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  1. NIIIINNNAAAAA! Tell Jaunt to share the kwontum powers!
  2. Pew! Pew! I shoot Jaunt with my mega-lazors which are the only thing that can beat him.
  3. I loved that character too. Was really looking forward to taking it further. Especially liked the big lug's reaction to seeing Sif as a mortal FBI agent with no memories!
  4. Criveny, where to begin? Contessa, Warren, and THE Lucien Hunt are all faves of mine amongst Dave's characters. But not Jaunt, because he's a pain in the ass! Bombshell, Nadya and the original Sean Cassidy have to be my faves from Sean. Good fun to play off, especially the dynamic between Ravi and Sean in Dalton. Bombshell was a great surrogate older sister for Sunshine in 200X, even if she couldn't fly . And I'm certain Nadya and Grim are going to get on like a house on fire in MM: screaming, sirens and people running for cover. Shout out to Curtis Shane for enduring death threats from the Morrigan and of course kung-fu kicking a fellow nerd in the bollocks over a chess game, providing much top kek for the other players. Also liked Evo from 200X and Fisher, both nice guys who didn't deserve half the shit that came their way. Fianna and Violet from Mutant High, courtesy of Vivi. Total opposites - one a green-eyed rage monster with claws, the other a too-smooth fixer type. Both awesome fun. The Morrigan from 200X. Einherjar's ward, the daughter he never had, a feral nova who wasn't so much tamed as befriended and adopted by Ein. They forged an unshakeable bond after a somewhat stabbity start - that is, she stabbed him a couple of times. Her revamp in Mutant high was by turns touching, poignant and hilarious, especially when she tried to appease Alex's wrath by leaving Sonja's panties on his pillow. Also: "PIE!" Kia from Mutant High. Cute and cheerful, she was a splash of lighter tones in the angst of a school full of teenage mutants. If she had any issues, she kept them well hidden and never splurged them everywhere even if she did once accuse Alex of murdering a cute bunny rabbit. (Thanks Morri!) God... so many fun pretendy fun time games.
  5. Wow. So many to choose from. I tend to base a lot of my enjoyment from a character on how much other players enjoy sharing the game with them, I'll confess. I think Procyon in his various incarnations is one I always enjoy and come back to. My favorite one was Sunshine from 200X, closely followed by Alex from Mutant High. Einherjar was a character I wrote a LOT for in 200X and revisited as his future self in Children of Quantum Fire He was challenging to write for at times: here's a big tough guy who's also an Elite capable of wiping out whole armies, yet ALSO highly intelligent and perceptive. It was fun to balance his hard edges with his code of honor and his brainpower. Then there's Declan aka Owns-The-Night from WoD:A. Who doesn't like writing gruff, hard as nails werewolves? He was a bit tropey, but fun, especially when out of his element (i.e Having to be sociable and nice). Ravi from Dalton Academy was a LOT of fun to write. Vain, selfish, mostly amoral and a complete pain in the ass, yet curiously charming so long as you didn't rub him the wrong way and stoic when the chips were down, the spoiled-rich-boy-turned-werepanther never failed to get a reaction. Tomas / Skein from 200X. Evil, evil, creepy evil Terat monster archetype capable of sowing chaos and nightmares in his wake. Never really cut loose with him due to the cooperative nature of 200X, but I'm thankful that some players were happy to be victims and make the experience fun. There's others, but I think those are my top 5.
  6. Alex folded his arms and sighed, leaning back against his Amazonian girlfriend as he watched Caitlin and Warren burn off some excess energy and tried to view it as an opportunity to learn something useful. Unfortunately, it was mainly an opportunity to watch two fast, strong, tough mutants beat on one another. One of them being a shapely mutant of the female persuasion wearing a skinsuit... ,, Okay, there were some positive aspects. ,, Anyway, the Arena had some possibilities, but Alex didn't really see himself getting much use of it as a one-on-one sparring ring. He'd either not use his main offensive ability, and get beaten shiteless by his opponents, or he would use it, and run out of opponents quite fast. Though some sparring might not be a bad idea so he could learn to do something other than render his opponents down to atoms, now that he thought about it. But the main use he planned to make of the Arena was tactical - teamwork exercises against holographic enemies, practice runs for tricky operations, and so on. He glanced up at Sonja... well, at the underside of Sonja's boobs. He leaned sideways a little and peered around the swell of her bosom at her face. ,, "It looks like fun." he said with a good-natured grin. "Do others get to play, do you think?"
