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    GreenDrake Investigations: Las Vegas

    I may go for plucky, ditzy, comic relief intern who somehow always gets swept up in all the action. Because tropes.
  2. "Wait." Contessa needed a second to process all this. "So, you confessed how you felt and then you two just skipped right to shenanigans? Wow.. It's official, I'mna die a virgin, I can tell. I feel like I'm going to hurl anytime I try and talk to a guy about, uh, well, stuff." Alex didn't seem to know exactly what 'stuff' meant and the quizzical look on his face told her so. "Don't give me that look." She grinned, slightly embarrassed that she didn't have Alex's natural flair for candor. "What look?" he asked, keeping a dead pan expression. "This look? I'm not giving you a look." She laughed and rocked into him, pushing him a bit with her shoulder. "Come on, I'm serious. You're laughing at me on the inside, I can tell." "I am not." He delivered the line with his typical dazzling charm. "I swear, I'm not laughing at you, inside or out. Here, let's try this, why don't you tell me why exactly you think I'd be laughing in the first place, or giving you a 'look'." "Well," She searched for a place to start once again finding solace in how easy Alex was to talk to. "It's like you just came into the world with all kinds of awesome. It was your friends who made you who you are, right? They taught you to read, to be comfortable around people, to love. You were a clean slate. I envy you for that, I guess. Heck I envy you for a lot of things, Jael too, sometimes," Her sapphire eyes sparkled as they met his. She pursed her lips into a forced smile as she lost her self in his gaze. Desire coursed through her. What she would not give feel his lips upon her own. "Like right about now." She turned away and before Alex had the opportunity to ask what the heck that was all about (not that he couldn't tell) she continued on. "I wasn't so lucky. I was burned in a fire, spent years in the hospital getting treated, then spent eleven years having my 'peers' throw rocks at me, pick on me make fun of the ugly girl. I'm a hermit girl, Alex, I don't know the first thing about guys, or love, or... or... other stuff." "Sex, you mean?" He interjected. "Yeah, that, thanks." It was sometimes cute how she just couldn't muster the inner fire to say certain words. "I mean, I know about it, geez, I've studied more on that topic than I did working the numbers for taking the Lich King. But knowing isn't the same knowing, if that makes any sense. I'm not good with people, I don't connect, I don't relate to them at all. It's like I'm just waiting for them to throw stones at me, which they inevitably do." "Fair enough. Good start," The glowing nova took her cup and placed them both in the waste bin. They slowed down and stopped at a demo for a fighting game. He handed her the second controller and made no hint that she was doing just fine talking to him. "But, I'm not quite following, give me an example." "Okay," she was an open book now, it seemed. All it took was a bit confidence the right questions and nova-grade charm. "Do remember that guy Sean I mentioned?" "He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named?" Alex clarified, with a grin. "Yeah, him." Tessa tilted her head a bit as the camera angles on the screen became sloppy. "Wow, I hope they fix that by the release date, not good for a fighting game. Anyway, I used to have the biggest crush on him, but I had no idea how to tell him. Every time I tried I'd just get so frustrated looking for the right words, and being a afraid that maybe he didn't like me back that it sort of always came out wrong..." "Came out wrong, how?" Alex experience the same glitch and it caused him shirk back in an attempt to focus on the screen. "Yeah, I see what you mean. I'm not liking that, it needs a fix. Fighting games don't need an 'over the shoulder' cam." "Agreed, there's no depth perception so really, what's the point?" She fired off a few special moves then ducked in the corner to avoid barrage of Alex's fireballs. She smirked, barely dodging the attack. "Nice. I'm liking the engine. Wrong by, maybe," she winched like she was totally blameless. "I insulted him a lot. But it was my way of flirting! He had some really good material and man, he could fire off some one liners like you wouldn't believe." "So you insulted the guy you had a crush on, repeatedly. What happened?" "He left." She said somberly. "One day, he just left. I scared him off by treating him like the jerk he was." She fumed for a moment as the memory of Sean sent mixed signals through her body. "And every guy after that has pretty much been the same. I can't communicate with people. I'mna die a lonely ol' cat lady."
  3. Contessa

    Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks

    Quote:“You can sit on my lap and play,” he said, giving Mixie a roguish grin. “It might help your concentration.” With a roll of the eyes Contessa stood up. "I'm done." She strolled past Sean and Mixie, heading to the exit. "He's all yours." While angry, she wasn't completely heartless. Irritated and angry she did what came natural to her, she found an occupied area of the party and took up residence away from the people she obviously didn't connect with and far from listening distance of Sean's and Mixie's conversations. She'd just wait for Mixie and Sean to be done, and she'd just chauffeur her back home and never speak to her again. He did it. Sean had won. For all the pot-shots and jibes they had shared over the years Contessa never wished any real harm upon him, but it was obvious to her now that he was simply waiting for the right time to strike. Taking Mixie from her, the only friend Contessa had, was the decisive and final blow. With out Mixie, there really was no point to her being here. Jael was psychotic and ready to kill her at anymoment. Sunshine's constant fauning over her only made Tess more jealous and depressed because she'd never find a guy like him, ever. She didn't belong here. She wasn't meant for this sort of thing. She belonged at home, in her cave, playing her games where didn't have to deal with things like emotions and drama. So there she stood, watching everyone else, waiting for Mixie.
