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  1. I've had bad experiences with open world games, but, sure, if Nina's up for one last rodeo to wrap up the current thread, I'll ride.
  2. Interested. Just need to get my hands on some game books to see what's possible.
  3. "Nice," she replied easily before rolling her eyes at the closest Vanguard, manner easy, "And I apologize for supporting your 'pitch'. It's not like we invite just anyone up here. I was guessing blind, although it was pretty obvious that Haruka's awesome." Inwardly, she scoffed back in the face of Lilly's irritation, the courage of one who volunteered to fight monsters in an almost literal hell every other weekend or so making her stand her ground. She'd literally fought bigger and meaner. 'Oh step off,' Jeane thought over the link, 'As if you've never made a risky play that might not work out.'
  4. Having been pleasantly not told to fuck off by the twin Vanguards, Jeane had followed quietly in the wake of Lilly's tour, holding her tongue and letting her teammate pontificate and show off the station. Much better than her idea of straight to the chow hall and hope one of the T'Tauri was off duty at the moment. Consequence of the ability to be anywhere in a heartbeat? Maybe? eh. Still, she'd done enough watching for now. She chuckled for the first time, grinning like the cat who ate the canary, "Speaking as someone who went from hiding my powers for six months to not being able to hide them at all in a day, it's definitely a Process. And one you're definitely not alone in. We have a phone number, and someone will be awake to talk once you get past Alexa, any time of day. So, ten thousand dollar question if you don't mind my asking me, you two. Whose the awesome one, and who has the powers? Impossible to tell from over here." She chuckled again, enjoying the excited innocence of the siblings. Made her wistful that she still had so much ground to cover rebuilding with her own sister, seeing the easy harmony of these two.
  5. A crackle of lightning in the control room, and there Jeane belatedly was, big as life and hands resting in the pockets of her hoodie. She smiled at the new arrivals, "Nice view, right? Told ya." 'The rifle's securely locked up aboard the station, Sean. Checked myself,' she offered over the link, 'And sorry, Lilly. I'd rather be wrong than careless and didn't want some blood to ruin a good first impression. You want me out of your hair; I'm gone.' Always so many places to be and only one her be there. That was the problem with a faceless enemy, and even when you did find a clue, someone's pride would get in the way of actual problem solving.
  6. Lilly earned herself a raised eyebrow of disbelief and a resend of the mental image of the teleport control room with it's pinkish trail of human blood somewhat ruining the vista of the stars. There would have been words, but then Ronin went on his little rant, and opened his impromptu portal. She didn't give that much of a shit about what he was saying, but the second issue? Oh, Hell no. "One second," she offered with the faintest of strain in her voice, darting through the portal into... Yup, Ronin did drop the portal right next to where the blood puddle fortunately no longer was. And the rifle was gone, probably to a secure storage locker or something based on the absence of calls. Yeah, the T'Tauri were *good* at running a space station. The towering blonde flashed the Commander a smile of thanks and skipped back through the portal. "Planet's still there. We're good. See you topside, Cade, Haruka," Jeane offered with a relieved grin before vanishing in a crackle of scarlet lightning. She had a murder weapon to chase down before figuring which of the siblings was the Key and which was along for the glorious ride.
  7. 'Bet you 20 bucks he has a very short list of names with our big bad on it,' Jeane commented drily over the link, crossing her arms under her breasts as the ever-so-polite dismissal unfolded, smile kept in place by the promise of sneaky shenanigans. It was a very thin line of support though, an unpleasant stream of thought putting together what she was seeing into a mystery she liked even less than teleporting snipers and super TNT terrorists. Abel was... off balance, ever so slightly less than the unflappable pillar of reassuring calm in a crisis she'd grown to used to fighting alongside. And she didn't have a clue why. "Hey, you two. Didn't catch your names, but I'm taking a side trip into space to pick something up, got room for one the way I travel. The view is to die for, so if one of you want to come along..," she offered with a grin down at Cade and his sister, gaudy PAM suit bodyglove shifting back into a much more subtle blue hoodie and grey leggings. As if subtle was really the word for anything that applied to Jeane. But still, she didn't have time to puzzle out the mystery of her friend right now, and if either of these two were anything like her during her first run in with the team, they could use the cool down.
