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  1. Casey Mason

    Chosen 02: The Gala

    Casey took one more pass around the kitchen making sure everything was ship shape then she went to the door the led from the prep area out into the main floor. She pushed it open just a crack to look thru and still couldn't spot Horatio anywhere then let the door swing shut and turned back toward the kitchen only to find herself face to face with Becky Monroe the co-manager she had brought in after Horatio made her his 'date'. “You can see a lot more from out there Casey, than back here.” she said with a tilt of her head. “I know Becky, and I'm not trying to micromanage I swear I just feel so...” Casey said the pleading in her voice but the look on her friend and co-workers face stopped her in mid sentence. Puffing out her cheeks and blowing air she straightened up smoothed her dress and nodded. “You are right. I am being a chicken. You got this I will go face my demons.” As soon as she said that she regretted it and a small shiver went down her back but she gave Becky a smile and spun and pushed the door open and stepped out into the gala. It had been a long time since she had been to an affair this posh. It was one thing to come a the caterer but when Horatio had called and said that he was making her his plus one, it had put things in a different dimension. She couldn't just go dressed in work clothes or even in the sort of dress the manager of the caterer would wear no she had to dress the part. Which wasn't easy on her budget. Still as she passed a mirrored column and caught a glimpse of herself, Not too shabby she thought. Becky was right,Casey thought as she moved through he gather party goers, I can see better out here and still on Mr. Mourn but after passing and old couple who were arguing and some intense looking guy watching them she did spy a group of her former associates. Shit, I really do not want any of them to see me, flashed through her mind as she turned on her heel and found herself face to face with Roger Lampman the asshole who cost her her job. “Man, Casey Mason, last person I expected to see at an art gala, but still easy on the eyes.” He said not even attempting to hide his leering gaze at her bust. Resisting the sudden urge to puke and then kick him in the balls Casey Smiled instead “I'm surprised to see you here too, I thought the only art you would be into would be porn.”
  2. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey had been a lawyer, technically still was, maybe not a brilliant one but a good one. She knew how to read people, how to interpret reaction, how to cause reactions. And as she sat there staring at her coffee and the nail lying on the table, listening to Mr Mourn, Horatio, one part of her brain the inquiring, inquisitive litigator part wasn't hearing what it thought she should have been hearing. Casey had just told this man, a man she had only met today and had in the middle of the night called up and begged for a meeting, told him a story that should have had him questioning if not her sanity, her suitability at the very least, to handle an important event such as the catering job. But instead he was still wooing her so to speak, trying to convince that this was an important step in saving the coffee shop. His story had a ring of truth to it and she could hear the heartfelt if reserved emotion behind it, but why not at least mention that he had been a patron of the shop in the past this afternoon. That would have gone along way to establishing a historical rapport. Something was nagging her and she couldn't even begin to fathom why or what. Maybe she was going crazy. "Maybe your right Mr Mourn," She scooped up the nail and slipped it into her shirt pocket, then wrapped her hands around her coffee mug., "Maybe it's just the stress of the last few weeks. You definitely hit a few nails on the head. I'll take the rest of the night, get some sleep and think it over when my heads a little clearer and the sun is up. Again I am sorry for dragging you out here for nothing. I'll call you tomorrow with an answer one way or the other." "That sounds good and fair Casey," he took a last swallow of his coffee and sat the mug down as he stood, "I look forward to your call." She stood as well and they said good night and she watched as Mourn left the shop returning the small wave that he gave as he passed the window outside. After a few moments she turned to Nancy the night manager, "I'm gonna be in my office just lock up when everything's done I'll let myself out." Alone in her strangely immaculate office Casey Mason opened up her computer and began a much more comprehensive research project on a certain Mr. Horatio Mourn.
  3. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey can't help but see her reflection in Mourn's eyes and the sympathetic look on his face. She closes her eyes for a second shaking hr head slightly. "God you must think I'm a fucking lunatic. And I don't blame you." She takes a deep breath and lets it out glances around the coffee shop. "And I don't blame you. Look I am so sorry I bothered you tonight....I don't know maybe your right and I'm just stressing out over... everything." She looks at her hands and the nail on the table top, maybe it was just stuck in the sofa, but then it would have had to have been there since before she had moved in. "Again Mr Mourn, I am sorry to have bothered you and to have wasted your time asking you to come down here. I think maybe we need to pass on the catering job."
