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  1. "Well, I'm not rightly sure. I think that boring machine might have dug t's way into some tunnels of those critters back there and pissed the off right good. Maybe they though it was some other armored bug claimin' territory or sumthin', but they sure were trying to attack, or maybe eat, the machine, I don't rightly know, but they sure were ornery and did not take kindly to us neither. Seems a few well placed gunshots made the issue moot though and they went running with their proverbial tails 'tween their legs." Tabitha replied with a shrug before she took a swig of the coffee.
  2. I'll do a post talking to him I guess. I was hoping others would have too. I think it is less about jumping from combat to combat as it is actually have something to react to, like a post of Lacy actually approaching us one at a time, so we can post in response rather than putting it all on us to write for the NPC and our PCs, especially for a NPC we just met and do not know that well. Just my $0.02.
  3. "Overdressed to worry what your mouth can do?" she thought aloud as several bugs rushed at them. One headed toward Hadi, while two more charged at Tabitha. Then what he had been alluding at hit her and her eyes went wide. "Oh that's just..." she said, cutting herself off as one of the bugs lunged at her. She drove the butt of her rifle into its face with a malicious violence, stunning the creature and causing it to stagger back as the other bug tried to flank her. "I you should mind your manners..." she said as a set of mandibles snapped at her boot. "...as I'm a fucking lady." she 'reminded' him as she easily side stepped the bug's bite, and pinned it's head to the ground with her boot. Then, with one hand, she lowered her rifle to press the barrel to it's head, and pulled the trigger, evacuating the contents of its head with another report of her rifle, leaving her standing beside a pile of gore with her boot atop the carcass.
  4. Tabitha skid to a halt on the floor of the tunnel at the sight of the gigantic bugs attacking the machine in the lantern light of the tunnel. The multi-legged things we nearly the size of a calf and they were swamping all over the machine like it had just broken into their hive or burrow or something. "I hope you are fast with those sixes as you are with your mouth." she said called to Hadi over the general noise of the tunnel as she brought her rifle up, operated the level to chamber a round, took aim at the bug closest to her and fired. The report of the rifle echoed through the tunnel, followed by the screech of the huge bug as her round shattered through any thick hide or chitin and tore through the creature's body. A moment later, it fall off the machine, landing on the tunnel floor in a heap. 'Well, that ought to get their attention.' she thought as she reflexively operated the lever again, ejected the spent brass and chambered a new cartridge.
  5. Tabitha buckled her gun belt on as quickly as she could and grabbed her Winchester, slipping it from the boot. It had been a long day with the crash just hours ago, followed by a fight for her life, meeting strangers and leading them underground, to meeting Dr. Hellstrom himself and getting interviews by Lacy O'Malley to boot! Since then, she, Becca and Hadicall had been working with the smoothing crew for several hours, so she knew it had be getting within an hour or two of midnight. The surge of surprise and adrenaline helped though, as it seemed this rather eventful day was not yet done as she set down the tunnel with Hadi, unsure of what monsters they would find.
