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  1. "Like Fisher said, we might be cool, but now you gotta square this with Nadya. Good luck with that. I'm sure Rachel will want a word if you survive that." he shrugged, still in alot of Pain. "Todd, you get to face Rachel, admit what you tried to do, and accept whatever consequences she levies. Catch her in a good mood, and she might let you live." The Salem Witches Revelation was still rattling around in his mind, the pain making things abit more difficult for him, but he knew them being loosed was bad, and grumbled softly "Big Fuckin "Oops."" He looked to the other boys. "We find Mr. Syracuse so you can give him that book, and then we can all go face the music. Maybe all the aftermath will wait until tomorrow."
  2. Still wracked with pain, Austin rose shakily and slowly to his feet. Every nerve in his body was screaming, and he stumbled, catching himself on a nearby desk. "Ow." The monosyllabic response underlined the pain he'd suffered, and he looked down to the Incoherent Todd, and then over to Fisher and Niles. "Well we're all alive, so that's one for us." He went silent for a moment, listening to Todd, and some pieces of the puzzle dropped into place. "Well shit." With that, he lashed out a couple times slapping Todd's cheeks before the others could stop him. His voice became hard as he put the full force of his ichor behind his words. "Snap the hell out of it Todd." He looked back to Fisher. "Someone whammy'd him pretty good. He was likely put up to this by someone like us, or at least convinced actually doing this was a good idea." He drew back from Todd, just in case he decided to come back at him. He wasn't in the mood for that, and they had promised to bring him back in one piece.
  3. Even beholding the spectacle unfolding before him with a certain aprehension, Austin steeled himself and focused. He'd seen this in a game before, where the cracks formed, and a Demon had come out, but improperly summoned, it didn't come to do the bidding of the summoner, but to devour them. Drawing on the Ichor in his veins he issued an undeniable order to Todd, hoping to silence him before he finished the full incantation. "Don't say another word!" [Austin uses Overt Order on Todd] Even as he issued this edict, he sprung into action, barreling towards Todd as fast as he could trying to get to him and get him away from the wisps. His arms held out he slammed into Todd, his arms encircling him and diving away from the Ritual circle and the wisps, trying to minimize the injury to the mortal teenager even as they were falling away. He held faith that Fisher could help Niles stop the spell, before the cracks grew bigger, and that hopefully nothing would actually be summoned to try to feast on the idiot he'd just tackled to the ground.
  4. He'd about had enough of Niles, but saving Nadya and preventing Todd from trying to cast the spell came first. Austin just nodded. It was going to be more fun to watch whatever Nadya did to him, and really she should get first crack at him. "Come on Niles, we're wasting time. Take us to where you first cast the spell, and if we can, we'll help you undo it." He was hoping Fisher had a plan for that, because his was far less likely to work well for anyone. As one they took a position just behind Niles, easily within arm's reach, and Austin silently prayed they be in time to prevent even more chaos. One sex crazed bandmate is more than enough. God help us all if we end up with two... A moment later a thought came unbidden into his mind. What a way to go though, Death by Snu-Snu.... He silently hoped that as she'd likely not been there for the casting, Nadya's presence wouldn't be required to reverse the spell.
  5. Austin wasn't mad. He was well beyond that. Still this involved a bandmate, and her safety came first, if the others left anything of Niles, well then he'd deal with him in his own way. While he didn't run, that would draw way too much attention, he moved first to get Fisher, as going straight for Rachel would likely cause a real scene. "Fisher." He said from behind his bandmate. "I know you're having a great night, I was too. I need your help, I know what's wrong with Nadya." Fisher nodded, the answer to that mystery important enough to draw him from the post-kiss glow. "Sorry, Darci. Just give us a few minutes, please." Once they moved away abit Austin explained "Niles cast some sort of spell on Nadya, he thinks Todd Swaine stole his notes and is going to cast the spell for himself, on Rachel. For a moment, Austin could swear he saw Fisher's pupils become skulls. "Oh, I see. So where's Todd, and where did they get those spells in the first place?" "Niles has a magic Tome, and we don't know where Todd is. I came to you because we need to gather the others, including Rachel, find him, and help Niles reverse the spell before it gets any worse, then we can deal with him."
  6. Dancing with Yokiko was one of the more pleasant experiences in Austin's life. The Song Nadia sang was beautiful, and he thought to himself it would be alright, that nothing could possibly ruin this moment, this night. Then Niles stammered out a question, bringing him down from his revierie. He almost didn't turn around, not that willing to abandon Yokiko, but she nodded. "Please excuse me, this won't take long." With that he let his arms drop and turned to face Niles, his eyes narrowed in annoyance, and Austin seemed to not be as calm as before. "What do you need, Niles?" The words came out without hinting at his annoyance, though he couldn't keep it from his eyes. "I'm sure it's very important, to interrupt us." It was a tone of voice Niles had never heard Austin use.