  4. Contessa

    Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks

    Sean and Alex made a pretty good team, but Sean wandered away a bit too far. The first spear tore through Calamity's shoulder, pinning him to the wall. He reached for his side arm with his free hand only to find his other pinned tightly as well. Sean pressed the 'call' button on the controller to cry for his teammates to come and assist him and pin point Contessa's location on the map but he wasn't fast enough. Tote's bowie knife slashed through his larynx, silencing him. The knife in his other hand ripped clean up the center of the nova from crotch to chin, disemboweling him in a grotesque finisher that earned Tess an 'Brutal Overkill' badge. "Um, Ceej, you feeling okay?" Mixie had to ask. "I mean, everything's cool now, just relax and try and enjoy things. It's a party." She reached over and plucked a few chips off the paper plate that rested in her friend's lap. "Mind? Yummy." "I'm pretty flippin' far from okay." Contessa said in a hushed breath. "And no, I don't mind. Help yourself to whatever I have, that's what you do, right?" Mixies eyes narrowed and her complexioned reddened at that last jibe. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. "I understand you're mad, so that's your free shot at me. Now, I'm not sure what pissed you off so much, but I haven't done anything to you so quit. You're going to embarrass yourself and me, and possibly Alex if you keep this up. That's a friendly warning Tess, come talk to me when you've calmed down." Mixie got up and relocated, disguising it by going and grabbing a chilled soda. She returned and sat near Sean, relaxing on the arm of the chair he was sitting in. She sipped her soda, glancing at Tessa and really wishing the girl would snap out of it, pitying her more than anything. "She okay?" Sean asked, showing some concern for his blond 'friend'. "Nope, she's off the deep end. She's seriously pissed, like mega-pissed." Mixie honestly couldn't think of why. It's not like Tess and Sean hadn't gone at it like children before, this was all just old-hat at this point. She had no idea Contessa felt as if Mixie was stealing Sean from her (not that he was ever hers to begin with, but try telling her that...) "Remember the World of Warcraft Massacre of 09'? I think this might be on par with that." Indeed Sean did remember it, he remembered it all to well. Contessa's WoW account was hacked and the fit she threw was on a scale so epic that bridezilla's everywhere would have heralded it Biblical. What followed next was seven day of her waging war on all Azeroth, slaughtering good guys and bad guys alike searching for the being responsible for taking all her stuff. Although WoW had never really been Sean's 'thing' he had to admit, it was pretty funny to watch her go ape-shit for a week. Once she calmed down, she was back to her bubbly ol' self again. "Damn." Sean muttered. "We're screwed." "Yep." The asian beauty sipped her soda. Tess and Bombshell wandered silenty through the abandoned building. From nowhere Alex tore through the wall and tackled Bombshell to the ground, prepping for an execution move. Tessa grinned slightly and Tote's spears were at the ready. Suddenly Calamity's palms gripped the sides of Tote's golden mask from behind and with a sudden twist Contessa's avatar was suffering a brutal broken neck. Tess fumed and rolled her eyes as Alex and Sean high-fived and cheered for their side. "Whatever." She mumbled in a monotone. "They just got lucky. We're still in the lead." Jace tried to console her a bit, something to bring a little mirth to Contessa's unnecessarily serious playing. "Who's trying to win?" Contessa said with a wicked smile as she beat Alex's character to death with it's own severed leg. "This is just therapeutic."
  5. She felt like a super heroine every time she wore her pink and white eufiber outfit. Concentrating became second nature to hre now and as soon as she stood up the suit slowly began to shrink, conforming itself tightly to her perfect body. Cupping under chest, between her fingers, and even tightly squeezing her buttocks. When she walked passed the mirror on her way out of the locker room to the training area, the uniform was polished to such a sheen she could almost catch her reflection in it from the mirrors surface. Gawd, if Mix saw me wearing pink and white euvinyl for power training I'd never hear the end of it. She stepped out into the large area-like training facility. Everything was familiar by now, even the observation booth that was two stories up where the doctors observed her powers. The cold blueish-grey of the polished steel floor always put her off, but the clack of her suits heels annoyed her now to no end. She stopped and huffed. "Okay, seriously, can I just get my old outfit back? With the padded feet please? Whose dumb idea was it to add three inch wedge heels onto the training uniforms? I'm going to fall and break my neck!" "Sorry C.J.," Doctor May's voice reverberated off the cold walls. "Blame the PR guys. Some magazine made mention of how tacky the suits looked and now they're sexier for the female trainees because they've added wedges under the feet." She just stared up at him, silent and expressionless. "I don't get it either, honestly." He said after a long pause. "Easily fixed." She mumbled to herself as gravity fell under her command, lifting her up off the floor where she hovered in place for a moment before coasting several inches off the floor to the center of the arena. "Kay! What's the plan Doc?" She asked in a sweet tone as she exclaimed 'whee' several times while flying and performing all sorts of aerial maneuvers around the room. "How is you medication coming along, C.J.?" She laughed a bit as he spoke. Contessa was a rare gem of a woman indeed. She always seemed so happy and kind and always finding the beautiful side of anything. Upbeat, bubbly, and energetic were always words