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  1. Jack looked at his great grand daughter then at the dark brooding man with her that he immediately recognized as an Alpha, which made his hackles rise and a low growl resonate deep in his chest, he ran his finger through his hair and stepped up to Karen. Then tentatively he reached out and put his hands on her shoulders. Her eyes nearly popped from their sockets at the shock of his touch. "Oh my god, how is this possible?" He asked as he pulled her into a tight hug!
  2. The sports car pulled to the side of the road about twenty yards away and just sat there. traffic was light, a few cars sped past, then it was just the two. "Maybe we should..." Colby started but stopped when the door on the sports car opened and the black man got out. He stood there for a moment one leg still in the car, he looked up and down the road then took his sunglasses of then the other door opened and a man got out. Young almost looked like a teen, Fair haired average height and build, wearing a light colored linen suit. He stood for a second, took his sunglasses of and grinned. "Oh Fuck, " muttered Colby. Then one by one the doors on the SUV exploded off their hinges and the vampires followed them as if sucked into a black hole. Cara was frozen a black hand of fear gripping her heart. The four vampires lay in a pile each a gaping hole where there hearts had been. But Cara didn't see them she was staring into a pair of pale blue eyes, eyes that belonged to Kristen Magnuson, an Original vampire. "Hello Cara, I have so missed you, and your brother."
  3. In the Cemetery While Dan checked to see if any of the witches still lived Karen had stood and was breathing heavily trying to let the rage go when Dan cursed. "They are all dead." He looked up a Karen with what she took as an accusatory expression but as she started to say something her great grand father stepped up to the gate of the Jewish section and with some hesitancy reached out and opened it. In the SUV Colby looked back as did the watchdogs, all except the driver. "I take it you don't know them," he asked Cara? She shook her head, "No but then I'm new in town, well at least in the century." The driver looked at them in the rear-view, "You want me to keep on to the Angelo house?" Colby cocked his head and looked the question to Cara, leaving it in her ball court.
  4. As Karen began to push herself upright something tugged at her ankle, looking down she realized it wasn't a root she had tripped over it was one of those smokey chains and more were sprouting from the ground.
  5. Karen bristled but nodded then something caught her eye. Back in the Jewish section among the monuments she saw her Great Grandfathers ghost, kneeling and writhing on the ground, held there by smoky chains coming from the ground pulling hims down...
  6. The Cemetery They drove on, the silence interrupted only when Karen gave instructions as to where to turn. Dan knew generally where the cemetery they were going to was but had never actually been there so he followed the directions she gave him. That she had remembered the way after only an afternoon of driving in the city was a testament o her intelligence and Dan was impressed. It took them about thirty minutes to reach the back gate she had been to earlier that day. It was getting late in the day now about the usual dinner time here in the south and the smell of cooking from the nearby residences filled the air, but underlying it was something else. Karen was out of the truck before Dan had killed the engine and taken several steps toward the gate, she was looking around peering through the standing headstones and sepulchers looking for her great grand daddy. Dan got out of the truck and called to Karen, "Hey wait up we have plenty of time." As Dan spoke a smell hit him a scent of rotten flesh and blood. He stopped in his tracks and at the same time Karen caught the smell as well.
  7. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR With all in agreement the various groups made ready to go about their tasks. Cara and Colby were first to leave, Darrik watched them collect the other four vampire watch dog and leave the bar. As he was turning to head back into the office he saw another person a young black man who was also paying close attention to Colby and company. As the man rose to follow them Darrik mumbled a word an with a gesture gazed out at the auras of the room, the man was a vampire! Back in the office, Dominique was telling the two werewolves where to search for the hidden set of bones as she finished up the bag to hold the set of bones Hawkins had brought. “I know where it is,” growled Karen, “Grab your Bones Dan and Lets get going. I don't want to get caught in the city.” With a glare at Karen Dominique handed the bag to Dan and they left.
  8. Colby nodded at Cara's suggestion, "I'd be happy too. We can take care of my 'bodyguards' while we are at it." He looks over the others. "Hawkins, you and Ms. Gaunt find out from Dominique where the hidden bones are and go get them. Dominique, we need the bones your grandma had will you get them and see if you and Darrik can find the spell or whatever to use the dammed things." He drinks one last shot raising the glass in a silent toast first. "We'll meet back here in the morning if all goes as planned."