  7. "Warren's basically right." Alex agreed as he opened and poured another Guinness. "Crass as usual, and I'd question the words used-" ,, "That's because you're a gentleman and shit." ,, "You're one too. You just suck at expressing it." Alex said with an open, guileless smile that he knew would get on Warren's nerves. This time it was the death-mutant's turn to shoot the middle finger, and Alex grinned before sitting down and relaxing on his bed. "I'd never dated a girl before I came here. And yes, I've got advantages. But trust me on this - super looks are a two-edged sword." ,, "Bullshit." Warren sneered. Curtis was inclined to agree. ,, "Think about it!" Alex leaned forwards, gesturing. "If a girl is really so shallow that all it takes is my looks no matter what kind of guy I am, then she'd probably be really disappointed once she realised I'm just a guy. I drink, I slob around in my jeans, I think fart jokes are funny. There's expectations when you look a certain way - that's how humans and mutants are. Shallow girls look at Warren and see all that untamed bad boy. They look at me and see some kind of shining ornament. They look at you and see a nerd. Are they 100% right? Do those descriptions fully describe us?" He sat back against the headboard of the bed and took a drink. ,, "So forget about looks. It's about - thanks - It's about personalities, us and them." he took the re-lit joint from Warren and took a puff. "I dunno... I'm not a fucking expert-" Curtis blinked at hearing the upper-class Alex cussing. "-but Sonja and me, we got along before we were dating. Athletes, similar senses of humor, and all that. Warren and Oneca hit it off right away, though I'm partly convinced that at least 30% of Warren's appeal is that Sonja doesn't approve." He grinned at Warren, who chuckled and flipped another bird. "Maybe 45%." ,, "This doesn't help me." Curtis frowned. "So there's no trick to it?" ,, "You want a trick?" Alex passed the J back to Warren and pointed at Curtis. "What's she interested in? What music does she like? What kind of jokes? Does she get teary at romantic parts of movies? How well do you know her, beyond the fact that she's a cute redhead and makes you want to jump in and go skinny-dipping in the post-human gene pool?"
  8. A week or so later... ,, In love or not, the blond pair were nigh-inseparable. There were, naturally, cutting remarks about Ken and Barbie, but they were met with a stern gaze and a sniff from Barbie and a patient, fuck-you-you're-jealous grin from Ken. Even Oneca, who was commonly heard to compare Alex to a Christmas Tree ornament, couldn't be too mean. Besides, it was kind of funny to have her prim and proper big sister, the one who disapproved of hanky and panky in all forms, come late to class with a button undone and her hair mussed, breathing a little too hard despite the fact that she hadn't been running. Her and Warren snickered about that, though she had to admit having a happy and laid-back Sonja about the place was a nice change. ,, Less preachy, for one thing. Now all that needed to happen was for them to actually go the whole way. Oneca was firmly of the opinion that Sonja needed to get laid like a fish needed to swim. Warren had the same opinion about Alex, though he tended to express it in typically Warren ways, such as asking "Boned her yet?" every time Alex glided through the window after a late-night 'study session'. ,, So... April. Spring was in the air, flowers were blooming, birds were building nests, and under a tree just starting to put forth buds well away from prying eyes, Sonja was making out with Alex. ,, It had started as a study-session, really it had. There was the blanket, and the bag with the sandwiches they'd brought, and there were the books, open and unheeded. It was Alex's fault, Sonja would swear before any court that cared to prosecute. He'd been laying there on his back in a tank-top and denim shorts, shimmering fires dancing just under the surface of his skin in the Spring sunshine, and when she'd asked him a question he'd twisted his head to look at her and the wind had blown his golden hair just so over his face and she'd felt like someone had punched the wind out of her - but in a good way. There'd been nothing for it but to pounce on him, pin his body with hers, and start kissing. ,, Well okay, Alex would counter, but the time before this one was totally Sonja's fault. They'd been studying in her room, and she'd decided that, for some reason, a pink halter-top with a lacy bottom hem and a pair of cutoffs was attire calculated to inspire a studious frame of mind. And then, he'd tell the court, she'd sprawled on her bed, bare feet kicking idly, and spent more time staring at him and toying with her lower lip than actually hitting the books. Under the circumstances, it wouldn't have been gentlemanly to ignore her. ,, The verdict would have been that the pair were so wrapped in the first blush of young love that they were incapable of being alone together and getting anything serious done. Of course, the verdict would have probably been ignored, because the pair on trial would have been kissing... again. ,, The problem with making out with Sonja that Alex was discovering anew every time was that it was hard to know how, or when to stop. First base led with leisurely ease to second base, with his warm hands roaming the expanse of skin under Sonja's shirt with her full encouragement, while her own hands were likewise exploring in turn. Her hips were moving against his in gentle circular motions that served to titillate both mutants. The problem was that both teens were leaving these sessions happy but unsatisfied, their bodies wanting more than had so far been experienced. Alex was experiencing what was popularly known as the worst case of blue balls as a result, and to be fair, Sonja wasn't much better off, which led to some truly awesome passion in their make-out sessions. But still, something had to give, as they say. ,, The problem was inexperience as much as anything. How far to go? What to ask for? What to do, and more importantly how to do it? Alex pondered these questions anew as he tried to think calming thoughts to his lower half. He definitely did not want to 'go early', as it were, but if he were to be honest, his dick felt like it could drill through granite right now as he felt up Sonja's impressive tits.
