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  1. Delighted at the success of her ruse, Keiko grabbed at the light streaming around her and directed it into a coherent straight line, painting a bright white streak that superheated the surrounding air into a great thunderclap! She stayed where she was then, behind cover and invisible, eagerly watching to see just how bad this guy got hurt by her perfectly-aimed blast.
  2. Oh boy, this guy was playing for keeps! It seemed like he had a TON of raw power, but maybe his ability to pay attention to things was a bottleneck? Classic gaming rules; the you could beat anyone if he was distracted enough! "Lets spread out some, make sure he can't get us all with one big hand-thing again!" She ran off at an angle, moving around the Yellow Man at a distance to a spot where a big planter with a tree in it would offer some cover if he chose to go after her. From there Keiko concentrated and created a little illusion just for him... Suddenly two tiny meteors seemed to streak in from above; one green and one yellow. They zoomed down to orbit the Yellow Man's head; two tiny men in costumes based on what Keiko remembered of the actual men who'd fallen from the sky. Each one had a disproportionately large head on their tiny figure, so that their features were recognizable. "YOU FOOL HAL" shrieked the tiny purple man, "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO US NOW!" The man in green planted his fists stubbornly on his hips and replied, "THIS IS AS MUCH YOUR FAULT AS MINE. MORE REALLY BECAUSE REASONS!" She had no idea how 'Hal' talked, since he'd been unconscious the whole time while she'd been there. That gave her a lot of creative freedom. The two tiny figures started yelling and shooting tiny laser beams at each other, while still hovering right up in the supervillain's face, making it really hard to focus on other stuff! (Initiative: 1d20+4 15 on her turn: Affliction; DC 17 Will save- Vulnerable/Perception Impaired with first degree success or Defenseless/Perception Disabled with two degrees)
  3. Keiko couldn't fly or teleport, but she was quite fast on her feet with telekinetically enhanced bounding and speed. Even so, it wasn't more than a couple of blocks before she hitched a ride on a car that was heading the right direction. When it stopped she went another block over and jumped onto another one...and in that way she made her way to the Yellow Brick Row in record (for her) time! Still behind the others, but not by too much! Just in time, in fact, to see Tats get swatted out of the sky by a...giant glowing flyswatter? That would actually be kind of awesome if it wasn't going to kill them. Keiko whipped up an illusion of the Magnificent KITSUNE (tm) in her black bodysuit and noh mask and swishing fox tails, and sent it running into the battle while the real girl headed towards where Tatiana was falling. Maybe she could try to break that descent!
  4. "Oh boy," the fake Keiko said back at the crash site, with everyone there but Tats. "So, just saw the ring, I think. It's over on Yellow Brick Row. The good news is that it looked like it slowed down, so I don't think we'll be dealing with a crater and smoking bodies. The bad news...it's on Yellow Brick Row. I'm heading there now!" Then the illusion dissolved in a flash of white light. Meanwhile the real Keiko replaced invisibility with an illusion of her Kitsune costume...much easier to avoid people when they could see you coming!...and bounded in great, power-assisted leaps towards the spot she'd seen the ring come down to! (TK array to Speed and Leap, and gettin' there asap!)
  5. All the while, Keiko just stood there, watching everything attentively, but staying quiet. Anyone who knew her would know that meant trouble. That Keiko was just a construct of psionically controlled light...refracted and bent and wavelength-altered so that it looked like Keiko was there. A trick. The actual Keiko had stepped backwards while fading to invisibility, shedding her image like a lizard shedding its tail when threatened. And while Autumn captured the weird purple guy, and Princess did the yap yap yap, Keiko went a'huntin'. Her eyes were just for show at this point, but her powers of vision were much better than human eyes could ever be. She could 'see' in a wider spectrum, with more sensitivity, and take in light from every direction at once if she chose to pay attention to it all. Right then she was looking for a ring. A band of yellow, from the sound of it...possibly on the ground, or in the rubble, or maybe someone had picked it up. She cruised around in an expanding ring, shielded from sight while her holographic clone nodded dumbly along to the conversation she wasn't paying attention to. Perception: 1D20+7 = [16]+7 = 23
  6. For once, Keiko had no mischief at all in her reply. She leaned around and favored Autumn with a big grin. "You look amazing, actually. Giving Cosima a run for her money, in my books. Way to go!" She gave Autumn a big thumbs up...and then another three or four for good measure...and then sat back in the humvee's overlarge, comfy seat. "Lets get this thing going! Drive over some cars!"
