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  1. It was mentioned in chat last night, so something to that effect will probably pop up.
  2. That would be ideal, I agree. If they elect not to cooperate with you, though, you're still more or less borked. Oh, and thanks again for spearheading all of this, Nova. Here's hoping it'll be as awesome as you envisioned it!
  3. Actually, as much as it physically pains me to type out these letters... I agree with WR to some extent. Sometimes, a lot of a character's concept is tied up in their powers. If someone copies them almost precisely, especially if your selection has been made public or you've specifically told them that their theme is identical to yours, it's a bit of a slap in the face.
  4. "Well, aren't you a sweetheart?" the curvaceous woman laughed melodically as she slid her hand from Sean's shoulder, her already soft, husky voice dropping to a sly whisper as she regarded his pretty, long-haired companion with a gaze that might have appeared coy to anyone unfamiliar with her mannerisms. "And quite the charmer, too, if you've kept our Mr. McCline out of circulation." Not bad, she mused inwardly. He'd make a decent cabana boy, anyway. Aidos wasn't quite what she'd envisioned as a good match for the redhead- too pretty, too feminine by half- but as Sean's smile seemed genuine, and the flicker of attraction in his singular green eyes was more than obvious, she elected to give him the benefit of the doubt. For the moment, she decided, she'd avoid any quantum "tampering" with what seemed to be an already pleasant evening.
  5. Gravity, teleport, and temporal manip.? Why those three? (Apart from their obvious utility.) What's the concept? MC makes sense for engineering... I'd go with that, personally.
  6. Originally Posted By: (2018) EndeavorNote: In this continuity... Long's character and Mine are family. Siblings to be exact. Kinky!
  7. The sea changes colors, but the sea does not change, Velvet mused, smiling as the melody of the old song wove its way through her thoughts and distracted her momentarily from the seemingly endless parade of 'how-do-you-do's. Every night, streams of new faces poured into Babylon, each one uniquely beautiful or striking to look upon, and yet the composition of the crowd itself- as if it were a separate entity altogether- never seemed to vary. Except... "Oh, doll, I'm sorry," she crooned apologetically to the sleekly crystalline nova beside her, interrupting him mid-sentence as she caught sight of a certain red-haired heartthrob through the man's glassy, perfectly translucent body. "I've just seen someone I absolutely must talk to. Have another, on the house, and we'll catch up later, mm?" For once, the rather tired line was utterly sincere, and Velvet was all smiles as she wove her way through the patrons in an amethyst satin cocktail dress slinky enough to make Lili St. Cyr blush. "Sean!" she exclaimed warmly, hands spread in greeting as she approached the Windy City Sex Machine. "It's been too long!" ,,
  8. I was planning a "terramancer" or nature (plant)-themed nova, possibly a combination of the two.
  9. Even if we do, at some point, allow 2010 imports, there needs to be a limitation on it. As it stands, you get all your 2018 characters (whether that's 1 or 10), plus an additional two new creations. If 2010 is already overpopulated, letting people bring anyone/everyone over is only going to repeat that problem in 200X, I think.
  10. I'm not sure I'd call 200X "Ultimate Aberrant," purely because these are intended to show newcomers, at a glance, what the forum is about. That one's a bit misleading to someone who's never been here and, perhaps, has little experience with Aberrant.
  11. 200X: The "X" is for "XTREME!" Or, as suggested by Rev 200X: The X-Den
  12. Or something like... "2018: Gods Among Men" Unfortunately, it's hard for me to pin an identity on either 2010 or the new forum.
  13. Actually, in this scenario, you don't need a common background. The common thread is that all of us went to sleep on 10/01/02 and woke up sometime much, much later. We don't have to know each other, or even be from the same place, I'd wager. Part of the inherent dynamic (if I'm interpreting Drew's posts correctly) is learning to live and work with each other.
  14. I'm guessing the flora and fauna are probably nil, if he actually means "dead." It'd be like living on the moon, albeit with water, and possibly the rubble/remnants of cities.
  15. I'm holding off on Vv- I'm a bit leery of screwing something up in her creation. Emma-Grace Wade is my new introduction- a blind girl who manages to be surprisingly perceptive.
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