used to describe her and of all novas the staff worked with on a daily basis, they always said she was the most easy going and fun to work with. She swooped up to the second story window and hovered there. The few lab technicians stared like she was Venus reborn and Tess was certain the skin tight eufiber that shined liked glossed vinyl was probably meriting her a guest appearance in their fantasies tonight. The thought was kinda gross but it couldn't be helped, she was used to it after a couple of years of doing this, although she still hated the way the suit rode up the crack of her butt. Her mother had sent her underwear more comfortable than this thing. "Been doing okay, actually." She smiled brightly. "The upped dosage has helped with most of the headaches and the random gravity distortions. Two tablets, well four now, every six hours, on the button Doc for two years now. Easy peasy-like." "No side effects?" The Doctor asked as he jotted down her statement in her file. "Um, not really. For a few days after we upped it, I cramped up pretty bad, like someone punched me in my ovaries, but it passed." She palmed her stomach with one hand and did a backwards loop in the air arriving back where she started looking through the window. "I did do some research too. Um, are we sure this dose is safe? It's like way high." "It does seem that way I know." Doctor May replied without looking up at her, continuing to scribble his notes. "Based on the test results of your changing physiology, it was the only recommendation I could make. You're quite resistant to Moxinoquantamine, or at least have become so rather suddenly. This new dosage is being processed by your body as the lower dosage was. Contessa, as a nova your body is on constant flux as your node struggles to evolve within you, as you adapt, we have to adapt your treatment." "You, uh, make it sound like I'm sick." Her lip was curled in a quizzical expression. "In a way, you are Contessa." Doctor May slid his glasses off the bridge of his nose and tucked them away in his lab coat pocket. "Without Moxinoquantamine in your system, you lose control of your powers, and that's not good. As you build a resistance to the medication, you run the risk of losing control and possibly hurting yourself or others. We're researching way to prevent this, remember?" "Uh, Doc," She flew to the glass and rest her palms on the smooth, clear surface. Her mystical blue hued eyes glimmered beneath their surface as she looked him. "How do we know I'll lose control of my powers when the Moxie-stuff wears off when, since my eruption, I've never been off the stuff. Obviously I'm the Treatment Group, but I fail to see our Control Group from where he can begin formulating a basis off comparison. I mean, there's only one 'me', right?" "Let's begin power training." She sighed and cleared his throat before that conversation went any further. "We'll do gravitokinesis first, okay?" "Woohoo!" She hollered loudly and it echoed every where. Beaming a smile that melted the hearts of the lab techs the pink and white nova princess thrust her fist into the air in declaration that this trainind session was officially on! "To the Blue Lion! Wooooooosh!" Soaring down to the floor below the Doctor had already engaged the floor elevators to rise up displaying several solis red balls, about the size of oranges, strewn all about the floor. "What a mess, what a mess. She giggled, swooping past them and looping all about the room. "Now, lets begin with a low-g field, C.J." "No problem, how ya want it?" She asked as she soared all over like a pink skater asking all the sky her ice rink. Pirouettes and flips and barrel rolls were all coming so easy to her. She'd met a guy, and he was wonderful, and everything was all to groovy in her life right now. "Um, one more time?" Doctor May leaned down and adjusted the long microphone, trying to lock on to her with his eyes as she soared all over. "I don't understand the question." She didn't stop flying and just yelled back her answer. "Every point mass in the universe attracts every other point mass with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them." She stopped finally, centered with the window once more, and shrugged with her arm out wide. "Ergo the field I generate must be-" "Just make them float!" He snapped before quickly regaining his composure. "Christ, woman." "Oh!" She replied, unphased by the outburst. "No sweat, Doc. Why didn't you just ask? Jeez. Anyone ever told you that sometimes you seriously over complicate things?" The lab techs all burst into random fits of snerks and chuckles. A few feet off the floor she hovered. With arms out in front of her, palms down, her eyes flared a deep, dark purple like the outer corona of a black hole. A nimbus of the same purple covered her arms as she called on her node to undo the field of gravity in the area. Slowly all the red balls began to rise from the polished steel floor and randomly float in all manner of directions, free to move as the pull of ambient air pressure would allow them. "Excellent work, now collect them." The voice echoed all about the room. "Kay!" She tugged on her node and felt a slight pulse from inside her brain, the Mox working against her as she tried to draw on the power of gravity once again to generate a field that would permit all the red orbs to pull on one another to generate a single mass. She wavered a bit in the air, like a string had plucked on a harness. "Contessa?" Doctor May asked, concerned. "S'okay! S'okay. I got it! Just a hiccup." She smiled at him and continued to concentrate, puling them all together into a giant red orb comprised of smaller red orbs. "See!? Got it! Woo! Go Team Me!" "Focus, Contessa!" But his words came too late and all the balls separated as the field dispersed into a mess of bouncing red failure. "Oops." she looked about at the mess then looked up at the Doctor and smiled wide, offering only an apologetic shrug.
