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  1. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    "I didn't get a very good look," Claire says, "But I know one of the sisters, Wendy was her name...very bookish sort, very fond of reading...anyway, she had an idea that the Flood may not have wiped the Earth clean of everything that didn't get on the ark with Noah. Maybe these things were one of those. They went underground when the waters rose, and just...waited. And now this machine could have woken them up?"
  2. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire hesitates, torn both by conflicting instructions and conflicting desires. On the one hand, she wants to go with these brave men and women and be the Lord's hand to aid them in their time of need! But... She looks at the others here with her, now afraid from the sounds of the conflict. Hadicall had a point as well. What if this was a diversion? And even if not, shouldn't she have faith in them as well? The hand of God was on them too, even if they didn't believe it. The people here though, in the train...who would they turn to if anything happened here? Claire didn't know, but through the uncertainty she felt something clearly. Someone needed to be here. Maybe because trouble was coming, maybe just to keep folks calm, but someone needed to be here. So she stayed. And while she stayed she spoke to the people there in the train with her. She didn't quote Scripture directly, but rather shared her own convictions. That God was here with them. That He lived in the world, and within them all, and was guiding them. Do not be afraid, for the Lord is our shepherd, and watches over us. Claire didn't have the fire and brimstone of a country preacher, but she had an unshakeable conviction that carried a power of its own. To hear her speak the words, it almost seemed possible even in the darkest of times...
  3. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire took a breath and managed a smile again. It wasn't that she was easily offended. She just wasn't...used to that sort of thing. It was easier to deal with people badmouthing God when she knew they were just angry or confused. Wei was doing it out of a simpler, more innocent ignorance and for some reason it hurt more. "It's all right. I suppose some miracles can seem...showy at times? Sometimes they're meant to inspire people and fill them with hope. But the real miracles of God are the everyday ones. The ones we sometimes forget ARE miracles. A stranger offering food or money without a thought of repayment. Or a sudden burst of insight just when you need it most. I think God actually tends to avoid big showy miracles these days, because we get so fixated on them that we forget that the whole world is a miracle, and that's much more important than a few fireflies or whatnot." She shrugs and smiles. "But sometimes there's...special circumstances, I guess, and a little showiness is what's needed to get the job done."
  4. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire immediately felt a stab at sympathy for this demure young woman. There'd been a lot of rules at the convent too, and some didn't seem to her to make any more sense. Poor Wei! To have her native curiosity stifled, and be kept from the Word... She reached out to give Wei's shoulder a friendly squeeze. "Oh, Wei-fang, you're just fine. Absolutely fine." "But I don't want to disappoint you or anything, but...it's not me that makes bugs glow or any of the other things. The Bible teaches the Lord God is with us when we let Him in. I only asked for His help, so I could carry out His will." Claire smiled. "Believe me, if it was something I did, I probably would have just made a rock glow or something. The wisdom of the Lord is often hard to see from where we stand...but it is always greater than our own."
  5. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire echoed Wei's smile without thinking about it. The chinese woman was always so demure and quiet, Claire had assumed she was shy. It was a bit of a thrill to think she might be interested in spirituality and religion though! "Oh no, I'm Christian. We have monks too, but they're only men. I'm...well..." she trailed off thoughtfully. "I suppose you could think of me as a lady monk? We call them nuns, but when I think about it we are kind of similar. We live apart from most folks and learn about God's teachings and world. Have you read the Bible before? I'm afraid I don't know much about Buddha or Confus...ism." She blushed, aware she'd said it wrong, but not wanting to compound the error by trying over and over again.
  6. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire accepted the glass, but on reflection she set it down again. Wine outside the sacrament didn't quite feel right, though she didn't think it was technically against doctrine. People who spent a lot of time arguing technicalities, even to themselves, were usually looking for excuses she thought. "I'm here because I have heard and felt a calling from God to come," she answered simply. "He hasn't shared specifics yet, but I have faith that He will show me the way. Right now I aim to head West until I can't go any farther. Lost Angels sounds...appropriate, I suppose." She smiled at Lacy. "But in the meantime, I'm meeting good folk, and learning all kinds of new things, and that's all good as well."
  7. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire found herself caught up in the drama of what Dr Hellstromme was describing. She beamed and even bounced a little on the balls of her feet as he described what was going on. "Oh my...epic moment of history, how exciting!" she gushed. "We are so blessed, in head, hand and heart..." She realized there was still something unclear to her though, and hurried after Lacy as he withdrew from the campfire after Charley led them there. "Mr O'Malley, who is this Reverend Grimme though? I do apologize for my ignorance. I've never been out West before and the mountain of what I have to learn is as big as the one you're tunneling under!"
  8. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Overcome with relief, Claire silently thanked God for putting them on this path, and just beamed through the men's talk and the introductions that each of the others went through. She'd already introduced herself, so when Claire took a turn to speak she asked with shining eyes, "This place is so incredible! You've really been digging out a tunnel for a train to go through? Why?"
  9. Deadlands: The Flood