  7. Austin watched the spectcle, and got a real sense of just wrongness. He'd never seen Nadya act this way before she started going out with Niles, and he was growing concerned. The look on Rachel's face said it all. Yokiko chose that moment to speak up and nodded. "I don't think it's necessary. It doesn't seem that my band will be the one causing a scene tonight." Austin's eyes narrowed, and outwardly he laughed. "Yeah, I think we've got that covered, but the night is young, plenty of time for both groups to be winners there." Inside he was abit embarrassed, but he wasn't going to let whatever was going on with Nadya ruin his night. "Would you like to dance then?" he asked with a smile. "Not like she does." "She" clearly indicating Nadya. "No, definitely not like that." Austin answered, silently wondering how much more they'd all have to deal with tonight. Please don't ruin everyone's good time.
  8. With Yokiko's confusion evident, Austin simply pat her own arm, which was interlocked with his as they were walking in. "A good woman can be a real impetus for a man to change himself, or at least to try doing things a different way." Nadya left, dragging Rachel and Darci along, which left Austin and Yokiko with their dates. He just smiled. "Do you want to go say hi to your band?" He watched as Nadya began to "Dance" with Rachel and Darci, and sighed. They weren't even to the dance floor and this was already drawing alot of unwanted attention. Rachel could handle things, and he fully expected Fisher and Billy to get fed up with it and drag Darci and Rachel away soon. Austin turned his attention on Niles, watching his reaction. "You just gonna stand there and watch, man?" he asked softly, not really expecting an answer.
  9. Austin smiled even as he drove up to Yokiko's home. He'd spent time after school cleaning his jeep the best he could, and even made arrangements that should he need it he could borrow his mother's Navigator for later, since it was much newer and nicer. Still, the Jeep he felt was what suited him, so he went with it for now. At Evelyn's both he and Yokiko had ended up trusting in her evaluations and style choices, he liked how he looked, and imagined that Yokiko did too, as she'd been smiling when they left. For the game though, they were just going to be like any other pair of teenagers, enjoying the festivities of a Homecoming game. It wasn't his first choice, or hers, but neither of them felt they could leave their bands there without some sort of mediating or stabilizing influence. He was dressed casually for now, in jeans and a school-themed T-shirt, since it was Homecoming. With a calm and graceful stride, he made his way up to her door and rang the doorbell once, waiting for her to answer, and hoping silently that it would be just a normal game, with no need of them to do anything save enjoy it. Yokiko opened the door and slipped out without opening it fully allowing Austin only a glimpse inside before his view was cutoff. She was dressed in pressed jeans a white button down shirt and a pullover sweater in the schools colors. she had a small purse slung cross wise from her right shoulder to her left hip, her feet nestled into a clean pair of Mary Jane's which looked brand new but ween't. Yokiko simply took care of her things. She also carried a gym-bag that contained those things she hoped she would not need this evening Her usually serious face broke into a smile when she gazed upon her fellow water scion, she couldn't help but feel a sort of kinship with him since their fathers although nothing alike were still more similar than any of her own band-mates parents. "Hi, ready," she asked? Austin was a little surprised that her guardians hadn't come to the door. He nodded, "You look good, Yokiko." He meant it, too. She seemed abit relaxed, and that smile definitely set him more at ease. Clearly she was taking this much the same as he was, which meant they had similar expectations. He went to open the door for her, which drew a look. "Getting a little practice for later." he answered her look with a smile. Though he'd not seen the dress, he couldn't imagine it wouldn't be easier with someone helping her in and out of the vehicle. He wanted everything to go well. Once in and buckled up he drove to the school, finding a parking space near the edge. It was more so they could leave quickly than anything, and he knew efficiency was always a plus. Besides, he enjoyed walking with her, so when she smiled and got out, he knew his decision was the right one. They met behind the now locked jeep, and and walked in together. The crowd was starting to show, and he nodded. "Would you like anything to eat from the concession stand? It's gonna be crazy busy later, so I figure I'd ask now." Immediately Yokiko thought Ugh eat from the concession stand, but another thought came to her something her father had said and lived by, "live life, that is why we have it." She spun and faced Austin so fast he feared he had angered her, her yes were wide as she looked at him and said excitedly, "Yes I want to try a hotdog. With mustard! And nachos I have never had nachos." Austin smiled and nodded, "Alright, then you're in for a treat." he turned back and head for the concession stand, getting drinks, a couple hotdogs, and two orders of Nachos. Anyone else would have been utterly unable to carry it all, but he managed with real aplomb, and returned to her with a smile. "Mind taking the drinks?" They were in a holder hanging from his wrist, so she had to take the hotdogs first, then the the drinks and he took the hotdogs back. Carrying their food, they took a seat in the bleachers which was fairly in the middle, since their bands tended to sit on opposite sides. They had to climb some steps, and he smiled. Thankfully, there was still a little room, so they could manage to get the food to the right person, and he took out some napkins, splitting them between them. "It's probably pretty different than you're used to, but these are a traditional meal at a football game. They're pretty iconic in their own right." The food at the concession stand was normally fairly cheap, surprisingly, and cooked well. Still it wasn't a 4 star or even 3 star eatery, and certainly not what he imagined they'd be eating on a first date. He was waiting for her to try it before digging