  4. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey just looked at him for several seconds then she glanced outside through the plate glass front at the street. It was just starting to rain big fat drops hitting the glass, one, two, then two or three together then it started coming down in sheets. Mourn watched her looked outside then back at her. The barista brought him his drink and that seemed to wake Casey up. “Let's sit.” She took his hand and led him to a booth instead of the office, she wasn't going in there that was where the weird had started she was sure of it. “Miss Mason, Casey, Is everything alright?” Horatio asked after they sat facing each other.. Casey shook her head No then leaned onto the table getting as close to him as she could with him on the other side. “You know I'm a lawyer and I'm logical, analytical and fairly observant. I'm not prone to flights of fancy nor do I drink excessively or take drugs. So while I know what I am about to say to you sounds crazy. I'm not” She sits back and looks around the Full Pot, looking for anything out of place, anyone paying more attention to Mourn and her than they should. For any shadows moving like they had a will of their own. Abruptly she sits forward again “I had a dream or vision tonight. It was after I got home, I was about to call you to accept the offer when you knocked on my door...” She relates the whole of her 'dream' to Horatio in quick detail “...and I woke up just as it got me. Right there on the couch just like … as if I had fell asleep and dreamed it all. But it seemed so real and I don't have dreams like that. So when I moved to grab my phone off the coffee table I felt a sharp pain and pulled that out of my back.” She tossed the nail still stained with dried blood on the table between them. “Don't ask me why, but I needed to tell you.”
  5. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    The hydrogen peroxide stung as she dabbed at the small puncture. She had to contort to see what she was doing the phone sat on the bathroom sink counter, she could still see the missed call from her cable company. probably letting her know that her bill was overdue...again. Her hear had settled down but her mind was still in a confused haze. She had been about to call Morn, a little shiver ran through her at the thought of what happened to him, that hadn't really happened.Then she had this hallucination? But if it was a hallucination, where did the nail come from. She finish bandaging the wound and put her shirt back on, splashed some water on her face and looked at her reflection. What the hell is going on.. After drying her face she turned the water off picked up the phone and went back into the living room. Every shadow in the corner made her look twice. She poured a glass of wine and downed it in one long swallow then hit the call button on the phone. Morns number was still dialed in. It rang 5 times then went to voicemail. Casey's heart skipped a beat. When the Beep sounded she spoke with a strong voice. "Mr Mourn, Horatio. I would like to meet with you tonight back at the Coffee House. It's 7:30 now I'm leaving for there immediately. Please come as soon as possible. And be careful."
  6. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Insane panic gripped casey's heart and mind then suddenly a veil of clarity fell. Fight or flight kicked in. She stumbled back and grabbed one of the kitchen stools from the breakfast bar, spun and hurled it at the window filling the living room wall. The stool slammed through the cheap curtains and glass shattered and she started running toward it "Horatio! The fire escape!" She called out She reached the window, pulled the curtains ripping them from the rods and glanced back to see if Horatio was coming. Her blood froze again as she heard the moan from the dark the moan that sounded like her name.
  7. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey pulls back hard trying to get out of Mr Mourn's grasp. "Hey Let go of me!" She twists her arms and then kicks at his legs. "What the fuck do you think your doing! Are you on something?"
  8. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey stared at the door and then the phone, seconds lost, then she stood and ran to the door. Old habits die hard and she looked through the peephole at the distorted face of Horatio Mourn. She threw back the dead bolt and yanked the door open just as he was knocking again, throwing him off balance. "Horatio, Mr Mourn, what is it? Are you alright?" She stared at him with concern.
