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  1. I assumed you would have a conscience Machina and wanted to warn you in advance. Perhaps I was wrong on this?
  2. I would suggest that you not create anything for the Rat Mr. Machina. He would likely use it for the intent of mass murder or general harm to innocents. So if he shows up at your door with a trunk full of plutonium and another trunk of cash you would be wise to turn him away. Wiser still would be for you to call the WCK.
  3. I think we should be allowed to start characters who might not have erupted yet but will through the course of stories. A standard character creation but doesnt get the 30NPs until the eruption. I do not see any harm in that.
  4. Ally will want the show back. The people of Chicago deserve to see what they are paying for. He will agree that they cameras do not need to be omnipresent however. Areas specific to on the job and cameras in the field. Now for leadership. 1. Sandcaster 2. Access 3. Jager To him, Sandcaster has done fine and there is no reason to rock the boat.
  5. Ally has been sitting quietly in his chair since he spoke. When Sandcaster asks for elaboration he waits a beat to allow anyone else to speak to do so then proceeds. "Basically Clark we have two issues on the table at current. Chicago and the investors would like the OpShow that Knights was founded around to come back onto the air. Since the show does not exist without the people at this table we have to sit down and decide if we allow it back, which we do it seems. But the trick is we have to decide in what capacity and format is will be in." He looks to Sandcaster a moment then around the room. "The next issue is leadership of the WCK. If Sandcaster wishes to keep the position. If we seek to fill it within our own ranks. Or if we wish to seek a new member outside te WCK for a fresh persepctive. Right now we are simply brainstorming on this subject." Ally rubs his chin a moment. "Samhra would be a decent choice for her telepathic abilities. But then again communication wise we haven't had a issue. Keeping Sandcaster as lead for the time is more than acceptible to me other than the fact that I simply do not wish to add stress to her life. Same goes with Dr. Alchemist. Some of us are still somewhat new to the whole Knights and the teamwork concept to volunteer for the duty. However maybe there is something else we might consider here. What if we brought in a NonNova leader? Maybe someone we would pick for their organizational skills rather than power? Just an idea of course I am not trying to step on toes."
  6. "First off, you are a competent leader Sandcaster. I do think that the burden of Atlas has been placed upon your shoulders. If you would like to step back then none of us should pressure you into remaining." Ally steeples his finger as he sits at the table between Sean and Access. "With that part said if we are going to look into leadership why don't we consider outside sources if we need to find someone? In house of course would be a good start. But I could name off a least a few who we could talk to. We could see if Interceptor wanted to come back to his creation. Perhaps Singularity would like to give this career a shot, he is a very centered individual after all and his wife is already here a lot. Of course there is a lot of others we could consider and I am merely shopping ideas." He lets those words digest for a moment. "As for the show situation. I think we should do a mix of cops format. Perhaps wear portable camera to document our activities in the field. As well as leave the publicly accessible areas of the building viewable. Maybe the patrol briefing room as well. We are a line of defense for the people of this city. I say we give them a chance to see what they have invested in."
  7. Ally stands up from his chair. The screen behind him fills with images of Newscasts from various channels reporting on the Plane. Several show Allies speaking with emergency officials but making no move to approach the press. "I am giving my statement to the FBI and NTSB on scene no but only in how I responded to the emergency. I will allow the Knights to file a official investigation with the authorities when Sandcaster feels we are ready to move forward on that." He nods a moment as if confirming something internally. "Given the situation I have decided to offer my services to the Knights in a full time capacity. If you are willing I will have one Ally one patrol around Chicago at all times. If you think it is needed I can place two or three on patrol but I think that should be reserved for emergencies as it requires a lot more output of my resources."
  8. Any Knight that wishes to be involved in the briefing that Ally is in the middle of feel free to hop in. Right now I am assuming it is likely Sandcaster and possibly Access but really it is an open meeting for a known emergency so any of you could likely be there. Feel free to jump in.