  7. "Oh shit, yer right." Keiko's 'hillybilly' outfit evaporated, leaving her in sunglasses and a trendy tanktop with the logo of a downtown club on it and white shorts and sneakers. That was...maybe what she was really wearing? "Cool. Drive on, my noble savage coastal elite, and turn on the radio so we can hear the music of our people. Top forty! Woo!"
  8. Keiko went hyuck hyuck and brought a foot up to inspect it more closely. "Well shoot, little pardner, this here's nature...raw and beautiful. Keeps the crops growing. Keeps the soil humid. Gives them nightcrawlers somethin' to eat so we can go fishin' later and Ma can cook it up. The stuff of life, right here on my boot." She fluffed her hair under the ridiculous hat. "As for my wardy-robe, why I just figured we needed some real heartland fashion present, so folks didn't think we were all hoity-toity Hollywood coastal elite types." Though the image of prairie dirt was convincing to look at, there was a lack of odor that undercut the verisimilitude of the whole thing. Keiko hadn't figured out a clever way to get around that yet. There was only so much messing with electromagnetic fields and radiation could do, after all.
  9. Keiko emerged from her room right on cue, clad in...weatherbeaten blue denim overalls worn over a red and black checkerboard flannel shirt? She had on a wide-brimmed straw hat, the edges of which were starting to fray, and had a long wheatstalk poking out from between herlips. Her workboots were caked in mud...or, probably mud. Hopefully mud. "Shotgun! Hee hah!" she called happily as she waved and ran over. As she trotted up to where Tats had parked her Pimp-vee, she did a catwalk turn, posed and snapped a shot of herself...then opened the passenger side front door and slipped right in. "So, where're we off to today?" Keiko asked in a drawl. "I gots to stop off at Home Depot and buy summa that fertilizer...the good stuff, stinks real good...but after that the sky's the limit. I got a coupon for McDonald's and my Subway card so I can even treat fer lunch."
  10. "Aww. We have to stop hurting and go have fun? It's like we're not even superheroes or something." Keiko pushed the stick-thingie off her lap and fell back onto her butt, waiting for the burning ache in her thighs to dissipate. Seemed like it might take a little bit though. She'd considered faking this, but a vague nagging concern that she wasn't ALWAYS going to be able to rely on illusions convinced her to actually do the thing. And now she was going to be hobbling through a mall like she had yardsticks in her legs. Thanks integrity! "Welp, I'm definitely gonna need a shower first. And bionic knees or something. Gimme fifteen minutes and I'll be good to go." With effort Keiko got to her feet and shuffled out to her room to rinse off and get some decent clothes on. She'd meet them at the truck in a few!
  11. "Ahh!" Kitsune immediately geeked out. "This is all so...so..." She gave Princess an annoyed look as the pink-haired hero copped 'amazing' first, but didn't let that stop her for long. "COOL!" She went to the nearest bank of monitors and controls and leaned alarmingly close without actually quite touching anything...then darted to another array of instruments. The view barely ticked her meter in the face of all this high-tech crimefighting gear! "Lay off, Princess!" she protested. "They're SUPERHEROES, not glamour boys! They are a PUBLIC SERVICE!" She split off an image of herself and had it go stand in front of Rook, as she continued to flit from awesome thing to awesome thing. The image gave Rook the puppy-dog eyes through its mask and asked, "How does it all work?"
  12. "Yeah!" agreed Kitsune. Her fox-faced illusory self dissolved into smoke which flowed into her hand and vanished. "Also...should we go back with you to the Sentinel...cave or something? Is there a lot of paperwork? I mean, I figure there must be references and background checks and some kind of waiver, but...hey, do you guys get paid for this?"
  13. "Yeah, they seemed pretty tough!" Kitsune agreed cheerfully. "On the other hand, it gave us a chance to meet each other and join forces so in that way it's a big LOSE for evil today!" She gave a thumbs up and hurriedly straightened her mask under the illusion where the fight had made it start to slowly slip off. She'd need to get better straps or something. Then something occurred to her. "So, uh...what where they doing here, anyway? Stealing stuff?"
  14. A monstrous werewolf-like humanoid figure lopes up next to Qi and snarls, "Don't listen to her!" in a crazed half-growl. "Make me hurt you further! Rrraaagh!" Its claws, already long and curved and black, suddenly grow even farther from its fingers and little psycho spirals appear in its eyes. "Gimme an excuse!" Meanwhile, away from where Anodyne was being braced by foes both real and otherwise, Kitsune went over to where the original superheroes had fallen. She didn't really know first aid or anything, but figured she could at least see who was breathing and who was bleeding and get help where it was needed most? Maybe?
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