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  1. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL GENTILLY The muscle car drew stares as it pulled into the guest parking slot nearest the entrance to the school. Marko glanced at the girls in the backseat via the rear view mirror. “Now let me do the talking, and follow my lead. I know you two don't want to be here but really it's best for you and we need to blend in.” The girls nodded agreement not happy but not totally depressed about the situation either. Marko led them inside and found the Office, after a short wait he found himself facing the overweight administrator with the hairdo right out of the nineteen fifties. “Umm I am so sorry Mr Cain but I don't see anything at all for your girls here.” Donna Lamoin shifted her ample posterior in her chair and sat straighter wich pushed her huge bosom out just a little bit more and began shuffling through several stacks of unopened mail. "I don't see anything a'tall here" THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Cara stopped on the sidewalk outside the witches club and closed her eyes, how did I let myself get caught up in all of this. Her hand slipped into her handbag and reassured herself that the bones were still there wrapped and safe. She hadn't been fond of New Orleans the last time they had lived her enthralled to the twins, and had relished her freedom when they had been sent away never to return. And now here they were. Fools of the ages. She needed a witch and she didn't know any but if what they had said about this place and the witches that owned it then their neutrality meant that they damn well better be able to keep their confidentiality. The bar was sparsely populated at this time of the morning but there were still a few patrons either stubbornly eking out the last of the nights festivities or getting an early start for this coming Fridays offerings. Several employees of the bar were also present a couple sweeping the floors and two behind the bar cleaning and stacking glasses and inventorying bottles. Cara didn't see the pretty boy witch from the day before she hoped that he was here. She went to the bar and smiled at the young African American woman who was showing a lot of skin and polishing a shot glass. “ Hi there.” “Can ah help yah,cher?” The black girl tilted her head and smiled with her smokey eyes. LAUTOULLE'S ALLNITE DINER AND GENERAL STORE Dan stepped from his truck and slammed the door as he looked at the various police vehicles with included the Parish Sheriff, as well as state police he saw Cabe's truck and his cousin talking to the sheriffs deputy of this parish. When Cabe saw him he excused himself and started toward Dan who met him half way. “Hello cous, I wasn't expecting your call today.” “Yeah well,” Cabe shrugged,”Dis is your problem now and not a good one. De wolf from last night she done been here and kilt half a dozen pople jus tore em apart last night. She wasn't feeding cous, she was just killin.” Cabe was talking low. “No one discovered anything till dis morning a trucker stopped for breakfast. He didn't call da sheriff he called the state police. They dispatched a car before calling Maurice. So coverin dis up already out the fucking window. Maurice called me once he saw dis mess. He knowed what it was even if he ain't blood.” Cabe put his hand on Dan's arm and leans in close.”They gots security video cous.” THE FRENCH QUARTER NEW ORLEANS Karen had parked the car and her an Meave weaved through the already busy street on foot. It was a lot to take in the street vendors selling souvenirs, the portrait painters the fortune tellers. It was as if everything was a bout the supernatural here. “Don't you worry It's what the tourists expect, I was the same way when I first came here couldn't believe how open it was but most of them are just fakes maybe one out of six really has a clue.” said Meave as she led her new friend through the crowd. Karen had decided that she needed to find a place to live on her own and after Dan had gotten a call from his cousin Meave had volunteered to take her in the city to find a room or and apartment. They had gotten a few likely addresses for rooms to rent off the internet and had set out. They had visited a couple of places that were affordable and would do but neither had clicked with Karen so they had a few addresses in the quarter to check out. Meave had told her that these places would be more expensive but Karen had just shrugged. “We can at least look.” Karen saw a street painter painting a portrait of a young girl that reminded her of her daughter when some one passed in front of her and a flash of colors captured her eyes. She spun grasping Meave's arm. “That jacket!” She said to the younger girl as she pointed at a group of older teenagers walking away from them all of them wearing Letterman jackets. “My dad had a jacket like that!”
