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  1. Timeline: A day or two after the Bear Fight at most. 1) Less time for something to go wrong at Irregular Solutions Inc. We've had enough angst on that front for now, IMHO. 2) Groundhog's Day Scenarios can be comedy gold. The big montage post ficlet practically writes itself. Jeane's Goals 1) Re-rebuild her life (family, professional, social, educational) now that things are apparently no longer virtual. Even better, maybe. Pandora's little hellscape has shown how bad things could get if they isolate and let things break down, so Jeane's going leverage her abilities into connecting with friends (key and otherwise), family, and the people she can influence without being Sean-level pretty or Lilly-level strong. 2) Seek, engage, and dismantle as nicely as possible any and all conspiracies threatening to the long term survival *and* future growth of Keykind. This includes other Keys. No need to go full lockdown on an entire branch of the human race when we've potentially pissed off all the Titan's followers by slaying their gods. 3) Get Abel away from his desk and into the Underverse for some no stakes exploration now that the world is no longer on fire. At least as soon as she can take him along without having to hurt herself. This is her one big talent no one else seems to have at the moment, barring Kia using her copy abilties, so she's going to try and develop that one's effectiveness. Lots of quantum training to sink into that project as well as teleportation in general now that Devin is definitely out of commission as a provider on that front. Unofficial 4th Goal: See if Actual!Sara is 1/2 as much as a bitch as Pandora!Sara was. Punch her in the nose if she is.
  2. "Oh. Hey, Pete," greeted Jeane with a confidence she wouldn't have been able to muster during their first meeting, starstruck with the team and enamored with him that she had been, still was if she was honest, "I really need your number or some way to reach you so that we can hang out, okay? You're cute; I'm awesome. It could be fun." Then the smile fell off her face as she took in their surroundings and the bear and everything that meant about the potential truthfulness of Pandora's claims about what she had done. She flopped backwards to the pine-needle studded ground, running her hands down her face and groaning. "Damn it. Before someone checks a calender or starts spouting quantum technobabble, could you please delete all these other Jeanes from my head, Abel? I really don't want to face the prospect of doing *all* of that work I did setting my life up *again* with a whole peanut gallery up here. My node is killing me, God damn it."
  3. Holy fuck. Jeane had a moment of doubt as the amoeba-like blob of glittering Pandora expanded in her direction, a primal animal reaction of terror that she only beat down when Abel's distraction proved very impairing to the would-be goddess. Gibbering waves of fear were replaced with vindication and a trace of pitying smugness, the blonde cocking her head to one side and chuckling, tapping her lance against her shoulder to a crackle of sparks. "And that's why you always run with a Crew, Pandora. Never know when someone is going hit you in the knee with a two by four," she mocked, grin widening as she considered the 'revelation' of Pandora's self-insertion into their lives, barking in laughter once, "And I'm calling bullshit on your story. Abel can probably make me think he made us all from hamsters without breaking a sweat. Sean can, and did, make me vote to make Keys extinct. You? You just packed my head with a few dozen mes who all consider you a childish bitch. I *am* a child; what's your excuse?" Nothing she had in her toolbox could effectively hurt Pandora. Probably. Well. It was worth a try once. To Keep Pandora's attention on her at least. She exploded into motion with a trilling of further laughter, shifting to a two-handed grip on the weapon. Get in. Stab the bitch. Get out and be ready to let go of King Arthur's lance if Abel wanted it.
