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  1. Madeline crept to the open hatch and crouched low bringing her weapon to her shoulder then with one swift move stepped in and to the right of the opening swinging her weapon in quick arcs to cover the whole of the small infirmary. It was empty of any sort of robot monster or any other humans but the place was a mess someone or thing had been in here looking for something. "It's clear but the place has been ransacked." She said as she moved through the room looking for clues. "Looks like whoever did this took some surgical tools and a power saw." Madeline slid the drawer with the empty foam cutouts of the missing tools closed. "That's all I am sure is missing..." Suddenly the Ginger Snap shook and the artificial gravity produced by the Ataraxia cut out leaving them weightless. "Dad! Are you alright The 'Snap's broke loose!" came Penny's frightened voice over the suit radios. In orbit above the desolate moon the Ataraxia still under orbit keeping trust had already pulled several kilometers away from the now drifting Ginger Snap which had taken on a slight roll from the force of the separation. penny saw movement as she adjusted the Camera pointed at the rogue freighter. The young girl gasped as she saw something moving on the hull of the other ship. "What is that?" her fingers flew across the command board bringing the moving object closer on the screen and better focused. The multi armed figure looked much like the thing Madeline had killed on the surface but with more arms and two cannons mounted one on each shoulder. " Moxxi can you identify that object is it a robot or a sleeve?" " I'm sorry hon. I don't see anything and I'm too busy right now to play games. Commencing Emergency Deorbit Thrust now!" droned the semi- amused voice of the Ataraxia AI. "Moxxi No!" Penny screamed as the Ataraxia shot toward the surface of the moon with ever increasing speed!! Jericho and the others heard the exchange over the radios, all of it. Then they heard the sound of several loud metallic bangs on their own ship. That something Penny had seen was inside the ship now.
  2. Scary That is what an empty ship is like and even more so when you half expect some boogy-thing to come out of the darkness all spinning blades and tearing pincers. The three suited figures moved into the dark Ginger Snap, while the ship had atmo now since it landing at Sanctuary the powere was still only running on essential systems and to allow the Ataraxia to use he thrusters, which meant no lights and no heat. Volkov lead the way being in combat armor and with more robust weapons, Jericho was guiding her over coms while he and Anna hung back. Volkov went slow her nerves taut she played her light over every inch of the coridor in front of her and when Jerich call for her to stop suddenly she dropped into ta crouch and raised he weapon. "Hold up! That hatch up ahead on the right, that should be closed."
  3. The Crossroads The cobbler shook his head slightly and took off his wire rim glasses "Straight to the point, no playing your role. Okay your not the only ghost in the machine Vaughn and your probably not the smartest. He has transcended he isnt Kwon anymore he calls himself the Necromancer. His ghost has built a data fortress way out on the edge where the storage is clean It's not hard to find or get to but it is hell. It's a multilayered sim and his ghost resides in the center of the fortress a place he calls the black tower. No one who goes there comes out Vaughn, not ghost, not AI, no one." He slips the glasses back on and picks up a shoe and places it on the horn then picks up a tiny hammer and starts tapping the sole. "Anything else?" RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "This is just getting better and better," Anselmo said as he glanced around scanning the vicinity for threats. "I blame you for getting us stuck wit this job O'K." He glances back at YoYo, "If she is still a target maybe we should take her inot protective custody. If what Bunny-ears here says is true then we are looking at an organized House action ain't no terrorist have access to casting tech. I think we should get back to the station and wait for the morgue reports and let csi finish this then we can look at their report." said the male cop his nervousness poorly hidden.
  4. Anna had spent most of the jumps trying to put the corrupted data from the executions in the cargo bay of the Ginger Snap, but whatever had been used to shred them had done so on a more thorough scale than any shredder she had eve seen. She gave herself only a 1 in 10000 chance of recovering anything useful. Volkov had felt like a fifth wheel pretty much ignored by the “apostate” and the ship, Penny tried to be nice but her father kept her busy and that left the computer bitch. She was in the small cubicle Maverick used, she was always asking questions about the bunker today she had been silent as she frustratingly worked on some data stuff Volkov on barely understood or cared about. Around her various screens showed replays from the freighters AI memory. Madeline decided she was needed here and turned to leave when something on a screen caught her attention. “What was that?” She asked pointing at the screen “What?” maverick grunted and glanced back “I saw something. Is this a recording? Go back about twenty second.” Maverick sent a command to the system and the screen altered to show the previous 30 seconds. “There! Freeze it.” shouted Volkove They both looked at the screen It showed a dark corridor of the Ginger Snap dimly lit by the ships floor lights up in the top corner where the corridor turns the could see what looked like a metallic leg of something that had just passed the corridor. The blood drained from Volkov's face. The leg looked exactly like the one that belonged to the thing on the moon. The thing whose parts lay in the cargo hold. The thing that killed all of her comrades.