  2. THE ANGELO ESTATE Abigail visibly paled under Cara's gaze. "We weren't eavesdropping, at least not on purpose," Cheyenne said taking the heat off her big sister as she pointed at the wall by the refrigerator, "someone left the intercom on." The vampires looked at the device the girl slurping her cereal was pointing at then at each other. Cara tilted her head as if asking WTF. Marko just shook his head, "We have an intercom?" "Uncle Jer had it installed right after we moved in before... before he passed. It was so he could call us if he needed anything." "So you two decided to use it to listen to a private conversation?" "No!" Abigail cried moving to stand by her sister. "I swear it was on when we got upstairs. I thought you had turned it on," she said looking at Marko keeping her eyes away from Cara, "that you wanted us to hear."
  3. “HOLD MY BEER” THE MARSH DAWN The dream of teeth and the memory of that terrifying howl gave way to pink tinged rivers which Karen's mind slowly realized were the veins in her eyelids. She blinked and pushed herself up into a sitting position looking around her. Others were starting to wake as well. The pain and stress of changing into the wolf was forgotten and the blessing of sleep had masked what ever pain turning back did to them, one of the blessings of the change that no one ever had to go through the process in reverse unless forced to. Meave was still asleep curled into a nearby ball Dan who had been between them was already up and partially dressed, well he had his pants on at least. Others were getting up and starting to dress. Karen noticed her clothes lying beside her and Maeves beside the youngster as well. Some one had placed all the wolves clothes near them so they would have them when they awoke. Again she looked around but didn't see anyone but the ones who had run with them last night. Dan Had woke a few of the others had woke about the same time. He slipped on his jeans and got up. The kin had brought their clothes and laid them out as usualy. His memory was foggy for a few minute he had dreamed about a white wolf with a blue flash on her side. Dan shook the dream from his head and walk around the pack make sure those who were awake were okay and taking a count. Only one was missing, Cabe. He saw that most every one was waking now and looked back at Karen who was up getting dress, Meave was sitting up rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Dan started that way and saw that Emily was coming into the clearing she looked around and spotted Dan and joined him by the girls. “Dan Hawkins,” she gave him a quizzical appraisal. She may not have been triggered but she was perceptive and knew that he was the one to go too now. “What was that? We all heard it something came around us but nobody saw anything.Scared most half out of their wits. And what happened to Cabe?” THE ANGELO ESTATE MORNING Colby hadn't told them everything and he wasn't going to. Cara had read it in his manner and his eyes. He wasn't afraid of them but he was afraid of whatever had made that ungodly howl. She had had to keep her brother Marco from going after the old werewolf and ripping him apart but she had and that more than anything told her how much of a toll the curse was taking on Marko. She had finally after finishing the bottle of bourbon and half of another gotten him calm enough to sleep and put him to bed. She had not gone directly to her bed after that though she had taken the bones to her private study a room she hadn't been in in almost a hundred years. There she placed them in a box that had been given to her almost five hundred years years before by the man she had thought she had loved, had thought that he had loved her . She briefly looked at the other contents of the magical jewelry box then closed and stepped up to the wall. She placed one end of the box against the wall and whispered a phrase in a language which to the uninitiated would have sounded like Latin. She felt the magic and watched as the box sank into the wall and vanished. It would be safe until she called for the box again, no one could find it there. Vampires don't have hangovers. At least as humans experience them. Marko had drank after the werewolf had left, had drank a lot and he had selpt after as well. Now he came down stairs he was not in a good mood and while not hungover he could still feel the remnants of the strong alcohol working-through his blood. He was hungry and his throat was dry he need something to drink so he went to the kitchen to get some ice for the bourbon he was carrying. And stopped in the doorway “Morning,” Mumbled Cheyenne around a mouthful of cereal which was making crunchy sounds as she chewed, a dribble of milk on her chin. Abigail was standing at the