. It made her parents happy, and Arafel was happy about that. She still felt a hollow ache inside though, sometimes. It wasn't until her rebellious years started at thirteen that things took a turn. She took to skipping pills to spite her parents. When she did, she started having the weirdest, freakiest things start to happen to her. But even when it was scary, it was kind of awesome too! Right up until her folks found out and flipped their freaking gourds. Over the next several years, a war was fought in the Richards' household...with Doug and Ariana (her folks) always coming up with ways to ensure she took the pills, and Arafel always coming up with ways to avoid it. Usually they won. But those brief moments when Arafel managed to skip one were like windows opening and letting fresh air and sunlight in. In the end, she wound up pretending to capitulate, while saving up what allowance and job cash she could. When she felt she had enough, and had reached the end, Arafel stole away, leaving a fairly long note behind explaining what was going on. This wasn't about hate for her parents...quite the contrary!...but that constant nagging sense of wrongness seemed so much thinner when she wasn't on the pills. Like it was something she could break through. Maybe to somewhere right. She was sixteen. Ravenhurst wasn't far behind her, fortunately. Less than a month after she went cold turkey on the drugs, unconscious magical phenomena were marking a trail any sorcerer could see from orbit. Arafel herself is still adjusting to the idea of the place...still trying to wrap her head around the magnitude of the paradigm shift. Even so, it's something she always believed in her heart. It's what was always missing from her world. She hopes she can fit in here. Attributes Knowledge: - Conviction * Talent ****** Technique Fitness: ***** ** Advantages - Adept: Talent - Freak Occurance Magnet - Not Of This World: Fey - Luck - Jack of All Trades - Beast Buddy - Fast as Lightning Drawbacks - Allergy (Iron) - All Thumbs - Black Sheep - Cocky - Curious I'll pick one. Just needed to see them laid out side by side. I have some THINKIN' to do.
  2. Safyre Starr Description/Background Magic has been around a long time in the world, and the Starr family has, in their own estimates at least, been around for most of it. They trace their lineage back to some of the first recorded wizards and witches known, and take immense pride in the age and prestige of that line. They are also insanely wealthy, of course...temporal wealth is as easy to obtain as air and dirt for a family full of sorcerers. Safyre is the current youngest daughter of the 'main' branch of the family now, with two older siblings, a brother and sister, each quite distinguished in their accomplishments in the magical world. She was raised to be a sorceress supreme, a fitting vessel for the might and majesty of their noble name. Unfortunately however, for some reason, she has been something of a 'late bloomer' in terms of magical ability. Her parents, ever conscious of the public perception of the Starr name, have kept this secret in any number of ways...even the incredibly humiliating move of having an employee shadow her invisibly and cast spells 'for' her during a particularly grueling testing season. To her credit, Safyre has not taken her condition lying down. She works harder than three students at her level, reading and practicing and driving herself harder and harder to try to overcome her limits. The pressure she experiences is intense, not just from her family but from herself, and the expectations of everyone around her. It was a point of pride for her that she was able to qualify for attendance to Ravenhurst on her own merits, using her extensive knowledge and understanding of magical theory and technique to allow her to pass the tests without needing vulgar displays of raw magical might. Even so she has a massive chip on her shoulder about the whole thing. To make sure people look up at her, she looks down on on the prestige of her family name, and on her access to its money, to avoid situations where her magical deficiency might be apparent. Her incredible skill with minor magic has convinced most of the class that she really is the incredible archmage that she pretends to be. Her disdain and mockery of people who lack finesse and technique with their spells explains convincingly why she never 'cuts loose' with her own. It's been a good smokescreen...but every day she stews in a cookpot of anxiety, wondering how long it can last. Attributes Knowledge: **** Conviction *** Talent * Technique * Fitness: ***** *** Advantages - Arcane Background - Rich - Familiar - Library - Steady Hands - Old Family Drawbacks - Arrogant - Oversensitive - Hard Case - Stubborn
  3. I think by this time, we all know one another's character patterns.
  4. Kia would love to hang out with y'all. Game's fine. Whatever's fine.
  5. I think Arcata completely blew her checkbook up, so she's done.
  6. Sounds like a fun premise...what do we need to know to make characters?
  7. Oh oops, I didn't read back far enough. Kia would want to stay in school. She's about to graduate! It would be a bummer to just disappear. And she has other friends there, on the squad and so on. But if the decision is made to take her out, she would understand.
  8. Hm, sorry. I didn't realize y'all were waiting on me. Kia sort of said her piece in her last post. When people starting coming around, I didn't feel an urgent need for her to chime in.
  9. Character Name: Arcata Kadir Type: Former Imperial Intelligence Officer Species: Human Gender: Female Age: 26 Height: 5'6'' Weight: 128 lbs Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Black Appearance Description Arcata is a little on the tall side, slim of build, with smooth, regal features and striking dark eyes set on fair skin with dark hair cut to regulation shortness. Everything about her seems neat and pressed, each movement precise and considered. Background, Personality and Stats
  10. Kia snips centaur! Attack!: 7d10t7 5 So +4 damage pool. Total pool is 5 (str) +1 (claw) + 4 (atk sux). Damage: 10d10t7 7 Subtracting its 15 soak from 25 autosux from MStr 5, she does 17 lethal damage.
  11. Kia shapeshifts Shapeshifting (first 5 are mega): 14d10t7 6 That's 9 successes, due to the mega-sux counting as two. 3 dots of Sizemorph grow add a total of 6 dots of Str, 3 stamina (which are already maxed out), and 3 Bruised health levels. Her new form is about 40' long/tall, and would weigh...a lot. A LOT. Screw you, book. Mass does not double when size doubles. *middle finger* The strength brings her to 5/5. 4 dots of Armor adds 12b/12l soak to her normal totals. This brings her soak to 22 bashing, 17 lethal. 1 dot in Claws for +1 to unarmed damage pool dice, and of course lethal unarmed attacks. 1 dot in Bodymorph: Tendril, for an alien queen style spiked tail that can ssssstab things for lethal Str+2 damage. That's all she can do this round, since shapeshift is an action and she didn't split the pool. Final form probably looks kind of like a cross between a really big t-rex and a scorpion. Sweet dreams!
  12. Seems neat, but where can we get the Scarred Lands book you reference in the character generation post?
  13. Hullo! Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I'm still keen to play. I am not sure where to go next with our conversation with the Jedi, but it seems like the flirting is still going strong over at the other table. Maybe a jump to the next scene?
  14. You do get to do that! One of the guys is kicking around a game where you play Coalition soldiers too, and that could be an interesting reversal on the usual formula. But most of the games are playing the good guys, and there's room in several of the squads for more.