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  1. He had to act fast. There wasn't time to undorm and attack, Even dormed his mind was fast enough to know that. He had faith in the Vanguards to stop the others, but it was up to him to stop this man. The look of failure was enough, and with the woman on her feet but shaky, the athletic young American-born Key sprung into action. While not possessing his Key form's increased abilities, he was still very fast and ate up the ground in quick long strides, his hands moving out, not to tackle the man, he had no idea what throwing him to the ground would do and didn't want to chance setting off whatever was in the backpack that way, so he opted for another strategy. The look of failure in the man's eyes changed to confusion and fear as the young man who'd spoken to him so kindly raced to him, covering the distance as faster than nearly any athlete he'd seen, the youth's hands lashing out. At first it looked like the strikes would hit him in the face and throat, so instinctively he blocked, while holding the detonator. The Impacts never came, as he felt fingers wrap around his hands and pull back. The youth was incredibly strong, and as he towered over him, pulling back his hands, the last thing the man saw was the young man's head rushing towards his face at incredible speed. The Impact was brutal and the crowd backed away from them, as the man went limp in the teenager's grip. Gingerly he let the man down to the ground, his hands holding the other man's carefully, keeping his fingers from the detonator, before he could pry it from his hands. he didn't dare rip it off or out, just keeping it out of his hand for now, and pinning him down so he couldn't escape. His own head ached after that impact, but he'd stopped him, and that was enough.
  2. Having lost his hold of his sister, Cade managed to not look totally like an idiot, in that he kept himself and the other man from taking a tumble. His quick reflexes gave him a moment to consider the man he'd bumped into, and while he didn't frown externally, he did inside. This was bad. "You Don't really want to do this man, do you?" His tone wasn't that of a threatening bully, despite being taller and more intimidating in every way. "That collission was my bad. How about I buy you lunch, as an apology, and you take your empty hand out of your pocket." His clear blue eyes spoke of understanding, and honest intent. He was trying hard to calm the man down, not just because he had no idea if he really had the bomb it looked like he did, but he was trying hard to protect not just his sister, but everyone there, without revealing himself. He vaguely felt something, a sort of ping, and knew what it was, so while he didn't transform, be began lifting some of the restraints that kept his power tamped down, hoping whoever sent the first ping, likely Vanguard herself, would read it as an alarm.
  3. Cade throttled his powers not for the first time. He stood out in the crowd, being quite tall for his age, while Haruka was a foot shorter. He was actually worried about the portals, in that he'd read some articles that led him to believe going through a portal might reveal him to be an unlocked Key. It was why, had any other person tried to drag him here, he'd have begged off. Still he rarely said no to his little sister, So here he was. A flash of embarrassment went through his mind as she gasped and exclaimed upon seeing her personal hero. Lilly was certainly an attractive young woman. He could easily see her playing Donna Troy in a Wonder Woman movie. Still, she was a Key who was out and proud, something he couldn't do just yet. He wasn't quite ready. "She's pretty I'll warrant, and If everything they say is true, She's a hero too." "Maybe we can get to meet her?" Haruka asked excitedly. Wincing inwardly he expected that request. "We'll see." He didn't want to say no, but he didn't want to be found out, or make her go to try see her on her own with all these people around.
