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  1. "Haha, your right you could space me but you won't," said the feline as he stirred his Cha. "Telling you what I know now doesn't get me to the planet, and you getting rid of me doesn't get the Abadarian off your butts. But i will give a concession, I won't require all of you to accompany me into the ruins on Caerista, as soon as we are on the ground I'll tell you where you can find your secrets. That is if we make it to the ground before Echo gets all of us killed by digging where she shouldn't. *********** Echo's drone beeped as her fingers flew over the command keys and dug deeper and deeper this Ai, if that's what it was, was really hidden well. She had thought she had located it twice already only to find ...well, nothing. "Not now I'm busy" "beep beep boop beet" "I said I'm busy don't you have anything to do?" "BEEP BOOP BEET!" the drone insisted. Echo closed her eyes gritted her teeth at the interruption and swiveled her chair to face the drone and came face to face wih a tall, regal, Elven looking...apparition since Echo could see she was slightly transparent, standing before her. "I must ask you to cease." said the...person in perfect Binary.
  2. The Solanya sailed on through the drift and most of the crew, excepting Echo and Sunshine, made their way to the crew mess to confront and berate their Feline associate about what had just happened. "Well let me think...umm...no. Telling you that would allow you to basically figure it out yourselves. I know the secret which means two things. You need me to find the truth after you do your jobs, and you need me alive." he grins then laps up his Cha. In the engine room Echo is busy inspecting her engines and what she is finding is disconcerting to say the least. The drift engines seem to have self modified themselves into a configuration she is completely baffled by with components that she does not know what they do and even more that she doesn't know where they came from. Sunshine flips on the intercom "We are on the beacon and making good time we should be at Cearista in about forty-eight hours"
  3. Clevus poured a hot cup of Cha, "You want one?" he asked Jordayn. Jordayn shook his head and waited for answers. "I told you I knew secrets about this ship secrets I will give you when you do your part. Consider this a down payment. Now if Sunshine will jump on that beacon i gave her we can bee where we need to be in a few hours and Gorunta can get us on the planet then we can do what needs doing and you guys find out all about your magic ship."
  4. Jexa cheerd as the fighter she had locked onto vanished from sensors in a brilliant flash. "That's how you do it! Okay. Who's next up?" she asked aloud, to nobody as she began to seek another targeting lock. "Damn it. These guys are getting getting slippery now." she muttered as she she kept trying to acquire a new target, but the evasive moves of the small, maneuverable fighters made it much more difficult now that the Solyena had lost the element of surprise. "I'm tryin', bug guy, but you're gonna be on your for a few.." she cursed. "Right, I can't make any promises about that cruiser." Gorunta told Evana, targeting another fighter for destruction. "I can obliterate the fighters." Beams flashed out at the next fighter stitching a nice pattern across it's fuselage before it too blew apart in a blossom of fire. Beams form the remaining fighter flashed past the ship one striking near the engines but it was deflected in a cascade of energy. "Cruiser!?" Evana now noticed the larger blip on their tactical display. She'd minimized it to harry the fighters. "Oh, balls." Her finger hit the engineering button on the holodisplay. "Echo, my darling, um, I'm pretty sure my bullshit will spread only so far, so I'm afraid I must ask: what are we still doooiiing heeereee?!" The last part was sung in a worried, why aren't you making miracles happen, tone. "Case you haven't noticed, sweetie, they have a cruiser," she smirked. "Can we please show them what an overly energetic, mildly imbalanced, technophile android can do? I don't think I have more distractions in me, short of flashing them." "Should we start - one second - " Sunshine didn't even hesitate when she saw the cruiser, immediately engaging turn, roll, pitch and yaw thrusters and making use of an intuitive grasp of microgravity inertia to throw the ship into a series of evasive maneuvers, while being mindful to keep Gorunta's turret pointed in the general direction of "them." "... should we start plotting a jump to Driftspace?" "Just RUN!" Echo called back. "If we start drifting now those fighters'll have free shots! We can kill the fighters, gain ground, and THEN drift while they try to catch up!" The ship shuddered slightly as the android adjusted reactor output and distribution to make sure the engines didn't overheat while maintaining the increased power flow. Hard to say how long the Solenya would put up with this, but it was a far cry better than eating missiles, right? “Launch the rest of the fighters.” More Fighters burst from the bays of the cruiser and rocketed toward the Solanya! Evana noticed Clevus standing in the hatchway of the crowed cockpit. “I thought I told you to stay in the mess?” “You did, darling, I ignored you. The fighters are gonna catch you and your shields are gonna fail. I have plans and I need you and your ship so...” Clevus squeezes into the cockpit along ith everyone else and looks up at the control panels above the front windows. “KLATTU NICTO BARRADA!” the cat man said loudly, enunciating each syllable precisely. Sunshine blinked as control lights started flashing in an unusual sequence and a soft female voice spoke. “Pass-code accepted” Everyone heard the melodious voice in their own language. Clevus grinned “Ship, initiate drift dive.” “Affirmative Drift Submergence commencing.” Strange green energy played across the ships hull several beams from the fighters scored direct hits and passes right through the ship as if it wasn't even there then the green energy shot ahead of the ship like a tunnel and the ship flew right through it into Drift space! “That's the frequency of the planets beacon I forgot to give it to you.” Clevus handed a slip of paper to sunshine and, ignoring the open mouthed stares left the cockpit to return to the mess lounge.