  9. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey plopped down onto her small sofa and after kicking off her shoes rested her feet on the over burdened coffee table. The apartment was small and cheap, the furniture cheaper. The aforementioned coffee table was covered with old magazines and papers, mostly bills, but a few were legal papers from her law firm, former law firm (and yes she knew she could get in trouble if they knew she had kept them), that she just couldn't bring herself to toss out. She closed her eyes for about two seconds. Then they opened and she sprang to her feet and started pacing. Today had been weird. First the radio playing songs that were weirdly autobiographical. Casey had changed the station twice but within a half hour the radio was back on the same weird station each time, with the DJ that never seemed to go home. Or shut up for that matter. Between the songs she was always talking and god if it hadn't seemed at times like she had been talking right to Casey. But none of the other crew would admit that they had changed the station and none of them admitted to cleaning out the office. And she knew that the hadn't. For one thing she had only been out of the office for a few minuts which was not enough time for anyone to have done that amount of work. And the other thing was, well none of them would have done anything like that unless they had been told to.Her kids had no initiative. She stopped in mid pace. "Shit!" she had forgotten to call Mourne. She went to the little table by the door where she set her purse down and retrieved the card he had given her. Horatio Mourne. She thought about that name and the man she had met wearing that name. The physique that was displayed by the way his expensive suit had been cut, that long hair and...."Jesus Christ, I'm not a fucking teenager." She looked at the numbers on the back then turned the card and looked at the name embossed on the front. Horation Mourne. It was an English name and unusual in this day and age outside of CSI Miami and that movie with Gregory Peck from the last century. The last name Mourne, was Celtic. She had looked them up on google. It was habit. The job was just too good to pass up but for some reason she hadn't called while she had been at the coffee shop. She had made up her mind by the time lunch had been over and had had every opportunity to call but she hadn't instead she had looked up the guys name on google, checked him out on LinkedIn and basically pry'd into his life like some crazy lawyer looking to build a case. And she kept imagining that long black hair let loose from that pony tail, flowing over those shoulders... She sat back down and was thumbing the phone number before that thought had even left her mind.
  10. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey looked up from the desktop, she had a blank look on her face, her mind was in turmoil at odds with the orderly appearance of the room which should have been dressed in chaos. She didn't remember sitting down but obviously she had. She looked at Mr Mourne, then back at the desk and the office in general. She had only been outside for a minute not enough time for one of the other girls to straighten the mess that had been the office. Assuming any of them would have tried. The ledger was still open in front of her the entry for forty three dollars and seventy one cents laughing at her. That was a strange thought, how could a number laugh at her? Mr Mourne gave a soft cough which snapped Casey's attention back to the really good looking guy sitting across the desk, at his broad shoulders and the long hair. "Um...yeah." She grabbed the proposal with one hand and flipped the ledger closed. "Um...yeah," she repeated glancing at the paper but not really seeing it, "Let me look this over, um. I'm sorry I'm just a little distracted. Gimme a couple of hours to look this over and see what we can do to help you out. I agree it would be a boon for us, but at the same time I don't want to over extend. If you will give me a number where I can reach you?" She took a pen ready to jot the number down.
  11. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    "Well Mr... Mourne, was it? Do you mind showing me some ID?" He might be handsome, thought Casey, but this is very unusual. She glanced over at Petra who was watching them while the tall man pulled a slim leather wallet from his coat pocket and extracted what looked like an authentic Metropolitan Museum of Art Id card, complete with picture and employee numbers. Casey held the card and studied it, not that she would be able to tell if it were real or not, but if it was fake ... well that was just too much trouble to go through to fool her. Horatio Mourne, now that was not a name you saw every day, she glanced at him standing there patiently, what kind of parents name their kid Horatio in this day and age. She handed the card back to him and watched as he slipped back into the wallet and the wallet disappear back into the jacket. And how does someone named Horatio end up looking like him. "Alright Mr. Mourne, we can talk in the office. Right this way." Casey said motioning him past her toward the office. As she followed him she gave a nod at Petra sending the girl back to work. Hopefully.
  12. Casey Mason

    IC: Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Finally the morning rush was over and Janny and Petra were watching the front while she did some office work. Barb, Barbara Cullen, had called and asked Casey to take care of things today. Henry, Barbs husband was sick and she wanted to stay home and tend to him. Casey told her to just take care of Henry that she had the shop under control. Which was about as far from the truth as could be and still not be a lie. Oh sure she had the shop under control at the moment but that was just the shiny front that world saw. In the office the rotten truth was all laid bare before her. The Full Pot was running on empty. Barb and Henry had bought the place back in the early nineteen seventies. They had been in their twenties just out of collage and madly in love. They had met at the coffee shop while at university and both of them had worked there, it was as much a part of their romance as anything else and when the owner passed suddenly they had stepped in and taken it over as an act of love in a dirty dark world. The shop had thrived for many years it was the quintessential coffee shop, right down to the lunch counter with the fresh pies in the glass case and a blue plate special to die for. Stepping inot the Full Pot Coffee Shop was like walking into a time-warp right back to the late fifties or early sixties. But as with all things, time caught up. By the nineties the Starbucks phenomena was in full swing and Barb and Henry were feeling the pinch. Serving breakfast and lunch and pot after pot of Folgers just wasn't cutting it so they renovated and modernized. And never recovered. They couldn't compete with Starbucks they just didn't have the money or the branding. The changes alienated a great many of their long time customers and new ones just didn't replace them. By the mid 2000s they were struggling just barely keeping things afloat. That's when Casey had started working here part time when she was in school. She fell in love with the Cullens they sort of became the grand parents she never had. And the stories of the shops heyday in the seventies were enchanting. When she had lost her legal firm job, the Cullen's had taken her back and in return she had made it her priority to make the Full Pot successful again. So here she was sitting in the office looking at the bills. She had deliveries coming today and payroll at the end of the week. And the books showed less than half what was going to be needed even if they did 100% business for the remainder of the week. "What the fuck am I going to do..." She muttered out loud. It wasn't her responsibility but she had to do something. She had to save The Full Pot. Somehow.