in himself, he preferred ketchup to mustard, so at least it had been easy to tell their hotdogs apart. They made a little small talk while they ate and waited for the game to begin. Yokiko, while not adverse to eating meat like so many of her ethnic background did not like the hotdog, the nachos however, she found delightful. Once the game started Austin took it upon himself to explain what was going on on the filed not realizing that due to her bands cohesiveness she was often in the stands when Eric was at practice and therefore was knowledgeable about the game. For some reason she did not disabuse Austin of this fact. The game itself was typical except for one thing. Rachel Cooper was not playing well indeed she was playing poorly. "What is wrong with your warrior," she asked Austin just as the Coach Fingers sent the one in question to the sideline. "Could be she's thinking about tonight, since she's supposed to be grounded, and going out means going against her dads." Austin offered. He had noticed that Yokiko hadn't been enjoying the hotdog, and had thought to trade his nachos for it, but she powered through and ate it despite that, before he could. "She's been dealing with some personal issues lately, alone." There was some annoyance in his voice, since he knew they were all stronger together. Still some decided to tackle it all alone, and as such they weren't as cohesive as they could be. He was guilty of it too, as he well knew. He was disappointed when she didn't return to the field, his silent promise to cheer her on left undone because of it, and while they won, and Eric had worked his usual magic, and both of them cheered, he'd wanted to cheer for Rachel making big plays too. He hoped she'd still go to the dance, After the day's revelations, he was concerned, but there was nothing to be done now. The game went fast and the two scions from rival bands seemed to be enjoying themselves and each others company, it was doubly gratifying that no trouble broke out due to either of their friends behavior. All to soon it was over and while Austin had wanted to go and see if everything was alright with Rachel, he didn't instead focusing on his date. As they walked back to the jeep and Austin was about to tell her he would take her home so she could change she spoke up first. "We have an hour before the dance, let's drive out to Winter Island, I want to show you something." To say that he was surprised would be an understatement. Winter Island, while not an actual island, was a large public camping ground that offered the best access to the sea in Salem which despite its popularity and its public nature still offered the many remote and private locations for a rendezvous, both romantic and otherwise. Austin often went there to be with close to his fathers domain. He figured that maybe Yokiko did too. Another thing they had in common. The drive out to the island took about twenty minutes and they filled it with small talk as if they were normal teenagers although Austin still felt that Yokiko was being more reserved than he, but he put that down to her traditional Japanese upbringing. Following her directions they parked on a maintenance service road and walked down toward the deserted beach in the distance they could see the Fort Pickering light house. They stopped at the edge of the beach the sound of the surf music to both of their ears even though each heard a different tune being played. Yokiko searched the ground and found a good sized rock which she picked up and studied for a few seconds before setting it down. "Step back and watch this. It will amaze you." She slipped something out of her pocket and set it on the rock. Austin couldn't see what it was in the desk. Then she grinned at him, and stepped on the rock. There was the sound of breaking glass and a burst of sea colored light which enveloped the young Japanese scion. The light danced and shimmered around her before finally coalescing into an incredible dress transforming the Yokiko into a true goddess. She spun for him showing the dress and her perfectly coifed hair, "Well what do you think?" "Your beautiful," Austin said more quietly than he had intended. Yokiko stared at him for a fraction of a second those two words reverberating between them, then she laughed and spun again. " Evelyn has the most remarkable clothing and it's all magical. Expensive though, I could never afford this without you. Thank you" "Your welcome, even if I ddin't really do anything " He said smiling and digging his own glass bead out of his pocket and placing it on the same stone before stepping on it and crushing it disappearing in a swirl of navy blue only to emerge a moment later in prefect gentlemanly visage. Yokiko clapped her hands in front of her mouth a hug smile lighting up her face, "Dashing and Handsome." Austin smiled back, Then looked out at the sea "This place is special, even more so now," he glanced at her, "I come here a lot to be close." Yokiko stepped up beside him following his gaze out to sea, close enough to touch but not. "Me too." They looked at each other as the sea sang in front of them, both smiled. "We better get going the dance will start soon." Austin said nothing, his hand simply taking hers, and his genuine, carefree grin firmly in place. It was a moment of true contentment for them both, though neither said anything more. Surrounded by their father's realms, just the two of them there, listening to the eternal song of the sea. After a little while, they turned and left there, he helped her into his jeep, and they headed to the Dance. Nothing more really needed to be said just then, because they both knew, and felt the same. (credit to Nina, for helping me by writing for Yokiko)
  10. Overhearing the others, Austin just smiled, and looked to Yokiko. "Two cups of coffee, sounds like the beginnings of another date.." he teased lightly. "Do you see anything here you like, while Evelyn's helping the others?" He had the same fashion sense as the average teenage male, which let him get by, He saw a number of outfits he thought Yokiko would look good in, but he figured she was at least looking around some as the rest of his band dealt with Evelyn, or their own confessions to their partners. He was glad that so far there'd been no violence, and for the most part, things were going well.
