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  1. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (out front) Erica appeared to hang on every word and Marko could tell, from all the subtle signs he had learned from half a millennium of un-life from countless women, that she was falling under his influence without the resort of his mystical power. She reached up and touched his arm and let her fingers slide down the well-formed muscles in an almost erotic caress. “Maybe I should have you give me the real tour?” THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (in the office) Dominique softly chanted in a language which sounded vaguely latinesque but was not Latin, She repeated the same phrase three, then four times. Cara and Darrik watched, the vampire fascinated and the male witch worried. Darrik frowned this sort of spell shouldn’t be that hard. Dominique stopped her chant and gasped her eyes remained closed but her left hand shot out and took Darrik’s, she needed more power. Darrick had been ready and so the sudden pull of his own power was not a shock. Dominique began chanting then Darrik join their voices weaving in and out together, the candles flared, Dominque’s right hand shot out and grasped Cara’s hand who hand expected it and she gasped as her own power the force of her un-life was added. The sensation was almost orgasmic. The pyre burned, flames shooting toward the sky lit orange, the woman at the stake, a witch, was on fire yet she didn’t scream in agony instead her scream was a chant, a curse. The soldiers gathered drunk with wine and debauchery, wore the symbols of the church one stood out tall blond with feature unmarred his eyes red and the veins around them black and extended lending a demonic cast to otherwise pleasant visage made all the more horrifying by the fangs bared in hatred. The soldiers burst into flame as the witch burned and so to did the knightly vampire he drew his sword and as he burned climbed the pyre even after the others were dead and as he burned he hacked the witch to death dismembering her only to collapse upon her slaughtered corpse. And so died the first of those who could not be killed. The vision shifted and the three suffered a sense of vertigo. Time had passed days months a year? But the village was the same one the burned stake still standing. The moon was full the village fallen to disrepair the skeletons of those who died there littered the ground. The wolf large with a blue mark like a flame on its back stalked among the bones and the cold pile of ashes, it sniffed and pawed then with a nauseating twist the wolf became a woman seen from the back, her long flowing hair white in the moonlight where the blue mark had been on the wolf’s back a brilliant tattoo of a blue phoenix adorned her muscular back. The women unbent form her crouch and slowly stood holding her hands aloft in them was a skull blackened by fire… Vertigo, the vision shifted again. It was day a cloaked figure the face hidden by the cowl, stalked a cobbled street, following a man his dress was that of a nobleman from the 16th century. His features were familiar, he resembled the vampire that had burned with the witch. He crossed into and ally the cloaked figure followed. The man spun drawing a sword the cloaked figure raised a hand it holds a burned skull The hand was a woman’s and the voice chanted in a tongue unknown to all who listened. The man staggered his sword dropped to the ground his lips pulled back revealing the fangs of a vampire the cloaked woman was screaming the words now repeating them over and over her volume rising in pitch with each phrase until the vampire burst into flame and her voice became a howl… The second of those who could not be killed perished. Vertigo followed as the scene shifted and shifted showing four people at various times and places killing and stealing bones from poor villagers. They were vampires, Cara recognizes two of them, the twins. These are the remaining Originals. They gather the bones, all except the skull, and place them in an oak chest. The twins take the chest and board a ship. The vision ends the candles go out The witches and the vampire are breathless and stunned by the power of the visions. Cara remembers seeing this chest or one very like it when she and her brother lived with Kirsten and Kristen Magnuson here in New Orleans.