  9. Alex was well acquainted with the potential for sudden violence involved with feral mutants, having spent some time teaching Morri guitar and elementary PIE!-making. He didn't know Caitlin's exact triggers, but he did have some idea of what NOT to do. ,, 1) Don't make any sudden moves, or lay a restraining hand on the mutant involved. Which he didn't. Instead, he slowly interspersed his body - his mostly squishy, all-too-rendable body - in between the angry Caitlin and Warren. ,, 2) Don't face them head-on when talking. Open body language, non-confrontational. It's not about dominance. "Hey." he said in a low, calming tone, half-facing Caitlin. "It's really not worth actually fighting over. It's just words, right? Sure, it's Warren's words," Alex looked over his shoulder at his roomie, then back at Caitlin and shrugged "...and he's about as tactful as a cruise missile-" ,, "Thanks." Warren interjected. ,, "-but you do look good, and his words can't change that. And we're all going to be relying on each other for our lives soon, and I know we can rely on you-" he smiled at the redhead. "And we can rely on Warren, too. It's not good to start off like this, not when there's a whole world out there that wants to kill, imprison, oppress and fear us. We shouldn't have to worry about each other." He looked over his shoulder at Warren again, his gaze sober. "This isn't the school cafeteria anymore." ,, Then he stepped out from between them again, but remained in the circle, sparks of golden light dancing in his aura and the depths of his eyes as he regarded both his classmates - no, teammates, now.
  10. Gym class at Lawrence Hunt was an adventure. In comparison to Mutant Expression Training, or 'Power Class', which was done usually in small groups of mutants and one instructor, all of similar powersets, the gym was more of a free-for-all divided only by relative levels of physical ability. Alex was possessed of greater-than-human levels of reaction time and hand-eye coordination, as well as enough stamina to run even some other mutants into the ground, so he was a natural for the basketball team and as a quarterback for football. Mutant sports rules were simple enough - no flying, no teleporting, and no hitting someone so hard that you turned them into jello. There was some experimentation for flying sports teams as well as games that allowed teleporting, but for the most part these were extracurricular and the subject of quite a few arguments in the various lounges at Mutant High. ,, Today it had been basketball, and though he didn't sweat, the glowing youth still showered from habit more than any real need. Besides, he liked hot water, liked the way his cells drank in the heat, and so it was perhaps particularly unfair to Cirque that her BFF's BF was both radiant and wet-haired as he shifted course to speak to her. He heard her out, his attention totally on her in the way that made her want to blush crimson, then furrowed his brow as he considered. ,, "Yeah, I feel kind of bad for not welcoming her to the school properly. She saved us, and then got sequestered away while she was trying to get to grips with her abilities." He chewed his lower lip absently, looking off across the sports field. "Maybe..." he paused, squinting for a moment in thought. "We could treat her to pizza? I mean, not like take her out, because personally I feel about as comfortable stepping off these grounds as I do stepping into the girl's locker room." The analogy distracted Cirque for a moment as she pictured the scene, only there was no-one in the locker room but her... ,, "Anyway," Alex's voice jolted her back to the here-and-now "perhaps we could get some pizza and deliver it to her. You know, bring some housewarming presents like some DVDs, a load of pizza..." ,, "And a cake!" Aradia added. "With some sort of thank you on it." ,, "Nice touch." Alex beamed, his aura shifting and dancing as he warmed (no pun intended) to the idea. "So when do we do this?" ,, "You're in then?" Cirque probed. ,, "In like Flynn." the glowing boy nodded, grinning.