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  10. Deadlands: The Flood

    Hehe, yeah, I got it. I'm on it. You are making very sure to let me know this.
  11. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire quickly raised her hands. "Peace! Our train was attacked and wrecked back a ways and we came down here looking for shelter. I'm Claire and this is a fellow survivor of the attack, we really are just trying to get to a town or city. Please. The Lord blesses those who show charity to those in need."
  12. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire had no idea what to make of any of this. Train tracks underground? Machinery? Was it some kind of mine? She was so intent on listening to the others, trying to pick out useful information, that she nearly missed when Becca started walking out. And then she was following, before she even made up her mind to do so. There was no way she was letting someone walk into the lion's den alone!
  13. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    As they started to descend into the rent in the earth, as the sunlight fell away, Claire paused and stared into the big open black. Hadicall, who'd despite his buffoonery had been helping her down, gave her an impatient look. He was opening his mouth to say something, maybe give her another chance to turn the other cheek...but Claire beat him to it. Hand gripping her cross tightly, she said, "Lord God...we are here to serve Your purpose, and we will fear not for You are our shepard. Our path leads us through dark places, oh Lord. I pray...let the light of the Holy Spirit guide our steps. Amen." She let her breath out shakily. The thought of venturing below the earth was unexpectedly difficult. Like being buried. She wasn't claustrophobic or anything...the little rooms in the cloister would've cured that in a right hurry. But there was a mountain of difference between a clean, orderly room you slept in every night and said your prayers in...and this dank, dark hole that snaked into places that the sun had never shone on before. Conscious of Hadicall's glare, Claire steeled herself and took a step forward... ...and then there were stars. In the darkness of that first cavern, tiny flashes of light could be seen, winking on and off. Greenish-yellow, moving erratically. Dozens of them. No, hundreds. Like the night sky all inside that cave. The stars began to fall. Spiraling slightly as they descended from the cavern ceiling, making a beeline towards Claire. She gasped when a little bug landed on her arm. Then another. Then she realized it was the bugs making the light. They landed on her arm, on her hand...the hand she still clutched her crucifix in. They crowded in close, packing themselves in, until from mid-forearm to fingers it was as if she wore a glove made of little crawly-tickle-footed bugs. Slowly, Claire lifted that hand, almost afraid of what would happen. The bugs all lit up at once, creating a bright green-gold light that illuminated the cavern clearly. Claire blinked away tears of joy and gratitude, and whispered, "Thank you, Lord," and accompanied Hadicall down into the crevasse with renewed confidence.
  14. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Claire opened her mouth, then closed it and smiled reproachfully. "You're going to have to try harder than that if you want a rise out of me," she informed Hadicall, and dismounted to lead her horse. "But feel free to do so. I could use some practice in turning the other cheek."
  15. Deadlands: The Hellbore

    Somehow hearing that man lash out at everyone in fear and anger helped Claire get a grip on herself even more than Tabitha's kindness had. It was a stern reminder that she had responsibilities to attend to. She couldn't help the dead, but there were still living here. Still men and women in need of healing...if not in body, then in soul. "Mister," Claire said to Hadicall, stepping away from Tabitha and crossing some of the distance between him and her. "Things are going to be all right for us. You don't have to be afraid anymore. Our Lord walks with us. He has brought us together. I know it's hard to see past the...the horror of all this, believe me." Her eyes dropped for a moment, then returned to meet his. "We've got to try though, we've got to work together. I know there is a greater purpose being served here today. And with this terrible price being paid, what we are being gathered for must be something fierce important." "We're all upset, and we're all afraid, mister. Lets not turn on each other."