  11. Austin looked to Darci and Billy, and was preparing an explanation, but caught himself. Lying to them wasn't going to really help anyone, and telling them the truth was just as dangerous, even if they didn't believe it. He was glad he didn't have this problem with Yokiko. Both of them had fathers that were sea gods, and both known for not having the best of temperaments. Instead he thought on what Evelyn had said. Marius being her ex husband, and how she thought he wasn't evil, well he wasn't high on his list of people to trust, he had tried to kill all their mortal families after they refused to join him. That wasn't something that would so easily be forgotten. Thing were as she said, it wasn't always going to be black and white, and a part of him knew that was true of the mortal world itself, so of course the world of legends would be the same. He paused his ruminations to look over to Fisher, a little surprised about the whole "grenade to the face" topic. "Well at least it got better." he said quietly.
  12. Austin was right there with Fisher in both surprise, and embarrassment. He didn't care for Darci's insult but it's honestly not like they intended to see what they saw, and he did look away. Once Fisher finished speaking, he nodded. "He's right. This was more an "Order You Don't Refuse." with both of them there, Billy asked "What was that scream about?" "Nothing that concerns you man. Nadya did something really dumb, let's leave it at that and get a move on." came Austin's quick and utterly credible reply. Without another word, the only normal guy there fell into step with the two young heroes, making their way to the men's section.
  13. Austin took the lead and let Fisher handle Nadya. He offered Evelyn a polite smile and nodded. "Yes ma'am we did.." then he saw Rachel come out, and Nadya took her picture. He was abit shocked, Rachel actually looked female for once, then he looked away because he really didn't want to get hit by her before the dance. He'd reflexively turned and now faced Yokiko who looked at him and tried quite hard to mask a tiny smile at what happened. It was abit of comedy that must have been planned, if only by a deity of mischief. She in turn stepped up to talk to Evelyn. "We've all come to ask for your help in making the Dance one to remember." Austin, who still had his head turned smiled, as Yokiko had perfectly summed up why he'd accepted the ticket, and he was happy to hear she wanted it to be a special night too.
  14. Austin sighed. "Yeah, I know the feeling. I'm going to go find Yokiko, and find some way to convince her to skip class and go there too. I just don't want to put her in a bind later on picking outfits, and if we wait till after school, well..." he trailed off. "See you there. Let me know though if there's a big issue." With that he left his bandmate and went looking for Yokiko. He wasn't surprised to find her alone, reading. "A good book?" he asked. "One I'm reading for one of my assignments." She replied with a slight smile. "You needed something?" Austin smiled. "Well not so much "Need" as "Want." I don't have any tests, or anything the rest of the day. Do you?" "No, why?" she could start to see where this line of thought was going. "I wanted to ask you to come with me to Evelyn's Boutique, now." "To keep tabs on the others of your band?" her gaze speared him and he shook his head. "Not really. I think Fisher's got that handled. I want to go so that we're not so pressed for time later, considering the rest of the Band is likely to go there after classes. I want to make sure everything goes well." "So you ask me to skip class, which I've never done, for this?" There was a cooling edge to her voice. "I've never skipped class either, if it helps illustrate how much I want this to be a great night for us both." He smiled back at her, that boyish devil-may-care smile of a young man who was being totally honest. She nodded, and began putting her book away. "Alright Austin, like you I've got no tests today also, so it's not like there's anything I'll miss here." That faint smile was there again, and it warmed his heart. It was a big ask, but he thanked the gods for his good fortune, and her goodwill.
  15. "The thought had crossed my mind, yeah. Strength and Safety in numbers and all that. I have no idea what everyone else is doing, but I figured you would likely have the most normal plans." Austin smiled, his tone suggesting that what he said was a compliment. "If you're gonna watch Rachel's back someone needs to have yours." He didn't know how Yukiko would respond to it, but if she said no to it, he'd accept that, and plan a quiet dinner for the two of them.
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