  4. ***Tokyo, Japan*** A brand new dawned in Japan, and found Cade Allister in the kitchen, making breakfast for his younger sister and himself. Cooking was something he considered a talent of his, and he was quite good at it, and though he'd lived in Japan nearly his entire life, he found himself preferring a more western style breakfast much like his father did, on the rare occasion that he was home and awake to eat with them. Such was the sort he was cooking this morning, with Toast, scrambled eggs, a couple oranges, and some small sausages. Drawn by the aroma, Haruka came downstairs still clad in her pajamas, and moved to set the table. "You know we don't have class today, right?" The blonde beauty questioned him, with a hint of a teasing tone in her voice. "That may well be, but the second it the aromas made their way up stairs down you came from a state of dead slumber." he fired back, to which she stuck out her tongue. She chuckled softly. "I bet if I open a window, Akeno will come over within ten minutes." "Go ahead, if you want to give up some of yours for her to eat." was his quick reply. "I need to go to the store, I was just finishing off what we still had from the last time. I don't think We've got enough to feed Akeno's bottomless appetite." Their next door Neighbors, the Hikoji family, also both worked for Matsuda Technologies, and had a daughter who was the same age as Cade. She was his first friend in Japan, and frequent study partner. She was the number one student in the class, and President of the Student Council. "She never really gets to sleep in, so I think we'll let her. Maybe for Lunch or dinner though, we can invite her over, once we're abit more prepared." Haruka smiled up to her big brother as he finished cooking, and moved to allow her to take what she wanted first. "That sounds like a good idea. I bet you two will turn it into a study date by the end of it." That teasing tone was back with a vengeance. "You know it's not like that, we're good long-time friends, and being ready for classes is never a bad thing, Haruka. We can't all effortlessly ace every test like you do." It was something he even hid from her, something he couldn't understand too well himself. He was not just stronger and faster, Every aspect of his being was more than he was before, and that was before he cut loose and let his quantum flow freely. He wasn't naturally as smart as his sister, but he was more intelligent than he'd been before.
  5. Name- Cade Ian Allister Age-18 Height- 6'1 weight- 175lb Eyes- Blue Hair-Brown Handedness- left Nature- Thrillseeker Relatives- Ian Allister- Father, Annette Allister- Mother (deceased) Miyako Shiba - Step-mother, Haruka Allister-half sister Life can be really funny sometimes. That's a lesson that Cade Allister learned early on. Born to young parents in Seattle, Cade grew up in Tokyo, Japan. While an outsider, Cade found his own place in the social pecking order, in part to being an attractive young man. While not the most gifted student, He silenced many critics with his natural athleticism and maintaining near top of his class scores through diligent study. A solid leader, he was able to break past the various barriers before him with a generally good outlook, and honest hard work. Like his father, Cade developed a taste for Japanese Manga and television, mostly anime and vide gaming. Still, at least at school he hid that aspect of his life. Indeed, the fact his father, Ian Allister, had been headhunted by Matsuda Technologies, a prominent Tech company, due to his skills at engineering and computer programming sort of paved the way for it. His Step-mother Miyakko was a simple Office worker at the time of Haruka's birth. By the time Cade was in high school, Miyako was the Director of the Sales Department for Kawabata Pharmaceuticals . This of course lead to Cade and his sister, Haruka, being on their own quite abit, as both parents worked long hours. Two years younger than Cade, Haruka is his half sister, the daughter of his Father's second wife, Miyako Shiba. Haruka stands out almost as much as her brother. While not as tall as him, indeed she's eight inches shorter, her hair is platinum blonde just like her Father's, and she has the same sky blue eyes, though the rest of her features are more typically Japanese. Beautiful is often a word used to describe her, she Is far more of a socialite than her brother, and she also excels in her studies, albeit with far less hard work than her brother, as she's quite naturally intelligent. Their parents are fairly permissive, and can be abit doting due to not being around as much, the pair seldom want for anything, Though this is all predicated upon the kids keeping their grades up with an eye to the future. It was the near the start of his senior year (this part is mutable depending on when the actual date is) and he came across three other students accosting his younger sister. While he had some inkling of how to fight, he was by no means experienced, but that didn't stop him in the slightest, as he dashed in to help her, bowling one of the guys over with a reckless