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  1. Part of Jeane laughed inside at her camouflage being taken for tribal markings and if the situation wasn't so deadly serious she'd have grinned to split her face. But her most recent memories, the ones that burned so much stronger than the legion of ghosts pressing in on her from all sides, muted the laugh and the smile. She shot Kia a sidelong glare of warning, a silent shut up burning in her blue eyes as she tried to get information *and* get these strangers away from her people as quickly as possible. "You wouldn't have heard of us, but we call ourselves the Irregulars. We're not here by choice, and once we find out what we're after, we'll be out of your hair and into the next area," the tall blonde paused, realizing the potential insult she may have just given, "No offense meant by the hair comment... Anyway, Cornelius, you wouldn't happen to know where the nearest human tribe is, would you? Given a route to run to, we'll be gone even faster." She strove to keep her voice low and even as she could despite the emptiness in her gut and confusion in her head. This was no street fight and she couldn't risk it escalating to a lead pipe being swung at someone's head. Not today. Not with how uncertain everything was. Get the apes gone and *then* they could see where the hell Lilly got herself.
  2. "Couldn't shoot you if I wanted to," Jeane replied easily as one facing down at least two rifles could, pulling the axe out of her belt loop, crouching to place it on the ground, and sliding the crude weapon away with a smile. Cornelius, Cornelius... There was something bothering her about that name... But she couldn't quite place it in the heat of the moment... "So you're Cornelius," she replied nodding at the bigger chimp before looking at the Orangutan, "Which makes you Vello. Believe it or not, we woke up literally today inside a bunch of pods. Some bastards thought it would be funny to use a bunch of kids as parts for their science project. Left us for dead when whatever happened to the world happened. There's a room full of dead kids in pods a few hours north from here, and we're looking for answers why. *I'm* looking to have a word with the people responsible, although seeing you makes me extremely curious what the heck happened to break everything around here, and make talking apes of all things." She was nearly growling at that last bit, ghost hunger pangs and confusion clouding her focus for a moment before she looked up again, running a hand over her bald skull, "Was it you on the horses earlier?"
  3. Wasn't this a movie plot at sometime in the last few years? A particularly bad one? Even Jeane knew that there were so few apes compared to humans that the odds of the apes winning any sort of war was stupid small. Honestly, if this turned out to be a cruel simulation, she'd have a word or two with the simulator over this twist. Assuming she wasn't going more crazy from the lack of relief from all this shit. She wanted to break down and laugh again, but the caution and fear in the apes' voices gave her the focus needed to power through it. Simmer down, Hebert. Accept reality as it was right now. The tall blonde looked over her shoulder at Kia, considering for a second sending the smaller girl out for diplomancy and see what they wanted, but... Kia was more important to the Irregulars, and she wasn't going to sacrifice anyone, not if she could manage at least half as good a job at a cost to her own skin. Well, a hundred plus dead kids were pushing her to avenge them, weren't they? Time to put her money where her mouth was. 'Get down there and tell them we have company if it comes to a fight' she mouthed at her teammate before rapping on the door with her knuckles. "Don't shoot! My name is Jeane Hebert, and I'm coming out to talk!" she yelled through the door when a hail of bullets didn't immediately reply to her knock. She cautiously opened the door and slid out into the lobby, hands well away from her sides, blue eyes taking in the two chimps in cover she could see, marveling at how small they seemed even compared to most humans, light on her feet in case it did turn to violence. "Hello. Nice to meet something living today. What's your name? How's it going?" she offered with her best disarming grin, the kind she practiced in the mirror to seem less intimidating in at least a few of the half-remembered shadow lives clouding her mind.
  4. Control Room The world's most dejected "Room's Clear!" wafted out of the apparently-abandoned control room, ten floors worth of anticipation draining out of the towering blonde in a huff as she moved to a central point in the room where she could keep an eye on as many doorways as possible while waiting for the others to filter in after her. She really could have used something, anything, to vent this black fog of worry and fear and stress and madness on. But instead, here was more nothing she could help with. "Do your thing, guys. Lots of buttons for you to push and no guilty scientists or their soldiers to worry about," she added loudly, blue gaze shifting from door to door just in case she was wrong.