  2. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (out front) It was hard for Erica to keep a straight face as Marko put all the sincerity he had in his 'story' about Darrik and Dominique, but she managed. "It is true what they say, never judge a book by it's cover, with people you can never tell what they hide on the inside." She paused and set her drink aside, "My book, it is what popular now and I want to sell it when I am done. Teen-aged angst, no, vampires and werewolves are not teenagers, no matter what the TV dramas portray. But really it is about ghosts, and what they leave behind. New Orleans is a very haunted city. It is very popular all over the world." ST VINCENT DE PAUL CEMETERY NO 1 "The rules, its hard to tell they change and only the witches over here know when and how, and I do my best to avoid them. Don't let them fool you, they are monsters through and through. As for us. I am always with you Karen. I have been since the moment you arrived in this godforsaken city. I think you can see me when ever you get worked up or there is something really supernatural going on around you. Our interacton here, me talking and being almost real is because of where we are. My bones are buried over there, so in effect this is where I am, where I exist." He reaches out again but stops short of touching Karen he lets his hand drop. "Go meet with your witch, but be careful, he is a witch and you can not trust them. I'll see what I can find out over here about this new werewolf." For a second it looks like he wants to say more but then he is gone.
  3. LEROUX BUILDING CONTRACTORS "i wasn't around back then," Leroux laughed. "Your shaman would know as well as Colby. I just inherited the box, it come with the title. And Yeah I looked bunch a moldy old bones they don't smell right."
  4. "Here and there. a lot of your boys come into the city to party, beer always loosens the tongue. But don't worry It always sounds like bragging but your hear it enough you got to wonder." Leroux goes back to the file cabinet comes back to Dan carrying a small metal box the kind a child would store is prize possessions in and hide in his tree fort. He holds the box in both hands and frowns. "Dis is the price of peace. when the pack split back in the 1930s it was over this. The Bayou wolves didn't want anything to do with deals with the devil, in this case the queen. From what I been told, instructed, when I became alpha, this was the key to the queens power her right to rule here in New Orleans. For our loyalty and her protection she divided theses between the witches the part she kept and us.. Supposedly they magic but I don't know nothin bout that." He holds the box out for Dan to take. "If what they say bout you is true, then you better at keeping this than me. I don't know what it all means but I don't like it. But I do agree we got to take care of our own, we all the same in the end."
  5. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (out front) Erica once again glanced back over her shoulder at the office door then back at Marko. "I'm writing a book," she took a sip of her drink, " I need to pay bills and I thought that working in a night club would do that and help me with my research." LEROUX BUILDING CONTRACTORS Leroux pondered that for a moment. He was alpha of a werewolf pack but in truth he was more involved and capable when it came to their more human side of things. "Is it true, wat dey say bout chu? That you can change whenever you want." The question caught Dan by surprise to say the least.
  6. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (out front) Erica turned back to face the bar and she swirled her half empty glass making the deep red liquid spin like a miniature whirlpool, she seemed amused. "Oh it is a bit of everything I suppose, Im from the far north in Scandinavia, I grew up speaking Norwegian and Finnish, dutch. The I studied in Iceland so I speak that and I learned English there, that's why my English sounds like it does." She laughed and turned back around and leaned her back against the bar. "What about you?"
  7. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (out front) Erica turned and regarded the handsome vampire, and after a moment she smiled, "I'm Erica, Erica Linder, Pleased to meet you Mr. Cain." Her English was clear and precise but her accent was not readily identifiable to Mark which was odd, it sounded vaguely northern European. She held out her hand to shake, "I am waiting on a job interview," she glanced back at the closed office door, "but i suppose they are going to be busy for a while." She gave Marko another appreciative look up and down "I can always reschedule."
  8. LEROUX BUILDING CONTRACTORS Leroux takes the photo back from Dan and looks at it. Dan notices sweat on Leroux's forehead and smells fear. "These two day the vampires who made the queen, called em the twins, they built New Orleans. Dem two the monsters all the boogy man tales are from. This was taken just before Dis Marko went on a rampage and caused the death of thousands here in the city back in the 1920s. Don't know the whole story maybe no one does cept the queen. Those two they exiled Marko Cain swore they would kill him if he ever set foot in New Orleans again." Leroux explained an expression on his face like he was seeing a ghost. "I've never heard of them I thought the queen had always been the vampire boss here." said Dan "No a few years later the twins told everyone that she was in charge and would look after their things and they left. No one here seen em since. It was right after that the packs split. You ask your old grandma Shaman she was around back then, that magic keep her going. She knows who they are and what this means. If those two come back for Marko we all in the deep end." "Why they're only vampires.." "No they are not. They The Originals. All the Vampires come from them. And the Originals they can't be killed."