counter by the stove she turned and leaned her butt against the edge as she took a swallow from the oversized mug in her hands. On the counter were eggs, bacon, a loaf of bread, butter and several cooking utensils and a large frying pan. “There's coffee if you want some. Do you guys drink coffee? Or eat food?” “Of course we eat and drink we aren't savages,” Cara said as she stepped around her brother into the kitchen and froze when she too saw what he was staring at. Cheyenne was sitting at he table in a pair of boys boxer shorts and a t-shirt, Abigail was in a bed-robe and presumably a nightgown or pajamas's underneath, well as slippers but that wasn't what they were looking at. Cheyenne was eating cereal with a big box of Count Chocula sitting on the table right next o her bowl. The image of the Count staring right back at the two vampires. “What's an original?” Both vampires shifted their gaze as one to the older girl who sipped her coffee. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR MORNING The Simon Magus was open 24 hours a day except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they close for cleaning and deliveries. The club was busiest from about 10:30pm until 4:00 am, then things slacked off until midday. Last night was different. The club had always been a go to place for witches and the occasional werewolf and vampire. It was neutral ground a neutrality enforced by the Queen and unbeknownst to all but the owners by the Ancestors. The howl had been heard by every single creature with a drop of mystical blood in the entire city of New Orleans and it's environs. And it had chilled that blood. The mortals of the city may have felt something may have slept uneasy but they hadn't heard it and so were blissfully unaware of the horror that was now stalking their city. At the Simon Magus, the club had gotten busier and more crowded. Witches who didn't feel safe had come not in one or twos but whole covens had crowded into the venue and the streets in front. Vampires equally freaked out also cam. The club made them feel safe. And with all the supernaturals in attendance so to came the mortals. By the time the place was at and beyond capacity it was like Fat Tuesday and as the sun rose and the dawn washed the streets with a red glow the music still blared, the alcohol flowed and the people danced. “She asked you about my grimoire? But not what she wanted with it?” Asking about a witches grimore was like asking about their sex life...not something that was done unless you were on intimate terms. The crowd had had the two witches running back and forth working harder than they had had to work in months the clubs receipts would be equal to what they normally made in a full month, courtesy of the witches and vampires who were drinking profusely and spending in an attempt to drown their fear. Dom and Darrik had finally managed to take a moment and ducked back into their office. “No, and that was after sitting at the bar for almost three hours. What was that last night,” asked Darrick as he put some cash into the safe. “I don't know, it sounded like a wolf from hell.” Dominique fingered the necklace around her neck, it wasn't magical but had been given to her by her mother before...before she left. “This can't be a coincidence. Can it?”
  4. XP FOR EP01 WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING Dan - 5xp Karen - 5xp Marco - 5xp Cara - 5xp Darrik -5xp Dominique - 3xp
  5. TRAIT COSTS: EXPERIENCE trait experience points Increase Attribute Current level x 5 Increase Skill Current level x 3 New Skill 4 New Specialty 3 Discipline/Power Current level x 5 Advantage 3 per dot Blood Potency/Primal Rage/Channeling Current level x 10 The cost of a dot varies depending on what type of dot it is and how many dots you already have in that Trait. The Trait Costs table provides these costs.
  6. THE ROUSE CHECK Every time a vampire rises each sunset, calls upon vampiric powers, or stirs their Blood some other way, they risk rousing their Hunger. When a vampire surges Blood into their Attributes, takes on the Blush of Life, or mends their damaged body (pp. 218-219), the rules call for a Rouse Check. Activating most Discipline powers also comes with the price of at least one Rouse Check (see Disciplines, pp. 243-287). Other Supernaturals have similar requirements and their Traits are Sense of Self for Werewolves and Temptations for Witches. To make a Rouse Check, the player rolls a single die. As always, a result of 6 or higher succeeds. On a success, the supernatural's control remains unchanged. On a failure, the supernatural gains 1 more point of the Domineering Control trait (Hunger for Vampires, Sense of Self for Werewolves, and Temptation for Witches), and thus gains one more Control die.