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    round two solanya was missed by all shots fired at her range is still 25 1 fighter was destroyed the cruiser is now visible and at 30 range
  6. Herschwin stormed onto the bridge of his cruiser and strode to where the captain stood watching his crew perform their duties “Why are we not moving captain?” he asked Captain Peel was not altogether thrilled with being placed under this Executor's command but knew better than to show it. “Your pardon Executor, it takes time to undock and get a ship of this size moving. But no worry I have sent fighters to slow them. As long as they are fleeing the fighters they won't be able to submerge into drift space. They won't get away sir.” As if to accentuate the captains words the hulking cruiser finished it's undocking sequence and slowly began to move away from the station. Echo had a wide grin as she burst into Engineering and began adjusting controls. With unearthly precision and speed, she bounced from one console to another, in what could almost have been a dance, if there'd been someone else there. Her drone, Goomba, rolled over to the engine stack and curled its legs to make itself as small as possible, to ensure it wouldn't get underfoot. "Chase scene, eh?" the android said over the intercoms. "What THIS needs is a little more POWER!" With three fingers she shoved the virtual sliders controlling the Solenya's reactor output upwards...ignoring the warnings from the safety protocols she'd just systematically disabled. The sliders went from bright green to a flashing yellow. "Lets see if you can run a race, champ." Evie's Captain's Chair spun about as those on the bridge were avidly tending to their duties, and immediate survival. She still hadn't gotten a shower and was still in her outfit she'd worn for the set... needless to say, she was still not happy. She peered at the holoscreens floating all around her, detailing their pursuers. "Oh, I've bloody well had enough of this. Opening the comms." She pressed a few buttons on the arm of her chair. "Vessels that are in pursuit, you know damn well who this is. Let's cut to the facts, shall we? Your boss made a bad move: he annoyed us. He sent his goons after us and look where they are: dead, with their face in the lap of some well hung devil by now. At the moment, ladies and gentlemen, we're currently annoyed. We were enjoying some drinks, winding down, enjoying an evening. Then you pricks came along and buggered it all up for us." Her face blipped up within each of the cock pits of the pursuing craft. Her eyes were narrowed in an expression of pure malice despite the calm and simple manner with which her sensual lips explained the situation. "We're past games. We're done screwing around. There will be no quarter if you press on. You've seen what we do at annoyed, piss us off and see what we're capable of." Their screens went blank as the beauty blinked out. She killed the comms. "Just like we practiced, people." Her eyes darted about the screens trying to take it all in. "Sunshine, get us out of here. Gorunta, obliterate every son of a bitch that tries to scratch our paint, no warning shots, no disabling. Obliterate. Please piss us off you bastards. I fucking need this right now." She leaned back in her chair, crossing her right leg over her left knee. With the threat of imminent death looming over them, Evanna always knew just how to handle it: with absolute, self-centered nonchalance. "So, drinks are a bust, do you guys wanna, maybe do a movie night or something? After I shower, of course. Gods am I feeling icky... I think it's Sunshine's pick." Sunshine twisted the sticks around, re-configuring the ship into short-range attack mode. Xrays on the sensor holosphere lit up, and her pilot instincts kicked in. Not analyzing flight paths so much as feeling them, with an instinct that went beyond rational thought. She was good at sneaking, good at shooting, but Sunshine was born to be a pilot. The Solanya Spun and cavorted in space as thrusters fired and she realigned herself to take advantage of the pursuing crafts surprise and confusion. This was supposed to be a simple freighter not a warship and these crazies were setting up to fight! “Go to evasion Pattern delta 3, but continue pursuit” commanded the Lead fighter. Avid traveler that he was, Jordayn was woefully inadequate at handling a starship. Still, with everything moving into action, he had made his way to the bridge for the simple expedient that was where most of the rest were. If he couldn't keep the ship running, he could keep the crew running through any bumps and scrapes and stray plasma fire. "Sunshine can pick anything she wants, as long as it is something different. I can't handle watching 'Do Ysoki Dream of Electric Cheese' one more time." "Okay big guy, I'll pick'em out and you light'em up." Jexa said over the comms to Gorunta in his gunner's chair. Swiftly her hands gliding across the console of her station, her fingertips tapping almost like she were playing some sorts