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  1. "You guys?" Echo's voice came over the intercom, sounding rather placid and calm. Then... "SOMEONE WANT TO TELL ME WHAT IN THE FUCKING POOLPHIN IS GOING ON UP THERE?! Every power indicator spiked off the graphs, and the ship is now showing up as in driftspace, and that's not even mentioning that it SOUNDS like we have a rogue AI hiding somewhere in the computer core! Unless the ship is somehow MAGIC and no one told us about it, then..." There's a pause. "Actually, I'm coming up to the bridge. Everyone just...don't...do anything. For a minute." The sound of stomping steps can be heard then coming down the corridor. When the bridge door opens to let Echo in, she looks like she's got a better hold of herself. "It's magic isn't it? That was a spell."
  2. Echo

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    Engineering Phase Action: Divert Power - Engines Skill Result: 35 vs TN 22 (10 + 2x ship tier) Engineering - Divert power: 1d20+16 32 Fluff "Just RUN!" Echo called back. "If we start drifting now those fighters'll have free shots! We can kill the fighters, gain ground, and THEN drift while they try to catch up!" The ship shuddered slightly as the android adjusted reactor output and distribution to make sure the engines didn't overheat while maintaining the increased power flow. Hard to say how long the Solenya would put up with this, but it was a far cry better than eating missiles, right? (Solenya has Speed 12 this round!)
  3. Echo

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    Engineering Phase Action: Divert Power - Engines Skill Result: 35 vs TN 22 (10 + 2x ship tier) Divert Power - Engines: 1D20+16 = [19]+16 = 35 Fluff Echo had a wide grin as she burst into Engineering and began adjusting controls. With unearthly precision and speed, she bounced from one console to another, in what could almost have been a dance, if there'd been someone else there. Her drone, Goomba, rolled over to the engine stack and curled its legs to make itself as small as possible, to ensure it wouldn't get underfoot. "Chase scene, eh?" the android said over the intercoms. "What THIS needs is a little more POWER!" With three fingers she shoved the virtual sliders controlling the Solenya's reactor output upwards...ignoring the warnings from the safety protocols she'd just systematically disabled. The sliders went from bright green to a flashing yellow. "Lets see if you can run a race, champ." (Solenya has Speed 12 this round!)
  4. "If he needed Sunshine, seems a little funny he let her off the hook so easy," Echo added to Gorunta's question. "This whole situation is smelling like the inside of the septic tank for Gorunta's cabin." "So what's your pitch, Clevus?"
  5. Echo gave Clevus a supremely not-impressed look and said, "That's a pretty flaccid threat, as threats go. Sell me on this 'lost world' thing. Do a better job than Mister Abadar and maybe I'll even listen." "What's up with this planet anyway, and why is everyone after it so bad?"
  6. "You mean the Abadarians who released Sunshine from her contract and respectfully backed off when we had doubts, right?" Echo asks tonelessly. "Lets conspire against them with the insane cat cultist who tried to murder us." She rolled her eyes. "Sure. Lets go with that."
  7. Echo shrugged. "I'm a little curious about what else was in the offer for us, if he's really going to throw the ship at us for nothing. But whatever, I guess. I'm definitely not going running after him begging him to give us work." She stood up. "So. Who's got dinner tonight? I'm prepared to grease palms for noodles."
  8. "You know, Abadar doesn't really own the ship," Echo said. She wasn't actually sure of this, but had a feeling about it. "You own the debt. You could call it in, repossess the ship, but that's a whole separate process with its own legal proceedings...and once you start it'd be hard to stop which means you'd get what you don't want. A ship with no crew and no...whatever you want this mission for." She worked a crick out of her neck, then nodded. "So I think we can do business, but lets not overstate your position here. As holders of title, we have certain rights that you have to recognize."
  9. Echo, face somehow managing to be both stoic and supremely unimpressed, held a hand out. "Lemme see that." When the Executor placed the electronic paper in that hand, she took a moment to read it over; her eyes tracking rapidly across the page as her finger flicked across the bottom to turn it, over and over. (OOC - Not sure if Culture is the appropriate skill, but it seemed reasonably well suited...)
  10. (On Echo's turn this round...just posting it now to make sure I don't miss it) Echo took aim carefully, sighting down the barrel of her laser rifle. Jexa's magic was playing merry havoc with a lot of the projected HUD elements, but when she pulled the firing catch the results were more than worth it. The laser beam was so hot that it created a little thunderclap as it explosively ionized and superheated the air that it passed through. The time she took paid off as well, as the shot burned directly through the creature's center of mass, making a baseball-sized hole! If it wasn't some weird gelatin-thing, it'd be a mortal shot...but a creature like this might not have vital areas to burn out. It'd just be a question of doing enough damage over enough of it. On the other hand...it's scream ripped through her like a buzzsaw, and for a moment she could only hunch over, trying to cover her head...but it was hitting the resonant frequency of her composite and alloy bones themselves...it was impossible to escape that sound! (26 to hit, 24 laser damage; took 16 damage) Meanwhile... knock knock knock....scriiiiiiiiiiiiitch...knock knock knock... From the hangar door came a repeating noise. Three clunks, as metal banging against metal, followed by a long screeching noise like something being dragged down a blackboard. Suddenly, as if the strange starbase had finally had enough, the hangar door slid open. Revealed behind it was Echo's drone, using its tool arms to halfheartedly batter and claw at the hangar door. For a second it seemed nonplussed that its tactic had seemed to work...then it extended little wheels from the base of each of its four feet and with a whirring sound sped off down the corridor to help aid in the fight!
  11. Echo blinked on seeing the massive creature there, and solemnly got out her bigger gun, the laser rifle slung over her back. "Hey, eyebot. If you can open up the hangar and let my buddy in there join us, I'd be MUCH OBLIGED!" She charged up the weapon with her rig, and took aim, letting a line of superheated air streak between her weapon and the gooball!
  12. Echo wasted no time getting over to the service hatch, glancing back over her shoulder the whole way. "If they're installing these things on our ship, Imma blow up the whole place. Just...you know...FYI." Then she crawled in after Evana. Hard to say if it was 'safe' or not, but it was at least nominally away from the raging mouth-monsters, so that made it safe 'enough.'
  13. Echo checked the charge on her pistol and scowled as she swapped in her spare cell. "Yeah, unless you can open the hangar back up, I think getting outta here is the way to go." She gestured at the eyebot. "Get us somewhere we're not getting eaten by living meatballs...the rest can wait!"
  14. "Damnit!" Echo cursed as she backed up away from the gibbering monsters. "She's stuck in the hangar area! She can't get out!" The android took aim with her supercharged pistol and unleashed another vicious electrical arc! (17 to hit, for 11 electric damage)
  15. Echo raised her arc pistol and supercharged it with her rig as she took aim. A sizzling blast of lightning ripped through the air, searing a generous patch of the monster's greasy hide! With a deft, quick touch she brought up her communication link and shouted, "Nevermind guarding the ship! Get to my position on the double and shoot this thing!" Shooting (25 to hit, 11 electric damage; uses 6 shots and both move and standard action) Also calling for my drone to come out and help. It has a move of 30 and will take double moves to get to us asap.