  13. Casey Mason

    OOC: The Chosen PCs

    Name: Casey Mason Nature: Defender Demeanor: Stoic Concept: Over Qualified Barista Age: 26 Physical: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●●, Stamina ●●● Social: Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●, Appearance ●●● Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●, Wits ●●●● Talents: Alertness●●, Athletics●●, Awareness●●, Brawl●, Empathy●, Expression●●, Intimidation, Leadership●●, Streetwise●, Subterfuge Skills: Animal Ken, Crafts●●●, Drive, Etiquette●●, Firearms, Larceny, Melee, Performance, Stealth, Survival Knowledges: Academics●●●, Computer●, Finanance●, Investigation●●, Law●●, Medicine, Occult, Politics, Science, Technology Backgrounds: Allies, Contacts●●, Influence, Resources ●, Certification (Notery Public) ●● MERITS: Gall (2) (K:UH): You got moxy, kid. Add an extra die to any Social roll requiring backbone. FLAWS: Allergic (1) (vpg2, bos): you suffer from an allergy to some substance; a 1 pt. version inconveniences you and may increase difficulties in certain situations, the 3 pt. version means you have an incapacitating or even a potentially fatal reaction to the substance. Taking this as a 1 Point flaw to reflect that she is not allergic to a specific thing but rather has common sinus and food allergies which are controlled by prescription, missing her daily medicines can result in debilitating illness. Soft-hearted (1) (most): You can't stand to witness suffering, and if you do, difficulties are at +2 for the next hour. Virtues: Conscience ●●●, Self-Control ●●●, Courage ●●●●● Humanity: 7 Willpower: 7 Background: Casey was girl who had it made. A law degree from Columbia, passed the bar on her first attempt, an internship at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city, all by the age of 25. She was a girl incredible prospects, then her mother was diagnosed with a virulent form a cancer and within three months she was gone. This had a terrible effect on Casey. She and her mother had been very close best friends close. Depression and acting out followed and in a night of somewhat drunken partying after hours at the law firm. One of the partners tried to take advantage of her state. When she realized what was going on she said No and a pretty intense scene unfolded. The next morning Casey found herself without a job, and basically blacklisted in the city. No other firms would hire her so she ended up back where she had worked while at collage. A small family owned Coffee house called The Full Pot. For the last year Casey has worked full time at the Full Pot the old couple who own it are falling on hard times and Casey is pretty much the only reason the place still turns enough of a profit to keep the lights on. Casey doesn't make a lot of money even though she works more than her fair share of the shifts always taking up the slack of the younger less caring kids who also work there. She loves to old couple like they were her own grand parents and recognizes that they are well beyond the time of retirement. That is one of the reasons why she stays there. She doesn't want her surrogate grandparents to lose their lively hood and she densest want to see this place that she loves close down. Trying to make a living in the legal field would require her to leave New York and she just can't bring herself to do that. So she stays, runs the coffee house and does notary on the side. Image:
  14. Love Interupted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iErNRBTPbEc&list=PLV_IOQ6eaqfLU7skiQxbfigVJJ6VNGUcz 60 Foot Tall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfenJiS5NV4&list=PLRZi5O7j7lLB3qe65rCgRV4BCKjEZZu2- 1979 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aeETEoNfOg Orphan Soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wA0skGcp5o I feel the Earth Move https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6913KnbMpHM&list=PL1Dh9ABRyXWYt0yIR7AxAiBij97rVBrDa