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  1. Vesper found a spot to sit down while Izona talked and Yuuki...yuukied. There were a couple of things about Izona's story that seemed a little...weird to her. But then again, what about this situation wasn't weird? She reached back and took hold of her long, straight black hair and tugged it forward over her shoulder so she could absently play with the end of it. "Who taught you magic once you got here?" she asked.
  2. Vesper frowned a little. She was pretty sure Izona had said...meh, whatever. The important part was that they hadn't spent half a year vanished away. Her folks were going to think she'd run away from home. Would that be so bad? She wasn't sure. She'd turned and was starting to head back to her room when Yuuki's question caught Vesper's ear. The fledgeling witch paused and glanced back, a little curious about what the answer would be.
  3. Learning magic was...difficult for Vesper. Belief was a big part of it, and belief took trust. She wasn't deep into 'trust' as a concept. Seeing Yuuki easily grasp incantations and start creating effects only made it worse. Vesper got angry, and frustrated, and slipped back into using her own powers over and over again. Finally Izona just kept pushing...banishing the Therion and forcing Vesper to exhaust herself until her own powers were out of reach. The celestial didn't hold back, and in the heat of the moment Vesper feared for her life. Desperation, raw and primal, pushed past her usual apathy and she cast her first spell. Later, when she came to after being healed, she remembered that moment. From there her progress began. Unlike Yuuki, Vesper learned in fits and starts. She tended to get hung up at first, and then suddenly 'get it' and make up for all the lost time and then some. Her spells were tempestuous, tapping into the turbulent passions that she kept wrapped under her stoic demeanor. Subtlety was not her strength. Where Vesper shined was in the presentation, the imagination. When she concocted a spell to conceal herself behind illusory doubles, the doppelgangers each seemed animated by different imperatives...each one acting differently, even while imitating what Vesper was doing. Her explosion of fire was filled with the images of screaming skulls and writhing figures, as if damned souls danced within. When she summoned a storm, it was ushered in by a deathly reaper's silhouette in the clouds, and the harsh noise of electric guitars howling in the thunder. Finally, when they broke and Izona broke the news, Vesper frowned, not quite getting it. "Wait, so...why? Everyone out here has been waiting months even though we've only been training a week? That makes no sense. If anything it should be the other way around, with us training for months, but it only taking hours. What's even the point of doing it this way?"
  4. Vesper just smirked and leaned against the wall with her arms folded. She was ready to get started. If Izona wanted to know about her gift, she could ask. Same thing with foci really. They could pick that up as they went.
  5. "Badass," Vesper said, giving the black ball a closer look. "Chaos magic sounds pretty cool, actually." She then scrutinized each of the other little crystals in turn. Air seemed kinda...meh at first. Wee, windy... But then she thought 'air' could refer to sound too, right? Or like, storms, like thunderstorms. Dark clouds, angry lightning...cracks in the earth with plumes of fire jetting out. Then the baseline...bumbumbum bumbum bumbumbum bumbum bumbumbum... Sure, it was magic, not a music video, but that wasn't any reason you couldn't cast spells with some style, right? Hell no. Wands you shouted Latin at and shot little sparkles? Kids books. Nah, her Latin would be all deep and resonant, like a Gregorian chant you couldn't hear the source of. Just the words, pressing in on you, beating reality into a new shape like hot metal. Ugh. Ugh! Okay, cool off, V...don't kid yourself into thinking this isn't going to suck. Just go with it for now and see what happens. Vesper took a deep breath, banishing the growing anticipation she'd felt and fixing Izona with a deadpan stare. "So what now?"
  6. Vesper gave Yuuki a flat look. She had history, math and science on her phone? Like physically on it? She brought out her iPhone and tossed it, and its earbuds, onto the table alongside Yuuki's phone. "Ten gigs of thrash metal and a PDF copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook," she said. "Take it or leave it." Ah shit, the cat vids! Maybe she won't notice. "There's stuff we can TELL you too though," Vesper added. "Like, with actual human interaction or something."
  7. So it's as boring as a public library, with an annoying salesperson from Hot Topic lurking inside. Is this Middle Earth or Hell on Earth? In deference to the delicate sensibilities of Yuuki, and because she wanted something out of this whole arrangement, Vesper kept that comment from leaking out audibly...though it did make her smile just a little as she said, "Hey." Yuuki shot her an aggrieved look, and with an eyeroll, she added, "I'm Vesper. We're here to learn magic or something."
  8. "Huh. Can we use more than one? Like...a book for the big sort of rituals and something else to carry around with me?"
  9. "Yeah. Anything with black candles, scary looking books, silver knives and stuff?" Vesper asks laconically. "You know...cool stuff."
  10. Vesper shrugged off the mage's reaction, feeling a stab of embarrassment over what looked to her like pit on Siluca's face. "For all I know, he's just some crazy thing the game master's powers created," she said. "He does what I tell him to, usually. That's enough." The description of the seraphim caught Vesper's ear though. The word could have a way different meaning in this world, of course...but it sure didn't sound like any kind of angel she'd ever heard of. Well, it'd be interesting to see how this all went down.
  11. Vesper nodded, and her pale cheeks reddened slightly as she cut her eyes to Yuuki. It was a personal sort of thing to share...easier maybe with a stranger than someone she'd have to be working with. Then she focused on Siluca, and the black of her pupils seemed to spread out across the irises of her eyes as she concentrated. The mage felt a touch on her mind, like the shiver of someone walking over her grave. "I asked him once, what he thought of me," Vesper says. The telepathic contact ends so suddenly that it leaves Siluca feeling as if she'd been pulled too quickly from freezing cold water. "That's what he said."
  12. "No, I meant I could..." Vesper sighed and flapped a hand vaguely. "I can show you what he tries to tell me. It's telepathic or something."
  13. Vesper hesitated. Having someone notice the Therion unbidden left her feeling oddly exposed, as if she'd had the fly on a pair of jeans down or something. "I didn't come by him, exactly. It's...complicated. Like, I never saw him before this guy gave me my powers, but he thinks he remembers me as a baby. It's kind of like he's...related to me or something? Except...I don't know. He doesn't really talk. It's more like flashes of pictures and feelings and stuff." She glanced away, then looked back at Siluca. "I could show you, if you...really want to know."
  14. Vesper was in the same long black dress she was wearing before, and of course devoid of weapon or tool. Well, devoid of visible weapon or tool. There was a chill in the room that intensified as one got closer to her, and a rustle in the small objects near her that couldn't entirely be explained by a movement of air. The Therion was nearby, looming over everyone, waiting for the order to slaughter. She rubbed her cheek sleepily, then shrugged. "Okay. Probably more interesting than hanging out around here all day. Lets go."
  15. Vesper considered all that, then said, "Hey Ryan. If we learn magic on this world, will it still work when we go to other ones? It sounds like its pretty specific to how this world works."
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