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  1. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (back office) "Somehow I doubt this'll be the first time you've heard this, but you really should listen to your sister." Dominique said as she made a gesture wit her hand, and then muttered a few, strange words as she tugged on her earlobe. "Don' be worrin'. T'is jus' a spell to make sure our private conversation remains that way. We don' need more eavesdroppin' like him did." she explained, her normally very light, Haitian accent becoming much more noticeable for a bit, though began to gradually fade. "Now, a few tings..." "This is neutral ground for a reason. We enforce it. Don' ya think that other vampires, werewolves and even witches have tested that? Seriously, just because we haven't overtly displayed any power doesn't mean we lack it. So don' come in here an disrespect us in our own place, just like we wouldn't walk into ya home an disrespect you. It's basic respect. Ya get what ya give, someting your sis understands. She came in here, approached us, was polite, as were we, and asked for our help. Now she has it, free of charge, which is fortunate, as dem bones are not new to me." Dominique said, nodding the bones on the desk, encircled by a ring of ruddy colored powder. "An don' worry about that ring. The red brick dust wards off, or in this case contains, evil." she added. She then looked to Marko, addressing him specifically, "As for help your curse, this is a two-parter... One, have ya considered that ya own behaviour might be why people aren't inclined to help ya? I mean, insultin' people, talking down to dem and callin' dem "food" is not all that endearin', or encouragin' them to help. Ya can get more with honey than you can with vinegar... or threats. And two, we..." she said, gesturing at herself and Darrik, "...haven't refused to help ya with shit. The Regent might've, but she doesn't speak for us. We.." she said gesturing at Darrik and herself again, "...are independent. We're all on our own and have what we have because we've fought tooth and nail for it, despite the rest of the witches. Many of them want nothing to do wit' me, and the feelin's mutual." Dominique thought about it for a moment, rubbing her chin with a finger. "Though if ya are cursed, there's probably good for reason for it, likely the result of ya own actions, judging by the display here and now. But," she said, holding up a finger, "there are some spiteful witches out there, so it's possible, though probably unlikely, ya might have been needlessly cursed. So if you ask us for help, we might be inclined to look into the matter. Hell, hexes, curses and wards against them are me specialty. But this shit..." she said, gesturing to the door and office in general, "..has to stop. Nobody is telling ya to bend knee, kiss the ring or anything like that. Just show some respect for us and our place. You get what you give." she explained as she looked him over from head to toe, focusing on him intently for a moment as she does. "I'll give ya this for free though..." she finally said, relaxing a bit, "The longer you're cursed, the harder it is to remove, likely more so if the one that cursed ya has died since then." she offered. "Witches are a good thing to have on ya side when shit goes down. You've seen what just one did to ya with a single spell. So, what'll it be, Marko? Ya want our help with these bones and what is apparently on the horizon, and ta maybe see what we can do for that curse? Ball's in your court."
  2. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (back office) Dominique turned and looked at Marko, sizing him up for a moment as he spoke and complimented her, assuming this must be the vampire Darrik had mentioned earlier. As far as first impressions go, this certainly was far from the best one he could have made on the witch, which became immediately evident. "I am Dominique de la Croix, one of the owners and proprietors here." she said, introducing herself to the vampire in a somewhat flat, displeased tone. "Now, you can show us, and our establishment, proper respect, step outside the office and knock on the door politely to request entry," she said in a bit of a firm, matter-of-factly tone as she walked up to Marko and gestured to the door, adding, "...with some respect." in a much more polite tone and with a faint smile on her nude lips. "Your sister has been very polite, and it has resulted in mine, and likely Darrik's, aid, free of charge. I am sure you would not want to spoil that and sour the beginning of our relationship with by being ill mannered." she explained with a genuine smile and nod toward Cara. "And I asked questions to gain knowledge, like how she came into possession of my grandmother, Mama Sue's, bag of bones." she said, her voice gradually growing more firm, "So you can take your Madame Cleo bullshit, step outside this office, and leave it at the door while you knock with some respect." "And thank you for the compliment. It was very kind of you." she added as she walked to the door and opened it for Marko.
  3. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (back office) "Do you know where he got 'em? From this new 'master' he serves?" Dominique asked, looking closely at each bone. She thought back to that childhood memory, from long before she even knew what witchcraft really was, trying to tell if they were the same ones she remembered. She could not be entirely positive, but they sure looked and felt like the same bones she saw and handled all those years ago. "An' for that matter, why'd he give 'em to you? You can't even use 'em." she asked, peppering the vampire with more questions as she grew more and more confident that they were the same ones from years ago. "An' did you get the impression that he knew what they were?" she added to her queue of questions.