  8. 'I'll take a watch. First time I've been on this side of the Pacific, and don't mind hanging around.' Jeane offered easily, comfortably slipping into the role of support as she disengaged from the crowd with an apologetic smile and wave, head and shoulders taller than most of it and dancer graceful despite her size. She'd have loved to take the new guy her way and played 20 questions in the foggy space between heartbeats, but that might have been a little much. Oh well. She'd get her time with him eventually... 'If you're heading up the station, you miiiight want to watch out for the blood stain on the floor if they haven't cleaned that up yet. Don't worry. Mike's fine, just asleep in the infirmary after mixing a fire form with fire extinguishers. Sometimes powers *do* make sense.' she continued nonverbally, transmitting an image of the teleport room as she last left it, counting off points on her fingers and closing the gap with Abel's position, 'Annnd that's it for immediately important stuff.'
  9. Jeane mingled with the crowd somewhere in the vicinity of the Emperor's bubble of dark-clad bodyguards, a big red-clad icebreaker dispensing smiles and giving quick, reassuring answers to questions asked in a dozen and one different accents. They looked like they knew what they were doing, and the last thing they needed was her as a distraction looming over them. So she worked the crowd, a little blunt, a little unpolished, but sincere and trying to not let that get in the way of what needed doing. In her case, dispense a little distracting happy nonviolent normalcy. Now that everyone had stopped panicking, the people seemed just as cool as the people stateside. She was definitely going to take a hop over here when she had a free day to devote to the trip. Sean's little telepathic reveal gave her pause in the middle of posing for a picture, a frown flickering across her face, captured in the snap of the cellphones. Crap. "Sorry. I just remembered that I might have left the stove on," Jeane offered, in the lamest of possible deflecting jokes and resisting the urge to hit the crowd with extra quantum charm again, "How about we try that again?" 'Uh, guys? This might not be the best place to discuss super TnT. I need to go over how things went down with Mike and the shooter. Definitely a Rashoud type thing,' the towering blond telepathically commented even as she kept doing what she was doing, the scientist's name bundled with a half-dozen emotional subtexts, none of them good, 'Watchtower?'
  10. THE WATCHTOWER 'Do it. I'll make sure the Emperor is ready to speak once it's safe,' the general answered with a steady mental tone that betrayed both a prior experience with something like Abel's link and decades of military discipline far from Jeane's occasionally erratic issues with her mental filters when stressed. She checked that her com bead and microphone were in place before nodding and letting the teleport platform bear her away in a shimmer of dematerialization. JAPAN The abandoned stage at the center of the portal hub suddenly was host to nearly seven feet of blonde Amazonian Key, her athletic frame clad in a red-and-white bodyglove, hair in a loose ponytail. Blue eyes took in everything around her in a heartbeat, the flicker of Abel's TK barriers, the people panicking and on the verge of panic, the quantum flicker of the Vanguards (and Ronin, too. Good to see he was better.) soothing the worst trouble spots, the lack of dead bodies so far. God, she better be ready for this. If she fucked this up... She spun off three more streams of worried thought as she fought off the urge to fiddle with the scarf around her neck, endless heartbeats as the closest news crews shifted from covering the riot to her, the screens above the each portal and on each wall snapping to show a young woman who felt so much less mature than her quantum-touched looks conveyed. Fighting gods and monsters were one thing, but people were something else entirely in a crisis. Jeane shifted on her feet and offered her very best, number one practiced in the mirror, reassuring smile, reaching up to brush a rogue strand of hair out of her face. "Hello? Can I have your attention, please? My name is Jeane Hebert, and I'm an Irregular. Everything is going to okay. We've got this," she opened, wrapping her voice in layers of quantum charm and persuasion, the light catching the black stylized 'I' emblazoned on the back of her PAM suit, "But we need you to calm down so that anyone who needs help can get help, and this can stop, and everyone can go home safe and sound." She paused, watching the first of ripples of calm begin to spread out from the area around the stage, the increasing number ping of attention on her, smiling inside her head in bemused reassurance at more people understanding English than she hoped. She kicked it up a final notch, wrapping her looks in a shimmering veil of seduction as a final gentle spur, "No one else needs to get hurt today. Today can be a good day, for all of us, if you trust us to handle this. And I think the Emperor would like to talk some more once it is handled, so if you'd kindly..." Jeane chuckled aloud then, the honey sweet sound flowing out and over the crowd, reinforcing the words as she remained at center stage in the plaza, perfectly poised and calm and heartbeat steady while her thoughts tumbled like rapids below the surface.