  6. "It'd be pretty cool of you." She nodded. "Oh my god, check it out," She held up OpBox controllers that had an incredibly familiar design to them. Alex was pretty impressed. " Batarang controllers! Oh, these are so cool, I have to get one." She quickly set them down as a few unsavory geek types snapped a few pictures thinking she was a booth babe. She scampered away swiftly, falling into Alex's radiance, she wrapped her arm around his unconsciously. "Okay, moving along..." "I swear, if I just lowered myself to shiny mini skirts and and excess make-up I could seriously make a ton of extra cash in a place like this." She mused with a snort as they passed a few of the lovely women taking photos with guys who probably never wash their hands again after touching such attractive specimens of humanity. "Y'know, low cut that baby, let the ladies balloon out and then watch as I spend the rest of my life paying off all the lawsuits as women sue me for making their husbands hearts asplode." She rolled her eyes and giggled a bit, being here was awesome and being here with Alex was like a dream. It was almost enough to make her forget he had a girlfriend. Almost. "So, um, how exactly did you and Jael end up, y'know, together." Realizing suddenly that she was latched to his arm she let go and stood a bit straighter (in case Jael had a spy network, or nano machines injected in to Alex so she could see through his eyes and hear through his ears... HEY... it could happen...) "You guys don't seem, I dunno, like you click." Oh, god... I'm trying to break them up. Tessa, stop this. Back peddle and make that sound right. You will respect the Jael, or the Jael will flay you. She quickly added, and the the back peddle was a bit obvious. "What I mean is, you're so different. You calm, collected, nice and she totally Wolverines any girl who looks at you cross-eyed. I mean, people talk Alex... and we just think that may she could tone it down a little?" The beauty held up her index finger over her thumb and pinched them closer. She was half kidding with him. Attempting to get a little information out of him without insulting him, or his girlfriend so she kept a winning smile on while laughing a little bit. "Maybe? I mean, I can actually smell her urine on your leg, dude. I didn't want to embarrass you, but there, I said it."
  7. Contessa

    Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks

    Everything would have been fine. It was just typical behavior from these two and in a bit she would calm down, bring Sean a drink and apologize for making herself look like an idiot (again), they'd laugh about it and then have a long talk. They'd catch up on old times she'd tell him she was worried about him, smother him with over protectiveness and preach that his job was too dangerous and that she worried, they'd hug and he's tell her everything will be fine, then he'd leave for another two years and she'd not see him and not have to worry about seeing the man who whom cared about way to much. And then she was reminded why Mixie told her never to spy on her with her co-location perception abilities. The ability to hear without with out actually standing there in the conversation most think would be a very cool power to have but as Contessa quickly realized, sometimes it's best not to hear what people say when you're not around. Quote:"Nooo… look… I uh, I wanted to ask if you wanted to go out sometime, like without Tessa. A date.""Sean, Ceej is my best friend, you know as well as I do that she will go ballistic when she finds out. I have to admit, I think it'd be fun. Wait, when did you start having a thing for me anyway?" “It’s not a thing, Mix, you’re cute and funny and I like hanging around you. It’s not a thing… but I think it could be. And yeah, so what if Contessa gets upset. She hates me. I’m sure she’d hate you dating me. "Wow, you two are a piece of work. Blind as bats. Alright, we'll go out. As friends, because we need to talk, and I mean serious talking because boy, there are things you just don't know. Hear me out and we'll go from there, how's that? For now, ignore C.J., you know how she is, so just ignore it, and let's all please try and have ourselves a good time here, please?" “Happy to ignore her. I was thinking about leaving, just to avoid her drama-llamas. Alright, alright… I’ll stay, I’ll ignore Contessa and the blonde kid mouthing insults at me and just talk to Sunshine and Einherjar and all the other people who don’t want to stab me in the face. Her heart sank and a knot tightened in her stomach as she eavesdropped in a conversation she ha no business listening to anyway and she ended up wit exactly what she deserved. Karma was a bitch like that. Now, the author Contessa's brain should point out that she was, at her very core, human. Like all humans she got angry, jealous and could quickly feel the tears set in. What was worse however, was that like when all people get angry her brain registered only the bits and pieces and fueled her anger even more. In essence, she heard only what she wanted to hear and simply didn't see the situation for what it really was. Sean was angry with her and doing his best to ignore her while she calmed down, it never occurred to her that he'd be more than will to talk with her once she approached him like a human being instead of a vitriol spewing Goddess of Wrath. Mixie certainly had her best friend in her heart when she agreed to meet with Sean, just under friendlier terms, so they could get a few things straightened out. But that's not how Teesa heard it. Contessa still had a lot of growing up to do and it showed in how she handled things sometimes. All she heard was her best friend stealing the man she'd had a crush on for ever and the man she'd had a crush on forever proclaiming he had no interesting her and for all intents and purposes she might as well hang it up. And she died a little bit inside. Quote:"Mind sharin' a few matches on CoD: Elites or XWF: Smackdown, Contessa? Other than a very brief meetin' at the VCCE, all I've really heard of you is your voice - and the occasional snort - over the network when you and Alex are gamin.' I can show ya a few tricks to help with pawnin' Alex, that don't involve usin' your, ah, feminine wiles, if you like. He's not as good as he thinks."She was a bit surprised as Jason approached her, her concentration was elsewhere and she barely heard half of the gorgeous nova's proposal. She tried to smile but Bombshell could tell it had to of been the most forced smile in history to date. She looked over to where Jael and Alex were talking, guessing by now that Alex had told her and Jael probably hated her even more at this point. It also served as a reminder that Alex was hers and she'd never have him either. "Yeah." She agreed. Her voice was so low and laced with a setting depression that empaths could have been brought to tears as far as China. "Sounds fun. It's probably best I just stick to what I know anyways." Contessa sat down, picked up the controller and it was on. Contessa was, without a doubt one of the bubbliest and cheery individuals on the planet (usually). When it came to her game play it was always just for fun. She'd laugh and giggle and compliment and she'd always remain a bastion of sportsman ship, never caring if she won or loss since i was the time spent with friends that she truly valued. But today Contessa didn't seem to have any friends. It seemed all she had were people who wanted to conspire and stab her in her back. Bombshell's intent was to sit down and get to know the girl, talk some and play a game but what she witnessed was a level of voracity and carnage the likes of which frightened her. Contessa was an animal when she was in the zone! There was nowhere she could hide, not powers she could use, no pleads for mercy in any language she could think of that could convince the digitally pixelated Totentanz to please understand that if Bombshell had to die, then to at least let her do it with some dignity! She was everywhere, killing everything with no capacity for rapport. She couldn't be bargained with. She couldn't be reasoned with. They were out there on that battlefield, and she was going to find them and she absolutely would not stop, until they were dead. The blond was so brutal that the 32 players in the OpBox Live! match actually began to simply quit out of the match. In only a few minutes, while Alex and Jael were talking, Sean was stealing her best friend, and her best friend was stealing her 'man, the 32 player match was down to only 11 people, and Jason was pretty sure two players were idling, and one was retarded. She just sat there with her face locked in an emotionless void, there was her, the screen, the controller, and nothing else seemed to matter at this point...
