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  1. Austin was right there with Fisher in both surprise, and embarrassment. He didn't care for Darci's insult but it's honestly not like they intended to see what they saw, and he did look away. Once Fisher finished speaking, he nodded. "He's right. This was more an "Order You Don't Refuse." with both of them there, Billy asked "What was that scream about?" "Nothing that concerns you man. Nadya did something really dumb, let's leave it at that and get a move on." came Austin's quick and utterly credible reply. Without another word, the only normal guy there fell into step with the two young heroes, making their way to the men's section.
  2. Austin took the lead and let Fisher handle Nadya. He offered Evelyn a polite smile and nodded. "Yes ma'am we did.." then he saw Rachel come out, and Nadya took her picture. He was abit shocked, Rachel actually looked female for once, then he looked away because he really didn't want to get hit by her before the dance. He'd reflexively turned and now faced Yokiko who looked at him and tried quite hard to mask a tiny smile at what happened. It was abit of comedy that must have been planned, if only by a deity of mischief. She in turn stepped up to talk to Evelyn. "We've all come to ask for your help in making the Dance one to remember." Austin, who still had his head turned smiled, as Yokiko had perfectly summed up why he'd accepted the ticket, and he was happy to hear she wanted it to be a special night too.
  3. Austin sighed. "Yeah, I know the feeling. I'm going to go find Yokiko, and find some way to convince her to skip class and go there too. I just don't want to put her in a bind later on picking outfits, and if we wait till after school, well..." he trailed off. "See you there. Let me know though if there's a big issue." With that he left his bandmate and went looking for Yokiko. He wasn't surprised to find her alone, reading. "A good book?" he asked. "One I'm reading for one of my assignments." She replied with a slight smile. "You needed something?" Austin smiled. "Well not so much "Need" as "Want." I don't have any tests, or anything the rest of the day. Do you?" "No, why?" she could start to see where this line of thought was going. "I wanted to ask you to come with me to Evelyn's Boutique, now." "To keep tabs on the others of your band?" her gaze speared him and he shook his head. "Not really. I think Fisher's got that handled. I want to go so that we're not so pressed for time later, considering the rest of the Band is likely to go there after classes. I want to make sure everything goes well." "So you ask me to skip class, which I've never done, for this?" There was a cooling edge to her voice. "I've never skipped class either, if it helps illustrate how much I want this to be a great night for us both." He smiled back at her, that boyish devil-may-care smile of a young man who was being totally honest. She nodded, and began putting her book away. "Alright Austin, like you I've got no tests today also, so it's not like there's anything I'll miss here." That faint smile was there again, and it warmed his heart. It was a big ask, but he thanked the gods for his good fortune, and her goodwill.
  4. "The thought had crossed my mind, yeah. Strength and Safety in numbers and all that. I have no idea what everyone else is doing, but I figured you would likely have the most normal plans." Austin smiled, his tone suggesting that what he said was a compliment. "If you're gonna watch Rachel's back someone needs to have yours." He didn't know how Yukiko would respond to it, but if she said no to it, he'd accept that, and plan a quiet dinner for the two of them.
  5. "Thankfully, yes. But if and when that happens, you are definitely getting elected to go talk her down for making that reference." Austin shrugged and finished his food. "So you're going to use the ticket too?" he asked conversationally. "At least if there's an issue, we're all taking the risk together. Do you already have plans for dinner lined up, or going straight from the game to the dance?"
  6. Sensing that Fisher was about to do something, Austin sighed. "I wouldn't go over there. I'd wait until they're not together, and then try to talk to her. I can try to talk to Niles, if you want." He met the other Scion's gaze. "Whatever that is, I really don't think it's natural, and I admit some small part of me wants to record it for later, but I know better. We need to find out what's really going on, one way or another. He found it hard to believe something hadn't happened, as he'd never seen Nadya like this before. He waited to see what Fisher thought of the idea, ready to act to help a friend. Rachel was of course doing what she felt she had to, and likely getting herself in even more trouble for it.
  7. For his own part, Austin had been quite happy just being together with Yokiko, When they said their goodbyes he didn't try to hide his pleasure at her company, but was respectful and said nothing of that cute shy smile she gave him. Later, gathered at lunch with most of his band, he listened to Rachel's warnings regarding Marius' gift to them all, and that she wouldn't be able to go to the dance, along with her and Fisher talking more about Marius. The Information about MArius and Evelyn was good to know, and he knew she'd dig deeper, he just hoped she'd not go it alone. Just as he was about to add his own thoughts on everything, Rachel finally had enough of the bad comedy that Nadya was currently perpetrating, and went to speak with her. Austin looked to Fisher, noting that they were both mostly paying attention to the scene that would unfold. "I think you're right about this being the Carrot, Fisher. A one time deal, to show us a benefit of his side." he saw the exchange, and Rachel's reaction, and winced "Oh lord, whatever she said just Got to Rachel, I recognize that look." He didn't move though, Rachel was smart enough to not cause a ruckus when she was already grounded, right? Still he was ready to move quickly, should the need arise.
