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  1. Hey guys, Warren here. Given the amount of games that are going on right now, I was cautious to put this up. I want to run a BESM game. It was previously ran for a few of my friends, and it still remains as one of their favorite campaigns. Its a mecha campaign, run with second edition. It will be a 25 point game, with each character getting, for free, a level 2 mecha. The mecha will have a base model that can be worked off of. The setting is moderately futuristic. Think Cowboy Bebop. Anyone interested?
  2. His thoughts seemed muttered in his head, as he could barely understand his own thoughts. He was obviously having trouble expressing himself in any respectful manner, and his hand was fidgeting when it was not in Summer's. It was hard for him to concentrate on her words with her hand in his, because his muttered thoughts were booming. He was in a state of cautious, nervous existence. "Absolutely I do." He said, maybe to quiet for her to hear. "It looks magnificent." In truth, given her personality and age, he was expecting something small and simple. But rolls? He hadn't had a meal this complete since before his mother died. He looked at her, smiling. "You're much more.. personable than I had expected. Is personable the right word?" He paused, and closed his eyes. "Either way, you seem to segregate yourself from the mass that is that message board. I must say, I'm impressed." He gave a smile, looking much more cocky than he'd intended. His mind turned to more intimate thoughts of her, and it showed by him looking her up and down.
  3. Step 1: Form an organization of Nova's Step 2: ... ? ... Step 3: Profit Project Utopia, albeit a corporation, does more good for the world than any other organization in history has, ever. The endless resources make it able to help even the most withdrawn countries in times of need. They don't primarily focus on selling things, as I picked up from your throw-away attitude about Project Utopia. Anything you can think of, I can promise you that Project Utopia is already doing it, and doing it better. Now this is NOT my saying that you shouldn't go ahead with your little club of chaotic good Nova's, but this is my way of saying that Project Utopia has it covered.
  4. No, I'm pretty sure she didn't die years back. And like myself, Divine lives in LA. Has anyone heard anything since the quake?
  5. You're joking, right? The only thing you've done is sat there and called him a liar! It seems the only thing you've gotten out of this is that Josh is a Brickhead*! * This is not my opinion of Brickman, I just felt like making toe joke. My bad.
  6. This conversation is ridiculous. Neither parties are going to come to equal ground, so its just two people yelling at each other. And sometimes I wonder why I don't frequent these boards more often.
  7. Who is a 'The Gnostic'? And does it have to do with anything with Gnosticism? Because thats all kind of crazy talk, and I'm not sure why it has anything to do with me. Note: I knew nothing of Gnosticism until my very fast and shallow internet search. Turns out they are pre-christians who believe in a Old Testimate God. The hellfire and revenge, Abraham God, not the forgiving, Jesus Christ one. Also, that they are perfect souls trapped in a evil human body, and that Abraham God uses this world to keep them trapped.
  8. He made a statement that was his opinion on a subject, and you called him a liar. Was he lying about his opinion, or was his opinion a lie? Are opinions lies? Can they even be lies? Just because you disagree doesn't necessarily make him wrong. If I say that "Everybody who likes red is a jackass.", it is obnoxious and unnecessary. However, I may actually think that red is an obnoxious color and people who like it are indeed jackasses, and their like for red is just a byproduct of their rampant jackassery. He has an opinion of what feeling alive is that is different than yours. It may seem obnoxious, but it doesn't mean its wrong. Therefore, saying he is lying to himself is just being ridiculous. And just in case, jackass is an insult that can be derived from a varying range of opinions. The definition of Jackass is a foolish or stupid person. Feeling alive is a feeling inspired by, most probably, adrenaline, and therefore everyone experiences it differently (I am relating that to your previous statement, by the way). The definition for alive is (Or one of the many) full of energy and spirit. Calling someone a liar, or being a liar, has a definition that is set in stone. Liar - Someone who doesn't tell the truth. Anf further more, I do not mind the color red.
  9. Originally Posted By: Gabriel LawYou need to speak with the police on the matter and turn yourselves in for questioning. Not 'yourselves', first of all. Cat has already talked to the police and so haven't I. But Lina, you need to turn yourself in. I talked to Ravenshire and I know what happened, and I understand that your angry.. but attacking her in a crowded club is not the way to solve it. You need to talk to the police.