  9. Colby swirled the tequila in his glass thinking after a moment he shot the spirit back into his throat and shook his head. “You mean the girl who was kidnapped? It wasn’t real another part of Erica’s ploy designed to get the Queen out of her fortress. That fool witch was just a sap Her witches fooled into doing the deed. As for Mother Waters yeah that’s Her head witch but the only thing I know about the curse was that it was done at Erica’s behest, pretty much for the reasons you said. I can try to find out more but that may be hard if Marko is firmly in her camp now. I know that the bones were divided up between the groups that signed the accords with the Queen. I was there and those,” he points to the box that Dan had brought, “are the ones that went to the Werewolves. Those are what led to the split and ultimately why I left New Orleans. Another set went to the witches and the Regent, actually the first regent since that was the first time all the witches had ever come under one banner, so to speak.” “I didn’t know that. I thought there had always been a regent,” said Dominique giving Colby a inquisitive look. “No, they had been separate, sometimes warring, factions before then, only coming together when the queen took over and they needed to show a unified front. They chose a representative from each coven and then chose the most powerful witch in the city to be the regent. The Queen gave her the bones. Another set was supposedly hidden somewhere in the city. But if we can get the witches bones that will give us two set, She killed one of the Originals with just one bone. Certainly we can kill her with two sets.”
  10. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Colby shook his head at Cara's question. "No I can't turn into a wolf anymore but the old blood still holds, she could probably compel me but she never has, those others, including that cunt who turned me, not a chance. i know how this ends for me. She could have made me like her but she didn't, that tells me all I need. As for the bones It all started a long time ago..." Colby relates the story of the Bones that he had told to Marko and Cara the night before. When he finishes he takes another shot of tequila. "She hates them, the originals, I don't know why, she claims to one of them or at least like them and frome what I have seen I believe her. But she is worse than them, I knew the twins they were crazy and fucked up but they would never hurt this city. She'll turn the streets red with blood if she thinks it will get her what she wants. That's why I'm here."
  11. The old former werewolf now vampire leaned forward planting his elbows on the table and he stroked his mustache, "I think you got that reversed, but i don't know for sure I was trying to get her, " He points a Cara, "and her brother on track, as they were being difficult. As for what she is doing now with Marko who the hell knows. But what i do know is if we all do what it is she wants I have a good feeling we are all expendable. And frankly I don't like being expendable. We need them bones, as many of em as we can get." He reaches over and places his hand over Dominiques, "And we need you. With them bones and you we can get rid of the originals when they get here and we can get rid of Erica Lindstrom."
  12. Colby poured another drink and raised it to Dominique, "'bout 98%. She didn't turn me she made one of her thugs do it that big aryan woman out there. But she gave me the choice. Either that or die." He shoots the shot. "I wasn't ready to die quite yet."
  13. Colby once again stares at the young female werewolf then bursts into a gut straining throw your head back laugh. After a moment he gains control and wiping a tear from his eye he shakes his head still chuckling, "Because my dear Miss Gaunt, who the hell do you think my boss is?"
  14. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "Sounds wonderful, "said Colby, "after you ma'am." He followed up with a polite nod at Cara, then as he followed after her motioned for his entourage to remain outside. Once everyone had arrived in the lounge and taken seats and the drinks were poured, Colby raised a glass in toast. "To what I hope is a long and lasting partnership and to new friends." As he downed his drink everyone else just looked at him then realizing the social aspect drank. Glasses hit the table and Colby picked up the bottle and poured a new round. "I understand why some of you may be a bit unsure of me and my actions but It's time I come clean and try to take advantage of this situation and salvage what I can." He looks at Cara. "I hope you have learned what you needed to learn abou them bones cause we may need them sooner than you or I imagined. Seems our boss has decided to forego me as the middle man and is dealing directly with your brother and that my dear does not bode well for any of us."
  15. Colby gave Dan a heartwarming grin then Turned back to Dominique. "A tequila sounds wonderful, perhaps You and Miss Angelo and those two," he points his thumb back over his shoulder at the werewolves, "would car eto join me for a drink? Perhaps some place a little more private?"
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