  4. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (back office) "Sure." Dominique replied as she moved some of the folders aside to clear a place on the desk. Dominique watched at Cara spread the bones on the desk and seemed to freeze in place, her gaze focused intently on the bones. They looked very familiar, the sight of which conjured up a very, very old memory in the witch, one of the scant handful of times she had truly made her grandmother angry, more angry that ever seen her before or since. They could not be the same bones from all those years ago... could they? The beautiful, young black woman snapped back to the present and looked back to Cara, her previously playful demeanor pushed aside. "Okay..." She said as she paced back and forth in front of the desk for a moment, clasping her hands together and holding them in front of her mouth. "For me to help you," she said, lowering her hands and composing herself a bit, "I know to know what you know about them. And I mean the truth, not some vague, evasive or flowery explanation or response like, no offense, your kind seems so keen on givin'. I'm talkin' the straight truth. No BS. Because these seriously radiate Dark Magic and that's some bad serious bad juju that you don' wanna be messin' with blind." she stated firmly. "Let's start with how in the world did these come into your possession?" she asked as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small baggie full of reddish powder which she carefully poured around the bones on the desk, encircling them in a ring of the powder. "And were they in a small bag with symbols all over it when you got them?" she tacked on, seeming to relax ever so slightly once the ring of powder was complete.
  5. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (at the bar) "You left them at at home?" Dominique asked. to which Cara nodded in response. She looked over Cara for a moment, her gaze drifting over each curve of the undead woman before her, while Dominique's other senses brought other concerns to her mind. "Then you might want to fire your stylist or re-think how you accessorize," she commented, half jokingly, "... because I can sense the Dark Magic radiating from here." she added, noting Cara's reaction to her observation. "Lucky for you, this is probably the safest place in the city when it comes to bad juju like that. So how about we step into the office, you spread'em and let me have a nice look, getting all up close and personal." Dominque offered as she grabbed the bottle by the neck and nodded to the office door, adding, "...your figurative cards, that is. Though, dinner at your place I'll take you up on sometime." for clarification with a wink.
  6. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (at the bar) Dominique downed her shoot and shrugged. "Probably because they're not 'in on it', as you put it." she said nonchalantly. "This is mine and Darrki's place." she added, nodding to her partner with a glance, noting the woman now speaking to him, who stood out like a sore thumb. She smiled as a thought crossed her mind and shrugged again, turning back to Cara. "Anyways. He seems a bit... preoccupied... at the moment. But anyways..." she said and offered her hand. "Dominique de la Croix. I'm from one of the oldest lines of Hoodoo practitioners in New Orleans, if not the New World, for that matter, so I think I fit your bill." she explained as she closed her eyes for a second and muttered something, only to open them once again and give Cara a more noticeable once over. "So what's the problem? Restless spirits? A bad hex? Help with some revenge?" Dominique asked and poured two more shots. "Or does this have something to do with the fiasco last night that somehow spilled into my club this morning?"
  7. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (at the bar) Dominique shook the offered hand as she listened and let out a small sigh with a slight frown. "Really? You're how old and that was the best you could do? Interest in a particular...craft? Real sly." she said in a bit of disbelief, rolling her eyes and shaking her head a little, causing her tight dreads to sway. "Well, I can see if he is available, or will be any time soon, but he and I are partners for several reasons, not the least of which is, as you put it, shared interests." she says and turns, grabbing a bottle of Jim Beam and two shot classes. She sets down the glasses and pours a measure into each as she speaks, "I mean, you know what city you are, right? There's prolly a dozen or more witches, shamans and voodoo practitioners with shops within a block of where you stand." she said with a shrug and then slid one of the shot glasses toward Cara. "Anyways. Manners. I'm Dominique de la Croix. I'm one of the owners of this fine establishment, Lead Bartender, Mixologist, Musician and Witch." Dominique said, introducing herself and lifting the shot glass, holding it up as if waiting for Cara to do the same.
  8. Name: Dominique de la Croix Age: Mid to Late 20's Place of Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana Gender: Female Height: 5'7” Weight: 140 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Black Occupation: Bartender, Burlesque bar co-owner, Musician, Witch Background Dominique is from a long line of Hoodoo practitioners in New Orleans. She is a truly beautiful woman who is also skilled musician. She spent some time living on the street, but was eventually found and taken in by her grandmother, with Darrik's help, who she now regards a more like a brother than simply friend. With a small inheritance after her grandmother's passing, and a cache of money Darrik seemed to have been keeping away, Dominique and Darrik together opened up the Simon Magus Burlesque and Absinthe Bar. Before opening the bar, Dominique studied and took classes on bartending and mixology, and with her natural flair for performance, turned out to be quite good at it, which when combined with her good looks, keeps a patrons returning and her pocket full of tips. Dominique is lead bartender, mixologist an occasional performer, while Darrik takes cares of the business end and books entertainment.
