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  1. --==[The Dance Loft - Miami, Florida]==-- Maria staggered into the restroom a the dance studio, holding her head and wincing in pain. The headache was excruciating, sending Maria to the cold tile on her knees. She had been having headaches lately, and they seemed to be getting worse, but she had had chalked it up to a too much caffeine or too many energy drinks to fuel the long nights out, but this was different. Her mind jumped to thoughts of blood clot in the brain or a stroke or something even worse that just did know about. That was for the few seconds that she could still think at least, before everything went black. The grimace on her face slowly faded as she returned to consciousness, the tension caused by the pain receding as her eyes blinked open. She lay there, on the tiled floor of the restroom and sneezed as the scent of the time released air freshener hit her like a punch in the nose. She never remembered it being that strong, and for that matter, she remembered the walls being better insulated, and yet she could hear the music of class she had just left better than she ever could before from in the restroom, and several more classes as well. On top of that she could feel somebody staring at her through the gap between the wall and the door of the bathroom stall as she vanished. Maria was, in fact, still standing there, though even hyper-perceptive Keys would be hard pressed to tell. Maria held up her hand and looked closely her palm and the back of her hand for a moment before noticing that there was no reflection of her in the mirror anymore. She stuck out a finger and pressed it to the mirror, passing right through it. "Wha-?" the girl in stall stammered in surprised by Maria's vanishing act, followed quickly by a flush. The pain in her head was gone, but somehow was replaced with a sudden clarity. She somehow just knew that she has become a... "Key" was the term she had heard, and she instinctively knew what she was capable of now. She felt... awake, strong, energetic... She had won the genetic lottery and become like those super people she saw on tv! The implications of were just beginning to race through her mind when Julia, a fellow aspiring dancer and student in the same dance calls as Maria, exited the stall. She looked all around cautiously and then raced out of the restroom and back to the studio. Maria followed, reflexively walking to the doorway, and then right through the closed door. "Uhh.. some girl in the restroom just vanished." Julia announced to the class. Maria sighed, though nobody could hear it. She had been taking the same dance class with Julia, three nights a week, for two years now, and she did not know her name or even recognize her as being in the same class. Unfortunately, this was nothing new for Maria. She had been looked past and forgotten all her life, no matter how well she danced, how hard she tried to look her best or a plethora of other things. She was not ignored, because that would take actual effort. Instead, she was utterly and remarkably average in appearance and charisma, just another face in the crowd, rarely getting any sort of recognition, and it had chipped away at her self-image and confidence for years now. "Yeah. It was me," Maria said as she became visible again, causing the class to gasp. "Where did you come from?" "How'd you do that?" "You.. You're one of those "Key" people?" The questions came rapid fire and, for the first time in her life, outside of family events, she was the center of attention. She displayed her newfound abilities like they were parlor tricks as the other fawned over her, or more accurately, the spectacle of a Key first hand, for some time, until the end of class came and the other students had to get going, making room for the next class. With a smile on her face, Maria vanished and walked around, listening to the girls talk as they left. "Who was that girl?" "I dunno. She must have just wandered in off the street." "Didn't you get a selfie with her?" "Yeah I did.. Huh... it's just me in the selfie..." Maria silently sighed again as she came to better understand that her abilities where really just an extension of her regular self, even to the point of causing people to forget her, what she looked like, and obfuscating her from cameras. It would be hard to get any degree of fame or fortune when nobody could film or even remember you... Maria picked up her bag, causing it to vanish from view as well, and began to walk home with tears welling up in her eyes, utterly unnoticed by every pedestrian and motorist...
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