  5. Jeane laughed darkly, stabbing a finger in the direction of the elevator door, hanging her axe from a beltloop. "Well, that's a trap. *I'm* not getting in a metal box that announces we're coming with those bastards possibly waiting at the bottom. I say we go the other way. If one of you guys can shine a light from above, I'll pathfind us a way down these stairs. Not my first time tracing a run through a run down building. Figuratively anyway assuming you're right, Sean. Maybe. I don't give a shit right now." She dropped her oversized pack on grimy tile with a thud and stretched out the minor kinks of their hike, blue eyes devouring the stairway door with a measuring consideration thoughts of applying her boot to the door with all required force. As a warm up for burying a blade in her first Conspiracy grunt in the facility below, it would tide over her anger. For now.
  6. Jeane saw red. This. This was the last straw. Enslave them in pods, use them to fuel to a living computer, let who-knew-how many generations of Keys, children, human beings, die in a dusty room? Forget about them when they let the world burn in their incompetence? Leave no safeguards if they woke up against a sea of conflicting memories that'd drive them crazy given enough time? All that meant nothing in the face of this theft of their hopes and dreams gone to ruin. A hundred, two hundred, three hundred, memories rose up like a black fog in her vision, making the towering girl squeeze her knuckles to bloodlessness and jaw work in silent rage. God, please let some of them still be alive so she could kill them for this desecration. "I'll take point," she managed to force from between her lips without growling, flat, cold, long strides taking her past Abel towards the building he indicated, "We need you and Sean in good shape to crack this nightmare."
  7. "I say screw 'em. They can come out and make friends like sane people after the brain trust confirms whether or not there's anything to find at the reactor. Besides, if we were the thing's last cpus like you said, there's a chance it could be breaking down for good now that we're out and about," Jeane replied with a shake of her head, "The people'll keep a few more hours. Heck, once night falls, we can make a nice fire to invite 'em to see us." She scanned their surroundings, smiling that predator's false smile on her face, one hand thumbing her improvised axe.
  8. Sure, I'll toss in a werewolf to keep Justin and Kaoleth company. Packmates gotta be packmates.
  9. Jeane couldn't quite stifle her grin at how thoroughly Lilly got told off. She had missed those train tracks, and it wouldn't be the first time a reduced budget wrecked something super important. "*I'll* play scout once we hit the city. That's parkour country, and long as you guys don't have powers, I'm better at something for the first time since I met you this time around. Besides, if there's anything in there waiting to eat us, I want the first and last thing it meets to be one of my weapons," she chuckled, breath misting with the cold and eager to get some exercise on to get her body temperature up. She got up and swiped her handful of ashy mud across her face to refresh her camouflage, forming a grid with the mud from inside the complex. "My Dad and I used to watch a show about what'd happen if we all died when I was a kid. Between this and the Underverse? It's pretty on point," she mused as she waited to move, happiness at a goal bringing up a fond memory that fit for once.
  10. It wasn't the worst horizon Jeane had ever seen in her life. Unlike the times she had been in the Underverse though, she didn't have ability to regrow a limb or leap miles in a single bound or any of the half-dozen gifts she had let herself think of as 'normal' in the two months since meeting the team. This time around anyway. Or however many times they'd been forced to replay the course of their lives for the amusement of whatever conspiracy stuffed them down there. If stopped to let herself think about it, the tall amazon would break through the brittle surface of her conflicting memories and lose herself for God knew how long. Having achieved her first goal and been proven partially right, she didn't quite know what to do next, and that uncertainty made her mental footing wobble. Just a little. She dropped to one knee, planting the butt of her axe with one hand, and reaching down to squeeze a handful of the mud in the other, biting her lower lip. If she could see even a patch a green, a bit of flowing water, a single light in the gathering dark, Jeane would have taken off running towards it. But there wasn't. So she didn't. 'South where it would be warmer' was too much of a leap for her to take, not right now. She needed a short term goal, and the city was too risky if it had monsters anything like the Underverse. They'd be chopped to bits. "You said this computing center had to close, right?" she hoarsely intoned, forcing herself to stay calm, focused, together in the now, "Is there a chance in hell it's on the other side of those blast doors back there, and that we could force a breach with what we have? Damn bastards blew it all up out here while we were asleep. Probably got themselves blown up, too. Damn it."
  11. Jeane was forward and through the new door almost as soon as Lilly pushed the open, torch swinging to illuminate the space beyond. Her eyes narrowed as she swept the room for anything useful, cataloging what she saw through her very particular focus, breath fogging from the chill here. More retro controls for the tram and maybe some other stuff? Ugh, hopefully Lilly wouldn't get a bug up her butt over these. Lost too much time already. A gun rack built for 4 rifles, but hosting only a single M-16? Better if it had ammo. A door, unarmored and begging to be bashed down? Thank you very much, universe. "Hey, guys! There's a door and a hell of a draft in here! Bet it leads outside. Help me get this thing open," she called over her shoulder, already squaring up where best to apply force and if her improvised axe would be needed to expedite the deed. One step closer to sky with any luck.
