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  1. Squidge lifts her eyebrows at the address from outside the building and glances at Phere. "Well. I guess one way or another we'll be getting some answers. I hope no one takes offense if I suggest our two heavily armored individuals take the lead? It's going to take me a few minutes to get into my kit, and you never know how much time you have when folks start shouting at you through megaphones."
  2. "She just said she didn't do it, which means she can't answer all that anymore than you can," said Squidge in an attempt to placate the big armored guy. "Seems like she got dragged along just like the rest of us." She sighed and covered her eyes for a second, trying to think things through. "So. Some kinda alien magic-nano-tech in the air...and if THAT isn't just the worst words I ever thought I'd hear, I dunno what is...and we may or may not be a hundred years in the future." Squidge glances at the black knight and his redheaded friend. "I think it's safe to say you guys missed your appointment."
  3. "Not so much a smell as lack of a smell, maybe," Squidge speculated, giving Phere a quick nod. She cleared her throat. "Look, I'm inclined to believe Tamika about this for the moment. Lets get everyone who has not been affected together, get some introductions done, and see what we can do about fixing this. Folks call me Squidge, this here's Phere. We've been in town for a little while, but we aren't natives. You all can tell she's a psi-stalker, and I'm psychic." She nodded. "It's nice to meetcha, even if maybe not the best of circumstances."
  4. "Phere, this isn't about..." Squidge looked around, startled to witness Ianoko literally vanish right before her eyes, or just about. She'd only been distracted by the stage show for a second or two. Surely that wasn't enough time for her to get entirely out of sight? But no...the bar was nearly empty now. And... The door burst open, letting the armored fellow and his...wife? Daughter? Companion?...well whoever she was, into the bar. That kind of incredibly rapid change...not just people, but the whole environment... She focused on the player on the stage as well. For the moment she held her questions back. The ones others had asked were fine for the moment, and Squidge wanted to see how she reacted before adding onto things. This isn't real though, is it? How could it be?
  5. "No one's going to judge you for doing what you have to do," Squidge hastily assured Ianoko, "I'd just...encourage you to think carefully. This is a good place, mostly. But every time a good person leaves, it gets a little worse. Good people have to stick together in times like these. Flying apart just makes it easier for the bad to have their way." She sighs. "I'm just...trying to tell you you're not alone is all."
  6. "Yeah, but asking someone what kind of present they like kinda spoils...oh hey..." Squidge glanced at Phere and nodded at Ianoko, then headed over to talk to the mage herself. "Hi," she greeted in as kindly a voice as she could muster, holding out a hand to shake. "Me and my friend are kind of new to town and meeting people, folks just call me Squidge, and that's Phere." She leaned a little closer to and dropped her volume a bit, "She looks kinda scary sometimes but she's a total sweetheart, don't even worry." "Anyway. I'd heard you had some trouble with out of towners lately...just wanted you to know that, well, we're looking to get away from that kind of thing ourselves so if you ever need help or anything...feel free to let us know okay?"
  7. "Well, we've been here for a little while," Squidge said to Phere as they followed Firanis in. "Seems like a nice place to stay a while longer. The more people we're on the better side of, the better off we'll be, you know?" She broke off at the hullaballoo at the bar, watching the two men and Grep and the purple-haired girl talk with an abrupt focus that Phere recognized well. That subtle tension of someone ready to act, but holding back to make sure it was necessary. When things didn't immediately flare into violence, Squidge heaved a little relieved huff and went over to the bar. She wasn't really dressed for a scrap at the moment with her fancy stolen armor in its locker back in the flat she and Phere were renting. "Hi, Grep! I'd like to buy a gift for someone, a local, and I thought you might be able to help me out." The Trimador looked over at her queryingly. "I, uh, heard about what happened to Ianoko," Squidge went on in a lower voice. "I thought maybe if she had a favorite food or drink, or something...well, it might help her to know that she's got folks in her corner, you know? You know most folks in town, I figure. What kind of thing does she like?"
  8. "Mmm...more like a 'sorry you had a rough time, but you have friends here in town who are thinking about you and hope you feel better soon,' kind of care package," Squidge corrects with a smile. "Cutting off heads just escalates the situation. You cut off someone's head, and all their friends and family get into the issue. Give the head to someone else, and now they're all after the one you gave it to. The way you fight someone trying to tear a community apart is to bring the community together." She gave the gal with the funny-colored hair a friendly wave. Squidge had seen her around town every so often, along with that 'borg friend of hers. Scuttlebutt was that they were involved, but Squidge had firsthand knowledge of how that kind of rumor could grow. "Plus, giving her a gift gives us a good excuse to talk to her about what happened, and what she saw. I do think we ought to find those guys and look deeper into this. Lets just...avoid the beheading part. At least for now."