of instrument as she accessed the sensors, specifically the targeting sub-routine and looked over the pursuing ships. "Okay. Who's gonna be our bitch?" she said, mostly to herself, as she looked them over and finally singled out a specific fighter, the leader of the flight of Abadarian fighters. On Gorunta's display one of the fighters was suddenly highlighted with all manner of speed and heading data displayed next to it, allowing the computer to assist in building in lead and other targeting functions. "Light'em up." she said said with a satisfied grin. Alarms in the lead fighters cockpit went off, he was target locked! “Freighter my ass.” mumbled the pilot as he began his on evasive manuvers to try and break the lock... Gorunta had not served directly in the navy when he'd been a proud soldier of the Veskarium. A soldier, a fighter. So it was true that he did not have particular ship experience. But a gun was a gun, whether it was a pistol, or a ship-mounted particle beam. Aim and shoot. Admittedly, adjusting for fighters was different than people - but Jexa had conveniently provided targeting information to make up for it. "Thanks, and boom." Particle beams lashed out from the turret the fighter weaved and bobbed but one of the beams connected and the small dart shaped craft vanished in a blaze of actinic light. The other fighters bore on and opened fire as the range closed. Aboard the cruiser which was just moving out of the shadow of the huge station the Executor and the Captain watched the lead fighter explode. “It does not appear that they are fleeing Captain.” Sunshine, Evie, and Jexa all saw the bulk of the cruiser pulling away from the station at the same time. Jordayn would have seen it too but his attention was drawn to the Felinoid, Clevus who slipped into the control room at the same time despite being told to remain in the lounge.

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    you are correct noir. you don't need to post here in order as i will put everything in the right order when i compile the round for the main thread post making any adjustments needed here are the instructions again with a little editing Ok since this is our first ship combat we are going to do things a bit differently than regular combat The three phases of ship combat are ENGINEERING HELM GUNNERY Only certain roles can act in certain phases. you know what roles you are occupying so what I want you to do is write your actions and make your rolls here in this thread. Start each post with which Phase you are acting in, post the action then the rolls and include any relevant fluff you wish to be added into the actual rounds post. please do not use spoilers for these posts. once everyone has posted I will put it all together and post one single combined post with my relevant parts included. then we will rinse and repeat. note there will probably be some RP posts between combat turns

    OOC: HfH Combat Thread

    Ok since this is our first ship combat we are going to do things a bit differently than regular combat The three phases of ship combat are ENGINEERING HELM GUNNERY Only certain roles can act in certain phases. you know what roles you are occupying so what I want you to do is write your actions and make your rolls here in this thread. Start each post which what Phase you act in and include any relevant fluff you wish to be added into the actual rounds post. once everyone has posted I will put it all together and post one single combined post with my relevant parts included. then we will rinse and repeat. note there will probably be some RP posts between combat turns There are six fighters Speed 12 Ac 15 TL 14 HP 20 CP4 Shields 10- F3/S2/P2/A3 Range at the beginning of combat is 25 hexes (a range increment is 5 hexes for modifier purposes) To determine your Gunnery Check Gunnery Check = 1d20 + the gunner’s base attack bonus or the gunner’s ranks in the Piloting skill (do not add the class bonus) + the gunner’s Dexterity modifier + bonuses from computer systems + bonuses from the captain and science officers + range penalty
  9. "HAHAHA!" Clevus rolls with deep laughter then sets his elbows on the table his clawed hands joined together under his chin. "It isn't really but you have to admit I'm being more open and honest than that creep was. And unlike them I'm not proposing we rob the Ysoki at all. I could care less for the resource wealth of this planet. I'm after the ruins. More specifically whats in them. And you are going to help me get what I'm after. As for Gorunta here He is going to get us past that fleet, and then Sunshine is going to get us down on that planet." Sunshine's image flickers "Not if we don't get these fighters off our tails." The little Ysoki flips a switch and her image flickers and transforms into an image of the space station rapidly retreating in the distance but in the foreground are a half dozen small fighters each with the blazing symbol of Abadar displayed. "They will be in firing range in sixty second I suggest the battle stations we talked about!"