  9. LEROUX BUILDING CONTRACTORS Leroux sat up straighter while Dan was speaking "Did you say Marko Cain," he asked as he stood and walked to a filing cabinet. he pulled a key chain off his belt and knelt and unlocked the bottom drawr. "Yes Marko Cain he's a vampire him and the queen seem to have history." Leroux rifled through the files then pulled what looked like an old photograph out of a folder. he stood and walked to Dan handing him the photo. Dan took the picture it was old, he could feel the brittleness of the paper see the yellowed edges. It was Black and white from the clothes and hairstyles of the people it looked to have been taken some time in the very early part of the last century. It showed a crowd of people gathered at a gala or something dressed in tuxedos and gowns. There were five people who were the obvious subjects of the photo Dan stared It was uncanny, he recognized three of them The Queen, and the brother and sister vampires Marko and Cara. the other two were even more striking and obviously the center of attention of the other three. "Is that the vampire you seen?" Leroux points at Marko with a well manicured finger. "Yeah that's him..." Dan stared but didn't get to finish. "Den this shit is real serious my friend real serious indeed, an not in a good way," said Leroux
  10. ST VINCENT DE PAUL CEMETERY NO 1 “Honey I don’t know about no super-wolf, but something bad is coming and I gotta do what I can even from the other side to protect you and your little girl, to protect mine. The packs here they used to be one pack, but that wasn’t always so either way back in the early days the wolves came here were from a several packs eventually the packs joined together and merged through marriage until there was just the one pack the Crescents. Then we had the war and I was killed but I had fallen in love with a young girl and she was a crescent. We was never married but after I was gone she took my name anyway and ran away from the pack and then she changed the name to Gaunt but she never told anyone she was a werewolf and no one ever knew. So you see, your granddaddy he was born after the split and his momma was a Crescent she didn’t go over to the Bayou, so that makes you a crescent honey. Whats coming is gonna need both packs and you gonna have to make them one.” LEROUX BUILDING CONTRACTORS “I be honest with you Hawkins de last coupla days, don’ know what to think. First dat girl get herself kidnapped den, dat fucker Colby shows when he should be bones in a grave by now and then what ever the fuck that was last night. And now you come in here tellin me we need to work together. But some how I was cut out of getting little melody released from the bitch queen and ah find you had a hand in dat, now you telling me you da new Bayou alpha. What you and Colby up too? Dis some kinda power play?
  11. ST VINCENT DE PAUL CEMETERY NO 1 The 'ghost' pushes itself off the tomb it was leaning on and stands up straight, Karen is a bit surprised at how tall it, he , is. “Any particular order you want those answers in little girl?” Karens growl caused the apparition to throw his hands up in a fending off gesture of peace.”Whoa, whoa, just making a little joke, you know lightning up the mood. One at a time in order.” He smiled at her “To start I am not your daddy. I'm you great grandfather. Your daddy died a human he was never burdened by our curse, neither was my son god rest them both. And I am very sorry that you have to live with it, if there was anything I could do to change that I surly would. As for tricking you it wasn't meant to be a trick you just got close so I could call out to you. I can talk to you here.” He steps close to her and reaches up his fingers brush across Karen's cheek. She can feel them, not like a real caress but like a gentle wind brushing her hair. “You have grown into a beautiful young woman, Karen, I am so sorry you are caught up in all of this.” LEROUX BUILDING CONTRACTORS Leroux watched Dan with a wary air and nodded along with him before speaking again. “So you challenged old Cabe but you didn't kill him, your not afraid he might harbor some ill will about all of that? Him or his friends?” Dan now wary himself, noticed that Leroux fixated on the alpha issue and seemed to ignore everything else. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Erica looked around again and couldn't see any special theme or mood just a bunch of people eating and drinking earlier than she was used too. “No sir I don't have any questions yet. I came more prepared to answer yours today.” She said hold out the resume she had been asked for. Darrick took the paper from Erica,“Dominique is with a customer at the moment why don’t I get you something to drink and I’ll let her know you’re here.” Darrick leads Erica to one of the nearby booths while Dom leads Cara into the office.