  4. Jeane's knees nearly buckled as she reassembled from nothing back into something, the beginings of a migraine behind her eyes and the urge to heave up the non-existent contents of her stomach dancing through her gut. And that was before she tried to make sense of what she was seeing and gave up before she gave the migraine even more ammo to play with. Shit. Okay. hopefully this was the place, and she didn't just land them in the hellverse next door to the hellverse she was aiming for... First things first. Weapon. Abel could chuck it at the cloud, and if that hurt, she'd have four, five, shots to help contribute to the battle... Yeah. That made sense. The tall blonde dove into her mental armory, unaware of the quantum realm imprinting the floating shadows of her rejected implements in split-second flashes, diving deeper and deeper for something worthy of her opening shot by proxy in this battle. Her powers were smarter than her, smarter than any one person maybe, but she had done her self-assigned homework, digging up famous names of famous weapons and the pictures of what they might have looked like. She had found a half-dozen different Excaliburs by now, Muramasa and Masamune, Zulfiqar, the frankly silly Norimitsu odachi, but spinning past all these and more... She knew what she wanted as soon as she saw it, and grabbed it, a crude sketch traced in glorious 3-d by her power. She snapped back to awareness in her body less than a heartbeat after she left it, deadly ghosts vanishing from around her even as lightning crackled into her hand from her node into the form of an ornate, transluscent spear. She held the weapon loosely in one hand, ready to let go in a heartbeat if Abel tugged at it, planting her feet, even as she mentally prepared to dodge. "Someone's idea of Rhongomyniad, the spear of King Arthur, literally slayer spear if you translate the name, Pandora," she offered conversationally at the cloud, running her freehand along the sparking length of the weapon, "Just to start me off. Buuuuut... Ya know, far as I know, you haven't done me and mine any permanent harm that Sara can't fix, and you and your brothers are pillars of the universe, and I'm sure something will go 'clunk' if we kill you, no matter what Sara claims about your evilness. How about you go your way for twenty years, we go ours, and pick up this conversation when everyone isn't feeling fried?My head is full of shit memories right now, and judging by how little that laser of yours actually hurt me, you're not 100% either. I'm sure you can find some nice tropical planet in the dimension next door to get a tan in. Give us Lily back, and you have my word I won't try and look for ya before time's up. Deal?" She grinned, all brash youth and optimistic heroism in red-and-white fabric, scarf knotted around her neck and trailing behind her like a cloak. Every bully got one warning from Jeane 'Traceuse' Hebert before she escalated. This was Pandora's.
  5. Silly question perhaps, Dave, but does the 'English' language we get replace our normal free language?
  6. Lunar Shadowlands Researcher Sorceress for my part.
  7. Still recovering her mental balance after getting hit with something *less painful* than one of Abel or Kia's punches, Jeane slid to a halt on the ice, reflexes having saved her from slamming face first into it. Nerd speak aside, it was seriously odd she had gotten away with her stunt with nothing worse than maaaybe a light tan. Still if Sean expected her to take the team to this quantum realm, terrifying as that sounded, there was one small problem. <Ahhh, Sean..? Actually, I can't...> Couldn't take anything more than a few pounds with her when she jumped. Or felt safe jumping blind. Or have the juice in her node to pull off a stunt like that. That third train of thought made her pause. Maybe..? She forced herself to nod, adjusting her red-tipped scarf with one hand and sucked in a breath. <I have a stupid idea. Get close, keep her from killing me, and I MaY HavE a WAy tO GET us aLL tHERe.> The tall blonde's mental voice fractured with poorly repressed nervousness and distraction as she pushed her node faster and harder than it wanted it go, just another muscle like Lilly had told her what felt so long ago, just like Abel and Kia had shown her how to do once with the dire promise to never do it, only do it when it really counted. The crimson sparks of one of her signature flashy teleports began to dance and flare over all over her skin, costume, and hair, growing more intense of as she started to crumble from the inside outward. Arcs of darkening lightning screamed and spun around her in an ever growing dome of rippling, purple distortion that engulfed everything in a 25 meter radius of the youngest Irregular. She burned like a shadow puppet in it's center, two white lights for her eyes and her node a red evening star just behind them vomiting bolts of barely constrained quantum. It hurt. Why was the field so big..? Her node didn't want her to do this and was driving nails into the rest of her brain to remind her of that fact over and over and over. Still, among the struggles to keep her balance atop the quantum fire, she mustered a spare thought for the link. <Devin. Bring. Please?>
  8. Jeane barely had enough time to start cursing the dismissive ease with which Pandora negated her small contribution to this battle when the raging titan went full offense on Kia, someone who *did* possess the tools needed to hurt her. Or at least more likely have them anyway. And she did owe Kia a little for being a grumpy, meathead bitch. "Heh," she breathed in wry amusement at that understatement before crouching and letting quantum boosted muscles drive her upward at a solid percentage of the speed of sound, letting Devin fall to the ice as she did so. Her target was a point between dragonoid Kia and the leftmost beam of death. A ghastly smile lit up her face as she blurred near the burning light, washing everything red. If she could divert even some of the damage long enough for the others to get in the killing blow... It would be worth it. They had Devin back anyway, so it would be fine if she went the way of her namesake.