  5. THE COBBLERS HOUSE CROSSROADS, THE 'NET The cobbler stiffens perceptibly Vaughn saw half a dozen small mice dart out in various directions from under the work table, each disappearing through small holes and cracks in the wall. The old man set his tools aside and pushed his stool back “Just like you always straight to the point, no beating around the bush, no taking care with who might be listening.” he said as he moved to the window and drew a set of dusty curtains then he bolted the door after flipping the welcome sign to closed. “He doesn't go by that name any more, might not even be that soul, but he does listen for it watches and acts when it's spoken” RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Anselmo looked at the carnage and shook his head as O'K asked the gore splattered hot chick some questions. “I swear to all that holy if these guys are clones...,” he mumbled. Then he noticed Church standing still as a statue on the edge of the site. “Hey Buttercup, how about using those big ears and eyes and giving us a hand since your here?”
  6. Space above the planet of Sanctuary Lark's voice.... “Well the Ginger Snap isn't just a freighter she's a special one built for smuggling very special cargo. And that cargo couldn't have been taken off in space like you described. She was carrying 24 containers of Grade-A Antimatter that's a hundred and ninety-two cells, each one had to be individually powered with uninterrupted current. The 'Snap was special designed to smuggle antimatter and she has secret connections that only government sanction carriers are allowed to have.” The two Ships rose gently on their contra-gravity drives and push for the depths of the outer system where jumping would be possible. “So You can see how your version of the story has a bit of impossible added in. To take that cargo off in space would be almost impossible. Which in my book means that probably isn't what happened That ship had to offload on solid ground where that sort of cargo could be handled. Now that don't explain why you found her in space where you did but if there ain't any clues on the 'Snap then your gonna have to retrace her jumps. Either way your gonna need her with you.” The Ataraxia opened the jump portal and both ships vanished
  7. SANCTUARY 70 LY from Sol Madeline was quiet for a moment her eyes moving up and down taking the measure of the young woman...girl really, before her. Finally she gave a little shake of her head. “And that matters why?” Without waiting for the reply she faced the Apostate. “I don't want to sound ungrateful Captain but I do need to return to the coalition. If I understand your about to go off on some sort of treasure hunt Which kind of means your not taking me where you promised.” “If it's about pay I can make some arrangements and get you at lest class2 rate for the duration.” Lark broke in with a smile for the attractive woman. “This isn't about money. This is about the loss of a protectorate starship and the deaths of my squad. I need to get them home.” Volkov said her anger bleeding through Lark raised his hands “Didn't mean nothing soldier, and before you go getting all worked up. We ain't as backwards as you think. This city is made of Starships and we have all the integration that implies and we aint some backwater inbred rubes. I know you been trying to access our feeds we aren't as open as your coalition be we do have more of the amenities than you would think by the way we look. I can see to it that your mates get Home and I can see to it that you get a chance to report what happened to your superiors. This job is very important to my client and he has very deep pockets. What do you say?”
  8. THE EXTRANET LOCATION GUARDED “Okay, I have a few channels to investigate on my own. Keep me in the loop” Vaughn's avatar sat back as he contemplated which avenue to probe. Data flowed out at the speed of light multiple agents searching in nano seconds replies came back and were catalogued, ranked, filed, two were especially promising. One gave rise to the possibility that this may all be some sort of concerted attack on House Kimura. Not unheard of and definitely a possibility Several glitches and anomalies had surfaced in what was arguably the universes most popular virtuality, Stygia, and all of these things seem to coincide time wise with the incident on Luna. The other though caught Vaughn's attention and imagination. At the Crossroads, another virtuality based in a magical fantasy setting where old fashioned random events were commonplace, more anomalies had cropped up in the last few hours. Normally the events took place within defined localities with in the virtuality leaving other areas unaffected. But now complaints of events leaking into safe zones had been reported. It had also been reported that these incidents which were often violent not caused actual pain and damage to those who encountered them. Something that only alteration of base code could accomplish. The same kind of code alteration needed to change the focus of the MESH. Vaughn stood and became a bird, spreading his wings he took flight and flew through the now open window. Data flowed and his ego channeled across the vast distances that weren't and suddenly the Bird that was Vaughn burst from the branches of a tall Majestic oak. He soared high into the blue sky looking out over fields of nearly ready for harvest grain and quaint farmers tending fields and live stock. In the distance he spied a village his destination. He needed to speak to the Cobbler........