  12. ST VINCENT DE PAUL CEMETERY NO 1 "All right, Dad! I'm coming in! And you damn well better have something say other than you're sorry this time!" she shouted through the gate, gripping the handle with hands that began to bleed as talons pushed through the flesh of her finger tips. The brunette slammed the gate open and crossed the gap between her and him, living and dead, poised for a fight or a meaningful conversation and not knowing what she wanted. “What the fucking hell are you doing?” The shout from behind her burned through the ringing of the blood in her ears and the haze of rage, caused Karen to glare back over her shoulder at Maeve, “Stay the fuck there!” Her replying shout, more growl than legible words caused rage to flare in Maeve's breast but she had been at this longer and held herself in check. Not sure really why, she knew she could rip Karen to pieces if she had wanted too, but still she stopped, spun and slammed her palms onto the hood of the still running car. “Fuck!” She grabbed her phone from her back pocket and speed dialed Dan. Karen had not slowed and her warning glare had lasted less than a second but when she turned back, he was gone. Frantically she looked left and right trying to locate him through the maze of tombs a low feral growl escaping her tight throat. There! She saw him a couple of rows away and she darted after him losing sight of him almost immediately. She ran down row after row sniffing but smelling nothing but death and decay. She would catch a glimpse or thought she did and off she would go again and again tears of rage and frustration and loss she never knew she felt stained her cheeks. After minuets of this she was totally lost and made one more turn and found herself in a opened area of the cemetery. Before her a old wrought iron fence with a gate, partially open. Inside a dozen low tombs, old, uncared for, forgotten, the spaces between filled with untended shrubbery and a few stunted trees. The sight brought Karen to a halt. “You need to learn to control that rage girl or it will be the end of you.” Karen looked to the left and saw the man she thought was her father leaning against a tomb arms crossed as if he had been waiting for her. LEROUX BUILDING CONTRACTORS Leroux had been studying Dan the whole time Dan spoke, taking in what he was saying but also taking the measure of the man in front of him. When Dan paused he leaned forward arms on the desk. “Okay, all well and good, but tell my friend, why are you the one being here saying all this and not Sheriff Cabe, he be your Alpha, don't he?”
  13. IN THE CITY “Turn right.” Karen hit her blinker even though she was already turning following the sudden command. She hated having to take directions, but she was so new to New Orleans and so much was going on that she hadn’t even had a chance to set up her GPS. Luckily Maeve knew the way around the city. “What are you doing?” Maeve sounded completely exasperated as she looked from the window of the car to Karen behind the wheel. The car bounced through a series of potholes. Karen shot a glance at her young passenger and fellow werewolf. “Following your directions.” “Then why did you turn?” “Because you told me to turn right.” “I did not.” Karen looked at Maeve and then back out the windshield at the narrow street filled with potholes and then took in the surroundings. The tall wrought Iron fencing which showed incredible wear and corrosion, to the ominous structures and statuary beyond the fence. Angels, weeping with wings spread and cracked marble faces, and tombs and mausoleums housing the cities dead. Karen blinked, the dead should be buried under the ground not on top of it. Karen slowed the car and came to a stop where the road ended at what looked like a service gate at one of New Orleans hundred plus cemeteries. And an old one at that. “Maeve, you said turn right so I turned right.” Anger was creeping into her voice as she slammed the car into reverse then glared at the Irish girl. “I did not” a little anger was showing in Maeve’s voice as well. “And I bloody well wouldn’t have told ya to turn onto a dead-end street.” Karen fumed then looked out the front windshield as she started backing up before slamming the car to a stop. Beyond the gate she could see her father… BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Way too charming and the girls were just as much charmers in their own way. Miranda looked past Marko and studied the