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  1. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    "I value the experience and opinion of all of my officers. If you feel the matter is settled, then that is good enough for me." J'Sira said with a nod. "Additionally, then purpose of the diagnostics is to ensure the safety and functionality of the ship under my watch, and was not meant as any sort of critique of the engineering staff or their abilities. With the reduced crew after the Baldur 4 incident, and with the immediate focus thereafter being on the preservation of life and construction of the stasis pods, as well as getting back to Asgard Station, I found it improbable that all of the appropriate diagnostics had been run. But, if your and the other chief's judgement is that the Destiny is 'Shipshape and Bristol fashion', then once again, that is good enough for me. I am not only further impressed, but I will also check with the XO about the possibility of shore leave on the station." J'Sira walked over to Petty Officer Harkness and offered him a handshake. "And finally, I would like to say thank you. I appreciate what you did and it only further cements my opinion that I am serving with some of the finest Starfleet has to offer." she said sincerely. "I may look mostly Vulcan, but I do have a heart." she said with a small, warm smile and them mused, "an eight chambered one, in fact." "If there is nothing else, then you are dismissed." "Oh, and in the future, Ma'am or Sir is fine." she added.
  2. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    J'Sira dropped her bag off at her quarters on Deck 4 and quickly found Main Engineering on Deck 11, where she paused at the threshold and took it all in. Main engineering on the Destiny was massive, much larger than that of the older, Ambassador-class USS Exeter that she had been stationed on, and this was state of the art, being one of the newest designs of ships. She walked in and let her hand glide along the engineering display table, almost as if she were not sure she were in a dream or not. J'Sira's entry did not go unnoticed though, her height and new face drawing some attention from the personnel on duty, prompting J'Sira tap her combadge. "Lieutenant J'Sira to all on-duty Engineering personnel." she said, pausing a moment, allowing the ship time to work and make all the communication connections. "Good afternoon. I am Lieutenant J'Sira. and am honored to say that I have the privilege of serving as your new Chief Engineer. I would like to say that given the unforeseen tragedy that befell this ship, and with the temporary personnel shortages you had to deal with, you all have handled the situation and conducted yourselves in line with the highest standards of Starfleet personnel, and together we will continue that tradition of resolve and professionalism you have all set forth as we will strive to make this the finest engine room in the fleet. Thank you." she said to her department (and over the course of the day, J'Sira would repeat her introduction and address to each shift in Engineering as they came on duty.) Once she had finished, J'Sira tapped her badge again. "Lieutenant J'Sira to all Engineering department Ensigns and on-duty Chiefs. Please report to main Main Engineering." she ordered, passing the time by looking through their personnel files to familiarize herself with their names and faces. As each one arrived, J'Sira greeted them and once assembled she got down to business, just in time for Jensen and V'Lar to walk in on the small, impromptu meeting. Noting their arrival, J'Sira held up a single finger as she looked at them in the common, 'just a moment' gesture, causing Jensen to silently curse at having been caught by the Lieutenant as she addressed the chiefs. "You are my Chiefs. You know this ship and its systems better than anybody else and I will be relying on you while I bring myself up to speed on it. If any you ever have any questions, concerns or suggestions, you are always free to approach me. I will always appreciate and value your experience and input." she said, addressing them as a group, looking from one to the next, making eye contact before moving on. "Now, on to more technical business. It is my understanding that the gravity waves caused by the three suns during the Baldur 4 incident created a subspace harmonic that affected the planet. Since this ship was in orbit at the time, that subspace harmonic could have had a negative impact on our systems, especially the alignment of the warp core, warp nacelles, and main deflector. Considering the amount of time we will be spending in nebulae, those systems need to be at optimal performance. So we will take advantage of the time we have while docked to perform a full diagnostic on all vital systems, prioritizing those three. If time does not permit, then we will perform lower level diagnostics on the other systems once we are underway." J'Sira explained as she handed out system assignments to the Chiefs. "I know this is a lot of work in a relatively short time, but the Captain and crew of this ship are relying on us for the safety and safe operation of this ship and we will not