  8. "Mmmm." She smiled, arms folded and nodded her head. She knew the joke and where Sunhine was going with it but felt a cute blond moment was in order. "An MIT Grad, at E3. Alex, you're a genius!" Alex opened mouth to add more to his joke until it registered that she'd completely missed it (or so he thought). Momentarily at a loss words he just wort of tilted his head, absorbed in her blond moment. "Gotcha." She giggled and beamed him a smile the Jael would have flayed her for and him for becoming lost in it. "C'mon Clark, let's go see if we can get our geek on." With a squeal she ran away from him as he gave chase for her blond ruse about his humor and just like that they were off the side of the building and soaring through the air on an instinctual impulse fro their node to not allow them to fall. "Just out of curiosity... is it Kent or Griswald you were going for? I'm still not quite sure..." "That's it." He laughed and she squealed again taking off at a break neck speed to circle building. He gave chase, the two of them laughing the whole way until a truce was decided as they soared down lower to the pavement. Like a true gentleman, he offered her a hand as she stepped from defying physics to the sidewalk where her feet touched down softly. "Why thank you sir." She was as bubbly as one could be. "My pleasure." He offered her in reply with more charm than a Disney Prince. Novas flying through the sky didn't garner too much attention in this day and age, mostly because they were out of reach, but once they landed the crowds of people seemed to come in droves to follow them around see where they were heading. Neither minded much, at this point they were both pretty used to it, but it made Contessa feel a bit awkward, she hated crowds. With E3 being an event not open to the general public, they both breathed a sigh of relief as they entered the event and began to wander around. The booths were all lit up and drawing attention from their respective designers and the demo area was on fire with all hard core geeks already trying to master a game that was just the first ten minutes of play. Ceej never understood how mastering a game demo could be considered brag worthy, but some geeks made a life of it. They hadn't said much since the street, but now they were alone to wander and the quiet was kinda making her feel awkward. Friends are supposed to talk to each other, so she thought she'd give it a shot. Without Mixie around, Tessa wasn't really good at starting conversations. "I, uh, hope Mixie's threats of destroying you if you hurt me didn't offend you. She's just looking out for me." When Alex looked at her she just smiled and raised her hand to stop the next question. "Yes, I heard. Co-locative perception, remember? If I wanted I could hear what was going on in the booth on the opposite side of this place like I was standing there. I heard it all and she's just looking out for me. She's been my bodyguard since we were four. It used to be her and this other girl, Monica Bowman, they'd always beat up the kids who picked on me because of my burns. Now it's just Mixers, and she really means well, she just worries."
  9. Contessa

    Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks

    And this was usually how it went. Right abotu the time everything might get resolved one of them had to let fly with a jab or a barb that cut deeper than it should. Sometimes it was sarcasm, other times it was just to see what buttons could be pushed. This time was the latter. "I wasn't going after anyone. It was a prank, that's all." She shot back. The way her eyes shimmered with that brilliant internal sapphire fire was enough to steal his heart away right there. Contessa was beautiful, but pissed off Contessa was nothing short of gorgeous. The jab wasn't necessary, but hell, he liked the way she pursed her lips when she fumed. It was cute. "And another thing-" "Sean!" Mixie squeeled and threw her arms around him, totally cutting off Contessa from any further ramblings. She squeezed him as tight as she could, which was much for his nova frame, and grunted. "Oh my god, it's been too long. Love the hair sexy, not to sure about all of..." she waved her finger about his goat-tee. "All of this, but you look great! Gawd I've missed you." C.J. just folded her arms and glowered at him. Although she never showed it, there was a smile etched clearly on her heart that no verbal jab could have worn away. She was glad to see him, more than glad, she was down right ecstatic to see him alive, well, and doing well for himself. She could tell herself all day, but the moment she wanted to say it out loud all that she managed was: "Whatever. I'm going to help Alex." Her glare caught Sean and she simply mumbled "Jerkface." as she walked past. Sean and Mixie bumped fists. "Points for the retorts, dude but a little harsh. Go easy on her, dude, she has a cat named Deacon McFluffles for crying out loud." She slugged him in the arm playfully. "You should know better."
