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  1. "I'm not here to help them," Cara sighed. "I'm asking them to help us. Though the reality is that everyone is most likely going to need to work together before this is all through." "There are some very old grudges at work here, and we're caught in the middle of them. All of us. Including the girls. Including you." She taps the desk near the bones, making sure not to let a finger cross Dom's little circle of powder. "These are related somehow. You know what witchcraft can do when you're not expecting it. Learning a little first will only work to our advantage."
  2. Cara gave Marko her 'exasperated sister' eyes, then waved a hand as if fanning smoke away from herself. As much as simply trying to eject him from the room made sense, all it would do would be to give him a lasting grudge. Besides, Marko was as old as she was, and not stupid when he took the time to think. Maybe he could help. "Dominique, my brother has something of a lasting issue with witchcraft and those who practice it, which is not about you personally. I do apologize on his behalf." She looked at her brother, trying to communicate nonverbally that he should play along. "He was with me when these bones came into our possession though, and I think he may be able to help us if he can control himself and at least appear polite. As for why, Marko, you were there and heard Colby's story. Just thought I'd verify his claims, if possible." "But if you're going to stay, you'll need to behave. Just pretend the girls are here."
  3. "Give me a little credit, Marko," Cara sighed. "I've been at this for a very long time." She smiled at Dominique. "Not the bones of your grandmother, surely. Unless you're older than you look. No...bones that were in your grandmother's care then? And that were lost."
  4. "He was speaking on behalf of his 'boss,' as he put it," said Cara as she gazed at the bones. "I'm sure these were provided to him by the same. As for why he gave them to me...because he wanted me to authenticate them in a way that I'd be inclined to trust." She looked back at Dominique. "He claimed to know what they were, but I'd like to see if we can verify that. Can you tell me what you think they are? If I tell you in advance, it could influence your conclusion."
  5. "They were given to me by a werewolf," Cara replied. "An old one...name of Colby. He was the alpha of the local pack until recently, yes? Now he serves a different master." "He had them wrapped in that cloth. The bag, I provided." She shook her head abruptly and held up a hand. "And before you lecture me about being forthcoming, I don't know who Colby's serving. Not yet. This all happened just last night."
  6. Cara laughed at that. "Help me with this problem, and there'll be all sorts of things you can take me up on," she said, returning the flirt in equal measure as she slipped past Dominque into the office. A little embarrassing to be caught out like that, but it served a purpose. She now knew the witch had the power and knowledge to be of some assistance. It would have been nice to conduct this on friendly ground...but Cara had to admit, a witch's sanctum could very well be a safer place for such concerns to be addressed. "Hopefully your office can be made private, hm? Wouldn't want anyone barging in on us...and prying eyes from those of similar persuasion as yourself may be involved. I'm not sure who to trust, so I'm rolling the dice on you." She ran her fingertips over the desk, covered as it was with manilla folders and papers and assorted other office and witch-related paraphernalia. "Shall I spread them here then?" As Cara asked, she withdrew from the inside of her sleeve the rolled-up bag containing the bones and looked at Dominque.
  7. "I couldn't say for sure on the last, but it's likely related to any number of fiascos. I wouldn't be shocked if that included yours, one way or another." Cara took another sip from her glass, using the pause to consider her words and perhaps make Dominique a little more impatient and eager to hear what she had to say. "I need your professional insight into some items I've come into possession of. I believe they have some kind of magic about them, but I'm far from an expert in such matters. I'd like to know what kind of magic, how strong it is, and how old it is. And of course, depending on what you can discover, I may have follow-up questions. There is one catch though." She smiled. "I'd like to keep this as discrete as possible. So, if you're interested in this, I'd need you to come to my place. I'll throw dinner in, if it helps."
  8. "Ah, now the manners. Better late than never, I suppose. I was starting to think I was in the wrong bar after all," Cara replied, still smiling. "Your other bartender made it seem as if the staff wasn't in on it." She studied Dominique for a moment then said, "Cara Angelo. A pleasure. I'd like to discuss an exchange of favors. I have something I could use the help of a witch, shaman, or voodoo practitioner with. In return I offer my own talents as a wealthy, connected philanthropist." With a sweep of her hand Cara plucked up her shot glass and downed it in a swallow when she saw Dominique starting to do the same.
  9. Cara looked over at the owner and manager and smiled a delighted smile as she extended a hand to shake. "Assistance would be fantastic. The confusion is entirely my fault. I had the pleasure of attending this club once before when a very attractive young man was working behind the bar, and I was hoping he'd be in sometime soon. I didn't catch his name, but I do believe he was also an owner, or perhaps manager. He had that proprietary air." "I'd like to discuss something with him. He and I share an interest in a particular...craft."
