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  1. I just made a request, backed by reasons why I made it. If you don't want to listen to me, then don't. That is all.
  2. Yes, I linked the titles as the hyperlinks instead of saying, "Lona sang a song about being happy about hearing from someone" and turning that into the link. I made the title of the song, Joy, the link. Someone could read my post and never bother with going to YouTube, and still know what songs I was referencing. My issue isn't with the linking itself but how it was done.
  3. Hey, guys, I have a friendly request. When you reference music in your post but don't list the song and instead just add a link to a word in the post, you're unintentionally doing a few irritating things: You're making the reader stop their reading to click a link. You're already going through the trouble of linking the song, it would only be a few minutes more to type out the name of song. You could even put the title in a spoiler box if you really don't want to name the song in the IC dialogue. You're negatively impacting up your own scene. The music is meant to help set the scene, but forcing the reader to chase down the song on YouTube disrupts the flow of the reading. They have to click, sometimes wait through ads, then restart their reading. If there are two songs, they have to stop the first or wait for it finish before starting the second. People with sound sensitivities don't want to get blasted with music just so that they have some insight into your character's tastes. People read on phones in public places without headphones. They can't always listen to a song. This isn't aimed at any one person, I've just seen it several times now and I wanted to ask that people think about this when they're posting. As a note, I don't follow those links because of the reasons above, so if you want to share your PC's music with me, this is not the vehicle to use. Thanks for reading!
  4. Just FYI, I posted this in discord and thanks to Bannon's excellent suggestion, I repost it here: I'm working on the music post. So here's the deal: I'm just posting the whole damn thing. If your PC isn't there already, they're gonna be late, and that's fine. If your PC has a strong, noticable reaction to a song, or you want me to add them doing something, I'm more than happy to add that in. Ditto with an NPC. But this is a forty-minute-ish show, based on the fact that I have 10 songs. So rather than post up song by song, I'd rather work reactions in after the fact. Or in your post, just note what song you were hearing when you came in the door. Also fine. In short, I'm willing to work with people on it.
  5. Lona is riding with Cade, so Charlie can ride in the cab of Lilly's truck.
  6. Would everyone going to the Griddle like me to advance the scene there in a Lona post?
  7. I'll lay tentative claim to Biokinesis, but am open to changing that if others want to be the sole BioK in the group.
  8. Okay, I'm getting ready to start the opening post. I need one thing from each of the players: What is your PC doing at 6:45 p.m. on any random Tuesday? I need the what, where, and even why if you're so inclined. PM or post it here, please.
  9. Totally understandable. You'd be welcome to join later.
  10. I've had two submissions; when Max is done with his (no pressure or anything), we can start. Jer was talking about joining, but I'm sure we need to wait until his computer is fixed. Anyone else who wants on can hop in later.
  11. Guys, don't worry about buying basic equipment. If you can find it rattling around in a cabinet in most houses (flashlights, etc) I'm fine with you not spending points on it. If you want a special flashlight (like a mag light that can also be used as a club or IF light), buy it. If it's something that most people have, like a cell phone, don't worry about buying it.
  12. And just to be clear: since Nina seemed to be the person who really wanted to move to Vegas and she's out, we're staying in the Midwest. Unless the majority of the group wants to be elsewhere. I'm seriously easy on this point; it will only change the challenges you'll face, not eliminate them.
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