  7. THE MARSH UNDER THE FULL MOON The white wolf never took it's eyes away from Dan's yet it watched as Karen dragged the carcass to them. The rest of the pack stood back grouped together, some still were aggressive but most seemed submissive all were confused. Cabe slunk to the back of the clearing and those wolves he passed stepped away from him. A few bared teeth at him. Meave had followed behind Karen and was tensed if shit went down she was ready. The white she wolf with the blue marking bared her teeth as a warning to Dan then broke eye contact with him and stepped closer to the dead deer and Karen. She lowered her head and sniffed at Karen. Karen had never seen a creature like this she could feel the power coming off it like heat from a car radiator in the California desert. She couldn't help but tremble at the beasts closeness as it moved it's head closer to hers and sniffed her, black lips pulled back revealing glistening fangs. Karen felt rage and fear, she wanted to bolt but she also wanted to sink her own teeth into this things flesh and rip it's throat out. It moved it's head and it's blue eye now stared into hers. Karen's heart thumped in her breast. It knows what I am thinking. The white wolf steps back and places a paw on the deer it sweeps it's icy blue gaze across the pack and settles back on Dan. Then it's chest expands as it draws in air and raises it's head toward the moon and bellows a howl the likes of which none of them have ever heard The tress reverberate smaller ones whipsaw back and forth leaves cascade and swirl as if in a wind storm. Most of the pack fall to their knees whimpering only Dan, Karen and Maeve remain standing. Then as the howl fades the white wolf is gone as if vanished into thin air. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dominique opened her mouth to answer Darrak when the lights flicker and an unearthly howl could be heard. Both witches left the office the howl still crying in the night but no one other than them seemed to hear it, the music still played and the mortals oblivious still drank and danced. Dom and Darrick went outside through the side exit. They could still hear the fading howl could feel it in there bones. They looked at one another. THE MARKO ESTATE Marko had just about had enough. Cara tentatively picked up the finger bones and just then the lights flickered and a howl came from the night. At first it sounded distant but as it grew it sounded like it was coming from right beside them. The windows rattled as if from a strong wind and Colby smiled and stood. “That's the boss, I better get going now,” he tosses a card with his number onto the table. “Call me tomorrow or the day after. Don't wait too long.”
  8. THE MARSH UNDER THE FULL MOON The pack feel upon the kills and played their dominance games once the formalities were over they gorged themselves on the fresh bloody deer for long minutes the only sounds were the rending of flesh and the crunch of bones the sounds of wolves feasting. But that soon gave way to other sounds the youngest grew full quickest and their playful nature was expose d as small groups began play and there was always one or two of the female who were in heat and so another type of play began but that which should have lasted until exhaustion and sleep was cut short. Cabe, the Alpha, and Dan caught the scent of the intruder first Cabe stood from where he had been lying with another wolf a close friend whom had born him children even though their human lives rarly crossed. Others caught the sudden alertness of their alpha and stopped their own play. Meave had been annoying Dan the youngster had made it known that she had set her sights on the older more powerful wolf Dan pushed her aside but she came back and he growled a warning at her low and full forced with his dominance. Meave growled back not willing to cower but then they heard more growls and she looked that way. Many of the pack had stood and came to stand beside yet still behind Cabe all faced to tress to the north Dan stood and so did Karen and Meave but all three stayed where they were. The growls of warning intensified and Cabe lowered himself in preparation of attack teeth bared the growl of war being picked up by those nearest and rippling through the pack and then the other stepped out of the trees. It was white, almost pure white, but Dan and the girls could see from an angle where they stood that it had an unnatural blue streak through it's fur on it's back. A streak that looked like flames from a race car on it's left hand side from it's hind hip to just below it's shoulder. As a specimen of wolf it was perfect it was also the largest wolf any of them had ever seen it was the size of a pony. Dan could see that there was blood caked around it's jaws and its paws were blooded too. It bared it's fangs at the pack and a low growl of warning sounded from deep in it's chest It slowly cam fully out of the treeline several of the pack backed away Cabe didn't his growl intensified. The white wolf swung it's head too and fro more of the pack backed away. Cabe still stood his ground he was alpha, but Dan saw a shiver run through him. Then the white wolf looked at Him Karen and Meave their eyes met and Dan saw the vision again, this was the wolf he had seen when he met Colby. But it couldn't be Colby this wolf was female. Karen saw it too saw the same vision she had seen when she met Colby but she saw more she saw the dead spread across the land at it's feet and she saw the dead's faces. The faces of the pack.