  9. Ally sat patiently at the conference room table with a folder full of papers spread out on the table as well as a compact laptop. As the Knights began filing into the room he greeted each with a courteous nod. Once he felt confident that there was enough people to begin he stood. "Thank you for coming down. While I am still on scene at O'hare I believe I have enough information to put together a preliminary report." With the touch of a small remote the large wall screen behind the caped man lit up. "Access managed to pull these images up and while the attack was launched well outside of Chicago Endeavor's little watchdogs still spied enough to be useful to us." The first image shows what seems like nothing but blue sky but then two distinct purple flashes of light are spied by the blimp. "Not much I realize however image enhancement gives us a bit more. Again the blue sky is shown, this time however the distinct silhouette profile of a plane can be seen clearly in the field of vision. Below it a small dot approximately man size flies below the plane shrouded in a blaze of purple light. From this form two tendrils of purple energy snake toward the engines ripping into one as the other is lashed. "At this point you can see the attacker break away from the attack. Why he doesn't finish off the plane is a mystery. I do consider that he realized he was within Knight areas of control and left as soon as the mayday was declared. Perhaps assured that the flight 122 would crash prior to our arrival." "Luckily for us the Anima Banner of this attack is unique enough that we could immediately put a name to the attacker. An Elite by the name of Tyrian." A profile picture of a dark haired man comes up on the screen. "All information we have on the man is available on your terminals but after looking the information over myself my main comment is this. The man does not make a habit of attacking planes. From what I have read he is a consummate professional that isn't prone to being sloppy. I have to assume he accomplished the mission he set out to do. Like you I wonder what that is. My theories are two fold. A. He was sending someone inside the plane a message. or the more worrisome of the theories is B. He was testing the Knights reaction time."
  10. The four glowing blue spikes of light streaked through the sky in a tight formation. With greater precision than any military formation they banked as one angling westward rocketing from the chicago skyline and out over the suburban spawl of the city. They trailed the smoke of the distressed jetliner struggling to make it to O'hare international airport. It's left engine was in tatters and the other nacelle on the right was straining under the burden of keeping the 777 in flight despite it to was damage and coughing smoke. The Allies moved as one mind each taking a position around the plane. Three along the fuselage near the extended landing gear, while the fourth seems to orbit the airliner examining it for any further trouble. The orbiting man in blue eufiber and long billowing cape moved into sight of the cockpit and activated his subvocal radio. "Flight 122 power down your engines and shut down all electrical systems. You are safe the Knights have you." Switching channels quickly Ally turned and began leading the plane being carried by his other selves toward the airport in the distance. He circled the plane again examining the engine cowelings with a grimace. "Ma'am. We have the situation under control Amped will not need to evac these people. I won't have any problem dealing with this from here on out." Over the scrambled channel Ally sighed and then continued his report. "Sandcaster ma'am, this was no accident or bombing. I am picking up residule quantum emissions from the damaged engines, a Nova hit this plane. I will get the passenger manifests forwarded to HQ as soon as we are on the ground and begin the preliminary investigation. Let me know if you need anything further."
  11. Ally smiles broadly. "One of my very first abilities when I came into existence was the ability to create multiples of myself. That has helped a great deal in my efforts along the East coast as you can imagine." Rubbing his hands together he laughs. "I guess you could call me a team player because of that! Seriously though I am here to assist the Knights in any form I can. If you want me out there doing PR work everyday so be it. If you want me in here lifting heavy boxes just point them out!"
  12. "I want to help." The statement offered by Ally seems to be all that he needs to say but he sees that the good Dr. might require more. "I saw the trouble you have ran into lately. I feel there needs to be someone like me who can come and lend support in many different ways. I have been doing my best to patrol the Midatlantic around the D.C./Baltimore metro region. But recently I decided I should cut away one of my reserves in order to lend a hand out here. I know I can afford it."
  13. Ally stops his examination of the building. "Ahh greetings Dr.!" The dark hair man moves forward and extends his hand. "I am Ally! I have come to offer my services to the Knights and this city." "This is a great place you have here! I have heard about your recent Nova departures and thought you could use a little extra muscle around here to help out."
  14. Mid afternoon in the windy city. People were going about their lives. Many of the buildings downtown where still in the process of being repaired. Thousands of glass panels need replaced and the cold autumn winds were signaling that the work needed to be done as quickly as possible before winter made everyones life more difficult. The arrival of what looked like a glowing bright blue meteor in the sky did not draw panic. In fact the word of this particular meteor had been rumored for well over a week. Ally pulled back and eased himself into the streets between the large buildings. He heard some workers on a nearby scaffolding yell as he passed so he stopped and came over to them. "How are you doing fellas?" He called out cheerily in his black body suit and bright blue cape flapping behind him proudly. "Hey Ally. Guess you're serious about WCK?" One of the men on the scaffold called out. "Gonna kick that stupid Injuns ass for this shit?" "Sir I am here to help the people of this great city. I will not harm the Native American unless he tries to harm this city." With a salute he turns and covers the remaining distance to the front of the WCK Headquarters where he touched down and looked up at the building with a broad smile. "Yes here is where we can do great things. Where we can help many people." I really hope we are doing the right thing Ally. Jamie commented quietly over the link between them.
  15. Thank you April. I will be sending me request be morning. I look forward to opening shop in Chicago. I truly wish to help avert any further disasters like the recent events.
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