  10. Clevus chuckled “One thing at a time and all in order, this one has to start at the beginning.” The feline looks around “Can I get a hot cup of Yomoleche here? Ok it started about a year ago, maybe two, the Starfinders have been out being busybodies trying to locate every possible star-system to exploit. Well they found one, or rather one of their small single-ship scouts did. A Ysoki by the name of Batter found a world named Cearista. Actually a moon of a gas giant in a binary system, this planet was pristine and it looked uninhabited and better yet his survey equipment showed a complete lack of large predators, nothing larger than a house cat.” He grinned that toothy grin again. “Batter didnt report the find, instead he started making contact with other Ysoki's and told them what he had found. As you know the Ysoki don't have a home-world, hell if you look close enough you will find that they arn't even all the same species. No offense Sunshine. Anyway it didn't take long for the rats to jump whatever ship they were on and find their way there to Cearista, the dream of a Ysoki home-world and all that. Within a few months a few became hundreds then thousands to now when there is a little more than one and a half million of the buggers running around. Of course they couldn't keep it secret so the choose a council and made a claim on the world here at Starhome, make it all legal and such. All was good The Ysoki were granted rights and legal ownership. No problems. Except that there wasn't a record of this world. Hmm. No worries we'll just send a ship out there to get a quick survey so we have something in our records. At least that's what the 'Authorities' said. They sent a big survey ship the kind that can do all sorts of sensor scans and mapping all the way down to the core of a planet. And boy did they find the Mother-load. You name it Cearista has it, radioactive s, heavy metals , mystical gems and elements and not in trace amounts either we are talking so much carbic, that this little new found Ysoki nation was going to be one of the richest in the known galaxy. Then it all went down hill. For the Ysoki that is. The survey ship turned up ruins in some of the remotest regions of the planet. Really old ruins. Not a big deal but that meant that at one time someone lived there and they had to make sure there was no record. And in the process of doing that they found that a starfinder ship was supposed to have surveyed that star. Needless to say they investigated and blah blah blah. They found out that Batter had falsified reports and that the claim of the Ysokis was now in question. Mainly because well can't let a lot of rats have so much riches now can they.” Clevus pauses to take a drink of his Yomoleche. “Mmm this is good.” “So where do I come into this,” Gorunta who was losing patience asked gruffly? Clevus holds his hand up to stave off any questions. “Getting to that. The Ysoki hadn't been sitting on their tails while the powers that be were getting ready to screw them over, not by a long shot. The rats didn't have chance to hold on to their world by them selves at the most they could field a few hundred small non military ships and all that would do is give anyone coming for their world something to practice shooting at. So they hired an army.” He raises his arm pointing at Gorunta hand outstretched palm up offering him to everyone else. “With a Vesk army on the ground and a fleet in orbit, no one was just going to swoop in and that's where you two came into the picture. The honorable Executor Herschwin was going to use the two of you as his respected emissaries to open doors so Abadar Corp could get it's foot in and then steal everything worthwhile from the rats. All legally of course”
  11. Everyone responded to Evana's orders including Clevus while Sunshine fired up the engines and prepped for launch Echo requested and received permission to leave the station. The android and the Ysoki exchanged looks at that. Out side the ship Gorunta and Jordayn along with Echo's drone waited but no one appeared guns brandishing or otherwise. And in short order the the ship was ready and everyone boarded as she blasted out of the station. In the Lounge/briefing room Clevus sat while Evana leaned against the wall everyone not involved with flying the ship came in and ringed the Feline all of the declining to take seats. Clevus looked around feeling a bit menaced. “Look you guys have the wrong Idea this isn't my fault. Unlike me that Abadarin wasn't coming to hire you because you all are some sort of stellar badasses, he was after you cause you have two things he needs... The lizard and the rat.” He shrugs “Me I was there for the same reason but I am offering you a hell of a lot more, full share in the treasure, and the secret about your little ship” The grin he gave them was disconcerting to say the least.