let her, or them, down." she explained, her tone initially sympathetic, but shifting to one of resolve. "I will begin the diagnostic on the warm core, You all have your assignments. I would like updates every two hours." she said, dismissing them. J'Sira then collected her toolkit and approached Jensen and V'Lar. "Can I help you?" she asked. "We, uh, were just wanting to see what she had 'under the hood', so to speak, Lieutenant." Jensen replied. J'Sira raised an eyebrow slightly at the used of the old Earth colloquialism, once which she was familiar with from her time in the Engineering program at Starfleet Academy. She turned and gestured toward the warp core, taking several steps to lead the pair of Ensigns into the room. "The the warp core is the standards matter/anti-matter reaction assembly utilizing deuterium and anti-deuterium reacting in a dilithium crystal matrix which is capable of generating in excess of 12.75 billion gigawatts, which when combined with the Brahms Mk 2 nacelles, is capable of generating over 1,500 Cochranes, allowing for a cruising speed of Warp 6 with a maximum sustainable speed of Warp 9.2, while in emergency situations the nacelles are capable of achieving Warp 9.6 for up to 12 hours. For sub-warp propulsion, the ship is outfitted with dual, standard magnetohydrodynamic gas-fusion thrusters in a quad configuration, with each thruster quad capable of producing 5.5 million newtons of exhaust, thereby allowing the ship to achieve sub-light speed of 0.5c. And like the Ambassador, Galaxy and Nebula classes before it, the New Orleans class utilizes a Space-Time Driver Coil to operate effectively at Impulse. The Driver Coil produces a non-propulsive symmetrical subspace field powered by the exhaust plasma from the Impulse Engines. The field helps the ship to accelerate, decelerate, and maneuver by effectively lowering it's apparent mass." she explained as she let the Ensigns soak it all in. "At the moment, though we are in the process of several major diagnostics so random crew wandering through Engineering is neither advisable nor desirable." she said as she paused in consideration. "If you wish to remain here," J'Sira said as she looked Jensen over, "...and are apparently so efficient that you have already met and familiarized yourself with the staff in your department that you have time to come down here just to 'look around'," she added, "...then you can assist me in checking the alignment on the matter/anti-matter injectors on the warp core." she said as she pointed to a panel. "The tricorders are in there." J'Sira waited, figuring that she would receive one of three likely responses, all of which would tell her some about their character. Jensen and V'Lar might feel cornered and grudgingly help, likely in a passive aggressive manner so common to emotional beings, at least on Jensen's part. Alternately, they might happily and willingly help, which though most desirable, J'Sira considered the least likely. Finally, and most likely in her calculation, they would suddenly remember they had something else that demanded their attention. Either way, it would be interesting to see how they responded.
  3. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    J'Sira sat and listened to the Captain, her exterior utterly passive and serene Captain Raymer set about appointing the gathered officers to their new position. She was a little surprised by some (though anybody would be hard pressed to tell it), failing to see the logic in some of the appointments, but also acknowledging that she did not have the benefit of reviewing each of their personnel files like the Captain had done. Still, though she anticipated her appointment as soon as she deduced that they were to be the new senior staff, she found herself somewhat surprised to hear it, for some reason she was not quite sure of. For a moment, J'Sira stopped evaluating the appointments as she had been doing and considered her new situation. She was now a Chief Engineer aboard a starship, and not some aging Miranda or Oberth-class, but a top of the line ship, a New Orleans-class... The USS Destiny. It was nearly a dream come true, as there were only a handful of other ships that she would possibly consider a superior posting to this one. And to achieve such a position at the rank of Lieutenant? Well, that only spoke to her exemplary skill, personnel reviews and service record. Her parents, especially her mother, would be most proud of her. Not only that, but their mission would the most fundamental and prized mission in Starfleet; Exploration and First Contact. They would be pushing the limits of explored space, extending the map and filling it in. If the star system that the Captain had described was any indication, then who knew what strange new world, intriguing and breathtaking phenomena and new species and cultures lay before them. This was Starfleet purpose and the reason why she joined. J'Sira permitted herself a faint smile. "Only one, Sir. When do you wish to be underway?" she asked to gauge how much time she had to inspect and familiarize herself with the vital systems of the ship, especially propulsion, and her enlisted engineering staff.
