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  1. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Okay, I'm getting ready to start the opening post. I need one thing from each of the players: What is your PC doing at 6:45 p.m. on any random Tuesday? I need the what, where, and even why if you're so inclined. PM or post it here, please.
  2. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    You can post it here unless you have secrecy issues.
  3. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Totally understandable. You'd be welcome to join later.
  4. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    I've had two submissions; when Max is done with his (no pressure or anything), we can start. Jer was talking about joining, but I'm sure we need to wait until his computer is fixed. Anyone else who wants on can hop in later.
  5. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Guys, don't worry about buying basic equipment. If you can find it rattling around in a cabinet in most houses (flashlights, etc) I'm fine with you not spending points on it. If you want a special flashlight (like a mag light that can also be used as a club or IF light), buy it. If it's something that most people have, like a cell phone, don't worry about buying it.
  6. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    And just to be clear: since Nina seemed to be the person who really wanted to move to Vegas and she's out, we're staying in the Midwest. Unless the majority of the group wants to be elsewhere. I'm seriously easy on this point; it will only change the challenges you'll face, not eliminate them.
  7. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Stick with mundane badassery to start. I'll allow people to hold back 15 PP for the "eruption" moment, when they'll get the remaining 3 PL (and 45 more PP for powers). Powers can be big at the moment of "eruption", and I'll allow ways for people to earn more PP with background/history-filling stories and the like. Think like Damon did for his Wild Card game.
  8. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Okay. If you change your mind, we're open to new players after game start.
  9. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Temporal powers and dimensional powers will probably not be okay, mostly because the former is a headache and the latter is not thematically appropriate (and likely to end really poorly for the person anyway). Other than that, I'm fine with any powers that bend physics over the table, so all other concepts are available. You don't have to play a super, but this game is a variant on my Dead Rising game, which was zombies and supers. So yes, supers will be part of the game.
  10. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    I guess, if you really want a sharknado, you can summon one. But I want to be clear: this ISN'T a zombie apoco. I'm doing an apocalypse game, but zombies aren't the thing causing the downfall of the world.
  11. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    I'm sure you do, most people do. I'm just willing to be flexible with your motivations.
  12. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Hey, if everyone wants to do the City of Sin, we can. I picked the Midwest because I'm there, rather than any real need for it to be in that region. I'm also not as familiar with Vegas as the Midwest. Does everyone interested in playing prefer Vegas?
  13. Dawn OOC

    Shadows Rising

    Ack, sorry! I meant to include that in the initial post. I'd prefer if PCs are in the Midwest area (any states touching Iowa) just because it'll be easier to get people together in the long run. I'm not requiring people to be from the area, but they should be around that area (whether living there, temporarily there, passing through and getting stuck), unless you have a good reason to hustle to the area in the early days of the game. I'm willing to do some lone wolves, but part of RP is doing it with others, so I think you'd have more fun in the Midwest with everyone else. Character ties are a very good idea and I welcome people to make them.