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    Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks

    This was usually how it went. Contessa would attempt to do something daring and it would blow up in her face. It was just a joke and the moment she saw Sean she felt the same way he did. A lot of old memories and a heavy heart-ache began to weight heavily in her chest. It was her turn to look like she'd been punched in the gut. "Sean." She managed to mumble to herself but he was already past Mixie before her words found purchase on her lips. She didn't know what to do. Quote:"Tessa, that was Sean!" Mixie said, her own expression mirroring Alex's. "And, uh, yeah. He looked wicked pissed.""We should go and talk to him." Alex said firmly, starting to stand. "I can explain that you owed me a prank." "Yeah, I saw, Mix, thanks." She replied with a stressed sigh as her cheeks began to flush with embarrassment. "Oh this is bad, he looked mad." "Ceej, your thinking to hard. Relax and we'll go talk with him." Sunshine's way of making everything sound so easy calmed her slightly as Mixie took her hand. "He's right, come on." She tugged her best friends arm a bit to coax into moving along. "Let's go talk to him." A moment later Contessa tapped Sean on the shoulder. Mixie managed to build enough confidence to follow her despite Einherjar being right there within tasting distance. "Um, I'm sorry to interrupt Mr. Herjar, but can I borrow Sean for just a sec?" This was about the time things usually went down hill, and this time was no different. All she had to do was simply explain the situation, apologize for any possible offense and they'd all go on laughing about this later. After all, it was just Tessa playing a prank, after all. But oh no, when it came to Sean the demons of Pride took a hold of her and squeezed tightly. Why should she have to apologize for a joke that had nothing to do with him? Why was he such a wuss and had to drop the controller and skip out like some butt-hurt little three year old who just had his blankie taken away. Oh, no. Just, no. "Would you mind telling me exactly what that was in there?" She fumed like a mother scolding a child. "You haven't spoken to us in years and now we see you while playing a prank on someone you walk out like you'd just been beat up? No 'hello', no 'excuse me', no 'OMG I'm on fire!'" "Oh, shit..." Mixie buried her hand in her face and shook her head. "Alex, you might wanna..." "Is walking out the only thing you know how to do?" She went on. Apparently there was a lot more to the Contessa/Sean story than other knew and she seemed to have a few years of catching up with him to do. "When are you going to grow up and get yourself a pair of big girl panties, McCline?"
  11. Contessa

    Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks

    The two ladies casually strolled about the party, waiting for Jael to be free for a meeting, or at least Einherjar to wander off so Mixie didn't pee herself while the hand shakes were taking place. One by one they sampled some of the food, which was awesome because Jael was the 'grocery store cheese and crackers platter' kind of woman and not the fancy type who had to have all sorts of unpronounceable food catered to her guests. Jael was a smart cookie and Mixie quickly learned that booze required an I.D. at this party, and having a nova pal who can detect lies about leaving it in your car was an awesome thing to have. Unless you were Mixie and got caught. They leaned against the wall, giggling and people watching as the guests meandered about greeting one another while they popped their crackers with cheese and salami bites. They recognized a few faces, but none she had met already. "So, who's the girl he's with? The one with the eyes." Ming asked. "No, idea." Tessa popped a loaded cracker in her mouth and chewed, trying to talk while she did so since the question sort of caught her off guard. "She wooks too wung to be one ov hiz girlfwendz." "Classy." Ming nodded with an approving smile. Contessa swallowed, trying not to giggle and spit chewed cracker all over Jael's place. "Y'like that? And for my next trick-" Her laugh was cut short by a handsome surfer type guy, maybe one of Jael's friends, but probably a friend of another guest. He approached the two ladies with a toothy white grin and red dixie cup in his hand. He smiled at Contessa and gave her an idiot frat boy 'sup' nod. "Damn girl, you are smokin'." "Uh, oh." Mixie shrunk back a bit, to avoid any possible fallout from what was about to happen. The blond bombshell's lip quivered slightly but she managed to maintain her composure. One thing Contessa could not stand was addled specimens of homo habilis deciding to woo her with the blatantly obvious instead of a simple 'hello, my name is'. She handed her plate of crackers and cheese (and salami) bites to Mixie without even looking in her direction. She stood tall and prepared her first volley. "Smoking?" She asked, nodding sarcastically. "Yeah, I'm smoking. Is that really the best you could come up with? Look, dude, I'd really hate to sound like some snooty stuck up up girl who thinks that because she's attractive she's better than everybody else, but come on, what did you really expect to buy with 'smoking'? I've braved the Tomb of Horrors. I've survived the Keep on the Border Lands, twice." She was even kind enough to hold up the appropriate digits in case his mind worked better with symbols. "I've an 18th level Jedi Guardian in a play by post game who is embroiled so deep into the dark politics of Republic Corruption that your feeble mortal mind would implode if I shared with you just a smidgen of the dark knowledge now in her possession. I've worked out an equation to calculate the drag coefficient on the tassels of my Dervish's magic carpet in Pathfinder. I've braved evils your mind would break in an attempt to understand, so please, don't tell this girl she's smoking, unless she's on fire, kay?" There was an awkward moment of silence as the guy processed all that. Without a word, or even blinking, he simply did a one eighty and walked off. Mixie tipped her drink up a bit and shook her head. "You are going to die an old woman with one hundred cats, you know that right?" "More n' likely." Tessa nodded with her lips pursed together as she sighed. "He was pretty cute though." "Yeah," Her friend shrugged, assessing the mans butt as he tried to regain his grip on his own reality again. "You're hopeless by the way." "What?!" Tessa followed off after Mixie. The aisn felt it was necessary to relocate and was silently thanking herslef that she didn't actually know anyone at this party, or this zip code. "He was a complete moro-" She paused and Mix took notice of her sudden silnce and looked her over her shoulder to see what was up. "Someone's playing Call of Duty: Elites. I hear Ausrine's sound bytes. Come on." She waved for Mixie to follow her. "And gimme my crackers back." "Hell no, these