girls there was an age difference, but their features were similar enough that she could tell they were related to each other but not to Mr. Cain. “Saturday? For the children?” She smiled at the handsome and very smooth operator. “I think my calendar is clear.” The girls looked at one another mouths open in shock. IN THE CITY Dan pulled the truck into the parking spot downtown. He was lucky to have found one on the street and not to have to use one of the over-charging lots. He had called ahead to make sure that Wayne Leroux, the Alpha of the Crescent’s knew he was coming to see him. Dan was sure that Leroux, a city contractor by trade and some one that he knew by reputation only, wasn’t aware of the change in status of the Bayou packs alpha. He hoped that there were no problems. Dan stepped into the lobby of Leroux Building Contractors, the walls had framed pictures of the companies construction works some dating back into the mid-20th century. It was lunch time but there were more people in the office than Dan would have expected. It didn’t take a genius to realize that they were there because of him. All of them including the young woman at the receptionist desk were kin, either blooded or cursed. “Can Ah help ya suh?” The girl was an obvious local with a mixed heritage and a heavy accent. “Dan Hawkins to see Wayne Leroux.” Dan was feeling caged in by all the surreptitious looks from the others in the lobby. “He’ll be with ya in jus a minute.” Dan had seen the girl’s fingers fly across her computer keyboard when he spoke, she must have sent an e-mail because just then the door to the left of the desk opened and a tall rangy man with blond hair and glasses came through and grinned at Dan. “You must be Dan; I heard a lot about you. I’m Wayne Leroux, why don’ you come back into my office we can talk.” Leroux hadn’t extended his hand for a shake instead he gestured for Dan to go into the office. With a glance around the room at everyone he nodded and stepped past the Crescent alpha into a working office. Wayne followed and shut the door “Please have a seat,” he said as he went around behind a desk littered with papers and plans and sat in the chair there. “So like ah said ah have heard a lot about Dan Hawkins. What can ah do for you , Dan?” THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Darrik watched Dom and the vampire for a few seconds and could see from the look on Cara Angelo’s face that Dom wasn’t making a good impression. He stepped from the alcove that led to the office with the intention of going over but as he scanned the room out of habit he saw Erica Linder walk through the front door. Today she was dressed in a blue and white casual flower print dress which showed off a full and fit figure with out making her look like a slut. Her hair which had been pulled back yesterday was loose and framed her face in shoulder length curls. A large purse was slung over her shoulder and she had some papers in her hands, her resumé probably. All and all she looked like an advertisement for spring, the only thing missing was a wide brimmed hat. She was looking around the room as well and when she spotted Darrick her face lit up in a genuine smile. She pushed through the early lunch crowd toward him. “Hey,” she said as she came up and stopped close to Darrik. Her voice wasn’t as loud as the day before, but it was almost bubbly. Darrik noticed she was wearing the same shoes. She looked around, “Wow this is a lot busier early in the day than I would have expected. Is it always like this?”
  14. Ok real life reared it's ugly head for a some of us me included and we lost momentum. I need to get this back on track and to do that I need some posts. Noir and Max - need you two to get your conversation rolling. Jer if your not going to join in with the let me know and i will add more for you. Dave your in a position where you or i don't know what your posting abilities are. - If you think you can post here regularly ok if your not sure I can take you off the board and remove you from the main picture... not killing you but i do have something relevant tied to the main story that we can do in a pm at your pace So if i mentioned your names here I need either a post or posts or I need you to tell why your not posting and when you can or i need you to tell me you are dropping so I can get this ball rolling thank you cooperation and for your patience
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