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  1. Grumbling under her breath, Sunshine turned back to the console, using sensors to locate the Drift beacon and plot a course. She kept an eye out for the extradimensional alarms, in case something nasty was in the Drift with them.
  2. "Honestly, if it is a magic ship, that'd explain a lot - dimensions around the interior don't seem to match other ships of the same profile in terms of how much space is in here, and sometimes it seems to tidy itself up. But magic can't access the Drift so I never even thought to - well. Here we are. "So what happened?"
  3. "What." She stayed concentrated on Driftspace, but looked like she wanted to hop out of her chair and give the catman a piece of her mind, Instead, she just craned her neck for a second to yell at him. "What did you do to my ship!?" she asked, angry. Then, after a pause, added: "... that we are borrowing and that I am piloting."
  4. Sunshine

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    "Should we start - one second - " Sunshine didn't even hesitate when she saw the cruiser, immediately engaging turn, roll, pitch and yaw thrusters and making use of an intuitive grasp of microgravity inertia to throw the ship into a series of evasive maneuvers, while being mindful to keep Gorunta's turret pointed in the general direction of "them." "... should we start plotting a jump to Driftspace?"
  5. Sunshine

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    Sunshine twisted the sticks around, reconfiguring the ship into short-range attack mode. Xrays on the sensor holosphere lit up, and her pilot instincts kicked in. Not analyzing flight paths so much as feeling them, with an instinct that went beyond rational thought. She was good at sneaking, good at shooting, but Sunshine was born to be a pilot.
  6. The cockpit's holo-emitter winked to life, and a monochromatic floating torso of Sunshine could be seen, her mouselike eyes darting between the others and the instruments. She wasn't snacking, for a change, her eyes on the stars. "Yeah, what's the deal? I know why they're on my tail but why Gor's?"
  7. Sunshine slid through the legs of the taller party members without stopping, diving through the airlock's doors and into the Solyana itself. She beelined for the pilot's chair, which still had its ergonomics set to the ysoki phenotype. She hopped in and started flipping switches, concentrating on her job and trusting the others to a) keep anti-starship weapons at bay with the ship's guns and b) get the engines and shields online.
  8. "Oh, buttercups - " Sunshine immediately ducked down low, pulling out her pistol and squeezing off a wild, unaimed shot at an intern. "Damn cats - "
  9. The ysoki scrambled back a bit, instinctively, upon being approached by a giant-to-her cat man. Reflexes... "Hey, I'm not a criminal! That's actually really offensive. Ysoki don't just steal everything that's nailed down." Nervously, Sunshine snuck a chunk of food off Jordayn's plate, and popped it in her mouth. "Fho you fink thad if - " She paused, and swallowed, and started again. "So you think that we're in dire enough straits that we need to jet off to some horrible unknown world full of riches? If we were up for doing that we'd join the Starfinders." She paused, and turned to the others. "Have we thought about doing that? If I take one more milk run in that dumb taxi I - right, negotiation faces, shutting up."
  10. The ysoki frowned at the drink, and scooted back in her chair instinctively at seeing the cat-person. "Oh, great," she muttered.
  11. "Thanks, everyone," says Sunshine softly, sounding genuinely surprised. "No one's - ever - thanks." She looks over what was left behind, ysoki curiosity taking over. "It'd be nice to fly that ship on something other than a milk run, I'll admit. But yeah. Deal smelled like old cheese..."
  12. "Sensitive we can do. We can keep things on the deeell." She pronounced the word 'dl,' nodding to Jexa as Jexa waved at her. "You probably want NDAs before any real details, but: what can you tell us without touching pen to paper?"
  13. At being called a AbadarCorp associate, Sunshine made a point to slurp her drink loudly, as an act of minor rebellion. Then she put it aside, and sighed. "I keep telling you people, it was an entirely accidental desecration. I take religion seriously but surely there's gotta be a point where it's belaboring a penance." She pulled a small shrinkwrapped package of yipi stix out of her mouth, unwrapped them, then stuck them back in. Off everyone's stares, she grunted. "Well, I'm not gonna eat them with the wrapper on, now am I?" She bit the snack sticks in half, and swallowed them in one bite - those who knew her well knew that she ate that quickly when she was nervous or upset. "Yeah, what Evana said, are you going to tell us exactly what you want out of the crew and technically-my-ship?"
  14. Sunshine

    OOC: Starfinder Discussion

    Update's done and is in the sig!
  15. "HhhGHhh - " Sunshine winced as the plaintive wail of the monster run in her oversized ears. She shook it off, heard Evana's words, and grimaced. "So I'm fired. All right. Okay then. Well, you can drop me off at Starholme after we fill this thing full of holes - " She ducked left into a slide, then flipped backwards and to the right, distracting the beast at a crucial moment and hitting a sensitive spot.