bitches are mine." She laughed at Tess while shoving a meat and cheese cracker sammich in her mouth. Upon entering the room Contessa nearly succomed to a full blown geek-gasm (which seemed the closest this girl was ever going to get to an actual one) when her eyes attempted to take in the size of the massive screen that was being used for the games. When she caught sight of Call of Duty: Elites playing on it she instantly noticed Sunshine's corona of light as it emanated a soft glow about the room, even in the middle of the day. She watched and calculated every action as it took place on the jumbo screen, standing there quietly with her arms folded, doing every ounce of math in her head. "Woah," Mixie smiled wide as she entered the room behind Tessa and was also in jumbo screen heaven for a moment. "Now that's how you game." She watched for a moment and smirked. "And Alex ix still tortoising." "Easily fixed." Tess walked over and leaned in behind Alex, letting his warmth tickle her neck and cheek as she drew in close. "Hey," the warmth of her breath and the scent of her perfume assaulted his senses. "Nice pants. Mind if I test the zipper?" At that same moment a spray of half eaten crackers were launched across the room by a very startled Mixie...
  12. Quote:"Dani, this is Contessa." he said by way of introduction. "She's got a question for you that she really wants to know the answer to, but she wasn't sure she could ask. So... yeah. Over to you." he smiled at Contessa, his blue eyes sparkling. Um, hi, Dani. I'm Contessa." She looked at he floor and rolled her eyes at herself. "Which you already knew, so yeah..." "Doing great so far." Alex grinned and rooted for her with a mock pumped fist, before continuing his conversations with Jael and the others. "So not helping." She looked up to Dani and managed a smile. "Uh, I was curious, you gave me a rose earlier and I don't have any admirers as far as I know, so I was wondering if you could tell me who asked you to give it to me?"
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    Aberrant: 200X - Fireworks

    "Okay, this blows." The raven haired Asian beauty known as Ming 'Mixie' Xiao strolled into Contessa's bedroom holding a piece of paper. "Your dad totally left the bonus spending money in the safe." "So?" Tessa said casually, looking at herself in the mirror while she inspected how yet another shirt looked on her. "You're practically adopted, it's not like you don't know the combination." She turned to the side and looked once again before huffing and pulling it off. "He changed the combination. He left you one of his little riddles for you. Which don't get me wrong, I think the brain games you two play are great and all, but this is serious pizza money we're talking about. It's a lot to wager on the off chance you'll guess right." Ming looked over the note. "I've changed the combination Pumpkin," She mocked him in a deep manly voice. "I think it's cute he still calls you Pumpkin, ave I told you that recently? If you want Ming's, god I ahte when he calls me Ming, pizza money then you'll first need to figure out why I've left a bushel of apples in the torch of the Statue of Liberty." She looked to Tessa and quirked her brow. "Okay, that's gay. Why would he leave apples at the Statue of Liberty anyway, it makes no sense." "The combination is 42408." Contessa said almost instantly, pulling her 'die n00b' black tee down over her features. "A bushel of apples is 42 pounds. There are 408 steps to reach the Statue of Liberty's torch. He's slipping, that one was easy." Ming simply stood and kept her brow raised as high as she could manage. "Uh, yeah. Actually, that was going to be my guess too. I was, uh, still reading though, and you spoke up first. Y'know... good call though." "How do I look?" Tess bounced a one-eighty and held her arms out wide for Mixie to inspect. Jeans, tee and Converse All-Stars made up her ensemble. "Ta-da!" "I think Hanna Montana called and wants her wardrobe back." Mixie wandered over to Contessa's closet and began rummaging. "Stay put, I'm going to find you some less appropriate clothes." The warp portal closed behind them in a blueish shimmer with a mixture of golden sparkles. Contessa's outfit wasn't much different, having simply swapped the jeans for a denim skirt and the All-Stars for simple pair of slip on sneakers. Mixie insisted she 'show some leg' for Sunshine, even if his crazy girlfriend might flay her alive. Mixie was in short denim shorts with a black top that had image of the nova Einherjar that read 'Ein World. Ein Love'. The two were quite a contrast. Contessa was the quintessential 'hot girl next door' with straight blond hair cut perfectly and her fake-up always applied perfectly. Ming was just as lovely, but she sported dark purple streaks in her straight black hair and her make-up was more exotic sweeping up around her eyes. "This is going to rock." She said to Tessa. "Come on, introduce me to all your nova buddies." "I don't have nova 'buddies'," she air quoted as the ladies walked to the roof door and headed to the party below them. "I know Alex, but everyone else are just sort of strangers, personable strangers, but strangers nonetheless. Still, they're cool people though." Casually the ladies entered the party and strolled around for a bit while Contssa pointed some of the novas she recognized to Mixie. "Uh, Mixers..." She tapped her friend on the shoulder. "Uhh... guess who is here?" "Hm?" Mixie turned around with a face full cheese and crackers. "Gawd, these are good. Free food is my favorite food." She looked to where Tess was pointing and choked slightly before swallowing hard. "No. Way." "Yep, Einherjar. Wanna meet him?" Mixie locked up. She'd never actually seen him in person before and now that he was right there her love for him tripled. She was totally fan-girling but sh couldn't help it. Usually the more composed in social situations between the two ladies Contessa observed her friend nearly fall apart and stand there like a deer caught in the head lights of a on coming vehicle. She was at a loss for words and could do nothing but stand there and stare. "Um, uh..." she stammered, a first for the normally shameless woman. "I'm good. I, uh, I'm sure he's busy n' stuff. Maybe later." "Suit yourself." Contessa shrugged. Einherjar may have been attractive, but the man's mannerisims and attitudes didn't sit right with her so she didn't really find him all that appealing. Then again, she really didn't know him either. "Wanna meet Jael after Einherjar is done?" "Crazy bitch?" She asked. "Sure. But if she makes a move, I'ma cut her." "She'd drop you." Contessa giggled as they wandered looking for Jael. "Seriously, though, she's not that bad, give her a chance, kay?" "Fine. Only because I know Alex is special to you, and she comes as part of the Alex package." Mixie thumbed towards the opposite end of the party. "Cmon, let's go hunt for drinks. Nova have to have some good booze around here..."
