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  1. "Well, I very much would like to not do that." Sunshine hopped back in the hot seat and put both hands on the yoke, while her tail snuck around and rested on the Drift engine control panel... just in case. "But maybe we shouldn't give away what this ship can do; if word gets out everyone'll be on our tails. So: talking sounds good."
  2. Sunshine completed the prep to allow the vesk to pull up portside, then hopped out of her chair. "Okay, time for the not-so-fun part..." She crumbled up a yipi stik and sprinkled it on her holdout pistol, then stuck it in her mouth, hiding it in one of her cheek pockets. Upon everyone's askance look, she shrugged. "It tastes less gun-oily this way." Then she looked upwards, in the general direction of what she thought of as the ship. "Solyana, we're gonna have some new guests, and we're going to try playing nice with them as a first resort. Hope you don't freak out too much, okay?"
  3. Okay. Should I have Sunshine prep the ship for boarding, then?
  4. Thought I'd posted recently? Sorry about that. Will tend to it when I'm back from today's finals.
  5. Upon being reminded of the grift, Sunshine fought the urge to take evasive maneuvers, and began practicing. "'Hi, my name's Sunshine, I just wanted to swing on by what's supposed to be the new homeworld. You all wouldn't be worried about little ol' me, now would you...'"
  6. Sunshine's instincts kicked in, and she immediately flipped on the red alert, priming the ship for evasive maneuvers. "Clevus, what the hell - never mind, preparing for evasive maneuvers. Can someone good at speaking get on the horn with them and talk them out of blowing us into dust?"
  7. Satisfied with being back on course, Sunshine continued to converse with the AI as she piloted the ship through the Drift. Satisfied with being back on course, Sunshine continued to converse with the AI as she piloted the ship through the Drift.
  8. Sunshine looks a little startled, but quickly composes herself. "It's a relief to find out I wasn't just talking to myself. Ah, sorry about that time I cussed when the stick slipped out of my hands. Heat of the moment." Sunshine continued to be friendly and conversational with the Solyana, thinking less and less about the need to get the ship going, and more and more about how fascinated she was by the living ship, and how much she wanted to get to know them.
  9. Sunshine, to her credit, processed all of this - magic ship with magic elf AI - relatively quickly, though this might have been motivated by the fact that they were dead in the suck and getting the ship moving was a priority. So she tried a different tack - she tried speaking to it herself. "Hey there, Solyana. Sorry about my co-worker. It's me. You remember me, don't you? The little mouse who's been flying you for a while? You have sleek moves. You're one hell of a ship. Thanks for all the times you came through for us, and sorry I didn't know that I could speak to you before." She thought, and amended. "And that you'd speak back."
  10. Sunshine grunted, out of comebacks for the cat, and simply concentrated on piloting the craft.
  11. Sunshine then flipped to science station and engineering sections. "So, do you all have any clue as to how we just waved good-bye to the laws of metaphysics?"
  12. Grumbling under her breath, Sunshine turned back to the console, using sensors to locate the Drift beacon and plot a course. She kept an eye out for the extradimensional alarms, in case something nasty was in the Drift with them.
  13. "Honestly, if it is a magic ship, that'd explain a lot - dimensions around the interior don't seem to match other ships of the same profile in terms of how much space is in here, and sometimes it seems to tidy itself up. But magic can't access the Drift so I never even thought to - well. Here we are. "So what happened?"
  14. "What." She stayed concentrated on Driftspace, but looked like she wanted to hop out of her chair and give the catman a piece of her mind, Instead, she just craned her neck for a second to yell at him. "What did you do to my ship!?" she asked, angry. Then, after a pause, added: "... that we are borrowing and that I am piloting."
  15. "Should we start - one second - " Sunshine didn't even hesitate when she saw the cruiser, immediately engaging turn, roll, pitch and yaw thrusters and making use of an intuitive grasp of microgravity inertia to throw the ship into a series of evasive maneuvers, while being mindful to keep Gorunta's turret pointed in the general direction of "them." "... should we start plotting a jump to Driftspace?"
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