  8. "There's no need for you to apologize for her actions, Yokiko, though I appreciate the sentiment, Thank you." He smiled warmly, moving at a pace with her, "We all have so much to learn. Thankfully we have each other to learn from." So far the bands hadn't worked together so much as concurrently, and Austin knew they'd not been idle before. "Both bands have members with difficult personalities, but We've already been through alot together, I can't imagine them being that different really. So long as we all make it back at the end of the day, well, I'll be happy." Even with everything going on in preparation for the dance, he was content with things going how they were. He refused to get too stressed out about anything, at least right now. "I just hope that the Dance will be fun for everyone, and peacefully lacking any of the other excitement we've had to deal with up until now."
  9. Austin's lips curled into an honest smile, this was a very pleasant surprise. It was refreshing to see she wasn't always so poised and perfect, that even she could get flustered, if only a little. He didn't try to hide how happy it made him, and he nodded. "Of course I'd like to walk with you, it'd be a pleasure." When she moved aside to allow him to exit his home, he closed the door behind himself, and then took up station closest to the street as they set out for school. "You look nice today Yokiko."
  10. Austin quickly moved towards the fight, his reply to Yokiko, and more than a couple questions would be held until later. For now he had to stop a friend from being party to tearing up one of the main local hangouts. He waited to see the outcome of that vicious headbutt, or a moment where Rachel released Bridgette, so he could try to get her away from her. He knew better than to get in the midst of the two of them, he wasn't really made to take that much abuse. He could see others moving, mostly to get a better vantage point of the fight, but this could only go so long before the cops showed.
  11. "It's not a bad way to view things, having concern for the Future. It's very mature actually, and respectable. I like that personally, but I do understand the desire the others have to live in the now, and be as rowdy as they are. It's life-affirming in a way. Meeting a big challenge, winning and walking away from it no worse for it. It's like that for most people, now add the fact that we face monsters from myth and legend, and put our own lives on the line, The rowdiness is even more a celebration of victory and survival." He felt abit silly explaining things like that, but it was how he saw it. "I wouldn't worry overmuch about it, though I do think it is important to celebrate victories in your own way. Let me offer this though. There is only one Now, but there are many possible futures. Isn't it better to enjoy the Now sometimes to give you reason to keep planning for the future you want?" Austin smiled, and sipped his drink. "I was recently offered a token of appreciation for services rendered. I was thinking, that since I asked you out of the blue to the dance, the least I could do was use it to help make the night special for the both of us. Would you be open to that? It's something I want to do, because I do actually care if you have fun there."
  12. "Put that way, yeah I can see it not being so bad." He smiled, idly wondering if she was like this in battle too. "We worked together to win, and no one got seriously hurt in the process, while saving the kids. That's always going to be a win in anyone's book." He spared a glance towards her band, and then turned his gaze back to her. "What about you guys? Seems like everyone else is in high spirits too." It was a statement and a question at the same time, He'd noticed she seemed to keep her distance form everyone, making their little conversation an oddity.
  13. He took the offered seat and smiled. The attendant looked at him and asked if he wanted anything. "A Coke would be fine, thanks." He fixed the drink and set it on the counter, Austin paid him and he went to help someone else. Austin took a sip and sighed. He looked to Yokiko. "Tonight was pretty crazy, wasn't it? Is it always going to be like this?"
  14. Seeing how things were going back to normal, at least for now, Austin smiled. The Drip was pretty busy and it seemed like everyone was here, save the adults. Though he hadn't seen here yet, he assumed Yokiko was there as well, and a part of him did actually want to see her. Part of fighting a monster that could have killed them all easily and surviving, he mused, "It makes you see what's important." He thought about the Ticket, and made up his mind to see if They could share in the benefit, it wouldn't do for him to outshine her at the Dance, not when he wanted to attend as equals, as he'd first told her. He made the rounds, wondering if any were foolhardy enough to take on Nadya at the pool table, and looking For Yokiko. He finally spot her, at the counter, alone, but not overly far from her own band. He could see she was drinking tea, and smiled as he came into her view. "Mind If I sit with you?"
  15. Austin like the others took the Ticket, and pocketed it. He knew the sayings, and he didn't trust Marius as far as he could throw him, but there was something in his tone, something that said this time he was on the level. He hated that, but couldn't bring himself to dismiss the ring of truth in his words. He sighed. "We now return you to your regular night of rest and relaxation, The rest of the world is a question for tomorrow."
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