  4. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    J'Sira listened closely, a bit interested by not only the unusual planet the Captain described, but also the spores and their unique mutation. Crippling the so many in one go was simultaneously disheartening and intriguing. "Understood, Captain." J'Sira said with a nod. "Am I correct in assuming that you have summoned the nine of us because we will comprise the new senior staff of the ship, and will be receiving our formal appointments presently?" she asked, seeking formal clarification.
  5. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    J'Sira listened ti Lt. Prescott and looked at her PADD, nothing the lack of a blinking alphanumeric. Then came Anjala's question, which caused her to shake her head. "I do not believe it to be broken. More likely a clerical error, if it is not intentional. I am sure Lt. Prescott can sort it out for us." she explained. As she prepared to approach Lt. Prescott as the Master Chief came in and spoke with her. When the he addressed the hall, J'Sira paused and listened. "It would appear that there was no error." she said to Anjala while still keeping her eyes on the Chief. "Shall we?" she asked Anajala, nodding toward Chief Cutter. J'Sira reached down and collected her toolkit that she had set beside her while reading her orders and then processed toward the Chief. "Lieutenant J'Sira reporting as directed." she said simply.
  6. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    J'Sira raised an eyebrow as she looked about the hall, considering the situation. The Destiny was not a newly constructed ship and therefore must have had a crew for some time. It was no unusual for existing crew to be reassigned and new crew assigned, but normally it was no more than one or two dozen personnel, sometime no more than a half dozen. This though... this would be a significant portion of her crew. "Most unusual." she said as she considered possible scenarios that could result in this situation. "What's that?" Lt. Batim asked, looking up from her own orders. "It would appear that we are being assigned to the Destiny. All of us by the look of things." she said, nodding the room which was beginning to fill with chatter about orders and lots of people looking up from their orders to look at the window at the Destiny. "Station personnel aside, I count approximately 70 in this room, that would constitute approximately 38.9% of the crew for a ship of her size. Not an insignificant sum, and certainly far more than I am aware of being assigned at once outside of a shakedown cruise. So it begs the question; what happened to her crew? The ship does not appear to be damaged, so losses due to an engagement is unlikely." she explained, looking around the hall at the newly assigned crew. "Additionally, for having such a large number of new personnel assigned, there appears to be few officers here, consisting of only us three Lieutenants and the dozen newly graduated ensigns. The approximately 55 others here are all enlisted... crewmen and specialists. And further, there is a distinct lack of senior officers as well. Not a single officer above Lieutenant among us." she added, double checking the room to verify. "This is all highly unusual." she said with almost a hint of confusion, or was it irritation, in her voice.
  7. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny OOC

    Okay. Here is the title card I have been working on. STAR TREK DESTINY TITLE CARD OPTIONS Also, Roma's compy was telling her that the links to the 2 versions of the theme above were dead, so I uploaded them to my drive if anybody else has the same issue. STAR TREK DESTINY THEME (Alternate Links) Star Trek Destiny - Glorious Adventure (Intro 1, No Choir).mp3 Star Trek Destiny- Glorious Adventure (Intro 2, No Choir).mp3 Any preferences for title color and theme ? Personally, I like the title card options in order from bottom to top, though I do like them all, and I like the Version 2 of the theme slightly more
  8. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    After exchanging farewells, J'Sira exited the lounge and, after a short turbolift ride, returned to her quarters. The doors hissed pen and there was a noticeable temperature difference at the threshold as she stepped through, her quarters being a good ten to fifteen degrees Celsius warmer than the general 'room temperature' of the ship to more closely simulate the climate of Vulcan. Stepping in she found the embrace of warmth comforting, bringing a small, relaxed smile to her lips. She looked about her temporary quarters, which were virtually identical to how they were when she arrived. Being temporary lodgings, J'Sira had not bothered to unpack to any particular degree, leaving virtually everything, aside from her uniforms, in her pack. She collected her uniforms, folded all but one of them neatly and packed them before making a circuit of the room to ensure that, in the extreme unlikelihood that she had forgotten something,it would be found