  9. Jeane's world was a kaleidoscope of flashing blades, alien stars, and whirring ice as she was taken in the invisible hand of Abel's TK. She had many gifts and skills but few of them helped particularly much if she couldn't push off against something, and she couldn't take Devin with her even if she wanted to risk teleporting. She bit her lip and pulled him closer, counting heartbeats until they were deposited back on the ice behind Abel's shimmering forcefield. The thunder of her spear breaching the sound barrier was mostly background noise as she shifted Devin over her shoulders. Good. He was breathing even if he looked like he was bruised all over and bleeding all over her pam suit. Still, what was that quote about being mostly dead meaning he was partially alive..? Some old movie her Dad used to make them watch. Whatever. Her rescue, her responsibility, so she had to keep Devin that way. The tall blonde focused on making a solution to her mobility issue, reshaping the soles of her pam suit bodyglove into a pair of ice skates. The subtle upward shift of perspective as the morphic fabric complied brought a smile to her face. Still got it. She took off with a sharp shh-shh-shh of those blades, blue eyes alert for the threat of those flashing limbs and her fellow teleporter secured over her shoulders.
  10. Everything flashed back into Jeane like a lightning bolt through a kite, a million familiar, welcome sensations flooding her mind and body. She locked her gaze on Devin's crumpled form, a stupid, glorious plan coming together in no more time than it took to catch sight of Abel out of the corner of her eye. Problem #1? Pandora being too close to Jaunt for the others to cut loose. Problem#2? Ice keeping her from using her speed to get in and out. Problem #3? Teleportation probably being waaaay too uncertain to risk. Problems number 4 through infinity? Everything else she could worry about later. At least Kia seemed okay now. "Abel, catch me?" she asked with a cocky grin, a wreathed by a cloud of red sparks as she willed a lightning spear into existence with an artistic twirl, spinning it around her once to built up momentum to drive it point first into the ice. A quick twist up and planting of her feet on the glowing shaft later, the tall girl pumped quantum into her legs, exploding in Devin's direction with a crack of displaced air, a red-and-white clad missile flying parallel to the surface of the ice. Long blonde hair flowed behind her head as she extended one arm to grab her fellow teleporter as she passed, intending to pull him into her body. Stopping before she and Devin went flying off into space? Well, that was something she'd hopefully not have to worry about.
  11. *Meanwhile in the Twilight Zone* At that amazing, reassuring, familiar sensation in her hand, Jeane closed her eyes and concentrated, a thousand thousand weapons appearing in ordered rows in her mind. Just like she remembered. Swords. Daggers. Spears. Axes. Clubs. All of them ready to come into reality at her beck and call, her ever reliable lead pipe front and center. Instruments of her will to protect her crew, her people, from all their enemies as weakest, youngest, dumbest of the Irregulars. The whole array trembled at that thought and it was with the most bittersweet of regrets she opened her eyes to look up at the woman without taking one single weapon. "No. I won't. You did something, didn't you? To help me win against one of the best martial artists I've ever seen. Like you're doing to them right now," she exhaled, eyes flicking to the apes as they shivered and clung to one another, "Kia can be naive and a fool, but she's one of mine, and if there is a God, I will be punished for this. You'll have to break me to hurt her more." Surviving Key. Psychic. Alien. Mistress of yet another simulation. Didn't matter what she was facing. This 'woman' had given her the space to think, and even if she was crushed in a heartbeat for it... Well, there was a story about a young man and a serpent and a mountain... Her lips quirked bitterly at the thought, private laughter.
