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  1. The cold wind of the gathering dusk faintly the bits of Karen's exposed flesh despite the layers she was bundled up in, one dark eye on the moonrise timer ap on her phone and the other alert for the return of her host. A boat, their transport for the coming evening to the gathering, bobbed faintly up and down, bird song transitioning from the day chorus to the evening chorus. after the nonsense of today, the leeches who filled her with righteous ire despite herself and the witches she didn't know right from left about, she was... looking forward to this. Honestly. And as soon as Dan got back, she'd help lever the cooler full of supplies down into the boat, and be on her way with him and whoever else he brought. At least the girl was apparently safe now. That had brought a genuine smile to her face. If her family didn't post a few guards with whatever you needed to kill witches and vampires tonight and tomorrow... She couldn't even...
  2. "...I guess you're the expert," Karen replied after a moment of hesitation, lips quirked in honest confusion. She usually attempted to at least get a grounding in whatever obscure trade she was tapping on a given job, but between being caught completely flatfooted on this whole incident, her Father's ghost showing up, and an expectation of some kind of lightshow associated with wizards... Whatever. The full moon was coming. She'd wait and hope on this one. "Appreciated, Darrik. I'll look forward to visiting again when the moon isn't calling. You run a good bar by the looks of it," she complimented with a nod and turned on one heel, offering Dan a 'Let's get going.' look over one shoulder.
  3. "No. Not party time," came the instant comment from the pretty brunette werewolf, "Your family would kill you, and then us, if we brought you home drunk. Our host probably wouldn't appreciate the risk to his business, too." And that would threaten Karen's fledgling place in the pack. The kill us was possibly literal with the girl's werewolf kin. She hadn't quite figured out all the rules in one night with Dan, unlikely, yeah, but still possible. Her dark-eyed gaze asked for back up on her forbiddance. The role of voice of responsibility wasn't one she played often. "So what do you need to make sure she's okay? That's two groups of people she might have been... affected by... since she got taken, Darrik," she volunteered with a smile to the witch, stopping herself from quoting Harry Potter in calling the potential magical trap an 'Imperio'. Might have offended him.
  4. Karren followed the vampire in, having left the bar to a) get some air and b) give the ghost/illusion/whatever it was of her Father a chance to deliver his/its message in solitude ala Shakespeare. The thing had gazed at her sadly as she walked through the doors, silent as ever as she glared at it, mouthing 'Well?' at it over her shoulder. The cold of the outside was settling fully around her when Jack's image faded and broke up and faded away. No clue. No revelations. Just dull blade to her heart when she had needed her wits about her the most and ruining her one first impression. God, the second she could secure what she needed to protect her daughter, she was leaving this city behind her faster than anytime she'd had to skip out of anywhere in her entire career, if this was her *second day*, the place was pure bad juju and could go rot. The arrival of the two younger girls outside the bar jolted her from her melancholy, and the first words she uttered, after seeing that they were more bubbly than visibly hurt or upset, were to the vampire, dry as the Sahara, "Thanks for returning them in one piece. We'll take it from here."
  5. Karen permitted herself to break eye contact with the ghost or whatever the hell it was, plastering her 5th best smile in place. Being thrown off her game was exactly what she needed. Figures she wouldn't even get a useful haunting that explained exactly what it was after. Sure, Othello or whatever ended poorly, but at least he had a clue. "Thank you for your concern, but so far it's nothing that some fresh air or an exorcism couldn't cure," she breezily replied, freezing as she realized exactly what she just said, "Damn it. Just a new brand of crazy that can wait until we get Melody back home curse free. Thank you for checking that, by the way. Greatly appreciated." She tried to preemptively wave away any potential concern, "It's fine. Really. If it does anything other than pissing me off standing there, I now know the place to go to track down a witch who might lend a hand."