  9. THE ANGELO ESTATE MOONRISE Colby sat through Marco's bluster shifting his eyes over to Cara once or twice, his breathing even and thoughts unreadable. But Cara saw something in his eye that Marco was missing. He wasn't afraid of them. “You didn't let me finish my story, I'll be quick. The vampires didn't have any clue what had happened to Beck's bloodline but when word got to Annika, the oldest Original and the smartest one of the bunch from what I hear, she set out finding her brother and sister. For the first time in years and years all of them were together except Beck so they found a witch to find Beck and found nothing. It was your boyfriend who found out that the church had sent Beck to Spain so He went there and found out what had happened. All that took a couple of years. Montero's skeleton had become a relic to the people around there her bones collected becoming talismans and made into amulets. The peasants claimed that they held powerful Magic. And apparently they did. The second original died about a hundreds years after that.He was killed when a stake made from a femur from Montero's skeleton was driven through his heart and he burned to ash. And a few hours after that his line died. Leaving only four left” He chuckled and pointed a finger at Cara,” If I recall my little history lesson, you were making your second attempt with lover boy Erik, well we all know how that turned out. But you Marko were with the twins still and rode a wave of terror all through Northern Spain for the better part of a year. They never told you why you were in Spain never revealed what they were looking for what they were collecting That they had been sent there by Annika Magnuson. Her pet witch had revealed the bones for what they were and she knew that they had to be found and destroyed. Erik didn't want anything to do with it he wanted the curse to end but didn't have the guts to do it himself. So she sent the twins and they brought you their rabid little attack dog. While you were raving the countryside killing they were locating the bones of Claudia Montero, collecting as many as they could and with you distracting every official in Spain with your depredations they found damn near all of them. They were supposed to bring the bones to their sister, instead they brought them to America along with you.” Behind Colby Marco and Cara could see that the moon had risen, a full moon, whose light shined down bathing the old werewolf in blue light. Suddenly Colby moved but it was only to take something wrapped from his pocket. He smiled at both of the vampires and unwrapped it it was part of a skeletal hand, most of the first two fingers and part of the thumb, the bones yellow with age. He lays the fingers on the coffee table and slides them to you. “She said you wouldn't believe me. So she told me to bring you this so you can have it checked out. There's more to the story. But it can wait. Check that out, call me and Ill finish it. One way or the other she's going to kill them. You can either help her and yourselves in the process or you can die when they do. She doesn't care about y'all she just wants them dead.” Colby picks up the glass of whisky and downs it. The two siblings can see the large ring on his ring-finger with a prominent blue and white stone, a moonstone.