  12. To say the interns were surprised at the speed and accuracy, much less the ferocity, of the heroes response would not be amiss, if however, they hadn't of perished before the actions even registered. Gorunta had covered the distance in the blink of an eye his open handed slap knocking the male Intern into a daze. at almost the same instant a bubble of acid encompassed the female whose screams were cut off as acid filed her lungs. Then as Gorunta turn his attention back at the first he balled his fist and drew back to smash the intern into complete unconsciousness when a bright laser beam drilled a hole right between the young mans eyes and burned all the way thru. Clevus stood up "Right! We need to get out of here now! Follow me!" with that the large black furred feinoid darted back towards the backstage area. Obviously he knew a way out. "Cleaned up a mess. You should go tend to your friends, or whats left of them." said the Abadarian as he turned away. Jordayn stared for a second at the other priest then darted back toward the club. He stepped into chaos, the few patrons where still ducking for cover, and Jordayn found himself looking into the wide dead eyes of the male intern a hole neatly burned through his skull. a shout caught his attention. "Hurry this way come on!" Jordayn looked up from the grisly sight just in time to spy the backside of Gorunta disappearing backstage. "Not good." he muttered to no one and ran after his friends. After a mad dash through the passageways and back thoroughfares of the immense planetoid sized station Clevus led them straight back to their ship "We need to leave and fast."
  13. OUTSIDE THE CLUB Hershwin contemplated what Jordayn was say then slowly shook his head. "I'm afraid it is too late for that." INSIDE THE CLUB "I don't want anyone to eavesdrop like I was doing so,"Clevus looks up at Gorunta,"I'm going to take something out of my pocket so don't shoot me." He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small device some of the group recognise a silencer. a Device which will mask the sounds of anyone inside it from outside ears. As Clevus reaches out to set it on the table the hairs on the back of his hand stand up and he stiffens his head swivels around before stopping looking at the door. The two Abadar Interns have come into the club an done of them is casting a spell! His hands moving in intricate motions green flame blsooms between his palms and with a rapid flick of his wrists the flame shoots across the room right at our heroes. Clevus ducks the green flame as the back of his chair is consumed in the fire spell and he shouts no screams "Now you can Shoot dammit Shoot them!"
  14. Herschwin turns to face Jordayn "Sharp-toothed Mercenary?" Jordayn catches the flick of the mans eye to the Female Intern who steps back out of his peripheral vision but whom he can hear moving away. "Most of you are criminals albeit with a semblance of conscience. Abadar held out his hand offering you a place and way out of the chaos your lives have become. Offered you order. Such offers come rarely to those of your kind."
  15. Clevus picks something really tiny, cold be a bug or a speck of dirt, off the table top. "Ok first of all the Mummy was a job, that's all. And it was canine extermination, I mean really who cares." He rubs his fingers together crushing what ever it was and wipes his hands on his trousers. "I'm like all of you. We are sort of self-interested mercenaries. Nothing more nothing less. As for Sunshine here, the Executor didn't release her from her contract out of good will. He did it so he can excommunicate the lot of you and make you enemies of the temple and the bank. So really you guys are screwed. And I am your only way out of this predicament" He reaches over and picks up Jordayn's glass and finishes it off then raise the empty summoning a waiter.