  6. The 'ghost' remained where it had first appeared, following Karen with it's eyes, otherwise unresponsive to her defensive gestures. She let herself be lead to the seat while she thought, eyes only darkening from their temporary golden hue as Dan left and addressed the Regent with hopes of a solution to see if Melody had been magically boobytrapped. Seriously? That was a thing? Great. Wonderful. Perfect. She couldn't wait to get back to the swamp and wash the metaphorical stink of 'vampire' from her skin, put this successful rescue behind them until the full moon passed and she had time to learn the local hearts and minds. Karen continued to sit, gaze not deviating from Jack's just in case he *did* decide to do something, threatening or otherwise, fingers drumming on the table top. Soon as a few more minutes passed, she'd head outside to make sure the two women saw a friendly face first. But that would be in a few minutes. Just in case the ghost no one else could apparently see was waiting to do more than screw with her emotionally. If this was a trick, she'd personally kick the ass of the person responsible. If it wasn't..? She didn't know.
  7. He was just... standing there. Looking at her. As fresh and alive and warmly handsome as he appeared in the much loved picture in her wallet. And no one had reacted to him yet. A reflexive turn of her head away from the mirror to check the room for other danger brought another indrawn breath as she caught sight of him not just in the reflection, but actually standing next to her in the room. What the actual hell?!? The striking brunette nearly jumped backwards in her retreat towards Dan, hands coming up in a defensive gesture and dark eyes shifting to gold as her mind and her heart raced one another towards the cliff edge of exploding, trying and failing to make sense of what she was seeing. Her father was dead. Had been for almost 30 years. Dead of a car accident if her mother wasn't lying through her teeth. But then again... Closed casket funeral in a world with vampires and wizards and a curse that turned her into a god-damn wolf once a month and someone who could kill an entire room full of people the other 25 days. She gritted her teeth against the cocktail of fear and confusion and frustration, and entertained the notion for a heartbeat that she was seeing things. "Dan," she gasped, hands tightening into fists, fully aware how crazy she'd look if the answer to her next question was 'no' but unable to quite bury the edge in her voice, "Can you see him?"
  8. Karen was smirking behind her hand, fighting the urge to laugh out loud at Lilith's loss of face. Clearly she *thought* she was a big enough fish to take down this guy, whoever he was, but evidently she was *very* wrong. The angry voice in the back of her head quieted slightly, placated by the sight of the leeches on the verge of destroying one another. For now. A reassuring reminder that even vampires apparently have mental levers. "Not unless her serene majesty Lilith, first of her name, fails to release her and our other packmate to our protection by moonrise. We don't want to be in city limits tonight, and you probably don't want us here tonight. Far as I care, more words can wait until no bystanders have a gun to their heads. Then... Everyone... will be more calm and we can discuss this like rational adults without smashing up a very nice bar," the brunette answered Marko's question, "Oh. Name's Karen. I'm new here. Pleasure to meet you all. Hell of a town you've got here."
  9. There were many answers that Karen could give to the self-proclaimed leech queen of this city, but between how sideways this whole situation was going, an utter lack of information about what she was getting into, and the not-so-little voice urging her to shut the monster up by removing her head from her neck right the hell now now now… She picked one of her rarer options: straight talk. "Our task was to retrieve one hostage from you. Dan got talked into giving you another one instead. So for now... Yes. We have your back because you have a proverbial or not-so-proverbial gun pointed at the head of two of ours, and this is the price of getting them out of the city by moonrise," the sun-darkened brunette flatly ground out, crossing her arms over her chest, a frown marring her face, a monumental effort of will keeping her eyes from flashing gold with her ire, "Long as he considers you worth protecting, consider yourself protected." A quick glance at Dan made it clear who the 'he' in question was. Her frown flashed to her #2 best smile, "It's your show. Lead on."
  10. Lilith. The Vampire Queen of New Orleans Lilith? Wait. Why wasn't she combusting or demonstrating a sudden sunburn at least? Huuuuuh. Karen's eyebrow climbed up towards her hairline even as the second, very unpleasant implications hit her. Hostage? Favor? Ooooh. Information was her lever into people and she was sorely lacking today. "Is that so? Alright. Get on in," she drawled in response, even tone hiding her alarm as she unlocked the doors, "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Lilith. Did you pick that name yourself or were your parents amazingly liberal?"