now. "Computer." she said, causing it it to chime, "Reset climate conditions to default settings." she instructed, to which the computer chimed in acknowledgement of the received command. Aside from her uniforms, her pack contained a few personal items from home, such as a carved incense burner and a few figurines, her broken in cestuses for practicing qEl'qrA, a few isolinear chips with some patterns of her mother's cooking, a few non-standard items, holodeck programs and her personal files, a few PADDS, a neatly rolled Ha'quj, her Vulcan robes, a vintage hardback copy of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" and a few other odds and ends. Returning to the middle of the room, J'Sira knelt down and closed her eyes, quieting her mind and calming her heart for a brief medication. She wished to be refreshed and ready to carry out her new orders with alacrity and efficiency. For a moment her mind drifted to the game she had just played, the new people she had met and the catching up with Lt. Batim, an old friend from her Academy days. Having left behind the Exeter, it was good to see a familiar face, something that she appreciated more than she had anticipated. She was not sure where she and the others would end up, but should they be stationed together, then she decided that she would do her best to ensure that Anjala could participate in any further games and not feel singled out. Finally opening her eyes again, J'Sira spoke, "Computer." she said, causing it it to chime, "Estimate time until docking with Asgard station." she asked. The computer chimed and replied in the characteristically calm tone, "At current course and speed, estimated docking with Asgard Station in seventeen minutes, thirty-five seconds." J'sira nodded, rose and approached the uniform she had left out, addressing the computer once again, "Computer. Reset climate conditions to default settings." she instructed, to which the computer chimed in acknowledgement. After changing into it and packing the uniform she had just taken off, J'Sira shouldered her pack and picked up her toolkit, her mother's very own which she had given J'Sira when she left Starfleet Academy, and stood by the door where she looked in the mirror for a moment, ensuring her uniform and appearance were impeccable before she exited the room for her disembarkation station and whatever her new orders might bring.
  9. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    "It seems we have arrived." J'Sira commented, mostly to herself as she walked toward the window and observed the station under construction, calculating how close to completion it seemed to be.to the best of her ability as a mental exercise. After a few moments she then turned back to the others. "If our new orders result in us being stationed together, then I shall see you soon." she said with a faint smile. "Alternatively, if at Asgard Station we end up going our separate ways due to our new orders, then it is been enjoyable meeting you and I have enjoyed our game." she said with a nod as she raised her right hand with the palm forward and the thumb extended, while parting the fingers between the middle and ring finger in the traditional 'Vulcan salute'. "May you live long and prosper." she said, bidding farewell.
  10. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    "The simple act of throwing a dart does not constitute the beginning of a game when no game was agreed upon or even suggested, Doctor." J'Sira corrected Lt. Sepguta. "The act of 'warming up', or engaging in the basic physical activity required for an athletic endeavor in order to be better prepared when the game actually begins would describe what we are currently doing much more accurately, as no specific game has been decided upon as of yet." she further explained as she accepted the darts from the Doctor. "Additionally, the constant changing of games would be highly inefficient if we were to switch to entirely different games rather than stay under the umbrella of one broad game, such as darts, of which I am aware of one hundred and twenty-three different dart games, sixty-seven of which the three of us could properly play, resulting in more time spent preparing for each game than actually participating, so the suggestion of 'winner picks next game' would result in a significant waste of time and would be ill-advised. And though 'silence is consent' is a valid legal stance is several cultures, such as that of Narrindra Three, it is not an accepted legal standard within Starfleet." she further explained as she held out a dart, point down, lining up the back with a point of the board, and then, keeping her upper arm parallel with the deck, threw the dart with a flick of the wrist. She repeated the motion several times, striking the 'One', the 'Twenty' and the inner ring of the 'Twenty' once each. She then turned to Anjala and nodded. "Understood. No need to apologize." she reassured Anjala before walking over to collect the darts from the board and pass them to another.
