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  1. RANDOM "HOT GIRL'S" BEDROOM Dominique rolled over in the bed and cracked an eye open to look at the cheap clock on the nightstand. She huffed to blow one of her dreads out of her view. Seven thirty-something it read. She shifted her gaze to the window, who's curtains were just barely opened and noted the sunlight was a dim. She smiled. Mmm... breakfast. She always enjoyed a good breakfast. Sweet and savory all in one meal and it always left her feeling comforted and she knew the best place in town to go. "Hey." she said, turning her head back the other to lay on the pillow and look at the sleep form next to her. She nudged the vaguely humanoid lump and asked, "How 'bout we go an get some breakfast?" The other form shifted a little, letting out a groan before peeling the comforter away to reveal the dusky skinned girl laying next to her from the wasit up in nothing but a St. Christoper medal nestled in her cleavage. "Breakfast for dinner? Coo." the other woman said, which made Dominique smile. Wait. Did she say dinner? Dominique flipped her head back again to look out the window and the dim light, and only then did she notice the shadows. They were falling in the wrong direction. "Damned time change!" she cursed, hitting the pillow in light frustration with a hammer fist, causing the other woman to laugh. "We been here all day. Don'chu remember?" the woman asked chuckling. "Actually..." Dominique replied, turning her head back to look at her companion, "..it's all kinda blur to me. A good blur, but still..." she said as she rose up slightly and leaned over the woman, giving her a small kiss before adding, "That's... except for that one thing ya did. I'll be rememberin' that for some time." She smiled and kissed her again, this time a lingering kiss. When it finally broke they both had smiles on their faces and the other woman asked, "You got somewhere you need to be?" Dominique sighed and shrugged. "I suppose I should head inta work. I mean, I am a partner an all." she answered with a grin as she flicked her head, tossing her long, narrow dreads over her shoulder. "It's cool though. We can still get breakfast first. My treat." THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dominique came in the back door to the club, as she often did after her little unexpected vacations. She knew Darrik would be irked, he always was when she pulled this stunt, but it never stopped her. It was something she just had to do on occasion. She was so accustomed to living on the street, on her own, coming and going as she pleased, that the stress of the business and the daily grind would always catch up to her after a while and she would just need a day or two of freedom to do as she pleased, away from the bar and her phone. She knew he understood though, he was probably the only person that did, but she knew it still annoyed him and she could not blame him for that. She still wanted to avoid his irritation for as long as she could though. She nodded staff and customers who knew her as she made her way in and slipped behind the bar, causing a small cheer from some of the patrons when they spotted her. She was beautiful and was a natural performer. When combined with her magically boosted attraction and actual skill at bartending and mixology it made for quite a show that had made her quite popular and brought patrons back time and again. She could feel Darrik's eyes on her, causing her to wince slightly. "Where ya been?" he asked, his voice laced with his mild irritation. "Just.. out. You know." she said with a shrug, trying to play it off like she always did. "I left the bar stocked. You should'a been fine with me out for a day or two." she added, trying to downplay her escapade even more. "I've been texting you, you know?" "Oh sorry. Battery musta died." she said as she looked over the bottles, checking the stock and trying to avoid his gaze still. "Why? Is something wrong?" she asked.
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