  11. Karen had bitten her tongue upon being locked out of the meeting by Colby's little ploy. She was going to get a list of names as long as her arm as soon as this full moon was over and work them to the freaking bone so that she'd never get blind-sided by this shit again. Learn the rules and customs of this new world asap. Left alone in the truck, she drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, dark eyes alert for any sign of suspicious muscle and the need to get clear immediately, arrange a rescue. Dan's reappearance with a strange woman, a little older than she was expecting maybe, brought a smile of relief to her face, but then Meave failed to follow. The smile died inside, but long practice kept on her lips and in her eyes. She pulled up to the pair and rolled down one window a crack, just enough to hear and be heard, keeping the door locked. "This her, Dan? We're missing someone if I'm counting correctly," she offered, ready to floor it out of there if the situation seemed anymore 'sprung trap' than it already did.
  12. Karen had her phone out even as Colby said he'd text them, expression focused and eyes narrowed at the game as it unfolded in her mind's eye. "Can I have that address, please?" she asked distractedly when Dan's phone dinged, trying to put together a picture of what Colby wanted so that she could try and get ahead of him in his scheme. The series of numbers and letters her host conveyed where noted with only half a mind, fingers pecking over her touch screen and entered into a map search. The result she got back made her eyebrows climb half-way to her hairline, lips pressing to a thin bloodless line. "Hmmm. Colby either wants to test us or he wants us dead because he just gave us the address to Lilith's home. Lilith the vampire who is one of two people who would remember and hate my father. You never my question earlier: *is* there a proper way to arrange a meeting during the full moon? Who'd know if you don't? Information brokers? Neutral meeting places? There has to be something like that in this screwed up shadow game of yours, cuz I am not walking into Colby's meeting blind..," Karen half-muttered, ruing the fact she had precisely zero contacts of her own in this situation. And the clock was ticking towards moonrise.
  13. While the two men were talking, Karen discretely fished her phone out of her jacket pocket and checked her moonrise tracker ap, lips quirking as she saw how long they all had till they needed to be out in the swamp again. Plenty of time for her to at least try to earn her keep. Last night had been... different. All her previous changes had been feverish rushes of blind anger, a fire burning at the back of her head driving her towards anything living she smelled and heard and saw for hungry jaws and slashing paws to tear to pieces. And all it felt right, gorging herself on blood and bone and guts without a thought for tomorrow, all the word games she played for fun and profit like fog in the wind before the raging bonfire of the change. A private universe where she was the only living thing that mattered and deserved the gift of life. Being around another wolf when the change was on her though... The fire was still there, it still burned fierce and blue and unrelenting, but Dan and the other wolves... weren't challengers, weren't threats to be destroyed, just the opposite in fact. She was still processing that feeling, trying to put words to it even hours after 'waking up' naked and dirty with swamp muck all over her body and muscles aching. "Call the man, Dan. We need to get the girl away from those leeches and the clock is ticking till they have another whole night to... whatever vampires do to fledgling wolves," the brunette offered seriously, eyes narrow as she pocketed the phone again, "You said we're supposed to stay out of the city right now while our allerg... while the moon's full, but this needs solving now. I assume there's some formal way to meet with this... Queen... If we have to?" Her pretty features twisted with distaste at the title. God, she hated having to kiss the ring to do her business, preferred operating freelance and moving on like a fish in deep water. And the egos on those ones..! Still, needs must, and Dan was capable at least, reminded her of the better of her partners.
  14. Name: Karen Gaunt Age: 29 Place of Birth: San Jose, California Alias(es): Names are fickle things, aren't they? Profession: 'Sales'. Officially. Ht: 5'6 Wt: 120 Description: Dark-haired and brown-eyed with a smattering of freckles from days spent hiking, Karen has the stunning looks and good health of one who was blessed with good genetics and the good habits to maintain those gifts over time. She has an easy smile and an easier laugh to go with a flexible sense of style for when she's on the hunt either figuratively or literally. Background: Only five full moons into this whole werewolf thing, Karen's spent her entire adult life moving around the country working a series of odd jobs and getting in and out of trouble using her silver tongue and good looks. Doesn't really care for authority in most forms or for that matter, her step-father and the three younger half-siblings her mother had with the man since her dad died when Karen was the tender age of two. What few clues she could gather seemed to lead her dad's apparent hometown of New Orleans and the Bayou Pack she literally stumbled over less than a month ago. She's working this lead hard as she can, carving a niche for the one person she's both scared of and scared for: one Coraline Gaunt, age 5 and potential inheritor of the curse flowing through Karen's own veins.
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