  11. 'I'm no Sean but if you need someone to focus their attention for whoever speaks next... I can handle that pretty easy and can be there soon as the Commander powers up the teleport pad.' Jeane's mental voice slipped into the link, concerned willingness flitting behind her words, having gotten fragmentary updates over the link and through her comm. Mike was stable, if unconscious and slowly healing, and the situation seemed on the verge of control, but if the team needed her help pushing it over the edge... She waited through the eternal heartbeats for a reply, PAM suit already in it's red-and-white bodyglove configuration, looking out the panoramic window on the Watchtower, not sure whether she should hope to be given a shot or be stifled by one of her more powerful, more experienced teammates using her idea or shooting it down as stupid. The blood on the floor next to her showed her the price of screwing up. She would not see it paid many times over.
  12. Apparently turning into fire and then getting extinguished half-way through really hurt. She was down and kneeling by his side in a smooth blur of motion, glad to see that he was still breathing. For now anyway. Jeane looked up sharply, blue eyes dancing with controlled anger with no real good outlet. The Commander was already urgently speaking into his com badge, the blonde picking up the word 'sickbay' as he worked the controls to beam them over. "Don't bother. I have him. Just tell them to be ready to set up a transfusion or three in case he can't heal himself," she cut the T'Tauri off with a bit more edge than she intended, gently laying a finger on the skinless and goey teen to engulf him in her quantum. Red lightning crackled and the alien officer was left alone with a unique rifle and a trail of gore. On the receiving end of her jump, hurrying blue-clad aliens were startled by a matching burst of indoor thunder, Jeane rising to her feet and backing away to give them room to work. Her hoodie was melting away into a tanktop to give them better access to her veins if needed, a potential first real time test of that particular quality of her altered biology. Abel's test had said it should work, but, still... God, all they needed was for some idiot to try and blow up the Tokyo portal hub. That would be great.
  13. THE WATCHTOWER It was probably a side effect of her own speed and teleportation abilities, but Jeane privately hated being teleported by someone else, exhaling in relief as she felt the last of her extremities come back into reality and under her control. Even a few milliseconds seemed like too long on a bad day, and today had had the makings of a very bad day. But... Here they were, back in safety aboard the Watchtower with the Key and the weapon. Jeane had done her job, and she'd let the braintrust worry about the aftershocks. She smiled at the panoramic vista through the window before her, taking in the Earth below, blue and white and precious and poised on the edge of self-destruction if humanity wasn't careful. The towering blonde had seen it plenty of time by now, but it still had the same impact, deep down, that it had the first time. "Commander Sk'tay," she offered to the red-shirt clad T'Tauri on console duty with a grin and a wave at her guest, carefully pointing the barrel of the rifle away from anyone or anything important, "Mike. Mike, Commander Sk'tay. Welcome to the Watchtower."
  14. NEW YORK "Thanks, Mike. Appreciate it." It would be nice if the universe could be counted on to be as simple as Mike thought it was. But Jeane doubted it, especially with a sharpshooter armed with a keytech rifle and a warper in play. All three of those things were rare or expensive or both. And whoever was in charge of them wouldn't just deploy them on a whim if they were sane... Still she'd take her five minutes of leeway in victory. The towering blonde zoned out a little and started crafting a keyhole, half tuned into the quantum fractals that surrounded her and memorizing them in case she'd need to come back to this part of New York under her own power again. They might have time since the cops raced past their position to the original crime scene... Of course, this was when her phone went off, vibrating in her pocket. She snapped out of the trance, and turned it on, skimming the message from Alexa. Uh huh. Okay. Fine... Great, right. So it maybe wasn't her, but who she knew? How would you even ask someone if they knew any recent Unlockees? Jeane had hid it for six months, and that was before all keys were genius liars... Okay, maybe not all of them, to take Mike for an example, but still. Trying to find a needle that could turn into itself a piece of hay in a thousand haystacks. Maybe she was lucky though. 'Keys in New York City' was entered into her phone, dumb enough to work.
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