  9. "We should do something nice for Ianoko," decided Squidge. Phere looked over at her, expression mingling a moment of confusion with a dawning 'here we go again' expression. "Squidge..." "No, hear me out!" protested the psychic. She had her brown hair down from its usual ponytail, like usual when relaxing at home, and outside of her armor was a pretty, but unimposing figure. Even so, her words had a kind of...weight to them. It was hard to ignore Squidge when she was really into something. It was a talent that even Phere's psi-stalker senses couldn't quite decide if it was psionic or not. "She's important, Phere. It's not just about her...even though if it was it'd still be worth helping her. But if Ianoko goes, Prince's Landing doesn't have enough farmers to make enough money...to...you know, make things work. Especially not with that mining rig they have down. And no..." Squidge answered the question Phere may or may not have asked, since they'd discussed it before once. "...no, I can't fix it because I know computers and that thing is so old it's just...mechanical actuators and pressure-sensitive...it's barely got electronics in it at all." Squidge sighed and let some of the tension rattling around in her skull out. "Look. I just feel like it can't be coincidence. The mining suit's sabotaged and Ianoko's threatened at practically the same time. Someone's trying to sabotage Prince's Landing. And...I want to help her just because that's something that's good to do but...it'd also be a chance to try to find out what's really going on. That's all." She looked hopefully at Phere. "So. Want to hit up Grep's with me and get Ianoko a care package?"
  10. Squidge

    Character Name: Squidge Rank: Seasoned Experience: 20 Advances Left: 0 Race: Human Iconic Framework: MARS Personal Concept Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6 Charisma: +4; Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 7 (+10 armor) ; ISP: 30 Skills: Psionics 1d12 (4) Notice 1d10 (2) Persuasion 1d8 (3) Shooting 1d6 (2) Fighting 1d4 (1) Driving 1d4 (1) Streetwise 1d8 (3) Knowledge: Computers 1d10 (2) Knowledge: Electronics 1d6 (2) Hindrances Overconfident (Major): "Yep, I can do this." Delusional (Minor): "If I were in charge, I could get everyone to get along." Wanted (Minor): A fugitive from a Coalition State. Edges Human: Arcane Background (Psionics) Hindrance: Major Psionic Hindrance: Master Psionic MARS: Rapid Recharge MARS: Improved Rapid Recharge F&J: Charismatic F&J: I Know A Guy 10xp: Attractive 15xp: Extra Power: Mind Reading 20xp: Telemechanics Powers: Slumber Greater Slumber Mind Reading Mind Walk Telepathy Exalted Telepathy Illusion Deadly Illusion Gear 300 cred Lightning Rod (TW), 2d8 elec dmg, gives access to Armor power vs fire/lasers/electricity/plasma only Wilk's 237 Laser Pistol; 2d6+1 laser dmg, AP4, rng 15/30/60, 16 rnds e-clip Wilk's 447 Laser Rifle; 3d6 laser dmg, AP2, rng 40/80/160, 20 rnds long e-clip Vibrosword; Str+1d10 MD, AP 4 Coalition Deadboy armor, +2 toughness +10 armor -* +1 Pace -* +3 armor NG-S2 Survival Pack 2 person tent, +20% water supplies Sleeping bag Flashlight w/knife; solar Inertial compass (+2 to Survival to navigate) Short range (5 mile) radio First aid kit (+1 to healing; 3 uses) Hunting/Fishing kit (+1 to Survival to forage) Three ‘saw wires’ Fire starter Survival Knife, hatchet, wooden cross 4 signal flares Climbing kit w/30 rope Soap and washcloth Canteen 2 weeks rations === Iconic Framework (MARS - Personal Concept) Roll 3 times on Fortune and Glory Table Roll 3 times on Hero's Journey Gain an additional Fortune and Glory Roll Gain +5 skill points Choose any two Edges, ignoring any prerequisites other than other Edges Use any IF's starting gear (Crazy) Fortune and Glory A Mighty Weapon (Lightning Rod) Strong Armor (Med CS deadboy +2 toughness, +7 armor, full environment; 2 mods from HJ Body Armor table) Smart and Learned (+1d Smarts, 3 smarts skills at 1d6) Charismatic (gain Charismatic and I Know A Guy) Hero’s Journey Narrative Hook Roll result 14 Description: Formerly associated with a Coalition State; fugitive now of course. Psionics Roll result 6 Gain +10 ISP Psionics Roll result 17 Description: Gain a powerful personal presence, giving +2 to Intimidate and Persuasion, and the Fear power if you possess it. Psionics Roll result 11 Description: Chose one power (Illusion). When your Psionics roll activating this power is successful, treat the success as if it was a raise. Advances Human: Arcane Background (Psionics) Hindrance: Major Psionic Hindrance: Master Psionic MARS: Rapid Recharge MARS: Improved Rapid Recharge F&J: Charismatic F&J: I Know A Guy 5 xp: +1d Smarts 10xp: Attractive 15xp: Extra Power: Mind Reading 20xp: Telemechanics Background Squidge was born in Chi-Town, a loyal citizen of the Coalition. Her psionic potential was spotted early on, and her parents dutifully registered her. This meant she had legal status, but it was the status of a secondhand citizen. Even her parents came under additional scrutiny, for having given birth to a potentially dangerous mutant. By the time she was about finished with her vocational training, she was also about done with her situation. She was of a relatively gentle disposition, but there was only one way for a psychic to gain an easier life in the Coalition States...and that was to join the Psi-Battalion of the military. At first it wasn't even THAT bad. Sure she was still looked on with some fear and loathing by normal soldiers but that was nothing new, and here there were others like her. The psi-hounds were friendly