  10. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Erica nodded and bent down to pick up her purse that she had set by her feet when she came up to the bar. “Any particular time?” “I or my partner should be here by 10:00 AM, any time after that. We open for business at 2:00PM and it gets busy so let's say between ten and two.” Darrik waits for an acknowledgment. “Alright I shall return after ten tomorrow. It was a pleasure meeting you...?” The question hangs between them for a second before Darrick gives her a charming smile. “Darrick.” “Darrick,” she smiles back then turn and says over her shoulder as she walks away toward the exit, “Have a nice evening.” Darrick watches her walk out then returns to tending the bar and the next problem. THE ANGELO ESTATE Colby cocks his head at Marco, as he, then Cara spoke, but he never takes his gaze off of Marco.”My this curse has really gutted you hasn't it. And no Cara there is no gun at my head other than the same one you two have. Whether they are here and in our faces or off doing whatever the originals have their fingers at our throats. Always have and always will. Unless they are gone. Our boss has been seeking this very thing for her entire life and she has already set this in motion. The fact that you came back to the one place in gods creation where your precious Kristen told you never to return too should give you pause. You know that wherever they are they know your here. Right this very minute one or both of them are probably on their way to full that promise he gave you when you pulled your little tantrum. What was he said...If you ever so much as pass by my city again I will show you such torments that will make the scholars of the world have to redefine the meaning of pain and suffering. Got give the little shit his due he did have a way with words.” As Colby spoke Marco's hands tightened into fists white with the anger that was growing. Cara spoke before he exploded.”She? This person commanding you is a woman then?” Colby looked startled, obviously he hadn't noticed his slip. “Yes, she is.” He admitted realizing that trying to cover would be a larger mistake. “And she has been at this a long long time. Let me tell you a story that you have never heard and that you will never believe is true. But it is. There was a witch her name was Claudia Santalo, she lived in Spain in the late 16th century about the time you two were being seduced and damned by the twins. She was good witch a christian witch actually the village she lived in had a small church where she attended mass and prayed. The peasants thought she was blessed by god the priest knew she was a witch but since she used her magic to help the peopled they looked the other way. Claudia's fame grew and spread to other villages who started coming to her for help. Being a good Cristian she always helped. This went on for many many years the priest of the village church grew old and passed away and the mother church sent a new priest who when he discovered Claudia's nature sent word to Rome. Not long after that Rome sent priests and soldiers to investigate. The investigation was a sham the intent had always been to kill the witch. But one of those that Rome sent was Beck Magnuson, who had insinuated his way into the mess that was the church during this time. Of all the Originals he was the one that reveled in it by all accounts he was a truly horrible monster who brought all the terrors that vampire would become known for to life. They slaughtered the whole village even the priests and burned the church, saving the witch til last Beck had her tortured and raped by his men, limbs broken he and his vampire disciples fed on her, then he would give her blood to heal her so they could torture her more. It went on for days until Beck got bored and so they chained her to a stake and burned her as the sun went down. As she burned she screamed and called on god but god didn't hear her cries so being a witch she turned her pleas to curses and swore that she would burn them as she herself was burned in the unholy fires of hell. Now Beck was an original and he and his followers all had sunlight rings so they were immune to the sun, or so they thought. The witches pyre burned through the night and was smoldering as the sun came up Beck and his crew had watched and partied through the night they had taken more captives from one of the neighboring villages many of whom were now dead but some the vampires hadn't gotten too yet. As the sun rose suddenly the pyre began flaming again the the surviving witnesses claimed they heard the witches voice screaming curses at Beck and his men then suddenly the vampires and all the men Beck had brought with them from Rome burst into flame. Beck being an original was tougher than the others and didn't actually catch fire immediately. He fled into one of the last remaining buildings thinking that it was the ring that had failed and the sun was burning him. It wasn't. Now as the story was told there was a little girl hiding in the house where Beck fled into and supposedly she saw the ghost of the witch confront and burn Beck to death. Burn him to where even his bones where ash. In fact every man and vampire that came from Rome had been reduced to nothing more than ash. But not Claudia's bones the tale says that her skeleton was still intact, chained to what remained of the stake that they had put her on. Course that might just be a story but within a few hours every single vampire sired by Beck desiccated and died. That's how the bloodline link was discovered.”
  11. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "A job." the blonde spoke a little too loudly fearing the music would overcome her voice, "Wow, love the acoustics in this place very well designed." Darrik nodded the acoustics among...other things kept the sound level to where voices carried at least in the vicinity of the bar. He looked the woman up and down but before he said anything she spoke again. "My name is Erica Linder, I have just moved here to New Orleans, I'm writing a book and it is set here. But i do need a job one where I can absorb the ambiance as well as make a paycheck. The rent is more expensive than I expected. I have experience. I have bar-tended before. If there is an application i can fill it out with history and references."