  9. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "There's a good reason why the Regent wants to use it and would wait here for hours to do it. It's is the best grimoire around. My family has been here since the beginning and has been building it ever since. So if she thinks I am just going to let her go willy-nilly through my grimoire, then she's got another thing comin'." Dominique said with some of the Haitian accent she picked up from her family peeking through, making her "another" sound more like "anudder". "Look.: she said with a sigh before continuing, "If she needs help, I will help her. It is what Mama Sue would have done. But she can tell me what it is she's looking for and I will check my grimoire for it." she explained to her friend, partner and essentially brother. She knew Darrik generally liked to play nice with the other witches, but they had always irked her bit, looking at her with suspicious eyes and always, or at least usually, hiding a level of distrust beneath a veneer of politeness when it came to her. Maybe they thought she had something to do with her mother's disappearance. Maybe it was due to her time on the street. Dominique didn't know why, but it was certainly there. Dominique sat on the couch with a small sigh which turned into yawn, contorting her beautiful face into some twisted mask for just a moment before her beautiful visage returned. She had slept, or at least 'relaxed', most of the prior day, but it had been a long night. She kicked off her boots and swung her legs up onto the office couch, wiggling her toes as she lay back against the arm. A small grin crept across her sensuous lips at the thought of the Regent, sitting in their burlesque club for hours, waiting for her arrive. On a certain level it did give her a small bit of smug satisfaction. She was human after all. As Darrik exited the office Dominique could see Janelle standing at the bar talking to a woman and looking a bit confused. For the most part in their partnership, Darrik handled the books, entertainments and whatnot, while Dominique handled the bar, and seeing one of her bartenders looking confused meant she had to step in. With another sigh Dominique roses from the couch, slipped on her boots and walked out, giving Darrik a familiar 'I got this' pat on the shoulder as she past him. "That;s one of the ones I mentioned earlier." Darrik said softly as she passed him, which caused Dominique to sigh. The beautiful, young, black woman put on her best smile walked up to the pair of ladies talking. "Hello. I'm an owner and manager, and could not help but notice a little bit of confusion here. Maybe I can be of assistance." she said to the patron and then looked to Janelle, giving her a nod to let her she would handle it. Janelle nodded and moved down the bar to another patron awaiting service, leaving the two to talk and work out whatever the problem or issue was.
  10. RANDOM "HOT GIRL'S" BEDROOM Dominique rolled over in the bed and cracked an eye open to look at the cheap clock on the nightstand. She huffed to blow one of her dreads out of her view. Seven thirty-something it read. She shifted her gaze to the window, who's curtains were just barely opened and noted the sunlight was a dim. She smiled. Mmm... breakfast. She always enjoyed a good breakfast. Sweet and savory all in one meal and it always left her feeling comforted and she knew the best place in town to go. "Hey." she said, turning her head back the other to lay on the pillow and look at the sleep form next to her. She nudged the vaguely humanoid lump and asked, "How 'bout we go an get some breakfast?" The other form shifted a little, letting out a groan before peeling the comforter away to reveal the dusky skinned girl laying next to her from the wasit up in nothing but a St. Christoper medal nestled in her cleavage. "Breakfast for dinner? Coo." the other woman said, which made Dominique smile. Wait. Did she say dinner? Dominique flipped her head back again to look out the window and the dim light, and only then did she notice the shadows. They were falling in the wrong direction. "Damned time change!" she cursed, hitting the pillow in light frustration with a hammer fist, causing the other woman to laugh. "We been here all day. Don'chu remember?" the woman asked chuckling. "Actually..." Dominique replied, turning her head back to look at her companion, "..it's all kinda blur to me. A good blur, but still..." she said as she rose up slightly and leaned over the woman, giving her a small kiss before adding, "That's... except for that one thing ya did. I'll be rememberin' that for some time." She smiled and kissed her again, this time a lingering kiss. When it finally broke they both had smiles on their faces and the other woman asked, "You got somewhere you need to be?" Dominique sighed and shrugged. "I suppose I should head inta work. I mean, I am a partner an all." she answered with a grin as she flicked her head, tossing her long, narrow dreads over her shoulder. "It's cool though. We can still get breakfast first. My treat." THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dominique came in the back door to the club, as she often did after her little unexpected vacations. She knew Darrik would be irked, he always was when she pulled this stunt, but it never stopped her. It was something she just had to do on occasion. She was so accustomed to living on the street, on her own, coming and going as she pleased, that the stress of the business and the daily grind would always catch up to her after a while and she would just need a day or two of freedom to do as she pleased, away from the bar and her phone. She knew he understood though, he was probably the only person that did, but she knew it still annoyed him and she could not blame him for that. She still wanted to avoid his irritation for as long as she could though. She nodded staff and customers who knew her as she made her way in and slipped behind the bar, causing a small cheer from some of the patrons when they spotted her. She was beautiful and was a natural performer. When combined with her magically boosted attraction and actual skill at bartending and mixology it made for quite a show that had made her quite popular and brought patrons back time and again. She could feel Darrik's eyes on her, causing her to wince slightly. "Where ya been?" he asked, his voice laced with his mild irritation. "Just.. out. You know." she said with a shrug, trying to play it off like she always did. "I left the bar stocked. You should'a been fine with me out for a day or two." she added, trying to downplay her escapade even more. "I've been texting you, you know?" "Oh sorry. Battery musta died." she said as she looked over the bottles, checking the stock and trying to avoid his gaze still. "Why? Is something wrong?" she asked.
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