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    Aberrant: 2011 - 2010 Charter Discussion

    This is the moderation team for 2010, and this is our take on the issue. This is the relevant section of the 2010 charter: Quote:Section 1, Clause 6 – Characters shall not be direct copies nor substantial copies of characters already found within other sections of the N!Prime site.Our take on this, is that characters brought into 2010 shall not be copies - however, copies of these characters may in turn be brought outside of the confines of 2010. In light of this, and in light of the fact that we don't want to force anyone to stay should they no longer wish to do so, we say this: 1) That anyone who wishes to take a character originating in 2010 and use them in other areas of this website may do so; 2) That anyone who does this may continue to post in 2010, using said character; 3) That anyone who finds any section of the Charter unsatisfactory may withdraw their agreement, rendering the question moot in any event should they decide to take such action; 4) And that no amendment to the Charter is necessary or needed. Therefore, the question of whether or not 200X will allow 2010 characters is entirely in 200X's hands. If there are any questions about this decision, please ask and discuss them in the thread below. Thank you for your time. - The 2010 Moderation Team
  2. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - (PROPOSAL) New Merits and Flaws

    These are all approved. Have fun with them, 2009 players.
  3. Submitter: Overload Voting for Approval Begins:December 13th, 2007 Voting Ends On Or About: Midnight, December 21st, 2007 These are merits and flaws that Overload has submitted for the use of his character. In the interests of expediency we're going to skip the nomination process and go straight to the approval voting since not one, but two of his characters will be using one or more of these. They are already approved by the moderation staff. Voting period is one week. Voting shall be done by private message to Director 2009 - votes not PMed to the Director 2009 account will not be counted. Please put "Merits and Flaws Approval Vote" or something similar in the private message header. Discussion on the Merits and Flaws may be conducted in this thread. Also, if approved, whichever character Overload chooses to finalize will get XP for December, since the delays in posting these were on our part. Mistaken Identity 1 or 2 point Flaw. Trinity Players Guide p. 136 "Hey, aren't you...?" You bear an uncanny resemblance to someone else who's a known celebrity--but the extra attention you get is distinctly uncomfortable and aggravating. Alternatively (for a high Influence character), you're famous but look so different from your publicity holos that no one recognizes you in person. If this is a two-point Flaw, you look like someone who's wanted for capital crimes and may be hassled by law enforcement agents until you manage to present valid identification. Curiosity 2 point Flaw. Trinity Players Guide p. 133 Secrets were meant to be shared! While you may have an intellectual understanding of privacy and security regulations, your morals are a little...flexible. You must make a Willpower roll to avoid nosing around whenever you're presented with an obvious chance to learn a secret. The difficulty depends on how tantalizing the secret in question is and how signifigant it appears. Avoiding the impulse to peek at Christmas presents in your boyfriend's closet is stadard difficulty, while not reading those classified technical manuals on his desk would be +1. If they were plainly marked "Top Secret--Burn Before Reading," the difficulty might rise to +2 or even +3 if they pertained directly to an investigation on which you were currently working. Daredevil 3 point Merit. Trinity Players Guide p. 131 You perform better under stress, and you're at your absolute best when your life is on the line. Whenever you attwmpt a particularly difficult and dangerous action, you may add three dice to your roll--and any botch result that only involves a single rolled "1" is considered a failure, not a botch. "Difficult and Dangerous" includes actions made at a minimum of +2 difficulty and have the potential to inflict immediate and grievous harm if failed. Note that an individual who relies too heavily upon his luck (e.g. abuses this Merit to the point of annoying fellow players or the Storyteller) may find it deserting him at inopportune moments. Enchanting Voice 1 point Merit. Trinity Players Guide p. 135 Whether through resonant, imposing tones or via a dulcet croon that goes straight to the heart, your voice has a certain natural mesmerizing effect on listeners. You may add two dice to any attempt to charm, seduce, or impress that directly involves your speaking or singing voice. You must have Charisma 3 or Manipulation 3 or higher to purchase this Merit.
  4. This post is not open for voting or debate. Five players have already given their support to these extras, and at this point, all that is left is for us to approve them. Dave, we apologize for not acting on this earlier. It was an oversight which we will correct as soon as we can. The '09 Moderators
  5. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - Questions About Summer/Autumn