  11. "Sorry about that." Alex apologised, chagrin evident in his voice as he looked around at the scorched bed and walls. "I was..." ,, ...floating in blackness, hearing the stars singing, their voices mingling into a lullaby that called you home, where you'd never be alone, never be sad, never be afraid, and all there was - was the song of energy and the dance of light, and you could leave the world behind... ,, "...kind of spaced out. I remember the pizza place and then-" he glanced around, one hand keeping the sheet fastened over his glowing form. "Then I'm here." ,, "We were going to be kidnapped, but Caitlin saved us! There was a fight, and stuff. And we missed it!" Aradia sounded definitely aggrieved over that last. "And we never got pizza- What?" Alex was smiling at her, a warm, amused smile that reached the perfect blue of his eyes and sparkled there in the firefly motes of gold in their depths. Aradia felt a blush coming on. "Aaaand I'm babbling and now you think 'Hey, Aradia got her brain fried'." ,, "You were babbling." Alex nodded, his smile faintly mischievous for a moment before returning to the genuine article that acted like a shot of brandy, spreading warmth through one's whole body. "But I'm actually thinking I'm glad you're not hurt."
  12. Roughly 1 week after The Proposal... ,, (Note: Like Night and Day is supposed to be episodic, kind of like a sitcom about mismatching roomies, only with way more collateral damage, sunstroke and mutant bad-boys. Enjoy the madness!) ,, "So the 'dane says 'Oh wow, that's never happened like that before!'" Warren grinned as he delivered the punchline, making Alex choke on his beer then laugh, the sound filling the room along with his flickering golden radiance whilst some White Zombie played in the background. Warren snorted his own laughter as the memory set in. ,, "Honestly? He thought the statue was...?" The Adonis in jeans and t-shirt asked incredulously. The two of them were lounging in their dorm, Warren on his bed and Alex on the floor resting up against his bed, long legs stretched out and bare feet glowing past the ragged ends of his faded denims. They were both drinking and smoking weed, activities that would normally be frowned upon but they were careful enough and besides, it wasn't like either of their physiologies kept intoxicants in for longer than an hour or so, anyway. ,, Which had been Warren's argument a month or so ago when they'd started this Wednesday night ritual, and it was a good one, Alex had come to agree. He passed Warren the joint, still sniggering. "'Never happened like that before...' Awesome." ,, "So, you givin' it to Sonja yet?" Warren asked casually as he took a hit. Alex was used to the flippant vulgarity by now, and shook his head. There was no point in getting pissed. This, too, was part of the ritual. "No boning?" Warren enquired with a grin. "No bumpin' uglies? No hump-a-hump? No horizontal salsa?" ,, "We've done stuff." Alex shrugged easily, taking another swig of Guinness from the bottle he held. He grinned faintly as he stared off into the middle distance. ,, "Stuff? C'mon, Lite-Brite, details! You know Barbiezilla is tellin' her girlfriends all about the taste, size, texture and colour. Girls do that shit like breathing!" Warren grinned like a pirate. "Why should they have all the fun, is what I wanna know. C'mon, spill: what's it like motorboating those sweater-puppies?!" Alex started snorting with laughter again, shaking his head in refusal. ,, "A-...A gentleman never kisses and tells!" he snickered, his grin saying everything that needed saying. ,, "Oh man, you did!" Warren started laughing as well. "And she was cool with that?!" ,, "Well... Tolerant of it, really. I think she kinda liked the fun, though." Alex's perfect brow furrowed as he considered the ceiling. "We've not done the deed yet, though. I want it to be.. .you know... good." ,, "Good?" ,, "Yeah, you know? Roses, dinner, some place romantic." Alex caught Warren staring at him and shrugged defensively, going red. "Hey, people only get to lose their virginity once, right?" ,, A knock at the door saved Alex from whatever Warren's reply would have been. The two lounging young men leapt into action hiding the beer and weed, then fanning the hazy air desperately out of the window. Whilst they probably wouldn't get in too much trouble, even having Miss Childs lecture them was an experience neither wanted. When the room was sufficiently clear and an incense stick lit (which, lets face it, wouldn't fool anyone in authority over adolescents) Alex opened the door, peering out into the corridor like the world's most suspicious angel. ,, "Curtis?" he asked in mild puzzlement. "I mean, hey. What's up?" Behind him, unseen, Warren was frowning a little. What the blazes brought the schools answer to Sheldon Cooper to their dorm. ,, "If he's here to snoop for the teachers, I'm gettin' a shovel and Jimmy Hoffa-ing his ass." The death-mutant muttered semi-audibly. Alex pretended that nothing was amiss, fixing his radiant smile on the genius. Curtis seemed nervous, which was odd. He was only usually nervous when Morri was threatening him, and that hadn't happened in a while. ,, "Come in." Alex decided, opening the door wider and gesturing for Curtis to enter. "Want a drink? I mean, coke or something?"
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