  6. Tabitha was looking through her saddle bags, taking stock of what she still had when Lacy O'Malley approached her with a smile and a tip of his hat. "Good evening." he said in a friendly tone, to which Tabitha smiled and nodded back. "Evenin', Mr. O'Malley. What can I do for you?" she replied as she closed the flap of the saddle bag she was rooting through. "Well, you know me. I like to meet people and hear their stories. We all have our reasons for being here, so I was wondering, Ms. Whitman, what brings you out West, if I may ask?" "Me? I ain't nobody. An' sure not important enough to be interviewed by the liked of you, especially when you have Dr. Hellstrom to talk to." she said. "Perhaps, but history will gauge our individual importance." he countered with a smile and wink. Tabitha sighed and thought for a moment, tipping the front of her hat back to show more of her face. "Well, it's my pa, sir. He ain't doin' too well. Y'see, now we're both ranchers. Well, my pa and I, and a few hands. I ain't never had no brothers nor sisters, on account I was my parents first born, and my ma..." she said as she took off her hat and held to over her heart, "..my ma, God rest her soul, passed in the process of birthin' me." "Oh my. You have my condolences." O'Malley said. "Thank you." she replied with a nod to him before she continued, "So it's just been my pa and I, since I was old enough to help out, along with a few hands, takin' care of the ranch. Pa taught me how to ride an' rope an' shoot an' protect my honor m'self, if I had to." she explained. "Pa said I was ridin' before I could even walk." she added with a small smile, thinking of a fond memory. Tabitha caught herself and, if it were not so dark undergrounds, one might think she even blushed a bit in embarrassment. "Well, so it was just us takin' care of the ranch an' herd for years. Then one night, weeks ago, some...things... came across our ranch an' decided to move in an' dine on our herd. It was really dark that night. We couldn't hardly see'em. Just vague forms in the darkness. But my pa and me tried to fight them off an' save the herd. I must have used more ammunition that night than I had my entire life prior, but in the end we were overrun. Pa took a nasty wound as we had to run for the horses, but we managed to get away. We made it to town and told'em what happened. The doctor couldn't do much for pa, but said the big hospitals back East might. So I spent what we still had, got us tickets and found pa a hospital bed back East where he could get some right n' proper treatment. So that's why I was headin' out West. We're gonna need some money to pay for all of his treatment and to start a new herd, an' I heard there was a lot of money to be made out West for personages with with right skills. Now I don't know if that's me or not, but I can ride, rope, shoot and a few other things, so I came to try my luck. Tabitha looked around the tunnel and at all of the men working in the dim light. Picks and shovels striking and scraping rocks and earth to smooth the tunnel walls and carry away the debris. "And I already talked with Charley Bill, so I'm gonna startin' work here in the mean time. Just being able to be a part in buildin' something like this, however small, is kind of an honor. An' there no use sitting around when I could be makin' some money. Heaven knows I ain't afraid of hard work." she added.
  7. Once she saw the men relax and lower weapons, welcoming them, Tabitha did the same and joined them. They seemed decent folk, but this was still very strange to her, being an underground railroad and all, but they did not seem all that worried about her and the other being armed, so helped put her a bit at ease. Stepping into the rail car was like entering another world. Tabitha had never seen some place so plush. These accommodations were a far cry from what she had on the train out here, that was for sure. She was not prepared for who she would meet though. At the sight of Lacy O'Malley, in his distinctive, white suit, Tabitha smiled a bit. She sat down her rifle, leaning it out of the way, took off her gloves, stuffing them into her back pocket and offered him a handshake. "Tabitha Charlene Whitman, but you can call me Charlie if ya like. Y'all don't be needin' to introduce yourselves. Why, you'd hafta to be living under a rock not to know know who the two o' you are. It's a real pleasure to meet you both, Mr. O'Malley. Dr. Hellstromme. My pa is gonna be so tickled." she said, introducing herself as she and the affable Lacey O'Malley shook hands. After hearing Becca's suggestion, Tabitha shrugged. "Near as I reckon, we've been followin' your tunnel for near about's half an hour. If those Indians get up their gumption and follow the tunnel that long, in total darkness, and the blasts and what not don't scare them off, then they are walking into a mess of shotguns down here, with only one way to come at us. It'd be like a shootin' gallery at the fair. So I doubt we got to worry much 'bout them. Besides, a few men who know what they're doin' with some dynamite could probably close the hole though an stop the Indians from comin' down, and make sure the next train doesn't discover this here fancy underground railroad you got here." she suggested. "Far be it from me to tell a man how to run his business though." she added with a shrug. A week of this, and a ride to Lost Angels? Tabitha wasn't going to complain. It's sure a damn sight better than trying to find their way through the desert, short on water and supplies.
  8. Tabitha grabbed at Claire as she walked past her, but missed in her surprise. Cursing silently she stayed back in the darkness,, rifle at the ready, watching over the two other women should things take a turn for the worse. When the pair were finally addressed, she scanned for the source of the voice.
  9. "I ain't never heard nuthin' 'bout an underground rail line. This has to be slow goin', so there must be good reason to do it. Either so nobody can compete, or to transport something really valuable. They might not be too happy 'about strangers findin' out 'about this though" Tabitha cautioned.and then removed her rifle from her saddle. She looked around, from their vantage point, trying to stay hidden and yet take it all in, getting a feel, as best she could, for the layout, numbers of workers any security they have and just what everything was.
