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  1. So I'm kinda new here but, I decided to make a character called Newton who can control and amplify and us Newton's first law. Later my character will discover he can control the other two as well. I am having a hard time figuring out what powers and mega attributes to use. Have fun!
  2. gcsmithdahl

    Chicago in Aberrant

    I already know about Chad the living wreck berger
  3. gcsmithdahl

    Chicago in Aberrant

    one of my aberrant enthusiast friends had told me about her
  4. gcsmithdahl

    Aberrant RPG - Favorite Character Builds

    I find things that can modify your body in different ways, is good because than you help your teammates no matter what which is why my complete favorite power is shapeshift!!
  5. gcsmithdahl

    Chicago in Aberrant

    I am making an Aberrant game set in Chicago and I am having a hard time finding info about Chicago in the Aberrant universe. Please leave as much info as you know thanx muxch!!!! Specifically the Public Defenders I had also heard about a nova who could turn humans to bugs, I NEED MORE INFO!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. Submit your favorite Aberrant character that you or someone you know has made, because I'm having trouble trying to make one. So just general concepts are helpful!