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  1. Nuts & Bolts #124 - Dee Eye Why It's a weird time to be an RPG person. The advent of Kickstarter has been a boon for so many sectors of the hobby, from RPG rules and settings, to dice, dice, dice, and also dice, to accessories like custom dice towers, dice, GM screens, dice, maps, dice, and even gaming tables. Also sometimes dice. In another 20 years it's be easy to forget that a whole generation is growing up with easy access to makers who want to sell the things they love to make, and that those of us who were deep into RPGs before the Kickstarter explosion often 1) made do without fancy accessories, or 2) made our own accessories. Thankfully that intrepid spirit will never go away, whether from a love of craftsmanship or a death grip on frugality, there will always those who make stuff. I've been playing RPGs for 25(ish) years and while I am no craftsman (except with words), I am frugal (alternately cheap, but the latter has negative connotations that I don't think apply here). So while I don't tend to make a lot of stuff when I do it's because I have found a way to fill a hole and fill it cheaply. How? Well, thankfully crafts stores and the things they contain are night infinitely adaptable. On Monday I posted about how I plan to use some blank dice and a sharpie to make my own set of "road dice" for Furry Road. Here's a bunch of similar finds via amazon and some ideas that I've had for them. Hex Tiles These plain wood tiles are hexagonal, the favored shape of RPG people ... I think. They are also reasonably cheap (about 50¢ each). If I ever find myself in the position of running a hex crawl for people in person I could buy a bag or two of these and have actual tiles to lay down during play. Do some painting or some sharpie-ing, or even assign your players to decorate the tiles as they "uncover" them during play. You could number the backs for easy "reassembly" or even glue them to a thin piece of MDF board for a more permanent game map. Blank Dice These are either the exact dice I used for my "Road Dice" or very similar. Basic 16mm while cubes. Take a sharpie and mark them up however you like. You could do custom attribute dice with ranges different from 1-6, or you could draw some basic dungeon halls and make your own cheap geomorphic dungeon dice. Blank Cards/Decks I considered making a "Road Deck" instead of using dice, because cards can convey a lot more information, but sometimes the KISS method is best. Cheap blank cards have TONS of uses though, from cheap cypher cards, geomorph tiles, and secret notes, to replacing dice with card decks. Also useful if you want to make small reference sheets or flash cards. Boards Sensing a theme yet? I actually don't have a use in mind for this at the moment, but I could see myself using this to present some kind of informational tableau, or as a different kind of battlemap (sometimes giant rolls of paper/vinyl aren't easy to transport). Of course this also reminds me of an older post ... Chits, Tokens, Health bits and the like.  Most people just use paper, but some of us prefer a tactile, and easily visible way to track our health, or the health of our players ... player's characters. There are just WAY too many options here, from little wooden blocks, to colored chips, to poker chips, to actual heat shaped chits and tokens. They are usually super cheap when bought in bulk. Like less than a dime a pop, sometimes right down to a penny each.Inspiration Strikes
  2. I hope this isn't goodbye ...

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      Why, what's up?

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      You're always welcome back after life lets you go from its terrible jaws.

  3. Ok. I have officially become that crappy GM who never shows. I'm sorry. It has not been intentional. As some of you may be aware my access to this site is blocked from work and as a result the primary time of day when I am online I am no longer able to post here or read posts. My time outside of work ... well, there's less good reason there. The long and the short of it boils down to the fact that regardless of the reasons for my continual decrease in activity here I should not have left you all hanging as long as I did. Shit or get off the pot as they say. Which is why I have to make the tough decision and shutter this game. I apologize for this, truly. I'm sorry I couldn't see this to the end, but when "a few days" becomes 3 weeks, I can't lie to myself, or you all, any more. I hope this mess, my mess, hasn't put a sour taste in your mouth for what I truly feel is a wonderful game system and setting.
  4. Ugh. Hi guys. Apologies for the long absence, I don't really have a good excuse except being busy. I'll try to get you all an update in the next few days.
  5. Shame that they make you buy 50% of the rules over and over again at full price. Even WotC treats us better than that.
  6. FYI, I'm at GenCon starting tomorrow so no update until next week at soonest, but Max knows how Raiche can move things along, and you guys can RP as well.
  7. I think that their strategy with the waved release is to push the starter box and adventure books/modules by making them extra useful in the absence of the MM and DMG. Why else release the DMG 3/4 months after the PHB? Not that any of this matters to me. I've never cared for much of the stuff that makes DnD (and by extension Pathfinder) DnD-y. All that said I might give it a try at GenCon if there's a game available when I have nothing else to do, just to say I've tried it, and to update my most recent experience by nearly 20 years (last DnD game I played in a was ADnD 2nd Ed in '96).
  8. Had to take some liberties Max, hope you don't mind.
  9. Tiny dancing Groot FTW.
  10. Alice and Arisi studied the ground, the tracks, and remains that had been left behind. Alice, so far from her usual haunts in the western ocean, was at a loss, but Arisi began to gather small items, a scrap of torn clothing here, a tuft of white hair here, a small stone dotted with blood, a broken spear haft. Each of these built a story in her mind that led to singular conclusion. The aeon priests had indeed come here, and in the middle of their work they had been ambushed by margr. Margr were abhumans that were native to this region, twisted mixtures of man and some old world creature that some called a "grote". The savage Margr appeared to have slain at least one of the priests and captured the others, for use as slaves or for later use in their cookpots. Meanwhile Raiche paced the dome, inspecting the triangular sections, looking for sign of entry. There were no obvious controls. Nothing that was clearly a door. Aside from the angle changes at each edge of the trianglar facets there was no seam, no joint, no sign that the dome was anything but a single solid piece of whatever material it was formed from. The material itself resisted Raiche's attempts to produce a scratch or gouge. Dejectedly she leaned against the dome, watching Arisi and Alice pace out the scene and thinking, "How do we get inside?" Without preamble or warning the panel she rested against became intangible and she fell backwards through the section and into the dome. Inside the dome was cool, but also humid and damp, in stark opposition to the dry outsides. Plants of seemingly endless variety, in pots and planters of varying sizes, filled the dome keeping the air fresh. Machinery rose from the artificial jungle; spinning turbines, rotating hemispheres, control banks and panels. The floor under her feet was some kind of ceramic tile in a wide variety of hues. Turning to tall Arisi and Alice Raiche found the panel solid once more; an opaque white crystal just as it was outside.
  11. Sorry for the radio silence this past week (ish) I'll try and get a post up shortly/today
  12. Max, with a Natural 20 you can get a major effect. Feel free to suggest something if you like.
  13. Analyzing the tracks/fight scene is a level 3 (tn 9) intellect task.
  14. A few minutes rest, eyes closed, but making no attempt to sleep, and Alice was feeling more hale by far. The cobwebs clouding her mind cleared and she felt ready to push on through dusk and into the night to get to the dome. Several hours later, nearing midnight, they arrived at the Faceted Dome. The dome was huge, nearly twenty feet to the top and over a hundred feet across, there was little wonder how it could be seen so easily from so far off in the flat wastelands. Walking around the dome the three were confronted with an odd site; the dome had no obvious entrance. Made up of triangular sections of white crystal the dome was otherwise uniform from the outside. Searching via moonlight and the light of torches and glowglobes the group eventually found signs of a fight; churned dirt, dried blood, a few pieces of broken weapons and torn clothing, and many tracks.
  15. Anything you guys want to do before we move on? Anybody else want to get a recovery in while Alice is resting?