  12. THE ANGELO ESTATE Marco was silent, uncharacteristically so, Colby waited a few baited to see if the brother had anything to add before turning his attention back to the sister. He gave her that wide smile. “Now Cara you know silver is just a wives tale like garlic and crosses. No our,”he emphasized our,” boss has other ways to ensure our...cooperation.” Cara felt her own anger rising at Colby's demeanor as if her were laughing at then like they were the punchline of some joke only he and whoever shared. “Then what is this person after,” she said an edge to her voice present that hadn't been before. Colby tilted his head like a dog, which he sort of was, “Fair enough. The plan is to kill the Originals,” he said as unassumingly as possible. The only sound was the crackle of the fire. “The originals can't be killed...” Cara began when Marco broke his silence. “Why would we help anyone do that? It would be suicide,” he said still as a statue. Colby looked at the siblings. “They can be killed two of them already have. But you knew that didn't you otherwise you wouldn't have known about the link in the bloodlines.” Colby looked Marco in the eye, “What you don't know is that that blood link can be severed. That's what your being offered. Freedom” THE MARSH Cabe chuckled “Sump'n like that,” he said as he stepped past Karen and Dan patting Dan on the shoulder as he went to greet more of his pack. It grew darker food music and drink flowed it was like a country get together and no one seemed concerned about what was coming. “Is it safe for all the non werewolves to be out here?” She asked of Dan at one point. He shook his head. “We all werewolves cher, just some are triggered and will change the rest won't. You'll see, when your a wolf you know, you won't attack kin. Not unless you mean too.” Karen saw the youngest, teens still, mostly girls who would change drinking the juice as they called saw how it made them look pale and sick. Then all to soon she notice small groups of people breaking off and heading out of the clearing deeper into the marshland. She jumped when Dan touched her Arm “It's time.” He led her and another small group including Meave into the marsh following the other groups the walked for about five minutes the sounds of the party behind growing dim the noise being absorbed by the trees and the hanging moss. Soon they came to another clearing this one was almost perfectly circular with the stump of a huge tree knee high in the middle all the other trees goon the stump was about eight feet across, and Cabe was standing by it all the rest circled around both him and the tree. Once the people stopped trickling in, there were twenty-eight of them, about a third of the people who had been back at the party. Cabe raised his arms and stepped up onto the stump. The gathering grew quiet. “It is a True moon tonight brother, sister, aunts,a uncles, and cousins, tonight we hunt as a pack, we move as fast as our slowest, we share our kill among us cause we are the bayou pack!” he raised his face to the sky and howled and the circling pack joined him. Then he jumped off the stump and began to take his shirt off. All around the men and women began to undress and fold their clothes which they then laid on the stump. Dan leaned over and gestured behind them to the trees. “You can go back behind those trees if you want. Just push your things out when your done I'll put em on the stump you can come out when we change.” Karen looked at the rest no one was paying her much attention and no one else was going out behind the bushes. “No it's okay thanks though.” And she began to strip. Before she was done she began to feel the first stirrings of the beast. As the moon started it's rise. The pack stood or sat each alone in their thoughts as the moon rose and her baleful eye looked down upon them then one or two began to groan and moan as the change started then another started in seconds the clearing was filled with the sounds of pain and anguish Only Dan and Meave didn't succumb to the torturous process as both of them had control of their change something few kin ever gained in their lifetime. Meave looked on at the writhing bodies undergoing the cursed change and then she looked hungrily at Dan her senses heightened by the moon she recognized the superior beast throwing her head back she howled at the moon now cresting fully above the tress bathing them all in lunar light. One by one the newly changed wolves joined that howling. Dan held off till the moon was above the tree then even he could no longer resist and smoothly without the pain the others suffered he changed and joined his voice with the others. Cabe, now a gray and black wolf, snarled and lept about barking until the howling quieted then his yellow eyes gleaming he darted into the deep marsh and the pack followed. The hunt was on. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR It had been a remarkably busy day which had slipped into night. Margarete had sat at the Bar while Darrik had made several call none of which were answered he both voice mail and text messages, still notheing. As evening approache and somewhat angry Marguerite stood and told Darrik, “Have her call me when she decides to show up back in the world.” Darrik was too busy to think much but Dominique quiet did give him some worry plus the burden of doing everything was getting to be annoying. It was almost eight when he saw the blonde standing at the end of the bar. He had noted her when she came in alone about half an hour ago. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties but he could tell that with the right clothes or makeup she could pass for much younger or older if she wished. She wasn't tall and the clothes she had on a simple shirt and a a light jacket and slacks not jeans and a pair of serviceable Mary Janes. All quality but none of it fancy. She had sat at a table and from there Darrik had pretty much passed her out of his mind. Until now. When she saw that he saw her she smiled at him and her eyes asked if she could talk to him.