  11. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    J'Sira listened to the back and forth between the Doctor and the Betazoid, playing close attention to how Lt. Batim explained her telepathy from her perspective, noting it for future reference. At the mention of her cheating though, J'sira thought back to her exact word choice, evaluating it closely before reconsidering the Doctor's statements as well. "A very detailed analysis, and deeply thought?" she asked. "It would appear you have had little interaction with Vulcans, Doctor." she commented. "To be clear, I barely gave it thought, much less an detailed analysis. In fact, back on Vulcan, it would have been regarded as lazy and premature, and during my time at the Vulcan Science Academy I would have been reprimanded for such an incomplete analysis. But just was taught much about the Vulcan way by my mother, my mother also instilled in the importance of initiative and swift action." J'Sira explained as she collected her cup of vulcan mocha and brought it closer to where they would be playing. She then turned to Lt. Batim, addressing her, "I do not believe there was any suggestion that you would, much less would have to, cheat a cards. I was simply discussing the fundamental 'fairness' of playing various games due to the specific innate capabilities of your species. Cheating requires choice and intent, and is not something I would suggest of another Starfleet officer lightly. If you feel that I suggested that you might cheat, then please accept my apologizes and ensure you that it was not my intent. I would further ask that you please elaborate as to how I did so, in order for me to be sure to not make the implication in the future." she said to Lt. Batim, who could easily sense her honest concern at possibly offending her, as well as wishing to set an example of proper conduct for the young ensigns. "As for games, might I suggest an Earth game known as Cricket, the object of which is to strike each number from fifteen through twenty, in order, and the bullseye, three times each. The larger, tapering areas of each number counting as one strike of the number, while the small area contained in the rings count as two strikes. In addition, the ring directly encircling the bullseye counts as a single strike and the center of the bullseye counts a double. The game allows for any number of individual players, as well as teams, if required." she suggested.
  12. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    After a few moments of the Doctor speaking, J'Sira raised an eyebrow in a characteristically Vulcan expression as she waited for her to finish, considering her words. "Overthinking? Not at all, Doctor. In fact, I only gave it the bare minimum thought needed and went with the first acceptable solution. If anything, to use your parlance, I 'underthought' it for the sake of expediency, though I shall give it further thought should the new orders we receive result in us being station together, so as to offer other options should we continue with this group activity." she calmly replied. J'Sira thought for just the briefest of moments before continuing, "Playing a game where it is imperative to conceal your hand or strategy from the others players is moot with a Betazoid, due to their innate extra sensory abilities. Playing poker, for example, would be as if you were simply showing your cards to her, since when you look at your cards, you think of them and then consider strategies based on them. One open to receiving thoughts, such a Betazoid, could not help but 'hear', for simplicity sake, your thoughts on the matter. Since the object of games such as that is to be fair and allow luck and skill to prevail, her telepathy would give her an unfair advantage." she explained. "In addition, going out of our way in an attempt to specifically counter her telepathy would almost certainly have the effect of feeling like she were imposing. Any such effort, on our part, would likely result in making her feel more isolated or alienated. Hence, a game where concealment is not required, such as darts, is not only the most 'fair', but also the most inclusive." she added. "It is curious that you viewed it 'overthinking' though. Efficiency is a trait highly valued by Vulcans. 'Overthinking', as you put it, would be terribly inefficient, and to suggest to a Vulcan that they are doing so might not be received well." she said, finishing her thought with the slightest shrug. "Luckily, I am half Klingon as well." she added with a faintest of grins as she offered the doctor a set of darts.