charge, and then swinging a wild right cross into the face of the second guy. The third stumbled back even as Cade interposed himself between Haruka and three guys. The first two recovered and now surrounded him, at that moment his head began to hurt, his vision blurred as agonizing pulses beat relentlessly in his brain. Blinded by the excruciating pain he was unable to defend himself and was quickly knocked to the ground where they two boys and the now recovered third commenced to kick him repeatedly. White light exploded behind his eyes with every kick he could hear his sister screaming then he blacked out. Consciousnesses was gone only a few seconds, his heart thundered in his chest, and there was an air of menace, as his body seemed to pulse with power. He rolled and dodged the in coming kicks throwing his attackers off balance then suddenly he was on his feet, unhurt the aura of his presence the perfection of his form and his striking looks all assaulted his foes stunning them putting fear into the brains. Instinctively they knew that they now face something more than human. He stood a young Adonis ready to defend his sister and more than capable. This was enough for the three, they'd all seen enough shows to know something was going to happen, and they fled, leaving Cade alone with Haruka, who looked at him with equal parts incomprehension and Awe. The only thing either of them could think to say was "What do we tell Mom and Dad?" For roughly three weeks now, Cade has been hiding a secret from pretty much everyone, save his sister who witnessed it. Cade is a Key, and has some fairly impressive powers, though nothing godlike like the Irregulars. He has kept this hidden mostly due to having a form that still looks and feels normal to regular people, nearly identical to how he was before, at least on the surface. Still trying to work out exactly how to break the news to his friends and parents, he has simply gone about his daily life as before.
  6. Having taken the phone, He'd not directly intended to be the negotiator for this, but at least they'd worked out an equitable trade. Favors from powerful Vampires were not dispensed lightly, and if they lived to collect, well They'd be good marks to have in their favor. They had to find and eliminate the source before the next full moon, which didn't give them as much time as Cade would like. and he nodded. "Thank you for your hospitality this evening." With that he lead the others downstairs, following their Vampire escort. That could have gone so much worse. This won't be something we do easily, or without considerable risk. The rewards, however are quite substantial, though not exactly physical. Perhaps the werewolves will aid us, perhaps not. I don't know exactly what we can offer them to aid us, and honestly before we do so, I'd like to test a sample of werewolf blood mingled with this Demonic empowered blood to see what may happen, before I put them in a bad situation and we end up even worse off. You all saw what happened when it was a vampire, and I assure you, if it has a similar effect on the werewolves, I'd rather avoid that at all cost. Any help we can get without great cost is appreciated, but I'd not jeopardize alliances just after creating them. Granted, those are just my thoughts on this matter.
  7. He'd been about to reply to Radu, and then Juliet touched him. His initial response to a vampire breaching his personal space would have been explosive and violent, but before his other hand could drop to Lawgiver's Holster, he stopped himself. His cobalt blue eyes narrowed, as her fingers still touched him and they seemed to bore into hers. Anyone reading body language knew his level of discomfort had just increased exponentially. Still possessed of his intellect, he nodded. "Assuming our Cabal agrees to do this favor for you, we have the right to request a favor of similar gravity of you, should the need arise; and you will aid us, as we aid you. That is my recommendation." For him to offer that level of trust, were it not for the three being the leaders of their respective factions, it simply wouldn't have happened. He didn't trust Vampires, but with how serious this was, he felt they'd honor such a request, it was reasonable, after all. Anyone who knew anything about Cade knew this was remarkable restraint, and fairness on his part, he was actually being respectful...
  8. Cade who'd remained quiet until now, spoke. "Well, Lots of entities actually, but for now let's put off that particular discussion. We have a matter at hand. You want us to stop this before it becomes an epidemic. So I'll ask since no one else will. What are you offering us, to do this favor for you?" You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed. "Blunt perhaps, but time is a factor it seems. Don't say "The good of the city, the Accords, or anything of that nature." They are a problem, but if this was the other way around, if we had come to you with this problem, you would ask something of us to aid us." His discomfort in the presence of so many leeches was fairly evident. This had already drug on too long.