and a joy to work with. Their psi-stalker handlers were...scarier. There were other psychic operatives as well, and here...alone of all places...she was encouraged to develop her abilities for the good of humankind. It wasn't until later that she learned what that really meant. Her telepathic abilities made her ideally suited for interrogations. However, in probing minds for secrets, she couldn't help but notice how many of these 'threats to humanity' were nothing of the sort. Their bodies sometimes looked different, but their minds were hauntingly similar. Most of them didn't want anything to do with the Coalition, or humanity, let alone to destroy them. And then the war started. The campaign and siege against Tolkeen showed Squidge just how bad war was. Not just because of the bloodshed and death and horror, but because of what it made otherwise good people do, and feel. It was a factory of monsters, and too many of them were just as human as she was. Squidge decided...she couldn't stop the war, but that didn't mean she had to fight in it. Squidge made unlikely allies with one of the psi-stalkers in her unit...a feral that had been captured young, but who still remembered living free, named Phere. With Phere's stealth and ferocity, and her own psionic gifts, they managed to break into a Coalition armory and grab a few choice pieces before making good an escape. Phere came with her, the two having bonded over their time in service together along with their shared experience in getting away. Once away from the Coalition, she adopted a nickname in place of her given name and looked for a good place to lay low with Phere until the Coalition forgot about them. A little place called Prince's Landing.
  11. Lets see how this avatar looks on a post... Aye, that'll do.
  12. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "I didn't get a very good look," Claire says, "But I know one of the sisters, Wendy was her name...very bookish sort, very fond of reading...anyway, she had an idea that the Flood may not have wiped the Earth clean of everything that didn't get on the ark with Noah. Maybe these things were one of those. They went underground when the waters rose, and just...waited. And now this machine could have woken them up?"
  13. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire hesitates, torn both by conflicting instructions and conflicting desires. On the one hand, she wants to go with these brave men and women and be the Lord's hand to aid them in their time of need! But... She looks at the others here with her, now afraid from the sounds of the conflict. Hadicall had a point as well. What if this was a diversion? And even if not, shouldn't she have faith in them as well? The hand of God was on them too, even if they didn't believe it. The people here though, in the train...who would they turn to if anything happened here? Claire didn't know, but through the uncertainty she felt something clearly. Someone needed to be here. Maybe because trouble was coming, maybe just to keep folks calm, but someone needed to be here. So she stayed. And while she stayed she spoke to the people there in the train with her. She didn't quote Scripture directly, but rather shared her own convictions. That God was here with them. That He lived in the world, and within them all, and was guiding them. Do not be afraid, for the Lord is our shepherd, and watches over us. Claire didn't have the fire and brimstone of a country preacher, but she had an unshakeable conviction that carried a power of its own. To hear her speak the words, it almost seemed possible even in the darkest of times...
  14. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire took a breath and managed a smile again. It wasn't that she was easily offended. She just wasn't...used to that sort of thing. It was easier to deal with people badmouthing God when she knew they were just angry or confused. Wei was doing it out of a simpler, more innocent ignorance and for some reason it hurt more. "It's all right. I suppose some miracles can seem...showy at times? Sometimes they're meant to inspire people and fill them with hope. But the real miracles of God are the everyday ones. The ones we sometimes forget ARE miracles. A stranger offering food or money without a thought of repayment. Or a sudden burst of insight just when you need it most. I think God actually tends to avoid big showy miracles these days, because we get so fixated on them that we forget that the whole world is a miracle, and that's much more important than a few fireflies or whatnot." She shrugs and smiles. "But sometimes there's...special circumstances, I guess, and a little showiness is what's needed to get the job done."
  15. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire immediately felt a stab at sympathy for this demure young woman. There'd been a lot of rules at the convent too, and some didn't seem to her to make any more sense. Poor Wei! To have her native curiosity stifled, and be kept from the Word... She reached out to give Wei's shoulder a friendly squeeze. "Oh, Wei-fang, you're just fine. Absolutely fine." "But I don't want to disappoint you or anything, but...it's not me that makes bugs glow or any of the other things. The Bible teaches the Lord God is with us when we let Him in. I only asked for His help, so I could carry out His will." Claire smiled. "Believe me, if it was something I did, I probably would have just made a rock glow or something. The wisdom of the Lord is often hard to see from where we stand...but it is always greater than our own."