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  1. “What's an original?” Cara sighed and went to the cereal box, tilting it back a little to get a closer look at the ridiculous character adorning the front. "Not one of these," she chuckled. Such an innocent witness to such a dangerous question. Without looking away from the box, she then said, "The only reason you know to ask that question is that you were listening to our conversation with our guest last night. Our private discussion." Finally glancing up to meet Abigail's eyes, Cara went on, "Normally I would not reward a breach of trust with an answer...but to try to keep you from foolishly asking someone else, I will say this." "As we are to you, an original is to us. We are old, strong, fast and hungry. They are older, stronger, faster...and vastly, rapaciously hungry. We are dangerous, they are deadly. They know nothing of kindness...of decency by any human standard...and your first, best line of defense against them is that you are not anywhere near them, and that no one knows that you've ever heard of them." "If either of those things is no longer true, then you are in danger that even Marko or I may not be able to save you from. Do you understand?"
  2. Cara watched Colby as Marko went off on him. Things were starting to line up. "That's what this is all about, isn't it? Marko's curse...not just an act of revenge, but a way to draw him here. And by drawing him here, drawing me here. And then the pitch...after a petty sacrifice to show they mean business. It's not...the local witches though, is it? They weren't expecting us." "Does this dovetail with that attack on your pack, I wonder? Colby, my dear...what have you gotten mixed up in?"
  3. "Not to mention," Cara points out, "there's more than a little irony in claiming we're being offered freedom...while constantly implying that we have no choice. I recognize the value of a 'carrot and stick' approach to persuasion, but it's being very clumsily applied here." She peered at Colby with genuine concern. "Dear God, Colby, what do they have on you to get you to do this? We haven't always seen eye to eye, but I've always respected you. You've never been one to knuckle under."
  4. Cara watched Colby intently. The little pause before 'boss' spoke of things unsaid. "Are you serving this 'boss' willingly?" she asked, "Or are there guns with silver bullets waiting to go off if you don't? You don't have to tell us who this is to tell us about them." In her head she was making a little list of the things they already knew...with the caveat that they may well be things revealed to mislead. The possibility of using compulsion on Colby loomed, but there were any number of ways that could go catastrophically wrong, depending on who they were dealing with. Especially on this night of nights, with a werewolf of some age and ability in their house. She thought Marko and herself should be able to handle him, but there was absolutely no room for error with werewolves once they changed.
  5. Cara felt a fist around her heart. Was Colby about to blow off his own head with a silver bullet now? For one, she liked him...as much as one could a man who transformed into a bloodthirsty monster, which she did have some experience with...and for another, it would absolutely ruin the foyer for a week or more. And of course, there was no way to set off Marko faster than to imply he had 'marching orders.' Which she was sure Colby well knew. Then again, this might be something else. Maybe best not to assume? "Well, lets start with the filling in then," she said, trying to cut in ahead of Marko's reaction. "I think we can all agree it's far past time for that."
  6. "Let me guess," Cara said, closing the door behind Colby and watching Marko and the old wolf quizzically. "The witches of New Orleans aren't too keen on helping you figure out who who's behind this whole 'evil magic ritual' that nearly had us all snapping at each other's throats. They said something along the lines of 'don't worry, we'll handle it,' and left you dangling."
  7. Cheyenne was totally creeped out and suddenly very self conscious about the way she was dressed. She didn't say anything she was too scared to speak. “Don't you worry child I have had plenty of time to learn restraint. My name is Colby Walker and I'd like to speak to Marko and Cara if they are home.” "It's all right, Cheyenne," came a female voice from further inside the house. "You can let him in." As the girl opened the door up and stood aside, Cara Angelo sauntered over to it, not quite giving Colby enough space to come in without pushing past her. She looked the werewolf up and down. "Look at you," Cara said with a smile. "All grown up with a pack of your very own. Is it everything you thought it would be?" She stood to one side and gestured, inviting him in personally. "I wouldn't have expected you to pick this particular night to pay a visit, but do come in. Can I get you anything?"
  8. Cara heard the door open and went down to have a look. On seeing her brother there she relaxed. A little bit. "That took longer than I expected. Not too many dismemberings, I hope?" His hands were clean when she glanced down at them. A curse indeed. "So. Today's drama is making me think one or more Original may be taking an interest in New Orleans. Are there no witches elsewhere you can pester for a countercurse? Things are getting...messy."