    Comparing a character's developing backstory to sexual assault is out of line and way off base. This is a formal warning from the moderation team for 2009, to Catalyst's player: this has gone far enough. Stop this, and stop it now.
  6. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - Proposed Amendment to the Charter

    This amendment has not passed. Since the voting system could have been made more clear (we went with private messages since that's the only way we could track votes,) if people wish to resubmit this amendment we will be listening.
  7. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - Proposed Amendment to the Charter

    This poll is closing in a matter of days. If you wish to have any say in this discussion, please vote and remember to send a private message to Director 2009. In the event of any voting irregularity, we will consider the private messages sent to be more valid as they are more easily traced.
  8. As you may or may not be aware, in a recent thread the notion of 'unpurchasing' traits was proposed. After checking responses and deliberation, we the moderating staff have proposed the following amendment: Quote:Proposed Amendment to Article 2, Section 2 Clause 3 - Characters may 'unpurchase' their most recently purchased trait, and be refunded the experience points, if it is deemed by the Moderating Staff to be reasonable and fair. Earlier expenditures may be refunded as required under Article 4, Section 2, Clause 1. This is covered under Article 5, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Charter, reprinted here for the sake of clarity: Originally Posted By: The CharterSection 2, Clause 3 – Proposed amendments that have received moderator approval shall be presented publicly to the players/writers of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. A publicly presented amendment shall be adopted if three-fourths (3/4) of the active and non-moderator players/writers approve of the amendment. This will only pass if three-quarters of the active members approve of it. For the sake of expediency, we believe that a two-week turnaround time on this poll is the optimal balance between giving as many people as possible a chance to vote, and getting a firm answer on this amendment's status. The more people who vote, the better, so pass the word around. Please vote fairly and only once, and send a private message to Director2009 with your vote and the characters you play. Thank you for your time.
  9. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - Q and A Catalyst

    A new thread on the matter has been posted here. Apologies for any offense taken, for none was meant.
  10. As requested, in its own thread. Apologies for offense, for none was meant. The notion has arisen about un-purchasing an inappropriate background and refunding XP spent. Since this issue affects, potentially, every player, we have opened it up to public discussion. The chief issues are: 1) Should un-purchasing be permitted? 2) Assuming it is permitted, what traits should be un-purchasable? 3) To what degree - i.e. how many dots - should be permitted to be un-purchased? 4) How often should this be permitted? Please discuss this below.
  11. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - Q and A Catalyst

    Catalyst has asked if it is all right to reduce the dots in Mentor to 3 instead of 4, and to refund the XP spent. We have decided to open this up to input to the people on the boards. Post any opinions, good or bad, in this thread, and a decision will be made shortly. Note that this will set a precedent for "unpurchasing" things purchased for all characters, not just this one case. For this reason we have decided to make this public and if necessary, we will give it its own discussion thread.
  12. Sorry, LiberTeen, but no price breaks on powers you created yourself. If you want it sooner, there's always taking a dot of Taint and paying 3 XP instead.
  13. This enhancement has been reviewed and is approved. For one month from today, it is solely available to LiberTeen or to whomever she gives first rights. After that time, it is available to any active 2008 character.
  14. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - Getting Started

    Originally Posted By: The CharterArticle 2, Section 2, Clause 1 – Characters shall be distributed four (4) experience points on the first (1st) day of the month following an active month in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. (Emphasis mine.) Characters started in November have 4 experience as of December 1, 2006. This has been clarified above.
  15. Director 2010

    Aberrant: 2011 - Getting Started

    Experience point accumilation: All first-time characters approved by 11:59 p.m. on 11/30/2006 will gain full experience for November (4 experience points). It was not the players' fault that 2008 started in the middle of the month, and it was deemed fairest to give full experience to those who put forth the effort of participating. All characters in play in November, and those approved by the moderators before December 20, will recieve four experience points, for December (which shall be awarded January 1, 2007). All other experience will be awarded the same: 1st of the month, if the character approval is done before the 20th. Secondary characters: New characters may be submitted after the 1st of a new month. You do not have to name your alts when you submit new characters, but you do have to state the last month you submitted a character. We will go on the honor system unless it becomes apparent that the system is being abused. Any characters approved after the 20th of will not get experience for the month they are approved, but will starting on the 1st of the next month (after one full month of play). They will be able to participate in the 2008 OpNet and 2008 Chat upon approval. The moderators will make every effort to approve characters as quickly as possible.