  10. Troy stopped when he heard Catalyst shout out to him. He didn't turn around, but waited and listened. The sirens were near on top of them now, and he new he had a statement to give. Part of him was thinking about what all just went down, and how he wished to be anywhere else when it did. After not hearing anything else from Catalyst, whether it be because she hadn't said anything, or because he couldn't hear over the sirens, he took a step. Something told him to turn around, and he was trying to ignore it. He took another step. Its not right to just leave her. She came all this way.. Troy stopped again and turned around. He noticed the blood trace from her ears immediately and bolted over to her. "Are you okay? Somebody call an ambulance!"
  11. Troy paused. Wait. She was telling the truth.. Troy didn't know what he should say. I help kick your not-crazy.. well.. less crazy ex-girlfriends ass in order to protect your more crazy exgirlfriends ass. That wouldn't cut it. "I'm not so sure. Listen.. " Troy told the story of what happened in Chicago, starting with Dark Spiral and Catalyst showing up out of the blue, to everyone disbelieving Lina, to Lina barely able to walk away while Dark Spiral left fine. "To be fair, Lina really shouldn't have tried busting her up like that." He added at the end to try and rationalize his actions further, hoping Ravenshire wouldn't kick his ass.
  12. "Hey. You were dating Lina, right?" Troy didn't smile, and he felt weird not doing so. This was no time to smile. "I saw her a few days back. What the hell happened between you two, and that other girl? Dark Spiral?" Troy hoped that Ravenshire had already heard about the fight, or this would be the most awkward beach meeting yet.
  13. Troy scanned the crowds, only in a mild awe at what some of the people here looked like. Everyone seemed to disappoint in comparison to Gabriel Law, though. He looked to the other people in the group that he attached himself onto and decided to break off from them. Troy took a step backwards from them, and after another moment or two turned all together and stepped away. He didn't prepare or intend, but he subconciously ended up near Daniel Ravenshire. Troy recalled the shit-fest that was Chicago, and wondered if Daniel knew about it. No one seemed to be with him at the current moment, so Troy would have an easy time approaching him. "Good afternoon. Ravenshire, right?"
  14. Troy looked at Catalyst with disbelief. He looked angry, annoyed, and embarassed. He saw her about to cry, and measured that to what he really wanted to scream at her. "Don't be fucking ridiculous." He said in a cold and tense tone while walking past her towards the exit. There were several people still in the club, the people who were more curious than afraid, and the people who couldn't push their way through the stampede. Everyone seemed to recognize that the physical conflict was over.
  15. Troy scanned the crowd, looking for the girl he thought could be named Lina. He’d seen her at the Blackburn, but she didn’t make a huge impression on him. Oh! She’s the one going out with Ravenshire Troy thought to himself. The words that Dark Spiral landed deep in Troy, and he wondered if he could hold off another Nova. He didn’t have much time to think, though, because he spotted Lina moving towards his group of three. “Behind me!” Troy yelled, and stepped in front of Dark Spiral to meet Lina head on. There was a moments’ pause as Lina stepped up to Troy. He could see the passion and hate in her eyes. There was a gleaming white aura coming from the small sixteen year old, and she seemed restless against standing in front of him. “This doesn’t involve you. Get out of the way, or I’ll take you.” Lina said coldly, threatening with a step forward. Troy didn’t move a step, and before he could perceive, Lina had an elbow in his stomach. Troy almost looked like he was going to double over, but just made an attempt to grab her. He seemed to bounce off her white aura, and she made several more hits with her fist and feet against Troy. None of her blows seemed to affect him, and she was beginning to notice. Lina jumped back, still in her fighting stance. People were beginning to grasp the idea that this place might be dangerous, and soon there was a panic to leave as soon as possible. “You’re a nova.” Lina said, sounding more angry than cold. “Troy Campbell.. “ Troy said softly, and with a smile. “ ..And you can’t hurt me.” Lina jumped forward at Troy, and place a soft fist in his side. Distraction! She was jumping past him, and used an attack to try. She was looking past Troy to Dark Spiral, and Troy couldn’t let her get past him. He gripped her arm, and before she could notice, he tossed her back in front of him. She was disoriented, but seemed more annoyed that he touched her. Lina looked to the ceiling, than back at Troy. An instant later a copious amount of light shot from her white aura and crashed into the ceiling of the nightclub, causing a screaming panic. Everyone except the two novas that Troy was with, and Troy himself, seemed to be out of the crash radius, or at least from what Troy could tell. Troy pushed Dark Spiral first, than twirled around to push Catalyst before a pile of rubble fell onto him. Lina looked at the falling ceiling, and quickly rolled her eyes before launching a quick offensive against Dark Spiral that was constructed of a flurry of kicks and punches.
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