  9. "And so you come to us. Now, the Kindred presence within the city isn't small my any means. This is certainly something that would normally be viewed as an internal matter. Knowing that, well, you know more than you're telling us, because I cannot imagine it's easy for any of you to look outside for aid. I am somewhat intrigued, in as much as mere ghouls were able to match the power of your investigators, who were at the very least, actual Kindred. That curiosity isn't enough to make me get involved though." Those who knew his history knew this was a show of self control for Cade. Demon worshiping vampires wasn't something new, and to be honest, they were abit worse in his opinion than the garden variety, but he certainly wasn't going to just jump when the bloodsuckers called and do their bidding. He'd only come tonight because of the Truce. "We can dance around the issue at hand awhile longer, but I think it best that we come to the crux of this meeting; What exactly are you asking us to do?"
  10. "It's the crest of Shaitan." He looked at the three Vampire leaders and his eyes narrowed. Alot was starting to fit, the murders, the Door, the pictures they'd gotten, it was all connected to this. "It's decidedly bad news." He knew "Alot" about vampires, enough to definitely make himself a threat, moreso than he generally was. He'd gauge their reactions before he said anymore on it.
  11. Cade steeled himself, resisting the urge to change the illumination in the room to pure sunlight. He could decapitate the local Vampire courts with a single stroke. Still the war that would inevitably come, and the fact that his friends wouldn't live through it was something that helped him not do it. Aside from that, who could tell who would rise up in place of these, once they were gone. as the leader of the Cabal, it would fall to Triessa to speak for them, and It was his silent hope that those with the ability would forge a mental link so they could communicate effortlessly. Still he also knew Vampires did have the ability to sense some effects, So even that could be compromised.
  12. "I see. I take it by your tone that he has sent others to extend this invitation to them as well. I cannot speak for the others, but I'm willing to meet your sire. I have heard of him, but I confess I don't know much about him, it seems there are few that do. In the interests of good business, as well as the fragile peace we currently enjoy, I accept your invitation." He looked at him to gauge his reaction, if he knew of Cade, then he knew of his intense distaste for Vampires. Still, there was something to be said for catching others off guard. "Will my current state of dress be acceptable, or should I change into something more formal?"
  13. Cade's gaze narrowed, and he had trouble getting his scowl into a somewhat friendlier frow as he moved to the house entrance. Normally one would never gain entrance here, but there was something about the way this vampire moved, He'd indulge him. He was armed, a precaution one took in his line of work, when answering the door at your home/office. "Good Evening. I wasn't expecting any guests tonight, but please Come inside, I'm certain you've something you wish to discuss with me, else you'd not be here like this." He was alert for any chance that they were not alone, and bringing him inside would at least give him some chance in a one on one battle, should such be needed. Cade's voice, while saying a polite greeting, were colder than the arctic glaciers. Were it not for just how odd this was, he'd have never made such an offer. Vampires had certain rules to obey, regarding hospitality, guidelines perhaps, as opposed to ironclad laws, but from the manner of his dress, the look in those bright eyes, and how confidence and superiority radiated from this Vampire, he was fairly certain that provided he remained Civil, the Vampire would do the same.
  14. Cade looked around and smiled. "No, thank you. We'll discuss what we want to do and let Levi know." When Dinah took her leave, Cade turned to the others. "Well there's plenty of room, really it comes down to what we want to do here, How do we want to make this ours." "As for me I already have a room and office, not to mention my own residence, So I've got no needs like that. Does anyone have anything they actually need or prefer?"
  15. Cade scowled, a dark look marring the normally genial man's features. She did this simply to make a point. Not the best way to win over a cabal. He allowed the magic to vanish, for reality to reassert itself and placed the drive in his pocket. "I think that would be best." His thoughts were dark and clearly he was angry again, but he held his peace, simply because letting it out wouldn't benefit anyone. "Let's to see the place set aside for us, and then we can see about personalizing it before we continue on with our original tasks, unless any of you have something else planned?" Though angry, he kept his tone civil, clearly not wishing to be around the archdeacon any longer.
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