  10. Cara didn't see the pretty boy witch from the day before she hoped that he was here. She went to the bar and smiled at the young African American woman who was showing a lot of skin and polishing a shot glass. “ Hi there.” “Can ah help yah,cher?” The black girl tilted her head and smiled with her smokey eyes. Cara bestowed her best room-warming smile on the bartend...er? Bartendress? Was there a rule for that?...and said, "I do hope so. Yesterday there was a young man working here. Handsome. A practitioner. Is he going to be here today? I have an item of business I'd like to discuss with him." In the meanwhile, she mulled the situation over. The most likely hand behind all this was a witch, of course, but it would have to be an unusually strong one...or perhaps a whole coven. Could be 'native,' but she had her doubts. A native of New Orleans wouldn't want a showdown like this on their home turf if it could be avoided. And Marko had been well outside the city when the curse was laid on him. Cara was not fluent in the ins and outs of witchcraft, but she had a notion that the witches of New Orleans derived their power, in great measure, from the lingering spirits of their ancestors here in the city. Would that follow them far? She wasn't sure, but suspected it was unlikely. Regardless, it would be expected that she investigate the bones, and that this was the most likely place for her to do that, so she was definitely being observed somehow at the moment...and was playing the game as expected. All for the good. What was less certain was the extent to which she wished to play. Marko hadn't been exaggerating the risks of opposing the Original vampires...but there WAS another angle to the question. For as long as she and Marko were bound to them, they were in peril. At any moment they could simply die, having done nothing wrong, having committed no mistake. If the Twin who had given them life was an idiot and got themself killed...and yes, they could die, the historical record demonstrated that even if it was unlikely...then nothing could save her. God help them, the Twins weren't idiots exactly, but they were overconfident and reckless and impulsive. Becoming unbound was therefore attractive. Opposing the Originals...and it wouldn't just be the Twins either, the old vampires would collectively avenge any attempt to attack any of them...was not. Moreover, this witch or coven or whoever they were had not demonstrated the kind of behavior that Cara associated with trustworthiness. There was cause of course...they were playing a dangerous game...but Cara was concerned that she and Marko could easily fall into a trap hidden in the terms of any agreement. Or that whoever was behind this would simply eliminate them too, once it became expedient. Why suffer any vampire to exist, after all. To learn more, she'd need to be able to move without being spotted. Her business with the witches was more than just these old bones.
  11. “What's an original?” Cara sighed and went to the cereal box, tilting it back a little to get a closer look at the ridiculous character adorning the front. "Not one of these," she chuckled. Such an innocent witness to such a dangerous question. Without looking away from the box, she then said, "The only reason you know to ask that question is that you were listening to our conversation with our guest last night. Our private discussion." Finally glancing up to meet Abigail's eyes, Cara went on, "Normally I would not reward a breach of trust with an answer...but to try to keep you from foolishly asking someone else, I will say this." "As we are to you, an original is to us. We are old, strong, fast and hungry. They are older, stronger, faster...and vastly, rapaciously hungry. We are dangerous, they are deadly. They know nothing of kindness...of decency by any human standard...and your first, best line of defense against them is that you are not anywhere near them, and that no one knows that you've ever heard of them." "If either of those things is no longer true, then you are in danger that even Marko or I may not be able to save you from. Do you understand?"
  12. Cara watched Colby as Marko went off on him. Things were starting to line up. "That's what this is all about, isn't it? Marko's curse...not just an act of revenge, but a way to draw him here. And by drawing him here, drawing me here. And then the pitch...after a petty sacrifice to show they mean business. It's not...the local witches though, is it? They weren't expecting us." "Does this dovetail with that attack on your pack, I wonder? Colby, my dear...what have you gotten mixed up in?"
  13. "Not to mention," Cara points out, "there's more than a little irony in claiming we're being offered freedom...while constantly implying that we have no choice. I recognize the value of a 'carrot and stick' approach to persuasion, but it's being very clumsily applied here." She peered at Colby with genuine concern. "Dear God, Colby, what do they have on you to get you to do this? We haven't always seen eye to eye, but I've always respected you. You've never been one to knuckle under."
  14. Cara watched Colby intently. The little pause before 'boss' spoke of things unsaid. "Are you serving this 'boss' willingly?" she asked, "Or are there guns with silver bullets waiting to go off if you don't? You don't have to tell us who this is to tell us about them." In her head she was making a little list of the things they already knew...with the caveat that they may well be things revealed to mislead. The possibility of using compulsion on Colby loomed, but there were any number of ways that could go catastrophically wrong, depending on who they were dealing with. Especially on this night of nights, with a werewolf of some age and ability in their house. She thought Marko and herself should be able to handle him, but there was absolutely no room for error with werewolves once they changed.
  15. Cara felt a fist around her heart. Was Colby about to blow off his own head with a silver bullet now? For one, she liked him...as much as one could a man who transformed into a bloodthirsty monster, which she did have some experience with...and for another, it would absolutely ruin the foyer for a week or more. And of course, there was no way to set off Marko faster than to imply he had 'marching orders.' Which she was sure Colby well knew. Then again, this might be something else. Maybe best not to assume? "Well, lets start with the filling in then," she said, trying to cut in ahead of Marko's reaction. "I think we can all agree it's far past time for that."
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