  14. Originally Posted By: Jael CarverDespite her hormones winding her up, Jael felt better. She hadn’t wanted to fight, not here. Though little touched her, the tragedy of the Crush had left its impression even on her. She was glad the woman had left before a fight had to occur. “What were we discussing before she showed up? Oh, yes. Contessa. We were talking about you having confidence,” Jael said, her posture shifting fully into a casual readiness, her standard demeanor. “Girl, you’re so pretty, and with that rack, I don’t know why you think you’re a nobody. God, with those sweater puppies alone, you should have the confidence to look any guy in the eye and ask him to lick your boots. And he’d do it.” "True," Contessa conceded, "But I'm not really good at relating to people, especially boys. Especially boy who are interested in me. I guess I just spent way too much of my youth in seclusion that I just don't really have the social graces most people do. My wiring's shorted I guess." She noticed the way Jael stroked the back of Sunshine's neck and felt a slight pang of her own jealousy creeping up inside. It didn't make much sense to her since she just met Alex, but a nonetheless a part of her wanted to be Jael: brave, confident, bold and comfortable enough with herself to show someone she was interested affection the way Alex's girlfriend did. "Besides, I deal with enough guy ogling and drooling over Tweedledee and Tweedledumb that its sort of desensitized me towards wanting to get to know a guy. Before I erupted the most attention guys gave me was lining up a shot with a rock, icee and in one cace a strawberry milkshake, which went well with the shirt I was wearing, so it wasn't all bad, I guess." It was obvious that she was deflecting the irritation and pain of talking about her pas experiences with an over abundance of cheer and mirth. "Now, they all want to be my friend and take me out. It does wonders for reminding what people find important. It kinda sickens me, so I tend to not be a very social person. In case, y'know, it shows."
  15. "Uh, duh." Mixie gave Tess a look that scolded her for stating the obvious. She offered Alex her hand and, for a baseline, Mixie sire had a few curves and an alluring smile of her own. "It's nice to meet you Alex, seriously. Don't mind me, I'm like this with everyone, but now I can certainly see why Ceej has been sportin' the lady wood around here lately." "Oh. My. God." If she was beet red before, she was about to border line on a heart attack any moment. "I can not believe you just said that..." She spun about and covered her face so Alex couldn't see he embarrassment and stepped away, feigning like she was looking for a few more items. Mixie simply composed herself, looked at Alex, grinned and winked at him. Her best friend's life goal was to break Contessa out of her shell, even if it meant being a little bit a bitch every now and again. "She likes you." Mixie mouthed silently to Alex while nodding her head. She then approached him and draped an arm over him, smiled, and said softly in his ear. "You seem like a great guy Alex, but I love that blond train wreck over there with all my heart. That means when your crazy girlfriend cuts her, I find you. You break her heart, I find you. You hurt her, I find you. Nova or not Glowstick, I will find a way, and it will hurt." She smiled wide and looked at him, then gave him a huge kiss on the cheek before winking at him again. "You two have fun, kay?" "I'm, out of here Ceej, take lot's a pictures airhead, kay?" She skipped up the steps only to duck back down for a moment and look at Alex. With her index and middle finger she pointed to her own eyes, then slowly turned her hand about to point them at his, then like a ninja, she was up the last few stairs. "Scram harlot!" Tess shouted as she walked back into Alex's currently dysfunctional personal space. "I'm mad at you!" "Not you." She clarified in much more calmer voice. "Ugh, I'm sorry, she's just... well, her. I hope she didn't embarrass you. She's awesome, once you get to know her. Uh, well, I suppose we should get going? We flying or warping? I uh," She fidgeted and remained in a constant state of flushed. "I don't fly very fast, maybe warps would be faster?" The basement wall wavered and then sucked inward like it was being pulled through a vertical drain, spiraling inward until it was so distorted in became another scene entirely: the rooftop of a building in the city where E3 was being held. "Um, after you. I, uh, don't get out much, you are probably a little more worldly than me, mind if I kinda follow along?"