  12. What? What the fuck? What was she..? Who was that voice..? The sheer unexpectedness of another voice flooded her mind and put out the inferno that consumed her thoughts, revealing the stark reality of what she had done, the shaking exhaustion in her limbs from adrenaline, the confusion retreating from a sheer lack of anything to feed upon. And in it's wake, guilt and shame that brought her to her knees staring down at her blood-covered knuckles and, dear god, was that flesh under her finger nails..? She had... But Kia was always better than... Focus. Concentrate. Just... do... something, anything to make it better. That was what she was good for, right..? She didn't know anymore. "...Who are you? What... are you?" she asked, breath hitching as she struggled against hyperventilation and shock. Just one breath, one thought, at a time.
  13. Jeane's world erupted in black flames and droning static, focus on her breathing the only thing that kept her rooted in place as the chimp opened up his lips to answer their questions. "Afraid we haven't seen anyone else. We saw your group crossing from the dead sea and Galen wanted to be sure where your were going," responded the lead chimp, adding, "If you wish to travel with us, there are some human tribes to the south we trade with that we'd be glad to show you and..." Anything else he had to say was cut off by a voice that Jeane only vaguely recognized as her own, brittle and angering and shattering into rage even as the very last of her self-control exploded in all direction. "I'm sorry. If you'll give us... a moment... I need to have... a... woooord with my... UTTER AIRHEAD IMBECILE OF A TEAMATE WHO CAN'T KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT FOR 15 SECONDS! JUST HOW DUMB ARE YOU, KIA!?!!" The black shadows rushed in from all directions, drowning everything except Kia's face and the welcome release of her hands tightening into fists and her legs carrying her forward even as a golden memory flashed in front of her mind's eye, sucked in on the backdraft of rage. Dan shook his head and took a drink. "Look, I don't know what was said, what all happened as you heard it, but The Irregulars are heroes, and at the same time, you're all still a bunch of kids. I swear, I sometimes catch myself wondering if I woke up in an anime or something. Phenomenal powers, teenage angst, and dangers no one really understands, that threaten the whole world. Of course Keys can be dangerous, but it comes down to how a Key chooses to use their powers. Personally I am concerned with what measures are in place to Contain a Key that breaks the law, and cannot be contained with normal means." "Yeah. That could be bad," Jeane conceded after a pull on her own sip of water, remembering the brain in a jar, "But I'm sure we could figure it out together. Given even half a chance. I mean, if it's open to Keys, some of us are going to want to use our skills in public service in some way. If the Irregulars don't work out in the next two years, even I might ask you to walk me into the recruiting station." She looked back at her Father on that note, blue eyes gauging his reaction. He shook his head. "I would highly advise you against that course, Jeane."It was certainly not what she was expecting to hear. "Were you a normal young woman, then yes, The Service is good for you. But As you are now, The higher-ups, They'd press you to become a weapon, one way or another, and you'd never be free." "You who love your freedom more than anyone I know, The Service would break you, and take that from you, and I just don't want to see that future for you. I'm a bit proud that you'd even consider it, but as your Father, I would caution you against following my footsteps there." There was a sadness to his tone, and pride. For someone like him, a Lifelong Marine, to speak as he did, was likely about the hardest thing he'd had to do. The damning irony of that memory, here, now, with all that was happening, with the possibility that it was all a lie planted in her head some mad scientist only made her angrier, fist drawing back for a haymaker aiming to take Kia's clueless little head straight off her shoulders. She was probably never going to see him or Sam or Paul or even Mom ever again. Everyone got a verbal warning before Jeane escalated, and Kia had well and truly used up hers, first and final strike. "FIRST RULE OF THE STREETS, KIA! SHOW NO WEAKNESS TO STRANGERS!" The tall blonde bellowed at the top of her lungs, throwing her fist forward even as the cloud of mnemonic chaos obscured her vision. Jeane's mouth worked soundlessly a few times, not knowing how to reply or even think about that response or the raw emotional damage she could imagine that costing him, so she went with her gut. She moved in the blink of an eye to engulf Daniel in a crushing hug of gratitude and comfort, head resting on his