  12. It turned out that making a torch out of synthetic stuffing and vinyl resulted in a truly acrid smell that brought tears to the eyes. Yay, science. With Lilly on point and Jeane not too far behind holding up their foul source of flickering illumination, the deep dread drop turned out to be nothing worse than a four foot drop to underground rail track complete with 3rd rail. The rails lead into a long tunnel drilled from the stone and then finished with unpowered light fixtures. A mile and a half of flat track eventually takes on an upward slope for a mile beyond. Nothing moved in the dancing shadows beyond the torchlight in all that time, no branches or exits presented themselves. At least until they found the second rail platform and the tram itself. A little twelve-man model, the tram was rusted and neglected, looking like nothing so much as the skeleton of a long trapped animal. What it was trapped against was a huge metal door that cut off the tunnel and the tracks that went along it. A much smaller, second door was on the platform itself, opening outward from this side and much akin to the one that had bound them inside the macabre server room where the Irregulars had awoken from their slumber. "Seems obvious enough what's next," Jeane offered, holding the torch higher to illuminate the muck-covered platform, coughing from the smoke for the hundredth time, eyes watering.
  13. "If you can clone someone once, why not do it again and again and again when that part gets too old? I mean, long as you're writing off our entire lives as one long dream sequence as cogs in their system might as well write it all off as spare human #626. Anyway, let's just find the bastards, torch their bodies and works, and sprinkle some holy water on the ashes so they don't rise to do this shit ever again." Jeane, dressed in one set of the extra large outfits, spoke without looking up, loading up one of the packs with goods and spare clothing, lips quirked at a private joke. Words words words. So many words that meant nothing and less than nothing. Fractured chorus of memories aside, she'd definitely want some 'her time' when the immediate crisis was over. She mentally catalogued her armory. K-bar in her boot. Axe at her waist through a belt loop. Six shivs hidden in various pockets. An unlit torch propped up against the side of the box. She thudded the pack up and down a few times to settle it's contents before sealing it up and shrugging it on, looking over all the pods with their morbid contents, "These dead kids need avenging since we're too late for the saving. Anyone got a spark ready for these torches?"
  14. Jeane froze at Kia's touch, broken laughter trickling to a halt as she let herself melt into the hug, still sniffling and tears cutting trails through her impromptu face paint. Thoughts and contrasting memories spiraled down to a central point in the chaos as she let herself enjoy the hug for what it was, growing dense enough to start fusing and burning, a fitful protostar in the anarchy of her mind. She abruptly tightened her grip on Kia, pulling her closer. "...I'm gonna kill 'em all for what they did to us, Kia. No goal is worth all these dead keys, let alone whatever they did with what they stole from us. They missed us five, and I'm going to make them regret the day they were born for this," she breathed to the ex-metamorph, deadly promise in her ghost of a voice. The ghastly flicker of what superficially would appear to be a smile crossed the tall girl's lips, and she relaxed her grip, "So. Packing, yes?"
  15. The extremely unpleasant implication of Sean's deductions kept piling up in Jeane's head as she methodically looted the clothing boxes for a full outfit to change into. More and more and more, slowing the gears of her thought until she could barely bring herself to pick up a set of miraculously-fitting boots. She quivered where she crouch by the box, knuckles white and lips squeezed bloodlessly shut, eyes unseeing as the one truth she had been fighting became increasingly likely, fragments of hope crowded to the side and off the ledge into inky despair darker than the void she had been staring into while 'on watch'. The despair she had been running from ever since she had woken up in the pod and started piecing together hints into a logical whole. They were fucked. They were cast God knew how far in the future, her world, her family, everything she knew and had been building gone if not destroyed. How much time had she lost stuffed in the pod? From what she could tell, all her scars were gone, the momentos of her adventures growing up erased by her power to heal or never there at all because she was some damned clone packed full of a corrupted version of her memories. "...This is your fault. You all took the magic away, and they caught us and they used your tech to put us on ice and then everything went wrong and they died, too. Nice to know your girlfriend did such a good job looking out for us after we did what she wanted, huh, Sean? Unless this is another trick from her and new friends, so fuck them," ranted the tall girl, dropping to her knees fully and breaking down into tears and laughter, arms falling limp at her sides.