  9. Cara caught the nod and returned it, then faded back into the alley. She'd been more willing to risk someone not quite believing their eyes at someone seeming to vanish in a blur than she'd been willing to have her current mortal name and face connected with the scene of a violent suicide like this. That kind of attention was the last thing she, or her organization, needed. A fact, she reflected, that was almost certainly not lost on whoever had sent the poor messenger. It was time, perhaps, to put down a root or two in town. Marko liked to get his hands dirty, and that was fine...but Cara preferred to act through proxies when possible. It would take time to build up a good network here, but it was starting to seem that the time would be well spent. For the moment she went back to the old house though. Her next steps would need to be careful ones.
  10. Cara cursed and was up out of her seat. "Oh for pity's sake," she muttered. "Come on." Without further comment she hurried from the scene, moving fast enough to be a blur until she was outside and well away from the coffee shop in a secluded alleyway away from prying eyes. There she waited for Marko to catch up. Callous and cowardly. It was the kind of thing Marko might have done once upon a time, if he'd gotten good enough at compulsion. Pushing a command to suicide wasn't impossible, but it wasn't something an amateur could do. At least not reliably. This didn't rule out witchcraft though, Cara reflected. That muddied the water quite a bit. Most troublingly though...who thought they were so in control they could simply hand out New Orleans to be 'ruled'? The vampire faction at least was kept marginally in check by the knowledge that Lilith, in addition to being strong, had been put in power by Originals. Any coup would certainly have to deal with them eventually. That really left no good options on the table, did it?
  11. Cara burst into a radiant smile. "Finally we're getting somewhere," she exclaimed. "All this time back in the city and not even one decent ultimatum. I was starting to think I'd be spinning my wheels forever." "So, don't stop there. Whom do you represent, and what exactly would they 'instruct' that we do? You know, aside from fleeing or dying."
  12. Cara rolled her eyes. "Wonderful, now I'm the angel. Carnivorous angel feasting on blood, what an image. All right. I will talk with the...witches..." Her face pinched at the word; she was no fonder of witches than Marko was, if for different reasons. "...you keep your head down for the moment. We'll try the good cop first, then you can be the bad cop if we need to apply pressure. What do you remember about the witch that cursed you?"
  13. When Marko finally shut up, Cara sat back a little on her stool and tallied the information up. She needn't have bothered though. Nothing fit. She was no expert on witch magic or curses, but you couldn't live as long as she had without picking up some basics. The power of a curse that could incapacitate a vampire of Marko's age, twist his own powers against him, and carry such horrific punishments defied reason. Magic always had a cost as well. What had this witch paid to get that kind of power? And what eldritch source of energy had supplied it? Other elements of the curse seemed easier to understand. She suspected it wasn't so much a case of the witch enforcing her morality on Marko...it was instead forcing Marko to do what he himself believed was right. Down deep, under all the perversity, Marko HAD a moral compass. He just delighted in offending it. This curse seemed to strike at that weak point in his mind...turning his own nature against himself. A revenge, perhaps, the witch had thought to be worse than death? Or was there a deeper game afoot here? She downed the rest of her coffee. "I'll help you get to the bottom of the curse, and even end it," Cara decided. "I will not, however, become your personal assassin. The implications of this curse are...troubling to say the least, above and beyond what your own personal issues are." Marko's sister sighed. "And of course, reform means nothing without volition. You're not acting of your own will, so in a real sense it isn't you acting. I'm not satisfied with that, even a little." "So, aside from throwing your weight around against the head witch of New Orleans, do you have any leads?"
  14. "...and you know perfectly well that screaming, and fire, aren't my hobby so that has me wondering why you really wanted me to be here?" Cara pointed out, swirling her mocha around in a little circle to make sure all the chocolate syrup that was collecting at the bottom got re-dissolved again. "Ah, because of this curse. Tell me what happened, Marko. How were you cursed, and how exactly does it work?"
  15. "So no one put the idea in your head," Cara mused, "You just showed up because you didn't know where else to go. That would seem to rule out manipulation, at least for the moment." She shook her head. "Marko, are you finished here? We should talk somewhere private."
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