  10. Tabitha placed her hand against to the smooth wall and then glanced down at the tracks as they followed them. She wasn't sure what was going on, or what kind of machine might make a tunnel as wide as two or three rail cars, so smooth and straight as an arrow, or even why one would make it. Protection from the Indians maybe? Regardless their chances of finding people just jumped dramatically, though there was a chance anybody they found might not be happy to see them. "Train! Get against the walls!" she called out, leading her horse against a tunnel wall, holding the reins tight.
  11. Tabitha blinked, awe struck at the miracle before her. "You... you're one of the Blessed?" she asked as she made the sign of the cross, though she already knew the answer. A moment later the awe slowly faded to a smile. This was a good a good omen indeed.
  12. "You're right." she said to Claire with a nod. Hadicall was being a sarcastic horse's ass, but that was likely his way of coping with his own fear. "Things are bad enough as they are. No need to let them degenerate further." she added as she shot Hadicall a sideways glance, over her shoulder. "Well, that's the thing about the Lord. He's everywhere, and need not be obliged." she then said to Hadicall over her shoulder with a smile before looking to Becca. The gunslinger was not particularly wordy, but Hadicall more than picked up the slack for her. She had a few words for him too, but she let them go. Claire was right, it wouldn't help right now. There would be time for settling scores eventually, if it came to that. After all, she did not have to like all the people she had been thrust together with, she just had to work with them for the time being, or at least try and keep them alive. "Now I ain't never said I was no scout. I just know trackin' and navigatin' and huntin' and such. Had to, roundin' up mavericks, trackin' down rustlers and doin' our cattle drives. But I can get us out of here in one piece, don't you worry 'bout that.." she clarified. "As far as which way, that depends. I don't know about all of you, but I hopped that train to go out west. So if I had my druthers, we'd continue west. We could ride on down the track, but the Indians will probably reckon that is what we'll do. Since we don't know our whereabouts right now, we'd be damn fools not to use it for the time being though. So I say we head westerly, blazing our own trail for the time being, and keep the track in sight. Sooner or later it, or we, will cross a trail, river or somethin'. Then we can try to get our bearings an' go from there." she explained. "If that suits everybody, then I'll lead the way. The last stop was a day and a half ago an' the next one wasn't for another day, an' that's by train. We're a might bit slower on horseback, so we have some serious saddle time in front of us." she added, rearing her horse. "Follow me." she said as she started leading any who would follow. They passed the wrecked rail cars along the track, the horses picking their way through the debris, bodies and ghost rock until they neared the engine and found a huge hole in the earth. "What in tarnation?" she asked, mostly to herself, at the sigh of the hole. Tabitha hopped off her horse and crouched by the hole, lookin' and listenin' for a minute before she stood up and kicked a few small piece of ghost rock into it, only to look and listen again, picking up the echos. "Well, we might have gotten lucky." Tabitha said as she walked back over to her horse and hopped on. "We're not all equipped for the desert sun and heat, nor do we have the water to tough it out. We were gonna have to take our chances on findin' more. And we're only as fast as our slowest horse or rider. But this here hole might be a blessin'. It angles down into some underground cave, or more likely, caves. Since we cannot wait till night to ride to avoid the heat, we're short on water and ill equipped to deal with it anyways, our best bet may be to follow this cave. I heads West, and it's natural, so should be safe. Looks wide enough that we can ride, two by two down 'em too. It keeps us out of the sun, we have a better chance of findin' water, and it's a damn sight cooler down there too. And if the Indians come after us, the narrow cave negates their numbers. We'll just need some light. Lanterns if you can find 'em. Or we can make torches." she explains as she rides to the edge of the hole letting it examine the debris-strewn incline as she hops off and begins to look for lanterns, or barring that, fashion torches. "If it doesn't pan out, then at least we stayed out of the sun in a more defensible position and can come back out at dusk. And who knows, we might even find a gold or silver vein and strike it rich." she finished jokingly.
  13. Where are we? Like, what state? What is the terrain like? How far back was the last stop? How long till the next one (supposing they are regular to take on water and ghost rock)?
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