  9. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME The all seeing eyes of the Mesh picked up and tagged the assailants as soon as they pulled their weapons even before Tilda's waiting driver was dropped. The closest Police drone were redirected to the location by the time Yoyo pulled the first man into the yard and locked him in the hold which led to his gory death. By the time the assassin realized that reloading his needler was a useless endeavor the first drone was zooming over the garden identifying potential targets. The Ai was slightly confused, violence of this magnitude was virtually unheard of and it took a few nano seconds to switch from non lethal to lethal interdiction. The assassin dropped his gun as Yoyo tore into his partner, he pulled a small black cylinder a tiny incendiary grenade, the kind used during space marine assaults, he flicked the arming trigger as he drew back to throw it at Yoyo as the drones guns fired and stitched a line of rounds across his back. The grenade flew but the trajectory was off still the resulting explosion and fireball engulfed everyone in the garden luckily Yoyo's armored hide saved her from any real damage although the concussion did render her unconscious. The rest of the people in the garden were not so lucky. RHO, LUNA THE MORGUE INSIDE THE DOME O'k was about to ask the RO to hurry it up when both her PADD and Anselmo's beeped urgently. The two exchanged looks the checked their PADDs. ** ALL OFFICERS IN VICINITY OF PHEADALON GARDENS RESPOND CODE RED** *** DETECTIVES KUROSAGI AND ANSELMO ARE PRIMARY*** **** O'k, Ken This may be connected to the other case your working on keep me posted. Capt. Moore**** “Get me the information on those bodies and no one and I do mean no one else has access to this stuff.” Kurosagi says sharply stifling a curse as her and Anselmo head for the door. O'k glances at Church, this might not be a good idea but damned if she was going to leave him here with all this evidence. “Why don't you come along, could always use another set of eyes.” RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME The garden was a wreck and for the second time that day O'k found herself looking at charred bodies. One of the drones hovered a few feet away. “Detective the Survivor is over here being treated. She says she is unharmed. “ The Drone say with it modulated robot voice as it sends Yoyo's CID data to the Policemen PADDS as the make their way toward the Paramedics Vehicle Ryan following along behind them. Anselmo gives a low whistle and fake slaps his forehead when he gets a look at Yoyo sitting on the back of the hover ambulance wrapped in a thin robe which did nothing to cover her beauty. “Holy fuck can't a horny guy catch a break”
  10. THE MORGUE " From the first car," the RO said. "We're checking all of them right now, but the three we have checked are all from the same unregistered machine including Kwon. The remains from the other cars we will have to go molecular to try and recover any DNA from bone marrow if we can find any that isn't carbonized. I've never seen anything like this." Anselmo had come up and heard some of the last part of the explanation. "What about the little girl?" "She hasn't been examined yet," he flicked a finger across his PADD, "I sent a directive, they will examine her right away."
  11. THE MORGUE The RO couldn't help but stare at Kurosagi's swaying hips as she came over to where he an the technician were standing. He gulp suddenly feeling...uncomfortable.. "Uh, while I was working on the Kwon subject, They started prepping a couple of other bodies that came from the accident," he said in a lowered voice. "Their clones too."
  12. Penny furrowed her brow and cut her eyes at her dad but remained silent. "My associate is very enthused and That cargo was more valuable than well it was worth a lot so I am going to take you up, but I'd like to know who she is. You see we look pretty simple and even back water here but this entire city is made up of starship hulls and it is just as wired as the C-World. It's just that we don't let everyone or anyone tap in. Least wise not til we know em," said Lark. "So, your ship is a know commodity and you only list your daughter and yourself as crew. Why don't we bring her out here and see who she is. If you don't mind Captain."