shoulders, superhuman reflexes covering the awkwardness of the unfamiliar physical affection and reversed scales. "Thank you for being here, Dad. I know I yelled and complained a lot, but... Thank you for looking out for us," she mumbled into his shoulder. "Always Jeane." He hugged her back with a smile. "You'll find your place one day. I won't tell you do this or not only advise you on such a choice. Just consider your options, which frankly you have way more of now." She maintained the hug, sighing as she drew upon that stability, "So if that's out, does the same hold with asking NASA about helping me with a cool thing I found out I could do today? I'm pretty sure I found one of those Earths that's not-quite our Earth while running away from the meeting. Not a nice place, but interesting and new. I don't quite feel up to confronting the others so soon, but if you don't think it'll be safe..." "I really don't think you need to rush off tonight. Stay here, just have a normal night in, and tomorrow, go back and Talk to Abel. At least see how the meeting went, and that way you know where you stand." He chuckled. "NASA's more looking up and out than at other dimensions, Jeane." "Was worth a shot. It's all aliens, isn't it?" Jeane answered lightly as she withdrew from the hug. She bobbed her head, "Okay. I'll give him *A* chance tomorrow. Umm, remember the night before they took you away? Think I can cash in a raincheck and have a driving lesson this weekend?" "Sure, though I guess you'll have your own money with that endorsement deal to buy yourself a vehicle after you pass." Dan smiled, and squeezed her shoulder. "I'm proud of how far you've already come Jeane. Never doubt that." The painful, searing mockery of that memory ended, leaving the tall blonde uncertain if she even hit and just as swiftly not giving a shit, madness-clouded eyes zeroing in on the smaller girl as she moved with trained instinct and aimed a booted foot at Kia's gut, "DO YOU WANT TO KILL US?! WE CAN'T TRUST THEM! THEY COULD BE *HER* CHILDREN, SOMETHING RASHOUD DESIGNED WITH OUR STOLEN LIVES TO MOCK US! REPLACE US! JUST SO WE COULD GO DIE IN THE DARK! IDIOT! AIRHEAD! LOSER!" Her voice echoed through the lobby and down the stairs, full of bile and hate and black rage bent on violence.
  14. Part of Jeane laughed inside at her camouflage being taken for tribal markings and if the situation wasn't so deadly serious she'd have grinned to split her face. But her most recent memories, the ones that burned so much stronger than the legion of ghosts pressing in on her from all sides, muted the laugh and the smile. She shot Kia a sidelong glare of warning, a silent shut up burning in her blue eyes as she tried to get information *and* get these strangers away from her people as quickly as possible. "You wouldn't have heard of us, but we call ourselves the Irregulars. We're not here by choice, and once we find out what we're after, we'll be out of your hair and into the next area," the tall blonde paused, realizing the potential insult she may have just given, "No offense meant by the hair comment... Anyway, Cornelius, you wouldn't happen to know where the nearest human tribe is, would you? Given a route to run to, we'll be gone even faster." She strove to keep her voice low and even as she could despite the emptiness in her gut and confusion in her head. This was no street fight and she couldn't risk it escalating to a lead pipe being swung at someone's head. Not today. Not with how uncertain everything was. Get the apes gone and *then* they could see where the hell Lilly got herself.
  15. "Couldn't shoot you if I wanted to," Jeane replied easily as one facing down at least two rifles could, pulling the axe out of her belt loop, crouching to place it on the ground, and sliding the crude weapon away with a smile. Cornelius, Cornelius... There was something bothering her about that name... But she couldn't quite place it in the heat of the moment... "So you're Cornelius," she replied nodding at the bigger chimp before looking at the Orangutan, "Which makes you Vello. Believe it or not, we woke up literally today inside a bunch of pods. Some bastards thought it would be funny to use a bunch of kids as parts for their science project. Left us for dead when whatever happened to the world happened. There's a room full of dead kids in pods a few hours north from here, and we're looking for answers why. *I'm* looking to have a word with the people responsible, although seeing you makes me extremely curious what the heck happened to break everything around here, and make talking apes of all things." She was nearly growling at that last bit, ghost hunger pangs and confusion clouding her focus for a moment before she looked up again, running a hand over her bald skull, "Was it you on the horses earlier?"
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