  13. THE MARSH DUSK "Is that music'" asked Karen? "Haha, course it is dear. Tonight's the True Moon. We don't let events like that pass us by. One thing you learn living with the curse, is you got to live or you will die." Emily had answered as Dan hefting the ice coolers had led them into the maze of cypress, oak, and marsh grass. The shadows from the setting sun danced amid the eerily bent limbs of trees which would have been frightening to a lone person but seemed welcoming in company. Then they reached a clearing and the music was suddenly louder brighter and it was full of people. At least thirty or forty members of the Bayou Pack, both triggered and untriggered filled the clearing, the perimeter was lined with five foot poles with cups containing some sort of slow burning oil lighting the area. People were talking laughing, some were dancing a little three piece combo of guitar, banjo and drum was playing lively music, food was being cooked on little portable barbecues or on open fires, and everybody had a beer. As Karen looked on in a sort of dazed wonder more people joined the gathering. Emily smiled up at the wide eyed California girl, "And this is living hun." THE ANGELO ESTATE Colby set his empty glass down and his smile while still glued to his face seemed to reflect something other than humor. He moved to a sofa and sat crossing one leg over the other and resting his left hand on his knee while throwing his right arm across the back of the sofa, all the while eyeing Marko. measuring him. "It's a long story kind of involved, you may want to sit and get comfortable." He glances over at Cara, "We ain't gonna be interrupted by those kids are we?" While Cara checked on the girls and made sure they understood not to bother the adults Marko poured another drink then sat in a well worn wingbacked accent chair, when Cara returned she sat in the other wingback. Colby took a deep breath. "So after the little test this afternoon, our...boss sent me here to, tell you two whats expected of you and answer questions, probably not all of them but some." Marko was quiet. Cara spoke first. "Ok who is this person and why the games?" "The boss wishes to remain anonymous for the time being, the games as you say, were two fold one to muddy the water sow confusion, misdirection, whatever you want to call it. And to see if Marko's curse was the real thing." "
  14. THE ANGELO ESTATE Colby, still smiling that annoying smile takes the glass and makes a long slow pull, savoring the rich taste of the whiskey, "Damn that never gets old." He takes a deep breath taking in the aroma of the whiskey then smiles some more and shakes his head at Cara's comments. "No darling that is not actually in question, I would be the one responsible for that little theatrical display. No i am here to fill you two in and give you your marching orders." THE MARSH DUSK Dan cut the motor draping the boat in a cloak of silence as it slid the remaining few yards into the grass lined shore. With deft movements he made his way with little rocking or upset of his passengers to the bow where he stepped off onto the soft but dry ground. it was quiet as he and his crew, Karen, Meave, and Emily left he confines of the boat with their ice chests and other things. Nearby Karen noticed other small boats tied to the wooded shore and in the distance she heard music.
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