  13. THE GARDEN Yoyo and the assassin struggled but she had the upper hand, out of the corer of her eye she saw a second assailant barrel through the gate followed by a third. The first one through raised his weapon but hesitated for fear of hitting his own man. The other gunman had no such qualms raising his weapon in both hands and emptying the magazine at Yoyo and his own associate. Yoyo twisted bringing the man she was restraining between her and the shooting gunman. A needler on full auto against an unarmored human body is not something you want to see much less be holding when the flechettes go home. The man in Yoyo's grasp came apart as thousands of the tiny plastic darts tore him apart passing effortlessly through his clothing and the flesh beneath. Yoyo was covered in red gore as those same flechettes tore through her clothing but failed to penetrate her armored skin. Tilda was in shock and for several seconds did nothing but the death in such gruesome fashion seemed to trigger her fight or flight response. Tilda was not a soldier she was a politician and this was out of her realm it was to her credit that she didn't scream instead she chose flight. The assassin who had hesitated didnt even pause when it came to shooting Tilda but her quick dive behind a garden statue saved her life as needles chipped into the soft stone. THE MORGUE O'k barely registered what Ken was saying to the captain while she waited for the call to go through to a judge she had worked with a year ago before the incident. She also watched the Kimura Investigator who was standing aside obviously communicating with someone elsewhere looking like a misshapen statue. A technician came into the room from the operating area and approached the RO he showed him a PPC and pointed to it several time. O'k noticed the furrow of the mans brow and the deep frown. “Detective, You might want to wait a minute before calling anyone.”
  14. "Damn shame about the crew, " said Lark with the lazy drawl, "as for Salvage, I can probably arrange something for you with the council they always need hulls for city expansion. Ain't got much use for working starships though. You might be better off taking it to a coalition world and trying to offload it there." He takes off his hat and scratches his head looks at Maverick then back to the Apostate finely settling his gaze on Madeline. "You say the cargo is gone and you found the ship drifting. That was highly volatile cargo you have to have heavily specialized equipment to off load that stuff in space. That cargo was very important not to mention expensive and my client is't going to be pleased, no siree, not a'tall." He looks back at Maverick for several seconds then at the Apostate. "Maverick you think you can find these people? They ain't gonna be here on Sanctuary. This the only ships to make ground fall since your skinny ass got here."
  15. True to Penny's word, 2.87 days passed before the Ataraxia jumped into the final system destination. And true to the Apostate's word Volkov never once set foot on the bridge or into any other sensitive off limits area of the ship. And because of that she had no clue where in the known universe she was. She looked out of the viewport at the fast approaching planet, a brown and light tan world, wispy clouds and not many of them and a barley perceptible tiny ice cap at the top of the northern hemisphere. From the approach vector she couldn't see the south but was doubtful it was much better. But what really worried her was that she couldn't see any cities.Even at full magnification the planet looked barren and uninhabited, a visual survey of the orbital space did show the plethora of satellites you would find on any human colony. She began to worry that she might be about to be marooned on a dead planet. Maverick came awake startled. The smell of frying bacon and coffee filled her nostrils. She slipped out of bed and into a robe and stuck her head out of the tiny sleep cubicle that had been her home for the last week to find Lark standing in the even smaller kitchen cooking up some breakfast, a huge grin on his face. "Good morning Missy," he said with his booming voice, "hope ya slept well and have an appetite cause you my little sweet friend are about to get put to work." "?" the look on her faced asked the question she didn't need to voice. "Haha, Yeah seems the Ginger snap made landfall this morning that's the ship with our cargo. we'll head there after you get some food in you. Details are a bit sketchy and there's another ship that came in at the same time The Ataraxia, captained by a mean SOB but not a pirate so Not sure whats up we are to meet the Sheriff at he port as soon as we can." Maverick rushed over grabbed a biscuit and some bacon and then ran back to her cubicle. "Gimme a minute to get dressed" she said as she gobbled down the food. After swallowing a cup of black coffee Maverick and Lark made a very fast journey to the "port" there they found the two ships one a sleek custom job the other an ungainly freighter that wouldn't normally be glance at twice. In the nearby office the met the sheriff and the captain of the Ataraxia and a teen aged girl both in ships jump suits with a patch that read Ataraxia. In another room but visible through a window sat another woman also in a Ataraxia ships jumpsuit,. "Morning Lark, this here is... The Apostate, captain of the Ataraxia, this is his first mate Penny. Captain, Penny this is Lark he represents the person or persons holding the commission for the Ginger Snap. I'll let you guys hash it out I'm going to get some breakfast." The sheriff nodded at Maverick as he left the office leaving a million questions hanging in the air. Lark watched the retreating back of the sheriff and maverick noted that the grin was gone. He turned back to face the Ataraxia captain. "So I heard of you, The Apostae, hmm. Where is Captain Bemora and the rest of the Ginger's crew?" he asked