  13. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    J'Sira noted the arrive of more ensigns, but seemed to pay them little mind as she set up the board, but Anjala's telepathy knew different. With so few people in the room, the room was rather quiet, so it was rather hard to not hear what Garner said. Anajala could feel a flash of anger from J'Sira as Garner's taunting of Jensen, though she showed no particular outwards signs of it. The anger was swiftly wrangled thought by her Vulcan training, but a good measure of her attention was devoted to the conversation. 'Hmm. I must wait and see how the young ensign handles this situation before taking action.. If he struggles, then diffuse and disarm the situation with pointed comment to Garner's ego about unflattering jealousy and remind Garner of his position as a Starfleet Officer.' she was thinking to herself was she opened backed away from the board and calculated approximately seven feet and nine and one-quarter inches based off the spacing of the structural supports, with under an inch for a margin of error, which she determined was acceptable, given the circumstances. 'An interesting strategy. Remind him of your academic dominance and his own jealousy. High probability of eliciting an overly emotional response, given their relative youth. Possible ploy may be to provoke such a response in front of us lieutenants in the hopes of Garner making a bad impressions and resulting in disciplinary action. If it comes to blows, then depending on who is getting the better of the exchange, I may wait to intervene. Physical dominance can be an effective way of reinforcing the rank structure, such as in the IDF.' she further thought, though one would be hard pressed to tell she was concerned with anything besides setting up the games of darts.
  14. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    "There is a saying on Vulcan, "Luck in the result of the convergence of preparation and opportunity." J'Sira replied as she watched Najalla place another card. J'Sira nodded, collected her cards and placed them before Anjala as she spoke to the Doctor. "Unfortunate, but you made the only logical choice, given the circumstances." she consoled the Doctor and then turned her attention to the Betazoid's question. "Unfortunately, a regular game like poker would hardly be a game due to the unique extra sensory abilities of your species. Not to imply that you would actively cheat, but as I understand it, you could not help but know our hands as soon as we looked at our cards." she replied as she began to consider ways to play poker 'fairly' with a telepath. "There are possible solutions though. One is to employ a 'no look' strategy, where a player plays each hand and makes bets without looking at the cards dealt them, thereby nullifying your unique advantage. Such a strategy has been successfully employed in the past, though it relies on pure luck and the other players' uncertainty more than anything else." she suggested as she pondered the holodeck. "A second option would require two holodecks, with the Doctor and my self in one and you in another. The holodecks would be linked, projecting each of us into the other holodeck. It would, for all intents and purposes, appear that we are in the same room, playing together, but would allow for a more 'fair' game for all." she explained, but then displayed the slightest hint of a frown. "Neither option is all that viable, given our current circumstances. In addition, both options, regrettably, lead to you being singled out or alienated to a degree, and that is neither preferable nor desirable, since the purpose of games is personal interaction and shared experience." she added. J'Sira's might raced, cycling through all of the various multiplayer card games she knew of that allowed equal participation among the players, therefore eliminating those those that relegated a player to being simply a dealer, but still allowed for strategy though did not require the concealment of one's cards to do so. Barring that, she considered dice games in the same manner, and arrived at Yahtzee, and though strategy was present, it was minimal. She then discarded card, dice and similar games all together in favor of physical games that did not require teams, but would permit them if needed, ruling out ones where physiological advantages of strength and endurance would unbalance the game. She settled on two options as she picked up her vulcan mocha and took another sip. "I purpose an alternate solution. One that still meets the previous criteria, and yet does not give a distinct advantage to any one player. Both have a multitude of games available. The first is Billiards. Granted, billiards is not a viable option at the moment, given that the table is large and we have not reached our destination yet. As for the other..." she said as she stood and walked over to the replicator. "Computer." she said, causing it to chime, "One traditional dart board and darts suitable for multi-person play." she instructed. The replicated chimed and swirl of sparkles appeared and coalesced into the items requested. She then picked them up and turned out, holding out the board in one hand the darts in the other, as if offering them. "Darts, anyone?"
  15. Lieutenant J'Sira

    Star Trek: Destiny S1 Ep01 "Barbarians at the Gate"

    "I shall stand with the nineteen." she replied, waving her hand back and forth once over her cards in the traditional hand gesture matching her decision. With her own hand set, J'Sira picked up her vulcan mocha once more, and taking a sip glanced around the lounge and the hand full of others within it once again, as she had seemed to do every few minutes since she arrived. Turning her attention back to the table, she glanced at Anjala and then Miriam as she spoke, "So do you believe in luck, Doctor? Or do you believe in manufacturing your own luck?" she inquired.